RAOFFiltering systems, oh my!04:48
RAOFrobert_ancell: You've found that XMir now works, I trust?04:48
RAOFIt does here, even if I have all my GPUs powered up.04:48
robert_ancellRAOF, yes, been getting it working. I can do user switching now :)04:53
robert_ancellstill input pass through issues though :(04:53
robert_ancellAnd I'm really struggling to get the appropriate information from Mir. I feel some patches coming on :)04:53
robert_ancellthomi, can you set up CI and autolanding (into mir-team staging PPA) for lp:unity-system-compositor?04:56
thomirobert_ancell: sure, but before it gets deployed Francis need to review it, and I won't see him now till oakland :-/04:56
robert_ancellthomi, ok, np. Just put it into the queue04:57
robert_ancellI'll do some manual uploads until then04:57
thomirobert_ancell: what packaging branch are you using?04:58
robert_ancellthomi, it has packaging checked in04:58
robert_ancellthomi, also, we set up lp:~mir-team/lightdm/mir to autoland right? Can we switch that to lp:~mir-team/lightdm/unity instead?04:58
thomirobert_ancell: sure.04:59
thomiI wish you could file bugs against a person in LP04:59
thomiwould make for a handy TODO list tracker for me04:59
robert_ancellthomi, you guys need to make a project for this :)04:59
robert_ancellthe bug-thomi-for-stuff project04:59
thomihmmmm, why not...04:59
dufluHah. That's asking for trouble. Bug: "This person smells"05:00
thomimeh - started doing it, got bored05:01
tvossRAOF, ping05:16
RAOFtvoss: Yo!05:25
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tvossalan_g|life, ping07:36
tvossmichi, ping07:36
michitvoss: pong07:36
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alan_gtvoss: pong (sorry for the delay)08:10
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hikikoquestion :) when i initialize the gbm I need to connect to a drm device and then create a context etc10:01
hikikobut when I am inside X i have already a connection to the device and glx context10:02
hikikois there any way to give the existing content to the gbm?10:03
hikiko(i couldn't find something)10:03
RAOFhikiko: No.10:15
hikiko:D i was about to email you10:17
hikikothe only way to have an X backend for mir10:17
hikikois by implementing another buffer mechanism isn't it?10:18
RAOFhikiko: What you need to do (and what Mesa does) is open a connection to the drm device, call drmGetMagic on that fd, send the magic value to the X server via DRI2Authenticate, which will authenticate your fd, *then* pass that fd to gbm.10:18
hikikohttp://www.x.org/releases/current/doc/dri2proto/dri2proto.txt this extension?10:21
hikikoah I got it :)10:22
hikikothank you R__10:22
hikikoso then i can open a win get the current context10:24
RAOFHm. Now that I think of it, there's still the problem of how to get your buffers *out* of gbm.10:24
hikikothere's no function to get the user data?10:26
hikikoah you mean that then you have to pass through drm again10:29
RAOFMeaning you'll have a gbm bo with the rendering you want to display, but you need to get that into the X window somehow.10:30
RAOFHah! The EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA target of eglCreateImageKHR will do what you want.10:31
RAOFAlthough you've got a GLX context, not an EGL context, right?10:31
hikikoI have a glx but I called the eglGetCurrentContext and then attempted to create a khr image :p10:32
hikikobut i used the native pixmap target10:33
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hikikowhich is wrong10:33
RAOFHm. Actually we want to go the other way, don't we - you want to create an EGL image, then gbm_bo_import() that EGL image to get the gbm_bo that you hand off to the rest of the buffer machinery.10:34
RAOFSo, I think you've got two options - create an EGL image and gbm_bo_import() that to feed to the gbm bits, or pull a gbm_bo out of the gbm bits, get the handle with gbm_bo_get_handle(), and eglCreateImageKHR() that handle with type EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA.10:36
hikikothe first seems easier but I think that the second is similar to what we already do isn't it?10:37
RAOFI think we actually do the first.10:39
RAOFOh, no. We do the latter.10:40
RAOFBecause we sometimes want to be all software rendering.10:41
hikikowhy can't you do the first with software rendering?10:42
RAOFBecause you may (and, in practise, do) need to allocate the buffer differently if you're going to write from the CPU to it.10:43
RAOFUnless you use something like TexImage2D, of course.10:43
RAOFBut that was apparently too slow.10:43
hikikoso better to follow the 2nd way too? or we ll have software rendering only outside X (eg when we render to the framebuffer device)?10:46
RAOFYeah, I think you'll need to go the second path.10:46
hikikoand RAOF I had a problem with libgbm10:48
RAOFOr, rather, gbm_buffer_allocator.cpp already goes the second path, and I think with the possible exception of using EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA rather than EGL_NATIVE_PIXMAP_KHR you'll be able to copy it wholesale.10:48
RAOF(This is why I need to refactor the platforms to separate display from buffer allocation)10:48
hikikoI see, I am trying to do all these outside mir first because if I start the changes on a mir branch I won't be able to debug easily10:49
RAOFThat sounds sensible.10:51
RAOFOr, at least, a stinging indictment of our current architecture which makes what should be a reasonably simple task difficult :/l10:52
hikikobut I had a problem with libgbm: i upgraded and after that I couldn't run a very simple example that just creates a drm device and then a gbm buffer and was working fine. I switched to debian where I have the old versions and it was working :s10:52
hikikobut i can't continue on debian because I don't have half of the functions10:55
alan_gRAOF: we should be looking at fixing whatever makes simple tasks difficult10:55
RAOFalan_g: In this case, it's because display and buffer allocation are needlessly conflated.10:56
RAOFalan_g: It's on TODO.10:56
alan_gRAOF: I'll let you own it then. ;)10:56
RAOFhikiko: Hm, urgh. I'd ask for the sample code, but it's time for bed here.10:58
RAOFhikiko: We can sort it out in Oakland, I guess!10:58
hikikosorry RAOF :) I forgot the time difference :)10:58
hikikothank you very very much10:58
RAOFs'ok. I'm the one who'se silly enough to be on IRC at this point :)10:59
hikikothanks :D10:59
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alan_gmmrazik|afk: can you see what's wrong here? http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-quantal-amd64-ci/507/console14:30
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racarrHi :)15:23
mmrazik|afkalan_g: mising xsltproc as build dependency? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5605060/15:42
mmrazik|afkjust guessing15:42
mmrazik|afkbut weird as its not something new15:43
alan_gmmrazik|afk: that makes sense - thanks, I couldn't find a signal in all the noise.15:44
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* kdub should get his laptop up to snuff before monday16:28
olliracarr, around?16:32
racarrolli: Yep!16:32
olliracarr, I am looking at BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-phone-iteration-016:33
ollitrying to see if we achieved Acceptance criteria for April16:34
ollido you have some insight into that16:34
racarrmy outstanding workitems exist in local branches or16:34
ollialmost got insight or almost achieved it ;)16:34
racarrsometimes branches with other people16:35
racarrit's just review is backed up16:35
racarrso hopefully can land the remainders monday and say we made it for april :)16:35
olliracarr, ok ;)16:36
racarrolli: Err...I had a brain error16:37
racarrand was reading the criteria for may ;)16:38
olliwhot? impossible ;)16:38
racarrwe are even16:38
racarrto april :)16:38
ollifor may?16:38
olliit says tbd16:38
ollidon't get confused by the month-X suffic16:38
racarrOh I was just seeing if the workitems were finished16:38
ollisuffix even16:38
racarrthe acceptance criteria16:38
racarrare great :)16:39
racarrwhat is the conceptual difference between16:41
racarracceptance criteria  and all the work items being finished16:42
racarrI didn't really understand when those were added16:42
alan_g|bbsracarr: the blueprints are far from clear to me, glad you don't understand them either.16:45
bschaeferracarr, hello! I've a question about scroll events16:54
bschaeferor rather that its hard to get vscroll hscroll info without having to do this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5605289/16:56
olliracarr, alan_g|bbs the Acceptance Criteria should be a description of the sum of work items, i.e. something I can understand ;)17:46
alan_g|bbsolli: ;)17:54
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tvossracarr, ping18:02
racarrSorry have to run out again for apartment hunting nonsense :)18:50
racarrback in the afternoon...18:50
bschaefergood luck hunting!18:51
racarrworking on a bug where things seem to go wrong (fds get closed) when23:14
racarrfocus cycles multiple times23:23
racarrwhoops. forgot to press enter :)23:23

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