javierhello. I have an nvidia geforce gt640 and running 12.10 fresh install. can someone help me install the 310.44 nvidia driver00:01
tyrogddssc: What have you done?00:02
ddsscjavier, good luck with that. do you happen to also run an optimus system?00:02
ddssctyrog, what the other guy told me. added his repo. updated. upgraded. installed nvidia-319 . fubar'd00:02
tyrogI told you not to upgrade from xorg edgers00:02
javierno. why do you say good luck?00:02
tyrogYou did it, you risked your system. Now ppa purge, or reinstall ubuntu00:03
ddssctyrog, how do I ppa purge?00:03
tyrogBoot ubuntu into a terminal with network00:03
ddssctyrog, aye. got terminal.00:04
ddsscfor now00:04
ddsscit tends to throw random whatevertheheck errors tho00:04
javierin the reading that I have done, which was sporadic at best, I read that I can update the headers and the kernel and all should be right with the world. of course I have read a lot of stuff that wasn't accurate as well00:04
tyrogddssc: now 'sudo apt-get install ppa-purge'00:05
javiershould I just add the xswat repos and just grab the nvidia current instead?00:05
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ddssctyrog, got it00:05
jmiteHas anybody been able to get AMD Catalyst (fglrx) drivers working on an AMD/Intel Hybrid laptop in 13.04?00:05
ddsscnow what?00:05
tyrog'sudo ppa-purge ppa:xorg-edgers'00:06
javieris this a good enough way to go http://techhamlet.com/2013/04/install-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10/00:08
GeneralMayhemWhere can I find the default color scheme for gnome-terminal?00:08
tyrogjavier: Install Ubuntu 13.04, it is being released today00:10
javierI used wubi since I am not all that familiar with installing and setup from an iso. so how do I upgrade to 13.04 from 12.1000:11
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tyrogThen go to the "Additional Drivers" tab in the Software Sources software, install nvidia-310-updates driver, reboot, done!00:12
ddssctyrog, ok thanks. unity seems to have unfucked itself now :)00:12
ddsscpardon the french00:12
tyrogddssc: lol00:12
tyrogYou really need the 319 driver?00:12
ddssctyrog, if you have any way to make my hdmi work, I'm listening00:13
javiertyrog thanks. worth a shot00:13
ddsscoptimus machine, geforce 525m and intel combined00:13
tyrogddssc: what graphics driver is currently installed?00:14
ddssctyrog, Driver Unknown Experience Standard00:15
tyrogddssc: after purging, you restarted right?00:16
ntzrmtthihu777all of a sudden audio does not work on my machine. pavucontroll does not see the card but lspci does; any tips?00:16
ddssctyrog, yep00:16
tyrogddssc: re-add xorg-edgers00:16
bkovacsUbuntu 13.04 release channel which one?00:17
tyrogbkovacs: #ubuntu-release-party00:17
tyrogddssc: then install by yourself the nvidia-graphics-driver that matches 319.12 version00:18
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ddssctyrog, I do that through apt-get ?00:18
RyanTGI take it 13.04 is still rolling out to the mirrors.  I haven't found one with anything but beta-2 yet.00:19
ddssctyrog, because if I do apt-get install without upgraded repo I get "package not found" error00:19
ntzrmtthihu777My card is 00:14.2 Audio device [0403]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) [1002:4383] (rev 40)00:19
tyrogddssc: yes. 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-319' . see if this works00:20
ddssctyrog, ok00:20
tyrogRyanTG: Currently the ISOs are being tested00:21
ddssctyrog, unable to locate package nvidia-graphics-drivers-31900:22
ddssctyrog, I do see nvidia-319 and nvidia-319 dev and nvidia-settings-319 . I installed nvidia-319 before00:22
_zoom_1how to create virtual interface using NetworkManager00:23
tyrogddssc: sudo apt-get install nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-31900:23
xexuAnyone here knows how monitorize IP addresses in a public chat, using Tor? I need help with that program00:25
xexuI have everything configured, but in the logbox doesn't appear anything00:25
blob4000is there a channel for questions about / problems with 13.04?00:27
ddsscxexu, Tor is not a "program for monitorizing IP adresses"00:27
wilee-nileeblob4000, #ubuntu+1 till tomorrow00:28
xexuis it not?? Oh sorry...00:28
xexuI work in a public chat, so I need monitorizing the activity of "bad" users00:28
OerHeksxexu that should be done server side00:29
tyrogddssc: installed?00:29
ddssctyrog, now my unity is fubar'd as per before. no left side/top menu. I can only use right mouse menu. also still Driver Unknown Experience Standard.00:29
tyrogddssc: after installing the driver, reboot00:30
ddssctyrog, yes this is after reboot00:30
xexummm so is there any program that can do that??00:30
tyrogddssc: Disable xorg-edgers (DONT purge it)00:30
ddsscxexu, there are irc scripts that can ban users when using blacklisted words. google it00:30
ddssctyrog, didn't do anything other than install nvidia-319 and reboot00:31
ddsscalso nvidia-settings-31900:32
tyrognow disable the xorg edgers ppa without purging it00:32
tyrogand add this one: ppa:canonical-x/x-staging00:32
javierhow do i upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 or do I have to wait until tomorrow00:32
dr_willis!upgrade | javier00:32
ubottujavier: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:32
xexuddssc, I'm reffering to a chat on the internet, like a webpage, there are a lot of users, and most of them have 2 or 3 accounts, so I want to ban them with their IP, cause they have different nicks00:32
tyrogjavier: Better wait as upgrades are being tested right now00:33
ddsscxexu, well that depends on your chat software, doesn't it?00:33
tyrogddssc: sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:someppa/ppa to remove xorg-edgers00:34
ddssctyrog, sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa  ?00:35
xexuddsc, I don't know if you use facebook, and their apps, so facebook has a few games, with a chat also, it works with flash, and the IP, that I can monitorize with tcpdump are dynamic IP (I guess), so I want to know if there are any method to monitorized the static IP, for banning the bad users.00:37
ddssctyrog, added ppa:canonical-x/x-stagin00:37
tyrognow 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' then reboot00:38
ddsscxexu, tyrog, sigh... here goes00:39
junkNownIf I install proprietary drivers without the use of package management, is that going to cause probems when I update ubuntu?00:39
Rolenunlol, got sound working and nearly jumped out of the room :D00:39
ddsscxexu, sry no idea about that. unless you're running the app on your system I don't think you can monitor other users bro :)00:39
javierhi again. I have 310.14 installed. How do I correct the overscan issue I am having?00:40
xexuok, thanks for your help ;)00:40
Rolenunnote to self....changing the audio output to the correct output while system is at 300% volume is not a good thing ....00:40
xexuI have monitorized their Ip with wireshark filtering the domain00:40
xexubut i'll try00:40
GinTonicoolhi ,guys; in linux system ,is there a sofeware which  can works like IDM00:40
ddsscxexu, try #wireshark00:41
junkNownIf I install proprietary graphics drivers without package management, could there be problems when ubuntu updates packages?00:41
tyrogjunkNown: nvidia or ati?00:43
junkNowntyrog: ati00:43
tyrogjunkNown: No problem. Follow the tutorial to manually install the drivers that is in the ubuntu community documentation00:43
tyrogby the way, why do you want to install the drivers manually?00:44
junkNowntyrog: I can manually install them and they work fine, but when installed with apt, unity breaks and won't load.00:44
junkNowntyrog: but even if I get them working manually, when I install ubuntu updates.... it breaks it completely00:45
tyrogjunkNown: what is the gfx card? ubuntu version? and driver versions you are installing?00:45
xexujoin /wireshark00:45
junkNowntyrog: by breaks it completely, i mean i get a blank purple screen right after grub that doesn't go away. The gfx card is raedon hd 6950, ubuntu 12.10. I install the latest, 13.4 catalyst driver.00:46
junkNowntyrog: another thing worth mentioning, my cpu has integrated graphics. I'm concerned that could be part of the problem.00:47
GinTonicoolhi ,guys; in linux system ,is there a sofeware which  can works like IDM ,thank you00:47
GeekDubeAnyone want to help me diagnose a random crash event? I was playing minecraft, and then BAM, it went to a terminal-esque screen (light gray on black), and said some things. I checked the system for log files, and found the relevant log: http://pastebin.com/daMRet8A00:48
javierso it does not appear that I have an overscan slider in the nvidia 310.14 driver from the software sources installed driver00:48
tyrogjunkNown: Did you follow the instructions from the documentation?00:48
tyrogubuntu community documentation, i mean00:49
xexugintonicool, have you tried jdownloader??00:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:49
GinTonicooljdownloader ?i've heard it00:49
GinTonicoolXEXU,does jdownloader work well ?00:50
tyrogjunkNown: start reading from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Manually_installing_Catalyst_12.6.2C_special_case_for_Intel.2BAC8-AMD_hybrid_graphics00:50
ddssctyrog, updated. upgraded. still same empty deskto unknown driver. :/00:51
GinTonicooljdownloader works in wine ?00:51
xexuI've never tried IDM, but jdownloader i think it's similar00:51
tyrogddssc: sorry, cant help you further, as I don't have an optimus card :P00:51
xexuYou can install jdownloader without wine00:52
ddssctyrog, when running update I got many 404 errors. for canonical-x/x-whatever in particular00:52
junkNowntyrog: that is the method I have used. Like I said, it works fine until I download any ubuntu software updates00:52
xexuIt has support in ubuntu00:52
GinTonicoolxexu, can jdownloader use proxy?00:52
javierany ideas?00:52
tyrogjunkNown: Yep, each time a new update to the kernel arrives, it should break00:52
tyrogbecause it doesnt create a KMS00:52
n-iCeany idea in how to share my internet with wifi direct?00:53
xexuyes GinTonicool00:54
junkNowntyrog: So is there any easy solution other than avoid updating the kernel? If I uninstall manually, update, then reinstall.... will that work?00:54
tyrogjunkNown: Try the method right above from that00:54
tyrogbasically these are the steps00:54
tyrogsudo apt-get install dh-make dh-modaliases execstack00:55
tyrogsudo sh amd-driver-installer-13-4-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/quantal00:55
johnjohn1011so i want to clone my hard drive.  is it best to do it off a live cd?00:55
tyrogthen it should give you an error. If it does, do 'sudo apt-get -f install'00:56
javiertyrog do you know how I can fix the overscan? I do not have the slider in the nvidia settings00:56
GinTonicoolxexu ,thank you ,i'll try00:56
tyrogjavier: No :P , I don't have nvidia card, sorry00:56
xexuok your welcome ;)00:56
javierok, thanks00:56
junkNowntyrog: alright i'll give this a shot! thanks00:57
javierdo you happen to know why i get a hang when i use nvidia-settings --assing CurrentMetaMode = "DFP-1: 1920x1080 {ViewPortOut=1850x1055+25+40}"00:58
Ben64javier: it should be a setting on the tv00:58
ddssctyrog, now I can't even do purge-ppa. woopty doo00:58
javierthere is not a setting on the tv00:58
Ben64javier: there is if you have a good tv00:59
javieri have a samsung and the options are just scan or 16:900:59
tyrogddssc: whats the problem with ppa-purge? what are you purging?00:59
javierthere isn't an overscan option or a picture resize00:59
javierwhen I was running ubuntu before there was a slider in the nvidia settings manager to adjust the overscan, and there isn't one now01:00
Ben64it's not labeled that, but there is a setting01:00
Ben64i have a samsung tv01:00
ddssctyrog, xorg-edgers obviously. but now the other thing you told me to add and upgrade to is throwing errors.01:02
ddssctyrog, canonical-x/x-staging 404 no found etc01:02
SkinnyVAnybody familiar with vsftp? I'm trying to figure out how to edit it so I can access the WWW folder and upload file there through my FTP client01:03
tyrogddssc: that wasn't supposed to happen. Its a normal ppa, just like any other :P01:03
javierwell i just went thru all the options and the only one that refers to picture size are as I listed. I know it is an overscan issue because in 4:3 the sides and tops are still cut off01:03
tyrogAnd concerning xorg edgers, you cant purge it, because you disabled it. Re-enable it and purge01:03
ddssctyrog, well... it's happening. Warning apt-get update failed for some reason. FOR. SOME. REASON. :))01:03
Ben64javier: yep, which is why you have to tell the tv to not cut off the edges01:03
javierok. I have a samsung 56 inch01:04
javierand not sure how to do that01:04
ddsscfuck it. I'll just use windows... been mucking about 4 days with this thing with no luck. now I'll most likely have to install ubuntu again just so I can try that tutorial thing I should've done in the first place...01:04
Ben64javier: what model01:04
tyrogddssc: You are giving up too soon01:05
ddssctyrog, ye well 4 days trying to get my graph card to work are a lot in my world :F01:05
sybiani need help with darmok01:05
fyksenI have just installed Ubuntu 13.04. Should I ask my question here, or in ubuntu+1?01:05
javierits a samsung lcd01:05
tyrogddssc: The drivers are in beta. There are people with issues on the web, some of them solved. Just do as they did01:06
Ben64ddssc: what card01:06
ddsscgeforce525M , optimus01:06
Ben64well that explains why you want the newest drivers01:06
fyksenI have just installed 13.04. Everything is set up, but I can't change the mouse sensitivity under mouse settings. Just the Left/right and the toubbleclick01:07
tyrogfyksen: +1 , ubuntu 13.04 is not officially released yet01:07
ddsscactually I just want my hdmi to work. don't care about nvidia or 3d or games or anything..01:07
fyksentyrog, ty01:07
junkNowntyrog: This method didn't work either, log in screen comes up, then log in and I get no unity. :(01:07
tyrogjunkNown: do you have the package 'linux-headers-generic' installed?01:07
tyrogi forgot about that one :P01:08
junkNowntyrog: yeah :(01:08
Ben64junkNown: whats the output of uname -a01:08
tyrogjunkNown: did sudo aticonfig --initial ?01:08
junkNowntyrog: yes i did01:09
GinTonicoolxexu ,are you still here ?01:09
junkNownBen64: Linux jarvis 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:31:23 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:09
tyrogjunkNown: do 'sudo amdconfig --adapter=all --initial -f' instead01:09
tyrogwhats the output?01:09
javierso is this cutoff because of the hdmi or can it be resolved using a dvi?01:10
GinTonicoolcan jdownloader work in debian,and which edition can work in debian 2.6.32?01:10
junkNowntyrog: Uninitialised file found, configuring.01:10
junkNownUsing /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:10
junkNownSaving back-up to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.fglrx-201:10
tyrogbefore reboot01:10
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Ben64javier: hdmi is dvi, but if you have dvi on the tv, it probably won't cut that off01:11
Ben64javier: but i'm telling you, there is a setting in the tv somewhere to disable overscan01:11
javierjust looked. I don;t have one01:11
javierman i wish there was. i have been thru every setting and there isnt one01:12
phantomcircuiti think the wiki is broken01:12
phantomcircuitMacBookPro (last edited 2008-08-06 17:00:24 by localhost)01:12
tyrogjunkNown: whats the output of 'glxinfo |grep OpenGL' ?01:12
phantomcircuitthat makes no sense01:12
Ben64javier: you must have missed something01:12
FloodBot1phantomcircuit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:12
javierso i need to do it at the pc as I have done when i was using my built in ati01:12
MavrikBen64, um, ATi devices have overscan issues even on Windows, and have to be fixed by settings in drivers01:12
Mavriknothing to do with TVs01:12
Mavrik(most TVs don't have overscan settings for HDMI anyway)01:12
ddsscit just dawned on me. it's 2013 and linux is still not desktop ready. :(01:12
Ben64ddssc: untrue01:13
ddsscBen64, it's pretty true for me01:13
Ben64Mavrik: actually, almost every tv by default cuts off 5% on every side01:13
junkNowntyrog: X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)01:13
Ben64ddssc: it's because the dual gpu thing was tacked on and is different on many manufacturers01:13
MavrikBen64, mhm, but ATi devices have some additional overscan enabled by default01:13
Mavrikno idea why01:13
tyrogjunkNown: now that you have done that command, reboot again01:13
Mavrika common problem :\01:13
tyrogthen come here tell the result01:14
ddsscBen64, yes, that and : http://linuxfonts.narod.ru/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html01:14
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt01:14
tyrogddssc: stop bitching plz :P . Your problem is nvidia's fault, not linus' or canonical01:15
tyrogddssc: why don't you ask on the nvidia channel?01:16
ddssctyrog, I beg to differ. there's just too many people 'bitching' at linux as a desktop machine. I've been using it as server tho and have no complaints of course01:16
ddsscdesktop system that is01:16
tyrogddssc: What statistics support that 'too many' argument?01:16
ddssctyrog, oh I don't know, irl I've met at least 5 people who tried linux as desktop and failed miserably. and I don't even hang around linux-y people :)01:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:17
tyrogBy the way, if you feel Linux is not ready for desktop, why are you testing it for desktop?01:17
ddsscwill do np01:17
ddssctyrog, was thinking of using it as my main os.01:18
tyrogddssc: Many people here are using Ubuntu as their ONLY desktop os01:18
junkNowntyrog: still looks the same. no unity.01:18
tyrogSo their opinion must count, doesn't it?01:18
Mavriktake it somewhere else01:18
ssfjhhhow to update paperwhite to 5.3.5?01:20
tyrogjunkNown: The solution proposed in the Hybrid AMD/Intel section of the tutorial is probably your best bet then :P01:21
tyrogjunkNown: What driver were you using before 13.4 came out today?01:21
sam113101is 13.04 out already?01:22
tyrogto make clear: AMD 13.4 driver xD01:22
junkNowntyrog: I don't remember01:23
tyrogjunkNown: was it proprietary, or opensource one?01:23
junkNowntyrog: proprietary for sure01:23
tyrogfrom repository, or AMD website?01:24
johnjohn1011if i have an ext4 partition, will it be possible to expand it?01:24
tyrogjohnjohn1011: providing you have space for doing that, yes01:24
johnjohn1011i am trying to move my ubuntu system to another hard drive. wife got me a 2 tb drive01:25
johnjohn1011i have no clue what to do. i don't want to reinstall01:25
junkNowntyrog: From AMD website, I had installed it manually without creating the deb package files. It worked fine until I updated ubuntu this morning.01:25
Ben64johnjohn1011: gparted can copy a partition from one drive to another01:25
johnjohn1011so do the copy and then resize after that?01:26
Ben64johnjohn1011: yeah, then you'd need to reinstall grub, and either take out the old drive or change UUIDs01:26
tyrogjunkNown: Yep. You have to do the same for 13.4, unfortunately.01:26
johnjohn1011old drive is six years old.01:27
SpaceghostHello, I am having a problem with a package of firefox, can someone help me if I put the pastebin with the errors?01:27
SpaceghostHere there is.01:27
johnjohn1011would it be better to use somthing like clonezilla?01:27
junkNowntyrog: So then, should I always uninstall the amd drivers manually before I do any kernel updates and then reinstall? Would that be a workaround?01:27
Ben64johnjohn1011: nah01:28
Ben64junkNown: you'd have to install amd after kernel01:28
Ben64junkNown: or... get the drivers from apt-get so they update automagically01:29
johnjohn1011ben64: ok.  i guess i'll download gparted01:29
Ben64johnjohn1011: but if it's your boot partition, you need to do that from a livecd01:29
junkNownBen64: :( this is what i just went through with tyrog... apt-get doesn't work... manually creating deb packages doesn't work... nothing works except installing manually01:30
johnjohn1011Ben64: i figured i would use a live cd01:30
Ben64junkNown: why doesn't apt-get work?01:30
johnjohn1011i saw some stuff about using dd01:30
tyrogjunkNown: weird, considering there are some success cases with that approach :P01:30
SpaceghostSomeone can help me?01:31
junkNownBen64: I have absolutely no idea why... I use apt-get, it installs, I reboot and get login screen. login... and unity is not in existence... i'm in like low graphics mode or something.01:31
karldotmWhat do you need help with Spaceghost?01:31
SpaceghostThere is a package broken or something that doesn't let me install anything else.01:32
machstemhey guys01:32
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
machstemwas hoping someone could help me01:32
karldotmWow that's quite a bit unhappy install there01:33
machstemcan i copy/paste my problem from #lubuntu ?01:33
machstemwithout causing a spam?01:33
Spaceghostkarldotm: why? I tried deleting it, downloading again and always there is the same problem and error.01:33
karldotmWell, I mean the unmet dependencies, the perl errors, the locale problems01:33
machstemquestion regarding two CIFS shares not mounting through fstab on bootup on lubuntu-core01:33
karldotmAnd you tried the apt-get -f install ?01:34
karldotmyou are doing this as root I assume .. ?01:34
SpaceghostYes that it was it shows.01:34
karldotmor via sudo?01:34
junkNowntyrog, ben64: IS there a way I can completely disable the intel integrated gpu to see if that helps?01:34
machstemjunknown: does your motherboard support turning it off?01:35
SpaceghostI tried it there in the pastebin.01:35
tyrogjunkNown: trying to see some if there is some workaround available01:35
junkNownmachstem: I looked into that, the options are auto, always enabled, and enable only if nothing is in PEG slot.01:35
machstemevery1 busy helping others?  lemme know when someone can help me plz, been bugging me for two days now (googling)01:36
machstemjunknown:  Dell ?01:36
karldotmI'm old school :)01:36
SpaceghostVia sudo karldotm.01:36
SpaceghostSorry, I just saw that you asked me.01:36
karldotmI doubt it will matter SG but try su'ing first01:36
junkNownmachstem: no, it's a computer I built01:37
machstemkarldotm/spaceghost:  you're both active and seem helpful, my problem should be easy to fix if you can help plz01:37
machstemthere might be a dip on the board that would allow you01:37
tyrogjunkNown: what is your ati gfx card model?01:37
machstemwhat kind of motherbord ?01:37
junkNowntyrog: amd radeon HD 695001:38
tyrogmachstem: weird considering that the driver works fine via the mannual approach, so the problem shouldn't be motherboard/bios based01:38
junkNownmachstem: Gigabyte z68AP-D301:38
machstempm your original problem, been dealing with lots of weird misex gpu lately01:38
junkNownmachstem: i'm looking at manual right now01:38
machstemtyrog:  sry, was answering him based on wanting to disable the card; i have no history (1st time on IRC on this box)01:39
machstem*no history of his problem01:39
machstempm me the issues junknown01:39
ant_mani'm trying to strip down my 12.04 installation, mainly DE and DE related packages.  Anyone know a good how-to, or a can point me in the right direction?  (basically stripping it down to LXDE and a few graphical applications)01:39
machstemant_man, i just built my lubuntu using a mini.iso minimal install01:40
machstemthen just installed lubuntu-core and opted out of alot of it01:40
tyrogjunkNown: what about the drivers from the repositories? do they work?01:40
machstemtyrog:  doesn't display on both adapters?01:40
karldotmBack. Sorry. I hate windows adware01:42
tyrogmachstem: As far as i know Xorg is booting corrupted, not using the driver at all01:42
karldotmso mach.. what's up?01:42
machstemhey karl01:42
machstemsec, ill copy/paste my issue if yu can help01:42
ant_manmachstem: will I be able to easily remote unity without any weirdness or conflict?  i guess that was my question from the start :)01:42
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:43
machstemyou want to install unity ?01:43
machstemhere is my problem:01:43
machstemtrying to figure out why my fstab wont mount my two NAS shares, both public/guest account (no credentials needed) using cifs01:43
Spaceghostkarldotm: it's weird, I can't login via su, the same password doesn't work by su way maybe because with sudo I am logging to space instead of root (?).01:43
Ben64!root | Spaceghost01:43
ubottuSpaceghost: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:43
machstem when i try to access them, tells me i dont have the permissions01:43
machstemi can sudo mount -a manually01:44
machstembut won't work at boot01:44
karldotmspaceghost sudo /bin/su -01:44
Ben64don't do what karldotm said01:44
machstemi installed lubuntu core01:44
machstemovertop of a mini.iso installation with minimal install01:44
SpaceghostYou are confusing me.01:44
Ben64Spaceghost: start at the beginning. what are you trying to do01:44
karldotmwell, I suppose some people aren't safe with a root prompt01:44
SpaceghostBen64: install a package.01:44
karldotmagain.. I'm old school01:44
SpaceghostI have this error01:45
Ben64karldotm: thats not even the right way to do it01:45
karldotmBen64: What is?01:45
machstemspaceghost:  what keyboard layout/regional setting do you have running?01:46
tyrogjunkNown: we could try an workaround01:46
Ben64karldotm: sudo -i01:46
Spaceghostmachstem: Spanish, why?01:46
SpaceghostIgnore the "LANG=EN" I put it because I wanted a English result to show it to you.01:46
machstemlooks like the "locale" part is asking for a specific configuration, according to your log01:46
machstemah k01:46
machstemim not 100% versed in linux01:47
machstembut i try and learn as i go01:47
Ben64its just a package problem.. looks like firefox was installed manually or something01:47
paul137i'm having difficulty accessing my Pc from my Laptop with openssh01:47
karldotmHmm.. interesting, looks good Ben6401:47
SpaceghostI used an automatic installer which came with Kubuntu.01:47
machstempaul137: does it ping ?01:48
SpaceghostBen64: how can I solve it?01:48
machstemuninstall firefox and retry ?01:48
paul137i dont know how to do this01:48
SpaceghostAnd what is supossed to do with the root password?01:48
machstemsudo apt-get autoremove firefox ?01:48
Ben64Spaceghost: you don't need root password for it01:48
machstemdont try it, if im wrong lol01:48
machstemjust throwing out suggestions01:48
Spaceghostmachstem: I deleted the cache and download it again but I had the same problem.01:49
SpaceghostIt's like that package is broken.01:49
Ben64might want to sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-firefox-installer01:49
Ben64but i'm not sure what you did to get it like that01:49
SpaceghostI am using 12.04 by the way.01:49
machstemwould sudo locate firefox show you which ?01:49
paul137my pc is saying openssh is running but grep says deamon is not01:50
machstemdoes anyone have any tips for my issue? lol01:50
machstemis the port available ?01:50
machstemas in01:50
machstemdoes it give you a port already used ?01:50
SpaceghostBen64: the same problem, it forces to me to do apt-get -f install before doing anything with packages.01:50
machstemwhat does the software center let you do ?01:51
machstemin the GUI ?01:51
machstemcan you find and see about removing it through there ?01:51
machstemi had an issue yesterday with removing an app through apt-get01:51
tyrogSpaceghost: if you are using 12.04, why is the output you pasted with references to quantal?01:51
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
machstembut it did its thing using the gui ubuntu software center01:52
machstemtyrog <--- ok, so i wasn't crazy01:52
Spaceghosttyrog: what is the problem?01:52
karldotmpaul37 I sent you some queries01:52
tyrogSpaceghost: 12.04 is 'precise', 12.10 is 'quantal'01:52
SpaceghostHow can I check what version I have?01:52
machstemdoes anyone have a tip for fstab ?01:53
machstemrly ansy about this stupid problem01:53
machstemi know it's something simple01:53
SpaceghostI am sure that I download the 12.04 because it was the LTS one.01:53
paul137i was able to ping my host computr01:53
wilee-nileemachstem, yeah the fstab wiki or man01:53
karldotmIt wil be in /etc/os-release01:53
karldotmSpaceghost: /etc/os-release01:53
tyrogSpaceghost: then there is a problem with your repositories, since they are refering to 'quantal-updates'01:53
paul137i've got both ufw's on ACCEPT both in and outgoing01:54
tyrogare you sure you didn't upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 (the 'quantal' release)?01:54
Ben64tyrog: oh i didnt even see that, good catch01:54
machstemwilee-nilee:  trust me, i've been at this for 2 days now lol01:54
machstemdid you read the issue?01:54
machstemit will load using sudo mount -a01:54
machstembut wont at boot01:55
machstemand i copy/pasted from a previous install of xubuntu that worked just fine01:55
SpaceghostThere is no /etc/os-release.01:55
machstemerror -22 i think i read, lemme check01:55
Ben64machstem: keep responses on one line... and explain in more detail01:55
karldotmSpaceghost: cat /etc/*release01:55
machstemben64: k sry01:55
Ben64Spaceghost: lsb_release -r01:55
tyrogBen64: look at this part: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb (--unpack):  trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package kubuntu-firefox-installer 12.04ubuntu101:55
tyrogit is messed01:55
tyrogthe versions01:56
karldotmActually - Ben64/Spaceghost lets make sure the /etc/lsb-release and lsb_release -r output agree01:56
SpaceghostI have 12.10 installed not sure why, maybe because I put upgrade or something.01:57
tyrogSpaceghost: you dont remember having done an upgrade from the update manager?01:58
KajoverHi. Is there a time when 13.04 is going to be released?01:59
tyrogKajover: no02:00
Spaceghosttyrog: I think that I upgraded yes.02:00
SpaceghostAny clue about how solve my problem?02:00
SpaceghostIf I download other Firefox .deb maybe?02:01
Ben64thats probably what got you into the problem02:01
tyrogSpaceghost: Lets see. 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get -y upgrade' . Do this in the terminal02:01
tyrogTell me if the first lines that follow the first command all relate to QUANTAL02:01
cheeto_anyone recomend a good ubuntu compatble "ultrabook"?02:01
cheeto_im looking for somethign around 13" thin and light02:02
Mavrikcheeto_, Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition fits the bill02:02
Mavrikcheeto_, ASUS Zenbook 13" models work well with Ubuntu as well02:02
cheeto_mavrik, yea but hte price is too high02:02
Belialcheeto_, anything with intel video and an atheros network card works well02:02
cheeto_mavrik i was thinking of buying the older dell xps 13 ultrabook off ebay02:03
Mavrikyou're not getting decent ultrabook for no money -_02:03
tyrogcheeto_: intel graphics and wireless work the better02:03
tyrogAtheros wireless is good too02:03
Spaceghosttyrog: yess, all refer to Quantal.02:03
tyrogBroadcom too.  Realtek is hit or miss, but usually works02:03
SpaceghostBut I had the same problem at the end with the Firefox package.02:04
=== jcoombs is now known as Kurlon
tyrogSpaceghost: what gives 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' ?02:04
tyrogjust the final lines02:04
spencer_Can I set ext4 to use the 4KB page size for SSD?02:05
SpaceghostYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies:  firefox-globalmenu : Depends: firefox (= 20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3) but it is not installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.02:05
SpaceghostI am trying with -f now tyrog.02:06
tyrogand with -f you get what you pasted before right?02:06
SpaceghostI was offered to download new packages.02:06
tyrogwhat you pasted in pastebin, i mean02:06
wilee-nileespencer_, Page size?02:07
SpaceghostOther thing.02:07
SpaceghostI will download it.02:07
spencer_wilee-nilee: I don't completely understand it but the page holds 4 blocks (erase blocks)02:07
MrHatterI just turned my screensaver off using : appearance-all settings-brightness and lock-turn lock off : what file did that edit ?02:08
MrHatterwhat is the easiest way to find out the config file for desktop items that get changed ?02:08
Spaceghosttyrog: I did and it finished with the same error.02:09
blob4000has anyone else lost the ability to open the About This Computer menu from the top right?02:09
blob4000in 13.04?02:09
tyrogSpaceghost: What about purging firefox? 'sudo apt-get purge firefox*'02:09
Ben64blob4000: #ubuntu+1 until release02:09
SpaceghostPackage 'firefox' is not installed, so not removed You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  firefox-globalmenu : Depends: firefox (= 20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3) but it is not going to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).02:10
Spaceghosttyrog: that^.02:10
tyrogSpaceghost: purge firefox*02:12
tyrogwith the *02:12
Spaceghost"E: Unable to locate package firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb' E: Unable to locate package firefox-globalmenu_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'firefox-globalmenu_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb' E: Unable to locate package firefox-locale-en_20.0+bu02:13
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
tyrogSpaceghost: sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-firefox-installer02:14
SpaceghostThe same problem:02:15
Spaceghost"You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  firefox-globalmenu : Depends: firefox (= 20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3) but it is not going to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution). "02:15
wilee-nilee!paste | Spaceghost02:16
ubottuSpaceghost: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:16
SpaceghostDid I paste multi-line? I reduced all lines in one.02:17
tyrogSpaceghost: sudo apt-get -f purge kubuntu-firefox-installer02:17
wilee-nileeSpaceghost, basically 1/3 of the hexchat page I'm looking at is paragraphs of the same exact info, use a pastebin please.02:18
Spaceghosttyrog: the same error.02:18
wilee-nileesorry 2/3rds02:18
=== coolstar is now known as usedRAM
tyrogSpaceghost: reboot and do as I said before doing anything else02:18
tyrogsudo apt-get purge kubuntu-firefox-installer02:19
Ben64i dont think any of that apt-get purge stuff will fix anything02:19
SpaceghostWhat about reboot?02:19
Ben64it'll still try to resolve dependencies first02:19
tyrogBen64: Im not sure :S02:20
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
kylin_where to download live cd02:22
tyrogBen64: I dont know a way to bypass unmet dependencies either02:23
kingsleyWhere are the "boot=" and "iso-scan/filename=" kernel boot options documented?02:24
asenkIf i try to remove tool called ifupdown, apt decides to pretty much remove everything02:25
KI7MTHello all, quick question. I have a 12.04 box with a wireless conn to my main router, and nic1 to a small 5ort hub with 4 test workstation. How do I route the WS to get an IP addy from my main router, not the 10.xx.xx.x from the wireless box?02:25
Ben64asenk: then... dont do that?02:25
asenkwhat if i want to remove it?02:26
Ben64but you dont02:26
junkNowntyrog/machstem/Ben64: For whatever reason, I installed linux-headers-3.5.0-17 and now fglrx installed from aptitude is working.02:27
SpaceghostBen64: so, you don't have any clue about how solve the problem?02:28
tyrogjunkNown: I told you about the headers previously, you said you had them installed02:28
Ben64junkNown: cool.. just make sure to get linux-headers-generic02:28
Ben64Spaceghost: its been a while since ive had that problem... it'd help if you knew what you did originally02:28
junkNowntyrog: Yes, you said linux-headers-generic. That didn't work. But for some reason linux-headers-3.5.0-17 worked, unless i'm mistaken somewhere.02:29
asenkBen64: thanks02:29
tyrogjunkNown: like Ben64 said, with headers-generic you don't have to worry about installing the headers for each new kernel released via updates02:30
usr13jonathaN: It's just linux-headers  You are correct02:30
l_rwhere is 13.0402:30
l_rit's 25th april02:30
tyrogl_r: #ubuntu-release-party02:30
usr13junkNown: It's just linux-headers  You are correct02:31
Ben64usr13: without the generic one it'll break every update02:31
l_rhas the party begun?02:31
Ben64join and find out?02:32
junkNownBen64: If I have both installed?02:32
Ben64junkNown: fine02:32
l_revery one is sleeping there02:32
tyrogjunkNown: Why are you booting from 3.5.0-17 when there is *-27 available?02:32
Ben64it's still probably 24hrs away02:32
junkNowntyrog: I was using *-27 but i read someone got the fglrx drivers working by installing -1702:33
junkNowntyrog: Well also I dont' really understand how the kernels work. What if you install multiple?02:33
Ben64junkNown: and thats why generic didnt work for you02:34
usr13Ben64: Are you sure about that?02:34
kylin_how to chat with bot??02:34
junkNowntyrog: errrr multiple header files02:34
tyrogjunkNown: you need the headers for the version you are booting in order to fglrx work correctly02:34
tyrogjunkNown: There is no problem with that02:34
Ben64usr13: 100%02:34
tyrogJust like there is no problem with having multiple kernels installed02:34
tyrogapt will probably tell you to remove some packages with autoremove next time you run it for something02:35
usr13Ben64: junkNown Ok. I stand corrected.02:35
tyrogjunkNown: what is the kernel you are running at the moment?02:36
junkNowntyrog: 3.5.0-27-generic02:37
junkNowntyrog: wtf!....02:37
tyrogthat doesn't make sense02:37
tyroghaving generic installed, fglrx didn't work and now you install the headers for -17 and it works? oh lord02:38
=== usedRAM is now known as coolstar
junkNowntyrog: hmmm... maybe i installed ubuntu today off of an old disk02:39
tyrogjunkNown: anyway, you have the headers for -27 installed as well right?02:40
junkNowntyrog: yeah lol02:40
tyrogyou could the 3 fglrx packages that were generated for catalyst 13.4 now02:41
tyrogmake sure that it doesn't output any error from installing them02:41
tyrog*could try to install02:41
Ben64would be easier to stick with apt's versions02:42
usr13junkNown: lsb_release -r02:42
tyrogBen64: I always use the ones from the website or some PPA and they work just as fine as the ones from repositories xD02:43
Ben64i use ppa, i would suggest staying away from the website02:43
junkNownI have tried using some PPA and I alwyas break things.02:44
tyrogBen64: which one?02:44
junkNownI'm gonna try installing from the packages see what happens02:44
Ben64i use x-swat for nvidia02:45
devralwhat does "Redirect Host (New nexthop: [ip])" mean?02:45
devralthe ping is successful, I've just never seen it before02:46
tyrogBen64: but Xswat is always updated with the latest for NVIDIA. The same doesn't happen for AMD though02:46
usr13devral: Does it happen for every site you try to ping?02:47
tyrogBen64: the driver from the AMD website provides the script to build packages optimized for each ubuntu release. So there should be no problem compared with the apt approach02:47
gr33n7007hWhats a decent torrent program for ubuntu?02:49
gr33n7007hThat handles magnet links aswell02:49
usr13!torrent | gr33n7007h02:50
ubottugr33n7007h: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P02:50
devralusr13: no. i'm practicing a lab that involves two routing servers + a router in the middle. it happens when I ping from LAN1 across the simulated WAN link (my router redirects LAN1 to LAN2)02:50
=== markalanevans_ is now known as markalanevans
usr13devral: Well,  it means that the packet was set along a different route to the destination then originally intended.02:51
devralusr13: how come it doesn't always do that then?02:52
usr13I dono02:52
devralguess as long as it works, i'm cool02:52
sgo11hi, using ubuntu 12.10. gnome 3.6. Sometimes, I don't have sound after boot. I need to reboot to fix this issue. This happens randomly. Right now, my PC is silent. Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue without reboot? I tried logout and login, this does not help. thanks.02:54
gbear14275is 13.04 out?02:56
citdelnot yet, in a few day02:56
kvothetechsgo11: check consolekit permissions?02:56
tyrogcitdel: *hours02:56
tyroggbear14275: no02:57
thoonaihaving a hostapd and a brigde not working, but no clue why02:57
kvothetechsgo11: alsa pulse oss?02:57
sgo11kvmadsen, will that help? this just happens randomly after boot. 10%.02:57
sgo11kvothetech, I am just wondering how to fix this issue temp without reboot the machine.02:57
sgo11It does not matter whether this problem is fixed completely for now. I just don't want to reboot my ubuntu. how can I restart the sound server somehow completely?02:58
thoonaibassgeisha: hi03:00
olmarisgo11: sudo restart pulseaudio, or something03:00
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
gr33n7007hsudo service pulseaudio restart03:01
thinkerwebIs the a channel for ubuntu software raid?03:02
cfhowlettthinkerweb, this one or #ubuntu-server03:02
thinkerwebcfhowlett, thx03:02
sgo11gr33n7007h, just did that. pulseaudio is restarted. but there is still no sound. how can this happen? Do I have to reboot? ...03:02
gr33n7007hsgo11, most probably03:03
casual_llamaHi, I've changed my theme to Greybird using Advanced Settings (Ubuntu 12.04). Is there a way to invert the text color for files and folders on my desktop? I can't read the text with a dark background.03:04
sgo11gr33n7007h, but why? ...03:04
cfhowlettcasual_llama, appearance>style>high contrast>inverse  ???03:05
cfhowlettcasual_llama, appearance>style>high contrast>inverse  ???03:05
Laprimer irc.irc-hispano.org03:05
sgo11anyway, anyway, I am going to reboot now. bye.03:06
casual_llamacfhowlett: That changes the theme from Greybird to High Contrast Inverse. I was wondering whether it's possible to work on the text of icons alone.03:07
cfhowlettcasual_llama, sorry.   my bad.  see settings>appearance>icons03:08
bassgeishathoonai, hellooo03:08
thoonaihey someone interested in helping me with hostapd and a not working bridge?03:08
bassgeishai am deciding to dip my toes in the linux game again. been a minute since uhh 96 right03:08
bassgeishaso im dl ubuntu now03:08
bassgeishais it going to need internet to work03:09
bassgeishabc network isnt .. cooperating03:09
bassgeishagonna have to plug directly into router03:09
casual_llamacfhowlett: I'm afraid I don't see such an option. I have 2 tabs: Look and Behavior. Behavior just has launcher auto-hide options and Look has theme, desktop background, and launcher size selection.03:09
cfhowlettbassgeisha, ubuntu will work without the internet03:09
cfhowlettcasual_llama, in xubuntu 12.04?03:10
bassgeishawill it install over the debian install now03:10
cfhowlettbassgeisha, not by default ... you have to select your install options03:10
casual_llamacfhowlett: Ubuntu 12.04, the default Unity flavor. I'm using Advanced Settings in order to select a theme that's normally not there.03:10
cfhowlettcasual_llama, dang.  I REALLY need my coffee.  thought you were in xubuntu as I am.  Sorry.03:11
sgo11ok, problem fixed by reboot. I found one problem. When the problem exists, the user gdm does not run pulaseaudio --start and only my user is running pulseaudio --start. what can cause gdm user failed to run it? thanks.03:11
cfhowlettcasual_llama, ask again in channel since I don't know03:11
casual_llamacfhowlett: Haha, thanks for trying.03:11
thoonaihelp! ;)03:11
Ben64sgo11: if i were you id just remove pulseaudio03:11
sgo11Ben64, I don't know much thing about this. I thought pulseaudio was required. will remove pulseaudio be OK? What sound server will be used instead? I did not install pulseaudio by myself by purpose. Does it exist by default? thanks a lot.03:13
casual_llamaTo all: Is there a way of changing the text under files and folders from black to something that would work with a dark background pic without changing the entire system theme?03:13
Ben64sgo11: remove will be fine, purge will break things, and yeah pulse is installed by default03:14
sgo11Ben64, if remove is fine, what sound server will be used instead? I thought pulseaudio is the application/server which provide sound. thanks.03:15
Ben64sgo11: pulse works on top of alsa, so you'd still have alsa. just be sure not to purge it03:16
wwwdotcomHello there.  I am getting a weird problem in copying a file from a drive to other. I cannot copy the file. The error i am getting is "There was an error copying the file into /home/legend/Downloads/tor-browser_en-US/video.avi. Error splicing file: Input/output error"03:16
thinkerwebIs it easy to add a previous array from a previous installation to a new one?03:16
wwwdotcomWhat could be it?03:17
derek__release party?03:17
thoonaipartey \o/03:17
thoonaiwhere? when? how much chocolate?03:17
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/03:18
derek__i was thinking more along the lines of beer03:18
sgo11Ben64, thanks a lot for the explanation. one more question, if pulseaudio is no good, why does it exist by default? if having it and not having it will be the same. thanks.03:18
wwwdotcomI can play this file fine, but couldn't copy, not even in other folder on same drive.03:18
Ben64sgo11: it provides some features that some people like, but i find it to be more of a problem than its worth, so i remove it on my systems03:18
MartynKeigherhey...anyone good with apache alias redirects at all?03:18
MartynKeigherall im getting in the apache/httpd is a bot throwing crap at me!03:19
SpaceghostBen64: I solve the problem but still I can't install Firefox.03:19
M_P_Dhi all - newb here. what is the best resource for learning the command line?03:20
sgo11Ben64, ok. thanks. sorry, I have one more question. If I remove it, will my gnome-shell still have the sound icon in the top panel bar?03:20
cfhowlettMartynKeigher, if not here, perhaps in #ubuntu-server03:20
Ben64sgo11: that may go away03:20
nearsthi ppl03:20
SpaceghostBen64: is possible that the package is broken?03:20
sgo11Ben64, ok. that's bad. I will simply keep it then. maybe it's better to find out why gdm failed to start it. :)03:21
sgo11Ben64, thanks a lot for your help. :)03:21
Ben64sgo11: do you _really_ need an icon? :D03:21
M_P_Dcan anybody tell me what a good resource for learning the command line is03:22
sgo11Ben64, kind of. I have some sound extension which show music control and status under sound icon. something like that. I used to it. I am not sure if this will break that extension or not.03:22
wwwdotcomCan i assume that file has been downloaded in a area of hard disk where there are bad sectors?03:24
sgo11it's actually gnome-shell extension, just related to sound. integrate music with the sound icon. something like that.03:24
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | wwwdotcom03:25
ubottuwwwdotcom: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB03:25
wwwdotcomThank you.03:25
aneksanyone in here that's good with the /etc/fstab file in ubuntu?03:27
thoonaiM_P_D: ooooh. try configuring a webserver on an old computer with all extra services ;) then soon you you will be a master03:27
usr13aneks: What do you need to know?03:27
cfhowlettM_P_D, or type !danger into irc, read and go do the opposite to a *spare* computer.  proceed to fix after that.03:28
aneksusr13, I've got a disk that's on an NTFS partition and that's where I download my files to, I added the file to /etc/fstab and it automounts but when I try to download a torrent and save it to that disk, it keeps saying permission denied.03:28
SpaceghostCan someone help me in get an integrated installation of firefox?03:28
usr13aneks: Show us the /etc/fstab entry for it.03:28
aneksusr13, /dev/sdb1       /media/windows  ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 003:29
cfhowlettSpaceghost, integrated?  with what?  install through software center ... though firefox does come with ubuntu by default...03:29
lousygaruaaneks, usr13, may need to add a `umask=0777,fmask=0666` to the ntfs entry, or only `rw. Check the man page for ntfs options03:29
usr13aneks: Change to:  dev/sdb1       /media/windows  ntfs-3g users,defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 003:30
Spaceghostcfhowlett: the package is broken.03:30
lousygaruausr13, `users` let users write to it?03:30
Spaceghostcfhowlett: it fails in every try of install it.03:30
usr13lousygarua: Yes03:30
aneksusr13, thanks I'll try that now03:30
thoonaisomeone here able and willing to help a n00b? ;)03:30
cfhowlettSpaceghost, you have ubuntu installed and firefox is broken?  more details03:31
SpaceghostOk, I will pastebin it.03:31
usr13thoonai: Yes03:31
lousygaruausr13, good to know, i think the `u/fmask`did the trick for vboxsf03:31
=== robert_ is now known as Guest21460
thoonaiusr13: having a bridge which doesn't accept interfaces and a hostapd which doesnt accept cliens03:32
Spaceghostcfhowlett: here there is the problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600013/03:33
usr13thoonai: Do you have a question for us?03:34
thoonaimay you look over my bridge configuration and tell me where it fails?03:34
usr13thoonai: Yes03:35
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:35
aneksusr13, that didn't work either, when I right click on the folder and click on permissions, it says that root owns the folder and I can't change it.03:35
cfhowlettSpaceghost, wow.  facing such errors, I would sudo apt-get purge firefox, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove  then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox03:35
usr13aneks: mount -a03:36
usr13aneks: sudo  mount -a03:36
aneksusr13, just did that, though the /media/windows automounts on boot03:37
usr13aneks: Did you remount or reboot?03:37
aneksusr13, reboot03:37
thoonaiusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600021/03:37
usr13aneks: Change to:  dev/sdb1       /media/windows  ntfs-3g user,defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 003:37
Spaceghostcfhowlett: I just update before do that and the purge doesn't work.03:37
Morph4meSpaceghost  have you tried installing firefox  using Synaptic03:38
cfhowlettSpaceghost, doesn't work?  how so?03:38
aneksusr13, that's exactly what I have in my /etc/fstab03:38
usr13aneks: Should work.  I dono03:38
cfhowlettJLT, greetings03:39
Spaceghostcfhowlett: this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600022/03:39
JLTLets say I am logged in as use JLT, and I do "sudo usermod -a -G www-data JLT"03:39
usr13Someone else will have to pick up this conversation, my sleep time is at hand.  ttyl03:39
cfhowlettSpaceghost, apt-get purge firefox*    ... I think03:39
Spaceghostcfhowlett: I found the way to resolve it.03:40
SpaceghostIt is:03:40
JLTnow if I do "groups" it'll display all the groups im in, except www-data but if I do "groups JLT" it'll display www-data as a group I'm in... this is strange behavior?03:40
dr_willisJLT:  i think you have to log out/back in for groups changes to take affect03:40
Spaceghostapt-get autoremove firefox-globalmenu03:40
Spaceghostcfhowlett: ^03:40
JLTI'll try that dr_willis03:40
SpaceghostBecause firefox is not installed but firefox-globalmenu yes.03:41
cfhowlettSpaceghost, the hardest problems, the simplest solutions ...03:41
SpaceghostI tried all simplest solutions.03:41
SpaceghostFinally this one worked.03:41
SpaceghostBut still I can't install firefox.03:41
aneksusr13, when I do ls -l of /media the folder windows looks like this drwxrwxrwx  1 root root 24576 Apr 19 03:09 windows03:42
dr_willisSpaceghost:  that post mentioned a conflct with a kubuntu-firefox installer package.. remove that pacakge perhaps?03:42
Spaceghostdr_willis: how?03:42
dr_willisSpaceghost:  same as youy remove any other package.. look at the errors it said..  conflicts with 'kubuntu-firefox-installer'03:43
cfhowlettSpaceghost you're in ubuntu?  but you have a kubuntu package?03:43
SpaceghostI installed Kubuntu.03:43
dr_willisperhaps you should just RUN the kubuntu-firefox-installer tool?03:43
dr_willisive never even notic3eed kubuntu had such a tool03:44
dr_willisbut the postings you gave seem rather clear.. the firefox.desktop file is in both packages.. so its conflicting03:44
dr_willisI bet if you  just had the kubuntu-fireefox-installer installed the forefox icon would actually run some install script to install the real firefox03:44
dr_willis(i am guessing here)03:45
Morph4meSpaceghost: you have kubuntu- firefox-installer as 12.04  which shows in  synaptic package manager  ...just type "firefox" in the quick filter put a check mark in the box  right click on it and install it03:47
SpaceghostMorph4me: but I am in 12.10 now.03:47
Morph4mei know03:47
Morph4meinstall synaptic03:47
Morph4medo it that way when all else fails03:48
SpaceghostI am installing it.03:48
Dr_Anonhey guys, this would be my first time in these irc rooms, just installed 12.10 today, entering the world of self education03:48
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
cfhowlettDr_Anon, greetings03:49
Dr_Anonappreciate it, was a little nervous about the attitude and community towards newcomers haha03:50
wolverine45Can some one help me with a problem I have . I have a lenovo thinkpad and Im trying to mount it to connect to  it to install ubuntu03:51
cfhowlettDr_Anon, we only tar and feather rude newcomers ... :)03:51
JimmyEggswelcome, Dr_Anon03:51
SpaceghostMorph4me: the same error through synaptic03:51
cfhowlettwolverine45, details.  lenovo usually installs ubuntu without problem03:51
SpaceghostThe same error through KDE installer of Firefox as well:03:52
wolverine45Yep, it has a form of linux on it . But its not Ubuntu. The problem is that Im trying to set it up for fresh in stall from my laptop and the usb now are 3.003:52
Spaceghost"/var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb Error: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package kubuntu-firefox-installer 12.04ubuntu1"03:52
houkouonchiAnyone here have a lot of experience with fglrx drivers?03:52
Dr_Anonanyways, having a little bit of trouble, i installed and booted from a usb (using a acer aspire one netbook btw), and it started up fine and works fine but on startup the install screen still comes up and when i restart ive been losing all my apps and everything, so i figured it didnt install on the computer and maybe i was running live, but i tried to install and it says my computer already has xp and 12.1003:52
cfhowlettDr_Anon, losing your apps?  as in they're gone?  or just not displayed?03:53
Dr_Anonhaha, well im far from rude, very friendly and eager to learn03:54
bassgeishai downloaded the ubuntu iso and burned it.. the laptop doesnt want to see it as bootable ? or something it keeps going to previous linux install03:54
Dr_Anonwell when i restart they are nowhere to be found, for example i installed the psensor app and its gone, as well as my user profile info, username etc03:54
bassgeishadebian* install03:55
huttanDr_Anon: are you sure you are booting into your installed ubuntu and not still using the live version on usb stick?03:55
cfhowlettDr_Anon, post a screenshot03:55
bassgeishashould i erase all that off before install?03:55
ubottuDr_Anon,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:55
Morph4meSpaceghost :/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop makes no sense03:55
cfhowlettbassgeisha, no need to erase.  just format the partition03:55
Morph4meyou mean Firefox Web Browser ?03:56
SpaceghostMorph4me: where I put that?03:56
Dr_Anonhow would i go about booting with the installed ubuntu and not the usb? i know when i orginally installed and started up i moved the usb stick up in the boot order03:57
cfhowlettDr_Anon, hit the boot loader.  remove the usb and priortize the HD03:57
dr_willisSpaceghost:  both those packages are installing the same file. and thus conflict. remove the kubuntu-firefox-installer package03:57
bassgeishaformat it when it boots from the cd?03:57
Dr_Anonim pretty sure it freezes up or maybe even cut off when i pulled the usb earlier.03:58
huttanDr_Anon: If you went through the install procedure. Just remove the usb stick and down prio it in bios if needed. It should boot fine from ur harddrive03:58
Morph4mefrom an install default is /usr/share/applications/Firefox Web Browser ...why change or should i say rename it ?03:58
cfhowlettbassgeisha, correct.  just make sure you format only the partition you want to install ubuntu to ... important if you are dual booting03:58
Dr_Anonso take out the usb whenever i cut the computer off?03:58
bassgeishanothing else on here afaik03:58
bassgeishaclean slate03:58
cfhowlettDr_Anon, you need not remove the usb if the bios is set to ignore it03:58
cfhowlettbassgeisha, then format and install away!03:58
Dr_Anonso i can choose in bios to ignore the usb and boot hd?03:59
Spaceghostdr_willis: can you say me how to do that?03:59
Dr_Anonand it will boot ubuntu over windows?03:59
dr_willisSpaceghost:  apt-get remove packagename    same as you do any other package03:59
cfhowlettDr_Anon, when you reboot, after power-on, self test, you hit the F12 key (on my Dell anyway.  maybe different for you).  that brings up the bios.  Go to boot, reorder things as you need.  then save and reboot04:00
cfhowlettDr_Anon, boot over windows ?  ummm, means what?  and you did NOT use the windows installer (wubi), did you?04:00
Dr_Anonis there a way for me to backup the apps and user info i have now before rebooting so that ill have it after?04:00
Dr_Anonno i dual booted though04:01
cfhowlettDr_Anon, easiest way is to set a dedicated /home partition04:01
Dr_Anonand boot over windows as in higher priority04:01
Dr_Anonthats what i did on my dell laptop last year but this time im on a netbook and it kind of threw me off04:01
cfhowlettDr_Anon, good enough.04:02
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
Dr_Anonhow exactly do i set up a /home partition for it and move it there?04:03
Dr_Anoni think that may help because earlier i had an issue with a no more disk space error message and had 100% usage after an hour of tinkering04:04
cfhowlettDr_Anon, helps to do spring cleaning ... run sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean   to clear out your cache04:04
Dr_Anonya think that was a problem even though i had literally JUST installed 12.10 within an our prior?04:05
Dr_Anoni appreciate your help btw man i hate to be asking so many questions at onve04:06
wilee-nileeDr_Anon, here is a wiki on separating home, might be easier to just reinstall since this one is a fresh install though. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving04:06
Spaceghostdr_willis: it worked, thanks a lot mate.04:06
cfhowlettDr_Anon, ah.  no.  that issue builds up over time.  cause: downloaded packages get saved but NOT deleted by default04:06
ubottuwilee-nilee,: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:06
SpaceghostThanks to you too cfhowlett.04:06
cfhowlettSpaceghost, what was the final fix?04:06
dr_willisreading the error message and removeing the package it was complaining about... ;)04:07
blob4000does creating a new user essentially reset Unity to all defaults for them? or are there user-independant settings to reset as well?04:07
cfhowlettdr_willis, nice catch, doc!04:07
cfhowlettblob4000, new user gets defaults all the way04:08
dr_willisblob4000:  a new user running unity the first time.. gets the defaults04:08
blob4000dr_willis and cfhowlett thanks!04:08
Dr_Anondo u think ill be okay to just boot from the hard drive? i did the dual boot but it says xp AND ubuntu 12.10 is on this computer04:08
dr_willisif an existing user deletes all their unity setting files... they would get defaults04:08
dr_willis\once unity runs04:08
blob4000great to hear :P04:08
cfhowlettDr_Anon, that's what a dual boot is.  fire it up ...04:08
blob4000when did ubuntu start requiring a longer password?04:09
Dr_Anonhaha appreciate it man. im just over analyzing i swear im not ignorant. thanks again though, ill come give credit if it works!04:09
Spaceghostcfhowlett: remove the package of Kubuntu's installer of firefox.04:09
cfhowlettSpaceghost, simple indeed.04:09
parijatHello fellas. How long is it for ubuntu raring  release ?04:25
wwwdotcomI am thinking of buying a laptop. It would be UEFI enabled and having pre installed windows 8. I have plans to dual boot ubuntu with windows 8 but i heard something like UEFI locks up boot sector and no other OS can be installed with it. What would you think should i go for it?04:25
dr_williswwwdotcom: its not uefi that does that.. its the 'secure boot' feature  i belive.04:25
wwwdotcomi see04:26
dr_willisand that i belive cen be disavled on many laptops04:26
ubottuwwwdotcom,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:27
wwwdotcomGosh. Thank you. Good to know. It's possible.04:28
dr_willislast time i got a new laptop (non uefi) i just got a spare hd to put into it ;) i had linux on just that Hd. and kep the windows hd safe  so i could put it back in , when i sold/gave away the laptop04:30
dr_willisof course the last laptop i had... i discovered had 2 hd  slots... so i had a hd for each os... gotta love that04:31
WillTheWastelandMy laptop has two hdd slots but only 1 connector , madness.04:32
dr_willisweird.. wonder if thers some sata spliter for it.04:32
WillTheWastelandI've taken it apart for cleaning and didn't see any sata ports, silly HP.04:33
dr_willisa secret compartment to hold your.. err.. usb flash drives? ;)04:34
ujrhello, can someone tell me why 32bit ubuntu10.04 uses 64 bit system calls like bind??04:35
WillTheWastelandYes , usb flash drives haha.04:36
linusasus6at what time 13.04 will release please04:37
dr_willislinusasus6:  there is no set time04:37
wwwdotcomI am trying to find out bad sectors on dev/sda7 in which i am currently on. Is this command ok, sudo badblocks /dev/sda7 ?04:37
dr_williswwwdotcom:  i belive badblocks just reads/tests then prints out a list...04:37
dr_willischekc its man page04:37
wwwdotcomdr_willis: I ran testdisk, but i am still unable to copy that file04:38
ujri did strace on ubuntu 10.04 32bit system but it gave me system calls like bind which are for 64 bit, can someone tell me why it is so???04:38
ujruname -a gives i686 system04:38
dr_williswwwdotcom:  i dont know the core problem.. but  you may want to check into the fsarchicver program if you are trying to rescue a system04:39
wwwdotcomNo. System is running just fine. Only problem is that the file that i have downloaded may be saved on location where there are just one or two bad sectors.04:40
wwwdotcomFor this reason i am not able to copy that file.04:41
dr_willisthat file may vbe totally currupted anyway04:41
dr_willisfsarchiver might be able to recovery it. might be total;y unrecoverable04:41
Firashi guys... i'm wondering if want to create a new user who logs in with public/private keys, do i still need to set a password when i create the user or can i skip that entirely for security?04:41
SocialEvilhi guys. i am trying to install teamviewer on my ubuntu 11.10, but after installing it i cant start it. i write "teamviewer" in the terminal but after a couple of seconds it stopps and closes the window. when i try with #, i get http://pastebin.com/PJHj2ayF this error.. any ideas?04:43
linusasus6is TLP really correct the fan bug in Ubuntu? I got an dell inspiron 15R special edition 752004:43
dr_willisSocialEvil:  try with '#' ? means what04:44
SocialEvildr_willis with root privileges04:44
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111004:45
KI7MTHello all. Have an issue I cant figure out. I have a mixed Wireless/Wired Home Lan. From my UB-12.04 laptop, which is wireless, I can ping wired IP's on the lan, but not other wireless boxes, I need to ssh my workstation, but get Destination Host Unreachable? How do I add this route?04:46
dr_willisisent 11.10 near EOL? i dont pay much attention to the dates04:46
pmp6nlHello, where is the default PostgreSQL database location in Ubuntu 12.04.? Thanks!04:46
ujrdr_wiillis: can you help me??04:46
SocialEvildont know.. but i am using it :)~04:46
dr_willisujr:  with?04:51
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111004:51
dr_willisHmm.. one factoid tells the eol dates04:51
ujri did strace on ubuntu 10.04 32bit system but it gave me system calls like bind which are for 64 bit, can someone tell me why it is so???04:51
dr_willisujr:  no idea. i dont code.. dont know why you are worried about it.04:52
ujruname -a gives i686 system04:52
dr_willisa 32bit system caxn use 64bit #'s with the right libs i imagine04:52
ujrdo you know someone who can help04:53
dr_willisi dont even know what the bind system call does04:53
ujrit is for socket programming04:53
keplerujr: email the dev?04:54
dr_williswhy does it really matter?  or are you just curious?04:54
keplerit could be that the dev just wrote it for both archs, what were you stracing?04:55
ujri was tracing gnome-dictionary04:55
ujrno, i checked the system call table...04:56
linusasus6is TLP really correct the fan bug in Ubuntu? I got an dell inspiron 15R special edition 752004:56
ujrfor 32 bit system, there is a system call called socketcall which contains bind, listen and others inside it, but for 64 bit they are defined seperately04:57
ujrdr_willis: i am studying os and working on system calls04:58
wwwdotcomSo i ran badblocks and saw 5 bad sectors numbered. Is there any utility to which i input only these numbered sectors to repair them?04:59
wwwdotcomSomething like 16057508 done, 7:21 elapsed etc. etc.04:59
djnickdoes anyone know who i can share music and karoake with?04:59
|amicrawler|i need help on install05:00
Ben64wwwdotcom: you pretty much cannot fix bad sectors05:00
|amicrawler|installing 12.1005:00
sebsebseb 05:00
|amicrawler|compact  will not install desktop05:00
|amicrawler|installer dissperrs05:00
|amicrawler|no way of knowing were  the install is in05:01
|amicrawler|just a spinning ciircle05:01
|amicrawler|doing a clean install05:01
|amicrawler|any help would benice05:02
|amicrawler|cog wheel for shut down  there is  no shut down or reboot in the menu05:03
wwwdotcomBen64, it's a big video file. So i guess i don't mind losing 1 or 2 bad sectors. Can't it be done something like these bad sectors are filled with null and their new addresses are assigned to new location on hard disk. So that i can atleast copy and play that file.05:03
wwwdotcomSince i can still play that file smoothly.05:04
wwwdotcomI just couldn't copy it with standard ubuntu gdm copy functions.05:04
=== song_ is now known as sgo11
dr_willistried fsarchiver yet? it might be able to just copy the data it can05:05
dr_willis!info fsarchiver05:05
ubottufsarchiver (source: fsarchiver): file system archiver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.15-1 (quantal), package size 96 kB, installed size 280 kB05:05
wwwdotcomok. Let me try05:05
jubobahey, I've been using DWM for a while. I found a patch to have a systemtray. How can I apply this patch? I know I need dwm's sources. I want to use apt so that everything is consistent. How should I proceed?05:05
dr_willisat least i recall it had that feature from its docs i read ages ago05:05
dr_willisjuboba:  use the source and build a deb package would be the best way05:06
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html05:06
aeon-ltdjuboba: you can't do it with apt so it updates like that05:06
jubobadr_willis, apt-get source dwm?05:06
dr_willishmm. you can use the build-deps option  to install allneeded dev packages to make compiling it easier05:06
aeon-ltdjuboba: configs and patches have to compile with dwm everytime05:06
dr_willisthe patch is most likely against a specifc version of the source// so you need to be sure to use the right source05:07
jonyhow can I disable "System error detected"? it gives me every morning05:07
jonyit's related with cifs specified in fstab...05:07
jubobadr_willis, it is for my version05:08
Linuturkis there a release party channel?05:09
=== jono is now known as Guest15458
jubobadr_willis, should I patch dwm.c thepatch.diff?05:10
jubobadr_willis, should I: $ patch dwm.c thepatch.diff    ?05:11
dr_willisbeen years since ive last used patch       see if that works i guess. ;)05:11
jubobadr_willis, I did it. And compiled it05:12
BirdoAnyone know if Gnome Classic is still being updated or if I should be moving to a fork?05:13
jubobais it possible to install it using apt?05:13
jubobamaking the deb?05:13
dr_willisBirdo:  gnome 2 is dead... theres various falllback themes/modes  in  ubuntu and gnome-shell is comming out with its own official gnome2 theme05:14
=== anonymous is now known as Guest73938
=== Bry8Star_ is now known as Bry8Star
Birdodr_willis: thought so. I've heard of a few forks but I think I might check out cinnamon.05:21
jonyhow can I disable "System error detected"? it gives me every morning05:22
jonyit's related with cifs specified in fstab...05:22
dasein_>tfw no ubuntu 13.04 out yet05:23
BirdoIt's out April 26, I thught?05:24
wwwdotcomdr_willis: I tried with sudo fsarchiver savedir /home/legend/Desktop/data.fsa /home/legend/Downloads/video05:25
wwwdotcomBut no luck05:25
wwwdotcomSee this output, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600157/05:25
blob4000<- extremely happy with 13.04 thank you Canonical and the community05:28
doomlordwhats the logic behind mount or sshfs needing a directory that you map to to already exist.. i would have thought it would make more sense that the directory springs into existance after you say mount/sshfs and ceases to exist after you umount05:28
kqwarkqblob4000:  that's is out?05:29
wwwdotcomI am thinking that this program is doing the same thing  as any other ordinary file copier. With ordinary file copy, i was able to copy 114 MB too.05:29
installgentoowheres muh oobun205:29
wwwdotcomShould i use some switch ?05:30
installgentoois 13.04 out yet05:33
wwwdotcomI need a bomb proof file copier that is just so rigid that it doesn't care for any bad sector error and immediately jump to next sector.05:34
dr_willisdoomlord:  some of the fuse tools have the option to make the dir..05:34
learnerhey guys how can i use a dynamic tunnel on bash? i wanna use my proxy tunnel to download apt packages05:34
dr_williswwwdotcom:  check the fsarchiver tool options.05:34
Ben64wwwdotcom: you should also look into getting a new hard drive if you're having bad sectors05:35
doomlordany random interesting things new in 13.04?05:36
installgentoonot unity thats for sure05:36
wwwdotcomBen64, I already have. But i am stuck at just this file. Once it is copied, i will thrash it way.05:36
wwwdotcomdr_willis: ok05:37
doomlordi saw the ability to use scrollwheel on the launcher icons to switch windows... i liked the look of that... i always missed scrollwheel on the desktop pager ( i use that all the time in classic gnome) - it would be nice if the unity switcher icon did that05:37
dr_willisunity has a great many new tweaks/polished features in 13.0405:37
doomlordi like unity overall because of globalmenu05:37
doomlordi hate the classic windows style menu more than any minor irritation unity might have :)05:38
ripthejackerhi everyone05:39
ripthejackermy usb pen drive is not detected05:39
ripthejackerit shows up in lsusb and fdisk05:39
ripthejackerbut i can't even format it using gparted or disk utility05:40
ChatmanHello! Why the new release 13.04 has not arrived, even it's 25th?05:40
installgentoonot even gparted? jeez05:40
Ben64Chatman: its not the 25th everywhere05:40
dr_willisChatman:  it will be out when its out..05:40
Chatmanoh :P05:41
Chatmanhow sad...05:41
ripthejackerinstallgentoo: yes it detects the drive but it cannot format it succesfully05:41
installgentooI don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight too excited05:41
dr_willisthis same question will get asked very 10 min......05:41
dr_willisripthejacker:  try using dd to zero the drive. then repartition it05:41
Chatman:D so better make  a post on the internet about it05:41
ripthejackerdr_willis: zero the drive?05:41
dr_willis dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/THEUSBTHING05:42
dr_willisthen repartition it/05:42
dr_willisif dd cant zero it out.. then the usb is most likely bad05:42
ripthejackeroh ok i'll try05:42
ripthejackerdr_willis: so do I specify /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb1 ?05:43
Chatmanhmmm... this kinda sucks because it's already morning here in finland...05:43
dr_willisripthejacker:  the Drive would be 'sdb'  a partion on the drive would be sdb105:43
Ben64Chatman: you can download the beta... its not going to be much different05:43
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
purpleraininstallgentoo, #ubuntu-release-party05:44
ChatmanBen64: well, yes, but I want to get straight to the real thing ;)05:44
ChatmanI'll thing about it05:45
pokkoshow can i change my default program for urls?05:45
pokkosin konsole05:46
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
kqwarkqsorry i dont know :|05:46
jabagaweejust making sure, 13.04 is shipping tomorrow?05:46
pokkosback to gnome-terminal :)05:47
Ponch0hi, how do I ubuntu?05:47
ripthejackerdr_willis: how long should it take to dd to zero , it's been 5 mins and it's not returning05:47
BirdoSo... I'm not sure what I did, but I've been using Gnome Classic for awhile. I switch to Unity and my screen is blank except for the wallpaper. No panels anywhere. Right now I'm in Unity 2D and that's working fine.05:47
dr_willisripthejacker:  depends on the size of the usb05:48
kqwarkqBirdo: maybe "restoring" your unity perfil?05:49
Chatmanjabagawee: "It's not 25th everywhere" was the answer I got :D05:49
dr_willisevery time someone asks... it gets delayed another 15 min...05:49
jabagaweeheh, cute05:50
Birdokqwarkq: is it unity --reset ?05:50
KorbitI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and I'm getting no sound. I had working sound two days ago and the only thing I've installed lately in java and updates. How do I figure out what is wrong?05:50
ChatmanJust get used to it as long it's not possible to load the history of this chat :P05:50
kqwarkqlike that05:50
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.05:50
kqwarkqunity personalizations05:50
Chatmanoh! it's possible :D05:51
Ponch0omg this is logged i must exist05:51
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.05:51
pskeshuHi, I'm using Ubuntu 13.03, and I'm unable to connect to my campus wifi05:52
kqwarkqBirdo: means that you will del unity configs for your user profile.05:52
kqwarkqor maybe change05:52
pskeshuwith PEAP and MSCHAP05:53
Ponch0pskeshu try #ubuntu+105:53
Chatmanthat log website is a bit complicated to me :P or I'm just simple05:53
Ponch0pskeshu: maybe the school doesn't want you on their wifi cuz you torrent too much05:54
Ponch0usher called05:54
KorbitI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and I'm getting no sound. I had working sound two days ago and the only thing I've installed lately in java and updates. How do I figure out what is wrong?05:54
pskeshukqwarkq - the same problem persists with 12.1005:54
BirdoCould using tweak tool and a GTK 3 theme in Unity possibly prevent Unity from loading (works in Unity 2d)? Lol..05:54
pskeshuPonch0 - the same problem persists with 12.1005:55
BirdoOr displaying, i should say*05:55
kqwarkqBirdo: Yes05:55
Ponch0what's your wifi device05:55
dr_willisBirdo:  unity3d uses compiz and needs proper 3d drivers... thats more likely the issue05:55
installgentoowill xubuntu and lubuntu be released at the same time? unity hates my 2005 laptop05:56
Birdodr_willis, kqwarkq: Makes sense. Thanks guys.05:56
Ponch0pskeshu: also check if wlan0 is on05:56
Ponch0if your drivers are installed correctly05:56
pskeshuRealtek RTL8188CE05:56
pskeshuIt's on, and I can see many connections available05:56
Birdodr_willis: I didn't even realize it, but I'm booting Ubuntu 12.04 from an external hard drive. And I'm not a different computer. The 3d drivers is probably the issue.05:57
pskeshuwhen I connect it tries connecting and gets timedout05:57
pskeshuand asks for password again05:57
iklawhat tools can I use to monitor disk/block device performance?05:57
Birdodr_willis: I think I'll stick with Ubuntu 2d for now while on this laptop which is temporary. Thanks.05:57
kqwarkqBirdo: Check your driver05:58
pskeshuPonch0 - refer http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600207/05:58
pskeshuhow do I check the driver?05:59
pskeshuI have no trouble connecting to my friend's wifi hotspot05:59
thePHPdevHello, I have a problem with Ubuntu 13.04 Beta, I just upgraded to see how it is. I thought it would be all right considering they're so close to releasing it. HOwever, when I log on, nothing works apart from the mouse, but then, the mouse is very choppy and laggy. Anyone know what's going on?05:59
Ponch0oh ok so the only wifi u can't connect to is your school?05:59
pskeshuIt's only with my campus network that I've this problem. I googled and found that many have the same problem05:59
pskeshuYes. But I was able to connect to it with Kali OS06:00
BirdoNight all, thanks for the help.06:01
Ponch0ah I gotcha.06:01
Ponch0interesting because I failed out school so I haven't come up across the problem06:01
pskeshuso you have any idea what's wrong?06:02
Ponch0I don't, I've had my own share of wifi issues but that definately wasn't one of them.06:02
ripthejackerdr_willis: is there any way to make the dd zero verbose. It's still going on and i'm not sure if it's frozen.06:02
dr_willispskeshu:  check what module/drivers kaliOs is using perhaps?  could be some odd driver quirk06:02
pskeshuIt's important I get my internet soon. I've my biochem exam soon06:03
Ponch0dr_willis: seems to have a great idea06:03
dr_willisripthejacker:  how big is the usb flash?   you coul djust ctrl-c it and    then try to partion the flash now.. it may not need to finish06:03
pskeshuI removed kaliOS to install Ubuntu06:03
ripthejackerdr_willis: 32GB06:03
thePHPdev"Hello, I have a problem with Ubuntu 13.04 Beta, I just upgraded to see how it is. I thought it would be all right considering they're so close to releasing it. HOwever, when I log on, nothing works apart from the mouse, but then, the mouse is very choppy and laggy. Anyone know what's going on?"06:04
Ponch0pskeshu: he's saying to use whatever drivers theyre using for your computer.06:04
Ponch0so continue using ubuntu just use the same drivers for your wifi as kali06:05
dr_willisthePHPdev:  check your video drivers would be a start.   Unity/compiz can be picky about them06:05
thePHPdevOK, How would I do that?06:05
pskeshuPonch0 How do I do that? I'm new to linux06:06
Ponch0what version of kaliOS did you use?06:06
pskeshuPonch0: Kali 1.006:07
pskeshuthe latest one06:07
=== incognito is now known as Guest85629
thePHPdevdr_willis: How would I do that?06:08
dr_willisthePHPdev:  i dont know what video drivers/chipset you got.. whaever ones your chipset uses.. check they are installed, and are working06:08
wwwdotcomHey dr_willis, i tried ddrescue utility and it worked perfectly fine!!06:09
Guest85629what is the easy way to switch between file manager windows in unity. if you use the launcher you have to click twice. Is there a keyboar shortcut to switch file manager windows if you have two opened?06:09
wwwdotcomrescued:   682902 kB,  errsize:    4096 B,  current rate:        0 B/s06:09
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
wwwdotcomOny 2KB was corrupted imo06:09
Looking4hireHello is there a place where I can hire for a specific build06:09
dr_willisGuest85629:  in the next release theres a quicklist on the panel icons. ;)06:09
Guest85629dr_willis I don't think my box can handle the next release. Judging by your answer, there is no keyboard shortcut. Do you think I could make a keyboard shortcut?06:11
Ponch0fine the 88CE driver under linux, look for some instructions and have fun06:11
pskeshuSo, I just have to download it and install it?06:12
Ponch0nah, that stuff is a pain, google some detailed instructions06:12
Ponch0 ./configure06:12
Ponch0make install all that good stuff06:12
dr_willisGuest85629:  never really noticed. i just alt-tab till i get the window i want06:12
pskeshuokay. Thank you so much for your help :)06:12
shapedr_willis: check pm!: )06:12
Ponch0hey np, pskeshu ull figure it out ur a smart(guy) biochem last I checked is some tough stuff06:13
Guest85629dr_willis ... that sounds like a good solution to me... Thanks06:13
pskeshuhehe. Biochem is a little tough, but it's very interesting.06:14
Ponch0as long as you find it interesting and enjoy it :)06:14
installgentoowhen i was using windows xp there was a site to download more RAM, is it possible to download more RAM on linux?06:14
pskeshuthanks man :) I'll go try fix my wifi. Bye06:15
shapeinstallgentoo: go back to /g/06:15
Ponch0good luck06:15
KorbitI'm running Lubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and I'm getting no sound. I had working sound two days ago and the only thing I've installed lately is java and updates. How do I figure out what is wrong?06:18
wwwdotcomThank you all and have a nice day.06:20
bryan_@Korbit try opening terminal and putting in alsamixer and see if anything is muted06:21
=== Guest42372 is now known as dev1
Korbitbryan_: The only thing that shows up is PCM and it isn't muted.06:22
bryan_is there any other devices to choose there. Press f606:23
ripthejackerdr_willis: after formatting it shows filesystem unknow06:23
Ponch0Korbit: did you try to unmute your sound>?06:24
Korbitbryan_: The only things that show up there are "- Default" and "0 HDA Intel".06:24
dr_willisripthejacker:  you partion, then format..    gparted should let you do this06:24
bryan_Korbit: have you checked sound under your system settings yet06:25
installgentooI had the same problem on lubuntu 12.04 forgot how i fixed it had to dl alsa mixer or something06:26
Korbitbryan_: Nothing for sound shows up under either the System Tools or Preferences menus.06:26
bryan_here is a page that might help, idk that much about troubleshooting audio cards but take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto06:28
shankstaBytesyo yo06:28
shankstaBytesim back06:28
betraydinstallgentoo: sam ehre, bec. alsamixer lets you CHOOSE the right audio card before proceeding06:29
betraydwith sound06:29
pittmanismanyone know what time 13.04 is coming out? it's already the 25th in some parts of the world :)06:30
dr_willispittmanism:  its been delayed for 3 years...06:30
pittmanismi installed the most recent beta and it broke my display, lol06:31
pittmanismi hope the three new unity effects are worth it >:|06:31
installgentooI couldnt even install the final beta because the installer broke06:31
apm1how much time is left ?06:31
pittmanismi guess i should more blame amd than ubuntu06:31
pittmanismi have to drop to recovery mode and reinstall the fglrx drivers every time x is touched06:32
betraydthat is to be expected06:32
dr_willissounds like Classic PEBKAC to me...06:34
Ben64yeah, if everything around you is failing... maybe it's you06:35
Kartagisdr_willis: if I'm connecting a linux laptop to a tv and the display is too small, do I need to play with the dpi?06:36
dr_willisconnecting how? hdmi? dvi?06:37
murad13.04 is still not out06:37
murad13.04 is still not out??????????????06:38
apm1murad, time zones man06:38
Tm_Tmurad: no, and please stop asking06:38
apm1its still not 25th in some places06:38
dr_willismurad:  every time someone asks.. it gets delayed.... ;p06:38
Kartagisalso, a kitten dies06:39
vanishingmaybe we should ask 13.10...;P06:39
dr_williswhen it gets released.. the  channel topic will say so.06:39
apm1but there must be a UTC time at which is set for the release ?06:39
dr_willisapm1:  not really. it depends on when they get all the servers synced and ready06:39
apm1dr_willis, oh06:39
dr_willisi see this every 6 mo.. people asking is it out.. every 5 min.. then someone claims its out.... and its not  on all the servers.. and so on.. then someone posts a torrent that dosent work...06:40
Kartagisdr_willis: vga06:40
dr_willisKartagis:  its possible the monitor has a scaleing mode/setting that might fill up the whole screen.. ive not used vga in years with a tv06:41
ripthejackerdr_willis: yes i created a partition ext2 but it's not showing up.06:41
ripthejackerdr_willis: shall i post lsusb or dmesg or fdisk?06:42
dr_willisripthejacker:  check with 'sudo blkid' and 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/thedevicename'06:42
dr_willisripthejacker:  or just try to mount it by hand. ;)06:42
ripthejackerdr_willis: it's shown in fdisk but not in blkid06:42
dr_willisunplug/plug it back in perhaps.. or just try to mount it by hand06:43
shankstaByteshow can i improve temp on my laptop06:43
shankstaBytescan i turn stuff down some how?06:44
installgentooflash makes my cpu catch on fire06:46
vanishinginstallgentoo: i've notice the same06:46
vanishinginstallgentoo: quite recently too06:46
F41LHerrow all you fellow clickityclackers, I've got a weird thing-a-ma-what going on with my laptop. I attempt to connect to a wifi network (fully expecting to get a password entry prompt), and all I get is "Activation of network connection failed" instead.06:47
installgentooshank witch distro you on06:49
shapeThis question has probably been asked 10000 times already but isn't Ubuntu 13.04 supposed to be released today?06:49
dr_williswhen its out - the topic will say so06:49
installgentoowhich version shank06:50
gosimorning everybody06:50
vanishingshape: im actually more concern of how are we going to upgrade to 13.10. or the new method of06:50
gosihoehoe, thank you shape. i was about to ask the same question ;-)06:50
shapevanishing: I'm sure it will be something seamless hopefully06:51
vanishingshape: i hope so..06:51
alkamidHi, how do I set default locale for wine applications? (I want it to be different than system locale)06:53
alkamidright now I am typing in console: "LC_ALL=pl_PL.utf8 wine myapp.exe"06:54
shankstaBytesinstallgentoo: 12.0406:54
shapeinstallgentoo: Install LFS plz06:54
bazhang!behelpful | shape06:55
ubottushape: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.06:55
sonofzeusHey there06:55
sonofzeusAnyone here know opentracker?06:55
sonofzeusI need help with it ASAP.06:56
bazhangsonofzeus, what version of ubuntu, where is it installed from06:56
bazhang!find opentracker06:56
ubottuPackage/file opentracker does not exist in quantal06:56
bazhangsonofzeus, that does not appear to be in the ubuntu software repos, where did you install it from06:57
sonofzeusHey Bazhang heres the link: http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/opentracker/06:57
sonofzeusIts a well know software in the P2P scene06:57
bazhangsonofzeus, it's 3rd party software then06:58
sonofzeusYep .06:58
bazhangsonofzeus, so contact the makers in their forums06:58
ejvwe're already at 13.04, my how time flies...06:58
bazhang!alis | sonofzeus have a search06:58
ubottusonofzeus have a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:58
sonofzeusHey all ,I've a torrent related issue anyone help me please.06:59
bazhangsonofzeus, what is the issue06:59
ejvwhy don't you ask the *real* question sonofzeus06:59
sonofzeusOkay I've lubuntu installed and I did everything mentioned over there but I dunno how to activate it and use it?07:00
Ben64sonofzeus: is this still about opentracker?07:00
bazhangsonofzeus, mentioned over where, what are you trying to do, what is "it"07:00
Ben64sonofzeus: read what you were told.... <bazhang> sonofzeus, so contact the makers in their forums07:00
ejvwe really should rename this channel to #mindreaders07:00
sonofzeusHehe sorry07:01
sonofzeusIm on a mobile cant type good.07:01
sonofzeusBye anyways07:01
F41LHerrow all you fellow clickityclackers, I've got a weird thing-a-ma-what going on with my laptop. I attempt to connect to a wifi network (fully expecting to get a password entry prompt), and all I get is "Activation of network connection failed" instead.07:01
nukkehave you had trouble connecting to this network before07:01
F41LI haven't connected to -any- network before. I've also tried several.07:03
F41LI also cannot open the network settings manager.07:03
F41L( aka, fresh install, fully apt-get update/upgrade'd07:04
ejvyour nick is so appropriate teehee ^_^07:06
nukkeF41L: make sure your have the correct drivers installed07:06
shivaniHi I am getting this error , seems to me like a socket problem , any fix ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600313/07:06
F41LQuite frankly, I've -rarely- ever had to muddle with drivers for linux. Typically they just... work.07:07
nukkeoh, i agree, especially on ubuntu it should be already preconfigured07:07
F41LOnly time I did, was this Validy Sensor 5011 I had to compile support for in fprintd07:07
F41LSooo, don't mind me if I say "what do?" when you say "check yer drivarz!"07:08
shivanigetting this error , seems to me like a socket problem , any fix ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600313/07:09
shivani^need it ASAP07:09
bazhangF41L, whats the chipset, is this an internal card or a usb dongle, lspci for the former, lsusb for the latter all to pastebin please07:09
bazhang!paste | F41L07:09
ubottuF41L: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:09
bazhangshivani, need what asap. describe the issue more fully07:10
chunkyheadafter installing the kde interface, when i logged in thru unity i noticed the default icons of the applications had changed and some applications were missing, any idea how to get them back?07:10
F41Lwellll, I do know that is -says- that it is a ralink rt5390 it/ir pcie07:10
bassgeishaidk if my laptop just doesnt want to read ubuntu dvds07:10
bassgeishadoesnt fit on a cd for me07:10
bassgeishatried the usb thing ignores it07:10
bazhangbassgeisha, nor does it for anyone07:11
shivanibazhang: I am running jhbuild, which needs to fetch a url , but it is giving me an error which I have pasted here -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600313/07:11
shivaniI need a fix for this error07:11
shivaniIs it a socket problem ?07:11
bazhangshivani, what exactly is jhbuild, what version of ubuntu, what did you expect it to do, what issue is there with a socket07:12
bassgeishaive got dvds and a usb flash drive, debian is installed. can i force run an install from debian07:12
eRIC__shivani try to telnet git.gnome.org 80 first07:12
bazhangbassgeisha, how are you writing it to usb stick07:12
bassgeishaiso to usb on winblows machine07:12
bassgeishaextracted it07:12
bazhangbassgeisha, you dont extract it07:13
shivanieRIC__ : telnet: could not resolve git.gnome.org:80/telnet: System error07:13
shivaniSo need a fix for this here07:13
bazhangbassgeisha, and why not do it on the debian machine07:13
Amnuriaktrying to get my monitors detected correctly again. drivers seem to be the issue here (tried opensource and the propert. drivers). my second monitor is never detected and my first one is always "laptop". graphics is a FirePro 2770 (ATI)07:13
F41Lbassgeisha, did you use universal usb installer? ( http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ )07:13
bassgeishano network acess07:13
bassgeishahrm no didnt know about that one07:14
F41LIt's really sweet.07:14
bazhangbassgeisha, you dont need network access to write a iso to usb stick07:14
bassgeishabut it doesnt seem to respond to dvd boot images?07:14
F41LI've never had luck DD-ing an ISO straight to a USB flash07:14
F41Ltry out the universal usb installer, it's the tits for doing linux-from-flash-drive07:14
bassgeishathe original debain install was cdrom im wondering if my dvd reader is kaput.07:14
nukkesome motherboards allow only booting from CDs, and not DVDs. it _could_ be that07:15
F41Lbazhang, did you get my earlier? It's a Ralink RT5390 PCIe (HP DV6-somethingorother)07:15
F41LAMD A6 quad laptop thingy.07:16
bassgeishayea and if ubuntu doesnt fit im up a creek07:16
nukkeubuntu's new release is 800mb, iirc, so you might be bust07:16
bassgeishayeah errrghh1!!07:16
F41LWhich makes me a sad panda.07:16
bassgeishanot sure why it doesnt have network access07:16
bassgeishaits got wifi and even a um07:17
bassgeishawifi card07:17
nukkehave you tried ethernet?07:17
Amnuriakcan anyone help me with my monitor problem ? I tried everything I found when searching the error messages (from the propert. drivers) but nothing worked so far07:17
bassgeishawell its linked ethernet supposedly from another pc07:17
bassgeishaits upstairs, far from the router07:17
bassgeishai can get it downstairs to the router if it req only initial setup07:18
bassgeishaits 3am07:19
bassgeishaive been working on this for hours.07:19
* bassgeisha is too tired to nerdrage07:19
ripthejackerunable to mount usb device and it's also not showing up in blkid07:20
ripthejackerplease help07:20
nukketry the device on another machine07:20
nukkemake sure the device is not damaged07:20
ripthejackernukke: it's showing up in fdisk so it's not damaged07:21
ripthejackeri think07:21
ripthejackerplease help07:22
bassgeishawondering at this point if i should just take out the harddrive lol07:22
regginswhats going wrong07:22
Amnuriak trying to get my monitors detected correctly again. drivers seem to be the issue here (tried opensource and the propert. drivers). my second monitorI tried everything I found when searching the error messages (from the propert. drivers) but nothing worked so far is never detected and my first one is always "laptop". graphics is a FirePro 2770 (ATI).07:22
Amnuriakhmpf, message got mixed..07:23
Amnuriaktrying to get my monitors detected correctly again. drivers seem to be the issue here (tried opensource and the propert. drivers). my second monitor is never detected and my first one is always "laptop". graphics is a FirePro 2770 (ATI). I tried everything I found when searching the error messages (from the propert. drivers) but nothing worked so far07:24
alecbI have a local premake4 executable on my path. which finds it correctly. ll tells me its mode is -rwxr-xr-x. I can cat it. but when I do ./premake4, I get "zsh: no such file or directory: ./premake4"07:24
regginscheck capitalization/how the file is named07:25
MonkeyDusttip: lsb_release -a no onger shows '13.04 developer branch', so I guess it's here07:25
alecbreggins: that's not the issue -- I'm just tab-completeting the name of the binary (it's the only file in the folder, I'm just doing ./<TAB>)07:25
yeehiAt what time today will Raring be released?07:27
F41LAnyone else care to try -n- take a crack at my weird issue with my network shennanigans?07:27
=== root is now known as Guest84273
Guest84273hey i am getting lua problem can any one tell me how to fix it?07:30
Guest84273any one ?07:30
bazhangGuest84273, try #lua07:30
Guest84273thank u07:31
Pitel_IPEXis there a channel for 13.04 release "party"?07:31
bazhang!party | Pitel_IPEX07:31
ubottuPitel_IPEX: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/07:31
Pitel_IPEXbazhang: thanks07:31
jensunwhen will 13,04 release?07:34
F41LIt gets delayed by 10 days every time someone asks that question.07:34
F41LSo basically. 2056 sometime.07:35
jensunI just want to know the time07:35
MonkeyDustjensun  it looks like it's here, my lsb_release no longer shows 'developer branch'07:35
F41L13 oclock.07:35
jensun13 oclock what time?07:36
F41Lgmt -2507:36
jensunIt's not listed in the official download07:36
F41LWho knows good sir, "when it's released"07:36
jensunAlright, thanks!07:37
shapeI can't Alt-Tab or minimuzet a game with the super key in Ubuntu, any ideas?07:37
=== Spaceghost is now known as Guest63420
ralifuck you07:40
Seven_Six_Twois there a way to download something from itunes in ubuntu? It's free.07:40
Seven_Six_Twoit won't even stream on the itunes.apple.com site07:41
wilee-nileeSeven_Six_Two, Supposedly the windows version runs on playonlinux07:42
Seven_Six_Twooh? Maybe I'll give it a shot07:43
contrapunctusHey folks...I have a Ubuntu 12.04 system, I need to update the graphics card (Intel HD graphics) drivers, which packages do I need to update?07:44
teodor98hey all07:45
shapeNevermind Alt+F9 works07:46
oooaaaoooohi guys07:46
=== Guest63420 is now known as Spaceghost
oooaaaooooanyone have any experience with rdp over https client in linux?07:46
chunkyheadcan anyone see this07:47
oooaaaoooochunkyhead: yes07:47
lens|workhi guys - i have multiple virtual hosts in my ubuntu box. is it possible to access them in lan using different ip address for each virtual host, so that i don't have to mess around with my hosts file ?07:47
chunkyheadthanks oooaaaoooo07:47
MonkeyDustlens|work  is that ubuntu server? if yes, better ask in #ubuntu-server07:48
teodor98i how can send a private message ?07:48
lens|workMonkeyDust okay thanks07:48
spydonWhat's the release party channel again?07:49
contrapunctusHey folks...I have a Ubuntu 12.04 system, I need to update the graphics card drivers (Intel HD graphics), which packages do I need to update?07:49
hyperrealQuestion:  Is Ubuntu 13.04 going to use systemd?07:49
hyperrealI'm asking because I noticed on DistroWatch systemd was listed as a package for 13.0407:50
shafoxhey guys , i am running on 10.04 lte version , last night i hit a problem with the display was gone, from starting to end. i am right now in the box, connecting the monitor with an external monitor device. how to get back the display in my laptop which includes the hp dv2000 series laptop07:51
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:51
hyperrealusually if the package isn't installed by default, they won't bother to list the version number07:51
Termanaspydon: the release party channel is suppose to be #ubuntu-release-party07:51
vnc786want to configure Simple DNS server for local lan can some one provide some links07:52
chunkyheaddoes anyone here knows how to bypass sonicwall??07:52
vnc786my setup : ubuntu 12.04 + DSL modem + no static ip07:52
hyperrealso is that a yes or a no on systemd?07:53
hyperrealthough i can't imagine theyd want to replace upstart already07:53
contrapunctushyperreal: What on earth is all this brouhaha over systemd/upstart? O.o07:54
shafoxcan someone help me get past that problem with the display ?? i am really worried..07:54
hyperrealcontrapunctus, read what i typed above07:54
hyperrealcontrapunctus i asked if systemd is going to be default on 13.0407:55
contrapunctushyperreal: I read that; you need to read my question - how does it affect users? O.o07:55
hyperrealcontrapunctus: Am I asking in the wrong channel?07:56
contrapunctushyperreal : Nope.07:57
hyperrealWell what the hell07:57
contrapunctusHey folks...I have a Ubuntu 12.04 system, I need to upgrade the graphics card drivers (Intel HD graphics), which packages do I need to upgrade?07:57
hyperrealall I want to know is if it's going to be default on 13.0407:57
bazhanghyperreal, no07:57
hyperrealbazhang - thanks07:57
hyperrealThe reason i asked is because on distrowatch they listed the version number for systemd under 13.04, which gave me the impression it was going to be default07:58
hyperrealbut anywho07:58
OerHekshyperreal, i read something about that, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMyMDE07:59
MrHatterWhat is an easy way to find out which files are being modified when you change switches in gnome ?07:59
=== jean is now known as Guest13210
yoojinpMrHatter: I would be interested to know too. I think there is a way to list every open file.08:00
qinMrHatter: do you know where more-less to look? find; lsof; inotify08:00
shafoxi am seeing a black screen or a very low brightness screen upon start the laptop, i am having intel integrated graphis. i am on lucid 10.0408:01
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mattnieyoojinp: are yo looking for "lsof"?08:02
=== ubuntu is now known as spydon
Amnuriakfolks, I'm really stuck on this.. no matter what I do, my monitors will not be detected correctly.. my driver seems to be behaving weird. In my Xorg.log I can see "fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@1:0:0) found"08:02
yoojinpI'm googling about it now. :D08:02
MrHatterqin: i.e if I change turn the screensaver off in gnome, I want to know which file is being modified08:02
MrHatterqin: inotify looks interesting08:03
qinMrHatter: something in .local, me thinks, you can use "live" inotifywait, or find by modification date, of slof gnoem-screensaver... or run it with starce08:04
chunkyheadwho ever msged me can you sent it again08:04
pk___so.. is final release on schedule?08:05
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Amnuriakcan anyone help me with this driver issue ?08:05
MonkeyDustAmnuriak  when someone knows the answer, s/he will help you - repeat the issue every 15 minutes or so, in one line08:07
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GinTonicoolhi,guys,how download youtube by using jdownloader, JD just get only 1M of the video,all elses are so08:09
=== `````````````` is now known as JoFo
sliddjurim running ubuntu 13.04 on virtualbox. it idles at 70% cpu. host os is win7. i have a winxp guest that use 3-5% idle cpu08:10
GinTonicoolnobody help me ?08:10
atplsx13.04 when release08:11
guierHello I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 for quite a while having Gnome 2.30.2. I have migrated to 12.04 recently but I have a problem I can't find a way to add "Go > History" so I can browse my past folders quickly as I had with Nautilus 2.30.1. I am using the fail-safe GNOME option. Is there a way to get History back on with Nautilus?08:11
bazhang!helpme | GinTonicool08:11
ubottuGinTonicool: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude08:11
bazhangatplsx, not known08:11
atplsxok thanks08:12
AmnuriakAny response regarding my graphics driver issue ? Had to reboot08:12
joelshHey. I'd really like to clone a usb disc that I have .. It's a bootable Windows 7 disc. I've tried with DD but I get error.. What to do?08:14
Adam765guys, wheres ubuntu 13.04, it should be out now08:15
Adam765http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown - you even say it your selfs08:15
fizzRadam, it's not the end of 25th all around the world yet, so relax :)08:16
MonkeyDust1:15 am in LA08:17
AmnuriakCan anyone read this at all ? o.O08:17
MonkeyDustAmnuriak  when someone knows the answer, s/he will help you - repeat the issue every 10 minutes or so, in one line08:17
Adam765I can't wait, i want it now, lol, it seem like a big deal this time, you have changes alot of things08:17
AmnuriakMonkeyDust: ok, thank you08:17
shafox laptop screen brightness is at lowest. in the settings the brightness is set max 100%. but still i cant make anything out of it whatever is displaying.08:19
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smoke_samba still good way to network between windwos and linux machine?08:24
smoke_or should i ssh?08:24
Atlantic777samba is still developed and becoming better, try it08:25
smoke_nm im just gonna ssh08:25
mattniesmoke_: it depends on your task ;) what do you want to do? data transfer?08:25
smoke_that was stupid question :)08:25
smoke_just some simple file transfer08:25
Atlantic777i use ssh (sftp) because I don't want to bother with setting up samba :P08:26
mattniesmoke_: samba is very easy to set up for simple tasks! And if once it is set up it is easier to transfare data between linux <-> windows! But this is only my opinion...08:27
smoke_yeah i used to use it a long long long time ago in slackware, but i think im just gonna ssh filetransfers08:27
ANubsmoke_:no need to setup smb if transfer is from Ubuntu --->>> Windows08:28
Atlantic777ANub: how is it so?08:29
Atlantic777I don't know what do you mean but sound interesting.08:29
ANubAtlantic777: I've not setup any.........and i can access any window machine ]08:30
Atlantic777ANub: ok, but how? :) If you want to share it with us. :D08:31
ANubPlaces---Connect to Server----Give IP and select Share option08:31
ANubPlaces---Connect to Server----Give IP and select Share option08:34
Atlantic777uhm... i think that it goes over smb that way.08:34
TheChistoso|2what's the username/password for an ubuntu cloud image deployed to an openstack implementation?08:34
TheChistoso|2"ubuntu/passw0rd" isn't working08:34
ANubAtlantic777: Yeah .........but only Smbclient is triggered and you dont have to configure it08:34
apm1, is it out08:36
smoke_im using lubuntu08:36
smoke_i dont have a places icon, i think thats a unity thing08:36
[S^K]I have installed ubuntu server on an Amazon EC2 instance, when I try to create a file using "sudo cat > file.conf" I get permission denied. sudo is working for all other command though. How can I fix this?08:36
apm1did you guys get rid of the bot ?08:36
TheChistoso|2S^K: try sudo "cat > file.conf"08:37
TheChistoso|2or run "sudo su -" first08:37
TheChistoso|2oh and what are you cat'ing?08:37
RedObsidian|AFKHi all, don't flame me for this but when will 13.04 be released? Thought it was meant to be today08:38
ANubsmoke: its nautilus command........."nautilus-connect-server"08:38
ANubsmoke: its nautilus command........."nautilus-connect-server"......try it08:38
apm1RedObsidian|AFK, its due today08:39
k1l_RedObsidian|AFK: just watch in #ubuntu-release-party08:39
DJonesRedObsidian|AFK: No specific time, I would expect sometime in the next 12 hours though08:39
hydrox24It should be released in the next few hours, lots of stuff on the website already acts like it's out of beta.08:39
nikolamanyone using linux/ubuntu version of team viewer?08:39
RedObsidian|AFKah! cheers for the info ;)08:39
ANubnikolam:....I use it08:40
nikolamI have problems with clipboard on windows target machines, if something is In clipboard preor connection on them08:40
nikolamcopy/paste does not work on them unless it was NOT copies something in clipboard otver TemViewer from linux, controlling machine08:41
nikolamDoes it happens to you that copy.paste is wreat on windows target machines with TViewer?08:41
ANubnikolam: I hve not chkd that feature ( :) ).......so cant comment08:42
nikolamseems like teamviewer bug but need to recheck it08:42
nikolamANub, you copy something on linux machine (clipboard), start teamviewer, connect to windows machine and check it copy/paste works for you in windows explorer08:43
hydrox24Try looking in "Extras > Options > Advanced" and make sure that Sync Clipboard is ticked.08:43
rudrabfriends, is there any dedicated channel for ubuntu phones?08:43
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:43
ANubnikolam: yeah....... I think it wont.........because controls are transferred......Does it work in Windows..?08:43
hydrox24nikolam: Try looking in "Extras > Options > Advanced" and make sure that Sync Clipboard is ticked.08:44
ANubhydrox24: mine is already checked08:44
nikolamit is, sync clipboards is checked, hydrox2408:45
ANubnikolam: Does it work in Windows..?08:46
nikolamit works if i DON't copy something to local clipboard, before starting teamviewer on linux08:46
nikolamANub, yes, it works locally.08:46
ANubnikolam: hmmmm..........wait lemme chk08:46
nikolamso it is confirmed, it is teamviewer bug on linux when connecting to windows08:46
nikolamANub, it works when TV is disconnected.. when connected with clipboard, it also does not work.08:47
hydrox24There's a good workaround (though when I say good, it sucks). Just paste the text into a text file, upload the file to the client and copy it out of the text file in teamviewer on the client.08:47
Neozonz|Discis there a yum package for litecoin?08:48
nikolamhydrox24, I close and restart TV session with no copied text and get it working untill next time i need to paste something from linux machine08:48
nikolamNeozonz|Disc, see packages.ubuntu.com, seraching ppa.ubuntu.com and see for project site of the app for packages/instructions.08:49
ANubnikolam: Ive chked it ........you can copy paste from remote to remote08:49
adrenalinkI have Ubuntu 10.04 and since the last update I can't access my gnome desktop. A login window appears to me but the only way to access the gnome deskop is to launch a "gnome emergency desktop". Is there a problem with the last update? (I also had auto-login at startup!)08:49
ANubnikolam: but from remote to local ....use file transfer function.........because controls are changed08:49
nikolamANub, yes, you can but it turns off local copy-paste on target windows machine , during the session08:49
Neozonz|Discppa.ubuntu.com cannot be found08:50
cfhowlettNeozonz|Disc, ppa ubuntu?  ppa is for 3rd party repositories, not official ubuntu repos ...08:50
nikolamNeozonz|Disc, I was thinking, you go to launchpad.net and search name of the program, to see if PPA is available08:50
ANubnikolam: you mean ubuntu..?08:51
k1l_Neozonz|Disc: it doesnt work that way you want.08:51
nikolamNeozonz|Disc, if you see what app developers say, maybe you could package it yourself and put into PPA to use for yourself and others08:51
Neozonz|Dischttps://launchpad.net/~litecoinppa/+archive/ppa < but this ppa doesn't contain any packages yet?08:51
k1l_Neozonz|Disc: neither yum, nor will the ppa.ubuntu.com url working08:51
nikolamNeozonz|Disc, PPA is different and unrelated to Ubuntu itself.08:52
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?08:52
nikolamNeozonz|Disc, learn how to build packages and put them into PPA08:52
k1l_Neozonz|Disc: then ask the maintianer of that PPA. ubuntu doesnt support that program08:52
Neozonz|Discok thanks08:52
adrenalink have Ubuntu 10.04 and since the last update I can't access my gnome desktop. A login window appears to me but the only way to access the gnome deskop is to launch a "gnome emergency desktop". Is there a problem with the last update? (I also had auto-login at startup!)08:53
lolcatadrenalink: use a newer version?08:54
nikolamadrenalink, try logging from console (Ctrl+Alt+F2 , F7 is desktop) and do sudo chown <username> /home/username -R  to check fiel permissions to your home dir.08:55
adrenalinkloicat: simple solution. But i need this one08:55
[S^K]TheChistoso: I am echoing an environment variable into a file for configuration purposes. e.g. sudo echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf but I always get permission denied08:55
nikolamadrenalink, LTS can be updated to 12.04 LTS. To my experience, even LTS update is awfully problematic.08:56
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adrenalinknikolam: i have read write access to all my home directory. So I think it's not the problem08:57
ubuntufan241When is the EXACT release time of 13.04 please?08:57
AtuMHello. I have a problem with 12.10 server not showing logon screen after boot.. i think this might be plymouth related, but don't know how to troubleshoot. i can logon using tty2 or ssh.08:57
k1l_ubuntufan241:  just watch in #ubuntu-release-party08:57
cfhowlettubuntufan241, perhaps ask in #ubuntu-server08:58
k1l_cfhowlett: no. dont forward them to ubuntu-server :/08:58
cfhowlettubuntufan241, ignore.  meant that for AtuM08:58
cfhowlettk1l_, eh?  Why?08:58
cfhowlettk1l_, oh, I see.08:59
AtuMI've asked in ubuntu-server, but there's no reply.. i believe that troubleshooting plymouth should be very similar08:59
adrenalinknikolam: it seems to be a problem with gdm http://superuser.com/questions/291044/cannot-login-in-graphical-mode-ubuntu-10-04-lts08:59
k1l_cfhowlett: refering to the release time questions08:59
cfhowlettk1l_, right.  I misread.  meant to suggest atuM ask about server issues in #server.  My mistake.09:01
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.09:01
k1l_cfhowlett: yep, saw that correction. no problem :)09:01
starbuckhello, why are there 2 personal address books in thunderbird by default?09:01
AtuMnikolam, i don't use gdm.. it's all command line09:02
=== query is now known as mca53
MonkeyDustAtuM  you're a geek09:02
nikolamAtuM, i use teamviewer on ubuntu in vbox. and X is on the host machine. :P there is no X in vbox, but I use ssh -X09:03
apm1startx is the best DM09:03
k1l_apm1: nope, not on ubuntu09:03
mca53How can i display more than one marker in google maps in my rails app09:03
nikolamapm1, I agree09:03
AtuMok, so noone knows how to troubleshoot plymouth?09:04
asgeir_its out :)09:05
MonkeyDustAtuM  "If no one answers right away, try the mailing list:  http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/plymouth | More information about plymouth:  http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth"09:06
AtuMtnx MonkeyDust09:06
mca53mongod raising geonear error in my app is there any solution to fix ?09:07
MonkeyDustmca53  are you devlopping?09:08
MonkeyDustmca53  try #ubuntu-app-devel09:08
mca53what is that ?09:08
MonkeyDustmca53  it's channel09:09
MonkeyDustmca53  it's a channel09:09
mca53will try it thanx09:09
AmnuriakTrying to get my monitors detected correctly again. My second monitor is not recognized at all and my first one is falsely detected as "Laptop". Tried opensource and propert. drivers (card: ATI FirePro 2770). I'm on Ubuntu 12.04. In /var/log/Xorg.0.log there is "fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@1:0:0) found"09:10
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joelshI'm afraid of rebooting my server now because I think that it will ask me to choose kernel when I start it.. then I have to have access to the server and press a key.. :/ how can I make this not happend?09:13
k1l_joelsh: it will boot the first kernel automatically after 10 seconds09:14
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AmnuriakTrying to get my monitors detected correctly again. My second monitor is not recognized at all and my first one is falsely detected as "Laptop". Tried opensource and propert. drivers (card: ATI FirePro 2770). I'm on Ubuntu 12.04. In /var/log/Xorg.0.log there is "fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0@1:0:0) found"09:30
exaltwhen will 13.04 be released ?09:31
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/09:31
ANubexalt: depending on your location............today or tomorrow09:32
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jonyhow can I clone an USB memory stick?09:34
belgianguyjony: dd or clonezilla?09:36
ANubjony: http://askubuntu.com/questions/186131/how-do-i-use-dd-to-clone-an-external-usb-drive-installation-to-a-local-hard-disk09:37
belgianguyI've used dd before to rescue some poor saps PhD documents09:38
belgianguy(well dd and photorec)09:38
jonyANub, ty09:39
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.09:47
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oupateddieI have a problem getting past my grub screen in 11.10 as machine does not read usb keyboard suddenly today after power failure. Booting from CD works but I can get past grub with direct boot. Any ideas09:49
oupateddiecan't* Sorry09:49
MonkeyDustis 11.10 still supported?09:50
ANuboupateddie: Perhaps your Grub partition is corrupt09:50
DJonesI think so for another week or so09:50
ANuboupateddie: Perhaps your Grub partition is corrupt.....reinstalling grub would help09:50
DJonesMonkeyDust: I think so for another week or so09:50
oupateddieOK how do I do that?09:51
oupateddieI am running 11.10 but booting from cd 12.0409:51
DJonesMonkeyDust: EOL is 9th May 201309:51
oupateddieI just want to get back into the machine on 11.10 and then upgrade to 12.0409:52
ANub<oupateddie> have a look at this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair09:52
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userWhen will ubuntu 13.04 be released?09:58
DJones!party | user09:59
ubottuuser: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/09:59
root___11where to get packages for linux10:00
BlackDalekHelp! I am trying to flash a PC's BIOS using the method of booting freeDOS from a USB stick... But I have no idea how to copy the BIOS utility to the freeDOS USB stick... any clues?10:00
ANubroot____11: use ubuntu software center10:01
DJonesroot___11: Packages for what? You can use Software Centre to find software to install10:01
root___11i just forgot the name of the web site10:01
root___11where i get all the package as i need10:02
DJonesroot___11: There is packages.ubuntu.com that download packages for offline installation10:02
root___11does it works only for ubuntu or other too?10:02
DJonesroot___11: They're ubuntu packages10:03
k1l_root___11: that is for ubuntu. for others ask the others support10:03
k1l_!rootirc | root___1110:03
ubotturoot___11: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.10:03
ANububottu : funny10:04
ubottuYou might think your joke is funny, but you may confuse new users who follow your advice or irritate people who attempt to answer your question.10:04
jonywhen will be released the 13.04?10:09
snuggltoday, according to the plan10:10
snugglbut its still broken for me so i hope there will be another update10:10
MonkeyDusttoday = 24h10:10
DJonesjony: At some point today, there's no specific release time, you can join #ubuntu-release-party to await the release10:10
BlackDalekhelp... I used unetbootin to create a bootable FreeDOS USB stick.... HOW do I copy my BIOS flash utility to it???? The directory I see when it is mounted under Ubuntu is totally different to what I see when I boot the computer using the USB....10:10
snugglBlackDalek: your USB-sick root is in /cdrom once you have booted ubuntu10:11
MissValeskaI think I have a corrupted Ubuntu partition of sorts.10:12
BlackDaleksnuggl why? Isn't /cdrom my DVD drive (empty)?10:13
snugglBlackDalek: probably legacy reasons10:14
snuggllike, some installer thingies only read from /cdrom, idk10:14
MonkeyDustMissValeska  sda10 ? 10 partitions?10:14
MissValeskaI don't think so10:15
MissValeskaHmm, I guess I have eleven.10:16
ArnoldEven an extended partition takes up one device number.10:16
MissValeskaI have a EFI partition (This is a macbook) and a Macbook recovery partition.10:17
MonkeyDustMissValeska  type sudo apt-get install pastebinit;sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here10:17
Paddy_NIHas Ubuntu 13.04 been released yet?10:17
MonkeyDustPaddy_NI  any time now10:17
k1l_!party | Paddy_NI10:17
ubottuPaddy_NI: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/10:17
Paddy_NIokay cool10:17
DJonesPaddy_NI: GIve it another few hours10:18
guierHello I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 for quite a while having Gnome 2.30.2. I have migrated to 12.04 recently but I have a problem I can't find a way to add "Go > History" so I can browse my past folders quickly as I had with Nautilus 2.30.1. I am using the fail-safe GNOME option. Is there a way to get History back on with Nautilus?10:18
Paddy_NIMonkeyDust, I used to love that show by the way10:18
Paddy_NIMonkeyDust, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386224/10:18
acjoin #ubuntu-release-party10:19
iLogicalwhen is it coming out10:20
belgianguyac first /10:20
k1l_ac you missed the / in fron of join10:20
belgianguy /join #channel10:20
DJones!party | iLogical10:20
ubottuiLogical: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/10:20
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ArnoldMissValeska, hmm. Apparently it has one GPT header partition, one Mac OS X partition, one Mac OS X recovery partition and the Linux one (which I presume it's Ubuntu)10:20
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+110:20
BlackDaleksnuggl, I don't think that worked... I copied files to the /cdrom directory, but it does not seem to be the USB stick. The /cdrom directory and files are still present at that location even AFTER the USB stick is ejected.10:20
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+110:22
MissValeskaYes, Ubuntu10:22
MissValeskaI do, However, Have seven EXT4 partitions10:22
MissValeskaAll of which contain Ubuntu10:23
belgianguya seperate install on each?10:23
ArnoldI did notice something strange, though. The end sector number. It wasn't the same as the total one.10:23
Atlantic777Hi! After a power issue, resolution got messed up, there are only 640x480 and 320x240 and I need 1024x768. It's an old nvidia gpu with proprietary drivers and lubuntu 12.04. Any ideas how to fix that?10:23
DrGrovHi everyone.10:24
Kajoverhi, is ubuntu 13.04 already out on the ftp server?10:24
Atlantic777Kajover: join #ubuntu-release-party10:24
DJonesKajover: No, its not10:24
Kajoverhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ <- because it looks like it is10:24
DrGrovI am having a problem, running Ubuntu 12.04 and my computer won't turn on at all. Just flashing a red light upon startup and no BIOS screen. What can I do?10:25
k1l_Kajover: no its not out yet10:25
k1l_Kajover: wait in #ubuntu-release-party for the official announce10:25
k1l_Kajover: and refuse to paste links, thanks10:25
belgianguyDrGrov: make Ubuntu LiveCD/LiveUSB, boot from it, Backup everything you need, then start fixing10:25
Kajoverah ok10:25
belgianguyMissValeska: anything that might have caused that faillure?10:26
MissValeskaI don't remember, It happened months ago.10:27
DrGrovbelgianguy: Well I can not even access my CD/DVD, it does not boot up from them either.10:27
MissValeskaI ALWAYS have problems on this computer10:28
MissValeskaI install Ubuntu, And, I think it is gaurenteed now10:28
BlackDalekHelp!!! HOW do I copy files to a bootable FreeDOS USB stick created using unetbootin???? I need to copy the files to it so that they show up once the PC is booted from USB???10:28
MissValeskaIt will, Eventually, Have a problem which makes it unusable10:28
ubottuBlackDalek: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence10:29
vekexasiahello how can i force a package to be installed withouth checking its dependencies?10:29
DrGrovI did not install any updates. It just won't start, what can I do about the BIOS when it does not boot up at all? Just has a blinking red light shown and nothing happens.10:29
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belgianguyDrGrov: that seems odd, if you can't get into the BIOS, you have hardware problems, I'm afraid10:30
belgianguyDrGrov: do you see anything appear on screen?10:31
DrGrovbelgianguy: No, I do not see anything appearing on screen. Should I remove all cables etc. and wait and try again?10:31
belgianguyDrGrov: is this an old computer?10:31
DrGrovbelgianguy: No, not particularly old. It is a server machine, a HP xw9300 Workstation.10:32
belgianguyDrGrov: does it beep or flash a led in certain sequence?10:32
BlackDalekcfhowlett, I do not understand what is meant by 'persistent file storage'10:32
cfhowlettBlackDalek, you wanted storage of files on your usb, i.e. persistent storage10:33
DrGrovbelgianguy: Yes, it flashes a led in red color upon startup in a sequence it seems. It flashes it like something is stuck. A few seconds and stops and starts again.10:33
belgianguyDrGrov: try looking online for what that sequence means10:33
DrGrovbelgianguy: Okay, I will look. Thanks.10:34
belgianguyDrGrov: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=110&prodSeriesId=459226&prodTypeId=12454&objectID=c0030033510:34
DrGrovbelgianguy: Thanks :)10:34
izxI want to view all the packages which is installed after installation of OS excluding its dependencies.. How do i list it??10:34
cfhowlettizx, dpkg -l10:35
ejvdpkg --get-selections10:35
cfhowlettejv, even better.  thanks for correction10:36
DrGrovbelgianguy: Okay, I got it. It is processor thermal protection activated. Ok, then I gotta figure that one out.10:36
BlackDalekcfhowlett, ok.. but I don't have a linux USB live CD.. it's a FreeDOS USB - so is that page even relevant?10:36
DrGrovbelgianguy: It was going really warm last night, had it running for a long time.10:36
ejvcfhowlett: ;)10:37
ejvcfhowlett: I believe -l takes an additional argument/parameter to function10:37
izxejv: Both the command lists all packages, i just want to view the additional packages which is installed after the default installation..10:37
izxlike samba shutter ubuntu-restricted etc..10:37
cfhowlettBlackDalek, error ... I don't know.  Silly me, assumed the process was the same.  best check with freedos10:38
bviany clue when 13.04 will hit the servers ?10:38
cfhowlettbvi, soon.10:38
DJones!party | bvi10:38
ubottubvi: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/10:38
zvacetizx: I don´t know how t odo it without list of packages installed by default10:38
ejvizx: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install \"10:38
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
bvivool :-)10:38
ejvizx: analyze timestamps10:38
zvacetizx:if you can get that list it will be easy just diff10:39
BlackDaleksomeone told me copying the files to /cdrom directory would copy to my FreeDOS USB stick, but that turned out to be bollocks.10:39
cfhowlettizx, see http://cpuug.org/index.php?topic=219.010:39
MadsRCHi Guys, need some help. I recently got a USB recovery usb from HP, and after I'm done using it I want to see if it can be formated and used as a usb pen. Problem is that the usb pen is recognized as a CDrom drive in both windows and Linux... Do youk now any way to format it? I've tried fdisk and dd, both saying that it is read only :(10:40
ejvizx: sry *installed*10:40
ejvnot install10:40
ejvizx: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ installed \"10:41
DrGrovbelgianguy: Is there anything I can do for that issue? If it is then the power supply having a power failure... Can that somehow be fixed just by waiting and letting it cool down?10:41
belgianguyDrGrov: I'd replace it if I were you, or was this machine opened recently?10:44
belgianguyif not opened recently, I'd say replace the PSU10:44
DrGrovbelgianguy: How you mean opened recently?10:45
DrGrovbelgianguy: I cleaned it a few weeks ago, removing most of the dust inside.10:45
belgianguyDrGrov: do you have another workstation like that?10:46
DrGrovbelgianguy: No, just that one.10:47
knightshadeDrGrov: have you added any new hardware recently? if so, the power supply could be to weak10:48
ggherdovHi all. why my ubuntu 12.10 update-manager isn't proposing me the update to 13.04 yet ?10:49
k1l_ggherdov: its not out yet10:49
ggherdovk1l_: ok10:49
DrGrovknightshade: No, I have not actually added anything. Good point to remind me.10:49
DrGrovknightshade: What can I actually do while it is overloaded? Does something help at all?10:49
LeightonJust in case anyone was looking for 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/10:50
belgianguyDrGrov: most likely something physically broke in the PSU, and it can only fixed by replacing it AFAIK10:50
belgianguyunless it has a fuse of some sort10:50
belgianguybut I doubt it10:50
k1l_Leighton: dont post urls untill the official release10:50
Leightonk1l_: oh, sorry10:51
DrGrovbelgianguy: But how would something break and just worked perfectly well 6 hours ago?10:51
varikonniemiso are the 13.04 isos final, and only the announcement is missing?10:52
DJonesvarikonniemi: Its not been announced yet, so assume not10:52
MonkeyDustvarikonniemi  any moment now10:52
varikonniemilooks final to me10:52
belgianguyDrGrov: things break...10:52
k1l_varikonniemi: just qait for the announcment in #ubuntu-release-party10:52
DrGrovbelgianguy: Well yes, they do =)10:53
DrGrovbelgianguy: I will clean it out again and unplug it and leave it for a bit to see what happens.10:53
jose-gregoriohi guys10:53
belgianguyDrGrov: I'd say try with another PSU, but that might break more10:53
belgianguy(they need to have the same output at least)10:53
belgianguyDrGrov: good luck10:54
aaddhi I was trying to download realtek linux drivers and I couldn't reach the download server10:54
aaddis it working for anyone else?10:54
FloodBot1aadd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:54
DrGrovbelgianguy: Thank you.10:54
cfhowlettaadd, works for me10:54
jose-gregoriohow install warcraft 3?10:54
aaddwere you able to download the file?10:54
MonkeyDust!who | aadd10:55
ubottuaadd: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:55
aaddubottu, I'm new to IRC. Thanks for the tip10:56
ubottuaadd: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:56
aaddcfhowlett, were you able to download the files under RTL8188CE?10:57
moppersok so i see rarign ISOs are up. does it work?10:59
moppersshould i wait for the first patch or go now?10:59
aaddIs anyone able to download the Linux drivers from http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=48&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#2722 for    RTL8188CE?10:59
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starbuckhi, why are there 2 personal address books in thunderbird by fefault?10:59
k1l_moppers: at least you should wait for th official announcment10:59
k1l_aadd: that is better asked in #ubuntu-offtopic since its not a ubuntu problem11:00
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.11:00
moppersaadd, successfully downloading but slow11:00
moppersaadd, i clicked all 6 mirrors though and cancelled the others after 1 started11:01
aaddThe server refuses the connection everytime I try to download it11:01
moppersaadd, i am currently in UK if that makes a difference11:01
cfhowlettaadd, it's not out yet!11:01
aaddmoppers, is there anyone you can send it to me?11:01
cfhowlettaadd, never mind, wrong thread.11:01
cfhowlettaadd, I could see it but did not attempt download11:02
moppersaadd, i will pm you link i am downloading from, and when it arrives, a dropbox link to the file11:02
k1l_aadd: last time now. downloading site problems are no ubuntu problems11:02
ubottumoppers,: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:02
aaddmoppers, that would be great. Thank you :)11:02
ubottuapm1, please see my private message11:02
sliddjurim running ubuntu 13.04 on virtualbox. it idles at 70% cpu. host os is win7. i have a winxp guest that use 3-5% idle cpu. how can I improve this?11:02
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。11:02
Wusel_is it possible to restrict a user from creating subdirectorys? creating files should still be possible11:03
apm1i got a cookie anyway XD11:03
aaddubottu, how do I see private messages?11:03
ubottuaadd: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:03
cfhowlettsliddjur, well for one, wait for then install the final release11:04
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
sliddjurcfhowlett: ubuntu 12.10 is the same :s11:04
moppersthe final release ISOs are up11:05
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.11:06
apm1moppers, lier11:06
cfhowlettmoppers, nope.  waiting official announcement11:06
apm1torrents will be as fast as the direct links will be slow11:07
lars_t_hcfhowlett, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/13.04/release/ - "release" means the final release, true?11:08
habananyhi guys , can anybody tell me if this is the right link to download ubuntu for usb  raring-desktop-armhf+omap4.img       24-Apr-2013 18:27  663M  Desktop image for Texas Instruments OMAP4 (Hard-Float) computers (USB image)11:09
Myrttiit's not out until the official announcement is done.11:09
DJoneslars_t_h: Its not announced yet, there can still be changes11:09
habananyi have always used this one PC (Intel x86) desktop image For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors. Choose this if you are at all unsure.11:10
lars_t_hDJones, ok but a lot of date+time stamps say 25-Apr-2013 10:3511:10
cfhowlettlars_t_h, when it's announced ... it's official.  till then ...11:11
minas_if your pc is 32bit, download the x86 version, regardless of CPU type. if it is 611:11
habananyforgot to mention , im interested in the daily buid11:12
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.11:12
moppersso the iso here is not the final one? http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/ ... also do-release-uprade is now working for me without -d ? is it out or not?11:12
aaddI need help! I'm not able to download the RTL8188CE drivers for linux from the Realtek server. Can someone help me download it?11:12
Dr_willismoppers,  untill its officially released this channel will tell you to 'wait'11:13
linusoleanderAnyone know how to use monit to monitor postfix?11:14
aaddI need help! I'm not able to download the RTL8188CE drivers for linux from the Realtek server. Can someone help me download it?11:15
ketan985How much time is remaining  in Ubuntu 13.04 launching ?11:15
k1l_aadd: last warning now: this is not the right channel for downloadin problems. so ask in offtopic11:16
DJonesketan985: Could be hours yet, join #ubuntu-release-party for discussion & partying though11:16
ketan985ok Thanks11:16
raven_rsync: how to backup to a remotehost via ssh with custom sshport?11:16
BlackDalekwhat is the EASIEST way for an Ubuntu machine to run a BIOS flash utility which has been made to run under DOS?11:17
k1l_raven_: ssh -p or -P11:17
lnxslckBlackDalek, put the bios on a cdrom and boot from it11:17
k1l_(and then the port number)11:18
Dr_willisBlackDalek,  a freedos live cd - if it must run from dos.11:18
raven_k1l_, what is the full syntax?11:18
k1l_raven_: what full syntax?11:18
lars_t_hDJones, thx for telling about #ubuntu-release-party11:19
raven_k1l_, where to put in the ssh command, how to set the dirs and so on11:19
BlackDalekDr_willis, I am currently struggling with trying to get the BIOS Flash utility onto the FreeDOS USB stick... it seems to be impossible...11:19
raven_k1l_, the full rsync command11:19
ANubraven_: you can try rsync.......its much more versatile for data backup11:20
gazzwi86So I'm trying to install something but Im not sure what the process should be: https://github.com/lastfm/Fingerprinter11:20
gazzwi86I presumed apt-get should install the libraries required, but no luck there.11:21
alexandros_chas anyone upgraded from 12.10 13.04/11:21
k1l_raven_: rsync -some_operators_here_with_-e_for_ssh ssh -p 123456 /path/to/dir user@example.com:/path/to/dir11:21
k1l_alexandros_c: its not  released yet. and general chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please11:21
alexandros_cthanks kill11:22
cfhowlettvibhav, https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu5ggqu2fges797/GrumpyCow.jpg11:23
cfhowlettubu, greetings11:27
apm1from planet earth11:28
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  no, it's not out yet ;)11:28
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.11:28
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: oh lordy11:28
apm1ActionParsnip, syntax error11:28
apm1it goes like "oh Lawdy lawd"11:29
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ubui'm having an issue with CIFS, it used to just work but now my machine gets stuck booting up and never completes the boot process cause it's stuck on a CIFS VFS error -10111:29
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belgianguyMonkeyDust: now look what you've done :p11:30
=== olegb_ is now known as olegb
ywrmnwhat's the "R" release today?11:30
anewwhen you set a crontab, is it set from the moment you make it? like if i set it every 12 hours, is it every 12 hours from the moment i save or is it set to some internal clock11:30
ywrmnRunty Rabbit?11:30
k1l_apm1: please stop that release topic in here. we have #ubuntu-release-party for that11:31
apm1k11_ sorry11:31
k1l_ywrmn: raring ringtail is its name11:31
ywrmnrar, as in the file format?11:31
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apm1ranty rabbit11:32
cfhowlettnext up: slitherin serpent11:32
meerkathuh. so the next release is SS?11:33
hangman5950any one able to take some time to help me w a networking issue on my ubunt11:33
Rahasb help me11:33
Dr_williscfhowlett,  soapy slug11:33
Rahai want to setip kali on vmware11:33
Rahaand the file is gz11:33
Rahathe vm didnt know that11:33
Dr_willisRaha,  and whats Kali?11:33
iorweth_13.04 release delayed?11:34
hangman5950need help!!!!!!!!!!11:34
RahaKALI is ke a distributed11:34
senthil_hi i need help on vim.. i am new to irc11:34
cfhowlettiorweth_, it'll be released 04/25/13 ...11:34
hangman5950vm ubuntu help please11:34
Dr_willisRaha,  you chould be in whatever Channel does Kali Support. since its not an official ubuntu variant. so not supported here.11:34
iorweth_wich is today cfhowlett11:34
Dr_willisiorweth_,  it will be out when its out.11:34
belgianguyurff, I'm going to do the sane things and get stuff done11:34
meerkatwhat happens for release 17.10?11:34
cfhowlettiorweth_, until midnight so be patient11:35
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/11:35
hangman595012.04 ubuntu on vm help please11:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:35
Dr_willishangman5950,  you should state the actual problem11:35
Rahai know that but i didnt find the channel11:35
ActionParsniphangman5950: what are you using to virtualise as well please11:36
meerkat17.04 is zz, does it start over on AA?11:36
k1l_meerkat: that is offtopic in here11:36
meerkathow so?11:37
Dr_willisRaha,  check its web site to see if it even has a channel or forums11:37
hangman5950ok I installed ubuntu on my VM and I try to access the server for my files thru it but when I click it says it needs a password and their isnt one on my server so i hit continue and nothing tried also admin-password and admin-admin but no luck11:37
ActionParsnipmeerkat: this is people with system issues11:37
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k1l_meerkat: this is a technical support channel. try #ubuntu-offtopic11:37
ActionParsniphangman5950: what service are you using to share files?11:37
ActionParsniphangman5950: what are you using to virtualize?11:37
hangman5950oraclebox and its my server on my network to keep up the site and hold my work files11:38
ActionParsniphangman5950: ok, virtualbox ;)11:38
ActionParsniphangman5950: what are you using to share files wth? samba? sftp? ftp?11:39
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
ActionParsniphangman5950: what have you used to connect to the FTP service?11:39
hangman5950all i want is to log on to it.11:39
hangman5950an ethernet cable from my office to the server11:40
olegbhangman5950: have you created a user for the login ?11:40
Rahaneed helpppppppp11:40
hangman5950no its just my name and the workgroup. I am connected thru wwindows11:41
Rahaperl or python for be a good sysadmin?11:41
Dr_willisRaha,  yes to both11:41
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
ActionParsniphangman5950: no, what client application on the windows side>11:41
k1l_!away > derWachert11:42
ubottuderWachert, please see my private message11:42
hangman5950idk man I just open my computer click network and their it is in windows but not in network it will let me see the network but let me onto the server11:42
olegbhangman5950: you need a user to login (or setup anonymous access)11:42
Rahaat last i  will learn both but know for the firt which one11:43
ActionParsniphangman5950: try filezilla under Windows11:43
ActionParsniphangman5950: or even Firefox, handles it well11:43
Dr_willisRaha,  if you have totally zero programing experience.. start with python11:43
RahaDR_willis i found that its #kali11:43
anewwhen you set a crontab, is it set from the moment you make it? like if i set it every 12 hours, is it every 12 hours from the moment i save or is it set to some internal clock11:44
hangman5950but how? I am new to ubuntu I didnt connect to a network last time i had this installed on my laptop11:44
Rahai didnt really programming pro, but k know all concepts11:45
jribanew: internal clock11:45
ActionParsniphangman5950: install filezila and connect to the IP you have on the virtual system11:45
anewjrib so when i set it for every 6 hours, it's every 6 hours sstarting from what time ?11:46
jribanew: no.11:46
ActionParsniphangman5950: if you set the network as bridged rather than NAT, it will take an IP from your router and seem like another PC attached to your LAN11:46
hangman5950when I install on VM shoul i use Virtual disc image, virtual machine disk, or virtual hard disk11:46
Rahai think it's better to learn python first, but there is a lot of scrips in liux by perl so i am confuse to choose11:46
anewno ?11:46
jribanew: I'm not sure what you want me to say.11:47
ActionParsniphangman5950: surely this si already done11:47
ActionParsniphangman5950: if you are unsure, the defaults are fine11:47
hangman5950yeah but I want to make sure I chose corectly11:47
anewjrib no what ... if i set it for every 6 hours, it's every 6 hours starting from what time11:47
hangman5950well whats the differnece in them11:47
jribanew: you gave two alternatives.  1) it's from the moment you set it or 2) it's internal time (which is ambiguous but presumably, is not the same as 1.  I said it was (2) and you asked me if it was (1).  Here, maybe the man page clears it up for you: Commands  are  executed by cron(8) when the minute, hour, and month of year fields match the current time, and when at least one of  the  two day  fields (day of11:48
jribmonth, or day of week) match the current time11:48
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Dr_willisRaha,  flip a coin.11:48
ActionParsniphangman5950: try filezilla as a client to the FTP server, it is free11:49
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ActionParsnipRaha: learn one, then the other,11:49
cristian_cI can't browse my android device via bluetooth11:49
jribanew: do you understand?11:49
cristian_cI've found 'Browse Files on Device'11:49
=== Padraig_ is now known as VampiricPadraig
cristian_cbut I get an error11:50
Rahaperl is more easy yes?? it takes a long time to finish python and go to perl!11:50
jribanew: when you say something like every two hours (*/2), that just gets translated to 0,2,4,6,...,2211:50
cristian_cAny ideas?11:50
anewyes but my second question is not yes or no.  if i set it for every x hours or every 30 minutes... .it's every 30 minutes starting frmo what time11:50
Dr_williscristian_c,  check out airdroid and you will never want to mess with bluetooth11:50
anewright now it's 1400, if i set a crontab for every 2 hours, when will it run11:50
sixbbis there a channel for mirror operators?11:50
jribanew: see my last reply11:50
cristian_cDr_willis, but I have not to connect through internet11:51
anewno i mean .... i must be asking this weird11:51
cristian_cDr_willis, but locally11:51
Dr_williscristian_c,  no local router for both to connect to? shame.11:51
anewjrib if i set it for every 12 hours, when will the first crontab run.  12 hours from the exact moment i hit save or 12 hours from .... (fill in the blank if you know)11:51
Dr_willisanew,  it dosent care when you 'save'11:51
jribanew: do you understand when it would run if you set the hour field to "0,2,4,6,...,22" (with the ... appropriately filled in)?11:51
anewyes but what determines what is an hour !11:52
moppersthe system clock11:52
jribanew: can you answer my last question?  I'm not sure where you are confused11:52
starbuck33hey, anybody having trouble seeing the facebook contacts in pidgin?11:52
torch1it's not every 12 hours. It's at 12 o,clock11:53
Draxelisanyone use NOD32?11:53
ActionParsnipstarbuck33: have you tried renaming the pidgin profile folder after closing the app completely and setting up a new profile (just to test)11:53
anewtorch1 so if i set it for every 3 hours, it's not every 3 hours... it's at 12,3, 6 etc11:53
anewwith those numbers being the time on the server11:54
Dr_willis24 hrs /3 => ever X oclock11:54
Dr_willisevery X Oclock11:54
anewso if i save the crontab at 11:59 and make it for every hour, the crontab will run in one minute ?11:54
shapeZOMG: http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/11:54
jribanew: yes (for the third time)11:54
Dr_willisanew,  possibily11:54
anewpossibly or yes ....11:54
ActionParsnipshape: #ubuntu+1 for anything raring please11:54
torch1sorry, missed the first part where you said /1211:54
Dr_willisthe time dosent matter.. cron is not acurate to the 'second' either.. i recall it has a bit of a leeway11:55
ActionParsnipshape: it will also be EOL before Quantal, so I wouldn't get massively excited11:55
anewok so cron is not being run in x hours, it's actually being run by server time which is the fields ur setting11:55
anewi get it now thx11:55
starbuck33ActionParsnip: nope, but i tried to remove tha account and made a new one.... the thing is, if i show ofline buddies it shows all the fb contacts, and some of them are online... but it doesnt't show the online fb buddies when when the "show offline contacts" option is not activated in pidgin11:55
ActionParsnipstarbuck33: not a new account, a new profile folder for all of Pidgin. There is a difference11:57
starbuck33ok, i try that11:57
ActionParsnipstarbuck33: close pidgin and run:   mv ~/.purple ~/.purple_old11:57
__mikehi guys11:57
ActionParsnipstarbuck33: then launch pidgin11:57
TuxVarmariWho pinged me11:58
starbuck33ActionParsnip: ok, i'm onto it11:58
TuxVarmariBecause I'm gonna hunt you down11:58
TuxVarmarioh. netsplit. makes sense.11:58
ActionParsnipTuxVarmari: not hard, the channel is logged...11:58
__mikecan i ask a question?11:58
ActionParsnip__mike: as long as its ubuntu support based, yes :)11:58
shape!ask | mike11:59
ubottumike: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:59
Rahai started linux 3 months ago12:00
Rahai have LPIC-1 Certificate now12:00
Rahabut i have no experience in linux12:00
Rahahow can i improve my exp..12:00
Dr_willismakes us wonder what you hve been doing for 3 months12:01
ActionParsnipRaha: use the OS12:01
k1l_Raha: just use a linux. and since you ask in #ubuntu use ubuntu12:01
Rahai am using os12:01
defektRaha: that your certificate and burn it12:01
k1l_Raha: and for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic12:02
Rahamy desk top is ubuntu don worry12:02
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!12:02
Rahabut i want to be a system administrator12:03
MadMurkaaI believe this link here describes both the problem I'm experience, and also the solution that I need. However I don't understand how to apply the solution. Can anybody help please? http://www.irbs.net/internet/postfix/0501/1538.html12:03
k1l_!ot | Raha12:03
ubottuRaha: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:03
anewcheck if a cron is running is: ps aux | grep cron12:04
__mikewhere can I find backtrack irc channel?12:04
DJones!backtrack | __mike12:04
ubottu__mike: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:04
Rahaubottu  .. your last sentece  means  stop asking here?12:04
ubottuRaha: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:04
joeytwid1le_anew: there is also pgrep for scripts12:05
syntroPiWhen will be the release of Raring Ringtail?12:05
joeytwid1le_Raha: install some services, administer them a bit :)12:05
syntroPiWikipedia states its today?12:05
DJones!party | syntroPi12:05
ubottusyntroPi: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/12:05
Rahajoeytwid1le: yes i want to make a list  of services for network and  run them12:06
MonkeyDustsyntroPi  if wikipedia says it, then it *must* be true12:08
Dr_willis*citation needed*12:08
ubuok, i just made my fstab have noauto for the smb shares and then i added mount /media/foo and mount /media/foo1 to my rc.local file. all is well again12:08
joeytwid1le_MadMurkaa: if you want to write to that folder, you will need to set the user/group to postfix:postdrop instead of 12345:54321  I don't know where you set those silly numbers, but you could try: grep 54321 /etc/ -r12:08
syntroPiMonkeyDust, hahaha approximately most of the time: YES12:08
syntroPiYAY speaking of: it just was released !!!12:09
whitewolf_Hi there , I need help with smthng related to torrents anyone pls pm me.12:09
syntroPithe moment we are speaking...12:09
Dr_willisNot untill the ops in here say so syntroPi12:09
syntroPilook at the website12:10
MonkeyDustthe ubuntu homepage has changed to rating, ok12:10
Dr_willisdosent matter...... wait for it...12:10
jribanew: what do you want to do?12:10
anewjrib i want to just check if my cron is running or not12:10
jribanew: you want to check if the cron daemon is running?12:10
anewno, my specific script12:10
GreenTuxer13.04 is officially out12:11
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/12:11
GreenTuxerfor those who didn't notice12:11
MyrttiGreenTuxer: great, time to party at #ubuntu-release-party then12:11
jribanew: cron should log to /var/log/syslog12:11
darrynvantondercheck the cron log?12:12
whitewolf_Anyone use torrents here?12:12
whitewolf_I need to set a torrent related software on ubuntu.12:12
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P12:12
whitewolf_Nah its not a torrent client12:13
whitewolf_I want to set a torrent tracker software on my machine.12:13
=== derWachert is now known as derWachert|BNC
the_kicki cannot update my nautilus to 3.6 for love nor money12:13
the_kicktired adding the ppa etc12:14
the_kickstuck at 3.4.212:14
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
compdocwelp, Im d/l 13.04 Server. Hope I like it12:15
X-tonicWhat time is the release?12:15
X-tonicstable out?12:15
starbuckActionParsnip: does pidgin with FB work for you?12:15
DJonesX-tonic: Its already out12:15
compdocjust got the email12:15
=== TheRainbowDusk is now known as Rarity
userDoes Bumblebee 3.1 work with the new Ubuntu Release? I know there are some issues with the 3.2 Version of BUmblebee12:16
BluesKajwhitewolf_, twatch12:16
chxanewoo 13.04 live12:17
tyroghttp://www.ubuntu.com/ its here :)12:17
whitewolf_whats twatch12:17
BluesKajwhitewolf_, look it up in your package manager12:19
Chris___Hi Community!12:20
wankstahow to format media using command line via terminal12:21
Chris___have a little bit problems with getting multithreaded downloads via xargs or parallel work with an ul-list file with much parameters... seems that parameters in inputfile aren't recognised or misinterpreted. Somebody here which has any experiences in this case?12:21
whitewolf_Hey blueskaj sorry for the misunderstanding , I dont want a tracker I wanna install opentracker to create my own tracker on my machine.12:21
whitewolf_I hope thats clear12:22
cfhowlettwanksta, I think mkfs is what you want12:22
BluesKajthen you should have said so, whitewolf_ , sorry can't help there , maybe someone else can.12:22
moppersgahh scroll to switch isn't working still12:22
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:23
whitewolf_Its okay kaj ill find someone else12:23
moppersis raring supposed to have that or not?12:23
wankstacfhowlett,  does need to be rooted12:23
Chris___Thats an exampleline of the input file:   --limit-rate=10000 --header="accept-encoding: gzip" -t10 -T10 "http://uni106.ogame.se/api/players.xml" -O "/usr/share/nginx/www/xmltemp/uni106.ogame.se-players.xml.gz"12:23
cfhowlettwanksta, probably12:23
moppersi am supposed to be able to hover over a launcher icon with multiple windows, and middle mouse wheel to swap between them?12:23
=== gstudent2 is now known as germanstudent
moppersDr_willis, Yes. But it doesn't work for me.12:25
Chris___xargs seems to destroy something on this line because called with simple wget it will work.... --limit-rate=10000 --header="accept-encoding: gzip" -t10 -T10 "http://uni106.ogame.se/api/players.xml" -O "/usr/share/nginx/www/xmltemp/uni106.ogame.se-players.xml.gz"12:26
Dr_willisIf you did  upgrade.. try it with a newly made user12:26
moppersis launchpad the official bugtracker?12:27
k1l_moppers: yes12:27
Chris___cat urllist.lst | xargs -n 1 -P 1 wget doesnt work with such lines...12:27
moppersnot working on new user account either,  i will leave it a couple of days before creating a bug report12:30
wankstacfhowlett, look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600875/12:30
cfhowlettwanksta, if you still have files after formatting, then I have no idea what's going on ... sorry.12:31
MadMurkaaMy postfix log files are suggesting that there's a problem with write permissions on the following directory (drwxr-sr-x 2 virtual virtual 4096 Apr 25 11:35 virtual). Does this look likely given the ls -dl output? How could I correct it?12:31
belgianguyerr, I get an 13.04 upgrade alert, but it's release notes state that it's an ALPHA12:32
belgianguyis that normal?12:32
rickborn13.04 was available for my machine this morning but message says it is alpha, I'm guessing that is just an out of date note?12:32
rickbornhaha, someone beat me to this, nevermind :-)12:33
cfhowlettbelgianguy, if you enabled pre-releases ...12:33
MadMurkaaThis error from the log file might assist: (maildir delivery failed: create maildir file /var/spool/mail/virtual/ticktocktech.co.uk/admin/tmp/1366893024.P5256.ubuntu: Permission denied)12:34
belgianguycfhowlett: I did not, just checked12:34
rickbornnor did I enable pre-releases12:34
georgiI have upgraded to beta of 13.04 and now that I see the final release I cannot upgrade to it , it does not show as option12:34
jribgeorgi: just run regular updates, that will take to the final release12:35
k1l_georgi: just run the updates and it will be the final12:35
Dr_willisgeorgi,  do an sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get upgrade and it will e final12:35
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.12:35
georgiI do but it does not show up12:35
georgiI did that12:35
jribgeorgi: what exactly are you looking for when you say "it does not show up"?12:35
belgianguycfhowlett: http://i.imgur.com/xg5GlT3.png12:35
Picigeorgi: it won't show up as a new release, you are already running 13.0412:35
Dr_willisif you do those commands from the cli.. it is  the final12:35
georgiwell I see on the site it is released when I do dist-upgrade it does not12:36
Picigeorgi: What does lsb_release -a report?12:36
k1l_georgi: there is no dist-upgrade from 13.04 beta to 13.04 final12:36
cfhowlettbelgianguy, saw it.  I'd suspect a mislabelling somewhere12:36
georgiok k1l_12:36
cfhowlettJoker-2, greetings12:36
k1l_georgi: thats what beta testers should know12:36
hachreI can't write in #ubuntu+112:36
georgiso I just wait for regular updates12:36
Joker-2Is it possible to update ubuntu from 11.04 to 13.04 ?12:36
hackeron_hey, I'm trying to do a do-release-upgrade -- I'm getting: libncursesw5 : Depends: libtinfo5 (= 5.9-10ubuntu1) but 5.9-10ubuntu4 is to be installed --- any ideas?12:36
cfhowlettJoker-2, no.12:36
Picihachre: 13.04 is released, support is in here.12:36
georgibut am I running final release now12:36
Joker-2cfhowlett, so manual installation is the only choice left ?12:37
jribJoker-2: 11.04 → 11.10 → 12.04 → 12.10 → 13.0412:37
hachrePici: oh, I thought it would directly switch to 13.10 then :)12:37
hachrethe channel that is12:37
hackeron_Pici: oooh, support over here please :)12:37
hachregrats on the release guys! :) love 13.04 is great12:37
cfhowlettJoker-2, and 11.04 is end of life .. quite end of life.12:37
georgipici it says 13.0412:37
=== datacrusher is now known as dtcrshr
Picigeorgi: then you're running 13.04.12:37
Joker-2cfhowlett, yeah...that's why I wanna update OS now12:37
Joker-2question is HOW12:37
cfhowlettJoker-2, clean install.  download the iso.  make a bootable media cd/usb and install12:38
jribhackeron_: pastebin output of « sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy libncursesw5 libtinfo5 »12:38
Joker-2cfhowlett, What If I go for update to 12.04 and then to 13.04. Will it work ?12:38
Joker-2update manager is ready to update 11.04 to 12.04.212:38
cfhowlettJoker-2, nope.  12.04 to 12.10 then 13.0412:38
hackeron_jrib: http://pastie.org/771663512:39
Joker-2cfhowlett, damn12:39
jribJoker-2: you can't skip releases, you need to do all these updates unless you do a fresh install: 11.04 → 11.10 → 12.04 → 12.10 → 13.04 .  At this point, backup and fresh install is likely easier and faster12:39
cfhowlettJoker-2, update manager shows 11.04 to 12.04 ??? it shouldn't.12:39
jribhackeron_: « lsb_release -c »12:39
Joker-2cfhowlett, yeah it is showing12:40
hackeron_jrib: Codename:raring12:40
jribhackeron_: so did do-release-upgrade start upgrading and quit or what?12:40
Joker-2by the way, How to run GUI application inside LXC12:40
hackeron_jrib: nope, I did do-release-upgrade and it showed an error: libncursesw5 : Depends: libtinfo5 (= 5.9-10ubuntu1) but 5.9-10ubuntu4 is to be installed12:40
Joker-2 ?12:40
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | IRC info: http://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Release Notes: http://ubottu.com/y/rn | Download: http://ubottu.com/y/dl | Currently supported versions 8.04 LTS (server), 10.04 LTS, 11.10, 12.04 LTS, 12.10 and 13.04
hackeron_jrib: and now when I do apt-get dist-upgrade -- I see that error too12:41
jribhackeron_: why do you have raring repos and packages from raring?12:41
MadMurkaa_Does user mail have write permission on this folder? If not, how would I assign it? drwxr-sr-x  3 root mail     4096 Apr 25 10:15 mail12:41
hackeron_jrib: I don't know, all I did was do-release-upgrade12:41
jribhackeron_: you didn't do anything before that?12:42
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
hackeron_jrib: nope, nothing, it was a clean 12.04 release I believe12:42
jribhackeron_: like change your sources.list or run apt-get of some sort for example?12:42
hackeron_jrib: sorry, 12.1012:42
jribhackeron_: how far did do-release-upgrade get exactly?12:42
hackeron_jrib: no, nothing like that, I installed 12.10 because that's the CD I had and then I ran do-release-upgrade12:42
hackeron_jrib: erm, I just see this: http://pastie.org/771668312:43
hackeron_jrib: how would I get the output from the screen session? - is there a log somewhere?12:43
=== milessabin_ is now known as milessabin
ShapeShifter499A computer that is a thin client is basically a bare bones computer that netboots stuff off a server and displays it locally right?    is this possible on a PowerBook G4 and Ubuntu?12:45
jribhackeron_: yes logs of the upgrade are kept in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ .  I'm still not sure what exactly you did.  I don't even see what you pasted originally in your last paste.  In any case, if you got this from a fresh 12.10 cd, I would strongly urge you to start over, carefully documenting your steps (install 12.10, run do-release-upgrade) as it's quite bad if it fails.  If it does fail again, try making12:45
jribsure you are up to date (run normal upgrades) before doing the do-release-upgrade and see if you still have an issue.  If you do (either way) have the issue repeat itself, please file a bug report.12:45
hackeron_jrib: I was up to date, bessides, do-release-upgrade updates all packages before upgrading to the next dist12:46
jribhackeron_: yes12:46
ShapeShifter499I have a much faster computer in another room and I'd like to "mirror" it to my PowerBook G4 in a secure way...  NoMachine did not go well on this PowerBook, kept crashing my X1112:47
hackeron_jrib: this is a raid0, it is very time consuming to re-instsall - what can I do with the current state?12:47
=== setmeaway2 is now known as setmeaway
hackeron_jrib: here is the screen log output: http://pastie.org/771671412:48
jribhackeron_: my advice is that you do not try to fix the current state.  You don't lose anything with a reinstall and it's fairly bad that an upgrade would fail on a fresh install.  In any case, if you want to ignore my advice, you can try to run a regular "apt-get dist-upgrade" first and pastebin output12:48
hackeron_jrib: I do not have physical access to the box and it has no optical drive anymore - it would involve gaining access to the box and taking the box appart. Here is apt-get dist-upgrade output: http://pastie.org/771672412:50
bjensenI just installed ubuntu lts onto my server. No monitor connected. I have a mac, if I put a network cable between the two.. can I then ssh into it ? How can I figure out which ip to use12:50
jribhackeron_: try using -f (read output carefully)12:50
MadMurkaa_Does group mail have write permission on this folder? If not, how would I assign it? drwxr-sr-x  3 root mail     4096 Apr 25 10:15 mail12:50
jrib!permissions > MadMurkaa_, no it does not12:51
hackeron_jrib: this is with -f -- http://pastie.org/771673112:51
jrib!permissions > MadMurkaa_ , no it does not12:51
ubottuMadMurkaa_, please see my private message12:51
jribhackeron_: does "apt-get -f install" do the same?  I've never used it the way you pasted12:52
hackeron_jrib: I tried to do dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libtinfo5_5.9-10ubuntu1_amd64.deb -- it went a bit further. Now apt-get -f install shows this: http://pastie.org/771675012:53
Rompoyuse the program Rufus to make a pendrive bootable with 13.04 ISO. Is excellent and fast. So you don't need a DVD unit to install12:53
hackeron_jrib: or rather apt-get -f install just reinstalled the newer version of libtinfo512:54
jribhackeron_: what happened with dpkg?  Your last paste says libtinfo5 is 5.9-10ubuntu412:54
mernilioDo you have an off-topic channel?12:55
cfhowlettmernilio, greetings12:55
jrib!ot | mernilio12:55
ubottumernilio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:55
merniliocfhowlett: thanks!12:55
mernilioubottu: thanks12:55
hackeron_jrib: oooh, I did dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libncursesw5_5.9-10ubuntu4_amd64.deb -- now apt-get dist-upgrade is going further12:55
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:55
ggherdovHi all. I just updated from 12.04 to 12.10. It asked me to replace the apache2.conf file, I said no since I customized it and had no backup. Now the old config file isn't recognized by apache2 anymore. How to let apt do the job again and replace the apache2 config file with a good one ?12:56
jribggherdov: it shouldn't be the case that your files is no longer recognized12:58
hackeron_jrib: I did a few dpkg -i /path-to-new-pkg.deb and now apt-get dist-upgrade is moving along :D12:59
jribhackeron_: ok12:59
hackeron_jrib: only thing that was broken is python and perl, rest seems ok13:00
ggherdovjrib: it goes like this: the old config (apache2.conf) loaded another config (httpd.conf). no httpd.conf disappeared, and apache2.conf gives then an error. I'd like apt to fix this mess. is it possble?13:00
jribggherdov: well don't you care about your configuration?  You'll just be left with a default configuration13:00
ggherdovjrib: I do. I took now a backup, and will try to restore it once , at least, " service apache2 start " executes fine. Now I am not even there.13:01
jribggherdov: you can 1) find the package that gives apache2.conf (dpkg -S /etc/apache/apache2.conf), then 2) rename apache2.conf, then 3) reinstall the package in (1) but pass --force-confmiss13:02
jribto dpkg13:02
ggherdovjrib: ok trying that.13:03
lewis1711I can no longer become root or use sudo. I messed something up by adding myself to the audio group. what should I do?13:04
jriblewis1711: what exactly did you do that messed something up?13:05
lewis1711jrib: probably this " sudo usermod -G audio lewis" or this " sudo adduser lewis audio"13:05
lewis1711that's all i can think of13:05
X-tonicIs the server at http://ubuntu.virginmedia.com/releases//raring/ down?13:06
jriblewis1711: yes, the first one changes your group list (i.e. ALL groups you belong to) to just the audio group.  Reboot in recovery mode and add yourself back to the sudo group (and whatever other groups you want)13:06
ubottuX-tonic,: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P13:06
lewis1711oh gof13:07
cfhowlett!torrent use torrents ... bandwith is limited via direct download13:07
lewis1711I am high and want to make music. but ok I'll try13:07
jribggherdov: by they way, did you check that /etc/apache2 didn't have some apache2.conf.dist-file in it?13:07
X-tonicI understand that torrents are better and will help manage server loads. But in my university, firewalls block torrent trackers. :(13:09
cfhowlettX-tonic, oh, that does indeed bite13:09
=== Dani is now known as Guest37084
anewhow can i check if a specific cron from a specific folder is currently running13:10
=== Guest37084 is now known as Daniela
jribanew: did you check the log I told you about before?13:10
anewjrib that log is so big ....13:10
jribanew: use the search function in your editor13:11
anewthere's hundreds of instances of cron in there13:11
anewi need to check if it is running in this exact moment13:11
anew* a specific one13:11
jribanew: don't you also know the time and command you are looknig for?13:11
anewhmmm command yes let me see13:11
cfhowlettX-tonic, but I bet your uni's computer science department or students have a workaround :)13:12
kryptoon my terminal i was running apt-get install and and i accidentally closed that terminal,now i have new terminal how can i see the progress of apt-get install,i can see the process id from ps.13:13
anewseems like it is running in this log, but it is not actually doing anything, what does this line mean: Apr 25 13:11:57 raspberrypi /USR/SBIN/CRON[6789]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)13:13
gnuskoolkrypto:  :)13:13
betraydanew without a mail transport agent it doesn't know how to mail u the results13:14
jribanew: your command is "info"?13:14
jribanew: ah no, don't you get lines with CMD?13:14
anewjrib no, this is the line after the actual command13:14
anewwhere would an error be ?13:15
ggherdovjrib: yes, I have a apache2.conf.dpkg-dist -- and it works. Is it some sort of default config file ?13:15
anewin syslog also ?13:15
jribanew: if you have an MTA, then you get mailed the output of your command (that's what that line is referring to)13:15
BirdoHey everyone, was here last night with this question. Anyone know how I can get Ubuntu to look at my hardware and update it's 3d drivers? I'm booting for an external HD so I think when I switched from a computer to a laptop Ubuntu continued continued to use the desktop's drivers?13:15
jribggherdov: when you choose to keep the old configuration, dpkg saves the new one for you in that file.  I forgot about this when I first answered your question13:15
BirdoOr does anyone know if Ubuntu would automatically pick that up and use the right drivers?13:15
KottizenIs there any torrent file available for 13.04, x86_64?13:15
ggherdovjrib: amazing! thanks a lot for this hint13:15
jrib!torrent | Kottizen13:16
ubottuKottizen: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P13:16
jrib!torrents | Kottizen13:16
ubottuKottizen: Raring can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/desktop/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/server/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696913:16
KottizenThanks jrib!13:16
luvChrisTownsend: regarding the issue with filing a bug in launchpad against ubuntu - what os/browser are you trying it in?13:16
kryptognuskool: how can i get access to that,do u have any idea?13:16
ChrisTownsendluv: Hi:)  I'm using 13.04 w/ Firefox.  Do you happen to be logged in to Launchpad?13:17
MoopzI have a question regarding my wireless. I have a Centrino Advanced-N 6230 and am trying to create a Ad-Hoc network, however it keeps trying to connect to other networks when I've created the network. Any idea as to what might be wrong? Using 12.04.13:17
luvChrisTownsend: yes, Im logged in13:18
AbcAbcis there a good, lightweight linux email client ? I used sylpheed, but it stores my account data unencrypted in a text file, this makes me consirned13:18
mzazaI want to show battery percentage in the pannel, not remaning time. Is that possible?13:18
ChrisTownsendluv: This is very strange.  Try this direct link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug13:19
luvChrisTownsend: yes, that redirects me to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs13:19
luvChrisTownsend: 13.04, firefox13:19
shagoyjoSalutations! I have a network adapter with "post-up ip addr add insert.ip.addr.here\24 broadcast insert.subnet.broadcast.here" at then end of it's block in /etc/network/interfaces, but when I ping insert.ip.addr.here, I get timeouts. Any advice?13:19
gnuskoolkrypto: apt-get check this will check to see if indeed it installed all dependencies from your last attempt13:20
kryptognuskool: how can i bring the same thing  to fg?13:21
ChrisTownsendluv: What is your Launchpad id?  Perhaps this is a permissions thing.13:21
gnuskoolkrypto: fg?13:21
ChrisTownsendluv: I'm not very familiar with that though, so I would need to ask if that is really the case.13:21
luvChrisTownsend: my launchpad id is lukas-vacek13:22
ubuso currently iOS 6+ you can't sync music from within ubuntu can you?13:22
ChrisTownsendluv: Ok, hang on for a bit while I look into this.13:22
gnuskoolkrypto: not sure you can if the terminal has closed, but apt will have a list of files, or dependencies, that need to be met if the app installed completely - if not it will ask to get them for you13:22
MoopzI have a question regarding my wireless. I have a Centrino Advanced-N 6230 and am trying to create a Ad-Hoc network, however it keeps trying to connect to other networks when I've created the network. Any idea as to what might be wrong? Using 12.04.,,13:24
iDrofoxhello, i want to upgrade my ubuntu 12.10 to ubuntu 13.04 how i do it ?13:24
DJones!upgrade | iDrofox13:24
ubottuiDrofox: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:24
gnuskooliDrofox: i usually save my home partition and just reinstall the entire app for a major upgrade13:25
DJonesiDrofox: The 2nd link from ubottu has the upgrade instructions13:25
iDrofoxok thanks13:26
shagoyjoIf there is no advice to be had on my ip addr add question, can somebody recommend a more targeted channel?13:26
preyaloneWhere can I find a list of changes / new features in Raring Ringtail?13:26
ActionParsnippreyalone: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/ubuntu-1304-raring-ringtail-final-beta.html13:27
ActionParsnippreyalone: there are LOTS of pages on this.....13:27
DJonespreyalone: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes13:27
gnuskoolkrypto, no luck?13:27
=== Izak is now known as Guest73011
iDrofoxwhen i search for "update manager" it show "software  updater" ?13:27
gnuskoolkrypto: you could also dpkg -s then the name of the package13:28
p0wn3dwhat is the best way to upgrade to 13.04 from 12.04?  Backup home, upgrade then restore? Does anyone have a cloud solution that is seemless?13:28
preyaloneActionParsnip: Thanks!13:28
iDrofoxp0wn3d: i am doing same xd!13:28
kryptognuskool: tried apt-get check pakagename but it didnt show anything so killed that process and started again :)13:28
vnc786i have added passwd command  in a file and saved it as a script but when i click on the script it ask me for three option "Run in terminal" "Display" "Cancel" "Run"13:29
ActionParsnippreyalone: simple websearch...nothing fancy13:29
iDrofoxp0wn3d: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade ?13:29
jribp0wn3d: your other alternative is to upgrade to 12.10 and then 13.0413:29
vnc786how can i make it always "Run in terminal"  ???13:29
gnuskoolkrypto: after you're done run dpkg -s on it and it will verify the installation13:29
jribvnc786: you can probably create a .desktop file for it13:29
ActionParsnipp0wn3d: you do realise raring is only 9 months supported, Quantal will be EOL after Raring. Why would you want to leave LTS with 5 years support....13:29
varihello! so i installed 13.04 clean install, and my computer does not boot anymore. It just stays at black screen when the OS should start loading. Any ideas_13:30
preyaloneAny word on which WiFi cards Raring Ringtail supports? Will convertibles like ThinkPad Yoga be able to go online out of the box?13:30
=== asogani is now known as anant_
kryptothanks gnuskool :)13:30
ubottuvari: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:30
varii have a radeon 7950, one would think this would work out of the box...13:31
BirdoDo I have to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 to upgrade to 13.04? I'm doing sudo do-release-upgrade –d, and I'm downloading right now what I think is 12.10?13:31
DJonesBirdo: Yes you do13:31
BirdoDJones: thank you.13:31
cfhowlettvari, as always, hardware support from OEM is ... uncertain13:31
=== rocio is now known as Guest58678
p0wn3dActionParsnip: Do improvements from 13.04 ever trickle down to 12.04 or do we have to wait for the next LTS release13:31
cfhowlettBirdo, or you could clean install 13.0413:32
Birdocfhowlett: And lose all my files?13:32
SuperDefenderXAnyone have issues installing 13.04?13:32
SuperDefenderXNamely driver issues?13:32
k1l_!details | SuperDefenderX13:32
ubottuSuperDefenderX: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:32
cfhowlettBirdo, if you have a dedicated /home, your files will be safe13:32
Birdocfhowlett: I do. Is there any benefit to a clean install?13:33
ActionParsnipp0wn3d: depends on stability etc13:33
MoopzI have a Centrino Advanced-N 6230 and am trying to create a Ad-Hoc network, however it keeps trying to connect to other networks when I've created the network, so it seems it doesn't actually create any ad-hoc. Any idea as to what might be wrong? Using 12.04.,,13:33
vnc786jrib: thanks for that ..for temporary i want to keep on users Desktop so they can can click on that add change the passwd...i know its not a big deal to click on run on a terminal but i am just looking for option13:33
gnuskoolBirdo,  backup your home directory and start on a clean slate, there are many tuts online covering this as it is a common scenario13:33
cfhowlettBirdo, well, direct upgrade without incremental steps for one.  plus formatting the /root filesystem is like a good dental cleaning... not necessarily something you want to do daily, but definitely love the benefits13:34
ChrisTownsendluv: Hi, I'm back.13:35
ChrisTownsendluv: Did you say you wanted to report a bug against the signon package?13:36
ceborsomebody just on 13.04?  is this normal: when i move a window with "Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Arrow", there are ugly lines while switching desktop..13:36
Birdocfhowlett: Alright, I will try it out. Thanks for the help and tip.13:36
cfhowlettBirdo, best of luck.13:36
nanderssonHi, for the record. Unity in Ubuntu 13.04 is based on Qt right and not Gtk?13:37
k1l_nandersson: unity next will be based on qt13:39
=== melter is now known as Guest5946
nanderssonk1l_, when will that be? 13.10 then?13:39
k1l_the target is 14.0413:40
=== g0th is now known as Guest83648
k1l_i dont know if it will be in 13.01 for testing purposes13:40
gnuskoolpoor gnome13:40
=== Avasz is now known as Guest70796
nanderssonyeah, should be as 14.04 will be lts.13:40
Guest70796did we get gnome with 13.04?13:41
=== Guest70796 is now known as Avasz
jiltdilIs 13.04 working fine13:41
k1l_Avasz: there was always gnome3 available in ubuntu13:41
Avaszk1l_, i mean as default DE. There were news about it floating around13:42
k1l_Avasz: ubuntu is sticking to unity as default13:42
Avaszfine then.13:42
k1l_but there is some gnome ubuntu remix with gnome3 as default.13:42
SuperLagCan you guys recommend any cool 3rd-party apps that provide .debs for Ubuntu? I've been surprised by some of the devs/companies who have Linux versions of stuff, that's just not in the repos. I've got Skype,Teamviewer,Adobe Reader,Scrivener... so far.13:43
=== Guest73011 is now known as Izak
IzakHow can I download cmake ?13:43
Avaszk1l_, is it official?13:43
=== Izak is now known as Guest1351
Avaszthis one right? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/13:43
shagoyjoI have an aliased network interface eth1 and eth1:0 with different ip's but when I ping eth1:0 I get naught but timeouts (eth1 replies as normal)13:43
MoopzI have a intel wireless card and am trying to create a Ad-Hoc network, however it keeps trying to connect to other networks when I've created the network, so it seems it doesn't actually create any ad-hoc. Any idea as to what might be wrong? Using 12.04.,,13:43
k1l_Avasz: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/its-official-ubuntu-gnome-remix-joins-the-ubuntu-family13:44
shagoyjoboth interfaces ifup properly. Any advice?13:44
Avaszk1l_, ok. thanks13:44
shagoyjofyi, matching subnet masks, matching broadcasts, ip addr's off by one. This is about as simple as the setup can get. What am I missing13:45
variHello! I tried to install 13.04 but my computer does not boot anymore. It just stays at blinking cursor. I don\t think it is nomodeset etc. since i am curently running it from usb and it works fine.13:45
nanderssonSuperLag, Google Earth, UltraEdit13:45
MonkeyDustp0wn3d  if you want the latest features, use 13.04, it's up to you to decide if you like the improvements - many 13.04 reviews to be found13:46
jmmLhi! I'm having some trouble with unity on 13.0413:46
jmmLIt won't load13:46
jiltdilWhats new in 13.04, any docs available13:46
DJones!notes | jiltdil13:47
ubottujiltdil: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) release notes can be found here http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0413:47
betrayd shagoyjo how do you ping the one with :0 in the name, paste your command here13:47
SuperDefenderXUSB Creator keeps crashing trying to burn the 13.04 iso.13:47
carifwhen I do 'update-manager -d', the notification I see says raring is still alpha. is raring not yet generally available?13:47
jiltdilDJones, Thanks13:47
shagoyjoping insert.ip.of.eth1:013:47
mzazaIs it possible to direct output to copy from terminal so I can paste it instead of marking with mouse? For example cat filetobecopied.c >>13:47
shagoyjobetrayd: ping insert.ip.of.eth1:0 , sorry :-)13:48
betraydyou might have to escape the colon in some cases in cli shagoyjo13:48
AwwCan I just update unity without upgrading to 13.04?13:48
rickborncarif: Mine said that this morning too but on a second machine I tried just now it was the 'released' release notes. I think it is just a messed up message, the release is out13:48
cfhowlettAww, enable backports, then apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade and MAYBE ...13:49
betraydshagoyjo:  \: sometimes works depending on the command13:49
SuperLagnandersson: I forgot about UltraEdit. Nice one.13:49
carifrickborn, ty13:49
mzazashagoyjo: Could you help me with a little thing here :) ?13:49
shagoyjobetrayd: I'm not ACTUALLY using a colon. I just didn't paste my server's external ip into public chat. I'm using the external ip that I've configured on the interface in /etc/network/interfaces13:49
b2couttsI have a desktop without a keyboard or monitor, and I want to get a file from it. Is there a reasonably easy way to configure a Live CD to run sshd on boot, with a known hostname and some user I can ssh as?13:49
shagoyjomzaza: what's up? maybe maybe no13:49
mzazashagoyjo: Is it possible to direct output to copy from terminal so I can paste it instead of marking with mouse? For example cat filetobecopied.c >>13:50
MonkeyDust!patience | mzaza13:50
ubottumzaza: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/13:50
=== lasers is now known as lusers
b2couttsmzaza: I think xclip is what you're looking for13:52
mzazaMonkeyDust: Sorry, I just think sometimes people are busy with other and my message my get lost unnoticed.13:52
betraydshagoyjo: if it's thru a router your 'external' might not even be visible to the outside world13:52
shagoyjobetrayd: I have two IP's both of which are externally accessible13:52
mzazab2coutts: Thanks :) I'm installing it13:52
tr57Hi folks13:52
betraydshagoyjo: even the eth:013:53
shagoyjobetrayd: .39 and .40 on the same subnet. I can ping one but not the other, .39 is eth1 and .40 is eth1:013:53
tr57I have a laptop connected to an LCD monitor via a VGA cable   but its not been picked up13:53
tr57even arandr dosent see it13:54
aneksI just upgraded to 13.04 and the only way my monitor works is via an analog cable, as soon as I plug in the HDMI cable screen goes blank13:54
betraydtr57 does your laptop have fn keys, or enable the 2nd display at BIOS13:55
variso do you have any ideas where to start the troubleshooting_13:55
shagoyjobetrayd: eth0 is on my internal network, a different subnet (and NIC). eth1 and eth1:0 are the same nic, with two different IPs13:55
varii find it VERY weird that booting from live usb works perfectly but booting the installed OS just leaves cursor blinking13:56
=== derWachert is now known as derWachert|BNC
tr57betrayd,  as in F1 F2 etc   (sorry if thats silly!)13:56
sybiangai fnokin seed13:56
crash_cyI'm having trouble with my keyboard in Ubuntu 12.10.  About a week ago, I swapped the escape and caps lock keys.  It seemed to work fine, until a couple days ago, when they would sometimes revert for a moment (hitting caps lock would work as caps lock, Esc as escape).  Now the -_ button (next to the 0) has stopped working.  I've tried restoring default keyboard settings, but the -_ still doesn't work and the Esc doesn't work at all no13:56
Artoriastry before booting nomodeset13:56
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | vari13:56
ubottuvari: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:56
hackeron_how would I temporarily disable CPU throttling? - I want to run CPU at max speed for a benchmark13:56
betraydtn57 maybe with different colored icons on them if its not that new13:56
varihow would nomodeset not be required in live usb but in normal boot|13:57
tr57betrayd,  just found it! Fn key13:57
adamkvari: Sounds more to me like the bootloader didn't get installed properly than anything with the graphics driver, IMO.13:57
Artoriasi don't know GPU driver issue13:57
variso i thought also13:57
jonas___i canot boot ubuntu raring into a live seesion , says busybox13:57
varibut i installed a second time and chose manual partitioning and made sure it had the right disk as bootloader install13:57
DrGrovOkay. I figured out that all the fans are running efficiently. But still I get the red light.13:58
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
tr57betrayd, do I reboot and keep pressing the Fn key?13:58
mzazab2coutts: It's not working, I tried one of the examples in the man page. uptime | xclip and opened the browser and tried to past what I should have copied but it's not pasting the output of the uptime.13:58
Artoriasok press Ctrl + Alt + F113:58
DrGrovThe problem is like this:13:58
MonkeyDustvari  then try the nomodeset trick13:58
betraydtr57: at boot time, the special colored keys work13:58
Artoriasthen type (sudo apt-get install nvidia-current) if you have nVidia13:58
varii tried but i cannot run update/grub from live usb_13:58
jonas___i canot boot ubuntu raring into a live seesion , says busybox13:58
betraydtr57: press the key combo to enable 2nd/ext display13:58
jonas___any one ?13:58
tr57betrayd, OK will reboot now and press the Fn key13:59
variubuntu@ubuntu:/var/log$ sudo update-grub /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of /cow.13:59
DrGrovI have cleaned my computer, it is just a red light flashing and nothing happens. I read from here http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=110&prodSeriesId=459226&prodTypeId=12454&objectID=c00300335 that the problem is a blocking fan or similar. It is the first option on that list. But I do not know how to proceed. How can I reset the motherboard since all fans are working as intended?13:59
Artoriasno, after you install it, boot the OS then keep press the Ctrl+Alt+F1 before the Xorg start13:59
jonyhow can I save installed software (ex. Krusader) to maintain it's settings to use it in a fresh install of Ubuntu?14:00
varicurrently i am re/downloading the iso since i really cannot come up with anything else.14:00
olmarijony: well I have done this type of stuff so taht I have setup /home to be on separate partition, and use it as /home with new isntall also... tough yet another thing how to make it so on system that is not already14:01
jonas___busybox shell any one  ?14:01
minasi saw a post today that amd catalyst 13.4 was released. When I checked mine, it was 12.9 - I am using the latest amd driver from the repositories. Why are the repositories so outdated? Should I install the 13.4 one?14:01
hackeron_this did the trick :) < ls /sys/devices/system/cpu/ | grep cpu[0-9] | while read line; do echo $(cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq) > /sys/devices/system/cpu/$line/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq; done14:01
shagoyjobetrayd: I've also tried doing this with ip addr add instead of creating an alias in /etc/network/interfaces, with the same result14:01
jonyolmari, I have too the second partition in /home14:02
betraydshagoyjo: tried pinging their hostnames, who's directing traffic there14:02
sw0rdfishhey, can I sync folders from my win8 and ubuntu machine on Ubuntu One?14:02
Maiksi've just installed 13.04. What is better with amd graphics? free or private drivers? I have an AMD-350 and get errors starting ubuntu with both. Also suspending doesn't work with eeepcs?14:02
tryit593hi jony___14:02
tryit593hi jonas___*14:02
jonyolmari, if I keep /home, won't be conflicts?14:02
aneksdoes anyone know why my monitor won't work via HDMI after upgrading to 13.04?14:02
shagoyjobetrayd: I'm pinging them direct by IP, as I said earlier, no hostnames. I don't want to tinker with that layer yet.14:02
theadminOkay, Raring has been released. The support has been cut down to just 9 months. Has a rolling-release branch been implemented? Or will the updates work just like before?14:03
olmarijony: well it depends.. can but usually those are mild or nonexistant14:03
jonas___olha outro14:03
tr57betrayd, my F8 key has crt/lcd   on it     so I press Fn + F8  at boot time?14:03
olmarijony: as generally software settings are in ~/.software14:03
jonas___i have a small penis14:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:03
olmarijony: you could wanna delete something that you definately know you don't want to save14:03
jonyolmari, ty14:04
jonas___i cant boot liveusb14:04
jonas___says busybox14:04
drehdzso if i was using the raring beta, is there anything I need to do with the release?14:04
theadmindrehdz: Nah, just upgrade all the packages and you'll be on the "released" version14:04
drehdzthank you theadmin, thats what i thought14:05
Grape_huntera question! CAn I install 13.04 using Wubi, on Windows 7.14:05
tr57betrayd, that sort of worked!   but now the LCD says "Unsupported video format"  and I just have the laptop screen14:05
betraydtr57 if its the only one, there are 3 settings, LCD only, LCD+VGA, VGA only so try it (press twice?) so you can see boot messages on both.14:05
tr57betrayd, right  thanks   will try again14:06
betraydtr57 the BIOS may have diagnostics to show/go thru all resolutions14:06
betraydpick one that the TV can do as well tr5714:07
theadminGrape_hunter: Sure14:07
betraydtr57 then when you get both arandr can be made to work14:07
theadminOr... hm...14:07
Grape_hunteri read that wubi support was being dropped in 13.04, but does that mean i can't install it anymore.. with the bootloader screw up somehow D:14:07
theadminGrape_hunter: Yeah, wubi was dropped, just found out. Now that's surpising.14:07
Grape_hunteryes.. because of windows 814:08
theadminOh well it's all for the better14:08
SuperLagtheadmin: what makes you say that?14:08
Grape_hunterI hate having to partiiton the drive :<14:08
=== akar1m is now known as akar1m|mint
theadminGrape_hunter: Virtualbox (or any other kind of VM) is an option14:08
SuperLagGrape_hunter: virtualization?14:08
Grape_hunternaaaaa :<14:08
Grape_hunterPerformance :D14:08
theadminGrape_hunter: Also, with Ubuntu partitioning is as simple as clicking "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7"14:08
genii-aroundtr57: ctrl-alt-<numpad + or ->   will cycle through available resolutions14:09
theadminSuperLag: Say what?14:09
SuperLagGrape_hunter: why not? what kind of hardware are you running on? Modern hardware is enough you can barely tell an OS is running in a VM if you have enough resources for it.14:09
Grape_hunterWubi was convinient.14:09
SuperLag07:08 < theadmin> Oh well it's all for the better14:09
crash_cyCan anyone help me troubleshoot my keyboard?  Esc and -_ keys are not working14:09
theadminSuperLag: Linux on NTFS is... weird. I mean, fragmentation causes slowdowns, makes people think Ubuntu is at fault and is slow, turns them away from Ubuntu in the end14:10
tr57betrayd, BIOS dosent have any resolution options14:10
SuperLagtheadmin: good point14:10
shagoyjomy /etc/network/interfaces eth1 block has "up ip addr add brd dev eth1 label eth1:0" at the end, and when I ifup I can see it in ifconfig, but doesn't respond to ping. Any help?14:11
cholbyI used to date a guy named Ubuntu once.14:11
cholbyhe would "play the bongos" on my ass.14:11
Artoriasdafuq did i just read?14:12
AlecTaylorHow do I successfully increase the size of my extended partition, e.g.: using GParted? - http://askubuntu.com/q/28535914:16
=== phunyguy_ is now known as phunyguy
ActionParsnipAlecTaylor: use ubuntu liveCD. be sure your backups are up to date first14:17
tr57betrayd, so I can now see the grub menu on the  lcd monitor   can I pass anything to it to keep it on the lcd?14:17
RedObsidianhmm I tried getting the Chrome installed and it only downloads the amd compatible verion (from the chrome d/l page) / I'm using virtual box and ubuntu 13.04 - any ideas?14:18
compdocthe Chrome browser?14:18
AlecTaylorActionParsnip: That's what I'm on; but I received an error14:19
compdocoh, the os14:19
=== jpw_ is now known as jimmypw
RedObsidiancompdoc: yes14:19
compdocRedObsidian, what happens when you try to install it?14:20
RedObsidianit tells me the incompatible cpu14:20
shagoyjomy /etc/network/interfaces eth1 block has "up ip addr add brd dev eth1 label eth1:0" at the end, and when I ifup I can see it in ifconfig, but doesn't respond to ping. Any help?14:21
stat_viRedObsidian: why not install chromium-browser from the repositories?14:21
MonkeyDust!info chromium-browser14:22
RedObsidiandoes it work as well as Chrome? Sorry if silly question.14:22
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 26065 kB, installed size 95169 kB14:22
variis he correct_14:22
varihe says it is a uefi secure boot problem i run into_14:22
MonkeyDustRedObsidian  chrome is based on chromium14:22
variSummary: The Live image is Secure Boot compatible, but the installed system is not?14:22
RedObsidianso why have two versions?14:22
theadminRedObsidian: Chrome comes with Flash and a built-in PDF reader, and is closed-source14:23
theadminRedObsidian: Chromium on the other hand doesn't come with those, but is fully open.14:23
MonkeyDustRedObsidian  https://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome14:23
RedObsidianokay will check out the link. Thanks for the info! :)14:24
celsohi all! is ubuntu 13.04 already out?14:26
shagoyjoCan anybody help me figure out why my second IP doesn't respond to ping? http://pastebin.com/svwwdcTH14:27
tr57well I put this in grub command line    vga=788   and I saw a bit of the boot info  but the lcd is now blank!14:27
celsoi am sorry to bothering with this but i am not sure if the website leads me to a test version or a defenitive 13.04....  sorry for my ignorance...14:28
MuslimGirlEver since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl1Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl2Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl3Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl4Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
FloodBot1MuslimGirl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:28
MuslimGirl5Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl2Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:28
MuslimGirl3Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:29
MuslimGirl4Ever since my boyfriend installed Ubuntu, he won't stop "playing the bongos" on my ass.  :-(14:29
FloodBot1MuslimGirl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:29
gosii have to say, FloodBot1 is very kind14:29
MonkeyDustprobably someone who wants to give muslims a bad name14:30
stat_vicelso: dunno which website you use, but raring is officially out.14:30
DrGrovAnyone good with helping with a computer stuck at startup, nothing but a red led turned on but all fans are working without issues?14:30
celsothe oficial one-  ubuntu.com14:31
shagoyjoDrGrov: if you can't get to a bios screen you have other issues :-( sorry14:31
tr57if anyones interested    inside aranda  I can see LVDS-1 is lit up but VGA-1 is greyed out14:31
celsobut stat_vi thanks! now i am sure that i can download it!14:31
celsoDrGrov, do you have hybrid graphics?14:32
tadcraziohey guys, running Ubuntu 12.10 32bit and when I plug my phone (nexus4) into it it doesn't show up. If i make it a "camera" it does. How do I get it to show up as a media device14:32
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FloodBot1MuslimGirl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:35
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FloodBot1cholby: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:35
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cholbyrulesCHOLBY RULES!14:36
FloodBot1cholbyrules: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:36
mopperswow, something has gone wrong with my upgrade to ubuntu raring14:36
mopperssorry wrong channel14:36
belgianguyhow do I now execute a .sh file from within Nautilus?14:36
theadminbelgianguy: Make it executable and doubleclick.14:36
belakI feel like I may be missing something... Was the shortcut for super to open the unity menu removed?14:36
moppersbelgianguy, if you right click it , you can make it executable14:36
belakIt only seems to work sometime14:37
MonkeyDustbelgianguy  try right click, run in terminal14:37
celsoi guess not...  can you use it?14:37
celsoDrGrov, do you have hybrid graphics?14:37
tr57celso, whats "hybrid graphics"?14:38
belgianguyhmm, I went to Properties and then Permissions14:38
celsoif your computer have 2 graphics card? can you post the specs of your pc?14:38
belgianguyand I set it to executable14:38
belgianguybut it still opens in gedit14:38
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bkfitzIs there a separate room for linux mint or can i ask questions here14:39
=== neurotus_ is now known as pokos
Captain_Protonbkfitz: I would ask there as there many flavours of Mint14:40
=== pokkos is now known as neurox
iksworbeZhi everyone14:40
=== neurox is now known as neurotus
iksworbeZi have a question for the community14:40
iksworbeZshould i beinstalling ubuntu 13/094 on an ssd?14:41
iksworbeZor on my hdd?14:41
mayrkwould anyone please assist me in the instalation of ubuntu 12.04 on fakeraid?14:41
llutziksworbeZ: ssd for performance14:42
celsoiksworbeZ if i could choose, it would be on ssd.14:42
belgianguystarted it through the terminal, bit odd though14:42
ActionParsnipiksworbeZ: I would use SSD for system and platter HDD for user data as it changes much more14:43
belgianguyI didn't have a right click option 'open with terminal'14:43
Captain_ProtoniksworbeZ: I would install base on ssd and change my home to harddrive as that where video and images will be store14:43
ActionParsnipiksworbeZ: also put swap and /var on the platter based drive too14:43
belgianguy(it used to propose 'Open/Execute/Cancel'14:43
celsoactually, i would rather disable swap and install zram. more usefull.14:44
pianogmxhey has anyone reported problems upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04 ?14:45
* pianogmx wants to make sure before i do inplace upgrade14:45
maykr_sorry i got disconnected...would anyone please assist me installing ubuntu 12.04 on fakeraid?14:45
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Andy__Hi guys, I'm having an issue booting 13.04. I did a search on the forum but nothing popped up. Basically it installs fine but upon a reboot into the installation I get a kernel panic: not syncing: Attempted to kill exitcode=0x00000009 error14:47
=== Guest43299 is now known as ryanlee
ceborsomebody just on 13.04?  is this normal: when i move a window with "Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Arrow", there are ugly lines while switching desktop..14:49
LemensTShow can i just allow an ssh user to use 'vi, cp, mkdir, rm' commands and nothing else?14:49
lorestegood morning guys14:49
Akiva-Mobile13.04 is out!!!!14:49
loresteHow are you doing today14:49
Akiva-Mobileloreste: good morning14:49
MonkeyDustAkiva-Mobile  5pm here14:49
maykr_would anyone please assist me installing ubuntu 12.04 on fakeraid?14:49
lmatI'm having some trouble with my microphone. It's built-in to my Dell Precision laptop.14:50
lmatAudacity seems to have no problem,14:50
ceborLemensTS: try rssh, but i think u need to setup a chroot dir14:50
lmatBut Gnome sound recorder is having difficulty.14:50
lmat*really* what I want is for cisco to pick up mine audio device.14:50
AwwAnyone moved from 12.04 -> 13.04 yet?14:50
loresteI am trying to tar a file  /mnt/ftp14:50
loresteit has a tone of subfolders14:50
loresteI want to get them all with the exception of a few14:50
lmatI figured I'd work on gnome sound recorder first, hoping that whatever works for gnome sound recorder would work for cisco.14:51
Akiva-Mobilemaykr_: sure14:51
Akiva-Mobilemaykr_: question one; how big is your array?14:51
maykr_Akiva-Mobile: care to query?14:51
loresteI used this command14:51
Akiva-Mobilemaykr_: Query?14:51
lorestegtar -pczf ftpbackup.tar.gz /mnt/ftp/*/ --exclude={/mnt/ftp/*/_ben,/mnt/ftp/*/export/xslt}14:51
Akiva-Mobilemaykr_: What is your array looking like?14:52
loresteit is exluding the directory _ben all together14:52
ryanleeHey everyone, I built a new machine at home and am able to install Ubuntu 12.04 on it, but when I attempt to install 12.10/13.04 I get dropped into busybox.14:54
ryanleeSame if I try to upgrade from 12.04.14:54
maykr__wow...i got disconnected again14:54
MonkeyDustlmat  same here, cheese records sound, but sound recorder does not14:54
ryanleeHas anyone experienced this problem before?14:54
maykr__Akiva-Mobile: something along the lines of /dev/mapper/isw_etc..etc...14:54
lmatMonkeyDust: Well freaking crap14:55
maykr__those are 2 500gb hard disks14:55
lmatMonkeyDust: You don't happen to use cisco receiver, eh?14:55
luc4Hi! Is it possible to upgrade to 13.04 from the command line? I always find this only for ubuntu server.14:56
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
MonkeyDustluc4  try do-release-upgrade14:56
luc4MonkeyDust: thanks14:57
sonOfRaSo, I just upgraded to 13.04, where did my workspaces go?14:57
sonOfRaAfter the reboot, the workspace switcher is gone, and I only have 1 workspace14:57
ryanleesonOfRa, you have to enable them in settings14:57
=== guampa is now known as Guest69545
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
lorestegot it14:58
MonkeyDustsonOfRa  ctrl-alt arrow-left to switch, don't know how to bring back the icon, tho14:58
lorestethank you guys14:58
sonOfRaoh, there's the setting14:58
MonkeyDustsonOfRa  arrow-right, even14:58
sonOfRawhy is this disabled when upgrading, that's rather inconvenient?14:58
kqwarkqanyone know a torrent for final raring ringtail download?14:59
TermanaWhat about the official torrent?15:00
Termanakqwarkq, http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent15:00
jrib!torrents | kqwarkq15:01
ubottukqwarkq: Raring can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/desktop/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/server/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696915:01
MonkeyDustkqwarkq  sroll down http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads15:01
kqwarkqi dont found the official torrent.15:02
kqwarkqwhere do you found it?15:02
MonkeyDustkqwarkq  the link I just showed you, scroll down15:02
kqwarkqThank you very much.15:03
ThePendulumIs it possible, and if so, risky to update U12.04 to 13.04?15:03
mzazaI was wondering why is Ubuntu with Unity slow, it's even slower than windows 815:03
ThePendulumAs in, keep everything15:03
samijamI'm using Ubuntu 13.04 with Unity and it is fast15:04
ThePendulummzaza: It's an interface that requires a 2006-era or newer computer to work smoothly, but it shouldn't be much slower than Windows 8, really. At least not for what I've experienced.15:04
ThePendulummzaza: Not regarding Unity 2D, btw15:04
=== marcelo is now known as Guest69207
ryanleeIn relation to my question earlier does anyone know of any issues installing Ubuntu 12.10/13.04 on machines sporting AMD A-series procs or onboard graphics (like Radeon series)?  Keep dropping me into buysbox, 12.04 installs okay though.15:05
mzazaThePendulum: I never used Windows since XP, but since I got a new laptop I though why not install Windows for my family on my old laptop, which couldn't run Ubuntu 12.04 and had xUbuntu, and i installed Windows 8 it's working very smoothly. While situation used to be the opposite with previous version of Ubuntu and Windows, Ubuntu used to be lighter and smother.15:06
sumit123hi guys i have ubuntu 12.04 and want to upgrade to 13.0415:06
ThePendulummzaza: Did you install the correct graphics drivers for Ubuntu for your laptop? This sometimes makes a significant difference.15:06
ThePendulumsumit123: Same boat.15:06
sumit123can i do it without fresh install?15:06
MonkeyDustsumit123  yes, I did15:06
mzazaThePendulum: Yes, it was build in video card "Intel".15:07
sumit123MokeyDust. Thanks. How can you tell me15:07
Pinkamena_Dwhenever I put in a dvd/cd it tried to mount it twice and says "error this device is already mounted"15:07
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: No issues whatsoever? Everything transfers well?15:07
Pinkamena_Dbesides that it works fine15:07
MonkeyDustsumit123  in the menu, it's the first option, IIRC15:07
Pinkamena_Dany reason for this?15:07
MonkeyDustThePendulum  no issues whatsoever15:07
netherlands6Hi please I would like to know if TLP really fix the fan bug? And how to install a tar.bz2 application please?15:08
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: How did you update?15:08
Akiva-Mobiledid 13.04 live cd get raid support?15:09
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
netherlands6apt-get update apt-get upgrade15:09
MonkeyDustThePendulum  with live usb stick, selected the first (or second?)  option : upgrade15:09
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: Alright. Hopefully it's a little more stable than the betas. For some reason, it didn't feel well.15:10
MonkeyDustThePendulum  it was the beta15:10
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: Hm. Well, I installed the betas a few days ago and I had multiple issues.15:10
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: Are you running 13.04 right now?15:10
MonkeyDustThePendulum  yes, since about 2 weeks or so15:10
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: What I really hate is that compizconfig no longer shows the "Window Rules" option, i.e. to make windows stick to your current workspace. Is it gone for you too?15:11
ClientAliveI'm having a problem with a thumb drive being write protected (so I can't run an app I need to on it). It was partitioned with fdisk, one large partition, type c (W95 FAT32 (LBA)) and was formatted with mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdb115:11
MonkeyDustThePendulum  dunno, i'm not 'très' into compiz15:12
ClientAliveis there some way to take away the write protection??15:12
soulflare3ClientAlive, is it an empty drive?15:12
ClientAlivesoulflare3: yes15:12
netherlands6ya me too was running 13.04 since 2 weeks the only major issue I have see was the fan running to the max but I have install TLP hope it correct the bug15:13
netherlands6right fan 135000 RPM is it normal?15:14
syntroPi135 kHz is unhearable :p15:15
LoonyTrunning ubuntu dual boot with windows 7, is there a way to be able to start this ubuntu installation withn a VM in windows and still keep it so I can boot to it native on the laptop as well15:15
burghello. i just upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 with do-release-upgrade and now ubuntu doesn't start anymore15:15
MonkeyDustburg  what happens when you try?15:16
ubuntunewbcan anyone help me, something called confiz is taking 40-50% of my cpu15:17
syntroPiburg maybe you can spot the problem from tty1   crtl alt f115:17
ActionParsnipburg: #ubuntu+1 for Raring support15:17
ActionParsnipoh its out15:17
ActionParsnipmy mistake15:17
ubuntunewbDoes anyone know why confiz takes up so much of my cpu? I have a decent cpu15:17
burgMonkeyDust: one moment, i will post a screenshot15:17
ActionParsnipubuntunewb: what video chip do you use?15:17
LucidGuyLVM questions.  Need to grow a pv/lv on a logical partition (which is maxed out already).  I first want to grow the logical partition first.  The disk is a virtual and already grown.  Do I not then simply delete the logical partition, then extended partition.. then recreate them both using defaults?  Reboot.. and proceed to pvresize etc..And is it recommended I do this via a liveCD?15:17
ubuntunewbI use ati 785015:18
ActionParsnipubuntunewb: do you have a hybrid video chip?15:18
burgsyntroPi: at what moment should i press ctrl+alt+f1 ?15:18
ubuntunewbmy cpu is fx-815015:18
netherlands6reinstall it with a dvd the cleanest way, it happen to me lot of time when I upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 and 11.04 to 11.10 and 12.04 to 10.10 so for the 13.04 I reinstall with the dvd and it work on the first start and restart15:19
syntroPiburg, ctrl alt f1 brings up the tty1 login prompt and gives you a terminal if that is even possible with your problem. maybe you can further investigate from there where it hangs?15:19
ubuntunewbI am just getting general lag when I move windows around and in my processes compiz is using up to 50% of my cpu so I imagine that is the problem.15:19
moppersis there a list of the kernel versions in each ubu release?15:20
installgentooyea on the wiki15:21
netherlands613.04 using 3.8 familly15:21
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: uhhmmmm, that doesnt sound right15:21
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: compiz should work smoothly on a 2007 computer with integrated graphics15:21
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: you seem to have significantly better stats than that15:21
burgMonkeyDust: http://s7.postimg.org/karx7gewa/ubuntu.jpg - this is what it tells15:22
ubuntunewbwhat can I do then?15:22
ubuntunewbya I have a good comp15:22
moppersif anyone can give me the kernel version for 12.04 and 12.10 i'd be grateful15:22
ubuntunewbFirst time ubuntu guy and I have a ssd 256 too so it should be fast15:22
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: do you have the proprietary drivers?15:22
netherlands6moppers 3.4 and 3.615:22
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: oh yah, i have an intel ssd, it gives me a 7 second boot up15:22
moppers12.04 has 3.2?15:23
ubuntunewbI have the drivers from here15:23
PoolShark_is there a good real-time versioning backup utility available for ubuntu in the repositories?15:23
ubuntunewbshould I use the proprietary drivers?15:23
K1lleD12.04.2 is with 3.615:23
K1lleD12.04.1 is with 3.215:23
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: tbh, i have learnt to hate both nvidia and ati, intel tends to give me the best performance15:23
Akiva-Mobilewhich is silly15:23
moppers12.10 seems to say 3.515:23
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb yes15:23
Akiva-Mobileuse the proprietary drivers15:23
burghttp://s7.postimg.org/karx7gewa/ubuntu.jpg - so does anybody have any idea regarding this error?15:23
minasWhen I double click an executable file (script) I don't get promted to run it or display it. Why?15:23
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb what version of ubuntu are you using?15:23
MonkeyDustburg  never seen it, sorry15:24
ubuntunewbim using 10.0415:24
netherlands68.04 and 10.04 where my favorites 13.04 look good also15:25
syntroPiminas, chmod +x15:25
ubuntunewbi just think this is supposed to run well on slow machines but I have a pretty decent rig15:25
ubuntunewband I am having trouble so I figure I am doing somethign wrong15:25
minassyntroPi, it is +x15:25
mopperslucid is the last one that works on dinoputers with terribad VGA15:25
syntroPiminas is it .sh extension?15:25
ubottuYES! It's out!15:25
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
minassyntroPi, yes15:25
genii-aroundminas: Possibly because it doesn't have a shebang either for the first line, which would tell it what to use to run15:26
moppersubuntunewb, i would look in software updater, then the 4th tab shows drivers15:26
minasgenii-around, it has: #!/bin/bash15:26
ubuntunewbI see the drivers15:26
ubuntunewbdo I install both or the bottom one?15:26
genii-aroundminas: Ok, that part's fine then.15:26
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb sorry helping someone else, lets see15:26
ubuntunewbthere are 2 propietary ones15:26
netherlands6please if no one know about TLP, How to install an tar.bz2 applications15:27
minasgenii-around, in 12.10 it worked. I had the option to display it or run it. When I upgraded to 13.04 it displays it without asking me15:27
chriscs62I downloaded the .iso file of Ubuntu 13.04 some time ago and have been using zsync every week to update it. Can I now use it as an installation disc for 13.04 after burning it to DVD?15:27
Akiva-Mobileubuntunewb: here i'll pm you15:27
moppersubuntunewb, i would use nivida 31015:27
moppersubuntunewb, oh sorry you are an ATI machine, i dont know the ATI drives15:28
spaceneedleMore Usb Bug info:  Another problem I'm experiencing involves my kingston(datatraveler) usb drive not being  mounted at all on my intel laptop. On my amd desktop it works fine.15:28
LinDolhave a goodnight ^.~ -- i m in South korea15:29
netherlands6moppers do you know what package missing when I try to install AMD radeon 13.01 drivers15:29
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syntroPiminas, i think this is because of the new nautilus. nemo from cinnamon still asks like before15:30
ubottuangio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:31
CarlFKin terminal shell, ctrl-shift-V is Paste.  I need to do lots of pasting.   how can I assigning something like F12 to Paste?15:31
minassyntroPi, oh, is this a nautilus thing?? Is it a bug or is it intented?15:31
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:31
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Guest75171Question: I logged into an SSH session on one computer and started compiling an application, now when I SSH back into the same machine and see the output/same screen as the 1st session?15:32
CarlFKGuest75171: you can't set this up after the fact, but there are a few ways, like the command screen15:32
syntroPiminas,  well that depends: i think its because of the gnome3 politics with which i dont agree in some points: so its a "bug"  and a "feature" but i guess its intended from them15:33
Guest75171so I cannot see the output?15:33
Guest75171is there anyway I can tell the compile has completed?15:33
CarlFKGuest75171: is your first ssh connection still active?15:33
Guest75171I assume so15:34
_0xDE1337Guest75171, Were you using screen or tmux?15:34
CarlFKGuest75171: for what you describe, I would run top and see if the compiler is still using the cpu15:34
Guest75171I was using putty15:34
minassyntroPi, I found it! I just had to change a preference in nautilus :)15:35
minassyntroPi, it sucks though that they changed the default behaviour15:35
CarlFKGuest75171: what you are asking for... lots of us want every so often.   if there was a way, someone would have figured it out.  the way is:  know you want it before you start the task15:35
Guest75171I see, thank you- I just thought it might be possible... hmm15:36
syntroPiminas yeah the mint ppl forked it to preserve some functionality in nemo...15:36
Guest75171is there any other way to check if the compiler completed other then checking top?15:36
moppersGuest75171, list processes, grep it for gcc?15:36
_0xDE1337Guest75171, Attempt to run what you were compiling?15:37
Guest75171it doesn't seem to be in top/or in the processes15:37
Guest75171is there a log the compiler creates on error?15:37
moppersGuest75171, "ps aux | grep gcc" or your username insead of gcc, whatever15:37
OverSpeed301Hi all ! I have some problems with my wireless driver on Linux Mint 14 (same as ubuntu). The system apparently don't recognize my wireless card (lspci | grep net returns only the Ethernet controller) ... Any ideas ?15:38
CarlFKGuest75171: hopefully your compile uses make.  if so, run make.15:38
DJones!mint | OverSpeed30115:38
ubottuOverSpeed301: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:38
syntroPiOverSpeed301, watch on dmesg (if usb when you just plugged it in15:39
CarlFKi should try to re-run whatever is needed: either nothing (success!) or re-run whatever failed to create it's output file15:39
syntroPiOverSpeed301, also try lsusb15:39
xrfanghello, anyone using vmware-view-client? it is said to be in software center, but not. where can I download that for ubuntu please15:39
CarlFKGuest75171:  (repeat)  it should try to re-run whatever is needed: either nothing (success!) or re-run whatever failed to create it's output file15:40
OverSpeed301syntroPi, it's not usb, this is a wireless card in the laptop itself (laptop)15:41
syntroPiOverSpeed301, still can use usb internally so try lsusb15:41
CarlFKOverSpeed301: like lspci shows what is hooked to the usb buss of your laptop, but your laptop has no pci slots15:42
simpleirc1is it common to have unreliable sound issues with skype and pulseaudio (ubuntu 12.10)15:42
neurotus[18:38:44] Warning: Hidden file found: /dev/.initramfs: symbolic link to `/run/initramfs' | rkhunter gave this out ? how bad might this be ?15:43
OverSpeed301CarlFK syntroPi > Oh, i see! I will try lsusb15:43
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* Lintasan fades away.. [log:on]15:43
zvacetsimpleirc1: it is not common but you can run into issues15:44
CarlFKsimpleirc1: common.. sure.  likely 100's of people a week have that problem :)  which tells us nothing.   best to just dive in and try to describe your problem,  with a close source app that is owned by a not so friendly company15:44
nascentmindHi. I am getting a directory does not exist inside the chroot when I am schrooting to a directory. How can I fix this?15:45
SuperDefenderXAnyone been able to get Skype installed in 13.04?15:45
steve_fiSuperDefenderX, installed yes, but there is a problem with the proprietary nvidia/amd drivers (or something else) that causes it to crash upon starting15:46
steve_fiSuperDefenderX, I haven't tried it yet, but I have seen this: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-skype-not-working-in-ubuntu-1304.html15:46
SuperDefenderXOH! The newest Nvidia drivers don't effect it. I totally forgot about that. Thanks.15:46
simpleirc1just out of curiosity has anyone ever heard of an open source client that can communicate with skype. is this even allowed?15:47
syntroPiCarlFK, well pci is a interchip communication proto so laptops use it a lot internally15:47
bittintopmy wifi card works under Ubuntu on my laptop now, think i should save some files from the Windows partion and reinstall it :)15:47
steve_fiI have an issue where I can't get my PC to boot with any of the newer nvidia proprietary drivers (i am stuck on 304), without having to boot my pc with acpi=off15:47
steve_fibut if I do that, my sound stops working, so I am in a bit of a catch-2215:48
genii-aroundsimpleirc1: Used to be able to call skype from gizmo but I don't know if you still can15:48
torvaApologies to come here on today of all days, but I can't find the torrents for the life of me... Can someone please point me in the right direction?15:48
SonikkuAmericagenii-around: Isn't there still a Pidgin plugin?15:49
SonikkuAmericatorva: For Ubuntu?15:49
DJones!torrents | torva15:49
ubottutorva: Raring can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/desktop/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/server/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696915:49
syntroPitorva, http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/15:49
torvaThanks DJones syntroPi15:49
Guest75171CarlFK: thank you, ill try that15:50
SonikkuAmericahttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads <<< is another link15:50
bittinmy wifi card on my laptop works under GNU/Linux now lets kill the Windows partition :p15:50
SonikkuAmericatorva: ^^15:50
DJRWolfHappy 13.04 launch day!:)15:52
seedymacNoob question, I have the beta of 13.04, what do I need to do to bring put to release? 15:52
SonikkuAmericaDJRWolf: You too!15:52
SonikkuAmericaseedymac: An Internet connection.15:52
SonikkuAmericaseedymac: That's it - it should automatically throw you into the release.15:53
UserError1are there any lighter wifi mangers than network-manager-gnome and wicd-gtk?15:53
simpleirc1What is that series commands that semi-securly reboots in emergency. it sysreq and the letter reisub or something, but what are the other buttons?15:53
pagioshow can i connect to my wpa2 wireless network from command line each time my system boots up?15:53
seedymacSonderblade: So just keep up with the upgrade, I don't have to run do-release again?15:53
UserError1pagios xinitrc15:54
pagioshow can i connect first :)15:54
seedymacsoulofpeace: Sorry dude15:54
pagiosi am using wpa_cli but i need to automate it15:54
UserError1there are directions all over google15:55
UserError1need to start with ifconfig wlan0 up15:55
seedymacThank u all for the help!15:55
mundungusis it possible to have repositories of newer releases, on old releases?15:55
MonkeyDustmundungus  it's called backports15:56
adrenalinkMy Ubuntu 10.04 loop in login window. Maybe it's a problem with gdm. Can anyone say to me which should be the owner of /var/lib/gdm folder?15:56
ActionParsnipUserError1: wicd-ncurses   is cli15:56
SonikkuAmericaadrenalink: I'd assume root.15:57
ActionParsnipadrenalink: Lucid is EOL in a matter of days (if not already) I suggest you upgrade soon15:57
mundungusMonkeyDust , so its possible??15:57
UserError1i'm looking for a graphical manager that is lighter than network manager or wicd15:57
ActionParsnipUserError1: lighter in what way?15:57
UserError1and ram usage15:57
UserError1less features is fine15:57
MonkeyDustmundungus  yes15:57
UserError1this is for an arm stick15:58
adrenalinkSonikkuAmerica it says to me gdm. Can you make ls -l /var/lib/gdm on your system?15:58
simpleirc1sudo kill -9 didn't kill my process, now what?15:58
MonkeyDust!backport | mundungus15:58
ubottumundungus: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging15:58
SonikkuAmericaadrenalink: I can't. (I have 13.04 with Unity.)15:58
SonikkuAmerica!lightdm | adrenalink15:58
SonikkuAmerica!info lightdm | adrenalink15:58
ubottuadrenalink: lightdm (source: lightdm): Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.0-0ubuntu2 (raring), package size 99 kB, installed size 468 kB15:58
InokiHiya all, I just wanted to congratulate the Ubuntu team on yet another successful release :)15:59
mundungusThank you. I am loving the older releases, specifically Maverick. If i can access packages  of newer releases, what would be the reason of upgrading?15:59
UserError1mund... security15:59
MonkeyDustmundungus  a reason would be, that Maverick is no longer supported16:00
adrenalinkActionParsnip: My problem arises with a packet update (i think). However I need this ubuntu version. I am afraid to upgrade (i prefer formatting)16:00
MonkeyDustmundungus  as in "dead"16:00
SonikkuAmericaInoki: The community mainly sees your use of Ubuntu as thanks for its work. But you're welcome.16:00
adrenalinkubottu: i tried also kdm, but the problem remains...16:00
ubottuadrenalink: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:00
ActionParsnipmundungus: support16:01
mundungusSupport?  whats wrong with that?  I recently installed 10.10 and its long being "dead" but i am using it as if it was released yesterday.. i get updates ofcos, whatelse is left?16:01
SonikkuAmericamundungus: Nothing. That's what's left.16:02
marcuskSecurity patches are usually important16:02
SonikkuAmericaadrenalink: I'd say an upgrade to 12.04 LTS is in order. Open a terminal and type [ do-release-upgrade ].16:03
SonikkuAmericaRand0m_NickName: Yp16:03
ActionParsnipmundungus: if you dislike Unity, then install Xubuntu which is just as supported as Ubuntu and use XFCE, which is similar to the old style Gnome desktop and GTK based, so you can install Gnome based apps with few deps16:03
UserError1mundungus is going to get owned by some metasploit kiddie16:03
UserError1spamming ranges like it's going out of style16:03
GeorgeJYello folks!16:03
bonzihello, is there anyone else who can't use skype on 13.04?16:03
SonikkuAmericabonzi: I have no problems with Skype; what's the issue? Does it not start?16:04
GeorgeJWhat's the recommended way of building a deb for Ubuntu? Does it differ from Debian? Is using a tool recommended?16:04
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:04
ActionParsnipGeorgeJ: look into checkinstall :)16:04
netherlands6I just done install the i386 version of skype 4.1 it work fine16:04
MarlincWhere do I need to ask questions related to the sync menu?16:05
bonziSonikkuAmerica: If I launch it from terminal it outputs Segmentation fault (core dumped)16:05
SonikkuAmericaOne sec...16:05
carpenoctemHelp, can't get cgi-bin progs to run under apache2 on 12.04. Permissions checked. .conf checked.... any ideas?16:05
mundungusyes, i will try it . thank you16:05
AaronMTHi, Chrome doesnt install in 13.0.416:05
marcuskcarpenoctem: What does it say in the error log?16:05
culpn8reverytime i type 'cd' in bash it crashes any idea what would cause this?16:05
MonkeyDustAaronMT  try chromium-browser, instead16:05
iLogicalthere is no new version to download16:06
iLogicali mean16:06
iLogicalon the update manager16:06
FloodBot1iLogical: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:06
carpenoctemmarcusk: where is the apache2 error log located?16:06
Grape_hunteri can't create any more partiitons if i have 4 partitions already?16:06
culpn8rnvm found it thanks!16:07
marcuskcarpenoctem: Usually /var/log/apache2, but it depends on your configuration.16:07
lmatWhen I run    sudo apt-get install icedtea-6-plugin    , chromium sees the java plugin and everything seems to work just fine.16:07
smithwHello. I have an nvidia optimus system which was working perfectly with bumblebee, but the update apparently reinstalled the nvidia-driver with no regard to bumblebee/the intel driver. how do I recover the intel driver?16:07
lmatHowever, when I run    sudo apt-get install icedtea-6-plugin:i386    , chromium doesn't see the plugin and everything does not work just fine!16:07
GeorgeJActionParsnip: I'm not using make16:09
=== samuel____ is now known as samuel
=== Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon
lmatperhaps I need the 32-bit chromium......16:09
iLogicalthere's no upgrade to be done according to update-manager, how do I upgrade?16:10
DJRWolffeature I would like to see..on install a menu that gives you options on what desktop UI (Unity, Gnome 3, LXDE, Cinnamon) to default to with description and screen shots16:10
sonofzeusHi There16:11
lmatdoh.   "chromium-browser:i386 depends on xdg-utils:i386 but it is not installable" :(16:11
Eit8I don't get why everytime I do an ubuntu upgrade everything get screwed, I've been using ubuntu since 8.04 or near16:11
UserError1when in doubt, zero it out16:11
n-iCeI'm trying to run wifi direct to share internet with my phone, http://pastebin.com/ie5wjZ1X but my device is not able to detect my pc, intel card, which is supposed to be detected, wlan0 is the one I want to share from16:11
carpenoctemaha, it says permission denied.... but I swear I cmod 755'd everything!16:12
sonofzeusHi There16:12
sonofzeuscd /usr/src svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/misc][7]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/misc svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/Tracker][8]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/Tracker16:12
GeorgeJIs there an ubuntu dev channel?16:12
sonofzeuswhy isnt this workin in terminal?16:12
PiciiLogical: What release of Ubuntu are you running currently?16:12
AaronMTSkype doesnt install in 13.0416:12
sam11310113.04 was fast for the time it was working16:13
iLogicalPici, Description:Ubuntu-Secure-Remix 12.10 30nov201216:13
bazhangsonofzeus, is that opentracker?16:13
carpenoctemskype is malware anyway....16:14
meerkatcarpenoctem, how so?16:14
iLogicalPici, i want to have a smooth stable system16:14
sonofzeusWhy is skype malware lol16:14
=== nascentmind is now known as Guest52361
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment16:14
=== karen is now known as Guest97581
iLogicalnot a kernel upgrade every few days16:14
syntroPiAaronMT, whats the problem?16:14
syntroPiAaronMT, i installed it from the partner repos without any hickups on a clean x64 raring16:15
PiciiLogical: We cannot provide support for unofficial variants of Ubuntu.  You should reach out the support resources for that version for upgrade info.16:15
lmatso if xdg-utils is already installed, I can't install xdg-utils:i386?16:15
Guest97581Has Netflix (movies online) relented and made themselves available for Linux yet?16:15
iLogicalPici, it was the only thing i could get working with uefi16:15
carpenoctemBesides the built in surveillance, at least on windows Skype is known to do some really funny DLL hooking on par with rootkits. It also opens up another security hole avenue (bitcoin mining worm, etc)16:15
h00kGuest97581: not yet, no, but there are unofficial methods of getting it to work, apparently.16:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:16
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
Guest97581umm some say those unofficial methods may be detrimental to your system. Do you know?16:16
ybonAaronMT: see maybe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype/+bug/115532716:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress]16:17
DJones!netflix | Guest9758116:17
ubottuGuest97581: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop16:17
carpenoctemLet me guess they don't provide source code for skype, so you are just trusting the binary... which sorta defeats the purpose of nix in the first place!16:17
p0wn3dGuest97581: They have a workaround for using wine16:17
anekswhat would be a better option, oppenoffice or libre office?16:18
carpenoctemJitsi would be the way to go.16:18
=== derWachert is now known as derWachert|BNC
DJonesaneks: LibreOffice is installed by default and is officially supported here, so, that would suggest that will better option16:19
carpenoctemLibreOffice is better imo. (the good devs from openoffice split to make libre fyi)16:19
=== eristikophiles is now known as Hg
aneksjust like I thought :)16:20
jakey1hi, if i amke an iso image of my window 7 using the backup function, can I mount that image in ubuntu?16:20
jakey1or in virtual box?16:20
Guest97581Using "wine" means that someone smart learned how to work around in the terminal with commands and make things work, right? Does anyone do this for netflix? and "unofficial" means Linux hasn't said it's a safe thing yet, right?16:20
kostkonGuest97581, they offer a package that setups everything for you16:21
h00kGuest97581: you can read more about it at that page linked above16:21
kostkonGuest97581, then you just need click on the netflix icon ;)16:21
Guest97581Who offers a package for the setup?16:21
DJonesGuest97581: See the link the bot gave you a couple of minutes ago16:21
kostkon!netflix | Guest9758116:21
ubottuGuest97581: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop16:21
ActionParsnipGuest97581: not sure about "safe"16:21
oscarCan anyone see my IP address ? o_o16:22
ActionParsnipGuest97581: in this scenario, it doesn't really apply, there is a PPA with a modified wine to make it work16:22
h00koscar: consider getting a cloak16:22
h00k!cloak | oscar16:22
ubottuoscar: To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.16:22
ActionParsniposcar: I can16:22
oscarShit lmao, I'm fixing this ASAP!16:22
ActionParsnipjakey1: mount can mount ISO files, yes16:22
kostkonGuest97581, it creates a separate wine bottle for it, so it doesn't even touch your default wine installation.16:23
h00koscar: keep the language appropriate, please16:23
Poisoned_Dragonwatch your language, oscar16:23
Guest97581Is "PPA" safe to use? i just set up Xubuntu about a month ago and am new at this.16:23
jakey1ActionParsnip, does it work with windows then16:23
ActionParsnipGuest97581: its an unofficial package, so technically not16:23
ActionParsnipjakey1: no idea16:23
=== Hg is now known as eristikophiles
jakey1if I make a backup image can I run it on ubuntu16:23
h00kGuest97581: they may be, but anyone who administers that PPA can, for instance, put some malicious package to install in there.16:23
h00kubottu: tell Guest97581 about ppa16:23
ubottuGuest97581, please see my private message16:23
ActionParsnipGuest97581: but you'd see stuff all over the web saying to not use it if it was bad16:23
deadweaselDr_willis: figured out my issue...  needed to remove/backup .Xauthority, reinstall Xorg, reboot16:24
ActionParsnipjakey1: you could use the ISO to restore the OS in virtualox and make it boot there (maybe)16:24
xroHi, i have a maybe stupid question... I just upgrade to 13.04... I can't figure out how to set multiple screen (changing with ctrl alt ->)... Where is this setting?16:26
DJRWolfbesides System76, are there any OEM's for Ubuntu/Linux computers?16:26
venturahi... does any one know if the disk encryption on 13.04 is bugged?16:26
torvaDoes anyone have a flash drive I could borrow, or a blank DVD?16:26
Guest97581humm kind of scary to launch out on that one. Would you guys?16:26
Korekame@DJRWolf Dell sells ubuntu computers, look up Alienware X5116:26
DJRWolfKorekame, last time I looked Dell has 11.1016:26
KorekameYou didn't specify current Ubuntu16:27
DJRWolfkorekame, was only option16:27
alecblxappearance is not generating a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 for me (or as far as I can tell, any other file) anyone know what's up?16:27
KorekameDJRWolf, if you want current ubuntu on your system, System76 is pretty much the only way to go, other places do ship computers with Ubuntu, but it tends to be older out of date releases, I'm surprised though, that Dell doesn't use 12.0416:28
ventura@all: hi here... does any one know if the disk encryption on 13.04 is bugged?16:28
h00kventura: You can check !launchpad for any bug reports. Are you experiencing issues?16:28
venturathe prompt is not show at normal boot, only recovery mode16:28
=== aaaa is now known as Guest89709
venturah00k: but, if i type the key, the boot proceeds.16:29
Eit8after upgrade, default session (unity) doesn't load the windows manager16:29
Eit8gnome session works16:29
DJRWolfKorkame, I remember having come across some other OEM's I just don't remember who they were and where I found them16:30
netherlands6I have an issue on ubuntu my microphone doesnt work even on  skype or google talk but I heard and see the other clearly how to fix it please16:30
UserError1is there a smaller network manager than wicd-gtk or network-manager-gnome?16:30
=== vidaz is now known as vidaz92
torvaUserError1: Do you need wireless?16:31
KircleI notice in 13.04 the top panel uses blurring. Is there anyway to do such with the launcher instead of transparency?16:31
LorenzoMoneyI have a lenovo L-512 and want to put ubunto or mint on it. Which is better? what are the differences?16:31
alecboh w/e, I just symlinked ambiance's gtkrc directly. not sure why lxappearance was fucking up16:31
h00kalecb: please mind the language16:31
n-iCehow do I set my interface to p2p16:31
torvaSorry UserError1 I don't know then. Hopefully someone else can answer. Have you tried searching the Internet for alternative network managers?16:31
UserError1yes :P16:31
torvan-iCe: I'm not sure what you mean16:31
n-iCetorva: in order to share internet using wifi p2p(wifi direct) I need to set my card to wifi direct or p2p like a monitor mode16:32
LorenzoMoney I have a lenovo L-512 and want to put ubunto or mint on it. Which is better? what are the differences?16:34
sakangOMG saucy repo is up16:35
OerHeksLorenzoMoney, Ubuntu, mint is not supported here.16:35
Nickwiz_Where do I find when a release is going to be pushed? Need this release, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdb/7.5-0ubuntu3, Have: 7.5-0ubuntu2 as of update on 17 oct 2012.16:35
DJonesLorenzoMoney: You're asking in the UBuntu support channels....... But, try them both and see which you find best for your personal requirements16:35
Nickwiz_Wondering if I should install it manually or wait for distro upgrade.16:35
Grape_hunterwubi installer crashes at 99% :\16:35
=== Nickwiz_ is now known as Nicwiz
PatrickCugh, i installed ubuntu-desktop on an ubuntu server, now i want to remove it16:37
=== Nicwiz is now known as Nickwiz
PatrickCtried apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop16:38
PatrickCstill installed after reboot16:38
vanishingapt-get purge?16:38
PatrickCsays it's not installed16:38
vanishingthen it is not installed...16:38
h00kPatrickC: That will just remove the metapackage, I know there's a way to purge all the stuffs it installs, but I don't have it offhand16:38
vanishingPatrickC: not sure if this is still relevant....but maybe give it a go...cautiously.16:40
sakangPatrickC: just re-install server. your best option16:40
PatrickCi'll try that.. if i have to re-install i will16:40
UserError1sudo apt-get autoremove ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean16:40
Eit8~after upgrade can't enable unity from ccsm, any idea ?16:41
rickbornupgrade complete, rebooting, wish me luck16:42
darkmutthi guys got a question how would i rollback proprietary driers when they wont display anymore??16:43
syntroPidarkmutt, maybe the old deb is still in  /var/cache/apt/archives/16:46
=== cristian_c_ is now known as cristian_c
lmatI'm having the most difficult time installing...16:47
shankstaBytesdo i need to do anything special to get 13.04 installed16:48
shankstaBytesim on 12.0416:48
PicishankstaBytes: you need to upgrade to 12.10 and then 13.0416:48
lmatsudo apt-get autoremove     returns "Teh following packages have unmet dependencies:16:48
Eit8shankstaBytes: you need luck16:48
lmatfirefox-globalmenu:i386: depends: firefox:i386 ... but it is not installed"16:48
i-make-robotsuh…. hi?  I just ran the latest patch upgrades for ubuntu 12.04.1 and now i can't log into mysql as root.16:48
Akiva-MobileshankstaBytes: I'd advise to do a fresh install16:48
Akiva-Mobileupgrading never works out well for me16:48
jadushi guys, i have a problem with 13.04 x64 and fglrx from amd pages16:49
venturah00k: it was already happenning on 12.10 http://goo.gl/XiKfX16:49
shankstaBytesupgrades always work with Ubuntu16:49
jadusX crashes on Failed to create screen resources16:49
jadusany help?16:49
Jeena_hm something got weird with webkit qt on 13.04 everything which is a fat font stoped to be crispy https://jeena.net/t/qt-bold.png <- left firefox, right my own PyQt browser showing Facebook which uses Lucida Grande16:49
Akiva-Mobilei-make-robots: do you normally give your root database access?16:49
venturah00k: i am installing the nvida driver right now, i hope it works... thx]16:49
shankstaBytesYour suppose to be able to upgrade from Long Term Support Release to LTS16:49
lmatso, sudo apt-get install firefox:i386   then dpkg error processing ... firefox... .deb.   trying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package firefoxinstaller16:49
Akiva-Mobileshouldnt it be like, sudo -u mysqluser mysql16:50
jadusfglrxinfo returns Unable to open display16:50
i-make-robotsAkiva-Mobile: it's a private server inside my network with nothing important.16:50
DJonesshankstaBytes: 13.04 isn't LTS16:50
i-make-robotsalso: not the point.16:50
stat_vilmat: try `apt-get -f install`16:50
Akiva-MobileshankstaBytes: supposed to is right, and it works enough to well work. Just it produces weirdness sometimes16:50
hapsterhi. just upgraded to 13.04. I have an optimus laptop. optirun doesn't seem to work anymore. Anyone having similar troubles?16:50
=== jack_ is now known as wN
i-make-robotsAkiva-Mobile: the mysql root user, not the ubuntu root user.16:51
Akiva-Mobilei-make-robots: ah, my mistake :P16:51
lmatstat_vi: right, no good.16:51
Akiva-Mobilei-make-robots: That is a strange bug then16:51
lmaterrors were encountered while processing ... firefox ... .deb16:51
Akiva-Mobilei run postgres, havnt noticed anything myself16:51
lmatperhaps the package was corrupt...16:52
shankstaBytesoh i thought 13.04 was LTS16:52
DJonesshankstaBytes: Every 2 years, so 12.04 then 14.0416:53
shankstaBytesill just stick to LTS16:53
shankstaBytesunless it is alot better16:53
shankstaBytestests dont make it seem much better16:53
UserError1Don't you want Saucy Salamander?16:54
talsamon_hello, i don't no where i should ask, i have on one hd lubuntu on the another freebsd, how can i tell grub, to boot freebsd16:54
DJonesshankstaBytes: You're best bet is to run a live usb version and try it yourself16:54
lmatstat_vi: whoa! I guess I fixed it.16:55
TheEmpathumm how do i check if a directory exists via a bash script?  i'm getting a mind-numbing error with something so simple https://gist.github.com/CodeOtter/c3c43f590b94adbba0a216:55
stat_vilmat: gz ;)16:55
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
lmatstat_vi: The message had been.. "package {a} has unmet dependencies" so I apt-get remove {a}16:55
lmatstat_vi: it didn't complain that time!16:55
shankstaBytesDjones a live usb version isn't going to give me any speed indicators though16:55
=== derWachert is now known as derWachert|BNC
wdonkeygood afternoon great people of the Freenode realm16:57
wdonkeywhat a nice day it is to do a fresh ubuntu installation16:57
wdonkeyi would like to have some pointers on how to partition my hdd/ssd for dualbooting16:58
shankstaBytesi dont understand how people can do fresh installs so often16:58
wdonkeyanybody feels up to the task ?16:58
shankstaByteswdonkey you just run the installer16:58
UserError1shank, because ubuntu is designed to create bloat16:58
zanussay my name really slowly while pretending you're German16:59
shankstaBytesUserError1 like what16:59
wdonkeypeople do fresh installs because they are rich enough to buy new computers16:59
UserError1even the way packages are installed by the three main methods, the appstore, synaptic, and terminal16:59
UserError1have three different presets in ubuntu16:59
UserError1for recommends and suggests17:00
shankstaBytesUserError1 whats is "recommends and suggests"17:00
PiciUserError1: No they don't.17:00
UserError1oh really17:00
UserError1check this Pici17:00
UserError1i literally just did this17:00
wdonkeyshankstaBytes: i know how to install it, i just want to get the most out of it; should i have my /home on a different partition than my /system ??17:00
PiciUserError1: Reccomends and Suggests are both stored in the package information itself, which is shared across any tool that uses apt.17:00
UserError1install bleachbit in each17:00
UserError1i never said it wasn't17:01
wdonkeywhat if i have limited space on a SSD and want to creat a swap partition for using files with windows as well ?17:01
shankstaByteswdonkey it really depends what you want to do with /home i would say no it really makes no difference17:01
lmatokay, I'm unable to install firefox17:01
lmatsudo apt-get install firefox     fails.17:01
UserError1you're going to get alot of automagic in pulling in the suggests from the AS and syn17:01
compdocanyone using a vnc server for 13.04? vnc4server seems to have issues17:01
lmatIt gets the firefox-globalmenu done, but doesn't get firefox installed.17:01
PiciUserError1: Don't spread FUD like "ubuntu is designed to create bloat"17:01
UserError1it is...17:01
UserError1and i use it17:02
UserError1forced deps17:02
shankstaByteswdonkey one thing you should do though is make the swap the same size as your memory17:02
UserError1tell me why Xorg needs radeon on intel ultrabooks shipped with ubuntu17:02
PatrickCtrying to upgrade my (fixed) server, and getting this error... http://screencast.com/t/Xusgvvii9iu17:02
bogorWill i break my system if i remove zeitgeist package ?17:02
shankstaBytesUserError1 how many kb does that take?17:02
UserError1on an SSD that decreases the speed17:03
UserError1considering the mobile choices ubuntu is making17:03
UserError1it is counter-productive17:03
shankstaBytesUserError1 you could always create an installation script to help out all of us :D17:03
UserError1why do you think ubuntu is frantically working to shrink packages17:03
UserError1such as lightdm17:03
btorchdoes anyone here know a way to find details with in /sys/bus/pci in order to create udev rules ?17:03
UserError1look at the XFCE deps17:03
UserError1it's pathetic17:03
OerHeksUserError1, stop the ranting please.17:04
h00kUserError1: Do you have any support related questions? If not, feel free to head over to #ubuntu-offtopic or other channel related to your topic.17:04
btorchright now I use udevadm but it would be nice to be able to search a path and find files I could that info from17:04
UserError1i'm sitting here compiling my own ubuntu for an ARM stick, having to apt-build everything indep because the deps are insane17:04
jiltdil823 mb 12.04??? Need DVD17:04
UserError1jilt, use the network installer17:04
UserError1mini iso17:04
Slartjiltdil: I would go with a usb-stick, so much easier17:04
shankstaBytesI have a 1TB drive so it doesn't bother me17:04
RyanTGUserError1: If you're unhappy with Ubuntu just vote with your feet and use another distro.  Gentoo's probably what you're looking for so you can control the dependencies.17:04
shankstaBytesand another 500GB drive17:05
UserError1you asked17:05
UserError1i told17:05
leehello. I am trying to set up a server to act as a gateway (with two NICs), eth1 going to the LAN and eth0 going to an ADSL modem. I want ubuntu to do the dialing, so I have set the modem to bridge mode. however when I run pppoeconf, it scans for "access concentrators", finds none, apologises for finding none, and gives up. any suggestions what to do next?17:05
shankstaBytesbut good stuff thanks UserError117:05
shankstaBytesI love learning more about ubuntu17:05
shankstaBytesor linux in general17:05
lmatYAY! Got firefox installed!17:05
shankstaBytesI just wish we had a solution to the problem you presented17:05
Akiva-MobileshankstaBytes: wait till you learn some command line goodies ; you'll love it:)17:05
lmatthe problem: kubuntu installed a package : kubuntu-firefox-installer  which got in the way of firefox!17:06
UserError1shank, check out the apt-build package17:06
Akiva-Mobilehell, i like using the command line 100 times more than programming in c++17:06
zanuslee:  use an operating system that doesn't require a computer science PhD17:06
=== flashingpumpkin is now known as fpk^away
zanustry Windows 817:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:06
GeekDudeMinecraft isn't really working on this new system I set up... Error message pictures: http://imgur.com/a/DeKhQ17:06
shankstaByteszanus haha17:06
AddleI'm trying to rebuild my PPA package for Raring, so I'm using "Copy Packages", selecting my quantal version, destination series "Raring" and "Rebuild the copied sources". It keeps telling me: "qmentat 0.8-1ppa1 in quantal (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive)" Any idea what I'm doing wrong?17:07
wdonkeything is17:07
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: did you try yelling at it?17:07
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, No, but I might if I can't figure it out soon17:07
bitnumushi all, i've just upgraded kernel via repos to 3.5.0-26, and network isnt working. The strange thing is, the only thing that works is IRC, i cant even ping google, no browsers work etc... any ideas?17:07
SlartGeekDude: minecraft caused that? it works normally if you do other graphics related stuff?17:07
GeekDudeSlart, Yeah. It's java related, I'm pretty sure17:08
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: it might be your graphics card overheating17:08
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, It's a built-in graphics card. It does this within the first 2 minutes of playing17:08
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: that application is just amazingly gpu intensive17:08
Akiva-Mobilegeekdude which card?17:08
wdonkeyshankstaBytes: scenario 1 : laptop has a 24g SSD with 6gb swap space taken and a 500gb HDD (190gb : win8/260gb data)17:08
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, I don't actually know. I'm using the Sun java (Oracle's java 6)17:09
SlartGeekDude: I highly doubt java will crash your system like that... something else is broken and minecraft might just be the final straw.. overheating, graphics drivers or something else17:09
h00kGeekDude: I would consider checking your hardware, CPU and Memory first, they *should't* kernel panic and a lot of times it's hardware related17:09
carpenoctemapache2 on ubuntu, trying to test a simple cgi, error log says "premature end of script headers"...?17:09
wdonkeyi feel 16gb is quite small for a new OS, can i have the /home stuff being thrown in the 260 gb data partition17:09
GeekDudeh00k, I've run a memtest through 2 passes, so It's probably not the memory17:09
SlartGeekDude: what kind of graphics hardware do you have?17:10
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: no i mean, ati, nvidia?17:10
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, I'll look up the specs17:10
adamkClearly radeon, basd on the kernel panic.17:10
SlartGeekDude: try something like the unigine valley benchmark.. see if that kills the system as well17:10
shankstaByteswdonkey swap is used during sleep/when you close the lid of a laptop if you dont have a laptop then it doesn't matter17:10
shankstaByteswdonkey at least that is what people have told me17:11
UserError1swap is also used for 4k r/w17:11
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, According to the internet, my computer model has "ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Chipset Onboard Video"17:11
UserError1geekdude that card... can run MC?17:11
GeekDudeSlart, Unigine valley benchmark?17:11
GeekDudeUserError1, With optifine having everything turned down/off17:11
wdonkeyok shankstaBytes thanks for your help..17:11
TaptoulaIs there anything to do tu upgrade from 13.04beta to final ? Or is an apt-get dist-upgrade sufficient ?17:12
SlartGeekDude: it's just a graphics intensive demo that is available for linux.. if graphics is the problem I'm pretty sure that will trigger it17:12
adamkI would guess that it's overheating.17:12
DJones!final | Taptoula17:12
ubottuTaptoula: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.17:12
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: I don't know for sure, but for minecraft, that will throw your gpu into overoverdrive for sure17:12
h00kshankstaBytes: swap is used for transient memory that won't fit in RAM, it uses your hard drive when the memory space is full17:12
TaptoulaDjones : it does answer my question perfectly :) thanks17:12
shankstaBytesh00k ya i know but nowadays that never happens17:12
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, I have it dual booting with windows, should I try running MC on windows instead?17:13
shankstaBytesI have 16 GIGs of ram on my laptop haha17:13
h00kshankstaBytes: I would argue that point, it really depends on the application. Anyway, that is what it is used for.17:13
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: might work, but if it crashes there too, then you would have your answer17:13
SlartGeekDude: http://unigine.com/  they have a couple of benchmarks.. not sure which ones are available for linux..17:13
mkadinwhen I boot the laptop without any external attached, and then plug in my monitor to the HDMI port, the desktop will split between the two monitors. However, if I boot with the external plugged in already, ubuntu doesn't recognize the laptop display at all, any ideas?17:13
Akiva-Mobileradeon drivers typically are better for windows17:13
shankstaBytesh00k but most normal applications will work fine within 4 gigs17:13
Akiva-Mobilebut then again, you have to run bloody windows, which sucks17:13
Eit8I'm having problems with compiz and unity after the upgrade, I can't get unity to work even with the ccsm, every time I enable unity it ask me to enable other stuff then it resets17:14
zanusesI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He would "play the bongos" on my ass.17:14
zanuses1I had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He would "play the bongos" on my ass.17:14
zanuses2I had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He would "play the bongos" on my ass.17:14
FloodBot1zanuses: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:14
Akiva-Mobileeit8 yes, upgrades can be painful17:14
shankstaBytessounds like fun17:14
shankstaBytesI love the bongos17:14
Akiva-MobileEit8: other people "could" help you, but honestly my advice is to never upgrade; always do fresh installs.17:14
h00k!ot | shankstaBytes17:15
ubottushankstaBytes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:15
Akiva-Mobileto which I would say, back  up tyour data now, and do a fresh install17:15
mkadinWhy would my laptop not recognize its own display when booting with an external attached via HDMI?17:15
wmphello, after last upgrade on 13.04 i havent audio, what can i do?17:15
Akiva-Mobilewmp: fresh install17:15
shankstaByteswmp haha reinstall your audio drivers17:16
Akiva-Mobilewmp; frech installs > upgrades17:16
shankstaByteswhat is the default sound controller?17:16
wmpshankstaBytes: what package?17:16
h00kwmp: do your devices show up in the sound menu?17:16
shankstaBytesalsa ?17:16
wmph00k: yes17:16
h00kwmp: and the channels aren't muted? Do they play the test sound?17:16
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, Windows is booted up, I will try to update/install java17:16
Akiva-MobileshankstaBytes: yes, or pulseaudio17:16
wmph00k: aplayer dont play17:17
wmpall is unmuted17:17
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: Enjoi playing with your blocks :)17:17
NetFlamHi all17:17
bitnumusi did a kernel upgrade and internet isnt working ? IRC is working but no browsers17:18
pagiosi would like to configure my wireless to connect automatically when system boots, i am currently using wpa_cli to do so but would like to automate the process17:18
bitnumusi cant ping google17:18
Akiva-Mobilewmp: sudo apt-get reinstall alsa*17:18
Slartbitnumus: it's not just dns that is broken?17:18
bitnumusSlart, maybe, how can i check ?17:18
bitnumusi've looked in network manager etc17:18
h00kbitnumus: can you ping by IP, like
wmpAkiva-Mobile: E: Invalid operation reinstall17:18
jrtappersIs the usb device number static?17:18
MonkeyDustjrtappers  yes17:19
Akiva-Mobilewmp, sec17:19
bitnumusyes i can ping that h00k17:19
Slartbitnumus: try ping   (<- it's just the ip of google)17:19
subthalamusare pulseaudio questions allowed?17:19
bitnumusshould i add that to /etc/resolv.conf ?17:19
Slartbitnumus: if that works you can try pinging www.google.com instead17:19
bitnumusyes i can ping!17:19
bitnumusi cant ping the domain17:19
wmpAkiva-Mobile: apt-get install --reinstall alsa*17:19
bitnumusso what DNS to try? and can i add direct to /etc/resolv.conf ?17:19
Slartbitnumus: any errors? unknown host?17:20
carpenoctemis /var/www the normal location for htdocs on ubuntu apache2?17:20
Slartbitnumus: is the google dns, I think.. try that17:20
bitnumusSlart, yes unknown host17:20
Akiva-Mobilewmp: there you go :P17:20
bitnumusSlart, do i need to restart network manager somehow ?17:20
logicalhi all, I have a problem with my wireless adapter, after software update my pc can't see the wireless adapter, so i launched the ubuntu to older version 3.5.0-17, now the card is working properly.. but how can i set my pc to automatic start with 3.5.0-1717:21
Slartbitnumus: I'm not sure.. give it a try first.. if it doesn't work try restarting the network17:21
bitnumushow do i restart the network ?17:21
Akiva-Mobilelogical: I tend to think fresh installs work best17:21
Akiva-Mobileupgrades typically give troubles like that17:21
El_Presidentehello :)17:22
bitnumusrestarting /etc/init.d/networking crashed everything :)17:22
Slartbitnumus: try  sudo service networking restart17:22
Akiva-Mobilebitnumus: lol17:22
El_Presidenteanyone having trouble with skype on 13.04 if 13.4 fglrx is installed?17:22
bitnumusAkiva-Mobile, ? :(17:22
Akiva-Mobilebitnumus just sharing your pain17:23
bitnumus3hours so far on this one kernel upgrade, crashed graphics too17:23
Akiva-Mobilebitnumus I always try to do fresh installs rather than upgrades17:23
bitnumusAkiva-Mobile, Slart i changed DNS to but it still isnt seeing www.google.com17:24
wmpAkiva-Mobile: reinstall and rbeoot, and nothing17:24
wmpbitnumus: ping work?17:24
Slartbitnumus: try this     dig @ www.google.com17:24
Akiva-Mobilewmp: nothing eh?17:24
wmpAkiva-Mobile: nothing17:24
Akiva-Mobilewmp: do you have sound devices hooked up?17:24
bitnumuspinging does work yes wmp17:24
Akiva-Mobilelike when you go to the control panel?17:25
wmpAkiva-Mobile: i have laptop17:25
Akiva-Mobilewmp: yep17:25
bitnumuslol, i cant paste the output wmp17:25
bitnumusof that dig command17:25
Akiva-Mobilewmp, you can also try a reinstall of pulseaudio17:25
wmpbitnumus: dg give you error ?17:25
wmpAkiva-Mobile: aplay dont play17:26
bitnumusnope no errors that i see wmp17:26
Slartbitnumus: do you get 5 or so lines for www.google.com   300    IN    A17:26
lmatI have windows installed on a partition on my computer. The bootloader obviously doesn't know about it. How can I get grub to attempt to boot to a windows partition?17:26
Akiva-Mobilewmp I'd still say to do a fresh install17:26
Akiva-Mobileit will be faster17:26
bitnumusSlart, yes17:26
wmpAkiva-Mobile: no :)17:26
Slartbitnumus: ok, then it seems your networking works.. it's just the dns settings that's bad17:26
wmpbitnumus: cat /etc/resolv.conf17:26
bitnumusSlart, no17:26
chop1nbitnumus, paste on http://pastebin.com/17:26
syntroPiwhere is that gnome session data stored on raring? it used to be on /tmp but there it is not anymore17:26
bitnumuschop1n, read the scroll i have no browser access :)17:26
Slartbitnumus: that's close enough =)17:27
chop1nbitnumus, hah! :P17:27
bitnumuswmp, that has in it, because i was tsting that, nothing works17:27
bitnumusthis is crazy17:27
wmpbitnumus: could you give content?17:27
bitnumus# Generated by NetworkManager17:27
chop1nShouldn't it be "nameserver"17:28
Addlechop1n: Yes it should.17:28
bitnumusshould NetworkManager be running as root, and dnsmasq running as 'nobody'17:28
bitnumusAddle, it should? network manager added that not me17:29
wmpbitnumus: echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf17:29
Addlebitnumus: Yeah, that's pretty strange.17:29
chop1nyeah ... your resolv.conf looks wrong to me then17:29
NoounixJe suis là .17:29
chop1ndon't know why though17:29
bitnumushow can i restart network manager ?17:29
AddleA bug in NetworkManager perhaps?17:29
bitnumuswithout logging out,17:30
bitnumusor should i just log out17:30
bitnumushold that thought!17:30
AddleThe resolv.conf should take effect right away, I believe.17:30
Noounixwtf  ?17:31
bitnumuslooks like a bug.17:31
subthalamuspulseaudio no longer plays stuff through my speakers after upgrade to quantal17:31
h00kNoounix: acronyms also are included in the !language ffor the room, please mind it17:31
bitnumusthanks all!17:31
bitnumusout of curiosity, why wouldnt no DNS work ?17:32
Addlebitnumus: It would, as long as you don't mind using IP addresses for everything. :)17:32
pagiosi would like to configure my wireless to connect automatically when system boots, i am currently using wpa_cli to do so but would like to automate the process17:33
bitnumusi mean, what is default ?17:33
bitnumusAddle, if on network manage 'Automatic DCHP' was selected17:33
bitnumuswhat would it use in that case?17:33
Slartbitnumus: the default dns usually comes from the network provider, if you're using dhcp17:33
Addlebitnumus: The DHCP should tell it what DNS to use, generally.17:33
bitnumusodd, i have no idea17:33
bitnumusbut network manager isn't including 'nameserver'17:33
Slartbitnumus: if you're on a static ip you usually get information about your ip, gateway, dns and whatnot17:34
PoolShark_I need a realtime versioning backup util for ubuntu CLI... anyone know of one?17:34
OerHeksbitnumus,did you try to reset your router?17:34
bitnumusOerHeks, lol17:34
bitnumusthanks all17:34
Addlebitnumus: Yeah, the evidence that NetworkManager has a bug is pretty good. It even signed its name in the file. :)17:34
Addlebitnumus: Might want to think about filing a bug report.17:34
bitnumuscup of tea first :)17:34
onewanmannew ubuntu user anything i need to do the upgrade for 13.04 beta to full release17:38
Slartonewanman: usually it just upgrades to the real thing when you run the regular updates17:38
Addleonewanman: Nope, just update normally.17:38
GeekDudeAkiva-Mobile, I've updated java, and it seems to be running better in windows than in ubuntu. It hasn't crashed. Yet.17:40
ezra-sanyone has been trying ubuntu 13.04 release from today? Any issues and things worth mentioning?17:40
venturah00k: gut! i have the key prompt, but unity is dead.17:40
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: Great,17:41
Snake2kHello, is it wise to update from 12.10 to 13? considering all the apps installed etc and them being configured etc..17:41
Akiva-MobileGeekDude: a guilty pleasure on a sinful system, but  oh well17:41
Akiva-Mobilejava will come around17:41
Akiva-MobileSnake2k: no17:41
Akiva-Mobilejudging by all the people in here with problems upgrading17:42
Akiva-Mobilefresh installs are much more advised17:42
h00kSnake2k: I've had two upgrades go without incident, also17:42
Snake2kAkiva-Mobile, Hmmm I see.. so chances are my files can pretty much get screwed..17:42
h00kSnake2k: make sure you have a backup of your important stuff, just in case17:42
syntroPihow can i kill the gnome session in raring? where is it???17:42
Akiva-MobileSnake2k: what I would do is boot a live cd, resize the partition, install it on the free space, test the upload, and if it works, boot the live cd again, and destroy your old isntallation and resize your new one to fit your disk17:43
Akiva-MobileSnake2k: your mileage may vary17:43
Akiva-Mobilesnake2k dont forget about ubuntuone17:43
Akiva-Mobileyou get 5 gigs free to backup ysour stuff17:43
Akiva-Mobileanyways, I am out17:43
Akiva-Mobilelater folks17:43
Endafyid love to try out the new Ubuntu but the installer wont even boot17:43
Endafyanyone else having the iso not boot17:43
Snake2kAkiva-Mobile, Thanks for the advice :) I'll consider the live cd thing :)17:44
GeekDudebye Akiva-Mobile17:44
h00k!verify | Endafy make sure your boot media is okay17:44
ubottuEndafy make sure your boot media is okay: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:44
EndafyI swear release after release yall release junk17:44
Endafythe boot media is fine17:44
EndafyI used torrent17:44
Endafychecked the md517:44
Endafyit wont boot17:44
Snake2kh00k, Backup of stuff in my Home folder or file system right? Im guessing host and my other drives shouldnt be affected by the update..17:44
EndafyI love how everyone assumes its my fault the OS has issues17:45
Endafyits pathetic that you cant release a stable working OS anymore17:45
Draxelischrome and skype doesnt work on ubuntu 13.0417:46
maykr___can anyone please help me setting up ubuntu on raid0?17:46
carpenoctemAnyone know the best way to add a path to @INC perl script (cgi)?17:46
maykr___i've been trying for 2 hours now17:46
h00k!details | Draxelis17:46
ubottuDraxelis: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:46
maykr___would somebody please assist me in installing ubuntu 12.04 on raid0?17:47
syntroPihmmm damn out of a sudden my new Xorg behaves very unstable on raring...17:48
nullby7e13.044444 day17:48
vasilije_hi, i upgraded to 13.04 and now i have problem with skype it wont starts : Segmentation fault (core dumped)17:48
Draxelish00k, google chrome cannot be installed on 13.04. Also, skype crashes ;/ I'm sure everyone has the same issues17:48
Draxelisvasilije_,  same here man17:48
Draxelischrome doesnt work too17:49
trismDraxelis: the google-chrome problem is fixed in the dev channel release17:49
Jamira40Hello can someone help me with SQUASHFS error i tried 12.04 Desktop AMD64 also latest 13.04 AMD64, Booted over USB stick yes i try use another USB stick and still same error, And yes i tried another hard drive17:49
* PoolShark_ is syncing the 13.04 mirror now... ETA 9 days on his 1.5mbit DSL line17:49
Draxelistrism,  upcoming chrome release?17:49
wmpKERNEL: 3.8.0-19 BROKEN AUDIO, dont install them17:50
trismDraxelis: well, it is out now in the dev channel, it probably won't make it to stable for a while17:50
trismDraxelis: http://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel17:51
Draxelistrism,  installing libudev0 should solve this issue, isnt it?17:51
trismDraxelis: though https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=226002 indicates they are working on merging it into the stable channel quickly, so you may just want to wait17:51
maykr___Someone...please help me setting up ubuntu on raid017:51
trismDraxelis: yes you can do that to workaround the issue as well17:52
maykr___how do I completely zero my hard drive?17:52
maykr___like, delete absolutely everything?17:52
rainbowwarriorhello , can someone recommend a decent firewall for Ubuntu 13.04 that will show ips instead of using UF please ?17:52
Draxelistrism,  won't installing libudev0 cause any problems with future chrome releases?17:53
ezra-smaykr___, cat /dev/null > device17:53
trismDraxelis: shouldn't17:53
carpenoctemkey thing to remember about raid in ubuntu is that in fstab you shoudl use the UUID and not the name17:53
Draxelisok thank you17:53
varikonniemiwhy on earth did ubuntu change the software center icon to an Apple capital letter17:53
maykr___ezra-s: no output. does that mean it has already been erased?17:53
varikonniemiapple store could use that icon17:54
Sarger001Yay! 13.04 is out, it it faster than Unity 2D on Ubuntu 12.04?17:54
ezra-smaykr___, that 0's all the hard disk, it should take some time I believe, depends on the size of the disk, oh a with "device" I mean the disk you want to zero not the word "device"17:54
ubottuYES! It's out!17:54
maykr___ezra-s: oh lol i was typing in "device"17:55
trismDraxelis: as it is their fix just creates a symlink to libudev1 in /opt/google/chrome named libudev.so.0 and the package deps on libudev0 or libudev117:55
Sarger001And also is 13.04 a great release?17:55
ezra-smaykr___, no wonder it went so fast17:55
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.17:55
=== milefork is now known as Nimda3
Sarger001And do i have to install it from a disk, or can i use the update manager to get it?17:55
ezra-smaykr___, example cat /dev/null > /dev/sda117:55
ezra-smaykr___, example cat /dev/null > /dev/sda17:55
=== Nimda3 is now known as milefork
ezra-ssorry, misspeled17:56
michagogoSarger001: To upgrade from 12.10, sudo do-release-upgrade17:56
ezra-sfirst option would just zero a partition17:56
maykr___ezra-s: problem is: my devices go by /dev/mapper/ or something17:57
Sarger001_And, is there a torrent DL for 13.04 or only direct?17:57
ezra-smaykr___, whatever your device is, /dev/mapper means probably your disk is encrypted or under lvm17:57
ezra-smaykr___, when you do that make also sure you are not zeroing the disk you have used to boot your pc on17:58
=== michael is now known as Guest86760
CarlFKwhat is an app to browse what fonts are installed ?18:02
ezra-sCarlFK, font viewer18:03
chop1nCarlFK, there is also xfontsel18:03
ezra-sCarlFK, press the windows key and type fon18:04
ezra-sit will show up in the dash18:04
CarlFKezra-s: I am ssh-ed in. what command does the win key run?18:05
CarlFKI have x forwarding working.. xfontsel may be fine18:05
ezra-sCarlFK, this is ubuntu channel, I assumed you had ubuntu loaded with unity18:06
CarlFKezra-s: I have 2 boxes, both ubuntu.  sshed from one to the other.  lots of ubuntu!  :)18:06
=== YRum is now known as dLog
ezra-sCarlFK, hehehe18:07
adrenalinkhow can I stop server X?18:07
ezra-sCarlFK, you can look for all applications available which are graphical in: /usr/share/applications18:07
HilarieIs there an easy way to destroy a bunch of directories but transfer there content into one directory? I.E. Parent Directory filled with a bunch of folders, 1 large file each18:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest90082
Guest90082how to download rediffbol messanger18:11
zgrhello i got misaligned partition error parted output: Number Start End Size File system Name Flags 1 17.4kB 3001GB 3001GB btrfs; Fastest way to fix that? I've done a backup but rewriting 500GB of data is time consuming18:11
CarlFKHilarie: use the find  somedir  --exec cp {} .  (I think...)18:13
maheanuugood morning, after spending almost the entire day trying to get information on how to get online with my Asus TF700 I am still batting zero18:13
CarlFKHilarie: find will.. find files, --exec will execute some command on them.. hmm, the command should be mv,   and you need \; at the end of the command ... been a while, but seems like the right way18:14
maheanuuI need to know why I cannot go any further than my modem using my tablet?18:14
Draxelisnow this sucks bad.. basically never had problems with chrome, however, after installing 13.04 chrome couldnt be installed. After figuring out how to install chrome.. now it synced everything except extensions.18:14
HilarieCarlFK so something like find *.* --exec mv * ../ ?18:15
adamsmeati got win 8 installed on my pc. and then just today, i added ubuntu. for some reason, the familiar grub is not showing18:15
adamsmeatwindows just autoboots18:15
CarlFKHilarie: man find.  the first parameter is the dir you want it to start at.  it will recurse18:15
HilarieAlrighty, Thank you Carlfk18:16
adamsmeatmaybe i did something wrong with installation. I did not choose install alongside windows 8. I did manual partition18:16
CarlFKHilarie: and it is going to do the --exec thing for each file (oh, and dir...)  replacing {} with the name of the file/dir18:16
maykr___would anyone please help me install ubuntu?18:17
CarlFKHilarie: to get rid of the dir... find /somedir/  -type f --exec mv {} /targetdir/   \;18:17
HilarieCarlFK Thank you for helping me organize my Movies :)18:17
maheanuuIs there an xchat for working on tablets and other android/linux type equipments18:17
wdonkeyme again !!!18:18
subthalamuspulseaudio no longer plays stuff through my speakers after upgrade to quantal18:18
subthalamusdoes pa log somewhere?18:18
ramoshello. Any anyone here resolved the issue with Brasero being able to burn ISO images without getting errors?18:18
wdonkeyquestion about swap space. i have swapspace dedicated for my win8 os, will i need to create some more for ubuntu ??18:18
CarlFKwdonkey: yes.18:19
wdonkeythat suck18:19
CarlFKwdonkey: unless win can now use a unix swap partition - guessing win still uses the .. um.. soemthing file18:20
LorenzoMoneythat is why i quit years ago18:20
LorenzoMoneyooops wrong windows sorry18:20
wdonkeyCarlFK:  what would you do. i've got a 24g SSD with 6gb used for win8 swapspace, the rest is free, and i have a 500gb 5400rpm HDD with win8 on 190gb and a d:/ partition of 260gb for files18:21
wdonkeyi want to do a fresh ubuntu nstall18:21
maheanuuI am off to Papeete for 3 weeks of hospital and control  and am trying to get an Asus TF700 up and running to have some means of communicating and getting info while there,  I really need some help and could use some pointers on the tablet  I realize that this is the Ubuntu Xchat, but if anyone here might know what I need or can point me to the proper xchat page I would appreciate it18:21
CarlFKwdonkey: "I" have no use for windows, so I would dump it ;/18:22
Pinkamena_DHello, Is their any common cause recently which makes all tabs say "The connection to the server was reset"18:22
wdonkeysame for me, but its the gf's PC and she just might want to keep windows arround18:22
Picimaheanuu: If you're not asking about your Ubuntu install, then maybe ##hardware or ##windows would a better place?18:23
ramosIs anyone here using Brasero to burn ISO Images to DVD?18:23
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
CarlFKwdonkey: you might be able to get linux to use the win swap file.  but that seems risky.  I guess just dedicate some of your ssd to swap, and some of your HD too.18:23
maheanuuPici,It's a Android Device, and I do NOT run any version of windoze on anything I own18:24
wdonkeywould you install the swapspace along with ubuntu on the SSD and have the /home folder on the HDD ?18:24
varikonniemidoes flash come with chromium in ubuntu repos?18:24
varikonniemisomehow i have flash even though i did not install it. i thought only chrome had it bundled not chromium18:24
CarlFKwdonkey: if you are running win, you prolly have lots of ram, like 4+gig.  good chance you don't really need any swap for linux18:24
h00kvarikonniemi: no, but flash is bundled with Chrome/Chromium, built into the browser.18:24
wdonkeygot like 6 gb of ram18:25
wdonkeyjust trying to figure out the best partition scheme for that situation18:25
CarlFKwdonkey: it depends on what apps, how many, what you do with them..18:26
varikonniemih00k, all pages say only chrome has it bundled, not chromium18:26
CarlFKwdonkey: most likely anything you do will work just fine :)18:26
wdonkeymost hardcore thing might be watching a movie or playing with pictures on gimp18:27
h00kvarikonniemi: oh, maybe I'm wrong, but I know Chrome does.18:27
Picimaheanuu: Then #android18:28
varikonniemioh wait18:28
wdonkeythanks for your help CarlFK18:28
tor_is there any news regarding ATI graphic drives. notting is showing up in software and updates18:28
varikonniemirestricted extras included it :P18:28
talsamonfine...upgrade aborted, can't start....grrrrr18:28
talsamonno, short after start of installing18:30
plustaxI have a question guys. I have an old computer here and trying to put 12.04 on it. I want it to take up the entire harddrive. Im in the installation and im at installation type where I can define partitions. I have /dev/sda with no type mp format size or used, then below it is free space of 80 gigs. When I try to install over 80 gigs it says no root18:31
talsamonbut it's except the time no problem, i've burned a cd and make a new install18:31
plustaxhow do i set this up for install? I changed mount point to / and it says I need swap. Can anyone walk me through how to properly set this up?18:32
torvaI am trying to install Google Chrome but I get the error "Dependency is not satisfiable: libudev0 (>= 147)" on the brand new install of Ubuntu18:32
ezoeI noticed I have both gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7. I was using Ubuntu since 10.10, Can I safely remove 4.6?18:33
=== nothung is now known as brunnhilde
hazardoushi, i am trying to reinstall ubuntu and delete leftover lvm partitions18:35
hazardousthere's a 999gb partition marked 'lvm'18:35
hazardousthat i can't delete and i can't figure out how to delete trhe lvm vg's either18:35
hazardousin manual partition mode atm18:35
tor_plustax: delete the old partition so the whole disk is free. then make a ext4 partition that is set to be root folder: '/' but leave the size 5gig less than the whole disk. then make a swap partition on the laft 5 gig space18:36
HilarieOkay, I have a folder, that appears to be empty, both via gui, and via commandline, ls shows nothing, but du -h shows 80 something MB, any way to find out what it is?18:36
HilarieHilarie nvm, find showed me a file that started with a .18:37
michagogoHilarie: I assume you used ls -la, correct?18:37
AddleHilarie: Probably hidden files (with a . prepended)18:37
torvaHilarie: Enable the showing of hidden files18:37
tor_Hilarie: ctrl + h18:37
hazardousok i ahve no idea how to do this blargh18:38
AddleHilarie: Like michagogo said, the -a option to ls will show them. From a GUI, depends on the file manager.18:38
Hilariels -a will show hidden?18:38
torvahazardous: Try booting from the Ubuntu LiveCD and using the "gParted" partition editor to make the required changes to the partition. This is generally more fully-featured than the partitioner found in the Ubuntu installer18:38
michagogoBeen seeding the new release desktop ISOs for ~4 hours, ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso uploaded 341 MB18:39
maykr___would anyone please help me partitioning my disks?18:39
talsamonfirst start crash of libmenu_cache18:39
michagogoAnd -1386.iso uploaded 308 MB18:39
torva!ask | maykr___18:39
ubottumaykr___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:39
maykr___would someone please help me partition my disk? i'm trying to install ubuntu 12.04.2 amd64 on my desktop computer and I need to know which partitions I need to create and how to use raid0...18:40
torvamaykr___: you need to set up RAID in advance before installing Ubuntu18:41
torvamaykr___: RAID isn't part of Ubuntu, it's configured most likely through the BIOS of your motherboard18:41
maykr___torva: it is fakeraid18:41
torvamaykr___: Ah I don't know then. Sometimes that requires a specific implementation within Windows18:42
maykr___torva: i have both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb18:42
rhinuxHi! my update-manager under 12.10 only show a linux-source-3.5.0 update to install, no check button doI have to DL this 85MB package before I will be able to upgrade to 13.04?18:42
torvamaykr___: I don't know enough to help you with specifics, unfortunately, I've never configured a RAID system on the desktop18:42
Draxeliswhy werent skype and chrome bugs fixed while the OS was in beta?18:42
tor_maykr___: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID18:43
Draxelisstuff doesnt work :/18:43
torvaDraxelis: Nobody knows18:43
=== Edgan_ is now known as Edgan
torvaDraxelis: Can't install Chrome?18:43
maykr___tor_: i wanted to have separate partitions for /var, /tmp, /home, etc...18:43
Draxelistorva,  managed to install chrome by manually installing libudev0 however, chrome is 'crippled' - it doesnt sync extensions18:44
tor_maykr___: in a software raid?18:44
maykr___tor_: yes18:44
tor_maykr___:  it is out of my knowledge, but the link should give you some hints18:45
rhinux@draxelis http://www.noobslab.com/2013/04/install-skype-in-ubuntu.html18:45
talsamongrub is damaged18:46
torvaDraxelis: Just advise people to avoid a fresh Ubuntu 13.04 installation until someone gets around to fixing?18:46
Draxelisrhinux,  yes, I solved it.18:46
=== jordan_ is now known as jordan
tor_maykr___:  the easiest would be to set up ubuntu on a regular disk and then have raid for the rest18:46
tor_maykr___:  the easiest would be to set up ubuntu on a regular disk and then have raid for the res18:46
DraxelisYea, I normally do fresh install as soon as ubuntu is released.. but it's not a good idea:) must resist upgrading:)18:46
tor_maykr___:  if you dont have hardware (motherboard or controller) that support raid i doubt it is much to it18:48
ares_Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound2 (>= 1.0.23)18:48
=== ares_ is now known as aressz
aresszhow to fix this one?18:48
l337n1nj4Hi people!18:49
willows_hi 1337n1nj418:49
aresszDependency is not satisfiable: libasound2 (>= 1.0.23) how to fix this problem?18:49
tor_maykr___:  if you have raid set up pre installation it is a breeze to make dedicated partition for the mentioned folders if you setup partitions manually18:50
=== eitch is now known as Guest65761
gianluca_ciao ragazzi ma che bello è?18:50
Pici!it | gianluca_18:50
ubottugianluca_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:50
torvaaressz: What are you trying to do?18:51
rhinux@draxelis perhaps we should wait until 13.04.1 even we want to know all new :)18:51
aresszinstall skype :D18:51
aresszI need  a package libasound218:51
l337n1nj4OK, so does anyone know how to change the size of the Dash search? In 12.10 I could change it using the Ubuntu Tweak Tool, but the Unity Tweak Tool doesn't have that option...18:51
aresszis newest on is 2.1 ?18:51
torvaWho is in charge of ubottu? Can we set up !skype and !chrome ?18:51
starbuckwhere can i see on which serial port my usb devises are mounted18:52
SevenBizzosDoes 13.04 have plug and play support for quad monitors?18:52
aressztorva: yes, you can use chrome,skype on linux :D18:52
Noounix"ping -t -l 9999" try :D18:53
DJones!skype | torva Do you mean like this one?18:53
ubottutorva Do you mean like this one?: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga18:53
subthalamuswhy would aplay -l not list any soundcards?18:53
djznhi anyone here having issues with ATI HD 3200 or similar, slow performance and animation under 13.04 with OSS radeon driver?18:53
aresszwhy I always have problems with sound on ubuntu. On Linux mint I never had something like this :D18:54
aresszdjzn you need to update drivers amd.com18:54
djznaressz did you just read what I said18:54
aresszdjzn did you downloaded them from amd.com ?18:54
djznread again my first sentence18:54
aresszOSS drivers  I guess it's default drivers18:55
djzn'radeon' driver18:55
djznworks pretty good18:55
aresszyou need drivers from amd.com I have had same problem.18:55
djznradeon is perfect for 3xxx18:55
=== loreste is now known as RTK
djznbut not in 13.0418:55
wilee-nilee!enter > djzn18:56
ubottudjzn, please see my private message18:56
aresszhave no idea18:56
aresszdeb http://ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl/ubuntu/ lucid main18:56
kalle9982I have a question about LVS-NAT in active/active mode; does it matter which lvs-server gets which return packet?18:56
hazardoustorva: ended up figuring out an easier way, going to guided partitioning and letting it wipe all of my LVMs and MDs then going back to manual18:57
aresszI hate ubuntu since 11 version18:57
djznhazardous, are you going to partition the old way ?18:57
torvaaressz: cool, there are loads of alternatives you can use instead18:57
aresszYes, for me Linux mint is the best cuz it never gives me any problems18:58
aresszhave got any problems yet with it18:58
=== rclancy is now known as Guest6262
torvaok aressz. Did you know today is a release day and this channel is rather busy?18:59
hazardousdjzn: what is partition the old way18:59
djznhazardous, you said you wiped lvm18:59
hazardousdjzn: oh no, the dc installed ubuntu for me and fucked it up terribly with overlapping vm's and weird stuff19:00
hazardous i just wanted to kill all partition tables and redo it19:00
h00khazardous: please watch the language and keep it family friendly19:00
Tm_Thazardous: language, please19:00
=== torva is now known as blazemore
spotterkeyboard-configuration seems broken in 13.0419:05
spotterhangs when trying to configure (connected via ssh)19:06
tb01110100Can an Ubuntu image be written w/ dd? I'm on Arch Linux but would like to try 13.04.19:09
tb01110100To a USB key?19:09
wilee-nileetb01110100, Yes19:09
tb01110100Cool, thanks.19:09
wilee-nileeiso or install19:09
spotterlooks like ubuntu screwed up 13.04 for servers that are admined via ssh19:10
sonOfRaHow do I actually close a chat client like pidgin in 13.04? If I close it, and someone messages me, it pops up again in the messaging tab19:10
MonkeyDustsonOfRa  file > quit (or exit)19:11
=== Parhs8 is now known as fdsdf
olegbspotter: how ?19:12
sonOfRahuh. is it not possible to properly close it just via closing the window, or hitting "Quit" in the sidebar?19:12
sonOfRathat's REALLY annoying :S19:12
fdsdfhttp://bit.ly/17Y47h2  what do you think of this anti ubuntu19:13
rdmWill ubuntu ever work?19:13
arayaqsonOfRa: tell that to skype users :P19:13
MonkeyDustrdm  never, not supposed to19:13
rdmk, then I'll stop trying19:13
MonkeyDustrdm  what's the issue?19:13
rdmIt always detects errors, GPU Hang up or something, asks me to report it. Then it does it again about 60 seconds later19:14
MonkeyDustrdm  that's apparmor, you can disable it19:14
rdmk I'll try that19:15
SevenBizzosDoes 13.04 work with triple or quad monitors out of the box like windows???19:15
MonkeyDustSevenBizzos  multi monitors is a pain in linux at large19:15
jnl_I have 3 monitors working with full accel across two 9800GTXs with the proprietary nvidia driver and base mosaic19:15
SevenBizzosMonkeydust: I know, but someone claimed it was plug and play in 13.04 on the forums...19:15
jnl_and it took some tweaking so it depends I guess is the answer19:15
SevenBizzosMonkeydust: so I was hoping they fixed it to be like windows19:15
rdmyeah, disabling that didn't work19:16
jnl_isn't that supposed to be part of xrandr 1.4?19:16
georgelappiesanybody getting random unity / compiz freeze ups in 13.04?19:17
SevenBizzoshmm.. i didnt want to tweak just wanted to plug, and play :( was thinking they would have fixed it by now19:17
wilee-nileegeorgelappies, The channel works with you presenting your problems. ;)19:17
shagoyjoI've aliased my NIC to a second IP on the same subnet using "ip addr add ip.add.ress.here/24 brd brd.add.ress.here dev eth1:0", but the alias isn't accepting incoming traffic. Any ideas?19:17
jnl_well its typically up to the drivers19:18
jhutchins_wkIs the following sudoers entry forwarded correctly? %groupname ALL=NOPASSWD: awk, cat, chkconfig, chmod19:18
SevenBizzosjnl_: so its not that hard once you have the proprietary nvidia drivers?19:18
jnl_what cards do you have?19:18
Hello9Hello :)19:19
Hello9Wanted to share a new programming forum: http://thedevshed.net/forum/19:19
tb01110100My browser isn't auto-downloading the ISO. Can I please have a direct link to the disk images?19:19
Hello9Feel free to join :)19:19
h00k!spam | Hello919:19
SevenBizzosjnl_: I havent bought the hardware yet, in fact I was waiting for an Ubuntu that supports quad out of the box19:19
odthi, how does one use grub-reboot "item" so that it actually does boot the "item" on next reboot command?19:19
MonkeyDustHello9  #ubuntu-offtopic, not here19:19
h00kHow do we not have a spam factoid.19:19
jnl_well if you get new enough nvidia cards yes it will work19:19
h00kAnyway, Hello9, do not spam.19:19
psyrusthe ubuntu 13.04 is only transfering @ about 17 kbs a second.. anyone else having d/l problems?19:19
SevenBizzosjnl_: ok thank you, I will do that19:19
jnl_look for nvidia-xconfig with --base-mosaic19:19
MonkeyDustpsyrus  servers may be busy19:20
=== qos is now known as qos|away
jnl_you have to tell it GPU inputs and resolutions and arrangement but its not real hard and then it just all works19:20
jnl_outputs I mean19:20
OerHekspsyrus use torrent19:20
jhutchins_wkpsyrus: torrent might work better this close to the release.19:20
SevenBizzosso I have to make a custom xorg.conf file??19:20
jnl_no the nvidia-xconfig will do it for you19:20
tb01110100My browser isn't auto-downloading the ISO. Can I please have a direct link to the disk images?19:20
psyrusjhutchins_wk:  torrent link ?19:20
tb01110100Oh wait.19:21
jnl_no problem19:21
ubottuRaring can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/desktop/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/server/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696919:21
CarlFKis there a barcode font I can apt-get?19:21
OerHeks!info barcode19:22
ubottubarcode (source: barcode): Utility and library for barcode generation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.98+debian-9 (raring), package size 72 kB, installed size 204 kB19:22
wilee-nileeodt, There is an app or from the command line here is a ppa for the app, use at your own risk. https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd819:22
CarlFKI found http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/texlive-fonts-extra   "barcodes -- Fonts for making barcodes."  but I don' t think that is a normal system font19:22
Neozonz|Dischow big should swap size be for a 256MB Ram server?19:22
CarlFKOerHeks: that doesn't seem to be a font19:22
CarlFKNeozonz|Disc: go with the default unless you need something special19:23
Neozonz|DiscCarlFK, I got out of memory when compiling19:23
Neozonz|Discso I bumped it to 1GB for swap.. yet my actual ram is at 256mb19:24
CarlFKNeozonz|Disc: that is special :) although I am kinda surprised.  compiling doesn't normally need gobs of memory.19:24
Neozonz|Discapparently compiling litecoin does...19:24
Neozonz|Discit keeps crapping out too and I got no idea why because there are no status logs19:25
Neozonz|Discunless I dont know where to look19:25
stn0521_is anybody der?19:26
=== qos|away is now known as qos
CarlFKNeozonz|Disc: make sure you are only using thread.  no clue how.  but using all the cpu cores takes more memory19:27
SuperLagif you're creating a launcher for an app, and you need to specify an argument before the binary you want to run on the Exec= line, what's the proper syntax for that?19:27
Neozonz|DiscI'm using 4 threads?19:27
psyrus_thanks again for the torrent, its downloading much better. one quick question, i am just gunna leave about 150 gig of unalocated space and this ubuntu 13.04 distro will confiure the partitions all for me w/o overwriting windows correct?19:27
stn0521_is it possible to make a lan messenger system to ubuntu units with a windows 7 admin?19:28
SuperLagI want to add LD_LIBRARY_PATH before the path to the binary I'm trying to launch19:28
stn0521_is it possible to make a lan messenger system to ubuntu units with a windows 7 admin?19:28
CarlFKNeozonz|Disc: each thread will use a wad of memory.19:28
stn0521_is it possible to make a lan messenger system to ubuntu units with a windows 7 admin?19:28
trismSuperLag: if you need to set environment variables, you are better off making a script and using that on the Exec= line19:28
Neozonz|DiscCarlFK, anywhere i can check for a previous compile log?19:28
stn0521_is it possible to make a lan messenger system to ubuntu units with a windows 7 admin?19:28
SuperLagtrism: Okay. Fair enough. That's how I do it for another app. :)19:28
CarlFKNeozonz|Disc: I think you need to pipe it to a file19:29
=== michagogo_ is now known as michagogo
schultzais there a way to get an icon on the desktop (~/home/user/Desktop) that points to a samba share!?19:29
Walexschultza: points in what way?19:29
schultzaim dealing with windows users who like to click on a folder to open a samba share... i need them to be able to do just that, but have it open up the samba share19:30
schultza..but they are on linux19:30
=== michagogo_ is now known as michagogo
Ciasteczko|NeO10 on 10 med off19:31
schultzaubuntu 12.04 64 bit with unity as their gui19:31
Walexschultza: in theory in GNU/Linux systes one mounts shares before opening them... So you probably want an automounter like 'autofs' or 'am-utils'.19:31
talsamongrub only write cryptic sign on start, i can't get in the single-modus......19:32
ezoeafter upgrading, Ubuntu 13.04's nvidia-current points to nvidia-304. but it looks like nvidia-310 is the "proprietary, tested" one. I wonder why it use 304.19:32
Walexschultza: then you just put the path to the samba share in the desktop item.19:32
psyrus_um... anyways, ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso finished dnloading, is the right disc image ? i want the desktop 64 bit19:32
xraixedWhere can I locate the Ubuntu 12.04 boot screen so I can disconfigure ....please19:32
talsamonbut normal start works19:32
schultzai cant see how to do that.19:32
trismpsyrus_: the desktop image would be -desktop-amd64, -server is the server image19:32
schultzaall i have is create folder, or create document.19:32
Walexschultza: some desktop environments have the ability to access remote mounts directly, but then ordinary programs cannot access them.19:33
odthow do i set the default kernel without having boottime access to grub (no keyboard), bios is UEFI and "ubuntu" item seems to have been chosen there19:33
odtive tried 5 times to boot raring with an older kernel and not the latest one19:33
Walexschultza: you want to create a link, often it is enough to drag-and-drop the the desktop; or you just create a document '.desktop' file and then edit it to contain the path you want.19:33
odtcomes up with 3.8.0-19 every time19:33
schultzaok.. thank you .. i will try those options19:34
Walexschultza: '.desktop' files are just text files with a set of fields describing them.19:34
Walexschultza: alternatively just create a symbolic link in '~/Desktop/'19:34
maykrhey..i just managed to install ubuntu but now it wont load. when i try to boot ubuntu, some sort of vertical red-orage line pattern appears on the screen and nothing happens19:34
schultzai tried that symbolic link.. it gave me an error stating it needed a locally addressed file for sym links19:35
schultzadrag drop didnt work, it wants to copy and then tells me, it's not a directory19:35
the_kickcan anyone help, i cant upgrade 3.4.2 nautilus to 3.619:35
the_kickim using the correct PPA, but im using elementary OS, i thought id ask here seeing as its ubuntu under the hood19:36
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P19:36
* schultza is looking up .desktop files19:36
psyrusubottu ubuntu 13.04 desktop torrent19:36
ubottupsyrus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:36
maykrdo i have to repeat my question? :/19:36
carreraHi Everyone! :)19:37
Walexschultza: of course it needs a locally addressed file. But when you use an automounted like 'autofs' or 'am-utils' it will mount the Samba share and the symlink will point at a "local" file.19:37
carrerawas 13.04 released today?19:37
maykrhey..i just managed to install ubuntu but now it wont load. when i try to boot ubuntu, some sort of vertical red-orage line pattern appears on the screen and nothing happens19:37
Walexschultza: you can create symlinks that point to files that don't exist yet.19:37
willowscarrera: yes19:38
psyruscan someone tell me the ubuntu 13.04 desktop torrent again?19:38
carpenoctemjust plugged an external usb in, but it's not showing up with df... any ideas?19:38
carrerawillows, thanks!19:38
Walexmaykr: that sounds like an unsupported graphics chip. Try to boot into "safe" mode or "text" mode.19:38
maykrWalex: how?19:38
carrerawillows, and I guess just like xubuntu, it won't fit on a CD anymore19:38
michagogo!torrents | psyrus19:39
ubottupsyrus: Raring can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/desktop/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/raring/server/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696919:39
michagogopsyrus: Want the magnet link?19:39
wilee-nileepsyrus, Go to ubuntu main site and find alternative downloads19:39
=== monk is now known as Guest7775
willowscarrera: I'm not sure about that.19:39
michagogoIf so, x64 or x86?19:39
guntbertmaykr: repeating every 10 minutes or so is ok19:39
notNicolasIs it possible to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 cleanly? using xubuntu19:39
michagogonotNicolas: If it's like Ubuntu, sudo do-release-upgrade19:40
Walexmaykr: there is some documentation on boot options on the Ubuntu Wiki.19:40
sc30317hey all19:40
wilee-nileepsyrus, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads19:40
psyrusokay i think i got it this time, thanks again19:40
sc30317I upgraded to 13.04, and now my desktop isn't showing19:40
notNicolasmichagogo, nice, I didn't know that command existed. thanks.19:40
sc30317the unity bar is there19:40
sc30317but no desktop19:40
wilee-nileesc30317, nvidia graphics?19:40
wilee-nileesc30317, What do you mean by no desktop exactly?19:41
sc30317wilee-nilee, yes nvidia19:41
sc30317no desktop as in no desktop background, no icons, etc19:41
ezoeweird, restart Ubuntu 13.04 fails to boot by kernel panic. shotdown and boot has no problem so far.19:41
Endafymmkay I got it working with net install19:42
Endafywhere is the multiple desktops19:42
Endafywhy do you insist on killing features people use?19:42
syntroPisc30317, do you have gdm or lightdm on "service lightdm restart"?19:42
willowsEndafy: do you mean multiple workspaces?19:43
Endafywillows, whatever you call it, its gone19:43
sc30317syntroPi, I think I have lightdm19:43
SuperLagtrism: Any idea why the launcher puts the item in an "Other" category on my Applications Menu? I'm running the Xubuntu flavor. Here's the launcher config:19:43
trismEndafy: System Settings/Appearance/Behavior/Enable workspaces19:43
guntbertEndafy: "we" don't isist on anything, except on keeping polite :-) we are volunteers for the community19:43
syntroPisc30317, and that does display itself?19:43
DJonesEndafy: System Settings, Appearance, Enable workspaces & tick the box19:43
wilee-nileeEndafy, This is a support channel, no one here is part of any decisions.19:43
sc30317syntroPi, yes19:43
SuperLagtrism: http://pastie.org/772047619:43
Endafywilee-nilee, well they should be19:44
Endafythanks for the tup DJones19:44
notNicolashmm says Not all updates can be installed19:44
notNicolaswith the options "partial upgrades" and "continue"19:45
guntbertEndafy: as wilee-nilee said: this is a support-channel - bug reports go elswhere19:45
notNicolaswhat's the difference between those two options?19:45
maykrhey..i just managed to install ubuntu but now it wont load. when i try to boot ubuntu, some sort of vertical red line pattern appears on the screen and nothing happens. the ubuntu logo doesnt appear either...tapping shift or esc repeatedly doesnt open boot mode19:45
syntroPisc30317, weird i had similar problem before and for me even lightdm wouldnt bring up a display. even restart didnt help but poweroff and clean boot did...19:45
maykrrecovery mode*19:45
sc30317syntroPi, maybe a Nvidia driver reinstall would help19:45
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trismSuperLag: might not recognize Internet as a category, the firefox.desktop has Network and WebBrowser (not sure which would be more appriopriate for yours)19:45
syntroPisc30317, i didnt test it on bare hw yet, just in vbox. your problem occured after nvidia-current?19:46
SuperLagtrism: I guess I'll have to make a closer comparison between something that does show up on the Internet menu, and this one :)19:46
sc30317syntroPi, not sure19:46
trismSuperLag: indeed19:46
SuperLagtrism: thank you for your help, sir. Much appreciated.19:47
syntroPisc30317, have looked at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and dmesg?19:47
ezoeIn Ubuntu 13.04. rebooting guarantees kernel panic on boot. shutdown then boot works fine.19:48
SuperLagtrism: yeah, that did the trick.19:48
SuperLagezoe: that isn't the case for everyone, otherwise it would be well-heard, I'm sure :)19:48
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p0wn3dThey removed the ability to import openvpn connection information in 13.0419:48
syntroPiezoe, i did notice similar behaviour here. .. any insights to why this is happening?19:49
ezoeI don't know. the only proprietary driver I'm using is nvidia.19:49
georgelappies is anybody else experiencing 'ugly' non -anti aliased fonts in QtCreater / UbuntuSDK or any Qt5 based apps in Ubuntu 13.04?19:49
p0wn3dThe fonts have changed in 13.04 thats for sure19:50
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SuperLagThis is just my $.02... but I find Linux, in general, to look at lot better if you install the package with the MS core TrueType fonts in it.19:51
ezoeI wonder when Ubuntu let me set font preference. default setting prefers Chinese fonts over Japanese fonts.19:51
SuperLagand by "a lot", I should say... a ***LOT***19:51
ezoeso I have to put .fonts.conf in my home directory.19:52
UserError1anyone here familiar with apt-build?19:52
Guest17642ubuntu tweak updated :O19:52
SuperLagthat's the package name19:52
SuperLagtrism: are you an Ubuntu dev, or just a benevolent soul? (both?) :)19:53
SuperLagthe way I worded that, they sound mutually exclusive... which is certainly NOT the case :)19:53
chigyptI'm trying to Download Ubuntu 13.04 but I still get Ubuntu 12.0419:54
chigyptPlease help!!19:54
trismSuperLag: just an ubuntu user19:55
Picichigypt: How are you trying to download it?19:55
syntroPichigypt, choose from those here http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/19:56
chigyptPici: I have tried to download it from the Ubuntu official website19:56
SuperLagchigypt: your mileage may vary, but I generally download linux ISO files from http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/13.04/19:56
SuperLagthe kernel mirrors are often very fast19:56
syntroPichigypt, basically it doesnt matter where you get it from when you verify its integrity with a checksum like sha1 or md5 to match with the official releases19:57
mzazaHow can I update my installation to 13.04 when I wrote sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I got a message that my system is up-to-date19:58
notNicolasmzaza, sudo do-release-upgrade19:59
mzazanotNicolas: thanks :)19:59
clempei've installed skype but it don't di