BobJonkman1Hi SergioMeneses!00:02
SergioMeneseshey BobJonkman1 how's everything?00:02
SergioMenesesdscassel, sure MagicFab rules! :D00:02
BobJonkman1I'm about to end the meeting, anyone want to put anything else in the minutes?00:04
CraftyVampyreWas fun. Goodbye from St-Jean sur Richelieu !00:05
BobJonkman1Goodbye from Kwartzlab!00:05
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SergioMeneseswe were attending a meeting! o000:05
BobJonkman1Yes, it was our monthly IRC meeting00:06
BobJonkman1So nice to have you!00:06
dscasselAdmittedly, half of the meeting was in the same room.00:06
dscassel(physically, I mean)00:06
BobJonkman1For those who have Flash installed, here we are: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kwartzlab00:07
BobJonkman1I wonder if genii-around got his video stream running00:08
SergioMenesesjejeje perfect then00:09
dscasselStream is up now!00:22
dscasselno idea what the problem was.00:22
BobJonkmanOK, about to do an install of 13.0400:44
BobJonkmanAnyone at genii-around's party in Toronto?00:52
txwikingerBobJonkman: How long is the party today00:54
kwartzlabHi txwikinger01:24
kwartzlabThe Kwartzlab party is still on, although people are starting to leave01:25
kwartzlabProbably be here for another half hour or so01:25
dscasseltxwikinger: txwikinger Officially we're here for another half hour.01:25
txwikingerdscassel: Well than it does not make sense for me to drive to town01:40
kwartzlabSorry, txwikinger.  We'll miss you01:42
txwikingerkwartzlab: No problem.. lost track of time.. too much going on today01:43
txwikingerSorry I could not be there01:43
genii-aroundWe have 9 people here right now, late start01:51
txwikingerSounds promising genii-around01:56
genii-aroundtxwikinger: Are you guys still in the lab?01:57
txwikingerSome are still there I think.. I did not make it.. lost track of time and have too much going on01:57
kwartzlabHi genii-around!02:02
kwartzlabWe were just shutting things down02:02
kwartzlabParty is over, the lights are dim. There's no-one left but me and him.02:26
kwartzlabWhen next you come to Frightenstone02:27
kwartzlabDon't come alone02:27
BobJonkman1azend: ping?19:28
BobJonkman1Good to meet you last night!19:29
azendYou too! :)19:29
BobJonkman1I'm sorry you left early - I was insufficiently clear about offering you a ride...19:30
azendMeh it's ok19:30
azendIt's my fault for not asking before I was already at the station19:30
BobJonkman1Anyway, if we're at another event in KW and you want a ride back, I'm offering now...19:32
azendAwesome! :)19:32
BobJonkman1Maybe KWLUG meetings, maybe the WatPy coding dojo...19:32
azendSo you live in Guelph then I assume?19:32
BobJonkman1Nope, Elmira.19:32
azendAh ok19:32
BobJonkman1So it's a litte out of my way, but I've offered rides to folks in Cambridge, which is in the right opposite direction19:33
azendA little out of your way haha19:33
BobJonkman1Probably only about 20 minutes additional travel, going through Guelph to Elmira.19:34
azendit's like 45 degrees in the wrong direction19:34
azendBut thanks!19:34
azendKWLUG sounds like a lot of fun19:34
azendI probably won't come out over the summer but we'll see when school starts back up again19:35
BobJonkman1It looks worse on the map that it would be IRL: http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=from:Kwartzlab,+Kitchener,+Ontario+to:Guelph,+Ontario+to:Elmira,+Ontario&saddr=Kwartzlab,+Kitchener,+Ontario&daddr=Guelph,+Ontario+to:Elmira,+Ontario&hl=en&sll=49.303974,-84.738438&sspn=15.80315,43.286133&geocode=FTEllwIdYe0z-yGzO8UImRTrBCkXNz_KkPQriDGzO8UImRTrBA%3BFeVwmAIdmYI3-ylr-6nD0JoriDFgGyPHKHsDBQ%3BFRdKmQId17Qy-ymDWFa7iu4riDGyMNCl55HUeA&t=m&z=1119:35
genii-aroundHoly long link Batman19:36
BobJonkman1There was a short URL, but I didn't want anyone to suspect I was sending them to a malicious driveby underground hacker site19:39
BobJonkman1But it was Google anyway ;)19:39
azendUse g.co19:39
azendIt's for google links only19:40
azendironically goo.gl is not19:40
BobJonkman1This is what Google Maps offers as a short link: http://goo.gl/maps/duyop19:40
* azend is preparing a poster for the guelph ubuntu release party19:41
BobJonkman1But since there are no (significant) line length restrictions here, I just posted the long link so people can see where it goes. In spite of the length, it really is a friendly, RESTful URL19:42
BobJonkman1I suppose I could have trimmed some of the geocode parameters and still got the same results: http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=from:Kwartzlab,+Kitchener,+Ontario+to:Guelph,+Ontario+to:Elmira,+Ontario&saddr=Kwartzlab,+Kitchener,+Ontario&daddr=Guelph,+Ontario+to:Elmira,+Ontario19:43
BobJonkman1Or even http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=from:Kwartzlab,+Kitchener,+Ontario+to:Guelph,+Ontario+to:Elmira,+Ontario19:44
azendYou could have even used Bing19:52
azendhaha yeah right19:52
BobJonkman1I would have used OSM, but I don't know of a routing and add-your-own-content interface...19:52
azendyou could whip out some python and use the api :)20:02
azendor more likely just use some rest20:02
BobJonkman1The learning curve is somewhat high...20:02
azendDo we have a vector version of the Ubuntu Canada logo?20:03
azendMr. Dictator sir.20:03
BobJonkman1Not that I know of...20:03
BobJonkman1Bitmaps (maybe .png) are somewhere on the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam site20:04
BobJonkman1Here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam?action=AttachFile20:05
azendConsidering how important the Ubuntu LoCo teams are, it surprises me how out of date some of this website stuff is20:05
BobJonkman1There's another logo that was mentioned in an IRC meeting a few years ago; don't remember which meeting.20:07
BobJonkman1Yes, website maintenance is a constant task.  Feel free to jump in and change what needs changing, though!20:08
azendI would be happy to when I get a few free minutes20:08
azendI wasn't speaking about anything specific20:09
azendJust my experience over the past many years20:09
BobJonkman1It's a do-ocracy.  If you see something that needs doing, just do it.20:09
BobJonkman1After all, it's a wiki, meant for collaborative editing.20:09
azendoh dscasselo disable joins parts in quassel20:17
azendOh dscassel,20:17
azendTo disable joins and quits in Quassel, all you have to do is right click the chat area20:17
azendHover over Hide Events and select Joins, Parts, and Quits respectively20:18
azendGood enough? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1r7ju8qnjbjzfhc/UbuntuReleasePartyPoster.pdf20:28
BobJonkman1azend: Here's that meeting with other logo ideas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-01-16#line-4120:29
BobJonkman1Pretty good! And pretty too! Needs a location, though.20:30
azendBobJonkman1: ooh svg20:30
azendBobJonkman1: My plan was to set this up at diyode20:30
azendIt is 48 inches high after all ;)20:31
BobJonkman1If you get the chance, go to GWMM and drop off a few flyers there. http://www.meetup.com/Guelph-Web-Maker-Meetup/20:32
azendDarn P in guelph20:32
azendBobJonkman1: yeah I go to gwmm20:32
azendSean Yo is great20:32
BobJonkman1I haven't been in about a year...20:32
azendI don't get a chance to go to GPUG but I've met most of the guys who go20:33
BobJonkman1Seems to be the same characters who pop up everywhere  :)20:33
azendI think the Ubuntu canada would take more time than I have to extract20:37
BobJonkman1Pictures from the KW Release Party: http://pix.ie/ubuntuca/album/464470/detailed/21:17
BobJonkman1There must be an automatic setting on the camera that takes the picture only when everyone is turned away...21:18

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