mhall119anybody know if there's a way to run Unity Next on my laptop, but then launch an SDK App inside of it?00:04
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mzanettigood morning07:22
didrockshey mzanetti!07:23
mzanettihey didier07:23
smspillazsil2100: hey, just on the autopilot failures - it was a local problem07:38
smspillazsil2100: but probably something you should be aware of07:38
smspillazI think gdk is doing the wrong thing in gdk_screen_get_n_monitors ()07:38
smspillazit returns the number of monitors currently plugged in, not the number of monitors the desktop actually spans07:38
smspillazso there were some non-obvious failures coming from that07:39
smspillaz(I had a mirrored display FWIW)07:39
smspillazbut anyways, there were some failures like07:39
sil2100smspillaz: ah!07:39
smspillazit would detect 2 monitors, and then try and get the second launcher07:39
smspillazand return None07:39
smspillazand then tests would fail07:39
smspillazor there would be asserts on the number of panels07:40
smspillazsil2100: anyways, I unplugged the other monitor and it works fine now07:40
smspillazand added a note in the readme07:40
sil2100smspillaz: I think I know about that one, but forgot filling out a bug - since indeed I saw those failures on my guest session when using mirrored displays, that's why I always disable that when testing07:40
sil2100smspillaz: and guest session mirrors the displays by default when I have a monitor attached07:40
smspillazsil2100: it might be better to ask unity how many monitors there are07:40
smspillazsil2100: because for example, you can configure compiz to pretend to be multi-monitor when in fact there's only one07:41
smspillazsil2100: relevant https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz/compiz.fix_1170013/+merge/15942207:43
MCRdidrocks, hi :)08:07
didrockshey MCR08:07
MCRdidrocks, I would like to remove the quilt patch from EZoom xml.08:08
didrocksMCR: is it upstream?08:08
MCRThe ubuntu quilt patch just removes 4 shortcuts from EZoom.08:09
didrocksMCR: right08:09
MCRNo, it will affect Ubuntu08:09
MCRbut not really08:09
didrocksMCR: so no, this patch is there for a usability reason08:09
MCRas EZoom is turned off by default08:09
didrocksMCR: usability testing showed that people hit that by mistake08:09
didrocksthen, they feel "stuck"08:09
didrocksand reboot their machine08:10
didrocksnot a nice experience :/08:10
didrockshence the patch08:10
MCRhow can someone hit this by mistake ?08:10
didrocksMCR: it seems it happens a lot08:10
MCRyou have to enable EZoom manually first08:10
didrocksespecially super + scrollwheel08:10
didrocksMCR: it's enabled by default08:10
MCRmy fault then08:10
didrocksno worry :)08:10
MCRHow about changing the upstream shortcuts to something else then ?08:11
didrocksMCR: I think the shortcut makes default08:11
MirvI wonder if anyone could think whether there'd be some ~easy fix to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/932520 on precise?08:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 932520 in compiz (Ubuntu Precise) "Some windows on start up don't show full window" [High,Triaged]08:11
didrocksMCR: what is missing a system settings option to enable them08:11
didrocksMirv: discussed at UDS, nobody tackled it08:12
MCRdidrocks, it is completely useless to have an enabled EZoom without any shortcuts...08:12
Mirvthat compiz bug has a history of being marked erronously as fixed etc, but still there08:12
MCRwhy is it enabled in the first place ?08:12
didrocksMCR: the idea is to avoid people enabling/disabling plugin (which is risky)08:12
didrocksthen, having an option to enable the shortcuts08:12
didrocksMCR: want to tackle that? :)08:12
MCRdidrocks, soon it won't be risky anymore08:12
Mirvdidrocks: oh ok. for me it's a bit unclear how big change in the "famous work branch" was the part that fixed that part. since it seems it could be something relatively easy related to coordinates after all, if one just understood what's going on.08:13
Mirvsil2100: according to bug comments you also took a hard look at it a year ago :)08:13
didrocksMirv: sorry, wrong M[Tab], again :/08:13
didrocksMirv: was talking to MCR08:14
smspillazMirv: I think I know what that was hang on08:14
smspillazMirv: is it still happening in precise ?08:14
Mirvdidrocks: :P08:15
Mirvsmspillaz: yes, it's still there with the Shotwell in particular08:15
sil2100Mirv: ;) The problem was that it wasn't reproducible on my machine, so I was experimenting in the dark08:15
MirvI guess this was the commit that fixed it http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz/0.9.8/revision/3110 in the 0.9.8 branch08:15
Mirvsil2100: it may be you didn't try out shotwell, it seems that's the most trustworthy one (at least I experience it on fglrx machine, radeon machine and I think I had it on intel machine as well)08:16
MCRdidrocks, I want to reduce Ubuntu-distro-patches against Compiz to a minimum... it makes changes to .xml.in files and code to a small horror-trip ;)08:16
smspillazMCR: its pretty easy to test those patches08:16
smspillazexport QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches; quilt push -fa08:16
smspillaz(fix failures)08:17
smspillazquilt refresh08:17
smspillazquilt op -fa08:17
didrocksMCR: take them upstream is another solution ;)08:17
MCRsmspillaz, it is not so easy if I change the whole .xml.in file upstream...08:17
smspillazMCR: trust me, it used to be a massive PITA before we had inline packaging08:17
MCRsmspillaz, I trust you, but08:17
sil2100Mirv: not sure now08:18
smspillazquilt apply and refresh them where appriate08:18
smspillaz*erm, just apply08:18
smspillazit takes like08:18
smspillaz2 minutes08:18
sil2100didrocks: I jump out now for some errands again, buying insurance and such for the trip - be back soon08:18
didrockssil2100: ok08:18
smspillazMirv: hmm, did that revision ever go into precise ?08:18
Mirvinterestingly that patch (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz/0.9.8/diff/3110) applies just fine on top of 0.9.7, but it's a huge patch of course08:18
smspillazguess not08:19
Mirvsmspillaz: no, that's the thing, it was the work branch that became 0.9.808:19
smspillazMirv: you might also want a few other things too08:19
MCRsmspillaz, could you do it then once successfully and print me the commands you used ?08:19
Mirvsmspillaz: yeah, I was fearing you might say that ;) there's that problem of SRUability08:19
MCRsmspillaz, here it would be perfect: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/compiz/compiz.merge-ezoom-cleanup/+merge/15999108:20
smspillazMCR: I already said how to do it?08:22
smspillazcd into the root project directory08:22
smspillazexport QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches08:22
smspillazquilt push -fa08:22
MCRsmspillaz, yes -> but it will not work correctly that way...08:22
smspillaz*find the .rej files, fix the original files as though the distro patches were applied*08:22
smspillaz^^^ important step!08:22
smspillazquilt refresh08:22
smspillazquilt push -fa08:23
smspillazquilt pop -fa08:23
MCRprobably it was that step that was missing08:23
MirvI updated the bug report. I don't think the route of trying to apply both that and some other commits from 0.9.8 to 0.9.7 is going to work. it simply becomes too big. there would be a need of a simpler patch to 0.9.7 that only addresses that drawing problem and is more verifiably not causing regressions.08:24
smspillazMirv: I'll grab the bits you need hang on08:25
smspillazits a small part of like 2 commits08:25
Mirvsmspillaz: ok, thank you, can you update those to the report? do you think all of that 3110 is needed to address #932520, or could some smaller subset of it address that bug alone (and not #862430, #892012, #923683)?08:27
smspillazMirv: I'd recommend taking all of 3110 if possible08:27
smspillazthere were just two other potential regressions I fixed later08:28
Mirvsmspillaz: yeah, if that's the only possibility then that's the only choice to evaluate. it might be too much.08:28
smspillazI'm just trying to find the subcommits for them08:28
smspillazMirv: I'd say its worth putting out for testing at least08:28
Mirvsmspillaz: true, via a PPA08:28
smspillazif only we could backport the testsuite :p08:29
smspillaz(Wouldn't suggest it, its like 15000 lines)08:29
smspillazah man, this is why I don't like trunk reverts08:38
* smspillaz had been looking at the wrong rev the whole time08:38
MCRsmspillaz, I want to update showmouse and firepaint to use GL_TRIANGLE_FAN instead of GL_TRIANGLES -> it will then just need 4 vertices instead of 6 to make a quad, am I correct ?08:45
smspillazMCR: prefer GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP if possible08:46
smspillazGL_TRIANGLE_FAN is really only there for rendering spheres08:46
smspillazGL_TRIANGLE_STRIP works like this:08:46
smspillaz    /08:46
smspillaz   /08:46
smspillazyeah okay, expressing ascii art over irc doesn't work very well08:47
smspillazin any case, you need to be careful with both TRIANGLE_FAN and TRIANGLE_STRIP . They are both continuous primitives08:47
smspillazso they only open at one and and close at another08:48
smspillazas opposed to triangles which are always closed on each primitive08:48
MCRwell -> you mentioned once (when the GLES port was made) that STRIP would be better and it would really be more efficient...08:49
MCRbut FAN would imho be quite ideal for a quad also08:50
MCRwell -> I will simply test it extensively08:50
smspillazwell, at least for four vertices TRIANGLE_STRIP and TRIANGLE_FAN work the same way08:51
MCRah -> yes08:51
smspillazthe winding is just different that's all08:51
smspillazif you went tl, tr, bl, br it would go something like08:51
smspillaz1,3,2,4 for STRIP08:51
smspillazand 1,2,3,4 for FAN08:52
smspillazits just easier if you emulate quads by doing STRIP as it makes more sense concentually08:52
MCRthat GL stuff is quite mighty, but fun08:52
smspillazOpenGL is like the worlds worst API08:52
MCRok -> I take STRIP then08:52
smspillazMirv: yeah, now that I've looked into it pulling in any more revs looks complicated08:53
MCRsmspillaz, I thought it is the world's most advanced 3d API ;)08:53
smspillazMirv: feel free to test 3110 . I don't think there wer e many regresisons from it08:53
MCRwe must take what we get ;)08:53
smspillazMCR: the whole implicit thread context is just the most annoying thing to work with08:54
smspillazthere's this whole idea that the pipeline is stateful but then that state is completely hidden from you08:54
smspillazbut then you shouldn't query that state as there's no guaruntee that the driver won't stall the pipeline or whatever08:54
smspillazits *stupid*08:54
smspillazanyways, time for me to get off IRC and do some study related things08:55
MCRc ya08:56
Mirvsmspillaz: ok, so those depend on some more new stuff et cetera. so "3110 only or nothing"?08:57
MirvI can make a test PPA out of that08:57
smspillazMirv: I could probably pull the relevant bits out - I'd just have to do it manually really08:58
smspillaz( in terms of fixing "in theory" bugs in the ConfigureWindow handling bits )08:58
Mirvsmspillaz: ok.. let's see with this. I need to modify the 3110 a bit anyway since it doesn't apply on top of the other patches, but probably nothing too big there09:03
om26erits the release day09:11
mzanettiom26er: \o/09:12
mzanettiom26er: how is it going?09:13
mzanettidid you completely recover from being sick?09:13
om26ermzanetti, yeah, my stomach hurts other than that i am pretty much alive09:14
om26ermzanetti, ;)09:14
om26ermzanetti, overall i am pretty good now09:15
mzanettiok. good09:15
Cimihow do I know if an item is completed/loaded?09:48
CimiI'm trying to access x/width properties of delegates of a listview09:48
Cimibut it complains on loading the app, because I think they are not completed yet09:49
Cimiso I did listview.currentItem ? listview.currentItem.x for example09:49
Cimibut it still doesn't work09:49
Cimimzanetti, tsdgeos ^ :)09:50
mzanettiCimi: Loader.progress == 1.009:50
Cimimzanetti, it's not a Loader09:50
Cimimzanetti, is a listview09:50
Cimimzanetti, I want to see if the delegate exist09:51
mzanettiCimi: hmm... its a bit tricky but I usually do this:09:51
mzanettiCimi: tryCompare(listView.count, model.count) // Wait for listView to read the model09:51
mzanettiCimi: wailt(0) spin event loop to let the listview create delegates09:51
Cimimzanetti, it's not in a test :P09:52
mzanettiCimi: don't access the delage then09:52
CimiI'll do differently then, but I don't like it09:52
CimionCurrentItemChanged: { }09:52
mzanettiCimi: accessing delegates will crash sooner or later unless you really know whats happening inside the ListView09:53
Cimiand set there, from the listview, the properties of the item I need09:53
mzanettiCimi: ok... only to read x of currentItem should be ok...09:54
Cimimzanetti, indeed09:54
CimiI'm doing from the listview09:55
Cimi                onCurrentItemChanged: {   highlightLine.width = currentItem.width09:55
Cimi                    highlightLine.x = x + currentItem.x   }09:55
mzanettiCimi: listview.currentItem !== null ? listview.currentItem09:55
Cimimzanetti, did that09:55
mzanettiCimi: your example didn't check for !== null09:55
mzanettiCimi: err... might be !== undefined09:55
Cimimzanetti, isn't the same thing?09:55
Cimiwell, undefined is different09:56
MarlincHow would my app integrate with the sync menu?11:24
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sil2100didrocks: can we re-run the unity tests, or are they already re-running themselves ;) ?11:50
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mzanettitsdgeos: ping12:39
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didrockssil2100: you mean, rebuild unity and rerunning, right?12:41
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tsdgeosmzanetti: yes?12:55
mzanettitsdgeos: hey... seems we are blocked by the hud migration now12:55
mzanettitsdgeos: I've updated the jenkins job to include the new ppa12:55
mzanettitsdgeos: sergiusens pointed me to your branch with the updates after I pinged you12:55
tsdgeosis that new ppa landing on the devices?12:56
mzanettitsdgeos: I've ran it through the updated job. still fails:12:56
mzanettitsdgeos: http://s-jenkins:8080/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests/630/console12:56
mzanettitsdgeos: I don't know... didrocks maybe know.12:56
mzanettididrocks: mind spreading some information on the ppa you set up?12:57
tsdgeosif it doesn't land into the devices we can't put it in our code12:57
tsdgeosotherwise we'll have unusable devices12:57
mzanettisergiusens: ^12:58
didrockstsdgeos: yeah, from what I know it's this ppa + the phablet one12:58
didrocksphablet one for things that we can't land yet in distro12:58
didrocksmzanetti: ^12:58
didrockstsdgeos: so you will have the new HUD from the ppa on the device12:58
didrockstsdgeos: be careful, the HUD has a double build12:59
didrockstsdgeos: i386 and amd64 is the "desktop with bamf"12:59
didrocksamrhf is the phone with platform-api12:59
didrockstsdgeos: this is temporarly, until ted can fix the issue :)12:59
tsdgeosthat doesn't matter to us12:59
MarlincHow would my app integrate with the sync menu? It is made in Java. Can I use D-Bus?12:59
didrockstsdgeos: just that if you test on i386/amd64, don't be surprised :)12:59
tsdgeosthe api that goes to our side is the same12:59
didrocksmzanetti: this as well might interest you in case you are not aware of it ^13:00
tsdgeosdidrocks: it's been that way all the time13:00
didrockstsdgeos: ok, not sure about HUD on i386, how you tested it :)13:00
tsdgeosmzanetti: what failed was my branch or my branch + merge to trunk?13:01
sergiusensmzanetti: I see libhud-client2-dev in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build-next/+packages13:01
mzanettitsdgeos: +merge to trunk13:01
tsdgeoswhy is it not finding libhudclient2-dev?13:01
tsdgeoswhat does a virtual package mean?¿13:02
mzanettitsdgeos: sergiusens: the job uses those ppas: D08add_ppa-ubuntu-unity-daily-build D08add_ppa-qt5-proper D09add_ppa-phablet-team-ppa D09add_ppa-ubuntu-sdk-team-ppa13:02
luvhell, the page Bug reporting etiquette after clicking "report a bug" is sooooo anoying13:02
sergiusenstsdgeos: my explanation may be crude, but it means it's refed somewhere but can't be found13:02
tsdgeossergiusens: i see13:03
tsdgeosmzanetti: daily-build vs daily-build-next ?13:03
mzanettitsdgeos: ?13:03
sergiusensmzanetti: yeah, that's the issue13:03
didrocksmzanetti: sholdn't it be D08add_ppa-ubuntu-unity-daily-build-next?13:03
tsdgeosin those ppas13:03
sergiusensmzanetti: use the dynamic add ppa we have13:03
luvomfg, do i really need to use "ubuntu-bug" to make a report??13:03
mzanettisergiusens: what is that?13:04
luvgiven  my ubuntu computer at work is not connected to the internet13:05
didrocksmzanetti: I think he means that the wrong ppa is added13:05
didrocksdaily-build, not daily-build-next13:05
mzanettididrocks: yeah... we don't have a hook for next as it seems13:05
sergiusensmzanetti: didrocks yeah, but I'm searching for the syntax ;-)13:06
kgunnmzanetti: ping13:06
mzanettikgunn: hey13:06
* mzanetti waits in the hangout13:06
sergiusensmzanetti: D09add_ppa~ubuntu-unity~daily-build-next13:06
didrockshey rsalveti13:07
ChrisTownsendluv: Using ubuntu-bug is good in that it will attach many logs that could help in diagnosing the issue you have.  However, if you can just put in a bug and provide enough info that developers can use to fix the bug, then it's not an absolute necessity.13:08
luvChrisTownsend: cool, how can i file a bug from a web browser then? Because when I click "report a bug" im redirecting to wiki13:09
ChrisTownsendluv: Hmm, that doesn't sound right.  Give me a sec and I'll post a link.13:10
rsalvetisergiusens: if you replace the dependency to what is described at https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity/new_hud_client/+merge/156603 it kind of works13:10
ChrisTownsendluv: Are you wanting to file a bug against Unity?13:10
rsalvetisergiusens: well, hud will show up, but it'll be useless13:10
rsalvetibut that might be a different issue13:11
luvChrisTownsend: for example https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu and click "Report a bug". Nah, it's signond13:11
sergiusensrsalveti: that MR is going to land soonish ;-)13:12
rsalvetisergiusens: great, then we need another MR to release it13:12
rsalvetisergiusens: since qml-phone-shell is still maintained by our ci at phablet-ppa13:13
ChrisTownsendluv: We should probably move this conversation to #ubuntu since that is the support channel.  But that link and Report a bug works for me.13:14
luvChrisTownsend: heh, that's very strange then, it behaves differently for you13:15
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Cimitsdgeos, mzanetti how do I check if a model has finished loading?13:28
tsdgeoswhat do you mean a model has finished loading?13:29
Cimitsdgeos, fully loaded13:31
Cimitsdgeos, Lenses have finished loading13:31
Cimilenses.loaded ?13:32
tsdgeosCimi: but that's because it's a dee model, no?13:32
MarlincWhere do I need to ask questions related to he sync menu?13:32
tvossSaviq, ping13:36
tsdgeostvoss: he's holidaying13:38
tvosstsdgeos, ah, thanks13:38
tsdgeostvoss: anything the rest of the shell team can help with?13:54
tvosstsdgeos, nope, but thanks for asking :)13:54
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rsalvetisergiusens: anything blocking https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity/new_hud_client/+merge/156603 still?14:04
sergiusensrsalveti: nah... I think mzanetti has it covered14:05
rsalvetimzanetti: ^^ :-)14:06
nic-doffaymzanetti, branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity/infographics_transitions14:06
sergiusensrsalveti: we were talking in a different channel... be patient :-)14:06
rsalvetisergiusens: lol, ok14:06
Cimimzanetti, how can I use a tryCompare for a condition?14:12
Cimiunless I do while (condition is false) (wait(0))14:13
nic-doffaymzanetti, can you pm me your email?14:14
nic-doffaySending the vid over now.14:15
Cimiyep, works14:15
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tsdgeosCimi: we have a tryCompareFunction or something like that14:20
tsdgeosthat is a bit better than while-ing14:20
tsdgeoswell, it's the same14:20
tsdgeosbut looks less lame when reading the test :D14:20
Cimitsdgeos, where is it?14:20
tsdgeosCimi: ./tests/utils/modules/Unity/Test/UnityTestCase.qml14:21
tsdgeosif you grep for it it's used in a few places14:21
tsdgeosCimi: sorry i didn't followup with the model thing, did you get what you wanted?14:21
tsdgeosmzanetti: do you need anything from me in the hud thing14:21
Cimitsdgeos, yes I did14:22
Cimitsdgeos, js question14:24
Cimitsdgeos, how to embed a function as argument?14:24
Cimitsdgeos, I want tryCompareFunction (width > 0, true)14:24
Cimitsdgeos, syntax wise, replacing width > 0 with?14:24
tsdgeosCimi: afaik there's no lambdas, so just create a function14:25
tsdgeosactually it seems you can write the function code in there14:26
tsdgeosbut it's a bit weird :D14:26
tsdgeosi.e. you could so something like tryCompareFunction (function(){return width > 0;}, true);14:26
tsdgeosnot really helping readability imho14:27
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Cimimzanetti, could you help me?14:30
mzanettiok... now... was in a meeting14:31
mzanettiCimi: yes, let me just read all the scrollbacks in all channels first14:31
Cimimzanetti, not on that14:31
Cimimzanetti, a different thing14:31
CimiI'd like to move to the Launcher rewrite using Panel14:31
Cimibut there is something wrong in the last test for the dashBar14:31
mzanettisergiusens: rsalveti: tsdgeos: on it... I think the jenkins runs still failed... let me check14:32
Cimiyou need14:32
mzanettisergiusens: http://s-jenkins:8080/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests/633/console14:32
sergiusensmzanetti: arg...14:35
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mzanettiCimi: now... sorry14:40
mzanettiI was in a meeting for 1.5 hours and got pinged in all possible channels14:40
mzanettiCimi: Launcher rewrite?14:41
tsdgeosgrow (size=-39299359) at /home/tsdgeos/qt5/qtbase/src/corelib/tools/qlist.cpp:6714:42
mzanettitsdgeos: you allright?14:45
tsdgeoswould like to know why qt wants to grow that list in -3929935914:45
tsdgeosother than that14:46
tsdgeosnot that bad14:46
mzanettiCimi: still here?14:48
Cimimzanetti, yep14:53
Cimimzanetti, was out for a walk with vesa14:53
mzanettiCimi: ok. np14:53
mzanettiCimi: you said something about Launcher rewrite?14:53
Cimimzanetti, I am rewriting the launcher to support the Panel SDK component14:53
mzanettibtw. hi vesar :) Long time no see14:53
mzanettiCimi: oh... hm..14:54
mzanettiCimi: because I started working on the launcher and seems to me it needs to be changed A LOT14:54
Cimimzanetti, you can do it then :)14:54
Cimijust use lp:~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/panel14:54
mzanettiCimi: yours is only about the dragging in/out, right?14:55
Cimimzanetti, you can see how it works with lp:~unity-team/unity/phablet.dashbar_panel14:55
vesarmzanetti, hi man.  how's it going.14:55
mzanettivesar: very busy. but fine :)14:55
Cimimzanetti, the idea is to remove this part of the logic14:55
mzanettivesar: thanks14:55
Cimimzanetti, and leave it to the panel14:55
mzanettiCimi: thats the right information at the right time :) thanks!14:55
mzanettiCimi: so we can get rid of all that timing stuff?14:56
vesarCimi, mzanetti: So you guys are rewriting launcher component. Great!14:56
Cimimzanetti, mostly14:59
Cimimzanetti, watch out from the tooltips etc14:59
mzanettiCimi: ok. thanks15:00
mzanettivesar: yeah. well. I'm trying to reuse most of the existing stuff. but basic architecture will change.15:01
vesarmzanetti, ok. Just thinking that the whole launcher is quite of a mess at the moment. Just wonder if it would be better to start it pretty much from the scratch?15:03
vesarmzanetti, Cimi : though need to check that cimi's branch.15:03
mzanettivesar: in terms of code... yes... its a mess... and I started from scratch. still hope to be able to reuse the delegates and tooltips and such stuff15:03
Cimivesar, this is for the dashBar15:03
vesarCimi, oh ok then..15:04
vesarmzanetti, ok good. that makes sense.15:04
=== mmrazik|afk is now known as mmrazik
mzanettivesar: I'll implement the model in C++ and get rid of those 5 QML ListModels aggregated in some weird way15:04
vesarmzanetti, yes that was the most terrible part of it. They were created in the first place to enable the accordion pattern which is disabled anyway.15:06
vesarmzanetti, and sure it wouldn't need all those models to get it done anyway.15:06
mzanettivesar: cool. so you know the internals if it... that might lead to me bugging you more often with questions15:07
vesarmzanetti, yes feel free to bug me. I can take responsibility of all weirdos in that code. unfortunately:)15:08
mzanettivesar: haha :)15:08
vesarmzanetti, are you aware that we have here in design team one motion graphic contractor at the moment looking after e.g. launcher behaviours? Animations and that sort of stuff.15:09
mzanettivesar: after a first look I thought: hmm... that all seems totally unrelated... must have been just copied over from Unity 2D and integrated somehow15:09
mzanettivesar: no, I'm not15:09
mzanettivesar: does he do changes in the code? or mostly writing specs and create videos?15:10
vesarmzanetti, the launcher is currently just a mix of multiple different prototypes and that's why it is as it is at the moment.15:10
vesarmzanetti, no he doesn't. He's using mostly after effects and flash for creating animation videos.15:11
mzanettivesar: hmm... I guess that will impact the behavior when dragging the launcher in/out15:12
vesarmzanetti, basically proposals for possible launcher animations and behaviours. Like for example highlight, stacking/scrolling/accordiong etc. Might be worth of having a meeting together at some point.15:12
mzanettivesar: I'm just thinking if it makes sense to use the Toolbar as Cimi suggested. because in that case we probably won't be able to finetune the launchers behavior but have to go with what all the other toolbars go15:14
mzanettivesar: can you clarify that for me?15:14
vesarmzanetti, sure I can check the cimi's implementation and check how it would fit in launcher's place. And what would be missing from intended launcher behaviour. I'll check also with Martin (motion graphics guy) when we can expect something from him.15:17
Cimithe launcher reveal is fine with the Panel component15:18
Cimionly difficulty is chaining mouse events15:18
Cimithe Panel has its own MouseArea (dragginarea)15:18
mzanettiCimi: I'm not entirely sure there... because if you look at the desktop panel with autohide in current unity it has some mechanism that you have to push the mouse harder to the edge to trigger the panel revealing15:19
mzanettiCimi: I don't think the Panel component can do that15:19
mzanettiCimi: question is if it will at some point15:19
Cimimzanetti, if we need things, we simply ask timp15:20
Cimimzanetti, we're doing the component now, so we need everything we need15:20
mzanettiCimi: I'll better ask before switching :)15:21
Cimimzanetti, please come up with a list of requirements15:21
cyphermoxdandrader: looking at geoclue2... is that ready to ship / shipping, or whatever that I can put in daily release?15:21
mzanettiCimi: well, that would be the list of designer requirements. with so far is: "Make it exactly like the Panel in current Unity"15:22
Cimimzanetti, nope15:22
Cimimzanetti, it's a different reveal15:22
dandradercyphermox, no, not at all15:22
Cimishould be consistent with the toolbars15:22
mzanettion a touch interface yes. but on a mouse interface, no. it should be the same15:22
cyphermoxdandrader: is there an ETA?15:23
mzanettiCimi: I for one would love to reuse the Panel... I just fear that in the end some designer says we're lacking features that the other panels won't have15:23
dandradercyphermox, it barely started and work on it stopped shortly after last UDS15:23
cyphermoxdandrader: well, I mean we agreed to something at that UDS15:24
Cimimzanetti, we created the Panel to port the Launcher to use it :)15:24
cyphermoxdandrader: I'm trying to make sense of whether than something got done and needs daily release love :)15:24
Cimimzanetti, so if it is missing things, we need to mark the MR for Panel to Needs Fixing15:24
mzanettiCimi: and did you talk with a designer about it?15:24
Cimimzanetti, they want the same behaviour15:25
Cimiof the toolbar15:25
dandradercyphermox, sure. Since then I've moved on to work on Unity Next and, AFAIK, no one else move in to work on it15:25
Cimithe day we will require a sort of edge resistance, we will work on it15:25
CimiBuild-Depends dependency for qml-phone-shell cannot be satisfied because the package libhud-client1-dev cannot be found15:26
mzanettiCimi: ok... I'll take your word for granted then... Don't make me change the Panel implementation in September then :)15:26
Cimihow can I ran on the phone?15:26
cyphermoxdandrader: ok! thanks for the sitrep :)15:26
Cimitsdgeos, apt-get build-dep qml-phone-shell on the phone15:26
CimiBuild-Depends dependency for qml-phone-shell cannot be satisfied because the package libhud-client1-dev cannot be found15:26
mzanettiCimi: you need a new ppa15:26
mzanettiCimi: one sec...15:27
cyphermoxCimi: yeah,15:27
Cimilet's add it in the build scripts15:27
mzanettiCimi: ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next15:27
mzanettiCimi:  I think if you flash your device now this ppa will already be there15:27
mzanettiCimi: or at least will be in next images15:27
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
tsdgeosCimi: the world is dying :D15:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: that new ppa doesn't have libhud-client1-dev either15:30
tsdgeosit has the 215:30
* mzanetti gives up on that hud ppa things15:30
mzanettitsdgeos: I don't know15:31
tsdgeoswhat's the problem?15:31
mzanettitsdgeos: that everything is broken15:31
cyphermoxmzanetti: tsdgeos: give me a second, I'll clear that up for you15:32
cyphermoxI built it all with libhud in that ppa a few days ago15:32
cyphermoxright, it's libhud-client2-dev15:33
cyphermoxmzanetti: what are you trying to build?15:33
cyphermoxor was it Cimi?15:33
CimiI was15:33
mzanetticyphermox: it was Cimi. but its the shell15:33
cyphermoxyeah, so just change the depends to look for hud-client-2 IIRC15:34
cyphermoxI'll try it now just to be sure15:34
mzanetticyphermox: wasn't it hud 1.0?15:34
cyphermoxyes, but I think it's still hud-client-215:34
tsdgeosmzanetti: so we need my MR15:35
mzanettianyways... have to run for a bit... will be back later to see if jenkins needs some love15:35
tsdgeosthing is why it's failing in jenkins15:35
mzanettitsdgeos: I guess so15:35
cyphermoxgrabbing the packages now, and I'll send  a MR to fix this15:35
mzanettitsdgeos: it also fails because that ppa is missing15:35
tsdgeoscyphermox: i have a MR to use libhud215:35
tsdgeosmzanetti: and can't we add it?15:36
tsdgeosmzanetti: anyway, run :)15:36
mzanettitsdgeos: and for some reason adding that ppa requires us to change all the VM's (adding LP oauth creds)15:36
cyphermoxtsdgeos: link? I'll test everything here15:36
tsdgeoscyphermox: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity/new_hud_client15:36
tsdgeosit's not up to date15:37
tsdgeosbut merges cleanly15:37
cyphermoxneeds review?15:37
sergiusenscyphermox: tsdgeos fginther was working on the credential adds to the VMs15:37
sergiusensproblem should be solved soon15:38
tsdgeoslet's make mzanetti happy :-)15:41
cyphermoxtsdgeos: hud-client2 is already landed in the ppa for daily-release where lp:unity/phablet will land15:49
cyphermoxso I guess it's just -ci that needs fixing?15:49
sergiusenscyphermox: lp:unity/phablet is not currently landing there :-(15:50
sergiusenscyphermox: I asked that yesterday15:51
cyphermoxis there a reason why not except "not done yet" ? :)15:51
sergiusenscyphermox: was told that only trunk trunk lands there...15:51
cyphermoxthe projects sharing names make things complicated15:51
sergiusenscyphermox: well qml-phone-shell doesn't share anything...15:52
cyphermoxdidrocks: ^ I'd be all for renaming the unity/phablet stuff to something like qml-phone-shell15:52
sergiusenscyphermox: and it's unfair, because there's a Qt landed in there ;-)15:52
cyphermoxsergiusens: yeah, in the packaging it's not conflicting, but the bzr branch is still named unity15:52
sergiusenscyphermox: yeah, problem is, it's called unity ng in the outerwebs15:53
didrockssergiusens: cyphermox: it's not because of only trunk lands15:53
sergiusenscyphermox: which will be a constant problem anyways since you want both to be there15:53
cyphermoxassuming the binary and source packages are renamed already (and I think they are) we could probably unblock that by just pushing lp:unity/phablet to lp:unity-ng, or lp:qml-phone-shell, depending on what the name should be15:53
sergiusens+1 on unity-ng15:54
didrockscyphermox: transitionning to the shell and having it easy installable side by side is planned for mid/end may15:54
didrockssergiusens: we decided for unity-next as a name15:54
cyphermoxpushing to lp:unity-ng means another renaming of source+binary packages though and other config changes15:54
sergiusens+1 on that too15:54
cyphermoxoh, cool15:54
didrockscyphermox: but unity-next -> unity at some point15:54
didrockslater on15:54
cyphermoxdidrocks: any of that I can help unblock15:54
didrockscyphermox: what is blocking? exactly?15:55
cyphermoxI don't know15:55
cyphermoxanything I can help to make that faster? :D15:55
didrockscyphermox: upstream needs to port on MIR first for landing to the desktop15:55
sergiusensdidrocks: cyphermox only thing I can think of is libunity changes... Saviq you around?15:55
didrocksso it's not blocked on the integration at all15:55
didrockscyphermox: removing their nux old version15:55
didrockscyphermox: and other cleanswapping :)15:55
Cimimzanetti, when you finished your findings, comment on the panel MR15:55
cyphermoxdidrocks: well, yeah15:56
sergiusensdidrocks: cyphermox the new unity does not depend on nux15:56
cyphermoxdidrocks: but in the meantime we could still start shipping things in the PPA to make things work on the phone as it currently is15:56
sergiusensdidrocks: cyphermox only notify-osd, but that doesn't matter for daily releases15:56
cyphermoxdidrocks: what I mean by that is that I can currently build and run unity/phablet on my nexus 4, so theoretically it could ship now in a PPA15:57
didrockscyphermox: they are using the phablet ppa for that15:57
cyphermoxbut phablet ppa doesn't have the new hud? :P15:57
cyphermox(I didn't check)15:57
didrockscyphermox: they are building on both our ppa + the phablet one15:57
cyphermoxso it would be grabbing the new hud15:59
sergiusensdidrocks: cyphermox we want to stop using ppa:phablet-team...15:59
sergiusenscyphermox: didrocks people are getting confused about what is daily released and what isn't15:59
cyphermox:'( this is all so complicated15:59
sergiusenscyphermox: yes it is16:00
didrockssergiusens: right, but we need to stage changes, bottom to top, otherwise we'll get 10 breakages16:00
cyphermoxsergiusens: understandably, when we are :)16:00
cyphermoxdidrocks: we're already somewhat broken on hud already though16:00
cyphermoxfor the apps?16:00
didrockscyphermox: ? it's getting fixed16:01
didrockscyphermox: you didn't track the HUD changes? apps are all merged16:01
MarlincWhere do I need to ask questions related to the sync menu?16:01
cyphermoxdidrocks: I'm doing all I can to track the changes but hey, I can't remember everything :)16:01
didrockscyphermox: if you have some time, please do unity, but it's clearly not ready for the next ppa16:01
sergiusenscyphermox: tsdgeos build is progressing btw /unity-phablet-qmluitests/637/console16:01
cyphermoxdidrocks: unity/phablet already builds fine with hud-client2.16:02
sergiusensdidrocks: why isn't it ready? With details people can fix16:02
cyphermoxsergiusens: AIUI, porting to Mir16:02
didrockssergiusens: involved people in unity next are in that discussion for a month16:02
didrockssergiusens: and the plan is 1. MIR16:03
didrocks2. Unity next16:03
cyphermox*that* would be a second stage though, and shouldn't be blocking putting that in daily-release-next?16:03
tsdgeossergiusens: cool, that's with my MR, no?16:03
didrockssergiusens: otherwise, there is no way to test before to the next ppa, there is no jenkins job I can hook in to install, provision an image and tests from the ppa16:03
didrockscyphermox: ^16:04
sergiusensdidrocks: what if we dput instead of you? We have all that infrastructure16:04
didrockssergiusens: how would that change the original issue you pointed first?16:05
didrockslike people not knowing if we are daily releasing or not16:05
didrocks(and those people know for unity next that we are not)16:05
cyphermoxif there are no tests ready/ported, then that's a good reason16:05
sergiusensdidrocks: well, the big issues is that hud is in daily release and qml-phone-shell isn't16:06
sergiusenscyphermox: there are tests... that's what the failing job was doing...16:06
cyphermoxsergiusens: sorry, I mean autopilot tests16:06
didrockstests that we can run to validate a stack16:06
didrocksotherwise, you will get breakage16:07
cyphermoxregression testing, basically16:07
sergiusensdidrocks: that did not prevent breaking qtubuntu-media16:07
didrockssergiusens: but qml-phone-shell is not an isolated case, is it?16:07
didrockssergiusens: because we don't have autopilot tests running for those?16:07
didrocksthat's the next PPA?16:07
didrockssergiusens: and that's where we should focus, having those jobs running AP?16:07
didrockssergiusens: I don't really like this tone btw, *again*16:07
sergiusensdidrocks: autopilot or not, playing and having a black screen wouldn't be detected by autopilot16:08
didrockssergiusens: we decided one week ago to have 2 ppas16:08
didrocksstuff that are already daily releasing16:08
didrocksand the rest16:08
didrocksyou have your ubuntu-session16:08
didrocksand tons of other components16:08
didrockswhat changed since then?16:08
sergiusensdidrocks: yes, and that is good16:08
sergiusensdidrocks: really16:08
didrockssergiusens: so why not for the qml-phone*?16:08
cyphermoxsergiusens: what's causing a black screen broken right now, and how can I test/reproduce that?16:08
sergiusenscyphermox: being fixed now16:08
sergiusensdidrocks: qml-phone-shell depends on the new hud... and that new hud is not in the prev ppa16:09
sergiusensdidrocks: that's why16:09
didrockssergiusens: you can have build-dep between ppas16:09
didrocksif it's what's missing16:09
cyphermoxit's already set that way, actually16:09
sergiusensdidrocks: but there's a new qt in that ppa and duplicate packages16:09
cyphermoxphablet-team/ppa depends on daily-release-next16:10
didrockssergiusens: in which ppa?16:10
sergiusensdidrocks: daily-build-next16:10
cyphermoxand what duplicate packages?16:10
didrocksfor the new qt?16:10
didrockssergiusens: so building the phone in daily-build-next will take that "duplicated qt"16:10
didrockswhat's the difference?16:10
sergiusenscyphermox: that ppa dep was added yesterday... but I see your point16:13
sergiusensdidrocks: only big difference I see is that people on desktop could add the daily-build-next ppa and not break there desktops16:14
didrockssergiusens: those people already have the phablet ppa, right?16:14
sergiusensdidrocks: phablet ppa breaks unity because it has that nux, osd, frame and grail mod16:15
didrockssergiusens: again, what is making pushing the phone-shell-qml in the daily-build-next ppa fixes magically osd, nux?16:15
sergiusensdidrocks: again, qml-phone-shell does NOT depend on nux or osd16:16
didrockssergiusens: so, why nux and osd from the daily-build-next is breaking their dekstop?16:16
cyphermoxold stuff left around, my guess16:16
didrocksyou are not giving all info16:16
sergiusensdidrocks: the other way around16:16
rsalvetibecause they contain *huge* hacks16:16
sergiusensdidrocks: if you add ppa:phablet-team tou your desktop, it will break16:17
rsalvetithe qml-phone-shell can be part of the daily ppa afaik16:17
rsalvetiI kind of expected that yesterday16:17
rsalvetiwas surprised it was not yet part of the new ci thing16:17
didrocksrsalveti: the discuss with the unity-next team meant by mid-may…16:17
didrocksrsalveti: would be great that you guys are aligned :)16:17
didrockssergiusens: ah, I start to get you16:18
didrockssergiusens: you can remove nux I guess?16:18
didrockssergiusens: but yeah for notify-osd16:18
rsalvetifrom what I understand the mid-may thing is related with a new notify-osd and such16:18
didrocksrsalveti: not really, it's more with MIR16:19
rsalvetiI'm just saying that I was expecting it to be tracked by the daily-next ci ppa as well16:19
rsalvetiright, but is that blocking us?16:19
cyphermoxrsalveti: didrocks: sergiusens: well, this doesn't need to be fixed today does it?16:19
didrocksrsalveti: at vUDS, WI was set and unity-next was dismissed remember? :)16:19
cyphermoxwe can discuss qml-phone-shell with the unity-next team next week and figure it out16:20
rsalvetias I remember one of the goals we had in mind was having a ppa people could use with x86, and I thought this daily-next would be it16:20
rsalvetithat's why we don't have hacks there16:20
didrocksrsalveti: it should be the ubuntu-unity/next16:20
didrocksrsalveti: but for that, you need to have AP tests passing from ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next16:20
rsalveticyphermox: no, all we need is https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity/new_hud_client/+merge/156603 to land16:20
didrockswhich is the current issue16:20
rsalvetiso the only thing that is blocking the qml-phone-shell is the test cases?16:21
didrocksrsalveti: the double AP thingy16:21
cyphermoxrsalveti: that's completely unrelated to ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next containing lp:unity/phablet though; it only needs to take the PPA for building with hud-client216:21
didrocksrsalveti: like for the apps16:21
didrocksrsalveti: this is what should make everything pass in the next ppa then16:21
didrocksrsalveti: which is the safe one16:21
cyphermoxrsalveti: in other words, it's a CI configuration issue we can fix quickly16:21
rsalveticyphermox: no, that's not what I wanted either, I'm just saying I was expecting qml-phone-shell to be landing at the daily-build-next ppa16:22
rsalvetiwhich is not yet the case16:22
cyphermoxrsalveti: full ack, I expected it as well16:22
cyphermoxbut I understand why it's not16:22
didrocksrsalveti: where did you read that qml-phone-shell would land?16:22
didrocksvUDS and other discussions with upstream shows that it wasn't supposed to be16:22
cyphermoxdidrocks: just logic since a lot of other stuff does16:22
didrocksyeah, but yesterday, we talked about communication16:22
didrocksthis was communicated and part of the list ;)16:23
rsalvetiand that we wanted a ppa with qml-phone-shell that people could install in their desktops16:23
didrocksrsalveti: ok, so if I follow you16:23
rsalvetithe shell itself?16:23
didrocksyou can remove nux from the phablet-team ppa16:23
didrocksisn't it?16:23
didrocksas it's not needed16:23
rsalvetiwe can't16:23
rsalvetiit's needed for armhf16:23
sergiusensdidrocks: it's needed on the device16:23
rsalvetiand touch16:23
didrocksbut without that nux16:23
rsalvetiphablet-ppa will still contain a bunch of hacks for a while16:23
didrocksAP tests will never pass?16:23
cyphermoxsergiusens: what is nux used for on the device?16:24
rsalvetididrocks: don't think so, as people are testing it in their own desktop16:24
sergiusensdidrocks: nux and qml-phone-shell don't depend on eache other16:24
sergiusenscyphermox: didrocks nux and notify-osd do16:24
didrockssergiusens: ahhhhhhhh16:24
sergiusensnux has a binding to the platform-api16:24
didrocksphew, starting to make sense16:24
cyphermoxso required for building platform-api16:24
didrockscyphermox: no, I think the other way around16:25
rsalvetiso qml-phone-shell doesn't need to land *only* at phablet-ppa until we fix *everything*16:25
didrocksok so16:25
cyphermoxdidrocks: well, that wouldn't make it a reason to have nux in the ppa though :)16:25
rsalvetiit can land somewhere else, it just that we need the hackish stuff from phablet-ppa to have a working device16:25
didrocksI think "not breaking dekstop computers" is a good reason enough16:25
didrockscyphermox: we'll need the double ppa anyway as long as this is not fixed16:26
rsalvetiyup, that's fine16:26
sergiusensnux, frame, grail and notify-osd that live in ppa:phablet-team should stay there and live only there and NEVER be added to a desktop16:26
didrocksso we can add it as it. I would just hope we can fix the AP issue which is what prevents us to have the safe "next" ppa16:26
didrockssergiusens: but none of them are a dep of the qml phone shell?16:26
sergiusensdidrocks: exactly16:26
didrocksand tests will happily pass without that?16:26
cyphermoxwell, currently daily-release-next works on desktop *and* on touch, correct? you just need to rebuild the shell on tablet?16:27
rsalvetididrocks: yup, and that's why you're able to have the shell in your desktop if you want16:27
didrocksok, you are assuming we know the stack when we grasp some info there and there :)16:27
didrocksrsalveti: sergiusens: does the shell is parallely installable with unity?16:27
didrocks(like unity compiz)16:27
rsalvetiprobably, it's just one package16:27
cyphermoxdidrocks: yes, separate source and binary packages, unless there are file conflicts16:27
rsalvetiSaviq might know more16:27
cyphermoxI can test for file conflicts now, if it helps16:28
didrockscyphermox: that would be awesome16:28
sergiusensdidrocks: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/phablet/view/head:/debian/control16:28
rsalvetididrocks: that's why I was kind of surprised to not see qml-phone-shell as part of daily-next, because in theory there's nothing blocking it16:28
sergiusensno nux or friends in there16:28
rsalvetididrocks: and as it needs the new hud now, it'd make sense for it to be there16:28
didrockssergiusens: can be a runtime thing, we have more and more :)16:29
didrockssergiusens: demo-assets?16:29
didrocksrsalveti: yeah, that's not what was communicated to me :)16:29
didrocksI'm pretty sure to have heard the libunity-core and nux thing16:29
rsalvetididrocks: I just thought it'd be part of the huge CI effort16:29
sergiusensdidrocks: I'll tell you what... I'll get this tested on desktop16:30
rsalvetias people started taking care of a bunch of packages16:30
rsalvetiand we didn't have a list of what would go in and what not16:30
rsalvetiat least I didn't see that16:30
rsalvetiso that's why I expected it to be as well16:30
didrockssergiusens: I don't know about the demo-assets, maybe yet-another-component?16:30
rsalvetias this is kind of the most important package we have :-)16:30
didrocksrsalveti: the WI16:30
sergiusensdidrocks: that should be removed from the deps most likely for a prod package...16:30
didrockssergiusens: so, if the assets are not necessary, (for the tests maybe?), yeah would be good16:31
rsalvetididrocks: " The phone shell isn't scoped as well for now." - do you know why?16:31
didrockssergiusens: last thing is libunity-core-6.0-dev16:31
rsalvetisorry didn't participate at this session16:31
didrockssergiusens: I remember Saviq telling they forked it16:31
cyphermoxI wish we got rid of installing the demo assets asap16:31
sergiusensdidrocks: it's to fill in the lens with stuff for people doing the demos16:31
didrocksrsalveti: that was at the vUDS session, it was because of this discussion of forked nux, libunity-core and planning for mid-may16:31
rsalvetioh, but none of that were blockers =\16:32
didrocksrsalveti: hum, it is to be able to build it :) if libunity-core is still not compatible for instance16:32
didrocksbasically they took libunity-core from quantal16:32
didrockspatched it16:32
rsalvetididrocks: well, as I said, people were testing that stuff in their own desktop16:32
sergiusensdidrocks: unity core would be the only one... but they were working on that... I'll test on desktop and come back to you16:33
didrocksrsalveti: sergiusens: yeah, seems it's the best thing to do16:33
didrockssergiusens: rsalveti: the deps should maybe be set as recommends?16:33
sergiusensdidrocks: last month Saviq told me they already had the split package thing going16:33
didrocksall the indicator-* we don't have16:33
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rsalvetiso it *might* be possible to migrate it to daily-next16:34
didrocksrsalveti: yeah, this libunity-core is the last thing we need to have confirmed16:35
rsalvetilet's make sure it lands today at phablet-team/ppa and we can work this migration tomorrow/next week16:35
didrocksand then, we can remove demo-assets and downgrade some deps to recommends16:35
didrocks+ change any to list everything but powerpc16:35
didrocksrsalveti: sergiusens: ok, keep me posted with this libunity-core, then, we are going to propose the other changes and have it landing16:36
didrocksrsalveti: sergiusens: I just want to discuss with Saviq first about it :)16:36
rsalvetididrocks: sure16:36
sergiusensdidrocks: sure... I don't plan on doing anything without Saviq's blessing16:37
didrockssergiusens: rsalveti: I wonder if we shouldn't have a 15 minutes daily meeting until everything is in after the sprint, it seems there are so many things that are not fully communicated16:37
rsalvetisergiusens: sorry asking you again, but what is blocking https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity/new_hud_client/+merge/156603 to land?16:37
rsalvetididrocks: could be16:37
sergiusensrsalveti: nothing now16:37
sergiusensrsalveti: the Work in progress needs to change...16:38
rsalvetisergiusens: alright16:38
sergiusensrsalveti: changed it to needs review16:38
rsalvetiguess will just approve it16:38
rsalvetiSaviq seems to be off16:38
rsalvetitested here and could get the shell installed and up at least16:39
rsalvetihapproved, will see what happens16:40
sergiusensrsalveti: hmmmm16:40
rsalvetisergiusens: any issue?16:40
rsalvetijust want to unblock the image first16:41
sergiusensrsalveti: ok... just read the comments in the MR ;-)16:42
rsalvetisergiusens: the issue is temporary ;-)16:42
rsalvetiwe fixed it, and I trust you that you fixed jenkins as well :P16:42
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cyphermoxrsalveti: sergiusens: so lp:unity/phablet can't land at all; it necessarily breaks desktop to do so since I'd need to build/ship lp:unity/phablet-mods, which lp:unity/phablet depends on for UnityCore/PeoplePreview.h17:09
rsalveticyphermox: how people test that on desktops then?17:10
cyphermoxtest what?17:10
cyphermoxbeats me17:10
cyphermoxthey totally break unity in the process17:10
cyphermoxor maybe by pure luck unity still works :)17:10
sergiusenscyphermox: good, but bad as well... let me circle back on this one17:10
didrocksso that was what I heard on the -core one…17:11
cyphermoxbasically, that unity-core is based on quantal's17:11
cyphermoxdidrocks: should I bother seeing if I can convince it to build against the current libunity-core?17:12
didrockscyphermox: Saviq told me it was hard, so it seems nothing really changed there17:13
cyphermoxdidrocks: well it's just the people preview stuff, surely it can be ripped out :)17:14
cyphermoxSaviq: did you look at porting qml-phone-shell to use the libunity-core we have in raring (7.0 basically) before?17:20
renatosil2100, any news about the new hud package? I am having problems to test the media-player app18:00
renatoI can not find the package18:00
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sil2100renato: hi!18:26
sil2100renato: hm, what PPA and what media-player version are you using? And what's the problem?18:26
renatosil2100, I am using the media-player from source18:27
renatosil2100, its depends on qtdeclarative5-hud1.0, which I can not find18:27
sil2100renato: do you have the https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build-next PPA enabled?18:27
sil2100You can find that package there, it's being built per-daily18:28
renatosil2100, ok I check this,18:29
sil2100renato: tell me later if there's still a problem18:31
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davidcallemhr3, so where are you these days, London?22:15
mhr3davidcalle, the lack of comments is scary22:16
mhr3all those re.sub are #magic here22:17
davidcallemhr3, well, they are :P22:17
davidcalleFaire enough *adding comments*22:17
mhr3davidcalle, and yea, i'm in london22:17
mhr3cause you know i live here now :)22:18
davidcallemhr3, I wasn't sure you were there full time :) (mp updated)22:23

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