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nhainesUbuntu 13.04 has been released. :)12:16
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* MarkDude responded to Removing the Community (from header)18:55
darthrobot[R: plus.google.com] Title: [Mark Terranova - Google+ - #ubuntu #fail Most folks in #FOSS will admit Ubuntu is…]18:55
MarkDudeAlso commented on bug now marked wont fix18:55
MarkDudeThat was closed 20 hours after dialog was implied18:55
Torikungood post MarkDude19:10
* MarkDude has seen wont fix overused19:14
MarkDudedialog did not happen19:15
* MarkDude will debate Jorge more if he wants to19:15
MarkDudeReally hoping Ubuntu people take the lead19:15
* MarkDude has no issue doing it tho19:15
MarkDudeThe goes beyond one Distro19:16
MarkDudeCommunity is key to everything19:16
* MarkDude 's motivation here is pure19:16
Torikunbut ubuntu delivers19:16
MarkDudefull disclosure; Me pointing out Ubuntu does not have Linux on its site was a jab19:16
Torikunthey should19:17
* MarkDude really understands the logic of it tho19:17
MarkDudeAnd figure that does not upset Ubuntu's Community as much as some in FOSS19:17
Torikunthey way ubuntu is going now, they will likely replace all teh GNU tools lol19:18
darthrobotTitle: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] Community removal;am I over-reacting here? Where is the discussion?]20:21
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