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haysholy balls time to update my apt-sources i guess01:18
hachreso guys01:23
hachreIVE been thinking01:23
hachrewhy not use fcron as default cron?01:24
hachrethe big feature I'm missing in vixie cron is the ability to get mail notifications of failed cron services01:24
hachreglad we talked about it01:38
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SonikkuAmericaThis leaves us free to discuss 13.10 right?03:49
wilee-nileenot yet the channel will close shortly until it opens again, lol03:49
SonikkuAmericaXD Can't wait for what 13.10 will bring! And as always, I'll be running it 72 hours before the general release!03:50
SonikkuAmericaAnd seeding U/K/Xubuntu 64 and Lubuntu 32 via Transmission!03:50
IdleOnewilee-nilee: I don't think we are going to be closing the channel.04:12
wilee-nileeIdleOne, Ah, they used to.04:25
IdleOneyeah we haven't the past couple of releases04:25
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SuperLagWill I stick out like a sore thumb going to a Linux tech conference with a Macbook Pro in hand? :)11:45
jpdsSuperLag: No.11:50
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BluesKaj_Hey all13:04
hggdhSuperLag: not at all. Many use apple systems with Unix13:30
hggdhLinux even13:30
BluesKaj_I'm going to cross post this odd situation here, previously my onboard soundcard was recognized , it shows up in alsa , and i have it listed in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf as Card 1 , my maudio pci soundcard is Card 0/default . The 12.10 install still sees the onboard card as Card 1 gives me the option to use it if needed. Why is it suddenly greyed out in phonon on Kubuntu 13.04.?13:36
BluesKaj_the why is rhetoriacal , since this situation seems prettu isolated13:37
BluesKaj_just wondering if this situation seems familair to anybody13:38
hggdhBluesKaj_: there is bug 1169984 on sound not working13:54
ubottubug 1169984 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "Either oops or opening device fails with -ENODEV, with HDMI audio" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116998413:54
BluesKaj_hggdh, thanks that's it , no hdmi audio13:56
BluesKaj_I normally run a separate spdif coax to an audio receiver for sound , the hdmi was an option to the TV13:58
hggdhBluesKaj_: yay! I found it myself some weeks ago, when I was entering a (rather important) video conference. So now we wait for the kernel to be published.14:00
BluesKaj_hggdh, I'm installing the patch as we speak :)14:05
BluesKaj_hggdh, no luck, the raring deb patch doesn't have any effect , the hdmi out is still greyed out in phonon , even there's a choice of soundcards in alsamixer f6 . The fix is suppoedly in the next new kernal , guess I''l have to wait for that.14:53
BluesKaj_err kernel14:53
hggdhBluesKaj_: well, it is good to know, I was considering trying it also. Now I will wait14:53
BluesKaj_I haven't tried re-enabling in the bios , it's still set to auto for the codecs14:54
BluesKaj_some ppl must be pretty peeved by this bug , I'm glad to have the a choice14:56
hggdhI will check my laptop for bios options, but I do not think I have them. And yes, I am pretty much unhappy with it right now14:57
BluesKaj_think I15:01
BluesKaj_'ll check now15:01
BluesKaj_hggdh, tried the different settings with the audio codec in the bios , the analog out on the onboard shows up if I enable the codec. Dunno if it works since i don't have any speakers connected to theis pc.15:29
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tekonivelso, what is this channel for? in limbo until Silly Salamander is opened16:37
tekonivelsorry Saucy Salamander16:37
jtaylorin the past it was closed until the archive was ready, but the archive is ready very quickly now so it stays open16:38
SonikkuAmericatekonivel: Silly Salamander eh? I do think "Saucy" is a bit over the edge16:47
SonikkuAmericaBut "Touchy" would be good for 14.04 LTS with the Great Convergence and all16:47
tekoniveljtaylor: ok cool16:50
tekonivelSonikkuAmerica: touchy tortoise? or is tortoise too obvious? i haven't heard of most of these animals Ubuntu get's named after (which is really cool)16:51
tekonivelwell i've heard of salamanders though16:51
SonikkuAmericaI saw a pangolin at the Smithsonian16:52
SonikkuAmericaAnd I know what a quetzal is16:52
tekoniveleven seen some, i believe... or whatever lizzies in Spain and Puerto Rico... i have no clue what lizzies they were, in fact16:52
SonikkuAmericaLas salamandras16:52
tekoniveli've seen quentzal in some David Addenborough -documentary, and a Narwhal i know of course (but i didn't know the term in english language)16:52
BluesKaj_ok , hggdh and those who might be interested , the hdmi audio patch here , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1169984, works with the nvidia 313 graphics driver, after installing it and updating and upgrading the hdmi audio patch reinstalls automatically16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1169984 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "Either oops or opening device fails with -ENODEV, with HDMI audio" [High,Fix committed]16:53
tekonivelactually i think i've even seen some quentzal's in aquariumns a couple of times16:53
SonikkuAmericaQuetzals are birds.16:54
BluesKaj_tekonivel, yup birds for sure16:54
tekonivelwth i'm confused... sorry i confused them with some other things... i know quetzals from the Ubuntu logo... sorry16:55
tekoniveli was thinking of axquetltltl or something.... a weird cave-albino-proto-frog-proto-snake -thing16:55
* tekonivel goes to wikipedia to learn more about ringtails16:56
tekonivelcute little bugger, this one :'-} awwww16:57
BluesKaj_some kind of primate I think16:58
SonikkuAmericaBut Touchy Tortoise? Wouldn't that be the tortoise equiv of a snapping turtle?16:58
tekonivelbut this is wrong channel for admiring ringtails now (since yesterday) ;)16:58
BluesKaj_touchy tiger16:59
tekonivelany ideas when Saucy Salamander opens? a couple of weeks17:08
bazhangit wont be anything new at that point17:09
tekonivelbazhang: sure thing... i've been in the (admittedly bad, and sometimes counter-productive) habit of running the development version with rolling updates a couple of times a day... i'm addicted, and should seek care, i guess ;)17:12
lordievaderGood evening.17:42
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ubottuYES! It's out!23:49

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