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ppisatibjf: FYI, i invalidated the two new P/Q tracking bugs since the new stuff didn't affect omap4 (i915 revert and fb switcehroo fix)08:55
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apwppisati, good plan :)09:40
zequenceapw: both lowlatencies updated in the ppa10:29
apwzequence, thanks10:37
apwzequence, it doesn't look like you have used -v<updates version> on your Q package ?10:45
apwzequence, oh hang on, let me check that i am not being a wally10:46
zequenceapw: -v against last published version?10:47
apwzequence, ignore me, i am just being an idiot, you did it just fine10:47
zequenceapw: Well, it wouldn't have been the first time after all. I'm glad I'm doing it right now10:49
apwzequence, heh ... no this was all my stupidity :)  missreading a diff10:53
* henrix -> lunch10:56
apwzequence, ok they look fine, copied over11:03
zequenceapw: Thanks11:11
* rtg shuts down tangerine for maint work12:33
* rtg shuts down gomeisa for maint work12:41
bjfppisati, ack, wfm13:09
backjlackI'll write again something I've written yesterday: I've run into a soft lockup with precise, amd64: http://pastie.org/private/yjhhnettm9yrlr9uqgqntq13:10
backjlackIs anyone from the ubuntu kernel team around to check it out?13:10
henrixbackjlack: i guess the best thing to do is to open a bug against the linux package (apport-bug linux)13:20
henrixbackjlack: also, your stacktrace indicates there was a BUG/OOPS before, so it would be better to include that in the bug report as well13:21
backjlackhenrix: That's all I got, I didn't get any BUG/OOPS before.13:26
henrixbackjlack: the 'D' in the 'Tainted' line says you did :)13:27
backjlackhenrix: Ok, I can reproduce this and I might be able to get that as well if it happened.13:28
henrixbackjlack: great, just make sure that's included in the bug report ;)13:29
sconklin_you here?13:59
sconklincking: ^^14:00
* ppisati starts packing some stuff...14:07
* cking discovers he needs 7 shirts to be washed14:11
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ddinsare there any specific optimizations i can make to the kernel for laptops ?14:29
ckingddins, most of these are turned on when you run a laptop on battery14:33
ddinscking, are they turned on by acpid? when the adapter is disconnected14:54
rtgapw, did you ever see this ? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2013-April/027860.html15:03
ckingddins, acpid will kick off the relevant pm-powersave script setting which in turn will then do the necessary magic tweaks15:29
ckingddins, however, you most probably will find that one can tweak it to match your desired configuration15:31
ddinscking, so from the kernel persp ist going to be sysctl's right?15:37
ckingddins, most of it is /sys tweaking if I can recall correctly15:38
ddinscking, ya /proc/sys15:38
apwrtg, that should be resolved when gomeisa is back up, and i can update the s/w there15:44
rtgapw, ack15:44
apwrtg, we should start building using -saucy configs from here on out, which has it in15:44
* henrix goes start packing. I'll will be around later16:18
georgelappieshi all, I am getting drm_kms_helper kernel panics, what could cause this? this is on 13.04, never happened before16:48
georgelappiesit says something about not being able to sync with the interrupt??16:49
georgelappieswould nomodeset be of any value? I don't know what it does, so don't want to set stuff that could break my machine16:56
ddinsnomodeset disables kernel mode settings . AFAIK it wont break anything . 17:00
apwgeorgelappies, i would suggest filing a bug with the panic stack in it so someone can look at it, they might then be able to make a more informed response17:01
georgelappiesapw: thanks for the advice, how would I go about to locate the panic stack?17:01
apwgeorgelappies, you seem to be picking information out of it, so i assume you have seen it somewhere17:02
georgelappiesapw: I saw that info on the screen and wrote it down on paper ;)17:02
apwgeorgelappies, depending how seriously broke it mades your system it might also show up in /var/log/messages17:03
ddinstry using nomodeset and check if it boots17:04
ddinsif it does , it could be a problem with your KMS17:04
ddinsor the graphics card drivers17:05
georgelappiesthanks, how will I set it though? Pardon my noobness17:05
ddinstype e on grub17:08
ddinsit will allow you ti edit the boot line 17:08
ddinsadd nomodset  and press b  to boot the newly edited line17:09
ddinsif it works add it to grub config file to make it permanent or else u'll have to do it every time u boot17:09
georgelappiesgreat, thanks ddins going to do that right away17:10
ddinsok .. let us know if it worked17:11
* rtg -> lunch17:32
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rostamHI is this a right channel to ask about ubuntu kernel module development?20:35

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