jcgsHi guys :) I just upgraded to raring and now I can't get lightdm/X to start :( I have a hybrid graphics card (AMD/Intel) and I wondered if anybody could give me a few tips? When I installed Quantal I installed some packages from a PPA and ran a couple of commands and then everything seemed to work fine, so fingers crossed it won't be to difficult this time :)00:00
figure8carI want to know how I can install the same QT development tools in 13.04 that were offered in 12.1000:03
DarthFrogfigure8car:  Why can't you install the same packages?00:03
jcgsfigure8car: will installing qt4-designer do it? command: sudo apt-get install qt4-designer00:04
figure8carBecause I see bugs in the way certain widgets are drawn. I think it has to do with QT5x. I want to continue using QT4.8.300:04
figure8carPardon me00:05
figure8carI cannot install the same packages because Muon insists on uplifting to QT5x00:06
jcgsfigure8car: The only version available to me is 4.8.4 would that be suitable00:07
jcgsfigure8car: what do you mean 'keeps on uplifting me'? What is the version number of the package it's trying to install?00:08
figure8carIn 12.10,  The tools I used were QtDesigner 4.8.3, Creator 2.5.2 and Qt Assistant 4.8.300:10
figure8carThe result in 13.04 is Creator 2.7.000:11
figure8carI though the the resulting lib was the 5.x series. I'll check.00:12
jcgsfigure8car: all my libqt4-* packages are version 4.8.4. Presumably yours are too?00:14
figure8carI'm on a 12.10 box now, all 4.8.300:15
jcgsfigure8car: Oh, well that's what they would be on raring/13.0400:16
jcgsfigure8car: which means that raring isn't using qt5x00:16
jcgsfigure8car: as far as I can see00:17
figure8carCreator has several "kits" you can configure, I thought I saw 5x in there.00:17
figure8carregardless, how would you approach getting the same packages from the 12.10 env into 13.04?00:18
figure8carI want out of the 12.10 box because its old and has other problems. I wanted to start fresh on a new box with 13.0400:19
figure8carI tried editing /etc/apt/sources.list but conflicts arrise...00:20
jcgsfigure8car: what happens if you add the quantal sources as well?00:24
jcgsfigure8car: i would probably use apt-get source and build from there00:25
goodtimethelionroars: i found it00:25
goodtimeit is easy00:26
jcgsfigure8car: but that's probably a much bigger task than i'd be able to complete00:26
goodtimeQ: How do I run scripts automatically at startup?00:26
goodtime A: Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory.00:26
jcgsfigure8car: particularly since atm, my graphics aren't functional00:26
figure8carjcgs, have you ever built these packages? I was thinking of getting the source from Digia and building it...00:26
goodtime ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/dir00:27
jcgsfigure8car: no, i don't have any particular experience with these apps at all.00:27
goodtimeand thats it thelionroars00:27
goodtimeits irssi too00:28
figure8carjcgs: thanks for the ideas, I'll try some stuff later tonight00:29
jcgsfigure8car: just to warn you, all the qt4 libraries and the development apps are in one source package. that might mean you can't use different version together00:30
figure8carright, and it looks like I can get the series I want from Digia, but I have to manually install instead of using apt. I would rather use apt.00:31
jcgsfigure8car: all the dev apps in the repo require the libraries to be the same version, so you will have to circumvent apt i think. Good luck :)00:31
jcgsfigure8car: as above, apt will be very unhappy if the development apps are at different version from the libraries00:32
jcgsSorry, I have to go to bed even though my computer's not fixed :( mainly because it's 0130 in London atm00:33
figure8carI will have to file a bug report on the rediculous bug I see in the new tool chain. It occurs with no code other than that created by the IDE, so I know its in the newer lib.00:34
c2tarunI installed Ubuntu 13.04 in a 5GB partition, its fast but I didn't like it. So I want to keep using Kubuntu12.04. The problem is GRUB is updated, how can I install grub back to Kubuntu's partiiton?00:49
Obsidian1723Well, usually everything is installed under / and on one physical hard drive, in one partition, so /var/ /boot (where GRUB is), /etc/ buin /sbin and so forth, all exist under /00:55
Obsidian1723You don't need to reinstall  GRUB. If you just want to remove the entry for 13.04 from the GRUB menu, you can do that.00:56
Artakhac2tarun, grub-install /dev/sdX00:56
Artakhaobv must be root to do that00:56
ArtakhaObsidian1723, if he nukes the partition, grub becomes unusable if it still is installed on that partition00:57
c2tarunArtakha: I think now the default grub must be in /dev/sda5 my Ubuntu partition. Are you sure that grub-install will enable it back from /dev/sda1 (kubuntu partition)?00:57
Artakhait should... it installs it there for me :P00:57
Obsidian1723If it's installed on the partition he nukes, yes.00:58
* c2tarun trying00:58
c2tarunArtakha: just /dev/sda right? no digits00:58
Obsidian1723That's why I use VMs for testing. Less hassle, less mess.\00:58
c2tarunObsidian1723: yeah, its just VMs are pretty slow on my machine :(00:59
Artakhac2tarun, yeah that'll install it on the mbr01:00
Artakhac2tarun, which os are you running right now? i guess it'd be most safe to do it while booted on the 12.04 partition01:00
c2tarunArtakha: yeah, I am in 12.04 only01:01
c2taruninstallation finished, let me reboot and check01:01
Artakhaok then it should work01:01
c2tarunArtakha: it worked :) thanks01:03
Artakhayw :)01:03
Obsidian1723c2tarun: ah... could always get a spare PC to muck around on perhaps.01:05
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c2tarunObsidian1723: :) I am planning for Master from US, when I'll get there, I am thinking of buying a system76 Lappy :) it has pretty good reviews01:05
Obsidian1723I just have maxed my box out to 32GB... 16 isn't enough.01:05
Obsidian1723Those are nice, but expensive.01:06
Obsidian1723Check out ZAReason too...01:06
* c2tarun checking01:06
c2tarunwow... I thought system76 is the only player with linux in market01:07
Obsidian1723My lappy is an olkd Dell D610 I paud $100 for. If it dies, I just buy another alppy, push out an image, run a script and life is good.01:07
Obsidian1723Nah, zareason and there's another one too, but I forget the name of it.01:07
Obsidian1723System76 is nice, but way pricey.01:08
Obsidian1723One of the guys at my last job spent $3,500 on a laptop from AlienWare. Unreal.01:08
Obsidian1723Of course I spent twice that amount on something else recently...01:09
c2tarunObsidian1723: well Alienware's deserve it, its my dream laptop. But I don't know when I'll be able to afford them. ZAReasons have pretty nice configuration options01:10
Obsidian1723zareasomn does. I just have a hard time paying a lot of money for cars, computers, electronics in general,. because they don't hold value well at all.01:10
c2tarunObsidian1723: yeah, but everyone has their passions :) I am sure yours is not cars or computers01:12
Obsidian1723Well, computers I've been at for a very long time. I enjoy them, work in them, but they are lousy investment vehicles.01:13
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c2taruntechnically for using, I don't think we need anything over i3 and 2/3gigs of RAM with integrated graphic card, those are pretty cheap. But for gaming purpose (and show off among friends) we have to invest some of our hard earned money  :(01:22
Obsidian1723I use all 16GB RAM in my PC.01:27
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tcamdganyone have any issues upgrading 12.10 to 13.04 with full disk encryption?03:16
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goodtimedoes anyone know the command for flashplayer please04:13
goodtimethis upgrade set me back their i guess04:13
goodtimehmm i forgot it04:14
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Macerwhere can i file a bug?05:28
Macerobexftp still doesn't work05:28
Maceryou can't write to a bt device05:28
Macerusing dolphin05:28
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Macersend file doesn't work either05:31
* Macer facepalms05:32
Maceri give up05:32
Macerlol... easy to reproduce kernel panic05:47
Macerbt tether using bt dun05:47
Macerclick the red x to disconnect in the network manager05:47
Macerkernel panic05:47
Macersystem crashes05:47
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nafgWhat's new in the new kubuntu?06:11
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alvinHi. When using the new monitor settings thingie, what to do when you disable a monitor? I expected a timer that resets the settings when you don't confirm the settings within a certain amount of time. Apparently, there is no such timer. After logging in, the screen stays blank07:29
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luc4Hi! Anyone using kubuntu on vmware?08:35
luc4In particular 13.04.08:35
HeKToNguys I can`t remove icons from the task bar. Is it a but or I`m doing something wrong ?09:07
yahyaacan some one please tell me why when I close Kubuntu it keeps hanging instead of properly shuting down?09:10
yahyaaI am using it on a macbook  pro09:10
HeKToNwhat do you mean by close it like closing the lid ?09:13
esingDo I have to compile this from source for kubuntu 13.04? http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Customizable+Weather+Plasmoid+%28CWP%29?content=98925&PHPSESSID=6a5400393f5ccb5207613942b3ac1a3109:13
HeKToNwhat do you mean by close it like closing the lid ? yahyaa09:13
yahyaano, when I tell it to shut down, it freezes up at just a black screen and I then have to do a hard boot which throws me into the grub everytime I try to reboot!09:16
HeKToNit might be a lot of issues. I`m getting this when another user is also logged for example09:16
ulyssesHello, I made a bootable pendrive of Kubuntu 13.04 x64, set up the laptop to boot, but after I choose "Try Kubuntu" a login screen appears. How can I start the live session? there's a Windows 7 with UEFI and GPT already09:17
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mokushany idea why i'm getting exact unity notifications on kde?09:30
goodtimedid you install kde with unity desktop mokush?09:32
mokushgoodtime: yeah, I installed kubuntu-desktop over unity.09:32
goodtimethats why09:32
mokushgoodtime: how can i fix it?09:32
goodtimeinstall kubuntu straight up that happend  to me also09:33
mokushgoodtime: I can't do a fresh install right now. any way around it?09:33
goodtimeso you apt-get kde-full with the unity desktop?09:33
goodtimeapt-get install kde-full with unity desktop09:34
goodtimeno you will alway get unity notifications09:35
mokushgoodtime: i installed kubuntu-desktop, not kubuntu-full. and yeah, it was a fresh install of ubuntu09:35
mokushthere must be some way to reverting to default kde ones without a fresh install09:35
goodtimereinstall kubuntu sorry that all i have09:36
goodtimei know its lame lol09:36
goodtimesorry man ill look into it because id like to know hoto now09:36
goodtimehow to*09:37
yahyaaevertime I turn around there is a problem with this linux stuff, I am so tired of all these issues.09:48
yahyaaI am formatting and going back to windows where these issues don't exists!09:49
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nova_I'm running Kubuntu as a vmware guest.  After the distribution upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04, I'm having a problem installing vmware-tools properly.  The driver that provides sharing folders with the host system fails to compile.  Here's the full text, lines 285-358 contain the errors.  http://pastebin.com/wE3L4Vxe.  Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?10:23
nova_I verified that make, gcc, binutils, and kernel headers are installed as required.10:24
luc4nova_: kernel is 3.8 on 13.04. Maybe something changed.10:27
nova_yeah I'm not sure.  It seems to start falling apart with " error: implicit declaration of function ‘vmtruncate’"10:29
CQhello, are there non-pae kernel packages in ubuntu, or do I need to compile my own kernel? I have an old pentium M laptop without PAE10:29
monkeyjuiceCQ:  last thing i could get to run on non pae was linuxmint lxde10:31
monkeyjuiceafter 12.10 i think they went to pae10:31
luc4nova_: are you able to make the bottom task bar to appear with 13.04 on vmware?10:34
nova_the panel?10:34
nova_I haven't noticed any problems with panels, but mine is on the left side of the screen.10:36
luc4nova_: ah yes, there it works. Not on the bottom though.10:43
luc4nova_: at least not here...10:43
luc4nova_: stopped working after the upgrade to 13.04.10:44
nova_I just added a new panel, and dragged it to the bottom..and it seems ok.  Not the "default" panel but jsut a blank one10:45
nova_do you jsut not see it?10:45
nova_Try it on the left with the "icons only task manager" widget10:46
luc4nova_: I mean the default panel. I see just the shadow.10:47
luc4nova_: yes, that works good.10:47
luc4nova_: I must have to 8 default panels on the bottom but I can't show those nor remove :-)10:47
nova_can you remove the dfault panel and add a blank one..then add in the widgets that are on the defautl panel?10:47
luc4nova_: but I can't remove the bottom panels cause those don't show up10:48
nova_as in manually reproduce it instead of using the "default"10:48
luc4if I place the panel on the bottom, I loose it :-)10:48
nova_what if you click where you think the panel toolbox button should be..does it rerender it when it adds controls?10:49
luc4nova_: no, it does not. It is like it is not showing at all. Clicking results as clicking on the desktop.10:50
nova_you installed vmware tools?10:51
luc4not yet, but I guess as you say it won't compile to this new kernel10:52
luc4what vmware are you using?10:52
nova_only the one modeule fails to compile..the one that allows for filesharing with the host directly10:52
nova_the latest vmware player10:52
nova_theres also the option of using openvm-tools from the repository..though i think it might not have all the same features10:53
nova_but the video drive stuff will work if you use the tar installer10:53
luc4nova_: vmware player on windows or linux? I'm on fusion. Let's see if anything changes...10:54
nova_in system settings/ desktop effects / advance, are you set to OpenGL ro XRender?10:54
nova_my host is windows 710:55
luc4nova_: oops I did it again :-D10:55
luc4nova_: I was able to remove the panels, now I lost all of them :-D10:55
nova_its ok you can add one back in somewhere10:55
nova_right click, add panel10:56
luc4yes, now I have one to remove :-D ok, it will appear in some situations I saw, then I'll remove it. Anyway... not working on the bottom.10:56
luc4xrender in there, tried opengl but not working10:57
nova_yeah install vmware tools then check to see if its opegl10:57
luc4it used to work months ago, then it stopped10:57
nova_yeah when kde 4.10 released it broke10:57
luc4yeah, something like that10:58
nova_theres a way to force it to use opengl10:58
nova_let me find the thread10:58
luc4anyway here it works more or less the same with xrender10:58
luc4nothing really changes10:58
nova_yeah opengl is mobetta11:00
nova_the kwin developer helped me fix it there11:00
nova_well work around it..he needs to fix it11:00
nova_but in the meantime11:01
luc4ooh! thanks!11:01
nova_its a pretty quick simple fix, and easily undone if you wanted to11:02
luc4isn't there a bugreport for this?11:03
nova_I'm not sure11:04
nova_I had a hard time finding any info on it when the problem accured11:04
nova_put "export KWIN_COMPOSE=O2" in a script like it says in the thread and youre good to go11:05
nova_if anything it should change how things are rendered..which may or may not change any panel rendering issue you're having11:06
nova_oh wait...what theme are you using11:06
nova_some custom themes work well one one edge, and not on another11:07
nova_set the plasma theme to the default11:07
nova_"desktop theme"11:08
luc4the vmware tools now are not finding the kernel headers11:08
nova_sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)11:12
nova_should do it11:12
luc4already installed11:14
luc4I get /usr/src/linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic/include is not a valid path11:15
nova_hmm.."Detected the kernel headers at "/lib/modules/3.8.0-19-generic/build/include"11:15
nova_"The path "/lib/modules/3.8.0-19-generic/build/include" appears to be a valid11:16
nova_path to the 3.8.0-19-generic kernel headers."11:16
luc4"The path "/lib/modules/3.8.0-19-generic/build/include" is not a valid path"11:16
luc4"The path "/usr/src/linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic/include" is not a valid path"11:17
nova_i wonder why yours comes up with a different path11:17
luc4it doesn't come up at all, I had to insert manually11:18
nova_I pretty much spam "enter" and accept most of the defaults..but all the paths seem to work out of the box11:19
luc4I commonly do that too... now it is finding an empty path as the kernel header path... but even entering seems not good. Let's try to reboot and see if something changes.11:20
piksihowdy. after upgrading to 13.04 the good old "can't stream video from smb shares to vlc" problem is back but now also appears in dragonplayer (can't find smb protocol source plugin) and via nautilus (streaming to vlc via nautilus used to work)12:00
piksinone of the fixes that worked for me in 12.10 have fixed it so far12:00
goodtimeyeah i have the same prob piksi12:01
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goodtimeand also flash plugin isnt available in the software center does anybody know the command for flashplayer?12:02
piksigoodtime: for me installing restricted extras was enough to get flash12:03
goodtimeok ty :)12:03
goodtimeE: Unable to locate package restrictedextras12:05
goodtimeahhh ty12:06
imgx64I just installed 13.04, but plymouth doesn't run at boot (I'm getting ugly screens of text). How can I fix it?12:18
imgx64i checked, and plymouth and plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo are both installed.12:18
goodtimelet me try imgx6412:18
goodtimeplymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo is already the newest version.12:20
goodtime0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:20
goodtimehmmi guees i cant install it imgx6412:20
piksiyes i'm seeing the console bootup as well12:21
goodtimeim not  idk12:21
piksithough it's only cosmetic so i don't care12:21
piksithe date and time settings don't work either but there already seems to be a ton of bug reports on that12:22
robwlo531i need a little help concerning controllbars in kubuntu 13.04. can somebody help?12:23
imgx64Looks like someone already reported it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/117109912:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1171099 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "kubuntu - plymouth not shown" [High,New]12:23
robwlo531I used to have 2 controllbars, a permanent one on the top of the screen and an "app" launcher at the bottom. Now, after upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 the bottom one is not popping up on screen anymore12:25
robwlo531looks like it's popping up below the screen, as a slim blue shade appears when I move the mouse down12:26
robwlo531so: how can i get it shown on the screen again?12:26
robwlo531or disable it12:26
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BluesKaj_Hey all13:04
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BluesKaj_odd situation here, previously my onboard soundcard was recognized , it shows up in alsa , and i have it listed in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf as Card 1 , my maudio pci soundcard is Card 0/default . The 12.10 install still sees the onboard card as Card 1 gives me the option to use it if needed. Why is it suddenly greyed out in phonon?13:29
BluesKaj_on 13.0413:29
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BluesKaj_searched for answers , but none seem to be available13:30
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yossarianukhi - there appears to be a bug in 13.04 - on a new install you have no taskbar and no kde menu.13:57
smartboyhw_That is never reported…13:58
genii-aroundyossarianuk: Perhaps your screen resolution is set larger than your physical screen. If you move the cursor all the bay to the bottom , does the screen scroll?13:59
genii-aroundBleh. Hit and runs.13:59
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jamil_1hi all14:21
jamil_1I recently updated kubuntu14:21
jamil_1but now I get "OpenGL compositing (the default) has crashed KWin in the past."14:21
jamil_1This was most likely due to a driver bug.14:22
jamil_1 14:22
jamil_1I have "NVIDIA Driver Version: 304.54"14:23
vista_killerjamil_1 try the 313 nvidia driver14:36
jamil_1vista_killer: nvidia website has 310.4414:38
vista_killerreposiotires have the 313.30 driver available. Is beta version but very stable14:38
iBelieveI've been running Kubuntu 13.04 for a while and recently I've been getting errors while trying to upgrade packages. All packages upgrade except for libwagon2-java. Here is the error message: http://paste.kde.org/732764/. What should I do to fix this?14:47
genii-aroundiBelieve: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libwagon2-java_2.2-3+nmu1_all.deb14:54
iBelievegenii-around: Thanks, that worked.15:00
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genii-aroundiBelieve: You're welcome.15:00
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bradleelsb_release -a shows I am on quantal but muon full upgrade is ghosted15:09
bradleei think I figured it out, it's in the tray15:09
bradleesystem tray15:10
SonikkuAmericaKubuntu 13.04 (64-bit) - Apparently GRUB now wants to ignore the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" in /etc/default/grub. How do we fix this?15:38
SonikkuAmericaAlso, the font color doesn't change in Homerun when I switched to the Oxygen theme.15:40
SonikkuAmericaOne sec...15:41
tyrogIs it normal to have no plymouth splashcreen with kubuntu 13.04?15:48
tyrogBesides that, this kubuntu release is masterful xD15:48
genii-aroundtyrog: I found for some reason first boot after update/upgrade was just text but subsequent boots seemed to have the splash screen.15:49
imgx64tyrog: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/117109915:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1171099 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "kubuntu - plymouth not shown" [High,Confirmed]15:49
tyroggenii-around: Not my case. Always text :S . Not that I mind, I like it xD15:53
tyrogimgx64: so there is no fix atm?15:54
imgx64tyrog: None that I could find.15:55
tyrogimgx64: Thats ok. It will eventually be sorted by kubuntu devs, for 13.04 or in the Saucy cycle15:56
Macer13.04 is awful16:12
Macermy wifi stopped working16:12
Macerit randomly kernel panics16:12
Macermostly everything with networking kernel panics kt16:12
Maceri mean is any qa done on this stuff?16:13
BlaXpiriteverything seems fine on my desktop computer16:13
Macertinker with your network settings lol16:13
BlaXpiritmaybe i will wait some time before installing it to my laptop, if you're saying things like this16:13
Maceri found that an easily reproducable one is16:14
Macerbt tether16:14
Macerthen disconnect16:14
Macerkernel panic16:14
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Macershouldnt have updated16:14
BlaXpiritmy setup is so weird: ssd, /tmp in RAM, tons of packages installed16:15
BlaXpiritand everything works fine16:15
BlaXpiritafter upgrade16:15
SonikkuAmericaKubuntu 13.04 (64-bit) - It seems like GRUB ignores the parameter GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" inside /etc/default/grub. How do we fix this?16:16
BlaXpiritduring upgrade i got a question16:16
BlaXpiritwhich basically asked if i want to leave my old GRUB config file or overwrite it with a new default one16:17
Macermy wifi wont connect lol16:17
Maceromg my laptop has turned into garbage16:17
BlaXpiritso if you chose new default file, then your config may be lost16:17
BlaXpiritthe upgrade changed almost nothing actually16:19
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: You call KDE SC 4.10.2 "almost nothing" then...16:19
BlaXpiritbah, i had it anyway16:19
BlaXpiritno, i think it was 4.10.116:20
BlaXpiritbig difference :|16:20
BlaXpiritOK. Homerun is very bad.16:20
BlaXpiritoh, maybe it's good in its own way16:21
BlaXpiritbut definitely can't replace Kickoff16:21
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: You can still use Kickoff!16:22
SonikkuAmericaI <3 Homerun16:22
BlaXpiritok so right now I think Homerun is completely transparent, always on top16:23
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: I'm pretty sure it's 4.10.216:23
BlaXpiritso i can't use mouse16:23
BlaXpiritoh now it closed16:23
BlaXpiritSonikkuAmerica, yes, 13.10 has 4.10.216:23
SonikkuAmericaNo, 13.0416:23
BlaXpirit13.04 dammit16:23
BlaXpiritbut I had 4.10.1 or 4.10.2 in 12.1016:24
SonikkuAmericaIt would've still been 4.10.2 at 13.04 release time if you used the backprts.16:24
SonikkuAmericaForget my pitiful pinkies.16:24
SonikkuAmericaB a c k p o r t s. That's what I meant.16:25
BlaXpiritand that's what i did...16:25
BlaXpiriti don't understand how to make Homerun not annoying16:26
BlaXpiritwhat's the worst, window special effects  affect it16:26
Torch_it's a brand new project, isn't it? so no surprise it's buggy still. can't you just remove it?16:26
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: Hmmm...16:27
SonikkuAmericaTorch_: I tried to explain that earlier...16:27
BlaXpiriti mean, the window zooming in animation is not acceptable for a launching panel16:27
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BlaXpiritit's supposed to be instant16:27
Macerdhcp doesn't work :)16:27
Maceri managed to connect to wifi manually tho16:27
BlaXpiritMacer, have you tried using Wicd?  (or how was it called)16:28
BlaXpiriti had to use Wicd in Kubuntu 11.10, cuz everything was broken there16:28
BlaXpiritno, it was 11.04  :|16:28
BlaXpiritso Ubuntu guys have their fullscreen panel instantly appearing when they press Meta16:30
BlaXpiritKubuntu guys have it slowly appearing, when they click on some lame icon using mouse16:30
Macer12.04 and 12.10 were fine16:33
Macerthey were great actually :)16:33
Macer13.04 is a beast16:33
BlaXpirit11.10 was great16:33
BlaXpirit12.04 not so much16:33
BlaXpiritthen 12.10 great again16:33
BlaXpiritthat's how i remember it16:34
SonikkuAmericaKubuntu 13.04 (64-bit) - It seems like GRUB ignores the parameter GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" inside /etc/default/grub. How do we fix this?16:50
georgelappiesI really need a new machine with very linux friendly hardware16:50
SonikkuAmerica{ATT 2: 10 minute wait} Kubuntu 13.04 (64-bit) - It seems like GRUB ignores the parameter GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" inside /etc/default/grub. How do we fix this?16:56
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Sir_Brizzhi, I upgraded to 13.04 from 12.10 and removed my .kde folder. Now my default panel is completely empty except for an activities button. Anyone know what's up?16:58
BlaXpiritSonikkuAmerica, are you using your old GRUB config (from before the upgrade) or did you reset it to the new default?17:06
BlaXpiritor was it a fresh install even??17:08
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: It was fresh17:10
BlaXpiritok, SonikkuAmerica, what do you mean it ignores the parameter?17:10
BlaXpiritGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" is the default setting17:11
BlaXpirithow can default be "ignored"17:11
SonikkuAmericaBlaXpirit: Right. I even double-checked it in /etc/default/grub. But every time I boot up, I get a verbose boot - and no splash.17:11
Sir_Brizzthat was stupid17:11
SonikkuAmericaSir_Brizz: What was?17:11
Sir_Brizzmy problem17:11
Sir_Brizzfor some reason my KDE creates a custom panel when you remove your settings17:12
SonikkuAmericaI did [ sudo update-grub ] ... maybe I should reboot17:12
SonikkuAmericaApparently the [ sudo update-grub ] fixed it. I like the new one. Has the breathing effect.17:15
Gregor3000hmmm ok updates messed up the computer again. need help - system taskbar or whatever is called is showing strange time 17:19, while the clock (widget) on desktop is showing 19:19 which is the correct time. if i click to change the time the time to which i should be changing is correctly written 19:19. so i can't do any changes - i.e. there is nothing to change there. if i click disable automatic time it doesn't work. what the hell?17:22
Gregor3000time was in sync before and it all worked ok.17:22
Gregor300012.04 LTS17:22
georgelappiesGregor3000: my time also keeps on resetting to two hours earlier???17:25
georgelappiesI am on 13.0417:25
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Is your timezone set properly?17:26
Gregor3000yes time zone is set propperly17:28
Gregor3000ok now it crashed. i only changed the time server. reporting a bug....17:30
georgelappiesGregor3000: did you get the error with the '6' at the end?17:31
georgelappies"Unable to authenticate / execute the action: 6,"17:32
georgelappiesthat is error I get when changing time servers17:32
georgelappiesyeah, I get it as well17:33
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Are the time/timezone set correctly on the console?17:33
georgelappiessadandblue: how would I check that?17:34
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Oh - sorry should have said that - "date", will show you the date and time.17:34
sadandblue"cat /etc/timezone" should show you the timezone17:34
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georgelappiessadandblue: nope it tells me: Fri Apr 26 17:34:39 UTC 201317:35
georgelappiesgdl@kdebox:~$ cat /etc/timezone17:35
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Is that the correct timezone for you?17:35
georgelappiesyeah it is17:35
sadandblueHmm weird - you could try the ntpdate command if the plasma widget doesn't work17:36
sadandbluesudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org17:37
sadandblueto do that17:37
rsdJust upgrade to 13.04..  Now plasma-desktop does not start .  It works if I manually run it, bu there is no visible pointer.17:37
rsdAny clue?17:38
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georgelappiessadandblue: mmm, it gives this back: 26 Apr 17:38:03 ntpdate[2897]: adjust time server offset 0.045732 sec17:38
georgelappiesbut I promise you it isn't 17:38 anymore ;)17:39
georgelappiesin Johannesburg atleast17:39
Gregor3000it's a bug 31783317:40
ubottubug 317833 in pm-utils (Ubuntu) "After resume from suspend no net (Network is unreachable) on Nvidia Geforce 8200" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31783317:40
Gregor3000but the bug is in KDE now Kubuntu17:40
Gregor3000not Kubuntu17:41
Gregor3000though the quesiton is how does this kind of bug get into LTS? it seems many people have this issue.17:42
lordievaderGood evening.17:42
PiciGregor3000: pm-utils is not a KDE specific package.17:46
Gregor3000ah ok. so even more upstream. anyway the KDE bug report is filled with this bug and duplicates17:47
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Odd - hmm17:47
georgelappiesthis is crazy, every time server (even the ones in South Africa) says the time is 26 Apr 18:07:16 ntpdate[3009]: adjust time server offset -0.020057 sec18:08
georgelappiesatleast google is still sane 8:08 PM Friday, April 26, 2013 (SAST) Time in Johannesburg18:09
Gregor3000wait pici: as mentioned the bug number is from kde bug tracking not ubuntu18:10
ubottuKDE bug 317833 in general "Incorret time. changing and applying time caused crash." [Crash,Resolved: duplicate]18:11
sadandbluegeorgelappies: I think NTP only supplies UTC time18:12
sadandblueYour system does the timezone part18:12
georgelappiesok, so how would one go ahead to fix this? having the correct time is important :p18:13
OerHeksgeorgelappies, with time issues, i always check the bios first, when time is set correct there, most issues are solved.18:14
georgelappiesOerHeks: thanks, will reboot and check that. P.S. your name means "Ancient Witch" in Afrikaans ;) Are you Afrikaans?18:15
OerHeksNo, Dutch.18:16
OerHekssame timezone :-D18:16
georgelappiesaah our Mother language18:16
georgelappiesDoes it have the same meaning in Nederlands?18:16
lordievadergeorgelappies: Pretty much ;)18:17
lordievaderPerhaps OerHeks secretly is a witch from the olden days...18:18
Gregor3000omg their site loads slow...18:18
georgelappieslol, ok well let me reboot and check the time in the bios18:18
Gregor3000the Dutch had a large presence in South Afrika. the Boer wars (sp?!) were between dutch speaking lokals and English i believe18:18
OerHeksTrue, De Kaap was important for us, to travel to the east18:20
genii-around<ccough> !ot18:21
Gregor3000to the East Indies... AKA Indonesia18:21
Gregor3000offtopic - can one boot from external hard disk? is it better to buy external hard disk than USB key?18:22
georgelappiestime in my bios was out by exactly 2 hours, going to see what happens if I run ntp commands now18:22
Gregor3000usb key 32 GB - 15EUR (in Hofer/Aldi), local online shop has small external USB disks for 50 EUR18:22
Gregor3000WD and verbatim18:23
Gregor3000oh USB disk has 500 GB18:23
Gregor3000is USB stick faster or what?18:23
OerHeksgeorgelappies, i still wonder if ntp can handle time adjustment only less than one hour18:23
georgelappiesnope, if I update my time is reset to 18:2418:24
esinghow do i remove a plasmoid relict which was uninstalled but is still on my desktop with the error message that the plasmoid can't be found  (upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 :: regarding the plasmoid plasma_applet_cwp)18:27
sadandbluegeorgelappies: Only other thing I can think to check is that /etc/localtime is the right file18:34
sadandbluediff -s /etc/localtime /usr/share/zoneinfo/Africa/Johannesburg should do that18:35
jaafarhello friends.  How goes the upgrade?18:36
jaafarI am having "invisible emacs" on 13.04.  Never appears once launched from terminal.  Appears to be running, though.18:37
jaafarAny ideas?18:37
jaafaralso, this color scheme, my God, I can't see anything.  Black on black text.18:37
jaafarso if anyone sees this same weird invisible emacs thing, try removing emacs, gtk2-engines-oxygen, gtk3-engines-oxygen, then reinstalling emacs19:04
jaafarstrace showed oxygen themes were being read right before hang19:05
jaafarworks for me!19:05
keithzgHmm,  nepomuk file indexing is still disabled, even after upgrading to 13.04. I've been waiting for Nepomuk to work for the entirety of the 4.x series so far, heh.19:43
bradleeI just upgraded to kubuntu 13.04 and now kdm does not start and lightdm unknown job help.19:44
Asharethanyone knows how to get rid of that hideous background colors-that-hurt-my-eyes background that is everywhere ? (login/lockscreen/background of the system settings)19:47
Asharethi tried changing the login/lockscreen themes19:47
Ashareththe appearance of pretty much everything can't get rid of THAT HORROR :(19:47
guestBGbjp6hello from Paraguay!19:48
Asharethand pretty much all the things i found about it on the net is for Ubuntu and Unity/Gnome, not KDE :(19:48
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genii-aroundbradlee: Does apt-cache policy lightdm-kde-greeter     ...show that it it installed?19:48
vitimiticould somebody help me with making skype work on kubuntu 13.04?19:50
bradleegenii-around: yes19:52
bradleegenii-around:thank you19:52
lordievadervitimiti: What is the problem exactly?19:53
vitimitilordievader, vitimiti@vitimiti-K53U:~/.xchat2/xchatlogs$ skype19:53
vitimitiViolación de segmento (`core' generado)19:53
genii-aroundbradlee: Try then: sudo restart lightdm19:53
vitimiticore generated19:53
bradleegenii-around: restart: unkown instance19:54
genii-aroundbradlee: Try just: sudo start lightdm19:54
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genii-aroundbradlee: Before the upgrade were you using some p[roprietary video driver like nvidia or fglrx ?19:55
bradleegenii-around its possible I think it was nvidia-current19:56
lordievadervitimiti: You might be suffering from bug 100218719:59
ubottubug 1002187 in skype (Ubuntu) "Skype won't start (segmentation fault)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100218719:59
genii-aroundbradlee: OK. So then to try:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic dkms linux-source build-essesntial    ( it might complain some are installed already, thats fine).  Then: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current19:59
lordievadervitimiti: Are you using the Nvidia closed source drivers?20:00
vitimitilordievader, no, I'm with an ATI-Radeon20:00
bradleegenii-around: the problem is I have a usb wireless dongle to the network and it was managed by knetworkmanager20:00
bradleegenii-around: can you help me to get the usb wireless dongle to unmanaged mode?20:01
bradleegenii-around:from the command line?20:01
genii-aroundbradlee: That's a whole other mess. No way to just plug it in with a network cord for the time being to the network?20:01
lordievadervitimiti: Try the following: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 skype20:02
vitimitilordievader, I'm on it20:02
bradleegenii-around: there's a problem with my network adapter and I don't know what the problem is...20:02
bradleegenii-around: I just tried plugging it in...lets see...20:04
vitimitilordievader, it will work, with this warning Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.20:04
lordievadervitimiti: Great that it works.. Too bad that this bug wasn't fixed before the release.20:04
vitimitilordievader, I'll change the direct access and try, thanks20:05
bradleegenii-around:after plugging in the eth0 I get a bunch of messages and cannot type on the keyboard...something messed up with the hardware maybe???20:05
bradleegenii-around: it said forcedeth 0000:00:0a.0: eth0: link up...but...then...20:06
genii-aroundbradlee: That is very odd. Are you sure it is a network cord you used and not a telephone cord?20:06
bradleegenii-around:messages on the screen and cannot type...20:07
blacksadhello  it is normal dvd-rw do not boot kubuntu 13.04 in asus p5q deluxe ? all other linux boot with dvd-rw not kubuntu i download 3 kubuntu with torrent and try with 3 different dvd-rw ( verbatim sony memorex ), anybody have suggestion ? in order opensuse nutyx frugalware gparted live boot with same dvd-rw ?20:07
bradleegenii-around: lol20:07
genii-aroundbradlee: Can you hit alt-f2 to get a new console?20:07
bradleegenii-around: I am stuck at the command line console, cannot start gdm...20:08
bradleegenii-around: I unplugged the ethernet and plugged it back in and I can type now but ifconfig--no ip address.20:08
genii-aroundbradlee: Yes, I understood that already. But there is more than one command-line console available usually ( 6 default ones in fact) each accessible by ctrl-f1 through ctrl-f620:09
bradleegenii-around:ctrl-f2 does not do anything....arghhhh!20:10
genii-aroundSo if your first one is locked up you can often still just cycle to a new one and login20:10
bradleegenii-around:It is not locked...20:10
bradleegenii-around:I can type now...no problem...20:10
genii-aroundbradlee: Sorry, alt, not ctrl   ( need caffeine!)20:10
bradleegenii-around: ah yes20:10
bradleegenii-around: I can type now anyways no more locked system, but eth0 no link during initialization20:11
genii-aroundbradlee: OK, so then now to try: sudo dhclient eth020:11
genii-aroundWork, back shortly20:12
blacksadok solved i need to make ten reset for booting to dvd-rw ( very strange maybe ahci and ide dvd rom problem ) install in progress20:13
bradleegenii-around:I had to do apt-get install -f20:19
genii-aroundbradlee: OK. Any connectivity now on the eth0 ?20:19
* monkeyjuice hands genii-around a cup of coffee and a cookie20:25
genii-aroundmonkeyjuice: Heh, thanks!20:25
SonikkuAmericaI know I've done this before; how do we fix that "code 6" date/time error again?20:29
SonikkuAmerica{ATT 2: 8 minute wait} I know I've done this before; how do we fix that "code 6" date/time error again?20:37
lordievader!patience | SonikkuAmerica20:40
ubottuSonikkuAmerica: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:40
SonikkuAmericalordievader: The guide at Ubuntu's IRC page says 8 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to repeat a question.20:44
goodtimelo lordievader20:44
lordievaderSonikkuAmerica: Probably a guide made for #ubuntu ;)20:49
SonikkuAmericalordievader: Apparently the #kubuntu mentality is "Ask once and come back in a week if we don't answer for 3 hours" :D20:50
lordievaderSonikkuAmerica: That about sums it up, but actually it's a month :P20:51
AsharethSonikkuAmerica: seems so yes20:51
Asharetheven more it's : ask once and don't come back, no one answer ever anyway20:51
Ashareth(unless it's a blue moon and you are lucky :/)20:52
lordievaderSonikkuAmerica: Anyhow where did you get this code 6?20:52
SonikkuAmericaTime and Date, trying to connect to NTP...20:53
SonikkuAmericaAnd then, of course, it spits out UTC on all my time pisplays20:54
lordievaderHmm that is odd, I cannot even enable "Set Date & Time automatically", anyhow when you enable that you get code 6, SonikkuAmerica?20:56
SonikkuAmericaCode 6 indeed. "Unable to authenticate/execute the action: 6,"20:56
SonikkuAmerica(What's the stupid comma for anyway?)20:57
lordievaderSonikkuAmerica: Do you get the same error when you run the systemsettings program with sudo rights?21:03
SonikkuAmericalordievader: I do.21:04
lordievaderSonikkuAmerica: Hmm, I'm sorry I cannot help you with this, hopefully there is someone else around who can.21:09
genii-aroundSonikkuAmerica: Looks like something about it here http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=10064121:11
SonikkuAmericagenii-around: That's what I looked at before. All the solutions are for ArchLinux and openSUSE, though.21:27
SonikkuAmericaBut I remember, there was this solution that set some variable to "local"21:29
OerHekssounds like same issue as georgelappies 3 hrs back21:30
OerHeksnos solution then21:30
SonikkuAmericaOerHeks: I know there's one, but I forgot what it was...21:32
SonikkuAmericaFOUND IT! /etc/localtime is what needs to change21:33
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SonikkuAmericaHowever, the ntp problem can be remedied by installing rdate and setting the NTP server that way. (I use time.nist.gov).21:40
bradlee what is the kde theme on this webpage:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaringUpgrades/Kubuntu23:36
tsimpsonbradlee: looks like Oxygeb23:45

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