ochosimr_pouit, micahg: there's a theming-problem for people who install gtk3.8 via a ppa (e.g. for gnome3), we have an unproblematic, backward-compatible fix in git for that (only a few lines long) – any chance to get that into Raring backports? (also known as bug #1163128)05:40
ubottubug 1163128 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "GTK3 application themes broken with xubuntu 13.04 themes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116312805:41
ochosi(it's not that i don't see the point of saying: it's the user's fault, because he added a ppa, but since the fix is so simple...)05:42
ochosimr_pouit, micahg: this is the relevant commit: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/commit/f371c7bd7a27351a6786b0eefee79074861cb9e205:42
micahgochosi: if it's a BC compatible fix and you'd like it in raring, please follow the SRU procedure (fill out paperwork) and I'll be happy to upload it over the weekend06:00
* micahg is being redundantly redundant at 1am apparently, -> zzz06:01
micahgochosi: backports are for features and/or really risky bugs that fail the SRU test06:02
Noskcajcan someone run the xubuntu upgrade tests? that and bug fixes are all we still have to do for release08:37
Unit193How old is the testcase?08:40
NoskcajUnit193, i have no idea, probably very08:55
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Unit193knome: Care to do the honors for s/12.10/13.04/ in #xonotic 12:31
Unit193#xubuntu rahter.12:31
knomeUnit193, which factoids would those be?12:38
grythe homepage is ...12:40
gryreloaded, seems so, ta12:41
Unit193http://xubuntu.org/help/ too.12:43
knomegetting to it, just editing the download page12:43
Unit193Heh, alrightyo.12:44
knomeare lucid and oneiric EOL already, or is there some other date?12:44
knomemay 9, apparently12:45
knomeif you see more (striked) mirrors at http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ working, ping me and i'll update12:48
knomeatm we seem to only have three of them up12:49
Unit193http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/releases/raring/ is always quick.12:50
knomewhy isn't that on our list?12:50
knomeoh, it's just ubuntu12:50
Unit193...Dropped Kubuntu too a while back.12:50
knomei wonder if it's time to drop the commercial support section from our help12:55
GridCubei would ask them first12:56
knomei've asked several people in the past, nobody knows the answer12:57
GridCubethen remove it12:57
knomeprobably later12:58
GridCubebetter not to put us in a predicament12:58
gryis the question along the  "do they do commercial support for xubuntu" lines?12:58
knomegry, yeah12:58
gryI don't see why not if the ubuntu repos have a xubuntu-desktop package in them13:05
knomewell, canonical doesn't provide the support for xubuntu packages generally either13:06
knomeso when the xubuntu team promises 3 years of lts support, we commit to help our community with the xubuntu-specific packages for that 3 years13:06
GridCubeknome, :) when its the next community meeting13:41
knomemay 213:42
GridCube:) thanks13:43
pjotrThanks for all the good work, people! Xubuntu Raring is a beauty. You can be proud of it. :-)13:57
knomethanks :)14:01
pjotrFree beer for all developers: http://www.cafe-de-engelbewaarder.nl/img/bierplaatjes/GlasPALM.jpg14:02
pjotrNow is time for some R&R... Party time!  :-)14:03
knomehave fun14:03
lderanis there free juice for non-beer drinking developers?14:20
Unit193Coffee?  Tea?14:21
* genii-around makes a fresh pot and kettle14:21
* knome send lderan some lingonberryjuice14:21
Unit193Hot chocolate?14:21
lderanall acceptable :P14:22
skellatDoes anybody have credentials to make a post to the Google+ page so that I can echo it from the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo page?  I got Ubuntu but definitely want to ensure I catch Xubuntu.14:24
knomeskellat, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/14:25
knomewe should have a better list with email addresses or that14:25
skellatI can't find the other person listed as being on Launchpad14:29
skellatWhich leaves pleia2 as the only one with credentials14:29
knomeshe's away.14:29
knomei suppose the other person is on G+ "only"14:29
skellatHunh.  I wonder how that works14:30
knomei'd imagine there's a way to contact the team admins14:30
skellatGoogle Plus is remarkably opaque in that regard14:31
knomei believe you14:32
ochosiskellat: i think you can publish a message and solely share it with the xubuntu team ther or something14:32
ochosi(but i'm no expert)14:32
skellatThe only reason I'm using it is that I'm the Ohio Leader and have to keep charge of our LoCo page14:32
skellatochosi: Done14:33
knomei hope it gets fixed14:34
knomeno way i'm going to let any of you contact elizabeth now.14:34
skellatI wouldn't dare try14:34
knomeskellat, how's the voting thing going on?14:35
* skellat notes that the SABDFL has called the next cycle Saucy Salamander: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/125214:36
knomeso it's not going to be "silent sabdfl"14:37
skellatSilent Submariner14:37
skellatknome: I'm still on backup status.  May 7th is the poll and a bunch of precinct election officers have already called off.  I'm able to be called up through almost the closing of the polls on the 7th so it is mostly a sit back and wait for the call-up scenario.14:38
knomeskellat, oh. i was talking about the voting, but good to have an update on that as well :]14:39
skellatOh, for the Xubuntu shindig you mean?14:39
knomeshin... what? :)14:40
knomeNoisy party or festivities.14:40
knomeyeah, i suppose so... :)14:40
skellatThe Leader Election14:40
knomeyou okay with a quick PM?14:41
knomewhat are the main arguments against public voting anyway?14:49
knomebecause of tecnical limitations, we can't do that with meetingology either14:49
skellatWell, channel flooding was one plus ensuring we had a representative enough base was another14:53
knomechannel flooding won't be a problem most probably :)14:54
knomecan you elaborate a bit on the latter?14:54
skellatI need a second to log back into Launchpad14:55
skellatWe've got 45 users in channel now, 694 claimed users in ~xubuntu-users on LP14:55
skellatWith proper notice, nobody can complain they weren't told the vote was coming and that if they don't show up they forfeit having a choice14:57
skellatOtherwise, that's a pretty small cross-section of the membership of ~xubuntu-users14:57
knomethe argument against that is different timezones14:57
knomewhich is why i would like to have some kind of possibility to vote during 24 hours14:58
knomenot at all costs, though, the strategy document doesn't enforce that for a good reason14:58
knomethe last time we voted for a project lead, we had 13 votes14:59
skellatWell, there is the LP poll facility15:00
knomethat's meh. :)15:00
knomei wonder if all the members of -users get a mail when we do that?15:00
knomeif they do, that would possibly raise some random votes15:01
knome"i'll just vote for any"15:01
knomeand since the number of voters was 13 last time, it doesn't take much to throw that off15:01
knomei don't think a random vote is fair for anybody15:01
skellatNope.  LP Poll kicks out no mail at all as I learned the hard way with the "Membership Awareness" bit I ran for ~ubuntu-us-oh last week15:02
knomeso it's as useful as nothing really.15:02
knomewell, it might be okay if we point people there15:02
knomethat would also save us from checking if people are eligible15:03
knomewe would only need to check against double votes15:03
skellatIt doesn't allow double votes15:03
knomewe're allowing voting on the irc meeting.15:03
skellatAh, no way to check that then15:03
knomeso theoretically one could vote in both15:03
knomeor then we only allow people to vote in the poll.15:04
skellatI'd go poll only15:04
skellatIf you do both, you can't remove the possibility of double voting as LP won't let you track15:04
knomethat needs to be set 24 hours before the poll15:04
knomethat's fine, but we need to remember that15:04
knomemeh. one shouldn't do two things at the same time15:07
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:34
elfyI am sad - they promised me it was going to be silly sausage :p16:34
knomesomebody said there's a similarly named uhm... "toy"16:34
knomeyeah, well done again16:35
drcwait...saucy or silly toy?16:40
knomeas it was put by somebody else, a toy which is sold in certain "adult" shops.16:41
drcin "all" adult shpos, I've checked...not, about which name?16:42
drc /replace fingers16:42
knomeumm. let's not go deeper into this (no pun intended)16:43
drcyes bwana :)16:43
maddernickGrawling Gorilla16:56
maddernickWill be my favorite16:56
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bluesabredid everyone just get kicked?22:09
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