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vibhavWhen can I upload packages for saucy to my PPAs?04:35
wgrantvibhav: Shortly after it opens for normal development.04:36
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jfiHello, it is not possible to automaticaly import a svn directory to a bzr branch without declaring a project, correct?07:05
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wgrantjfi: There's no UI to create a +junk import directly, but you can register an import on an existing project, then click 'Change details' and convert it to a personal branch.07:16
jfiwgrant, ha yes, I can change the 'Branch target' to detach a bzr branch from a project. Thanks for the tip!07:20
jfihum, it means that the bzr branch name will be something like lp:~jfi/<projectname>/something after detaching the branch to the project? Possible to change the <projectname> part?07:25
wgrantjfi: The name will be lp:~jfi/+junk/something07:25
jfiwgrant, ha great, that's perfect!07:26
wgrantThe name is ~OWNER/PROJECT_OR_+junk/NAME07:26
wgrantWhen the owner or project changes, the URL does too07:26
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czajkowskimpt: something to play with for you.  http://www.websequencediagrams.com/14:56
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