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rostamHi to compiler a kernel module, is dkms way correct approach? thanks19:56
ubot93Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.19:57
Unit193But no.19:57
ubot93DKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://launchpad.net/dkms for more.19:57
rostamsorry for cross posting, thanks19:58
Unit193Is this the same question as you asked in the other channel?  It is used to compile the module, but not the kernel itself.  Sorry.19:59
rostamyes, that is the same question20:01
Unit193See http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/kernel and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile20:06

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