WallyXubuntu installer keeps crashing D:01:10
WallyFirst it was about my 3TB Partition01:10
Wallynow it just won't install on my SSD01:11
GridCubecheck your iso integrity01:12
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:12
WallyGunna try the DVD version which has been verified01:12
WallyI used a USB stick01:13
GridCubeThe iso integrity should be fine regardless of whe you are going to place it01:15
WallyMD5 (xubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso) = bd87be6626efa4ebf7678f5e2c942b5701:22
WallyApparently the MD5 isn't correct -_-01:26
Unit193You can zsync the rest.01:26
Wallywait no! It checks out01:26
ubottuUse zsync to update your Ubuntu CD image without needing to download the parts that didn't change. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage01:26
WallyGetting Dconf errors01:40
Wally"Unable to creat directory /root/.cache/dconf01:40
WallyDVD works it seems01:50
asenkif i try to remove tool called ifupdown, apt says i no longed need any packages02:23
asenkhmm il ask ubuntu02:25
Unit193Yep, that's because it's a core package, hence the WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.02:25
asenki just installed it02:27
Unit193It came with the system.02:27
asenkwell i wrote ifdown eth0 and it said i didnt have it02:27
casual_llamaI recently got a strange bug where setting my display brightness to the highest level turns my display off completely. Has anyone ever experienced something like that?02:27
casual_llamaAlso is the case with the very lowest brightness setting.02:28
asenki could pretty much swear i downloaded with apt-get just a minute ago02:28
asenki guess i just perhaps updated it02:33
Unit193upstart depends on ifupdown, sooo.02:35
asenkyeah it makes sense now02:35
Unit193casual_llama: I don't see any bugs on launchpad like that.02:37
Unit193Redshift is supposed to be nice and helpful too.02:37
asenki guess ifup and ifdown are not supposed to be used on ubuntu anyway? got a bit confused about that02:38
asenk*used from shell02:39
casual_llamaUnit193: It's part of a recent batch of problems that appeared. The only thing I did differently, as far as I can tell, was log into Xfce session rather than Xubuntu session (I installed xubuntu-desktop after installing Ubuntu 12.04).02:39
Unit193casual_llama: You can try moveing .config to .configgg, when you login to Xfce it kind of tends to overwrite some things, maybe only moving .config/xfce4 would help.  I don't see this helping the brightness issue, though.02:40
Unit193asenk: Why do you say that?02:40
asenkjust a guess based on googling about the error it gives and people recommending to use ifconfig eth up02:44
casual_llamaUnit193: Yeah, I already did some manual fixing in that folder for rainbow font rendering.02:45
casual_llamaRainbow as in similar to this: http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/9007/ffxfce.png02:46
neorosbobjust got the dell 6430u ultrabook. Having odd random episodes of the machine suspending itself when I'm mid sentence or scrolling across the screen or using arrow keys on a terminal. Has anyone run in to what could be causing this? dmesg and kernel.log both show it was basically an acpi suspend call. Screen saver, power manager? scratching my head here...03:02
neorosbobsomething is calling suspend is all I'm driving at03:02
zodiakstupid question, when creating past (say) 10 terminals inside the xfce terminal, little scroll arrows appear, how do I get the title to jst shrink and not have them appear ?03:59
xubuntu164I have  a couple of questions to ask about Xubuntu04:22
cfhowlettxubuntu164, so ask ...04:22
xubuntu164Sorry, I have Windows XP and was wondering if Xubuntu can be downloaded while still on XP?04:23
xubuntu164if my internet connection is High Speed do I still need to download it with a CD or can I do a direct download04:24
xubuntu164I've never used this type of OS before wanting to try something new and faster04:27
Unit193You download the ISO, then burn to CD or USB.04:28
cfhowlettxubuntu164, yes you can download the ISO.04:28
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:28
xubuntu164thank you for the info cfhowlett04:30
cfhowlettxubuntu164, no worries.  best of luck.04:31
kblinmorning folks05:03
kblincan the 13.04 beta installer create encrypted LVMs?05:04
aienahow do I covert this sudo apt-get build-dep kvirc && sudo apt-get install subversion && svn co https://svn.kvirc.de/svn/trunk/kvirc && cd kvirc && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make -j4 && sudo make installcommand so that it creates an uindtallable package ?05:21
aienahow do I covert this sudo apt-get build-dep kvirc && sudo apt-get install subversion && svn co https://svn.kvirc.de/svn/trunk/kvirc && cd kvirc && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make -j4 && sudo make install command so that it creates an uindtallable package ?05:21
koegsaiena: replace sudo make install with sudo checkinstall05:29
koegsaiena: but you have to install checkinstall first ;-)05:29
aienayes I replaced it with checkinstall but forgot  to install it first05:30
aienaI guess the command wont build anything05:30
aienawhich is ok05:30
aienaI'll rerun checkinstall after05:30
aienainstalling it05:30
aienadi I need to install an svn package to pull the svn repo listed there ?05:30
aienaor is svn handling built into xubuntu ?05:31
koegsno, you need to install subversion, just as you listed above05:31
aienasvn: OPTIONS of 'https://svn.kvirc.de/svn/trunk/kvirc': Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm (https://svn.kvirc.de)05:35
koegsaiena: why do you want to compile kvirc yourself?05:41
aienabecause the latest version is 4.1.3 which has loads of bugs 2) there is no ppa05:41
aienathe latest version was released last year and is 4.205:42
aienaheaven knows why xubuntu's repos are 2 years old05:42
aienaand I dont like xchat05:42
Unit193So why pull from SVN?  Why not pull the released tarball?05:43
aienaah yes I can do that05:43
aienawhats the difference between tar.bz2 and tar.gz - compression algo ?05:44
aienaok so both can be compiled in xubuntu05:45
aienaok getting the sources of the stable05:47
aienawhere are actual program files located in xubuntu ?05:48
aienakoegs: mkdir can be used to make a directory folder alone right05:51
aienathanks koegs05:55
aienamkdir worked this time05:56
aienaUnit193: Its building Yay :)06:01
aienakoegs checkinstall says that06:12
aienaSome of the files created by the installation are inside the home directory: /home06:13
aiena 06:13
aienaYou probably don't want them to be included in the package.06:13
aienaDo you want me to list them?  [n]:06:13
aienaShould I exclude them from the package? (Saying yes is a good idea)  [n]:06:13
aienais it safe to exclude these files06:13
aienaok hmm the termimal seems to be stuck at "Copying files to the temporary directory..."maybe I sohuld wait a bit06:17
aienawhere is xubuntu's temp ?06:17
aienaTheSheep: canyou look at this http://pastebin.com/k4yDiXFL06:21
aienawhy is checkinstall after creating the deb package asking me if I want to create a deb package06:21
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!06:22
aienaTheSheep, koegs the full process worked fully now I can use the latest stable :)06:26
aienaTheSheep: is it save to remove the build dependencies of a program after it has been compiled ?06:36
aienado apllications run in a sandbox in xubuntu like in ANdroid ?06:59
aienais it possible to have a sandbox inside xubuntu to test apllications in07:00
koegsaiena: you can try arkose or lxc OR just use virtualbox to emulate a whole pc and install your testing ubuntu there07:02
aienano I want to test an application in a sandbox within xubuntu07:04
aienafor example an svn build for instance07:04
kRushyou are looking for chroot?07:16
aienaOk will check it out07:33
aienathanks kRush07:33
aienais it possible to isntall the latest linux kernel on xubuntu 12.0.4 Precise (Is it advisable or risky ?)07:35
lewisouHi I have a question about proxy setting. where to set the global proxy (socket/http(s))?08:33
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak08:35
TheSheepwrong fctoid08:35
TheSheeplewisou: generally you set it as an environment variable08:36
TheSheeplewisou: http_proxy08:36
lewisouTheSheep: Got it.08:38
lewisouSometime you have to use a proxy :)08:38
xubuntu701hi there! I'm using the latest version of ubuntustudi with Xfce 4.1010:43
xubuntu701at startup, my home folder and also image viewer automatically open10:44
xubuntu701I've checked startup applications preferences but I found nothing related to this10:44
cfhowlettxubuntu701, ok ...10:44
cfhowlettxubuntu701, look in session and startup > Session10:45
xubuntu701I see nothing related to this there, at least that I can understand10:50
cfhowlettxubuntu701, create a new user and go into that to check the behavior.  If it's happening there as well, it's a global setting10:51
cfhowlettjose-gregorio, greeting10:52
florentini have a litle problem with nvidia x server display settings10:53
jose-gregorioi which play warcraft 3 :(10:54
xubuntu358I take it that 13.04 isn't out yet?10:55
knomexubuntu358, it's out when the release announcement is out on xubuntu.org,10:56
xubuntu358right, okay.10:56
florentincan anyone help me?!10:56
xubuntu701hi again; I've check with another user and everything's normal10:56
knome!ask | florentin10:56
ubottuflorentin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:56
xubuntu701then I check with my user again and the folder and the program opened again10:56
cfhowlettxubuntu701, so you've got a setting there somewhere in your xfce.  radical fix:  display your hidden config files for xfce and delete them.  reboot will then be as default.11:00
cfhowlettxubuntu701, these  would hidden in your /home11:00
koegsxubuntu701: most probably you have to delete ~/.cache/sessions11:03
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=== knome changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Xubuntu support | Xubuntu 13.04 is out! Download from http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | No one around? See the complete support methods list at http://xubuntu.org/help | Offtopic: #xubuntu-offtopic
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Arpad2i have installed xubuntu on an empty hard drive , however it shows less than 10GB remained free out of 750Gb, please somebody help with this?14:23
GridCubeArpad2, do df -h and df -H in a terminal14:24
GridCubeArpad2, there is a difference between gigibytes and gigabytes14:26
Arpad28bit = 1 byte ?14:26
GridCubehard drives are sold at gigabytes, that count multiples of 1000, while softare read gigibytes, thats multiples of 102414:27
GridCubein large drives that difference counts a lot14:27
koegsArpad2: your ubuntu-partition or root-partition is only 15G in size, not the whole 750GB14:27
Arpad2so, I will have to start from the beginning the whole installation?14:28
GridCubeoh wait14:28
koegsArpad2: just start the live-cd, use gparted and resize the partition14:28
GridCubeyou just need to use the unused space and give it to a /home partition14:29
GridCubeyeah Arpad2 do sudo fdisk -l14:29
Arpad2which partition should I resize?14:29
GridCubenone you have lots of empty space14:29
GridCubesomewhere, in theory14:29
GridCubeshow us fdisk -l14:29
GridCubei missunderstood you sorry14:30
GridCubeArpad2, did you encrypted the installation?14:30
Arpad2i only wanted14:31
GridCube/dev/sda2 its unuse, and its huuuuuuuge14:31
GridCubeor maybe im sleepy and im not understanding a thing here14:32
Arpad2somewhere is a huge space14:32
* GridCube will stop now, he is making silly mistakes14:32
GridCubeArpad2, install gparted and see graphically14:32
Arpad2because this is a 750 GB hdd, and system sees only 10 GB left14:32
koegsArpad2: you did something wring while partitioning, will be clear as soon as you fire up gparted14:33
GridCubetheres something encrypted there14:34
GridCubein the fdisk -l14:34
Arpad2koegs: I am using linux for few years now but I find it difficult it to grasp the basic things clearly b:(14:34
GridCubei dont see what it is14:34
GridCubeDisk /dev/mapper/cryptswap1: 16.0 GB, 15999172608 bytes14:34
GridCubeit says14:34
koegsGridCube: it is an encrypted swap. automatically setup when you choose to encrypt your home-dir14:34
GridCubeoh, then there might be the problem14:34
knomeArpad2, if it's a clean install and you still have the media at hand, i'd imagine a new install would be one of the easiest solutions there are14:35
GridCubesome encryption magic14:35
koegsknome: you are right, might be easier :D14:35
Arpad2but I will need a hand to avoid this mass again14:35
* GridCube its not really helping and is sorry :(14:35
Arpad2I just wanted 16GB for the OS and 16GB swap14:36
Arpad2because the RAM is 8GB14:36
GridCubeArpad2, you can set up the partitions by hand using gparted in the installer, and then choose them14:37
Arpad2gparted says there is 668.83GB unallocated space14:39
Arpad2so may I  delete the encrypted partition?14:40
Arpad2ok I will go for a new install, but it worked only with boot repair14:45
xubuntu421Hi. I installed 12.10 on my sony laptop. updated and now it loads to blank screen. the live cd worked fine though. Anyone else have this problem?15:22
xubuntu421No login, mouse or anything. just black/active screen15:22
GridCubexubuntu421, do you get to a grub stage?15:23
xubuntu421yes. and the disk loads as if its loading, but no login screen. with just 12.10 before updates. it installed but the screen was wrapped/offcenter after installation.15:24
xubuntu421live cd was perfect. post-installation not so much.15:24
GridCubexubuntu421, in the grub stage choose a previous linux version and boot with an older kernel15:25
xubuntu421GridCube, ok let me try that.15:25
xubuntu421GridCube, yes it worked. the .17 kernel works fine. all resolved. thank you.15:27
GridCubeno problem, report the issue please15:28
GridCubeto launchpad15:28
xubuntu421GridCube, will do. I can find the issue tracker on xubuntu.org?15:28
GridCubexubuntu421, its launchpad.net, you just need to have an account there, then use the ubuntu-bug program15:29
xubuntu421Ok, I think I have an account. Will gather data and follow up.15:29
GridCubexubuntu421, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies15:29
GridCubethats fairly too complex15:32
SonikkuAmericaX13.04 out yet?15:32
GridCubeyes :315:33
Guest52725some people are just too lazy to look at the web site :(15:33
knomeor the topic...15:35
ubottuYES! It's out!15:35
GridCubelol topic15:36
GridCubenoone reads topics15:36
SonikkuAmericaToday: "13.04! Yay!" Tomorrow: *whining* "When will 13.10 be released?"15:36
genii-aroundSonikkuAmerica: It's always that way.15:45
SonikkuAmericaYou don't say!15:45
SonikkuAmericaI used to be one of those peeps15:45
ArchBeOShey guys, any gotchas that i need to know about when upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04?16:13
knomeArchBeOS, as always, take backups.16:13
ArchBeOSi remember there were icon issues when i went 12.04 to 12.1016:15
ArchBeOSyou know what? im just gonna do it16:15
jtreminioGood afternoon! I'm running the latest xubuntu version. When I select text in my terminal, it doesn't automatically get copied to clipboard. Is this because of a setting somewhere?16:17
koegsjtreminio: it is copied, just paste it with the middle mouse button16:19
jtreminiokoegs, what if there's a lack of middle button?16:19
GridCubejtreminio, as i said, it works16:20
GridCubeemulation works too16:20
jtreminioIs there two, concurrent clipboards? One for middle-button and one for CTRL+V?16:20
* jtreminio sighs16:20
GridCubeone is xfce's and the other its xorg16:20
drcjtreminio: IIRC, both mouse buttons normally mimics the middle mouse button.16:20
jtreminioIs there a way to merge these two?16:20
GridCubeits has been like that since the dawning of time16:21
jtreminioMaybe I've been corrupted by Windows. In putty, select text -> automatically in clipboard. I remember this happening in my previous experiences with linux desktops, too16:21
jtreminioOr maybe my memory is cloudy.16:21
GridCubeyou can add a clipboard manager to the panel16:22
GridCubebut it wont still understand selected text as copy, thats just how xorg works16:22
koegsor use some tool like glippy16:24
jtreminiohot dog just installed parcellite - fixes it completely16:24
koegsit can synchronize both clipboards16:24
koegsor parcelite :)16:24
jadushi guya16:40
GridCube!hi | jadus16:40
ubottujadus: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:40
jadusi have a problem with 13.04 x64 and fglrx16:41
jadusi have installed it from AMD drivers page, it seems OK16:41
jadusbut X crashes on Failed to create screen resources16:41
jadusany help?16:42
jadusi can rewrite manualy xorg.conf if it is necessary16:42
jadusshould i try to drivers from repo?16:47
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:53
GridCubejadus, and yes, you can probably do that16:53
maddernicksure there isnt an update for the driver in question listed @ additional drivers?16:55
jadusfrom repos "aticonfig: No supported adapters"17:04
jadusand after switch to fglrx-updates it crashes again...17:12
jadusi am going to try install ubuntu only and then install xfce17:35
jadusi hope in miracle :D17:35
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xubuntuLewI've got a question. Just today, I upgraded my laptop and desktop from 12.10 to 13.04. My laptop seems to be handling stuff fine, but my desktop has a minor issue. Whenever I click to go into Firefox, my screen freezes, and I'm presented with a squiggly picture. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can fix this?19:28
xubuntuLewOh, and by the way, I also have Chromium/Chrome on my desktop, and I didn't get the squiggly picture when I clicked on that.19:30
carreraHi Everyone!  :)19:39
xubuntuLewI removed firefox for right now on my desktop, since I couldn't find a way of how to update it.19:45
xubuntuLewOk, so I was just checking my other applications, and it happened again.19:46
carrera since 13.04 image doesn't fit on a single CD anymore, do I have to burn it on a DVD or can I install from flash too?19:46
well_laid_lawnyou can install from a usb drive19:46
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate19:46
carrerawell_laid_lawn, thank u sir!19:49
xubuntuLewOk, I seriously need some help here.19:50
baizonxubuntuLew: ?19:51
carrerawell_laid_lawn, could you come to offtopic19:51
well_laid_lawncarrera:  nope I'm off to work now19:51
carrerawhich city are u in?19:51
baizonxubuntuLew: try to clean the configuration of firefox19:52
xubuntuLewI seem to be getting a squiggly, messed up screen that freezes on my desktop whenever I click on a random app. I'm running Xubuntu 13.04, if that's any help.19:52
baizonxubuntuLew: all applications ?19:52
xubuntuLewfirefox and mail reader, so far. I uninstalled firefox, so do you think that uninstalling mail reader would help?19:53
xubuntuLewI don't use it much anyways, and I also have Chrome/Chromium for web browsing.19:53
baizonxubuntuLew: remove the .cache folder19:54
baizoni mean the content of it19:54
xubuntuLewwhere can that be found?19:54
baizonxubuntuLew: /home/username/.cache19:55
carrerawouldn't it be under something like ~/.mozilla/firefox/yosqnmb1.default19:55
baizonxubuntuLew: please try running firefox from terminal19:56
baizonxubuntuLew: or this email app19:56
baizonxubuntuLew: open terminal, type firefox19:57
baizonxubuntuLew: problem sovled?20:00
xubuntuLewI uninstalled firefox earlier, and when I type "Mail Reader" in the terminal, it says "No command 'Mail' found."20:01
baizonxubuntuLew: of course, because you have to type the program name20:01
xubuntuLewThat is the name, though.20:01
baizonno, it's not20:01
baizonwas it thunderbird maybe?20:02
xubuntuLewnope. All I know is that the icon for it is an envelope with a red/blue dashed line on the edges.20:03
baizonxubuntuLew: and what about other programs?20:04
baizonare they working?20:04
xubuntuLewAs far as I know, yes.20:05
baizonxubuntuLew: well, then install firefox again and try launching it from the command line20:05
xubuntuLewI take back what I said about Thunderbird. I'm starting to think that Mozilla is having some un-resolved compatibility issues with Xubuntu.20:07
baizoni dont think so, because i didnt hear from anybody having this issue20:08
xubuntuLewmaybe sudo apt-get update could take care of it.20:10
xubuntuLewbaizon: I got briefly disconnected from here. I'm back.20:16
carreracan I install from a USB extrnal drive too or does it have to be a flash drive?20:18
xubuntuLewnope. didn't help.20:21
xubuntuLewI emptied the .cache folder.20:24
xubuntuLewdidn't help, either.20:24
zodiakstupid question, when creating past (say) 10 terminals inside the xfce terminal, little scroll arrows appear, how do I get the title to jst shrink and not have them appear ?20:31
xubuntuLewSame crap happened with Thunderbird.20:36
itz_I'm risk adverse based on previous experiences with main ubuntu .. how long should I leave before upgrading to 13.04 xubuntu? :)20:36
zodiakitz_, if you are risk averse, you should always run one release behind20:38
xubuntuLewor at least wait until the official release of the current system is out.20:40
xubuntuLewand when I say system, I mean version.20:40
David-Azodiak: the titles do shrink when tabs shrink (when there are more tabs).20:41
PicixubuntuLew: 13.04 is out.20:41
jamirehIs anyone available to help me debug a compiz focus bug? Xubuntu 13.04 x64 Basically, about half the time, if an application is fullscreen I won't be able to grab the title bar, the window manager acts as if I just clicked on the desktop behind it.20:41
xubuntuLewI know. I'm using it right now.20:41
xubuntuLewThat's to Pici, btw.20:42
zodiakDavid-A, not in 13.04.. they stay the same and the left/right arrows appear :(20:42
jamirehI would try with Emerald but it crashes with Segfault instantly and it won't compile from source for me20:42
xubuntuLewError fixed. Mozilla has some compatibility issues to resolve, and Mail Reader was going through Thunderbird. Uninstalled Firefox (again) and Thunderbird. Thanks, everyone (especially baizon)! :)20:44
David-Azodiak: if the titles are the current working dir, they are set via env.var. PROMPT_COMMAND. if you unset PROMPT_COMMAND and shorten the titles with  echo -ne '\033]0;x\007'  will that narrow the tabs?20:45
zodiakDavid-A, no, sorry, the title at the TOP of the terminal .. you end up with (say) 10 terminals open with tabs, the 11th will cause left/right arrows to appear20:46
David-Azodiak: I just tried with 11 tabs in xfce4-terminal 0.4.3. with at least one title longer than "x" there was the arrows, with all tab titles "x" the arrows disappeared.20:57
David-Azodiak: but with about 16 tabs, the arrows appear again, even with the short "x" titles in all of them.20:57
zodiakxfce terminal 0.6.1 in 13.04 does it .. and I don't remember them appearing20:58
seppiwhy would an dist upgrade from xubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 would newly install things like gnome-control-center, gnome-desktop*, gnome-session-bin, libunity? i do not want gnome21:02
SonikkuAmericaseppi: You mean a [ do-release-upgrade ] right?21:03
SonikkuAmericaOne sec...21:03
seppithere are more gnome things in the update list, i was just picking a few ones21:05
SonikkuAmericaI just looked at the release notes... I see no reason why (it should install xfce4-settings-manager, xubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-session, xfce4-session, libxfce*)21:05
SonikkuAmericaseppi: It depends on GNOME for some things, though...21:06
seppibut not gnumeric for sure21:06
knomeseppi, uninstall xubuntu-desktop, then upgrade21:06
seppiis that normal behaviour?21:07
knomewe are reintroducing gnumeric and gimp for 13.04, and if you have xubuntu-desktop installed but not gnumeric, yes21:08
seppiahh, ok21:08
seppiand i guess that is why it pulls in additional gnome-libs?21:09
knomeso as i said, uninstall xubuntu-desktop (it's a metapackage, it won't actually remove any apps)21:09
knomethat's most probably it.21:09
seppiahh, thanks a lot21:09
SonikkuAmericaAh, good call knome21:10
SonikkuAmericaThat would do it21:10
seppiwell, removing xubuntu-desktop and running do-release-upgrade did not really change anything since xubuntu-desktop is in the to-install-list now21:22
SonikkuAmericaHe who wears the crown, shall be KING.21:23
seppiid wanted to save some time (slow interwebs here...) but i can do the upgrade and remove stuff later21:23
SonikkuAmericaTranslation: Once you start an install, you must finish it.21:23
SonikkuAmericaseppi: Yeah.21:23
seppino, i did not start21:23
seppii restarted it after removing xubuntu-desktop21:24
seppii stopped at the detail listing what would change21:24
SonikkuAmericaseppi: Well, xubuntu-desktop is in the preseed...21:25
seppimaybe someone totally without anything to da should look at that, but i am no more into distro building21:27
seppito do21:27
SonikkuAmericaseppi: Why so? xubuntu-desktop pulls in everything you need.21:30
seppinot very important, you guys do a great job (i can not stand unity/gnome) but it pulls in some more gnome things and i was worried21:33
knomeseppi, i imagine the main culprit is gimp21:33
seppii already have gimp21:33
knomeright :)21:33
knomethen it's probably gnumeric21:34
knomethat's part of the gnome office21:34
seppia little note at the xubuntu rel. notes would have stopped me bugging you :P21:35
knomeseppi, you mean like "Gnumeric and GIMP are reintroduced on the ISO" :]21:35
seppino more like "Gnumeric and GIMP are reintroduced on the ISO (that means on update some more gnome components are pulled in, no panik)"21:36
knomemmh. though that's not true for many again21:36
knomewe want to keep the release notes as clean as possible and try not to be too technical21:37
knomebut feedback is welcome and will be processed ;)21:37
seppii come from a distro developing bg, i wonder about such things...21:38
seppinot a normal *buntu case, i know21:38
SonikkuAmericaseppi: I'm not a normal *buntu case, either.21:39
knomeyeah. we didn't put too much effort in the notes this time as it is mostly a maintenance release21:39
SonikkuAmericaMy buddy Will was using 9.10, he intro'ed me.21:39
knomemost people don't even read the notes even if they should21:40
knomebut this is getting offtopic, feel free to join #xubuntu-offtopic :)21:40
SonikkuAmericaI did! I did! I did! I did! I did! I did! I did! ... OK, I'll stop now. :)21:40
seppii am an old fart, i used linux in 1995, when computers were made out of wood :D21:40
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:40
seppii shut up now21:40
SonikkuAmericaWe can go to -ot21:40
newuserayudamesoy nuevo alguien que me ayude22:01
knome!es | newuserayudame22:03
SonikkuAmerica!es | newuserayudame22:03
ubottunewuserayudame: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.22:03
ubottunewuserayudame: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.22:04
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kai_andyhi folks22:52
kai_andyI'm trying to set up 13.04 with an encrypted lvm, but I don't want to encrypt the entire drive.22:53
kai_andyso I chose "other" as my partitioning options22:54
kai_andywhen I set up a partition as encrypted volume, the installer automatically creates an lvm with a single partition in it, so I can't add swap.22:55
kai_andyand I can't edit the lvm stuff. any suggestions?22:56
kai_andythis is a bit annoying, as resizing the lvm vgs later will be a pain22:58
ftolentinokai_andy: I don't use LVM, but TrueCrypt works great for me.. maybe it can be a good alternative for you23:14
kai_andycan that encrypt swap?23:15
kai_andyI mean, I've got the described setup working in Ubuntu 10.04...23:16
kai_andyoh well. just set up the lvm stuff manually. I hope the installer or boot loader is smart enough to grok this and do the right thing during boot23:18
kai_andyjust a shame. it really was so easy in the Debian ncurses-based installer23:19
Wallyif I grab the 32 bit versions of libraries on xubuntu and jam them into the lib32 directory on the 64 versions things should still work yeah?23:21
ftolentinokai_andy: yes, it encrypts any system drive you want: http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/?s=system-encryption23:22
ftolentinoand it's pretty easy :)23:22
kai_andyftolentino: that just talks about windows, though.23:23
kai_andyhttp://www.truecrypt.org/docs/?s=system-encryption only lists windows23:25
kai_andythe second page anyway23:26
trickyherowill my beta install of xubuntu update to 13.04?23:26
kai_andytrickyhero: it should23:27
trickyherokai_andy great thanks23:27
ftolentinokai_andy: oh, I'm sorry.. you're right. But it's open here and it can apparently encrypt my swap volume as any other system device23:28
kai_andyI think I'll stay with lvm. that was working great for the last three years. :)23:31
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ftolentinokai_andy: nice, and I'll research about it :)23:31
kai_andyit's just that if you don't want to encrypt the entire drive support in the current installer seems lacking23:32
kai_andyif the manual setup won't work, I'll see if I can use the Ubuntu installer and get it to not install that horrible DE23:34
kai_andymaybe just the server install :)23:35
ftolentinoit seems to be a good idea :)23:39
kai_andyanyway, way past bedtime. bye23:43

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