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Symmetriawheeee, someone finally came out with a viable dirt cheap 8 port 10gig switch05:32
Symmetriacopper switch that is05:32
Symmetriathat you could actually use at home05:32
Kilosmorning all05:46
* Kilos waits to see if the power is going off again today05:46
Symmetrialol, I just called in an electrician to fix my power against power outages05:58
Symmetrianow got a diesel generator in the back yard and a UPS to clean the power outta it, hooked straight into the main board05:58
Tinuvamorning Symmetria 06:00
Tinuvayou back in SA?06:00
SymmetriaTinuva yeah till sunday I am06:00
Tinuvaoh lovely06:01
Symmetriaheh flying back to Kenya on sunday06:01
Symmetriafor a week06:01
Tinuvaand then?06:04
Symmetriaheh then back to za for a few days06:04
Symmetriathen we shall see06:04
Symmetriamight have to go to london for 3 or 4 days06:04
Symmetria*shrug* I take it day at a time, fly whereever it says on whatever ticket lands in my inbox06:05
SymmetriaI've spent a week at home in the last month ;p06:05
SymmetriaI just ordered myself one of those :)06:12
KilosSymmetria: how can i do a speedtest of my 3g without going to speedtest.com06:14
Kiloswant to rev up 8ta a bit06:14
Symmetriakilos heh, dunno, aint done speed tests over low speed links in ages06:17
Symmetriaand the methods I use for speed testing would half kill 8ta's network never mind a 3G modem06:17
Symmetriahahaha oh man thats a hilarious article06:18
Kilosmorning superfly 06:25
Kiloshi Vince-0 Squirm 06:31
superflyhi Kilos!06:32
Symmetriaso juniper has this awesome cloud virtulization tool07:02
Symmetriaso you can build a network in the cloud07:02
Symmetriato lab stuff07:02
nuvolario/ hello's07:13
nuvolaridoes anyone have experience of training sites?07:13
nuvolarior have an opinion on lynda.com?07:13
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:15
Kilosohi morgs wb07:33
morgshi hi07:33
superflyhey hey morgs!07:38
morgshi superfly07:38
superflymorgs: did I ask you what you thought of my boss's talk at ScaleConf?07:39
superflynuvolari: have you looked at coursera?07:39
superflynuvolari: https://www.coursera.org/07:39
morgssuperfly: It was very interesting, rare to see the hardware and software all developed together07:39
superflymorgs: any constructive criticism (apart from: don't be so nervous!)07:40
morgssuperfly: oh, the talk was great. We have some mutual interests in the purchasing of airtime across multiple countries - I have Dale's contact details, I'll get in touch07:41
superflymorgs: cool, thanks for the feedback07:41
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 07:44
nuvolarithanks superfly, I'll have a look, I don't know training sites well, so I'll have a look07:45
nuvolariI found teamtreehouse.com which seems more focussed than lynda.com07:47
nuvolarisuperfly: coursera looks too much like 'formal' training. I don't know the exact requirements, but some of us were asked to comment on lynda.com from a dev's POV07:48
superflynuvolari: coursera is content from various universities from around the world that you can do for free07:50
superflynuvolari: you didn't tell me WYATTD07:50
superflyMaaz: WAYTTD07:50
Maazsuperfly: WAYTTD is What Are You Trying To Do?07:50
Symmetriahaha I was printing invoices and my mother was at my place, she picks up one of the invoices, looks at it and goes "errr, you got a typo on this" Im like, where, she's like, there is an extra zero at the end of the price, Im like, no mom, thats a real invoice07:54
Symmetria;p so I got a lecture on the fact that from now on Im paying her cell phone, her car and everything else07:54
SymmetriaI think if the invoice had been in rands she wouldnt have blinked07:55
trender  __07:58
magespawnSymmetria: in regards to that netgear switch, i think they use affordable in a non south african sense08:09
Symmetriamagespawn, a thousand dollars for an 8 port 10gig switch is not bad08:23
Symmetriathats 8 grand08:23
Symmetriaooops 9 grand08:23
magespawnnot questioning the value, just saying most small businesses i know would not want to spend that much on IT equipment08:24
Kilostumbleweed: are they doing final fixing of 13.04 on #ubuntu-release08:36
tumbleweedKilos: actually, haven't been very involved in this one08:58
tumbleweedbeen busy, recently (and sick, this week)08:58
Kilosaw sorry to hear that08:59
Kilosget well soon09:00
Symmetriaheh sweet, Aruba coming to install my wifi gear at home09:16
Symmetriacant wait till I have DECENT wifi09:16
SquirmS3 coming this afternoon09:32
Kilosif they dont get lost Squirm 09:55
Squirmthe "agent" sounded like he was capable of doing such a thing09:58
nuvolarisorry superfly 10:34
TinuvaKilos, 13.04 is already spreading out to mirrors10:36
Tinuvafor example I just pulled it on to ftp.wa.co.za10:36
Tinuvaso you can just go visit http://za.releases.ubuntu.com/raring/10:36
Kiloswill get it tonight with night surfer data ty Tinuva 10:36
Kilosarent those guys on #ubuntu-release still busy with it?10:37
Tinuvadont know10:38
Tinuvai just pulled it from the official rsync mirror10:38
Kiloshi not_found 10:39
Kilosyou been a stranger hey10:39
Kilosinetpro: you havent changed the date of next meeting yet10:40
TinuvaKilos, i think they give the mirrors time to update before the officially announce it10:40
Kilosah that could be it ty Tinuva 10:40
Tinuvamost mirrors that update from the official ubuntu repo will be set to update about every 4 hours10:40
Kiloswill try stay awake tonight10:40
Tinuvaand i think the iso was only released 10:38am SA time10:41
tonberryE352so this will be a rolling release?10:41
tonberryE352or were they all talk again?10:41
Tinuvaits not rolling yet10:41
tonberryE352well 12.04 is still working fine for me10:42
Kilosi dont savvy what they mean by rolling release10:42
Kilosyeah my 12.04 kde rocks10:42
Kilosthe unity only had 3g connection probs10:43
Tinuvahmm guys in ubuntu-release talking quite a bit atm, so i guess there will already be some updates10:43
Kilosyeah they been going all morning10:44
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Kilosty inetpro 11:02
Kiloshmm... no hype here yet for the new release11:04
not_foundthe interim releases have now lost there shine... not so important to Ubuntu...11:05
not_foundno more real hype or anything11:05
tonberryE352"great more broken unity"11:05
tonberryE352needs a ,11:06
Kilosif 12.04 unity had have connected without probs here i woulda stayed on 12.04 completely11:11
Kilosbut now will try new unity11:11
Kilosand stay with 12.04 kde11:11
Kilosai! the time thing again. How does UCT compare to GMT11:16
HawkiesZAFor most purposes they're the same11:17
Kilosah ty so they also 2 hours behind us11:17
superflyKilos: UCT is an absolute time whereas GMT is a timezone11:18
Kilosim lost11:19
Kilossurely it must centre somewhere or how do we know when it relates to our time11:20
superflyKilos: a timezone is the time dependent on absolute time11:20
superflyKilos: UTC is this "centre" you talk about11:21
Kilosso what is our time compared to 11:00 UTC11:21
superfly13:00 SAST11:21
Kilosoh thats now11:22
Kilosty superfly 11:22
Kiloshi HawkiesZA11:22
HawkiesZA_Hello again11:22
HawkiesZA_That was weird11:22
HawkiesZA_Someone kick my old self :P11:22
Kilosyou just joined it says here11:23
Kilosthere is a ghost command11:23
HawkiesZA_Thanks morgs :P11:23
morgsbut yes if you have a registered account with nickserv, you can use ghost to kick the old one11:24
HawkiesZA_My irc-fu is lacking11:25
Kilosjust do /nick HawkiesZA11:27
HawkiesZA_Yeah...Just waiting a little for it11:27
Kilosor /msg nickserv identify "password"11:27
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inetproso there's a chance that the release will be announced at 15:04 SAST?11:33
inetprothat would be 13:04 UTC11:33
HawkiesZAmeh. I'll need to update from 12.04 at home11:34
HawkiesZANot sure if I want to go through all that trouble11:34
Kiloshaha g+ just invited ubuntu-za to attend our own meeting11:41
Kilosinetpro: speel jy lekker11:41
inetproKilos: uh, speel?11:42
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 11:49
Trixar_zaHey Kilos11:49
Kiloslooks like 13.04 is released12:13
Tinuvathere seems to be a problem with 13.04 arm kde iso12:26
* nuvolari checks12:45
Tinuvaisnt xubuntu on seperate mirrors?12:57
inetproTinuva: why?12:58
Tinuvadont see it on the official ubuntu mirrors12:59
inetproPlease note that it will take some time before all the mirrors will be updated with the new images. We will be updating this page as the mirrors have the new images up. http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/12:59
Symmetriayay! I finally went and got me a notebook13:39
charlgood afternoon14:21
Kiloshi charl 14:23
charlhow's it going14:23
Kilosok ty and you?14:24
charlgood good14:25
charljust installed the stable of 13.0414:26
charlin a vm for now, i will install it on my laptop in a week or two14:26
charlbut so far it's looking goood14:26
Kiloshow good?14:27
Kiloswhats improved over 12.0414:27
charlthat would be hard to say :)14:27
charlover 12.04 - well i'm using 12.10 right now14:27
Kilosand is it better than 12.1014:27
Kilosi didnt enjoy everything fading in 12.1014:28
Kiloslike to snap to next window not fade in and out14:28
charlis that in unity?14:29
charli have never really used unity much, i'm glad to see canonical is experimenting but it is not my kind of thing14:29
Kilosi tried 12.10 but found 12.04 quicker14:29
Kiloswhat are you using then?14:29
charli am still sticking to kde for the moment - 12.10 has kde 4.9.5 and 13.04 has kde 4.10.214:30
Kilosah and whats better?14:30
Kilosim on kde here14:30
Symmetriahrm, are there any non-apple notebooks that have retina displays on them?14:30
Symmetria(or equiv. of a retina display)14:31
charlfor me it's mainly that and a bunch of updated software14:31
charlno radical improvements14:31
magespawnlater all14:31
Kilosgo safe magespawn 14:31
charllater magespawn !14:31
Symmetriamy parents want a notebook and with them having worked on my macbooks they want a similar screen but I dont know if anything like that exists in non-apple world14:31
Symmetrialater magespawn14:31
charlsome of the latest tablets i believe have very good displays14:32
charli don't know about pcs/laptops though14:33
charlwow unity is terribly slow inside vmware14:35
charlkde is snappy14:35
charlnot hitting on unity btw, just an observation14:35
Symmetriathe macbook pro I got has like, a 2500 x something display or something crazy14:37
Symmetriaits pretty awesome14:37
charlwhy on the earth did they put an amazon link in the sidebar14:37
charlsurely you don't start putting all your web links in a sidebar like on a tablet or phone14:38
ThatGraemeGuyi was reading a similar article earlier focused on tablets14:38
charli'm impressed that the google chrome book is also there14:39
charlbut the price is high14:40
SquirmS3 has arrived :)14:44
SymmetriaS3 is a good phone, its what Im using at the moment14:45
nlsthzn<3 my s3,... just installed the aokp rom on i14:45
Symmetriamy only whine about it is the battery life14:45
SquirmSymmetria: how long does it last you?14:45
Symmetriaheh, I now carry a portable battery charger and 3 spare batteries with me 14:45
Symmetriasquirm a day on a very quiet day14:46
nlsthznsmart phones != battery life14:46
Symmetriabusy day? 6 hours 14:46
Symmetriaif that 14:46
Symmetriabut keep in mind, Im not using it for a few calls a day, Im on the phone for hours at a time14:46
Squirm87Mb update :/14:46
Symmetriaprobably using the phone for voice calls for 3 to 4 hours a day minimum14:46
Squirmit's running 4.0414:46
Squirmthat's good for me then14:47
ThatGraemeGuy87mb is probably a prep-for-jellybean update14:47
Symmetriaheh, tricks to save your battery life, unless you're actively using it, turn off 3G 14:47
ThatGraemeGuythe full jellybean update for my one x was around 300MB iirc14:47
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: does it wipe your phone?14:47
SymmetriaI have full wifi at home so unless Im actually gonna be outta the house for a while, I turn off the 3G in the settings 14:47
Symmetriasquirm nah, didnt wipe mine when I upgraded it14:47
ThatGraemeGuygenerally, no the OTA's preserve your stuff14:47
SquirmSymmetria: I can get HSDPA here14:48
Squirmbut I live on campus14:48
Squirmand on campus we have wifi pretty much everywhere14:48
Symmetriayeah you're gonna get far bettery battery just using the wifi14:48
Symmetriaand turning the 3G down to edge connectivity14:49
Symmetriaturning off bluetooth also helps a lot if you aint using it (my phone always has it enabled because I use it pretty constantly getting in and out of the car)14:49
ThatGraemeGuyi have a one x now, upgrading in just under a year. was messing around with my sister-in-law's s2 the other day, and its pretty snappy, i'd say pretty much on par with my one x. so i'm probably going to upgrade to one of this year's flagships14:49
ThatGraemeGuyunless there's a new model next year with 128GB of storage and/or wireless charging14:50
ThatGraemeGuybut i don't think even that would be enough incentive14:50
charlciao all!14:56
Squirminfinitely quicker than my Huawei Ideos X514:58
nuvolariVince-0: tonight is going to be a close call :-/ I can't promise that I'll make it15:17
ThatGraemeGuy13.10, saucy salamander15:21
Vince-0Hey! nuvolari, that's ok - its going to be a news blitz anyways15:22
ThatGraemeGuynext up, 14.04 tantric turtle15:22
Kiloshi Mezenir 15:38
Mezenirhi kilos15:52
Kilosai! im doff16:07
Kiloscan never find where to download ubuntu iso's in south africa16:07
KilosMaaz: get ubuntu16:13
MaazKilos: 301 Moved Permanently to http://www.ubuntu.com/, which gets a 206 Partial Content "Home | Ubuntu"16:13
Kilosin za twit bot16:14
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superflyohi Mezenir, long time no see16:48
nlsthznsaucy salamander...16:59
Cantideyeah :)16:59
Cantidei like it16:59
Cantidei wonder what 14.04 will be16:59
* Cantide waits 6 months to find out17:00
Cantidehey Squirm :)17:17
Kilosyou happy Squirm ?17:27
Kilosat last17:27
Kiloshe is too wrapped up in his new fone17:28
Cantidehi Kilos :)17:28
CantideSquirm, what phone did you get?17:28
Kiloshi Cantide 17:29
Cantideoh, nice :)17:29
Cantidei want one ._.17:29
Cantidebut i will wait until I am in Asia17:29
Cantidei have a useless cheapo Android phone17:29
Cantideit gets the job done, but not nicely :p17:29
Kiloswhat job17:31
Kilossms fone and mms17:31
Kiloswhat more you want17:31
Cantideemail, irc, ssh, whatsapp, kakao and gtalk mostly17:31
Kilosmine just checks data and converts airtime to more data17:32
Cantidemy friend showed me his airtime and data today - R 0 airtime and 0 MB data17:33
Cantidethen he sent me a message on whatsapp o_O17:33
Cantideamazing o.o;;17:33
Kilosyeah doesnt it use anything17:33
Cantideit should use a minuscule amount of data17:35
SquirmCantide: what phone?17:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight.18:03
CantideSquirm, Kilos said you got a new phone18:12
Cantideso i asked which one18:12
Cantideand he said S318:12
Cantidethen 5 minutes later you also said S3 :p18:12
* superfly has an S318:19
* Cantide has a terrible Vodafone 845 which is actually a rebranded Huawei18:23
Squirm.:Cantide:. i have a useless cheapo Android phone18:32
Cantidegood night!19:00
Vince-0so here's my notes for Hangout in progress: 19:31
Vince-0almost done, talkin Bittorrent Labs Sync19:32
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