jrwrennot looking forward to this 45min drive :(00:17
jrwrenwhere is everyone?01:23
rick_h_jrwren: back of the shop01:23
jjessetaking a nap?01:23
jrwrenthere is a back?01:23
rick_h_the response http://bigjools.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/error-handling-in-go/01:58
rick_h_the original http://blog.labix.org/2013/04/23/exceptional-crashes01:58
snap-lGood morning11:43
rick_h_OMG! the backup finally just stopped11:50
rick_h_lol "18152994.43 bytes/sec"11:50
rick_h_1059642061750 bytes received11:51
rick_h_doesn't say how long it actually spent in transfer though11:53
snap-lThat's what the time command is for. :)12:01
rick_h_well I should have thought of that a day ago :P12:03
snap-lYeah, hindsight and all12:05
snap-lBTW: It's bring your daughters and sons to work today12:05
rick_h_snap-l: ooh, fun day12:05
rick_h_having a typing contest :)12:06
snap-lApparently there's still a legend 'round these parts about the typing contest. :)12:06
snap-lI was introduced as the rick_h_ replacement12:06
snap-lI corrected, and said I was the rick_h_ dilletante. ;)12:06
rick_h_lol, you must compete in my stead!12:06
snap-lYeah, not happening. :)12:08
snap-lIt'd be like watching walker races at the assisted living facility.12:08
rick_h_those can be entertaining12:08
snap-lRaring Ringtail is released.12:13
flipsidecreationloading Raring Ringtail then sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping12:16
brouschI can see greg-g on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bJXXckWLc0E#!13:39
flipsidecreationbrousch: wow13:42
jrwren_glad its not bring your daughters and sons to work today here. my daughter is home sick :(13:42
brouschjrwren_: Work from home!13:44
jrwren_running do release upgrade :)13:44
jrwren_brousch: a great idea!13:44
jrwren_i don't work from home much though. I'm a lazy mofo and keep work at work and play at home.13:45
jrwren_oh sweet, network manager may be going away: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-converged-network-stack13:52
snap-lAs long as things don't break, I'm OK with whatever they use.14:06
jrwren_crap... new tmux with protocol version change. AFAICT i can't upgrade the the tmux package to raring without entirely reseting tmux :(14:28
snap-lWhat did they change?14:29
jrwren_wow, smosers name is all over the change logs for new raring packages. isc-dhcp and kmod.  well done smoser14:32
snap-lSaucy Salamander?15:03
flipsidecreationI was hoping for Sensual Sasquatch15:06
greg-goh yeah, today's the official bring your kids to work, oops15:30
flipsidecreationI am skipping that holiday as well too15:31
ColonelPanic001is it?15:32
ColonelPanic001that explains the short person around here15:32
ColonelPanic001seriously I heard some kid over on the other side of the cubefarm15:32
ColonelPanic001why would I bring my kid here? to watch me type?15:32
ColonelPanic001good thing they don't exist15:33
Blazeixsnap-l: fyi, my coworker used your ting referral code15:33
snap-lBlazeix: Awesomesauce. Thank you!15:34
flipsidecreationMy kids come to work with me from time to time, not much work gets done15:34
snap-lYeah, I'm having headphone appreciation day.15:34
ColonelPanic001I'm still tossing around the idea of Ting. Not sure if I'm in contract now or not,a ctually, should check that15:34
ColonelPanic001but then I think I might not be able to use the phones at work. That's a bit of an issue15:34
snap-lNot that I mind, but I have a rare bout of focus that I'd like to hold onto15:34
snap-lColonelPanic001: Simple test: How does Sprint service work in your area?15:35
greg-gbrousch: waaaaay too tall for me, that stuff scares me15:35
ColonelPanic001never been on sprint, beats me15:35
snap-lColonelPanic001: ask around.15:35
ColonelPanic001UnFixed: didn't you change to Ting? How is it in MidTown?15:36
snap-lI know that requires that "hyoo-man con tact" but... ;)15:36
ColonelPanic001I guess you wouldn't know for Downriver15:36
ColonelPanic001snap-l: nonsense, that's what SMS is for :)15:36
UnFixedSprints pretty good in midtown15:36
UnFixedive always got a decent signal15:37
UnFixedi there isnt any LTE for sprint in detroit yet15:37
snap-lOr 4G15:37
UnFixedso 3G15:37
UnFixedtmobile's HSPA+ was faster15:37
UnFixedbut honestly, i dont notice it much.15:37
snap-lYeah, just saw an announcement that several spots in Indiana were getting LTE15:37
snap-lI'm sure the cornfields will appreciate the enhanced data15:38
snap-lBay City, MI15:39
snap-lSaginaw, MI15:39
UnFixedting mentioned it on their blog also15:39
snap-lLast I saw there weren't any MI locations, so this is an improvement15:39
snap-lShould I ever leave the house and decide to head to Bay City or Saginaw15:40
ColonelPanic001I don't really care about 4g, etc. I use wireless networks around here anyway15:40
ColonelPanic001and all I do as far as data on the phone is reddit anyway15:40
snap-lYeah you should be OK15:40
snap-lOnly gotcha I had with Sprint is my neighborhood is the dead zone for every carrier15:41
UnFixedand working on campus, wifi is everywhere15:41
snap-lTMo, AT&T15:41
snap-lI think Verizon as well15:41
UnFixedmy only gripe is some parts of my house get a spotty signal15:41
UnFixedtop floor is fine15:41
UnFixedand i dont have a landline15:41
UnFixedits not awful15:42
snap-lYeah, we have to keep our landline15:42
UnFixedbut can get choppy call quality in the worst spots15:42
snap-lThought about getting the Airrave15:42
ColonelPanic001I don't call people anyway15:42
UnFixedi dont want to pay for the airrave15:42
UnFixednot worth the price to me15:42
snap-lColonelPanic001: So tell me again why you're getting a phone?15:42
snap-lQuality Reading on the toilet?15:42
ColonelPanic001now and then, people call me15:43
ColonelPanic001and Text messaging15:43
ColonelPanic001and reddit15:43
UnFixedColonelPanic001: are you looking at ting?15:43
UnFixedi have not read scrollback15:43
ColonelPanic001not seriously, but it does sound enticing15:43
ColonelPanic001as in, cheaper15:43
snap-lColonelPanic001: Honestly, Ting makes sense for you15:44
snap-lthe less you use, the less you pay15:44
ColonelPanic001yeah, UnFixed mentioned that once - that is pretty nice15:44
UnFixedthing is15:44
UnFixedhe can use work phones, since hes in a group that does android dev15:44
snap-l(https://z6oc11q87.ting.com/ <- my referral code)15:44
UnFixedif you go with ting, you're tied down to your phone15:45
UnFixedits not like GSM15:45
snap-lRight, it's a Sprint-only device.15:45
UnFixedwhere you just switch out your sim card.15:45
UnFixedyou have to use your sprint/ting phone15:45
snap-lSprint and Verizon are CDMA-based.15:45
ColonelPanic001How very vendor-locky-in of them15:45
snap-land they're incompatible with each other.15:45
UnFixedthough iirc, cdma actually has a lot of benefits over gsm15:46
ColonelPanic001anything I'd notice or care about?15:46
snap-lHowever, if you're not planning on doing travel, and aren't one to switch phones all the time, it might make sense.15:46
ColonelPanic001I don't travel much, and I switch phones, but not commonly15:46
ColonelPanic001and that's because they're not mine15:46
ColonelPanic001it's not a deal-breaker15:46
UnFixedmy billing period ends in 7 days15:49
UnFixedand im currently at $1515:49
* ColonelPanic001 sends text messages15:50
UnFixedi actually have very little sms usage15:50
UnFixedi text almost exclusively through google voice15:51
UnFixedwhich is just data15:51
UnFixedive got another 80 messages before i get changed for mroe15:51
UnFixedive used ~2015:51
UnFixedand most are probably from _stink__15:51
ColonelPanic001I can send 80 SMSes in a week15:53
ColonelPanic001time to increase your bill15:53
=== _stink__ is now known as _stink_
snap-lSo, how about that afternoon?16:58
ColonelPanic001afternoon is okay17:03
greg-gnot here yet17:03
ColonelPanic001Penguicon tomorrow. You doing your traditional "record an episode at Pcon"?17:03
rick_h_so have I missed anything today?17:05
* rick_h_ looks up for the first time since this morning17:05
snap-lrick_h_: Apparently 13.04 was pinched off.17:10
rick_h_oh yea. that was today? :P17:15
snap-lgreg-g: You just chose to take it that way. ;)17:15
ColonelPanic001Shuttleworth pinched off a loaf of Linux17:16
ColonelPanic001no jokes about kernels in it17:16
greg-gsnap-l: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pinch_one_off17:16
snap-lgreg-g: I said "pinch off", as in the floral sense.17:17
greg-goh, it's fragrent17:17
snap-l(yes, I had to look that corner case. ;) )17:17
jrwren_wtf are you people talking about?17:19
brouschjrwren_: lemur scat17:19
snap-land we now know one of brousch's hobbies17:19
flipsidecreationand much to my disappointment 13.10 is being called Saucy Salamander and not Sexy Sheep17:23
jrwren_i wanted slimy succubus17:23
brouschflipsidecreation: Are you from New Zealand?17:23
flipsidecreationIrish heritage17:24
brouschI'm hoping for Tantalizing Tarsier. Tarsiers are my favorites17:25
ColonelPanic001so much potential when they come back to "F"17:27
greg-gbrousch: I got it, don't worry17:28
greg-gwait, Canonical is using "ubunt.eu" as it's shorturl domain? I.... uh....17:31
snap-lProbably because .tu would make Canonical part of some export restrictions17:39
snap-lAssuming it even exists. ;)17:40
snap-lHah, it doesn't.17:40
snap-lMaybe Canonical could buy a country and apply for the .tu domain?17:41
snap-lTLD rather?17:41
snap-lSo, who got their WWDC tickets?17:49
snap-lApparently they're going for Code Mash levels of not-getting-a-ticket.17:49
devinheitmuellerI feel like I should hold a conference called WWCD down the street from there the same week, for the thousands of people who couldn't get tickets to WWDC.17:55
snap-lWorld Wide Convention Dyslexia?17:57
snap-ldevinheitmueller: OK to post that to the intertubes w/ your name on it?17:59
devinheitmuellerBe my guest.  :-)17:59
snap-lposted. :)17:59
jrwren_i think WWDC is about 10 times bigger than codemash, but I could be wrong.18:09
greg-gheya, anyone in here know an example of where a FLOSS project's community "elects" (for some value of elect) the release manager for the next X period of time?19:16
greg-gI was told django and python do, but I can't find any documentation on it.19:16
jcastroI believe Xorg does/did19:16
jcastroI think they rotate and choose at their conference19:16
greg-gOpenStack does, through the Tech Committee19:16
brouschgreg-g: I don't think Python elects19:16
greg-gjcastro: cool19:16
brouschIf they elect, it is just core devs who vote19:16
greg-gbrousch: that's acceptable (I'm just looking for examples)19:17
jcastroI don't know the details, but I remember them (Xorg) announcing things like that on the mailing list.19:17
greg-gjcastro: coolio, I'll take a look19:17
brouschgreg-g: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.devel/12773319:18
greg-gbrousch: hah, thanks19:19
flipsidecreationDam it! it won't let me check!19:33
snap-lturn off javascript and try it.19:33
* greg-g viewed source on that page when he first saw it19:34
greg-gjcastro: what happened in March that caused the number of open blueprint items to jump so much? http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/19:50
greg-gthe whole "rolling release fiasco" was in feb19:50
rick_h_lol, fiasco?19:50
greg-gthe email that Steve L sent suggesting the move to a rolling release that caused a lot of uproar19:51
rick_h_http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/group/topic-raring-unity-apis.html seems to have hur but it's 13.10 for some api/backend stuff?19:51
greg-grick_h_: yeah, looks like that's the only group that jumped in March19:53
greg-gblame it on Unity19:53
rick_h_works for me! :)19:53
greg-gon the unity one, the jump was only like 20 work items, on that big overgraph, it's hundreds19:54
jcastrogreg-g: yeah I think all the mir/unitynext crap got piled on19:54
greg-goh, MIR!19:54
greg-gthat makes sense19:54
jcastrothat + moving to 3 month UDS cycles confused everyone I think19:54
jcastroI have no idea what the status of my raring items are19:55
jcastroI moved them all over to 13.0319:55
* greg-g nods19:55
brouschCrap. A 2 year old SSD just died on me23:31
brouschGonna be a fun night installing windows23:31
brouschhm, 3 year warantee23:33
rick_h_brousch: what brand?23:35
snap-lThat's my biggest fear with SSD23:36
rick_h_I don't know why it's more than any other drive23:37
rick_h_but I will say I'm not an OCZ fan so I'm keeping quiet23:37
brouschThe bad part is how suddenly it fails23:38
brouschWith a hard drive you have weeks to years of grinding noises23:39
brouschThis thing worked fine for 2 years, then one reboot it's totally gone23:40
brousch3 year warranty is unexpected23:40
rick_h_good ones are 3 or 523:41
rick_h_intel 520s are 5yr23:41
rick_h_crucial's are 3 I think23:41
rick_h_yea, 3yr on the m500 models and such23:42
rick_h_woot! expanding the nas volume now. from 1.79 to 2.72TB23:43

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