bigjoolsmwhudson: I have done very little testing on arm (read: none, personally), as rbasak was managing that side of things.00:37
mwhudsonbigjools: i figured out the problem00:37
mwhudsonbigjools: and filed a bug00:37
mwhudsonbigjools: sorry for the noise00:37
bigjoolsno problem00:37
bigjoolsin terms of crap I see on IRC, this is *not* noise :)00:37
bigjoolsroaksoax: we added an api helper to help with the sru migration thing you and I talked about: https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/api-update-cluster/+merge/16064101:04
lifeless^- noise01:04
bigjoolslifeless: bless you01:05
bigjoolsmwhudson: are you using raring or quantal, or perhaps both?02:47
mwhudsonbigjools: precise02:48
mwhudsonat least, maas is installed on precise02:48
bigjoolsfrom the PPA, please say from the PPA02:48
mwhudsonyes, from the ppa02:48
mwhudsonif you want to tell me how to get my raring lxc an ip address on the lan...02:49
bigjoolsdoes lxc not have bridged networking?  I know nothing about lxc...02:53
mwhudsonnot in an easy to set up form it seems02:53
mwhudsonjust nat02:53
mwhudsonit's probably not hard if you know what you're doing02:53
lifelessmwhudson: there is a bridge device03:20
lifelessmwhudson: lxcbr or some such; you can just configure lxc to use a different bridge03:20
lifelessmwhudson: and put *that bridge* onto the LAN via /e/n/i + brtools.03:20
mwhudsonlifeless: ok, most of the howtos around on the internet seem to involve editing the config of eth0 and that scares me a bit03:21
lifelessmwhudson: note that when you do this, your own lan config needs to move to the bridge03:21
mwhudsonbecause the server is in the uk and i am not03:21
mwhudsonah right03:21
mwhudsonsee abouve :)03:21
lifelessmwhudson: right, and?03:21
mwhudsonwell, i just don't want to break the hosts lan config03:22
lifelessfair enough03:22
mwhudsoni'll see about getting serial console access and then play with it03:22
lifelessyou could futz around with nat rules but thats way harder03:22
mwhudsonyeah that doesn't appear03:23
rvbarbasak: Hi Robie, would you mind having a look at bug 1172966 at your earliest convenience?  I'm pretty surprised to see that bug because, as I say in my comment, we've tested installation on ARM nodes everyday.08:23
ubot5bug 1172966 in MAAS trunk "SAY command in config.local.template breaks local boot on highbank" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117296608:23
rbasakrvba: ack - I've responded in the bug08:39
rvbarbasak: is there a way to log inside the node and get the info about the U-Boot version?  Because for some reason, I cannot connect to the machines using ipmitool.09:00
rbasakrvba: I'm not aware of any way to do that, sorry. There might be a special wasy that Rob Herring would know, but I don't know it.09:18
rbasakrvba: if you can't connect with ipmitool, perhaps there is already something connected and logging the serial output?09:19
rvbarbasak: something like a rsyslogd on the MAAS server?09:22
rbasakrvba: in the lab I developed it on, I set up conserver to keep an ipmitool running, so everything got logged to /var/log/conserver. Not sure about what's going ione in the MAAS QA lab though09:23
rvbarbasak: I don't think there is anything like that in the QA lab.09:24
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jlondonHowdy. I asked a while back if there was a way to have different partition schemes for different servers in MaaS. Is this possible?17:39
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