teolemonif you wish to use fuzzy for translations14:14
teolemonwe've set up a bogus project14:14
teolemonwhere you can upload the fuzzy strings as translated strings so that they appear as suggestions for the actual ubuntu manual translations14:14
CarstenGHi all.14:15
teolemonhi :-)14:15
CarstenGHi Hannie.14:16
hanniehi CarstenG14:17
teolemonhi hannie14:18
hanniehey teo14:18
teolemon16:14 teolemon: we've set up a bogus project14:18
teolemon16:14 teolemon: where you can upload the fuzzy strings as translated strings so that they appear as suggestions for the actual ubuntu manual translations14:18
teolemon(just repeating what i said)14:18
hannielet me have a look14:19
teolemonin the case of French, I've also added machine translations for the totally new strings, but I know it's a no no for the other languages :-)14:20
hannieteolemon, are they added as suggestions to Launchpad?14:20
hannieah, that is good news. So we can translate them online instead of offline14:21
teolemonwe have both the fuzzy translation showing up14:21
teolemonand the machine translation (for French)14:21
teolemonso we can pick and choose or mix both14:21
hannieDo you change the .pot file and upload it to LP?14:21
teolemonyou just have to upload the result of your command (eg po file)14:22
teolemonin the bogus project14:22
teolemonwe used the raring pot for the bogus project14:22
hannieok, I will have to study it before I understand it ;)14:22
teolemonbut launchpad accepts partial po files14:22
teolemonor send me the nl po14:22
teolemonand i'll put it on the bogus project for you14:23
hannieteolemon, I could do that, but maybe I should try  first14:23
hannieand if I have questions, perhaps you can help me14:24
teolemonnormally you should be able to upload to https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntumanualautomated14:25
teolemonand that will be a good training for when you decide to semi-automate the ddtp :-P14:25
hannieteolemon, if I understand it correctly, I use mgsmerge like I explained, then upload the result to:14:33
teolemonbefore that14:34
hannieah, briljant. I will do it in a minute14:34
teolemonyou can upload machine translations14:34
teolemonan then upload msmerge14:34
hanniewhat do you mean by "machine translation"?14:34
teolemonso that you can get translations for strings not covered by msmerge14:34
hanniethe one that is 100% translated (Precise-e2 for me)14:34
teolemonstrings processed by http://translate.google.com/toolkit/14:35
teolemoni used quantal14:35
teolemonfor French14:35
hannieok, but that is also the one I use as a base for msgmerge14:35
teolemonthere might be less modified strings than with raring14:35
hannieyes, but we have not translated quantal14:35
teolemoni used raring, processed it with http://translate.google.com/toolkit/14:37
teolemonuploaded it to the bogus project14:37
teolemonthen did msgmerge between raring and quantal14:37
teolemon(or raring and precise for you)14:37
teolemonuploaded it to the bogus project14:37
hannieteolemon, what do you do with google toolkit? Automated translations are terrible :(14:37
teolemonthat way, I get msmerge translations where possible14:38
teolemonand machine translations otherwise14:38
teolemonI did proofread it a little because it breaks syntax14:38
teolemonotherwise, the translations are ok for French14:38
teolemonas the manual is well written in English14:39
teolemonthe output is not bad in French14:39
hannieI'll give it a try too14:39
teolemonthe only thing is:14:40
teolemontry to fix as many syntax errors as possible in Google Translator Kit14:40
teolemonbecause it lets you find and replace in translated strings only14:40
teolemonthere must be a gettext command for that14:40
teolemonbut i don't know it14:40
teolemonand then you have to export it and make sure it validates in poedit14:41
teolemonand do find and replace until it validates14:41
teolemonor just erase the translations that don't validate14:41
teolemonto go quicker14:41
hannieteolemon, that is a lot of information you give me. I have copied this conversation so I can have a look at it when I am experimenting.14:43
teolemoni've made a summary for the DDTP14:44
teolemonit's quite similar14:44
hannieI will let you know if I get stuck14:44
hannieyou are very accurate ;)14:44
hannieteolemon, either LP or my provider is very slow. the download hasn't arrived yet. I will do the merging as soon as it arrives.15:05
teolemonit takes a couple of min15:05
hannieok, not neuf.fr15:05
hannieit takes more than 10 minutes so far15:06
teolemonusually it takes a long time for the ddtp15:08
teolemonbut not for smaller templates15:09
hannieteolemon, LP is a bit recalcitrant, it has not sent me the file yet, despite "Your request has been received.. etc."15:22
hannieI will do it later this evening or tomorrow15:22
hannieThanks for your info so far15:23
CarstenGI'm just playing with msgmerge...15:46
CarstenGI get the following warning, when I try to merge precise.po with quantal.po15:47
CarstenGinternationalized messages should not contain the `\r' escape sequence15:47
CarstenG19 times15:47
CarstenGDo you know, what can the reason for that?15:48
hannieCarstenG, I will answer in a minute15:48
CarstenGin the mentioned line numbers are only the »msgstr ""«15:49
hannieCarstenG, I think I encountered this warning also and decided to ignore it15:50
CarstenGok, :-)15:51
CarstenGIts only a warning :-)15:51
hannieyes, no consequences I guess15:51
hannieAt least, it did not give me any problem15:51
CarstenGI guess I found the problem:15:56
CarstenGIn very huge paragraphes I added some line breaks in LP, so these are now in the po file, and the warning occure, e.g: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/precise-e2/+pots/ubuntu-manual/de/838/+translate15:56
hannieah, well done, inspector carsten15:57
hannieso you are not allowed to add line breaks15:58
CarstenGyes, you are right. :-)16:04
CarstenGBut in raring these huge paragraphs are now in raring split, so they are not needed anymore :-)16:06
hannieyou mean the authors/editors shortened the paragraphs?16:07
CarstenGI did also some.16:07
hanniegood, because it was a nightmare for translators16:07
hannieGot to go, see you16:17
cqfd93Hi All!16:52

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