soeegood morning05:59
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valorielogging into kubuntu is awesome (no grub screen anymore?), but when I tried to add "ubuntu-desktop" to this laptop to demonstate stock ubuntu this weekend at LFNW, I can't log into it successfully07:18
valorieis it passwordless by default?07:19
valorieI thought it might have stuck when I used my kub. passw07:19
freglRiddell: hello, could you poke someone to have a look at this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/1172859 on my machine I have kwin not starting after upgrading to 13.4, that is rather grave I'd say07:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172859 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "KWin crashes on startup in 13.4 with nvidia driver" [Undecided,New]07:42
agateausoee: yes, "empty trash" has been implemented. Will be in 1.0 (aka, the new 0.3)08:06
sheytanHey guys. Printer doesn't work on clean 13,04 install ;(09:09
sheytani can add it, it's listed, i use the driver for it and it doesn't print09:10
sheytanand btw, what happend to printer autoconfiguration ?09:10
smartboyhwHello Kubuntu devs09:31
Riddellsheytan: in systemsettings ->printer  checkif "reject print jobs" is ticked?09:48
smartboyhwHello Riddell:)09:49
sheytanRiddell: it was. Thank you09:50
sheytani don't know which DUMBASS translated it into polish that way ;(((09:50
sheytanbtw, another bug is that when you have two graphics in your notebook, the kscreen manager shows two separated screens.09:51
sheytani think it's because of the two graphics chips09:51
Quintasansheytan: You don't usually go around calling translators dumbasses since we don't have many of them09:52
Riddelldantti: do you know why reject print jobs is on by default09:52
QuintasanWhat's the exact translation problem sheytan?09:53
sheytanQuintasan: sorry, but i'm dealing with it for about 2h09:53
sheytanjust got nervous09:53
sheytanIt's translated to 'ostatnie zatanie drukowania'09:54
QuintasanYeah, happens but translators (usually) have nothing to do with it being set to reject jobs by default :P09:54
QuintasanWow, seriously?09:54
QuintasanRiddell: Is the printer applet Kubuntu specific or it's upstream magic?09:54
Riddellit's dantti's upstream magic09:54
QuintasanI see.09:54
sheytaneven if, what should this mean?  It's tragic ;(09:54
Quintasansheytan: Can you give me a screenshot of where that line exactly shows up?09:55
sheytanjus a sec09:55
* Quintasan really needs to resume participating in KDE translations09:55
sheytanQuintasan: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/6105/zrzutekranu1yk.png09:57
QuintasanSeriously it's there09:58
Quintasansheytan: I'll take a look at that09:59
sheytanthank you09:59
Quintasansheytan: I have submitted a bug fix10:28
Quintasansheytan: Next time you should send an email to the kde-i18n-pl-uwagi mailing list10:28
sheytanif i would knew what it does (the checkbox) i would10:29
sheytani didn't use the new printer manager in english :)10:29
Quintasansheytan: Well, yeah but then you realised what's wrong so you could inform people there. I used to translate KDE actively but I stopped managing my time efficiently10:30
QuintasanGuess I gotta stop playing games10:30
* Quintasan removes Team Fortress10:30
smartboyhwRiddell: Teach me something: What necessary packages from KDE would I need if I work on a Ubuntu Studio KDE (official) edition?11:18
sheytanQuintasan: i just realized it 10 seconds before you ping me about that :)11:33
QuintasanThat reminds me I have to do some stuff11:33
sheytanRiddell: any know problem with installing google chrome.deb downloaded right from google page? It shows problems with deps11:33
Quintasansheytan: You'll have to paste the exact error message11:34
danttiRiddell: I need to investigate but I think it's CUPS to blame since there is no code to make it reject jobs afair11:51
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1173138] QT 4.8.4 bug: Arabic-indic numerals instead of Arabic numerals in Slovak localization @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1173138 (by phjr)12:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173138 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "QT 4.8.4 bug: Arabic-indic numerals instead of Arabic numerals in Slovak localization" [Undecided,New]12:00
sheytandantti: nice problem, printing works from virtualbox, web browser, all apps like kate but doesn't from Okular :D12:01
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sheytangot any idea?12:02
danttishadeslayer: not much, since it's the app job to send it no print-manager involved12:08
danttishadeslayer: have you tried different pdf or something?12:08
sheytanQuintasan: google chrome depends on libgconf2-4 and libudev0, but both are unable to find in standard repos. I enabled the partner repo but still the same 12:13
Quintasan libgconf2-4 depends ond libgconf-2-412:14
Quintasanthere is libudev0 and libudev112:15
QuintasanI don't see any missing stuff there12:15
Quintasansheytan: apt-get update12:15
Quintasanapt-get show libudev012:15
sheytanQuintasan: what's the adress to default kubuntu ppa?12:17
sheytannot backports nor updates12:17
sheytanQuintasan: so i have the repo, did update but no such packages still 12:25
sheytani'm on x64 but this shouldnt be a reason12:25
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [982889] X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driver @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/982889 (by Tomas Vanderka)12:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 982889 in OEM Priority Project precise "X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driver" [High,In progress]12:43
xnoxsheytan: that's release noted, wait for chrome 28 release.13:01
xnoxyou can add quantal repository as the lowest one and fetch libudev0 from there....13:01
smartboyhwRiddell: Er you here?13:04
BluesKaj_Hey all13:04
debfxxnox: you read release notes? isn't that highly frowned upon ;)13:06
xnoxdebfx: i contributed to write them...... !13:14
debfxxnox: outrages!13:15
ScottKsmartboyhw: You can probably look at the Edubuntu seed history in Launchpad as they used to have exactly such a thing.13:20
* ScottK waves to debfx.13:20
smartboyhwScottK: Oh OK13:22
* debfx waves back13:22
smartboyhw_ScottK: Is Edubuntu seed once support KDE?13:27
ScottKYes.  They had a separate metapackage for a KDE based edubuntu desktop.13:28
smartboyhw_ScottK: Hurray! (but will there be any differences now and then?)13:29
highvoltagesmartboyhw_: hmm?13:34
smartboyhw_highvoltage: Oh I am just wondering how to make Ubuntu Studio supporting KDE as well and ScottK pointed to your old seeds...13:36
smartboyhw_Hmm the new KDE release proposal appearing on mailing lists is interesting…13:48
smartboyhw_Releasing 4.11 as an LTS then start to release KDE 5 and Plasma 213:51
* yofel wonders what jessie will ship ^^14:05
debfxyofel: if history is any indication kde 4.11 and 4.12 apps or whatever that will be called14:15
yofelprobably, but I think they should just stamp 4.12 on everything so people stay sane14:20
smartboyhw_Riddell: You saw my message?14:43
smartboyhw_Hmm I should probably rebuild Calligra with opencolorio14:45
smartboyhw_And do the first upload to Saucy14:45
Riddelldantti: suse has the same issue of rejecting prints14:51
Riddellsmartboyhw_: I think the place to start would be to look at the seeds14:51
smartboyhw_Riddell: OK14:52
shadeslayerfor those of you not on kde-release ^^15:50
ScottKRight.  Was that sarcasm or not?15:50
shadeslayerI like the idea of having a long term supported KDE15:51
shadeslayerplus, it's quite needed to go to FF5 IMHO15:51
ScottKTo me the proposal kind of adds up to, "if we stop working on stuff people use and start working on stuff we haven't released, people will take us more seriously"15:51
shadeslayerScottK: To me it reads as, if we keep working on 4.x features, we'll never get frameworks 5 done15:52
ScottKWhy don't they do a frameworks release so there's stable API/ABI and THEN freeze the KDE4 workspace.15:52
ScottKIt's free software.15:52
shadeslayerbecause they can't do the former without man power?15:52
shadeslayerand currently all the man power is invested in 4.x15:52
ScottKPeople are always free to not work on stuff.15:52
ScottKThat add up more like "If we prohibit people from working on what they are interested in, maybe they will work on what we are interested in"15:53
ScottKFOSS manpower isn't fungible or arbitrarily redirectable.15:53
shadeslayerwell, they're not going stop working on the 4.x 15:54
shadeslayer+ series15:54
shadeslayerit's just not going to get new features15:54
ScottKBut not that many devs are excited about fixing bugs.16:01
ScottKThey put up with it as part of the cost of doing business.16:01
ScottKStopping feature work is stopping people from working on what they want to.16:01
georgelappieshi all16:04
georgelappiesif I am on 13.04 and install kdevelop will it pull in all the required Qt packages so that I can use QtCreator in 13.04 with Qt4 as well?16:05
georgelappiesit doesn't look like it by what apt-get is pulling in?16:06
ScottKgeorgelappies: I'm told you can.16:06
ScottK(even though it pull in Qt5)16:06
georgelappiesthanks ScottK16:07
ScottKyofel: Bug #1102032 looks like a side effect of your synaptiks upload and is one of the top crashers on errors.ubuntu.com.  Could you look into it?16:07
ubottubug 1102032 in synaptiks (Ubuntu) "synaptikscfg crashed with KeyError in __setitem__(): u'circular_touchpad'" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110203216:07
yofelI'll take a look at it later16:08
debfxoh, can we please remove synaptiks? at least in the new sauce16:26
ScottKdebfx: We lack a replacement.  The only alternative we found was worse.16:27
ScottKMaybe afiestas will solve that for us.16:27
debfxit's been unmaintained for quite some time and the bugs page is full of crashes16:27
ScottKSo just don't ship anything for touchpad configuration?16:28
debfxlet me try it on my laptop16:30
afiestasScottK: GSoC will do16:36
afiestasjust got the proposal (30min ago)16:37
ScottKdebfx: ^^^ there we go.16:39
Riddellgot the proposal doesn't mean accepted by google!16:43
georgelappiesI am getting kernel panics with drm_kms_helper 16:45
georgelappieswhat is drm_kms_helper? 16:46
Riddellsomething to do with graphics16:46
Riddellbut you'd need to ask some linux people to debug that, we only do kde16:46
shadeslayersounds like something that interacts with Kernel Mode Setting ( KMS ) and Direct Rendering Manager? ( DRM )16:47
shadeslayerprobably #ubuntu-kernel would know16:47
georgelappiesthanks Riddell and shadeslayer16:47
georgelappiesmy time keeps on resseting itself to two hours earlier??? I am GMT+2 but I ensure to set the time to 19:15 and reboot, but it keeps going back to 17:1517:20
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Is your timezone set properly?17:26
shadeslayerthe dogs on the street just rang the bell of our house17:26
sadandblueshadeslayer: The dogs did?17:26
georgelappiessadandblue: yeah, I think so. I am in AFRICA/Johannesburg time zone which is GMT +217:27
shadeslayerand the bell is at human height17:27
sadandblueshadeslayer: Clever dogs!17:27
shadeslayerso about 4-5 feet17:27
shadeslayersadandblue: apparently :P17:27
georgelappiesshadeslayer: it shows the correct public hilodays as well ;)17:28
sadandblueshadeslayer: :-)17:32
Quintasanshadeslayer: Any ideas why kde-telepathy is 0.6.0?17:42
lordievaderGood evening.17:42
shadeslayerare you sure?17:42
shadeslayer!info kde-telepathy-contact-list17:42
ubottukde-telepathy-contact-list (source: ktp-contact-list): Telepathy contact list for the KDE Plasma Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 151 kB, installed size 955 kB17:42
shadeslayer!info kde-telepathy-contact-list raring17:42
QuintasanI mean kde-telepathy17:42
ubottukde-telepathy-contact-list (source: ktp-contact-list): Telepathy contact list for the KDE Plasma Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 176 kB, installed size 1120 kB17:42
Quintasanthe package17:42
Quintasan!info kde-telepathy17:43
lordievaderTime to install Raring to my laptop :)17:43
ubottukde-telepathy (source: meta-kde-telepathy): metapackage for installing all the KDE Telepathy components. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB17:43
Quintasan!info kde-telepathy raring17:43
ubottukde-telepathy (source: meta-kde-telepathy): metapackage for installing all the KDE Telepathy components. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB17:43
Quintasansame goes for minimal17:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: the meta package depends on >= 0.6.017:43
QuintasanIt's broken here17:43
shadeslayerso it shouldn't really matter?17:43
QuintasanI get internal component error when trying to connect17:43
shadeslayerdebug it?17:44
rsdJust upgrade to 13.04.  Now plasma-desktop does not start  with kde, I have to manually start it from console.  After it loads the mouse pointer is invisible.  Any ideas?17:45
shadeslayerregarding the pointer, check in systemsettings if the mouse theme is set correctly17:49
rsdI dont think thats the problem.  If I press CTRL-ALT-BP, the shutdown buttons shows up and the pointer17:50
rsdBefore starting plasma-desktop I only get the mouse pointer and a kwallet password popup17:51
rsdeverything else is a black screen17:51
rsdI believe that plasma-desktop needs to do some related initialization work with the pointer17:51
rsdJust found this, not sure if kubuntu was hit by this: http://dilfridge.blogspot.com.br/2013/02/kde-4100-plasma-desktop-crashes-and-qt.html17:52
Quintasanshadeslayer: Also, I changed my jid to quintasan@quintasan.pl17:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: sent you a request :P18:01
QuintasanNothing here18:02
shadeslayerI got yours18:02
rsdinteresting enough,  under unity, using konqueror, the pointer vanishes when over it18:05
shadeslayerQuintasan: that doesn't look good http://i.imgur.com/LpknG3h.png18:10
shadeslayerQuintasan: removed and re-added you http://i.imgur.com/yi4Mb97.png18:13
shadeslayerQuintasan: yeah works18:17
ScottKshadeslayer or Quintasan: Could you have a look at Bug #1151620  - it's another common crasher on 13.04 (that I get regularly myself, I believe).18:26
ubottubug 1151620 in kdepim-runtime (Ubuntu) "akonadi_imap_resource crashed with SIGSEGV in q_func()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115162018:26
ScottKUnfortunately it loook like pim-runtime bugs are getting picked up by apport and not Dr. Konqi.18:27
shadeslayerLooks like it's crashing when disconnecting and there's some error generated18:29
ScottKI guess crashing achieves the disconnect, but it's not idea.18:29
georgelappiesMmmm, trying to compile a test Qt gui app in kdevelop in 13.04 gives "Cannot find QtCore" error. How would one install Qt4.8 dev env on 13.04?18:30
shadeslayergeorgelappies: you want libqt4-dev18:31
georgelappiesshadeslayer: thanks, will install it now18:31
shadeslayerScottK: sessionthread.cpp is in kdepimlibs not kdepim-runtime18:32
ScottKThe application crash comes from akonadi_imap_resource which is though.18:32
shadeslayercloning that to have a look what happens18:32
shadeslayerright, but the stacktrace shows that sessionthread.cpp is where the crash happens18:33
shadeslayer#1999 0x00007effd019c0ba in KIMAP::SessionThread::socketError (this=0x256fcc0) at ../../kimap/sessionthread.cpp:23218:33
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georgelappiesdamn, just had another kernel panic :( where can I completely switch off all desktop effects to see if that helps?18:38
sadandbluealt + shift + f12 should do that18:40
sadandblueOr System Settings -> Desktop effects18:40
georgelappiesthanks sadandblue18:40
georgelappieswow, the effects does make a difference in how KDE looks...18:42
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Yup18:42
lordievaderReinstall to Raring went smooth, great work Kubuntu dev-team!!!18:57
lordievaderNew boot-splash is very nice, apachelogger :)19:00
shadeslayerScottK: do you have any steps to reproduce?19:35
ScottKshadeslayer: Not reliable ones.  It crashes about once every other hour while checking email.19:36
shadeslayerI see19:37
shadeslayerScottK: patchy patchy from #kontact https://gist.github.com/anonymous/546981819:53
ScottKYou think?19:54
ScottKDo you think it's a good patch to try?19:54
shadeslayerNo idea, they'll try to contact the maintainer for a better patch19:55
shadeslayerbut you could try it out and see if it makes the issue go away19:55
ScottKI'm a little reluctant to toss random patches onto my primary work machine.19:56
shadeslayerI can totally understand, but I'm not sure how we can fix the issue if the person who has the bug can't apply patches :P19:57
shadeslayeryou can talk to sergio to understand what's happening there in #kontact19:58
shadeslayerhe authored the patch19:58
ScottKIf you get an upstream "looks good", I'll do it.20:01
ScottK(sorry, busy with $work)20:01
shadeslayerokay :)20:01
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1173349] plasma-desktop crashes repeatedly since upgrading to 14.04 @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1173349 (by abmoraz)20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173349 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "plasma-desktop crashes repeatedly since upgrading to 14.04" [Undecided,New]20:05
shadeslayerwe have a 14.04?20:07
shadeslayerI guess the reporter is from the future :D20:08
yofelsomeone came from the future to report a bug and make sure the bug isn't in 14.04 after all  ;P20:08
JontheEchidna^this was actually the true goal of Project Timelord.20:13
shadeslayermaking a time machine?20:17
QuintasanDon't we have one already?20:29
ScottKdantti: Seems like the issue with the printer being disabled is only for the default printer.20:36
QuintasanScottK: I think I know what is the problem but I'll have to check it out on a new machine20:43
QuintasanRiddell: Do you have the Archos tablet?20:43
QuintasanScottK: No luck, I thought it's a problem with the discovery protocol dnssd doing some magic but it turns out it's not that20:46
ScottKOK.  Hopefully shadeslayer gets some feedback on the patch he was looking at.20:47
QuintasanI found something about SELinux doing some magic20:47
Quintasanbut we don't have that by default, do we?20:47
shadeslayerSELinux is disabled by default AFAIK20:48
shadeslayerQuintasan: whatcha doing?20:48
ScottKNo, we use apparmor instead.20:48
ScottKThat's on by default.20:48
Quintasanshadeslayer: Trying to think why is the default printer rejecting jobs by default20:48
shadeslayerchecked the KCM?20:49
shadeslayerbecause for some reason it was rejecting my jobs as well20:49
ScottKQuintasan: It's turned off.20:49
shadeslayerand turned out I had accidentally set it to reject jobs20:49
QuintasanScottK: The printer?20:49
ScottKIt was set to reject jobs.20:50
ScottKI just turned it on.20:50
QuintasanThat's not the behaviour we want, right?20:50
ScottKThat's why Riddell was pining dantti earlier.20:50
QuintasanYeah, that's what I'm also looking into20:51
Quintasantoday I added a second printer on my laptop and it was alright20:51
QuintasanIt looks like CUPS bug to me20:52
RiddellQuintasan: yes I do21:17
QuintasanRiddell: Did you manage to get Active running on that?21:21
RiddellQuintasan: no I've not had much chance to play around with it21:26
Riddellif you think you'd do better I can send it to you21:27
QuintasanI see.21:27
QuintasanI'm not entirely inclined to say I'd do better but I have time to fiddle with it21:28
Riddellwould you know where to start?21:29
QuintasanRiddell: I'd say booting minimal install there would be the first step21:29
QuintasanRiddell: Where did you get with the process ?21:31
RiddellQuintasan: nowhere on that one, I couldn't even work out how to boot the image from basyskom before I got distracted21:31
Riddellnexus has been my priority and I've not been able to do much of that21:32
QuintasanI see21:32
QuintasanWhere, at least I know where to look for help with that21:32
Riddellbooting minimal install will need a kernel that works on it21:32
Riddelland I've no idea how to get one of those21:32
QuintasanI'll poke around and see if I can find one21:33
QuintasanIf I do then I think I can get somewhere with it21:33
Riddelle-mail me your address and I'll package it up21:34
QuintasanRiddell: What is the model of the device?21:34
RiddellG9 10121:34
* Riddell snoozes21:36
QuintasanRiddell: Address sent21:40
QuintasanI've got some info how to boot Arch on that21:40
shadeslayerRiddell: it's quite simple21:50
shadeslayeryou get the android kernel and build that, and try booting that :P21:50
shadeslayerplus, the G9 101 has an OMAP SoC, should be trivial to get video drivers for that21:55
danttiRiddell: It seems there is something little different that localhost does when adding a printer, I'll do some more tests before I dive into CUPS source :P22:57
danttiat least CUPS access log are different when adding using localhost22:58
danttiwtf s-c-p adds the printer, then resume, then accept-jobs... this surely isn't what I had in mind :P23:35

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