mernilioThird. When did the united states last won a war? Of course against general Noriega in Panama they "won"... but .....00:01
mernilioI was thinking about the koreean war around 1950 .. it was a mess with two states now fighting and with a no-go-zone between the two countries.00:02
merniliobefore that.. Im sorry, even if i think europeans are stupid, american fuckers take tha price!00:03
mernilioAnd i say that with with a military cap on my head.00:03
mernilioAnd an axe right here to protect myself :-)00:04
mernilioNot an axe.. i meant self confidence!00:05
mernilioHi LjL-Alps00:05
mernilioalps.. thats where hitler had his summer house right? In the bayvarian alps?00:06
mernilioEagles nest?00:06
mernilioI wish i could go there some holliday .. im not a nazi but it was Hitlers summer resident.. unfortunally bombed by the stupid fucking russians who happened to try to burn Hitlers body as well....00:09
mernilioOf course Hitler made his way through the Odessa gateway. No one belives he died outside the bunker in Berlin.00:11
mernilioFor you younger guys. Odessa was a programme the nazis had for escaping high officers.00:12
mernilioBut .. if hitler was born 1898 .. its not likely he is alive now... tho it would be nice to get to know his kids. Im sure he would have some weedlook with some seneorita picking his bananas in his .. <fill in the right spanish word right here> :-P00:16
mernilioSorry if i sound like an idot.00:18
mernilioActually im pretty happy! I bought an jacket for my father who has birthday soon .. i dont know what date ... 27 or 29... Hopefully he will like it... It only costed me (in dollars) $7 ... dont think im cheep. My dad is old and sits in a wheelchair .. its difficult to buy him presents!00:22
mernilioThe only "problem" is the size .. its xxl .. maybe i shold have bought him xl .. but thats _my_ size.. and he is somewhat larger than me an with a bigger belly!!00:24
* one__ slams gavel01:48
one__Operator abuse.01:48
one__off the h00k01:49
one__tone gen01:51
bazhangnerfball> can this channel be accessed through an irc client? what are the settings?17:02
bazhangthis is an ex-channel17:02
Piciit has ceased to be17:02
bazhangit's just taking a nap!17:03
bazhangheh the ultimate in impatience: !tab/msg17:18
genii-aroundbazhang: Maybe they were using a web portal?17:28
bazhanggenii-around, it's nerfball, the guy who keeps asking if there's a simple new user channel for support, but never actually asking a support question17:30
genii-aroundbazhang: Hah, OK17:30
Pici15:17:00 <messa4> So linux cannot be used for programming? [no visual studio and no visual basic then?!]19:17
genii-aroundWell, they got quite a response :)19:19
LjL-AlpsPici: tell them to use gambas ;(19:20
PiciLjL-Alps: Someone did19:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !vhost is <alias> cloak20:08
tonyyarussoPici: It's a little known fact that the Linux kernel itself is written on Windows XP.20:45
bazhangwubi is gone?21:17
bazhangthe 64bit iso of 13.04 had it21:17
bazhangodd it's still there then21:20

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