CooderI have my torrents going.....00:47
jbichadarkxst: I still have a power icon in Unity with g-s-d 3.7.92 or your 3.8.102:44
darkxstjbicha, I dont02:44
Ponch0what is this SIGSEGV business, it crashes my gnome-tweak-tool and software center02:47
darkxstPonch0, are you using ubuntu overlay scrollbars?02:48
Ponch0darkxt: i'm not sure what that is :/02:50
Ponch0but possibly02:50
Ponch0those scroll bars that show up when I want to use them?02:50
darkxstyes, that ones that show up when you hover the mouse02:50
Ponch0yup I've been wanting to get rid of them but I didnt know how02:50
darkxstPonch0, set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode  to 'normal'02:52
Ponch0they're pretty useless, they just stop showing up after one or two uses02:52
darkxstPonch0, I know and they seem to be getting worse each cycle!02:52
Ponch0oh .02:52
Ponch0let me google that, thank you kindly02:53
darkxstjust run it from overview!02:53
jbichaanyone know of a bug # for the corrupted text in Software Center's sidebar with the GNOME3 PPA02:55
Ponch0ooh don't be so obvious! i'm still learning :D02:57
Ponch0k I shut that off02:59
Ponch0still crashing, should I restart?03:00
Ponch0meh.. still crashing.03:08
darkxstjbicha, stange, I was missing indicator-power03:20
sgo11Are there any official instructions about how to upgrade ubuntu gnome remix 12.10 to ubuntu 13.04 where I have "GNOME3 PPA" enabled in 12.10 ?05:11
sgo11sorry. I mean to ubuntu gnome 13.04.05:12
darkxstsgo11, normal upgrade will work fine, however probably safest to purge ppa first05:30
sgo11darkxst, thanks. never use ppa-purge. Do I just run "sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3" ? thanks.05:32
darkxstsgo11, yeh05:34
sgo11darkxst, got it. thanks. will try to upgrade later. hopefully, nothing will be broken.05:36
ricotzdarkxst, hi, who was bribed to get dbgsym support for the gnome3 ppa? would be nice to have it for the gnome3-staging too ;)06:43
darkxstricotz, staging has them, but some packages are copied form other ppa's without rebuilding :(06:49
ricotzdarkxst, ah ok, i see06:49
ricotzdarkxst, do mind if i add https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-session/commit/?id=6e14faf9138dbbffd1e63e177e53d88963c379e506:49
darkxstricotz, still trying to bribe pitti to setup a retracer though ;)06:49
darkxstricotz, sure go ahead06:51
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ricotzdarkxst, ok pushed and confirmed it works with glib master/2.37 ;)07:02
darkxstricotz, oh and the rt guys said if we ever need more space to just open a ticket07:05
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ricotzdarkxst, yeah as usual, that is fine07:06
darkxstricotz, you tried to build webkit 2.0.1?07:07
ricotzdarkxst, no07:07
darkxstafter 2 hours, its failed with a gtkdoc error ;(07:08
ricotzdarkxst, havent seen something like that yet07:16
darkxstricotz, ok, I wil take the easy option for now and just disable07:17
denosyeis there a list of software, ubuntu gnome uses? like, uses it GDM or lightdm?07:58
denosyethere are only the recent changes in the blog on the homepage07:58
darkxstAnyone still on Quantal that can verify the gnome-shell/mutter update?08:22
darkxstbugs 1128804, 1067265 and 113230808:23
ubot5bug 1132308 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Quantal) "~50px pointer barrier in gnome shell at bottom of primary monitor" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113230808:23
ubot5bug 1067265 in gnome-shell (Arch Linux) "gnome-shell (3.6) notification bar disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106726508:23
ubot5bug 1128804 in mutter (Ubuntu Quantal) "Update mutter/gnome-shell to 3.6.3" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112880408:23
Lsf_lfhi, already a gnome ubuntu-logo was found? I would like a wiki article with a gnome ubuntu-logo decorate, but find no official logo.08:27
darkxstLsf_lf, its a work in progress08:29
Lsf_lfdarkxst: ah, ok … thanks08:29
darkxstthere were some emails on the mailing lists with the proposed logos08:29
Lsf_lfdarkxst: ok, I'll keep an eye on the mailing list ...08:30
fedeavilahi everyone09:19
fedeavilai just installed ubuntu 1304 and made 3 partitions09:19
fedeavilacan i overwrite this with ubuntu-gnome?09:20
fedeavila"/" "swap" & "/home"09:20
darkxstlol, some people really need to learn !patience09:37
phakodoes alt-tab work for you?09:54
phakoon raring?09:54
darkxstphako, yes09:59
phakoI can only switch between the first two apps09:59
darkxstphako, 3.6 or 3.8?10:00
phakofrom the gnome3 ppa10:00
darkxstits fine here10:01
phakoI'll try re-login10:01
phakoor restart, rather10:01
darkxstphako, file a bug10:04
phakodarkxst: against what?10:18
darkxstphako, 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell'10:19
phakoah, ubuntu-bug, I always forget about that10:19
darkxstphako, does alt+`(key above tab) work for you?10:33
phakoyes, works fine10:34
darkxstphako, what about using arrow keys to nav after alt+tab?10:34
phakoalso works10:35
darkxstphako, can you test with gnome3-staging?10:37
phakosure, second10:37
phakook, just installing gnome-shell from that doesn't help10:41
phakoshould I try the full upgrade?10:41
mgedmin1st boot of 13.0410:45
mgedminmy wallpaper is gone, and I can't change it via system settings10:45
mgedminum, help?10:49
darkxstphako, yes, in particular gnome-settings-daemon10:50
darkxstmgedmin, try adwaita10:51
mgedminI am using adwaita10:51
darkxstare you using desktop icons?10:51
darkxstmgedmin, gnome-shell draws the background then10:53
darkxsti.e it should work10:53
mgedmingsettings: http://dpaste.de/Eu2OQ/10:54
mgedminall seems to be in order10:54
darkxstmgedmin, try a filename without special chars10:56
mgedminorg.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri 'file:///usr/share/backgrounds/La_Gomera_by_Alfonso_Aguirre_Arbex.jpg'10:57
darkxstand check ~/.cache/gdm/session.log for any errors10:57
mgedminnope, still seeing http://imgur.com/4ieIqc710:58
darkxstwe don't even ship that background!10:58
mgedminin ubuntu 13.04?10:59
mgedminit's a random one I clicked on in system settings -> background10:59
darkxstubuntu GNOME ships with blue blinds10:59
mgedminfrom ubuntu-wallpapers-raring10:59
darkxstthat is the standard raring wallpaper10:59
mgedminoh, the one I'm actually looking at?10:59
mgedminI might be missing some meta-packages11:00
mgedminI installed gnome-shell gdm etc. manually on ubuntu 12.something, back before the gnome remix appeared11:00
darkxstmgedmin, install ubuntu-gnome-desktop and ubuntu-gnome-default-settings11:00
mgedminno luck still11:09
mgedminubuntu-bug gnome-shell?11:10
darkxstmgedmin, sure11:10
phakodarkxst: still the same, but I have my keyboard layout switcher back \o/11:11
* mgedmin will try to log out and log in, just in case11:11
darkxstphako, strange, sounds like the keygrabber is playing up, but that should work better with staging11:11
mgedminwhat do you know, it worked11:12
phakomgedmin: does logging out work for you?11:12
phakoI can't get back to gdm :-/11:12
mgedminworked for me11:12
darkxstphako, you probably need a reboot after installing staging11:12
phakodid that11:12
mgedminthere was rather a lot of flickering, as if the video mode were being set multiple times, but logout worked11:13
* darkxst going to run and hide, too many bugs for one night!11:13
phakodarkxst: I can't see the accessibility menu, is that off now or do I have some lingering extension somewhere?11:13
mgedminone of the packages installed by apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop was gnome-backgrounds11:13
mgedmin<musing>maybe the default wallpaper was missing, and when gnome-shell couldn't find it, it decided to sulk and stopped tracking desktop gsetting key changes?11:14
mgedminphako, IIRC accesibility icon appears only if you have at least of the accessibility options enabled11:14
mgedminnow, do I want the gnome 3.8 ppa?11:16
darkxstmgedmin, yes!11:18
darkxstanyway I have to go now11:18
mgedminthanks for the help!11:18
darkxstnp ;)11:19
mgedmininteresting: apt-get dist-upgrade holds back gnome-boxes11:23
mgedminapt-get install gnome-boxes upgrades it fine (after removing libspice-client-glib-2.0-1 libspice-client-gtk-3.0-1 and installing libspice-client-glib-2.0-8 libspice-client-gtk-3.0-4)11:27
mgedminsometimes I don't understand apt-get.11:27
mgedminwell hello gnome 3.811:29
mgedminCantarell's kerning of "lo", "lk", "la", "lė" is pretty bad11:33
mgedminwhere should I file bugs?11:33
mgedminmight be a duplicate of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64336411:35
ubot5Gnome bug 643364 in general "Kerning is broken for some pairs" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:35
* mgedmin files bug 643364 just in case11:40
ubot5bug 643364 in Launchpad itself "Mailing list archives reverse the meanings of "Next" and "Prev", "Last" and "First"" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64336411:40
mgedminno, not launchpad, gnome bug11:41
mgedminhey, I thought global shortcuts (like volume control keys) were supposed to work in the overview in gnome 3.8?11:51
mgedminand PrintScreen11:52
e2khiya! in order to get a "fresh" 13.04 with gnome 3.8 I should just normally install ubuntu-gnome, add the GNOME3 PPA:s and do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, am I right? :)14:29
e2kshouldn't that do the trick, or is there anything else to consider?14:30
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e2kthe installer seems to crash every time :I15:11
sacardewhy ubuntu with gnome has name "ubuntu-gnome"15:16
sacardeand not "Gubuntu" ?15:17
baronosgoobuntu by google and gubuntu = :)15:17
BluPhenix316hey does ubuntu-gnome support UEFI installs?16:04
rtubuntugnomemayhallow every one.16:13
rtubuntugnomemayToday I have installed ubuntu-gnome  ---  excellent with a few bugs16:13
rtubuntugnomemayIs any one available for some help i require16:14
tommie-liejust ask and wait for someone to answer16:15
rtubuntugnomemaythanks...  some there !!16:15
rtubuntugnomemaymy question :  I have updated with sudo apt-get update16:15
tommie-lieyes, but there are many timezones in this world and not everyone here actually is on front of his screen right now16:15
rtubuntugnomemayand upgraded too with all latest ones.16:16
rtubuntugnomemayBut when I give command again i.e. sudo apt-get update ,  instead of updating only changed repository ,  the whole index file get downloaded.16:17
tommie-liethat is completely normal, apt-get update always downloads the package list from all configured servers16:18
rtubuntugnomemayto the best of my knowladge and experience,  only changed index files..  normally this total download is approx 2 mb.  But every time my download size is well over  25 mb.16:20
rtubuntugnomemayits strange... I have been using Ubuntu for last 7 years...  never had this experience.16:21
tommie-liehm, yes, there is a mechanism to download only files with a changed timestamp16:22
rtubuntugnomemayit seems that mechanism is broken...  any way can i correct it.16:23
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: when doing apt-get update, every line starts with Get instead of Hit?16:23
rtubuntugnomemayJust tried... you are correct16:24
rtubuntugnomemayevery line starts with get16:24
rtubuntugnomemayi googled for answer  but no avail except few one suggested changing the update servers ..  tried that part as well but no use.16:27
tommie-lieare you using apt-proxy or something like that?16:27
rtubuntugnomemaynope ... connected directly to internet16:27
FrozenFireSo I just updated to 13.04, and updated everything out of the gnome3 PPA. My background is now white, despite having it set black. In fact, no background that I select shows up.16:30
FrozenFireIt'll show up when in the activities menu, but not when looking at the desktop16:30
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: I'm not aware of any option that turns off this timestamp checking. You could try removing the local package index, rebuilding it and see if the problem still exists16:34
rtubuntugnomemayplease help me...  every time i wish to add ppa,  I have to use command sudo apt-get update,  and every time I get  apt-get update over 25 mb....16:34
rtubuntugnomemayby the way I am using Ubuntu-gnome 13.0416:35
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: just rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages*, *Release* and *Sources*16:35
rtubuntugnomemayExcept this I found its excellent by any standard.16:35
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: but actually I don't think your problem is specific to ubuntu-gnome, apt-get/dpkg is the same in all ubuntu flavours16:36
rtubuntugnomemayi will try...  give me a minute.16:36
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: after removing those files, try apt-get update again, it should redownload everything and a second update immediately after should only "Hit" most (if not all) of the sources16:37
mgedminFrozenFire, had a similar issue today16:38
mgedminFrozenFire, what helped me: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop; then log out and log in again16:39
rtubuntugnomemayi will try this as well if advice by tommie-lie doesn't work  ( I think it should work !!!)16:43
tommie-liertubuntugnomemay: don't think that logging out and back in again will help with your problem :-P16:44
rtubuntugnomemayI have no choice16:44
rtubuntugnomemayi think tommie-lie makes sense16:45
AdonisKIs there a way to tell which file manager is occupying the desktop?16:49
mgedminAdonisK, xprop/xwininfo followed by clicking on the desktop16:56
mgedminotoh when it's gnome-shell itself, xprop shows nothing whatsoever, and xwininfo is also not very informative...16:56
mgedminthe window id printed by xwininfo starts with the same sequence of hex digits as the gnome-shell client id printed by xlsclients16:57
mgedminI'm not sure how reliable that is16:57
AdonisKactually xprop just returned me a bunch of info16:57
AdonisKSomething weird is going on with my upgraded UGR 12.10 which I'm trying to debug. It seems like when I'm firstly logging into my account via gdm, nautilus is either bugged (or maybe ubuntu is loading something else?). Because it doesn't load the selected icon themes, background-images, options etc from either system settings or the gnome tweak tool17:03
AdonisKIf i use the tweak tool to toggle the have the file system occupy the desktop off and then back on, then everything starts working properly17:04
mgedminperhaps desktop nautilus starts up before gnome-settings-daemon?17:05
mgedminI'm not a gnome developer17:05
rt_ tommie-lie  ,  you are geneous...  it worked.17:07
rt_Thanks for great advice17:07
AdonisKyep, this happens whenever shell (re)starts17:29
mgedmin(I'm not sure the use case of nautilus handling the desktop is still supported in recent gnome 3 releases)17:30
AdonisKMy main problem is not loading the selected icons, not the desktop. It's just that the only way to get them to work is by toggling the desktop17:42
pkulasHey, any1 got similar problem? After install from usb disk, Ubuntu doesn't load. After few seconds by selecting ubuntu from grub menu black screen, monitor goes off18:21
user__I like the appearance of ubuntugnome.org. It is soft, clear and simple.19:39
happyyes its very nice19:41
happyonly problem im having with it is flashplayer19:41
piotr409What's wrong with 64bit install disk? After install "Reboot or select proper Boot device..." Installed with configuration (root / 200GB, swap 8GB, efi 200MB)19:46
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YangsonHi all! Sorry if the question is lame but I want to know more about the ‘Install Alongside’ thing. This means that I can't install it along with Windows (for ex.)? Tnx!20:08
hashemYangson, someone could give you a better answer if you wait a bit, but I assume that feature is a no-hassle way of dual-booting. There shouldn't (though I may be wrong) be anything stopping you from creating a shrinking a current windows partition (creating a blank partition) from windows and then installing ubuntu gnome to that partition.20:13
hashem*stopping you from shrinking a ...20:14
YangsonI saw the issue in comments and start thinking about it... I use the ubuntu-gnome remix and I really like it!20:16
dany_hi everyone. I'm running Ubuntu GNOME 12.10, what's the right procedure to upgrade to 13.04?21:02
ibigreat dev ubuntu gnome =)21:19
noumaanhi I have ubuntu 13.04 and i would like to replace it with ubuntu gnome can i do this by changing sources.list or installing a meta-package22:43
noumaani already have gnome-shell installed but i would like a pure gnome computer clean and clutter free22:44
victorurenahi programers world23:40

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