Lucas2b_What time does the 13.04 comes??03:16
sebsebseb 05:01
SuperMattgot my precise t-shirt on, bring it on guys!07:58
MooDoohello all08:08
MooDooIs it out yet?  sorry couldn't resist ;)08:08
lubotu3No, it is not out yet.08:10
MooDooI was teasing AlanBell ;)08:11
LaneySubject: You've just been ousted as the mayor of Canonical Bluefin 5th Floor!08:16
Laneyczajkowski: YOU08:16
czajkowskiI know :)08:21
* Laney gets the train to london08:22
popeywhere sam goes to beavers there's another parent who drops his daughter off there, the mayorship basically flip-flops between me and him constantly08:23
popeyhe found me on twitter too ⍨08:23
czajkowskiit used to be Lou08:30
czajkowskibut not seen her08:30
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Raring Ringtail Release Day! :-D08:36
MooDoomorning JamesTait08:45
JamesTaitMooDoo, o/08:46
popeyAlanBell: what time are we meeting for beer tomorrow?09:03
popeyalso TheOpenSourcerer09:03
TheOpenSourcererGood question popey09:04
TheOpenSourcererI'm planning to just go straight from the office09:04
AlanBellI have a childrens party to start first09:04
TheOpenSourcererAs it is close. So could meet in the Cobbett whenevr you are ready.09:04
AlanBellwhich consists of turning on a DVD through a projector and walking out before the food starts flying09:05
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Will you be in town this evening?09:05
brobostigongood morning eveyrone,09:12
BigRedSGoood Morning!09:34
MooDoomorning brobostigon BigRedS09:34
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:35
BigRedSGood MooDoo09:37
BigRedS"morning" apparently doesn't tab-complete09:38
BigRedSI _really_ need a tab key that's wired into my brain09:38
directhexit does it someone here helpfully uses /nick morning for you09:38
BigRedSHaha, I generally try to tab-complete everything. I did that with my password first thing this morning...09:39
MooDoothing is though every one will start referring to you as big<tab> ;) lol09:40
BigRedSHaha, but that's generally bigcalm :)09:41
knightwiseok , tried out bittorrent sync09:47
knightwiselooks good so far09:47
knightwise(osx to osx) next up i'm gonna give the linux client a try09:47
knightwisethe cool thing is.. you can run this on a headless server too (i think)09:47
popeyindeed you can09:50
popeyI ran it on my phone09:50
SuperMattI'm gonna try setting up a network with my buddies, see if we can each set aside enough space for each other09:52
SuperMattI'm assuming stuff can remain encrypted on the other end09:52
popeyyou can drop encrypted files in it09:52
SuperMattah right09:52
SuperMattalready had to post over on /r/ubuntu to let people know they shouldn't be posting links to ISOs yet -.-09:55
SuperMattI think I should make a note to myself to remember to make similar posts on every release mornign09:58
BigRedSPersonally,  were I canonical I'd just redirect all requests for *.iso to something that never resolves10:03
knightwisepopey: there is a mobile client too ? (or are you just running ubuntu touch on your phone)10:04
MooDooMyrtti: yay10:07
popeyknightwise: yes, i ran it on ubuntu touch10:09
knightwisecool :)10:12
knightwiseif its reliable enough I think i'll be ditching Dropbox pretty soon.10:18
TheOpenSourcererSparkleshare is rather cool - just git and clients.10:19
BigRedSsparkleshare's brilliant10:19
BigRedSActually, that's probably the other piece of software that's yet to annoy me10:19
* AlanBell likes sparkleshare10:34
AlanBellbittorrent sync will probably be quite cool, there was a somewhat clue-lacking bbc article about it yesterday10:35
knightwiseI played around with owncloud but it took me forever to get it working over https10:38
BigRedSA clue-lacking article from the BBC? Never!10:39
SuperMattknightwise: didn't take me long at all :/10:42
SuperMattI'm running it now without issue10:42
celestehHi, I'm wondering what files are automatically invoked in gnome login?  I want to start a process automatically every time I login to the desktop.10:43
SuperMattfind the application called "startup applications"10:43
SuperMattthere you can set what starts up10:43
celestehThanks SuperMatt!10:46
AlanBellto be completely fair to the BBC they appear to have cornered a clueless analyst and got lots of quotes10:46
redtapeafternoon peeps.11:06
knightwiseSuperMatt: you did a standard 5 install ?11:06
SuperMattnot quite, actually11:06
SuperMattI have nginx installed11:07
knightwiseSuperMatt: do you have a good tutorial on how to get it from http to https  ?11:07
knightwisenginx ?11:07
SuperMattyeah, it's just a faster webserver than apache11:07
SuperMattso I'm not really much help to you here11:07
BigRedSsurely there's a billion https-in-nginx tutorials?11:10
SuperMattsure, but I can't help with apache ;)11:11
SuperMattand tbh, I'm weary of suggesting to anyone how to configure apache for https because I just don't know how their server is configured and I could messs stuff up if I'm not careful11:12
BigRedSIt's pretty simple to configure Apache for SSL, assuming the've already got the cleartext vhost working11:13
BigRedSjust copy the vhost, make it :443 and add the SSL* lines11:14
SuperMattyup yup, I know11:14
SuperMattand in fact, on ubuntu you can just do a2ensite default-ssl11:14
BigRedSassuming you're serving out of /var/www11:14
SuperMattvery true11:14
BigRedSand want snakeoil certs11:14
SuperMattbut these are the things that I don't know about *other peoples* hosting, so I don't ever want to guess11:15
BigRedSyeah, but if they know which vhost they want to sslify, you can just have them copy that.It's very hard to break anything that way11:15
BigRedSpossible, sure11:15
SuperMattI'm just quite weary about making suggestions unless I have a definitive answer11:16
shrikhello all, is anybody able to upgrade to raring via do-release-upgrade?11:28
popeyyes if you use -d, but after release you wont need that11:28
popeyi.e. it's not been released yet11:29
shrikah okay, thanks11:29
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
brobostigonanyone know of an android git client, that can push to a repo, aswell as pull. ?11:29
=== dummy-bot is now known as dummy-sen
* czajkowski stabs Laney 11:33
Laneyoffice busy?11:33
shrikbrobostigon: have you looked at Terminal IDE? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spartacusrex.spartacuside11:33
czajkowskiLaney: aye11:34
brobostigonshrik: tried it, doesnt work, get https errors when i try and pull/clone, and also the fixes in their bug tracker dont help.11:34
BigRedS_shrik: I did it on friday11:34
shriksorry about that, it works alright for me, but I only played around with it for a bit, and didn't try the git part!11:35
brobostigonshrik: everything else works fine, except for that bit, which is unfortunate, because it worked well.11:36
shrikthat's unfortunate :( it wasn't an issue for me because I ssh into a vps for any dev stuff..11:39
shrikI'm curious though, what's your use-case? Just trying out stuff?11:40
brobostigonshrik: my use case, is being able to do basic edits on my nexus7, which i have connected to and arduino, which outputs to that nexus7, so i can make direct code adjustments and push to the arduino.11:41
lubotu3No, it is not out yet.11:46
JamesTaitTime for lunch then.11:46
shrikeven busybox doesn't support it, I'm lost then..11:49
* czajkowski slaps JamesTait you should know better11:50
NafalloJamesTait: I wouldn't leave... almost there :-)11:51
JamesTaitNafallo, but I'm getting hungry, and I have a minetest issue to work out before my boys find out that I broke it and disown me.11:51
brobostigonminetest :)11:52
JamesTaitAnd workrave is telling me I need a rest break.11:53
JamesTaitIt's probably right.11:53
NafalloJamesTait: fine fine... but you might miss it :-)11:53
JamesTaitI might... but I've already been spreading the good word, so it's not the end of the world.11:53
ali1234PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM11:57
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shaunoyummy, hebrew error messages.  that'll make your day interesting12:00
BigRedS_that's one of the common complaints about php that I don't think is such a big problem12:03
lubotu3No, it is not out yet.12:04
SuperMattc'mon guys, it's 13.0412:04
BigRedS_Oh, I've still got that twitter thingy12:04
MooDoowe're not moaning as it's not released yet are we?12:05
SuperMattweeeell, the twitter feed said it might be out at 13:04 :P12:06
SuperMattI don't normally moan12:06
MooDoosheesh ;)12:06
MooDooas per the wonder id software, it's done when it's done ;)12:06
BigRedS_nah, there is an actual release date here, it's not like Debian12:07
SuperMattthere it is!12:09
popeyit is now ☻12:09
BigRedS_hm? It just released?12:10
Nafallopossibly :-)12:11
SuperMattnow we have to wait for marky-boy's S announcement12:11
BigRedS_you *are* familiar12:11
MooDoothere you go12:11
SuperMattnever met the chap12:11
SuperMattMooDoo: nothing about S in there12:13
MooDooSuperMatt: sorry missed the S in your statement thought it was just a typo....i'll shut up now12:13
BigRedS_so does this mean Canonical are all getting to the pub in about 30 min?12:14
SuperMattdoubt it12:14
SuperMattthere's still a chance of critical bugs12:15
BigRedS_there's *always* a chance of critical bugs12:15
BigRedS_but now fixes are expected to be slower, 'cause it's not an rc any more12:15
SuperMattjust slammed down $46 on the donation page12:18
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Nafallodoubt it, there will be champagne in the kitchen ;-)12:19
Nafallounless that tradition has died down... popey? :-)12:19
popeyI cant be in the office today12:20
popeyalso am working till 10pm12:20
SuperMattso you're not going to be at the release party tonight popey?12:20
SuperMattwell darn12:21
knightwise hmm.. new functions in Raring look promising12:32
shrikit's out.12:38
JamesTaitI won't be enjoying champagne in the office or beer in London today either, popey.  I won't be working until 10pm though, so I pity you there.12:40
JamesTaitI'll just have a quiet shandy by myself after the kids have gone to bed.12:42
lubotu3YES! It's out!12:42
* BigRedS_ ponders the possibility of a rowdy shandy12:42
=== BigRedS_ is now known as BigRedS
bigcalmOoh. To the laptop!12:42
Laneyjust heard "ICT is the new sexy" on radio 412:43
BigRedSI've been waiting for that to be the case for _years_12:44
Laneyit was in a piece about sexism unfortunately12:47
JamesTaitSo, Snappy Serval, anyone?12:49
bigcalmStrike another possible name from the list12:50
NafalloJamesTait: +112:50
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JamesTaitThe sabdfl announcement is always such an education - I don't know where he finds out about the animals he chooses, but I've usually never heard of them.12:51
NafalloJamesTait: warthog? :-)12:52
shaunobreezy wasn't too challenging either12:52
shaunoat least I can pronounce this one though12:53
JamesTaitI did say usually. ;)12:53
bigcalmStartup Disk Creator is crashing while trying to write the new iso to an sd card. Not too helpful that12:57
bigcalmI have no idea if it has finished creating the disk or not12:57
popeybug  perhaps12:58
* bigcalm tries for a 3rd time12:58
bigcalmThis time allowing it to create 1gb of user space12:59
bigcalmThis time it has closed the util but not shown a crash dialogue13:00
bigcalmMaybe it worked13:00
Laneyyeah we should do some work on that tool13:01
shrikwhere was snappy serval announced?13:01
Laneyslim shady13:01
JamesTaitshrik, I'm not aware that it has been.13:04
JamesTaitshrik, I just made it up.13:05
shrikhaha ok13:29
Myrttislippery snail13:29
daubershmmm.. raring is the first ubuntu release I haven't been running a pre-release of for a good few years now13:30
shrikslumbering sloth13:57
shrikthat's the polar opposite of a snappy serval, i guess13:58
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=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
MooDoosaucy salamader, they get worse lol14:38
Laneysounds nice to me at first reading14:39
Laneybetter than oneiric14:39
Laneybetter than gutsy intrepid quantal14:39
MooDooit'll be teasing toad next or tempestuous terrapin14:40
shrikthere's already a http://www.saucysalamander.com/14:44
Nafalloperfect place for a release party ;-)14:48
ali1234will it really be 13.10, or will there be another push for a rolling release?14:57
Myrttito which question ;-)15:01
bashrcI hope the graphics card support in 13.04 is better than 12.1015:02
ahayzenQuantal's startup disk creator is broken?!15:02
* ahayzen tries the KDE version15:02
ali1234i take that to mean rolling release proponents will make another push which will be denied by people with sense15:03
mungbeanKDE..making ugly desktops since 4.015:03
ali1234you can make it look decent actually15:04
ahayzenmungbean, just the app not the desktop :) ... anyone else had the usb creator in Quantal crash or just me?15:04
ali1234there's a theme that apes google chrome and looks quite nice15:04
bashrcWhat's ugly about KDE?15:05
ali1234oxygen, the default icon set, the default fonts (especially hinting)15:05
ali1234the toolbars and panels everywhere on everything are annoying too15:06
ali1234they overuse font sizes and bold and italic text everywhere too15:06
ali1234also nothing ever lines up properly... KDE cannot vertically align things consistently15:07
ahayzen...sounds like someone doesn't like KDE :P15:07
ali1234i do like KDE actually15:07
mungbeanyeah, toolbars, widgets, menus, huge areas of white/chrome space15:07
ali1234these problems are all papercuts really15:07
ali1234they can be fixed it just takes a loooooooong time when you start from defaults15:08
ali1234and a lot of them are trivial and stupid stuff that should have been fixed15:08
ali1234like the broken clock15:08
ahayzenali1234 wht do u use as ur default DE+shell?15:08
ali1234ahayzen: i use gnome-panel/gtk315:08
ahayzennice :)15:09
ali1234oh and compiz... because it is still the only wm with working zoom15:10
ali1234the ultimately configurable KDE cannot bind shortcuts to the mouse15:10
ali1234so you can't bind any WM function to mouse buttons15:10
* ahayzen wonders if MIR will have zooming abilities15:10
ali1234so you can't zoom with the mouse15:10
ali1234this is a big problem with KDEs "code reuse everywhere" thing15:11
ali1234a lot of times it's not appropriate to reuse it, but they do anyway because they can15:11
ali1234like how if you open a text file in the file browser, it loads in an embedded text editor in the file browser15:11
ali1234i have no idea if it still does that but it used to annoy the hell out of me15:11
ali1234especially since file browser == web browser15:11
directhexi have a new graphics card15:11
mungbeanhow do i decrypt a file encrypted with openssl enc15:12
* Laney stabs twitpic15:13
ali1234mungbean: you encode it with the decryption key - there is no "decode" as such15:13
ahayzenyey the usb-creator-kde has worked :)15:13
Laneyputting my picture up sideways15:13
Laneyand refusing to save the manual rotation15:13
mungbeanah, use -d command15:14
mungbeanwhat's the gnome password editor please?15:15
mungbean(not running running but someone's given me their file)15:15
mungbeanhmm is there another one, like revelation?15:15
mungbeanah found a tool to convert fpm to keepassx15:25
MooDoomy thoughts exactly.15:35
bashrcwell at least it's not Beefy Miracle15:37
* neuro waits patiently for the announcement of Tantric Tiger15:38
neuroor Tremulous Toucan15:38
neuroor Turbulent Tortoise15:38
mungbeansaucy saucisson15:39
mungbeanor sossy sandwich15:39
neurogit :)15:40
mungbeanmy favourite t-shirt is now available to buy15:42
ali1234at least i know what a salamander is15:43
MooDoobashrc: that was a cool name ;)15:43
bittintopmy wifi card works under Ubuntu on my laptop now, think i should save some files from the Windows partion and reinstall it :)15:47
bittinmy wifi card on my laptop works under GNU/Linux now lets kill the Windows partition :p15:50
ali1234why is ufw blocking connections on port 80 when it is specifically allowed?16:02
ali1234[17039148.937362] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=<> SRC=<> DST=<> LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=54 ID=0 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=44640 DPT=80 WINDOW=0 RES=0x00 RST URGP=016:03
ali1234SRC = my IP16:04
shaunowhat do you get for iptables --list | grep dpt:www16:12
* AlanBell heads in to the party16:15
MooDoohave fun :)16:17
directhexi like iptables-persistent16:25
directhexit doesn't get in the way16:25
kvarleyFGLRX is driving me insane16:58
kvarleyI can't get it to disable overscan at all16:58
kvarleyNot via Catalyst GUI or via amdconfig or via editing the config files manually16:59
MartijnVdSkvarley: isn't it a setting on the screen you're outputting to?16:59
kvarleyMartijnVdS: I mean it's a monitor that doesn't use overscan and the driver things it does because it's over HDMI17:00
kvarleyI can change the overscan via the gui but it only works until I reboot17:00
MartijnVdSoverscan is an old remnant of analog TV17:00
MartijnVdSwhy would anyone in their right minds use it on HDMI!?17:00
kvarleyNo idea, tell AMD17:00
MartijnVdSkvarley: does it work with the free driver/17:00
kvarleyThey used to be good with their drivers as far as I can remember17:00
kvarleyEver since 12.10 it's been an uphill struggle17:01
kvarleyMartijnVdS:  Unity is so sluggish with the open source driver17:01
kvarleyMartijnVdS: So yes, but barely17:01
MartijnVdSkvarley: doesn't aticonfig work?17:02
MartijnVdSkvarley: it should be able to set over/underscan17:02
kvarleyMartijnVdS: No17:03
kvarleyNeither does editing the config files manually17:03
MartijnVdSkvarley: I guess you found http://nixnote.blogspot.nl/2012/06/amd-catalyst-fixing-underscan.html already?17:03
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Ah ha, that was the command I was looking for - thanks! BRB17:05
kvarleyIt works \0/ thanks MartijnVdS17:07
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directhexyeah, this raring upgrade is going great18:43
directhexkernel install failure, initramfs-tools install failure, then apport failure18:43
dwatkins_hmm, I appear to have rejoined automatically.18:52
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shrikdid anyone else have their Ubuntu become a Kubuntu after the upgrade?19:28
czajkowskiLaney: http://i.imgur.com/O5l9Kxh.jpg19:40
shrikmy bootup splash screen is a Kubuntu one, and my GRUB entry says Kubuntu. But login screen and desktop are all Unity.19:44
shrikSo confused right now.19:44
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redtapeNice Full moon tonite ... :::: http://imgur.com/gallery/zFT4M20:28
AlanBellevening all20:30
* AlanBell is in a pub20:30
* popey is still working20:32
mgdmHow come? Time zone fun?20:32
redtapeAlanBell: Beer or Cider ?20:34
mungbeanis wae20:42
mungbeanwatching new old morse20:42
redtapeBetween 2 ferns is back on .. If anyone wants a laugh ... :::   http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/40427c7af8/between-two-ferns-oscar-buzz-edition-part-1?rel=player&playlist=13516120:46
popeymgdm: meetings with community developers20:51
popeypeople contributing who can't meet during the working day20:51
popey\o/ finished20:59
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aexneed help21:50
redtapeoo net split .. over now .. whatsup ?21:51
popeyaex: wassup?22:01
=== mat__ is now known as Guest58822

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