SergioMenesesballoons, around?00:18
balloonsSergioMeneses, I am at th emoment00:47
phillwballoons: still around?01:46
balloonsphillw, pong01:46
balloonskinda of01:46
phillwpm okay?01:47
JoseeAntonioRhey guys, I've got no unity, have you seen this bug before?02:18
pittiGood morning05:26
dholbachgood morning06:24
jibelgood morning07:06
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Noskcajis saucy meant to be in testdrive?08:45
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smartboyhw_Hey SergioMeneses and balloons14:38
smartboyhw_I hope that balloons isn't in Disneyland now:P14:39
balloonshey smartboyhw_14:39
balloonslol.. I actually rather dislike amusement parks14:39
smartboyhw_balloons: Aren't we supposed to have release parties?14:39
SergioMenesessmartboyhw_, \o14:39
SergioMenesesballoons, great!14:39
balloonssmartboyhw_, yes, but we canned it14:39
SergioMenesessmartboyhw_, yest14:39
smartboyhw_balloons: Why?14:40
smartboyhw_And we = ?14:40
balloonstoo much, too fast, too soon :-)14:40
balloonsbasically we found out schedules conflicted too much, so we pushed it back14:40
balloonsas in, we never scheduled it14:40
smartboyhw_balloons: Your fault:P14:40
balloonsthe testdrive thing was meant for today too14:41
balloonsas part of it.. it's all TBD still14:41
* smartboyhw_ is suddenly more into development :O14:41
balloonshave to make sure you can attend :)14:41
smartboyhw_For Saucy14:41
SergioMeneseswe have new members in the loco-council14:41
smartboyhw_SergioMeneses: I know. Please send them my congrats14:42
SergioMenesessmartboyhw_, :)14:44
SergioMenesessmartboyhw_, http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2013/04/26/pablo-rubianes-and-marcos-costales-appointed-to-the-lococouncil/15:19
balloonsthat's the late night meeting council right?15:20
smartboyhw_balloons: what what?15:21
SergioMenesesballoons, what council?15:21
balloonssmartboyhw_, lol.. SergioMeneses was meeting really late at night one night15:22
balloonsI was wondering if that was the lococouncil meeting15:22
balloonsI couldn't remember15:22
SergioMenesesballoons, no no... it was a ubuntu-colombian team meeting15:22
SergioMenesesLC meeting are at 20:00UTC15:23
smartboyhw_balloons, SergioMeneses I'm signing off see ya15:40
SergioMenesessmartboyhw_, see you15:41
phillwballoons: well, 24 hours on.... It has been pleasantly quiet on support areas!17:54
balloonsphillw, :-)17:54
balloonsI'm enjoying reading the zero day bug laments17:55
phillwballoons: well, we did get one minor one on lubuntu. And a bug that we couldn't have fore-seen regarding someone updgrading their system using ssh :D17:56
balloonsplease tell me they used screen17:56
balloonsplease please17:56
phillwballoons: it left a file in place, once deleted all was sweet in the world. I'd have never worked it out, but Brian Murray had seen it before and knew the solution :)17:58
balloonsgotcha :-)17:58
phillwballoons: so, did you have a read of the email from Julien about the possibility of us not having a 13.10?17:59
balloonsfrom a user perspective, I like it18:01
phillwone of the guys on the mailing list has pointed out a problem.... desktops are only supported for 9 months :/18:01
balloonshmm.. and lubuntu didn't have an LTS18:02
balloonsthat would mean you would tell people to not move from 12.1018:02
balloonssee why it's important to declare this now?18:02
balloonsmy thoughts are the same I suppose. The release team would have to agree, but I think you have to decide now, not halfway through18:03
phillwindeed, it's why Julien threw it out for discussion as soon as concentration was switched from 13.04 release18:03
balloonsand etheir way, I think you'll end up making images, so there will be confusion potentially on what the 13.10 image for lubuntu i18:03
phillwI'll have a chat with Julien.18:04
balloonsoverall, I like the idea a alot of making a really nice 14.04, then potentially changing the project direction18:04
balloonsI'm not so sure you have to skip a release persay to do it.. again, I was always in favor of flavors supporting LTS's only beyond the normal time of running a non-lts18:05
phillwYeah, but the usual problem of not having enough developers :'(18:05
balloonsmuch like what has now happened18:05
balloons13.04 for 9 months, then done.. if your non-lts, you keep going18:05
balloonssince you effectively have no lts version, it could be a bit stickier, but it's not like your not supporting 12.04 or 12.1018:06
balloonsso there are options18:06
phillwballoons: the problem there is that 'ubuntu' components such as kernel etc.... will not be there.18:06
balloonsyou can't roll support beyond what ubuntu itself has agreed sure18:06
phillwI don't think that lubuntu could turn 12.04 into an LTS, besides which, the TB rules state that 12.04 can't be an LTS as it was only our second release and you have to have had two prior releases before issuing an LTS.18:10
phillwballoons: when does support of 12.10 run out?18:12
phillwI recall you saying it has an EoL after 13,04?18:12
phillwdoes it last until 14.04?18:13
phillwHmm, okies. It gives a rather extreme option18:14
phillwI can find it, I just kewn you would know it by heart :D18:14
phillwso, could lubuntu make a 12.10.1 ?18:15
balloonsI'm pointing out things18:15
balloonsthink about it18:15
phillwballoons: I don't follow?18:17
balloonsTheLordOfTime, I want znc 1.018:18
balloonsphillw, I'm saying think about what you might want to do, in light of everything you know18:19
balloonsoff the cuff, no making 12.10.1 isn't a real proposal18:19
phillwballoons: which version are they currently using on trekweb?18:19
balloonsI've no idea.. I simply want the 1.0 feature, and precise has the old series18:19
balloonsso I'm vocally whining to TheLordOfTime :-)18:19
balloonsmostly for fun, but also to see if he knows how best to get it18:20
phillwballoons: okies, I only host a couple of VM's for them, I don't understand it :P18:20
balloonsif there's no other way, I'll one-off pull the package back18:20
balloonsbut I would really rather not do that18:21
balloonsI'm migrating my installation, so now is the time.. I'd rather stay on precise, but..18:21
balloonsohh yay! grating my installation, so now is the time.. I'd rather stay on precise, but..18:22
* balloons facepalms18:22
balloonsi swore I check backports.. grumble18:22
balloonssomeone else did the work :-)18:22
phillwballoons: he has trekweb on 12.04 LTS, he didn't want 12.1018:23
phillwp --> q should not hurt too much :D18:23
balloonsI don't need to upgrade etheir18:23
balloonsI wasn't going to upgrade just to get it trust me18:23
phillwAs I know virtually zilch about znc, except it is a cloaking service. I'll let you chat to him. I know virtually zero about ToR, but I host a relay for them :)18:25
balloonsproblem is solved now.. I get 1.0.. of course I may fail to set it up, but we'll see on that18:25
phillwSpeaking of which.... I haven't run the update on that VM18:26
phillwin quite a while18:26
phillwbbs I now feel gulty18:27
balloonshggdh, howdy :-)18:32
hggdhballoons: heya, sir, happy (delayed) release day :-)18:33
balloonsindeed.. happy post-release day18:34
balloonsit's like waking up from a party that went on a little too long :-p18:34
balloonsin a good way!18:34
balloonshow are you?18:34
hggdhand knowing that the preparations for a new party are starting...18:35
hggdhgood, but quite more busy than I expected :-)18:35
balloonsahh.. the honeymoon period didn't happen for you eh18:35
balloonsno fun :-(18:36
hggdhcould not test much, still have a coreutils patch to propose (or not, perhaps now is too late), etc18:36
hggdhno honeymoon. There was this kiss leaving the cerimony, then it is all "clean up the yard", "carry the trash away", etc18:36
balloonshggdh, hahah18:39
balloonsi love the description18:39
plarshi hggdh18:54
hggdhplars: hey, sir, how are you doing? Is life good?18:55
plarshggdh: raring is out, life has calmed down for a few minutes, but not for long :)18:58
plarssome sort of lizard sauce for lunch next week I hear18:59
hggdhnow it is the week for rest, before UDS ;-)18:59
hggdhwhich I am not sure I will be able to attend, unfortunately, not enough time to request time off19:00
balloonshggdh, UDS is vUDS now19:01
plarshggdh: keeping you busy I guess?19:01
plarshggdh: hopefully you have everyone converted to ubuntu by now19:01
hggdhballoons: I know, but still during (or preceeding) work hours19:01
plarshggdh: for S, you can get them all testing isos right?19:01
hggdhplars: rather busy, and I am trying :-)19:02
SergioMenesesvUDS is rare19:02
hggdhplars: they are jumping in the cloud wagon, but I am not sure I will be able to steer them to something decent19:02
plarshggdh: if they are looking at cloud, ubuntu is definitely the clear choice19:02
hggdhplars: heh, I can. I am not sure they will authorise me to install them, though19:02
hggdhplars: I already suggested looking at it, and looking at how the market is positioned. Got back a sleazy talk about how vmware is their virtualisation provider of choice19:03
hggdhplars: I almost stated that then they did not have a choice19:04
plarsubuntu runs fine on vmware, I don't see a problem there19:04
hggdhyeah. But what I would like to see is a REAL, honest, 100% pure cloud, like, ah, openstack, plus juju, etc19:05
hggdhand, guess what? Ubuntu on both the back-end and front-end19:05
plarshggdh: of course, so just take what they are doing, put together some juju scripts, and show them how easily you can make it 436.2% more awesome doing it that way :)19:07
hggdhthat's my intention :-)19:08
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