rick_h_gary_poster: no, not that I'm aware of. Looknig at the CI thing now. Looked it over since it was failing most of the day. 00:00
gary_posterunderstood rick_h_.  Yeah, we got a single success after the other problem before we dipped back down into the red. :-) and :-/00:01
gary_posterrick_h_, passes locally on IE 10 but same failure on CI :-(00:06
rick_h_gary_poster: hmm, the video shows it passing00:06
rick_h_gary_poster: I've not poked at the CI really, but went to the saucelabs results and trying to figure out 'what' failed. some timeout, but the video shows all tests run/passed00:06
gary_posterrick_h_, I wonder if it is simply a timeout thing, now that we have so many tests.  Leme see if I can remember how to increase that00:07
rick_h_gary_poster: k00:07
gary_posterrick_h_, that is the timeout error.  I'll double the tmeout, from 90 sec to 180 sec, and we'll see how it goes.00:10
rick_h_gary_poster: ok cool. Yea noticing that I used to be able to run the tsets in some 30s of seconds and these days it's a chunk more than that00:12
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks for poking at that. 00:13
gary_poster:-) sure00:13
rick_h_http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/sidebar/ click on the service view of a charm :)00:14
gary_posterlooking nice! You mean, just click on a charm?00:15
rick_h_no, the environment, "view" so that the browser hides away00:15
gary_posternice rick_h_ ! :-) looks good00:16
rick_h_ok, running away until tomorrow. Thanks again. CI is good. Let's do more of that. :)00:16
gary_poster:-) I agree rick_h_ .  ttyl, & have a good night00:17
hatchgary_poster: yeah he did mention not wanting an RTE however using just the core functionality of one will give you all of the user input stuff that you need. Then you only have to deal with parsing out the html02:21
hatchI switched to feedly tonight - really nice looking and pretty good UI, I wish it had a search feature though for searching through my feeds02:54
bacgary_poster: yesterday how did you eventually get firebug to show you the console?12:13
gary_posteryes bac12:17
gary_posterbac I reset the options and then I turned on the console tab12:17
gary_posterthen it worked in the source tab12:18
bacgary_poster: nm.  it is behaving very oddly.  the first time i had one newly styled UI.  i've since reloaded the page and now have the old firebug UI.12:18
rick_h_jcsackett: if you get a sec can you second the huw reviews. Pretty small ones but three of them. https://codereview.appspot.com/8972043/ (8653049|8973043)12:18
rick_h_gary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1110832 can be closed as fix released right?12:27
_mup_Bug #1110832: Charm browser story needs in-browser environment <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1110832>12:27
gary_posteryes rick_h_ thanks12:28
gary_posterI need to go through bugs12:29
gary_posternot my favorite activity12:29
rick_h_gary_poster: I'm with you. Just trying to keep up with the UX folks myself12:29
gary_poster+1 thanks12:29
rick_h_gary_poster: I'm looking at this change to get rid of 'dummy' on the header. I don't see that as something in the GUI. Is that coming from juju itself?12:30
gary_posteryes rick_h_ .  The "dummy" comes from improv.  Other environments report other data--for instance, "Environment on ec2"12:31
rick_h_gary_poster: ah, the same improv in the gui tree?12:32
rick_h_gary_poster: e.g. if I can get it changed there it might just work?12:32
rick_h_ok, yea seeing it in the rapi-rollup thing. 12:33
gary_posterrick_h_, the in-memory juju reports "demonstration," improv (from rapi-rollup) reports "dummy"12:34
rick_h_gary_poster: oh, so that'll be changing soon then when it goes to the in memory one?12:34
gary_posterrick_h_, but I thnk they just want the whole cloud-icon-plus-environment-on-X thing gone12:34
gary_posterremind me of that bug number12:34
rick_h_gary_poster: #117273412:34
_mup_Bug #1172734: Environment on Dummy <blocker> <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172734>12:34
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, this is just a blocker for UX so it's the 'smallest change' without doing the whole header12:35
rick_h_I had hoped it'd be a drive by in a small branch of tiny fixes :)12:35
rick_h_s/dummy/demo or something but stepped on something bigger12:35
gary_posterI see rick_h_ .  If they just want "dummy" to go then yeah, that is probably already done.  Start the GUI locally with staging: true in your config.  I'll do as well. You should see "Environment on demonstration"12:36
rick_h_gary_poster: cool, thanks. 12:36
gary_posterrick_h_, " Environment on demonstration"12:38
gary_posterthat nay not be ideal still12:38
rick_h_gary_poster: cool, works for me. marking the bug as fix committed, but not released since staging shows the old atm. 12:38
gary_posterrick_h_, ok, though....1 sec...12:39
rick_h_gary_poster: well, in our call they took offense to the word 'dummy' on the site12:39
gary_posterrick_h_, fix released:
gary_posterrick_h_, that's the prodstack site12:40
rick_h_ah ok very cool then12:40
gary_posterbac, did hatch steer you towards another RTE?  not convinced by that from the outside12:50
bacgary_poster: we're going to explore using the YUI EditorBase12:51
bacgary_poster: he thinks it is lightweight enough that having lots of them on a page won't be a problem12:52
gary_posterbac, that does not produce raw text but html, so you are going down the road of what you and I had prototyped: nasty heuristics to convert html to text.  I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. :-)12:52
bacgary_poster: understood12:53
rick_h_lol, well removing the /bws/ and making the browser always show only broke 167 tests. lol13:14
gary_posterhopefully that's easier than it sounds13:15
rick_h_yea, I'm guessing a giant cascade13:15
rick_h_but was fun to go "let'r rip!"13:15
rick_h_luca____: hangout?13:35
luca____rick_h_: I'm in a meeting for the next hour or so13:35
rick_h_luca____: ok cool13:35
gary_posterbac another question is whether http://www.jacklmoore.com/autosize/ can look like a single line when you start. :-/13:35
luca____rick_h_: our visual designer is working to tight deadlines today to get everything out to you guys asap :)13:36
rick_h_luca____: cool, have a couple of questions for you guys when you get a sec13:36
luca____rick_h_: ok, I'll let you know when were out13:37
gary_posterrogpeppe1, is it possible to remove a subordinate relation in juju core?  was not possible in pyjuju, and IIRC the reason was that proper behavior was unclear and/or difficult to implement.13:43
rogpeppe1gary_poster: i haven't tried. perhaps :-)13:43
gary_posterrogpeppe1, :-) k13:44
* gary_poster switches off to try raring on the desktop. back soon, hopefully...13:55
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hatchI have a very odd test failure that I'd like some help on.....test_app.js 'should be able to route objects to internal URLs'14:03
hatchin that test it tries to get a url of a charm....but I can't see where the charm data is populated14:04
rick_h_down to 1 failing test woot14:12
hatchright on14:13
hatchmy failing tests are so confusing14:13
hatchadd that to the console not working14:14
hatchcan anyone tell me how to turn the console logs on during the tests?14:14
hatchI get the loader logs but nothing inside of a test or the application14:15
hatchwell that's not entirely true....console logs in 'before' work14:15
hatchahah found it...wow that has to be the most irritating thing14:20
Makyohatch, Set a breakpoint and check the value of console?14:20
MakyoOh, excellent.14:20
hatchthat's not very efficient when you're in a fn that's called a number of times14:20
hatchknow what I mean?14:21
MakyoI just meant in one test to investigate is all.14:21
rick_h_hatch: I've been known to "window.one = true"... if(window.one) { debugger } on some occassions14:21
rick_h_just to add hacks to hacks :)14:22
hatchdo two hacks make a right?14:23
rick_h_make for not clicking 'play' 50 times to get to the one iteration you care about :)14:23
rick_h_say...to drop a debugger in the afterEach when there are 50 tests in the suite. You could comment them all out, but hook a var in your test to window and all set14:23
hatchoh fyi if you set 'consoleEnabled' to true in the config of an app instance then it will log properly14:24
* hatch contemplates deleting the console clobbering code ;)14:24
MakyoAlright.  I mean, if console.log isn't working in any test because it's being turned off, iterations shouldn't matter :)14:25
MakyoGlad you found it, though.14:26
hatchnow I'm so confused as to why these tests are failing...14:27
hatchohh now I see why they are failing14:34
hatchbecause the test is wrong now14:34
bachatch: ping me when you've got some time14:35
hatchwell I'm at a good stopping point, wana chat?14:36
luca____rick_h_: are you free?14:36
rick_h_luca____: sure thing14:37
luca____rick_h_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/59f6e27697d7873463bc542eb1fd68f2d79b98c4?authuser=1&hl=en14:37
rick_h_luca____: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8afa3721f4844e71152262d259b9f7ed6c5b76d7?authuser=0&hl=en14:37
rick_h_luca____: omw14:37
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
hatchhey gary_poster hows raring?14:43
gary_posterhatch, mostly good.  graphics driver is working on desktop now.  need to get webcam working...14:44
bachatch: sure14:45
hatchto guichat14:45
hatchor not14:46
bachatch: i saw you there briefly.  now it is just gary and he's non-repsonsive14:46
* bac joins other14:46
gary_posterjujugui please update kanban.  hopefully I can join in 8 :-P14:52
Makyojujugui call in 114:59
gary_postersigh thanks.  maybe from other machine...14:59
luca____rick_h_: query: we sent you the assets yesterday and saw that they weren't implemented, are they ok?15:07
rick_h_luca____: yea, they're in review. Should land in next hr15:08
luca____rick_h_: fantastic! just checking in case we needed to re-supply15:09
luca____rick_h_: tagging all "nice to have" improvement as: Charmbrowser Enhancement in launchpad. Is that ok?15:30
rick_h_luca____: rgr15:42
luca____rick_h_: hey15:43
rick_h_luca____: yep, otp but what's up?15:44
luca____rick_h_: nm! Just realised what was going on :)15:47
luca____rick_h_: are you free for a very quick call?15:57
rick_h_luca____: give me 10?15:57
luca____rick_h_: sure, let me know when15:57
rick_h_luca____: k15:57
rick_h_luca____: I'm avail16:03
luca____rick_h_: sweet16:03
luca____rick_h_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cca38ee039e87fba24828491149b9f7f76e17f54?authuser=1&hl=en16:04
rick_h_luca____: so the video, assets, and search results styling from huw are on uistage16:16
rick_h_ and http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/fullscreen for instance16:17
rick_h_Makyo: hatch bcsaller can a pair of you guys look over this sometime? https://codereview.appspot.com/8977043 to bring the browser into the default view. QA it, break it as hard as you can :)16:29
rick_h_this almost seems too easy of a branch after all the fight to get this far. 16:29
bcsallerrick_h_: I'll look at it soon16:30
rick_h_bcsaller: thanks16:30
rick_h_I'm going to duck and look for food.16:30
rick_h_note that removing the old stuff is a second follow up branch16:31
bcsallerrick_h_: ahh, ok, I was commenting on that16:38
rick_h_bcsaller: yea, didn't want to cross the streams and I like all-delete branches16:38
* gary_poster restarting...16:44
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hatchbcsaller: can you tell me where the charm data is being populated in this test http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-gui/trunk/view/head:/test/test_app.js#L12516:49
hatchit's failing in my branch and for all purposes I can't find why it would ever pass...16:49
bcsallerhatch: in beforeEach it calls injectData which simulates a delta with charm info in it (at a glance)16:50
hatchthere is charm info there? I only see services with charm attributes16:51
bcsallerhatch: I think it then pulls that out of band16:53
bcsallerits like when the server tells you on the inital connect whats in the environment16:53
hatchsure but nothing is saying 'hey create a charm instance'16:54
hatchunless it was happening as an obscure side effect16:55
hatchwhich I suppose is possible16:55
hatchI did remove a ton of the endpoint.js code16:55
hatchso it may have been passing by accident heh16:55
hatchnice looking chrome devtools theme http://devthemez.com/themes/zero-dark-matrix16:58
hatchbcsaller: ahh it was happening by a side effect in code I removed in endpoints.js17:01
hatchwhich only matters in the tests and not in the real application17:01
rick_h_bcsaller: thanks for the review. I'll s/nop/noop :)17:02
bcsallerrick_h_: thanks17:02
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
gary_posterHey, anyone  available to try guichat to see if everything is working for me now?17:08
rick_h_gary_poster: sure17:15
gary_posterrick_h_, already handled thank you17:15
rick_h_oh heh, nvm17:15
gary_postermuch appreciated though17:15
bcsallerhatch: have you reworked endpoints::handleServiceEvent recently (or currently). I'm seeing an error there where db.charms.add fails because the id already exists. I think there is a real race wrt the env.get_service call above and it shows up with the sandbox.17:27
bcsallerUncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'load' of undefined 17:27
hatchbcsaller: it's been entirely reworked in the current branch17:28
hatchno race condition possible anymore17:28
hatchI'd like to show you the diff but I don't think bzr can diff from 'parent'17:28
bcsallerok, its killing my testing now, but I won't do my own fix17:29
bcsallerhatch: bzr diff -r ancestor:../trunk or similar17:29
hatchwell my trunk branch is updated17:29
hatchso I need to diff from whatever revision it was branched at....17:30
hatchwhatever that is17:30
gary_posterhm.  we don't seem to build in raring...17:30
bcsallergary_poster: I'm on raring and its working for me17:30
gary_posterbcsaller, yeah?  hung here after a make clean-all && make:17:31
gary_posternpm WARN engine cryptiles@0.1.3: wanted: {"node":"0.8.x"} (current: {"node":"v0.10.5","npm":"1.2.18"})17:31
bcsallerhmm, maybe I didn't do it from clean17:31
gary_postermm, I may need to redo the installation instructions17:32
gary_posterI mean, do them on raring17:32
hatchgary_poster: no other error messages?17:33
bcsallerI saw some warnings in the npm output, but it works fine and will put up the devel server17:33
hatchthat's just a warning, I get those all the time17:33
gary_posterbcsaller, nothing else, but then I did a clean-all again and it pointed out I didn't have ImageMagick.  Trying that and all other bits and bobs17:33
gary_postermade it past that part...17:37
gary_posterrick_h_, manage.jujucharms.com does not work ATM with gui, right?17:40
rick_h_gary_poster: right, not all of it does17:41
rick_h_staging does work ok now though17:41
hatchbcsaller: clearly the lbox knows how to properly diff so I'll have to look into that to figure out how it does it17:41
gary_posterrick_h_, cool.  looking at your branch.  I suggest switching app/config-prod.json to staging for now17:41
rick_h_gary_poster: ok17:42
gary_posterrick_h_, also, before this lands, we will need to either set up working defaults for those values in the app, or update the charm to provide them.  Otherwise trunk will fall over in charm.  Also important for prodstack17:42
gary_posterrick_h_, one more piece of feedback: would be great if we could have loading circle (same, but possibly scaled down, to the one we have when loading the GUI) in the charm browser when it is just loading17:43
gary_posterSince UX guys are gone I'd suggest adding and then verifying with them17:44
rick_h_gary_poster: yes, we've got the indicator widget that needs to be applied liberally along with some caching to prevent reloading the interesting/etc17:44
rick_h_gary_poster: it's part of that that work 17:44
gary_posterrick_h_, I search for juju-gui (in prod but with the staging site set in config) and got an error initially17:45
gary_posterFailed to load charm details17:45
gary_posterCharm API error if type: no_such_charm17:45
rick_h_gary_poster: yes, I'm looking at that right now actually. 17:45
gary_posterok cool17:45
rick_h_gary_poster: there's a corner/multi route case I'm seeing in qa'ing some more where /fullscreen also matches the new /*id17:46
rick_h_so it hits twice and does the right thing but also tries to load a charm called /fullscreen17:46
gary_posterah :-/ yeah.  another argument for that to be in its namespace.  Kinda serious.17:46
gary_posterOther solutions available too of course17:46
rick_h_yea, I've already defined the list of possible 'viewmodes' and they can't match the start of an id, which is a release name so working on stripping it out before figuring out state17:47
gary_posterrick_h_, k17:47
rick_h_gary_poster: where are 'set a default'?17:48
rick_h_for the config? 17:48
* rick_h_ didn't realize there was something outside of config-17:48
hatchrick_h: I have noticed an issue in our tests - we need a way to turn off subapps17:48
gary_posterrick_h_, that would just be in your own initialization.  putting it in charm would be better.  can do that17:49
rick_h_hatch: heh, that's what I had to noop to work around17:49
rick_h_gary_poster: ah ok17:49
hatchoh lol17:49
rick_h_so tests pass with it, but required a little hack17:49
rick_h_but it's why I blew up 160+ tests at first pass17:49
gary_posterrick_h_, when will the juju definition of an official charm (which is supposed to make ~juju-gui the official charm) match the charm browser's (which shows the ~charmers branch as the official charm)?  This will become pretty important because, for instance, the ~charmers charm will not work with this branch (and there may be other incompatibilities)17:51
rick_h_gary_poster: I don't know. I know abentley and sinzui worked on a temp state, but don't know when the final resolution will come.17:51
gary_posterrick_h_, ack thanks.  abentley, do you know?  This could become a blocker17:52
gary_posterrick_h_, are we going to mark official charms with a badge or other indication before release?17:53
abentleygary_poster: No, I don't know.  Why might it be a blocker?17:53
rick_h_gary_poster: we're trying to. It's on the UX work to try to fit in next week.17:54
gary_posterabentley, because from a user perspective, it will encourage people to use old charms.  In the concrete case of the GUI, it will encourage people to use old charms that will be broken17:54
gary_posterrick_h_, ack cool17:54
abentleygary_poster: AIUI, promulgated charms not owned by charmers are very uncommon.17:55
gary_posterrick_h_, when browser is minimized I see it a bit hanging off to the left.  Is that to spec?17:56
rick_h_gary_poster: yes17:57
rick_h_gary_poster: they want a hint that 'there's something there'17:57
abentleygary_poster: And can't we work around it by getting a ~charmers branch in place?17:57
gary_posterrick_h_, cool.  might be nice if it were clickable with same effect as clicking button.  rick_h_, that's my qa feedback for the branch.  have not looked at code.  from qa perspective, I'm ok with this landing when (1) that bug you are looking at is fixed (it happens a lot), and (2) the charm can deploy this branch.  Yellow can help with #2.  17:58
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, adding a test for #1 right now and will have that pushed up shortly and will look around for a second code review17:59
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks for qa'ing17:59
gary_posterOnce those are addressed, I'd like to see a follow on branch fix the right hand charm panel.  could be from yellow.  The spinner also seems like a high priority17:59
bachi hatch18:00
rick_h_gary_poster: if yellow could help with removing the old charm panel that would help free me up to work on things like the spinner/caching. 18:01
gary_posterabentley, promulgated charms not owned by charmers uncommon: probably. OTOH, they are the ones that are being maintained most diligently in the view of ~charmers (so diligently that the ~charmers are willing to step aside) so they are presumably fairly important to some people18:01
rick_h_gary_poster: I've got providers and search filters in front of it atm18:01
hatchbac: hey, I'm just finishing my lunch18:03
hatchfew mins18:03
gary_posterabentley, get ~charmers to replace it: fine, but then identifying those charms and coordinating with people needs to be part of the project plan18:04
abentleygary_poster: No one disagrees about whether this should be fixed, but I don't think it's appropriate to start calling it a blocker today, with less than a week to go.18:04
rick_h_gary_poster: fix for the extra loading of an invalid charm pushed up.18:05
rick_h_gary_poster: going to add a card then to the yellow board for removing the sidebar browser18:06
gary_posterthx on call18:06
hatchbac: ok ready?18:09
bachatch: sure18:09
hatchguichat is open18:10
rick_h_Makyo: any chance I can bribe a review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8977043 from you? Updates per gary's notes included18:13
Makyorick_h_, Sure, it's lunch, good time to switch gears.18:13
rick_h_bcsaller: ^^ had to add a couple of calls to fix the qa issue if you want to second look it. 18:13
rick_h_Makyo: ty kind sir :)18:13
Makyorick_h_, looking good from QA, assuming the 'charm API error of type: no_such_charm' is something else :)18:41
Makyorick_h_, read up, I see (been buried in go, sorry!)18:44
MakyoJust was getting a lot of resource not found on URLs like http://staging.jujucharms.com/api/0/charm//search/precise/puppet-318:45
rick_h_Makyo: what's the url right now?18:45
rick_h_Makyo: maybe I missed a case. looking. search...hmm. 18:45
rick_h_Makyo: sec, let me try one thing. 18:46
rick_h_Makyo: yea, give me a few. I missed search when I got sidebar/fullscreen/etc18:48
Makyorick_h_, no worries, will keep poking around.18:49
rick_h_Makyo: cool, got it. Just need to add another test case for it.18:52
rick_h_Makyo: pushed up the code fix if you want to pull/dbl check. I'll get the test case added here18:53
gary_postersandbox is very broken18:58
gary_posterjujugui ^^^ big problem18:59
bcsallerwhats the issue?18:59
gary_posterexample: (1) search for mysql. (2) add mysql.  (3) search for wordpress.  mysql disappears18:59
gary_posteranother example:19:00
gary_poster(1) search for mysql (2) add mysql (3) open charm panel. still stuck on mysql page19:00
gary_posterno way to escape except searching19:00
bcsallergary_poster: if a link is triggered outside of the viewContainer it won't delegate to navigate, if it reloads the url it will clear the sandbox, that is my guess19:01
Makyogary_poster, are you breaking on errors? I'm getting a problem in load.19:01
gary_posterMakyo, no, will look.19:01
bcsallerthere is the race in the charm load I was talking to hatch about before as well19:02
bcsallerbut he said his branch reworks that 19:02
gary_posterwe need to do some serious qa of that stuff then19:02
gary_posterMakyo console shows no errors for me when I load env19:03
gary_posterI see19:03
MakyoWhen you deploy, endpoints.js:14719:03
gary_posterendpoints.js is broken19:03
MakyoI don't get that from the new stuff, which is good :o)19:04
MakyoFrom rick_h_ 's branch, I mean19:04
gary_posterMakyo, you mean hatch's new branch?  Is that up for review?19:04
hatchis this something that my last branch broke?19:06
gary_postermay be19:06
hatchshall bac and I stop this so I can investigate?19:07
gary_posteryes, please, hatch.19:08
gary_posterbenji, how is your branch going?19:08
rick_h_Makyo: code review and branch updated with fix + test cases for search19:08
Makyorick_h_, cool, thanks19:08
benjigary_poster: I'm having trouble verifying that it is helping real charm deployment speed.19:09
hatchok pulling trunk and building19:09
hatchand this is only using sandbox?19:10
hatchit works fine in rapi?19:10
gary_posterhatch sandbox is where we saw it19:10
hatchUncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'load' of undefined19:12
gary_posteron second call19:12
gary_posterfirst one works19:12
hatchok it's trying to add the same charm again19:13
gary_posterthat's what bcsaller was talking about before19:13
gary_posterI think19:14
gary_posterthat you said your charm fixed19:14
hatchchecking on rapi19:14
gary_posterbut still not clear why it would fail second time through19:14
hatchit's because you can't add two of the same id's19:14
gary_posterline before is19:15
gary_postercharm = db.charms.getById(charm_id)19:15
bcsallerthen the env call which I think pulls the charm as a side-effect, no?19:15
bcsallerand then the add fails19:15
bcsallerand maybe we see that because the sandbox is very fast19:15
hatchI'll try this on my local promise branch on sandbox19:15
gary_posterbcsaller, forwarded you an email about the fact that we are supposed to use an image on your branch19:17
gary_posterI don;t think you have the image19:17
hatchjujugui - this works as expected on my branch19:17
hatchoops, autocomplete fail19:17
gary_posterand I can't get to the image on linux, oddly enough19:17
hatchbcsaller: I think that this is indeed a race condition19:17
gary_postertrying on os x19:17
hatchbecause it's impossible to do a race condition in my branch and it doesn't break19:17
bcsallergary_poster: I don't think I do, but I render the help from a template, easy to modify 19:18
hatchgary_poster: so bench the textarea stuff and get my branch landed? :)19:18
gary_posterhatch, assuming it fixes everything else, yes19:19
gary_posterhatch, otherwise, bench them both and fix trunk19:19
hatchwhat was issue #2?19:20
hatchhere is my branch - feel free to check it out and try https://code.launchpad.net/~hatch/juju-gui/load-srv-db19:20
gary_posterhatch, documented above19:21
gary_poster<gary_poster> example: (1) search for mysql. (2) add mysql.  (3) search for wordpress.  mysql disappears19:21
gary_poster<gary_poster> another example:19:21
gary_poster<gary_poster> (1) search for mysql (2) add mysql (3) open charm panel. still stuck on mysql page19:21
gary_poster<gary_poster> no way to escape except searching19:21
hatchok trying19:21
gary_posterbcsaller, just sent you images. 19:21
bcsallergary_poster: thanks19:22
hatchneither of those bugs show on my branch in sandbox19:23
hatchtrying rapi19:23
hatchyeah fixed in my branch19:24
gary_posterok hatch how far are you from landing?  would pairing help?19:24
hatchI'd feel comfortable landing after getting the 3 failing tests fixed then I can do a followup to add additional tests19:25
hatchprobably an hour?19:25
hatchpairing probably wouldn't help as it's just fixing these tests to add the charm data first before trying to get it19:26
hatch'just' heh19:26
* hatch goes dark to fix tests19:27
rick_h_Makyo: I'm headnig off for a bit. Will be back tonight if you find anything else. Thanks again!19:36
gary_posterok rick_h_ we need to add the change to the charm for your branch.  benji this should not conflict with you because we are adding 19:36
Makyorick_h_, QA is LGTM, will have the code done before you get back.19:36
gary_postersomething to the template, and a new option19:36
rick_h_gary_poster: "add the change to the charm"?19:37
rick_h_gary_poster: oh right, the juju gui charm19:37
rick_h_sorry, charm is kind of loaded these days19:37
gary_posterrick_h_, as I said, your branch will break the charm unless we add the option19:37
gary_posteryeah understood19:37
gary_posterbenji, I'm sorry I'm having family issues I need to address immediately as well.  I need to ask you to stop work on your branch.19:38
rick_h_gary_poster: added a card to the board for that19:38
gary_posterthanks rick_h_ 19:38
gary_posterbenji, new task is small but important19:38
hatchI think that the promises are causing the tests to fail19:39
gary_posterbenji, card is "Add default value for charmworldURL to the charm"19:40
gary_posterugh this sucks19:40
hatchbecause I think the promises are throwing which is causing the test to complete19:40
hatchbasically the promises are never resolving or erroring which is.....impossible?19:41
gary_posterbenji, task is to add charmworldURL to template19:42
gary_posterfor config.js19:42
gary_postermake it configurable19:42
gary_posterin charm19:42
gary_posterdefault should be the default in config-debug.js in juju-gui19:42
gary_postercharmworldURL: 'http://staging.jujucharms.com/'19:42
gary_posterbecause manage is not working, even though it should be the default :-(19:43
hatchok maybe pairing won't be such a bad idea...19:48
hatchmaybe someone else can lend a hand as to a way around this promise issue19:49
bcsallerhatch: can't you just call done() in callback and done(err) in the error back?19:52
bcsallerhatch: when I worked with it that was working well enough19:52
hatchI don't think that applies here....guichat?19:53
bcsallerhatch: sure19:53
gary_posterhatch, bcsaller, I'd like to pair with hatch to let bcsaller finish his task.  That also needs to be done ASAP.  Let me know when it makes sense to switch.19:57
bcsallergary_poster: I'm a little blocked on testing because of this as well, its currently failing in this same spot19:58
gary_posterI see :-(19:58
bcsallerother than that it basically works19:58
gary_posterbcsaller, revert hatch's previous branch locally?19:58
bcsallergary_poster: you can join the chat if you want19:59
gary_posterI have updated cards to clarify priority20:59
gary_posterbenji, you EoD yeah?21:00
benjiI'm just about done with the branch, verifying that it actually works by deploying the charm.  Trying to figure out where it hides the generated config file now.21:01
gary_posterbenji awesome, thank you. I suggest trying it out with rick_h_ 's branch, since that's the one that I'm worried about.  21:02
benjigary_poster: if you want to pair real quick to hand-off, that would be fine21:02
gary_posterok benji guichat21:02
* Makyo dgwalks quick21:03
rick_h_gary_poster: benji let me know if there's anything I can do to help. 21:17
gary_posterack thanks rick_h_ 21:17
hatchgary_poster: I can't think of any workaround beyond a timeout for that first test....at least without added an 'else' which fires an event21:18
hatchnot sure which is worse :)21:18
gary_posterhatch that's what I thought too21:18
hatchI am leaning towards prefering a timeout21:18
gary_poster+1 sadly21:18
hatch0 failures21:23
gary_postergreat hatch.21:23
hatchgary_poster: would you prefer I land this branch with passing tests and then a followup with additional tests? or hold off until the additional tests are done?21:23
gary_posterhatch, what are the additional tests you have in mind21:23
hatchI'd like to make unit tests to test the charm, service, db changes individuallt21:24
hatchthese tests test them indirectly21:24
hatchso we can be assured it works with this21:24
hatchbut more tests would be easier to debug later21:24
gary_posterhatch ok.  land as is then follow up. thanks.  also make a card for CI selenium tests of sandbox please21:25
hatchwill do!21:26
gary_posterthank you21:27
hatchjujugui - would love a couple reviews plz https://codereview.appspot.com/8839050/21:42
gary_posterrick_h_, update: I have benji's charm branch starting up with your ~rharding/juju-gui/browser-default branch.  Hopefully will work.  If so, can get one review and land21:43
gary_poster(I already reviewed it :-) )21:43
gary_posterhatch on it21:43
hatchgary_poster: if you have the time it would be great to get a QA as well21:44
gary_posterok hatch21:44
gary_posterooh, the db has to know the env? That's understandable but I don't like it. :-/21:45
hatchyeah I don't much like it either - I'm open for alternatives :)21:45
gary_posterpass env to getFullCharm and getFullService?21:46
hatchI thought of that, but I wanted the db to be a source of information - so if I have to pass it in then it's no longer the source21:47
hatchit requires external stuff to work21:47
rick_h_gary_poster: cool on the charm. 21:48
gary_posterit's not a source, but a repo I would argue21:48
gary_posterthe source is juju21:48
gary_posterthe environment21:48
gary_posterthat's why we have to pass a source to charm.load21:48
gary_posterI agree that it is a "hmmm" argument :-) but not crazy either21:49
hatchI accept your alternative view and substitute my own for it21:49
hatchyeah feel free to comment that and I'll change it21:50
gary_poster:-) k21:51
hatchare there any instances in the app where we don't have env but still want service/charm I wonder21:51
gary_posterhatch that would be a great counter argument :-)21:51
rick_h_hatch: that's coming soon21:51
rick_h_https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1173274 the argument today came up of browser sans environment21:51
_mup_Bug #1173274: "Connecting to environment" spinner should not block charm browser <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1173274>21:51
gary_posterdifferent, rick_h_ 21:52
rick_h_gary_poster: ah nvm then21:52
gary_posterthsi is code env, not visual env21:52
rick_h_gary_poster: ah, looking now. Thought this was replacing the model/charm.load() stuff 21:53
gary_posterrick_h_, it is...maybe I misunderstand your point?21:54
rick_h_gary_poster: hmm, don't see in the MP the change on model/charm? just charmlist?21:54
gary_postercrap start-error in charm21:55
* gary_poster was really hoping to relax :-(21:55
rick_h_gary_poster: well, can wait until monday. I've got enough other bits that aren't directly tied to this to do21:55
gary_posterrick_h_, not sure I agree :-/21:55
rick_h_providers/caching/etc. 21:56
gary_posterwe need to have a decent set of code up for IS to review21:56
rick_h_gary_poster: true, but if we're shooting for thurs would hope tues would work for that?21:56
rick_h_never felt so on the tail end of timezones before this project21:56
gary_posterrick_h_, no.  this schedule makes me mad.  don't scratch the wound. :-)21:56
rick_h_gary_poster: k, then no relaxing for you :) 21:57
hatchanything I can help with for this?21:57
rick_h_hatch: guichat for a sec? I'd like to understand this21:57
rick_h_I feel like there's a connection in the future 21:57
hatchohhhh so lonelllly21:58
gary_posterrick_h_, what is your schedule.  you in guichat22:03
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, in there now22:04

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