RagnarokAngelI have a question about word processors and type-setting programs -- basically I want to have a window that is simple and just focuses on the text, like gedit, but allows some formatting (bold, italic, etc) and then use another program to typeset it when I want to send it.01:46
RagnarokAngelAnyone have some suggestions?01:46
wrsthey RagnarokAngel01:50
RagnarokAngelhey wrst01:50
wrstRagnarokAngel: no real suggestions can't say word processing is something I do much of01:51
RagnarokAngeland anyone who writes code has different parameters than someone writing fiction and criticism01:51
RagnarokAngelwrst: no vi or emacs?01:52
wrstRagnarokAngel: I have been using google docs lately for what little word processor stuff I do01:52
wrstRagnarokAngel: Im a sissy its nano all the way for me :)01:53
RagnarokAngelgdocs is fine for my formatting requirements01:53
RagnarokAngelor writer01:53
RagnarokAngelor anything really01:53
RagnarokAngelI just like composing in simple text01:53
twaynepriceRagnarokAngel: I'm a fan of textpad and sublime.  Markdown is good too if you are wanting to format later.01:54
wrstI have never used sublime but I have heard its good, but of course I'm not a programmer01:56
RagnarokAngeloOOOooo sublime looks good01:57
twaynepriceI really like the viewer on the right that shows you where you are in the file.01:57
RagnarokAngelMy thing is that I may end up formatting some text into rtfs and others into epubs01:57
RagnarokAngelso a basic .txt file is usually a good starting point01:58
twaynepriceYou should take a look at markdown and its variations.  http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/epub.html01:59
RagnarokAngeltwayneprice: thanks so much this is intuitive and is basically what I'm looking to do02:03
twaynepriceRagnarokAngel: happy to help.  :)02:03
wrsttwayneprice: I have made it two days without blowing the raspberry pi up02:04
twaynepricewrst: :)02:04
wrsti have been taking it out on my laptop, actually going to attempt to get / off of the sd card but going to do it a little more "old fashioned" than the tutorial that caused it to crash and burn02:05
RagnarokAngelwrst: you burned a raspberry pi? How long did you let it bake for? :-p02:09
wrstRagnarokAngel: well just toasted my pride, was attemtping to move / off the sd card onto a usb external hdd and managed to type something wrong and toasted the card02:09
wrstfollowing a tutorial and still messed it up :)02:10
wrstso had to reinstall02:10
RagnarokAngelI came close to doing that to internal memory on my phone.02:11
wrsta little more sever on a phone :)02:12
twaynepricewrst: I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with mine.  Or my arduino.02:15
wrsttwayneprice: i'm doing boring things with the ones I have02:16
twaynepricewrst: What os did you put on it?02:19
wrston the one running irc i am running arch, on the print server raspian (debian) and have xbmc on the other one but don't have it hooked up completely yet02:20
Unit193wrst: apt-cache search cherokee on raspian?02:22
Unit193There was one weird package I wasn't sure would be on there.....02:22
Unit193Can't remember what it is..02:22
wrstUnit193: I don't have it running yet, waiting on the USB hub02:22
Unit193Ah, coolio.02:23
wrsthopefully this weekend, the wifi doesn't have enough power to run02:23
wrstor run for long02:24
twaynepricewrst: desktop?02:25
wrston the pi twayneprice?02:26
Unit193...Someone wants to remove ifupdown...02:26
Unit193The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (99% of Full)  I blame that.02:26
wrstnone on the little print server and the irc one02:26
wrstUnit193: I don't think arch has that command02:27
Unit193Wanted to remove it off xubuntu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599909/02:34
RagnarokAngelturns out gedit has markdown support!02:39
RagnarokAngelI will still fool around with sublime02:39
Unit193Scite or mousepad have it?02:40
twaynepriceRagnarokAngel: Perfect!  I've got about 450 pages left out of about 500 pages that I need to move from word to markdown.02:42
RagnarokAngeltwayneprice: did you recently start using markdown?02:42
twaynepriceRagnarokAngel: yes.02:43
RagnarokAngelhow convenient that I asked in here02:43
twaynepriceRagnarokAngel: Yup.  Timing is everything.  :)02:43
twaynepricewrst: Maybe I'll make a dropbox clone.  http://owncloud.org/02:55
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