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RubenAlonzohello everyone01:18
RubenAlonzowhat is the latest build of touch?  is anyone running it on a nexus 7?01:20
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X-DroidHi everybody04:58
X-DroidNote II (N7100) can install ubuntu phone ?04:58
MissValeska_Someone, Please help me05:39
k1l!ask | MissValeska_05:45
ubot5MissValeska_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:45
MissValeska_'ve waited like, Four or five hours! The Ubuntu 13.04 upgrade is not worknig05:48
MissValeska_It has stalled at about half way, It just says installed cabextract05:48
k1ldo you use ubuntu-touch on a mobile device?05:48
MissValeska_No, I do wanna try that though05:54
k1lso you were talking about teamviewer on #ubuntu. i think you did some ubuntu chroot install on an arm device?05:56
k1lMissValeska_: give more details05:58
MissValeska_I am on my macbook06:00
MissValeska_I am upgrading from Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.0406:00
MissValeska_The upgrade went fine, Up until about half way, Where it just stopped. No error message, And it is no frozen. Nothing is happening, It just says installed cabextract06:01
MissValeska_I asked over five hours ago for help in #Ubuntu, They arrogantly told me to just wait. I did, And now, I ask for help again, And no one is even replying.06:01
k1lMissValeska_: ok, but this is the wrong channel. this channel is about the mobile ubuntu-touch. this is not for regular ubuntu desktop installs. better ask again in #ubuntu and give full details (as happened here)06:04
MissValeska_*sigh* Okay06:05
MissValeska_As long as I am here, I might as well ask about the general state of the Ubuntu Phone OS.06:05
dholbachgood morning06:29
SaintextremeSo who has developed any good apps?07:01
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mzanetti_hey. I'm having troubles installing phablet-tools07:17
mzanetti_Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/tools/ubuntu/pool/main/p/phablet-tools/phablet-tools_0.12daily13.04.25ubuntu.unity.next-0ubuntu1_all.deb  Size mismatch07:18
mzanetti_the same for all of you or is it just me?07:18
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ttoinephablet-flash doesn't work, is it normal ?07:51
ttoinettoine@ttoine-bonitasoft:~$ phablet-flash -b07:51
ttoineDevice detected as maguro07:51
ttoineDownload set to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview//daily-preinstalled/current07:51
ttoineStarting new HTTP connection (1): cdimage.ubuntu.com07:51
ttoineStarting new HTTP connection (1): cdimage.ubuntu.com07:51
ttoineLatest build detection not supported... bailing07:51
ttoinehi again08:12
ttoinesomebody knows why I have this message08:12
ttoine"Latest build detection not supported... bailing"08:12
mzanettittoine: try upgrading phablet-tools08:24
mzanettittoine: I just flashed 15 mins ago. works fine08:24
ttoinemzanetti, phablet was unable to find the image on cdimage08:24
ttoinebut it seems to work again for 10min08:25
mzanettittoine: images 99 and 100 were broken. 101 is fine again and the broken ones were deleted08:25
ttoineah ok, it explains all. thank you very much08:25
ttoinesomeone knows how to activate the simcard in the galaxynexus ?09:39
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ogra_ttoine, it only works with unlocked SIMs09:48
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ttoineogra_, unlocked sim ?? what is that ? my sim work in any telephone and the phone is not locked on any network12:07
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netcurlittoine: at the moment you need a sim card without a pin code12:13
ttoinenetcurli, ah ok... so it means next time, before flashing to ubuntu phone, I will have to remove the pincode in android. true?12:14
netcurlittoine: yes, then you should be able to use it in ubuntu touch12:15
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asczitakaPorting question, would Ubuntu Touch work on a Samsung Galaxy Naos i580112:45
asczitakahere the specs12:45
asczitakaoriginal rom 512 mb, 256 MB RAM 1go  sd up to 3212:46
asczitakacpu : Samsung S5P6422 667 MHz12:46
asczitakait has Clockworkmanager and Cyanogenmod 10 with the latest Android firm12:47
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CasmoIf I were to install Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 4, and a new version would come out, and I flash that one, will all the files stay intact etc, or will it go back to a factory reset?13:46
pmcgowanCasmo: a reflash wipes the existing data, in some cases you can do an apt-get upgrade provided nothing incompatible introduced between the ubuntu and android sides13:47
CasmoAh, that's too bad :\ Thanks :)13:48
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popeydragly you around?14:10
popeydesign meeting14:10
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sil2100didrocks, cyphermox: ok, so our issue should be fixed now15:18
sil2100didrocks, cyphermox: the issue with UTAH and autopilot on the generic jenkins job15:18
nOStahlhi guys15:19
nOStahlwhats new15:19
nOStahlhaven't been in this channel since it got renamed to #ubuntu-touch15:19
didrockssil2100: the ssh issue?15:19
didrockssil2100: or something else?15:19
cyphermoxthink we mean the ssh issue here, yeah15:19
didrockssil2100: do you know what went wrong with UTAH?15:20
sil2100didrocks: yes, that one - it seems there has been some change in the installer or something15:20
didrocksah ok15:20
sil2100didrocks: so they had to change some ubiquity related regexp15:20
didrockssil2100: ok, great! Thanks a lot ;)15:20
nOStahlany word on when we'll see ubuntu on phones in stores15:21
Kakaduhey, I just installed facebook-app from ppa and it can't resolve "import Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts 0.1". What I have forgotten?15:21
pmcgowanmardy: do you know what package gives import Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts 0.115:35
mardypmcgowan: qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin15:36
sil2100I see now that ubuntu-facebook-app doesn't dep on qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin, so maybe that needs fixing15:38
pmcgowanKakadu: ^^ that should be a dep for the facebook app15:38
cyphermoxnice catch15:41
Kakadupmcgowan: qtdeclarative5-friends-plugin seems to be needed too15:43
Kakadualso AuthModel.qml uses auth.js but this script is missing in /usr/share/ubuntu-facebook-app15:46
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Kakaduand ubuntu-twitter-app is just default template from qtcreator with two pages?15:49
Kakaduhmmm, guys15:50
KakaduWhat deadline do u have about all of this?15:50
pmcgowanno one working on it15:50
pmcgowanI think Twitter got dropped per Twitter;s request15:50
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Kakadufacebook not yet dropped?15:51
pmcgowanno facebook is fine15:52
pmcgowanpopey: would know better15:52
chris123I got "Validatind download for raring-preinstalled-armel+mako.zip Not enough space in /data, found 3.8G"15:54
chris123after phablet-flash15:54
pmcgowanchris123: try deleting the zip files on /sdcard/15:55
pmcgowanchris123: tool looks for at least 4GB15:55
chris123on the phone?15:55
chris123ok, thx15:55
chris123i thought only 2gb was required15:55
pmcgowanonce installed, but uses more during15:56
pmcgowanI guess15:56
Kakadualso, ubuntu-weather-app prints "no locations" and "Add one" text is unclickable. Does it work as expected?15:57
ogra_Kakadu, deadline is "first functional image by 13.10"15:58
ogra_i.e. "out of developer preview status"15:59
KakaduSo you need to create developer preview until October? (I didn't got this english)16:00
ogra_what we have now is called developer preview16:00
ogra_so by 13.10 you should be able to install a usable image with the core apps included and functional on your nexus device16:01
popeycorrect pmcgowan fb is fine. only twitter was dropped16:02
chris123silly question, where is /scdard ?  i looked in /mnt /media and root, but don't see it.16:03
t1mp_Kakadu: I had the same problem with the weather app. But if you swipe up from the bottom of the window, there is a toolbar with an add-button :)16:04
ogra_on your devices ?16:04
pmcgowanchris123: you need to do...16:04
ogra_chris123, ^^^16:04
pmcgowanadb shell rm /sdcard/zipfile16:04
Kakadut1mp_: thanks)16:05
pmcgowanchris123:  do adb shell ls /sdcard/ to see the files16:05
pmcgowanthen delete the install zips16:05
chris123oh, i was trying via SSH, and didnt see the directory16:07
chris123oh... i get it now16:07
chris123ssh puts you into /sdcard/16:07
chris123oh, no, wait... it doesnt?16:07
chris123either way, i am good with adb.  thanks!16:08
pmcgowanchris123:  ssh brings you into the ubuntu file system in the phablet account, which you could see at /data/ubuntu/home/phablet16:10
sil2100mterry: ping16:11
chris123thanks again16:12
bobweaverjppiiroi1en,  or bzoltan  you around ?  just wondering if you had a chance to look at the qhp and qch files that I uploaded ?16:26
bzoltanbobweaver: Yes, I have checked it16:27
bzoltanbobweaver: Good stuff16:28
bzoltanbobweaver: Tell me more16:28
bobweaverit uses the docs from ubuntu-ui-toolkit (offline) I had to alter the css and write the qhp file16:30
bobweaverso use qdoc3 then qhelpgenerator16:31
bobweaveris what I did though I guess that I could have uses doxygen but it was first offline help so I did by hand the qhp file that is16:31
bzoltanbobweaver: why did not you use the Qt5's qtdoc?16:36
bobweaverso if one is to apt-get source ubuntu-ui-toolkit ; cd /ubuntu-ui-toolkit-0.1.44~precise1/documentation/ ; qdoc ubuntu-ui-toolkit-offline.qdocconf ;  cd html ;  bzr branch lp:~josephjamesmills/+junk/qch ; cd qch ; cp  ubuntusdk-help.qhp ../; cd ../ ; qhelpgenerator ubuntusdk-help.qhp -o ubuntu-ui-toolkit-help.qch ;      then just add that qch file to the help section of qtcreators options16:36
bobweaverbzoltan,  because that is the only way that I kbow how to make offline help pages16:37
bzoltanbobweaver:  I am asking because I do not use Qt4 dev tools. Should it work with Qt5 tools the same way?16:38
sil2100https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/ubuntu-facebook-app/add_missing_deps/+merge/161189 <- for the missing deps of the facebook app16:39
bobweaverbzoltan,  not sure I just followed the manual that is in qtcreator16:39
bobweaverthis is what I got (after altering css also )16:40
sil2100mhall119: ^16:40
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bzoltanbobweaver:  Yes, it looks good16:41
sil2100sergiusens: ping16:41
bzoltansil2100:  did you know that QtCreator + Ubuntu plugins would automatically fix the dependencies in the debian/control ? :)16:43
bobweaverbzoltan,  I was figuring that one could write a simple bash or whatever into ubuntu-ui-toolkit to generate new ones say when ever but I don't know about all that. just merdge the qhp file to ubuntu-ui-toolkit. But the Css us real messy16:43
sil2100bzoltan: nope, good to know ;) Since currently it's broken, so I decided to fix it ;)16:44
bobweaverbzoltan,  a differ3ent question that I have for you is. Should I make tutorial examples like qt has on welcomescreen16:44
sergiusenssil2100: pong16:44
bobweaverbzoltan,  so help pages pop up with code examples. for say Tabs and Page ect16:45
bzoltanbobweaver:  What I want is to add this file to the QtC package. How the QtC package is done now is simple... a builder scripts fetches the upstream QtC, and creates the Ubuntu plugin as a patch... after the new QtC is dput to the LP.  This builder could fetch the toolkit source and build the help16:45
bzoltan sil2100:  good idea... I occasionally send MRs to core apps too16:46
bobweaverbzoltan,  Yup , what do you think about getting css fixed though16:46
bzoltanbobweaver: what is the diff?16:46
bobweaverthat is the only thing that I hand alter16:46
bobweaverI will make diff now16:46
sil2100sergiusens: hi! hm, do you know by any chance where the source for the phablet-autopilot is being stored in bzr?16:47
bzoltanbobweaver: You can branch the UI Toolkit and send an MR to me if that is more convenient.16:49
mterrysil2100, heyo16:56
bobweaverbzoltan,  I will make brnch patch if you like ? here is css patch files https://code.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/css_patches16:56
achiangsergiusens: next time you touch phablet-flash... typo fix? "Validatind download for ..."16:57
bobweaverit is ugly hack :/ on css but makes it look nice I mean there is no !IMPORANT things going on but alot is commented out ect16:57
bzoltan bobweaver:  usually we do it with MRs16:57
achiangsergiusens: (not worth making a separate MP for but in the process of something else...)16:57
sergiusensachiang: already have an MR for that :-)16:57
bobweaverbzoltan,  I dont know what that is16:57
sergiusensachiang: with a download optimizations16:58
achiangsergiusens: heh, ok. could you also remove the extra print for "alternate settings" ? that was a debug print that i forgot to remove16:58
bobweaverbzoltan JBH but i learn quick. i think *oO16:58
bzoltanbobweaver:  you bzr branch the project, do your changes, bzr commit and bzr push to lp:~josephjamesmills/project_name/your_branch and then just propose it for merging...16:58
sergiusensachiang: yeah... going to have a cleanup session while flying :-)16:59
sergiusensachiang: and add modularity for some tests16:59
bobweaverbzoltan,  like bzr propus-merdge ?16:59
ogra_bobweaver, MR is short for "merge request"16:59
bobweaverbut speeled right16:59
achiangsergiusens: nice. when do you leave?16:59
sil2100sergiusens: ^ :)16:59
ogra_silly abbreviation usage all around here :)16:59
bzoltanbobweaver: What I am more interested thou is how to make this help work context sensitive way ... so I move my cursor to MainView, hit F1 and the relevant page shows16:59
bobweaverthanks ogra_  ! bzoltan  I can do that if you like but there is bin in package (the qch file )17:00
bobweaverbzoltan,  I have to add more filters17:00
bzoltanbobweaver:  Well.. that will not pass :) for sure17:00
bobweaverand #Tabs at end17:00
bobweaverbzoltan,  you are talking about for the contexual menu right ie on hover in edit mode ?17:01
bobweaverbzoltan,  yeah I just need to make more filters and hash tags17:01
bobweaverso that the QHelpEngine knows wtef is going on17:02
bzoltanbobweaver: Exactly ... that feature is on my list. With fairly high priority17:03
bobweavershould be17:03
bobweavershould I also add unity friends browser Hud ect17:04
bobweavereverything form the api's ?17:04
bobweaverand qt ref's to qml plugins ?17:04
bobweaverdoxygen ^^17:05
bobweaverI will make example of html for you to look at17:06
sergiusenssil2100: autopilot/private17:09
sil2100sergiusens: awesome, thanks!17:10
sergiusenssil2100: it's not a series though ;-)17:10
bobweaverbzoltan,  here you go like the class and file examples https://code.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/class_docs_example17:11
bobweavershould I also add them ?17:12
bobweaverbzoltan,  here is a pic of all that for I18n class http://imagebin.org/25550717:14
bzoltanbobweaver:  to be honest :) I am way too geek to get excited about design stuff. Usually  I work with design professionals who make sure that my stuff looks pretty.17:16
bzoltanbobweaver:  so css tweaks are cool, but they are not on my list right now.17:16
bobweaver<< horrible designer17:16
bzoltanbobweaver:   making things look pretty is a tough job, I trust the folks who are good at it :)17:17
bzoltanbobweaver:   so for me the priority with the docs is to make the UI Toolkit docs available in the QtCreator as help and make this help to work in a context sensitive way in the edit mode.17:18
bobweaveryup that is why I only change some of th css (like so words would not run together and one can read it )17:19
bobweaverbzoltan,  do you say that qml should come 1st ? just for sdk plugin ?17:19
bobweaverthen c++ classes and hud and browser and friends plugins17:19
bobweaverdo all qml docs 1st then work on c++ docs after ?17:20
bzoltanbobweaver: Since the UI Toolkit is in a fairly mature stage and it has very good documentation... yes, I would start with that17:20
bobweaverjust trying to get a work load so I do not bother people for days. and I will also have something to do for days off17:21
bobweaverbzoltan,  the qhp file is also easy to edit. So updating package would not be hard Just not sure about shipping compressed help files (qch)17:22
bobweavermight have to be different package for watch file not sure kinda lost on that17:23
KakaduGuys, where can I find data for resolving "import Ubuntu.Components 0.1" module? ubuntu-sdk?17:25
bzoltanbobweaver: the packaging and distribution is not something I worked out ... I think that the UI Toolkit could provide a QtC help package what installs nicely under the QtC17:26
* Kakadu is trying to run this apps without ubuntu17:26
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msvbAnyone here written games for Ubuntu touch in HTML5 using the Yoyogames Studio or game engine?18:02
KakaduSo, about facebook app: 1. You should add auth.js to deb (it is probably forgotten)18:08
Kakadu2. Is it normal that facebook-app from bzr gives me 'file:///home/kakadu/ubuntu-facebook-app/LoginPopup.qml:64: ReferenceError: accountService is not defined'18:09
tech4I am trying to install on a Nexus 7 and it sits at waiting for device.18:29
tech4I can see that there is usb activity, wondering how long to ait before I give up.18:29
tech4Is it a long or short process?18:30
pmcgowanits pushing files to the nexus7 now?18:30
tech4The terminal window is at < waiting for device > and the cursor is on the next line blinking.18:31
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tech4I am not sure if it is writing to it.  I ran through to the auto deploy and asked for the sudo password and told me it had to be unlocked to work18:33
tech4I entered my password and got < waiting for device >. What state does the Nexus need to be in?18:33
tech4Right now it is on the on and on the Desktop in Androind. Should be in booloader?18:34
ZDmitrytech4: I suggest your device is not recognized by adb. Try to reconnect device.18:35
pmcgowantech4: are you following the instructions on the wiki?18:35
tech4Yes but I am sure I missed somethng18:35
tech4Just checking does it need to be on the home screen on the Nexus 7?18:37
pmcgowantech4: it can be running android18:37
pmcgowancan you see it with adb devices18:37
tech4I think I see what I did..18:39
tech4I am not sure I the debugger is setting are done18:39
tech4I didn't tap the build number 7 times to be developer18:40
tech4now it is pushing.18:41
tech4just needed to talk it out18:41
pmcgowanah good18:41
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MinsteI´m having problems with todays build. Closing apps won't work, and Gallery app won't even open, just gives me a black screen. ???18:54
pantzaHi Guys, I am trying to install ubunto-touch on my nexus 7 - i get an error,that adbd cant work as root on a production build19:02
pantzais there someting i could do? the device is unlocked19:02
pmcgowanMinste: there are issues with todays build, should ahve them resolved by end of the day19:03
mhall119kenvandine: with the raring device images, do I need the super-friends PPA?19:03
pmcgowanMinste: can close apps from the running apps lens now19:03
mhall119pmcgowan: does the daily image use the latest unity-next?19:04
Minstepmcqowan: okay :) Thanks for information :)19:04
pmcgowanmhall119: thats whats in process19:05
kenvandinemhall119, no you don't19:05
pmcgowanpantza: maybe not in developer mode19:05
pmcgowanpantza: enable usb debugging?19:06
kenvandinemhall119, btw, there is a qml-friends-doc package in daily-build-next PPA19:06
kenvandinemhall119, can you look at getting that up on d.u.c?19:06
mhall119kenvandine: absolutely, thanks for making it19:06
pantzapmcgowan:  i think so, but i'll check -thx19:06
kenvandineor maybe for "13.04" docs i should put it in a 13.04 ppa19:06
kenvandinemhall119, so you don't start getting 13.10 docs next week :)19:07
kenvandinewhen i start bumping the API version :)19:07
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mhall119kenvandine: yeah, I need to copy over all the 12.10 docs to 13.0419:07
kenvandineso it doesn't automatically update on d.u.c?19:08
pantzapmcgowan: debugging mode is active19:08
kenvandineif you grab what is there now then i start breaking the API in that ppa, it won't affect the docs you copied for d.u.c?19:08
ogra_pantza, kill adb on your PC ... it should work the second time (this is described in detail on the install wiki page)19:09
mhall119hmmmm, HUD doesn't work in the latest image19:11
mhall119kenvandine: no auto-updates yet, no19:11
kenvandineso snag what's there for 13.04 then :)19:12
kenvandinemhall119, i almost got docs for accounts-qml-module19:12
mhall119kenvandine: that's in the ppa or in raring's archives?19:12
kenvandinein raring19:13
kenvandinebut the -doc packages will be in the ppa19:13
pantzaogra_:  i did this - same problem. the nexus is automounted - could this be the problem?19:13
kenvandinei've got the docs all updated for the accounts bindings but the package doesn't want to install them... it might have just been a case of me working on them at 2am :)19:13
ogra_pantza, oh, indeed it could19:14
pmcgowanit shouldnt automount in debug mode ?19:14
ogra_mtp ?19:14
ogra_right, we have a bug open for that19:15
pmcgowanright, it still has android19:15
mhall119pmcgowan: is there a know HUD issue with the raring images?19:15
pmcgowanthere sure is, its totally busted19:15
mhall119ok, not just me then :)19:15
tech4OK.. I got it on the nexus 7. How do I bring up the on screen keyboard?19:15
mhall119tech4: it'll come up whenever a text field has focus19:16
pmcgowantech4: just touch any text field19:16
pmcgowanlike go to netowkring and get on your netowrk19:16
ogra_bug 116084719:17
ubot5bug 1160847 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "gvfs should not attempt to mount MTP devices in an endless loop (cluttering your desktop with messages)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116084719:17
ogra_i guess it is related somehow (not the same though)19:17
pmcgowanfor me it tries once and gives up19:17
pmcgowanon raring19:17
tech4So, I am trying to enter the Wireless password, I get the cursor in the box but noon screen keyboard...19:17
pantzathx a lot!19:18
pmcgowantech4: I hate to say this but try rebooting once, there is a bug on a race for that19:18
pmcgowanyou can also try in the mssages pulldown19:19
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mhall119bugger, my InverseMouseArea bug is still there in the raring images19:23
KakaduThat's a pity! I tryed Ubuntu 13.04 and touch apps worked but Xserver was ugly and unity3d was very slow. Now I have installed guest additions from raring repo and Unity is very smooth, but QML apps like facebook one crashes VirtualBox without any descriptive logs.....19:26
KakaduMaybe there are any docs about develoing ubuntu-touch apps under debian?19:26
ogra_time to write some ! :)19:27
Guest63812tech4, you need to reboot device19:36
Guest63812and after you can access keyboard for wifi password19:36
sergiusensmhall119: if you update&&upgrade the hud thing will be solved19:44
sergiusensmhall119: new image coming as soon as the indicator-messages stuff works again19:44
mhall119sergiusens: cool, thanks19:47
mhall119having a terminal on my tablet now, means I can do that without plugging it in, this makes me unreasonably happy :)19:47
kenvandinemhall119, awesome, is the terminal in a ppa?19:50
mhall119kenvandine: it should be getting into the core apps PPA19:50
* kenvandine looks forward to that :)19:51
mhall119I need to get the terminal widget plugin in there too19:51
kenvandinemhall119, are you running the latest raring image?19:51
kenvandinemhall119, if so, have you tried uoa-create with that?19:51
mhall119kenvandine: yes, but no19:52
mhall119just flashed it a bit afo19:52
kenvandineit worked for me with an apt-get upgrade19:52
kenvandineflashing now, but curious to know if i really fixed the issues :)19:52
kenvandinemhall119, you mean that isn't the first thing you do after flashing?  maybe i am the only one :-D19:53
mhall119sergiusens: will I be able to keep just update/upgrade-ing, or will regular flashes be better?19:54
mhall119kenvandine: I think you are :)19:54
mhall119first thing I do is install games19:54
mhall119man, I can't use Android anymore19:55
mhall119I keep swiping from the edges and nothing happens :(19:55
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sergiusensmhall119: so these days, apt-get upgrade may be safe19:58
sergiusensmhall119: when hybris and platform-api change you will surely need a new android side19:58
* mhall119 is so tempted to put "apt-get upgrade may be safe" on the quotes page19:58
sergiusensyou may not get improvements on the android side, but they aren't breaking features as of late20:00
kenvandinemhall119, do it!20:02
p6644When do you think that galaxy s4 will be ported to?. (planning for my next phone...)20:07
achiangsergiusens: if i just do a plain old phablet-flash on my maguro, will it automatically go from quantal => raring?20:07
sergiusensachiang: yes20:11
achiangsergiusens: rad. thanks.20:12
sergiusensachiang: just make sure you have latest tools or you will get an unsupported format error blah blah20:12
achiangsergiusens: yup, just pulled them this AM20:12
mhall119anybody around for the youtube meeting?20:13
achiangsergiusens: hm, i flashed and now my maguro won't boot20:35
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achiangsergiusens: and... just as i pinged you, another reboot fixed it20:36
cyphermoxsergiusens: hey20:54
cyphermoxsergiusens: turns out I tried to ship about a thousand or so of my contacts on the nexus 4... it's not overly happy with it20:55
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mhall119fginther: ping21:02
sergiusenscyphermox: ship?21:02
cyphermoxsergiusens: import into EDS21:03
cyphermoxI mean, whatever :)21:03
sergiusenscyphermox: with the online accounts thing you mean? I don't use it as there's sort of a shell limitation on amount21:03
cyphermoxwell, with 1000 contacts it's slow, and you absolutely must search21:03
cyphermoxthere's not way to quickly scroll to somewhere21:04
fginthermhall119, pong21:07
shadeslayerogra_: sigh, I was hoping to get X working with the Xorg.conf from ChromeOS21:07
shadeslayerdidn't work :(21:07
ogra_i still think there is something missing in your kernel21:08
shadeslayerogra_: there's DRM, I haven't enabled that21:08
shadeslayerwould that make a difference?21:09
mhall119fginther: have I already asked you about getting https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/plugin auto-building in the core apps PPA?21:09
mhall119if I haven't, can we set that up?21:09
ogra_shadeslayer, well, worth a try at least21:10
fginthermhall119, hmm, it's already setup21:10
fginthermhall119, let me look into why it's not working21:10
fginthermhall119, there are no branches to merge21:13
shadeslayerogra_: do you know if anyone would have an idea as to what's missing?21:13
shadeslayereven a hint :)21:13
fginthermhall119, at least not where I'm looking21:13
ogra_only the guys in #ubuntu-x come to mind, but its a bad time for them probably21:13
mhall119fginther: no MPs, but there's code in the series development branch, can that be triggered to build and upload to the PPA?21:13
rsalvetishadeslayer: what x11 driver are you using?21:13
fginthermhall119, ahhhhh21:13
rsalvetiI know by default the fb devices at android are kind of broken21:14
shadeslayerrsalveti: it's using fbdev21:14
fginthermhall119, yep that can be done21:14
rsalvetibecause of the way it uses surfaceflinger21:14
rsalvetitry writing directly to your framebuffer21:14
shadeslayerrsalveti: actually, I'm trying to get X up, so, surfaceflinger?21:14
rsalvetiyou'll probably not get any noise21:14
shadeslayeryou mean I should try directly writing to /dev/fb0?21:14
rsalvetiif so, it might explain with fbdev is not working21:14
fginthermhall119, sorry, I was expecting a MP to be ready to land to kick all of that off21:14
rsalvetishadeslayer: just to test, yes21:14
rsalvetisome devices are using drm based drivers21:15
rsalvetithen xserver-xorg-video-modesetting might behave better21:15
shadeslayerwill try21:15
shadeslayeroh fun, I enable fbcon and it just goes kaput21:16
shadeslayerdoesn't even boot21:16
ogra_welcome to last week :P21:17
ogra_(we were there already iirc)21:17
shadeslayeryeah, but I thought it was booting21:17
shadeslayerbut now that I have adb up, once I enable fbcon, it doesn't even boot and start adb21:18
shadeslayerso fbcon is a big no no :)21:18
ogra_i guess drm will actually help21:18
shadeslayeryeah, disabling fbcon and just enabling drm21:19
ogra_might even make xfbdev work ... i have seen weirder things already :)21:19
shadeslayerlets see :)21:20
shadeslayeraaannddd nothing21:20
ogra_then try the modesetting driver next21:21
shadeslayerogra_: rsalveti http://paste.kde.org/73303421:25
shadeslayerwith http://paste.kde.org/73304021:25
rsalveti[    19.171] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory21:26
ogra_and xf86OpenConsole: setpgid failed: Operation not permitted21:26
rsalvetino drm fun21:26
ogra_we had that before21:26
shadeslayerwhat ogra_ posted is something either I missed before or something new21:27
ogra_no, we had that before, i'm pretty sure21:27
ogra_thats whay i insist that some kernel option is wrong21:27
shadeslayerI'm not sure which one could cause that21:28
rsalvetiyeah, good to compare with the nexus 7 one for the ubuntu desktop21:28
rsalvetias it has fb working there21:29
shadeslayeruh, isn't the Nexus 7 a completely different SoC :P21:29
ogra_tegra is a breeze, for sure ...  but using the config as example should help21:30
rsalvetiright, but quite many configs must be similar21:30
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fginthermhall119, the package has been dput, it's building now21:50
mhall119thanks fginther21:51
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Guest5596I have a few questions21:58
shadeslayerogra_: http://paste.kde.org/733094 < well, the setpgid error seems to be gone23:25
shadeslayeronly happens with the modesetting driver23:25
shadeslayerrsalveti: ^^ so the modesetting driver seems to cause more issues?23:28

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