drkokandyIn case you haven't seen the email yet, Raring is released: http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/12:34
drkokandy(so are all the flavors - links in the announcement email)12:34
Unit193Need to hold 4 packages from precise and 2 packages from quantal if you want to have functioning indicators in Xubuntu.12:42
skellatUnit193: Any idea if the Lubuntu folks have any mirrors other than cdimage.u.c?  I want to run zsync just to be sure the last image I got from iso.qa.u.c is the released one.14:59
skellatcdimage.u.c is politely refusing connections as is se.cdimage.u.c at the moment14:59
dzhoah, release time!16:32
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skellatJust succeeded with the initial systems test for tonight's conference call18:57
skellatThis may well work18:57
Unit193skellat: Could just torrent?  It'd do the same thing pretty much, no?22:01
skellatUnit193: Never mind, I got in and zsync'ed it.  Had to not play with bandwidth since the conference call is coming up later tonight & TWC doesn't play nice22:30
Unit193I zsync'd here too, then started seedding.22:32

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