elguajihola 00:30
SergioMeneseshey tiagoscd 02:01
SergioMenesesI saw a long message on G+ or FB I dont remember, but it came from you, what does it mean?02:01
tiagoscdhey SergioMeneses 02:02
tiagoscdI'm leaving the leadership of brazilian portuguese translators team02:02
SergioMenesestiagoscd, :O02:05
SergioMenesestiagoscd, I was you have a BP assigned, are you still working on it?02:05
tiagoscdSergioMeneses: I've postponed it today. My team are in vacation on work and I'm having hard weeks alone02:07
SergioMenesestiagoscd, :O02:07
SergioMenesesjaja everybody are postponing BP02:08
tiagoscdSergioMeneses: yeah, is a big problem02:09
tiagoscdI think with four UDS by year the people should have a lot of additional work02:10
tiagoscdthat causes postpone02:11
SergioMenesestiagoscd, vUDS is a bad idea - imho02:12
tiagoscdSergioMeneses: sure, I agree02:12
SergioMenesestiagoscd, I expect next cycle regular uds comes back02:13
tiagoscdSergioMeneses: also hope so02:14
SergioMenesesok tiagoscd time for bed here! see you soon03:24
SergioMenesestake care03:24
BushidoMe salle este error16:02
BushidoAlguien que me ayude16:02
Bushidovar/lib/dpkg/status 16:02
SergioMeneseshollman, ?16:58
hollmanSergioMeneses, ?16:58
SergioMenesespor el  :-o 16:59
kuadrosxhollman: esta en cali?20:34
kuadrosxwimax? :O20:34
hollmankuadrosx, nada20:35
hollmancasi pero finalmente no salio20:35
kuadrosxorbitel? eso existe todavia?20:35
kuadrosxvee no me he visto con hollman desde que estoy en bogota20:35
kuadrosxerda que gente20:35
hollmankuadrosx, anda en bogota ? vea pues20:36
hollmankuadrosx, que hace por estos frios ?20:36
kuadrosxhollman: vivir?20:46
kuadrosxhace como 6 meses ya? :P20:46
hollmanha vaina20:49
hollman6 meses20:49
hollmanque perro.20:49
hollmantoca que nos veamos mano20:49
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