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bkerensablkperl: I bet your network traffic is high today19:17
blkperlbkerensa: probably19:19
thefinn93bkerensa: what'd you post?19:21
thefinn93ah the ubuntu documentation thing19:21
bkerensathefinn93: nothing its just release day so all the Ubuntu mirrors are getting major traffic19:21
blkperlI have graphs20:47
blkperlwhen did the release day start?20:49
bkerensauhh early this morning20:55
bkerensablkperl: Thu Apr 25 12:07:30 UTC 201320:55
* MarkDude posted on G+ about it22:09
MarkDudeAs well as ubuntu-us ca,or,wa, and also pnw22:09
MarkDudeMailing list22:09
nibalizerwhat released?22:28
bkerensablkperl: I wanna see logs22:30
bkerensaor charts for that matter22:30
blkperlnibalizer: 13.0422:30
blkperlbkerensa: k22:30
blkperlbkerensa: are you going to blog about it?22:30
bkerensablkperl: I accept mrtg22:31
bkerensablkperl: no wasnt planning on it22:31
bkerensablkperl: should I?22:31
blkperlsocial media our mirror into more load :P22:31
=== bkerensa changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-or to: ★Welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon Local Community Team!★ | ► Webpage: http://ubuntu-oregon.org | ► IRC Meeting: None Scheduled | ► Events: 3/3/13 Global Jam @ FreeGeek | ► Contribute to Ubuntu - http://j.mp/LskTNG | 13.04 is now release \o/
MarkDudeHello anon32123:34
MarkDudeHow goes it?23:34
MarkDudeAre you on the West Coast?23:34

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