popeyGood morning!07:15
diploMorning all07:20
bittintop of the morning :>07:20
bittinlistning to Ubuntu-UK Podcast before going to work :)07:21
bittinshould install Ubuntu on my laptop instead of Windows 8 when i stop being lazy aswell as the wificard works now with 13.0407:21
popeyYes, yes you should.07:26
bittinbut i think i should save for a bigger SSD or macbook but i promised myself, to save all my money to go to US to meet one person i like :p07:27
bittinbut well an 80GB SSD is okay in a laptop07:27
bittinshould install Ubuntu on it when i stop being lazy and change Unity to Openbox or something proper :p07:27
bittinah well have to go to work07:28
brobostigongood morning eveyrone,07:49
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:56
brobostigonjust found something interesting, arduinodroid, an arduino ide for android, just playing about with it.07:59
=== alan_g|life is now known as alan_g
MooDoohow was the party last night?08:22
brobostigonnot a clue.08:22
NET||abusemorning folks,,,08:26
NET||abuseparty was alright, we were outside on the decking and the weather was lovely.. so that was nice08:26
MooDoolovely :)08:26
NET||abusei got nicely sloshed and spouted alot of rubbish, so a success in my book :)08:27
popeyhaha ☻08:29
popeyexcellent, a typical release party08:29
popeyI recall one of the first ones I went to, I was helping someone with their laptop. Mark Shuttleworth arrived, walked over and said "Hi, I'm Mark". I was like "DUUUUH I know who you are!" (in my head)08:30
NET||abuse:P hehe08:30
NET||abusestarstruck much :)08:30
popeyyeah ☻08:30
NET||abuseyeh, no sign of him this time that's for sure08:30
NET||abusethere wasn't really a tech help session and i didn't see anyone installing, mostly just chatting and boozing08:31
popeyyeah, he's busy flying around the world marketing ubuntu to everyone ☻08:31
popeypip pip08:34
popeylooking forward to beerex08:34
popeymy mate dave is coming too, and hugo08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Hangover Day! >:-D08:36
BigRedSNET||abuse: well, there's less and less call for installfests these days. It tends to all just work...08:37
* JamesTait turned into a babbling idiot fanboi upon (literally) bumping into Mark in Budapest.08:38
JamesTaitMost embarassing.08:38
AlanBellmorning all08:40
MooDooJamesTait: did you tell him what day it was08:42
JamesTaitMooDoo, nope. I opened with "Ooops, sorry!"08:42
JamesTaitBefore realising who he was, then proceeding to tell him why he's a massive celebrity in our house.08:43
JamesTaitAnd finally getting a photo.08:43
JamesTaitHe was very cool about the whole thing.  I think he was embarassed for me. :)08:44
popeywas that at a UDS?08:45
JamesTaitIt was.  I think I made a better impression at the Canonical All Stars gig on the Friday night.08:45
Davieypopey: I assume you mean this party, http://bootie.daviey.com/~dave/release_party.JPG ?08:45
MooDooJamesTait: i'm sure people would be the same with meeting popey or czajkowski or Daviey or davmor2 they are celebs in my house :)08:46
brobostigonnice url. bootie.daviey.com :)08:46
* JamesTait has a bag autographed by popey and Daviey. ;)08:46
AlanBellevil looking face on popey in that08:46
JamesTaitAs well as Laura, Tony and Ciemon, and Dan and Fab from Linux Outlaws.08:47
Davieypopey: what were you doing to Mark's behind?08:47
MooDooJamesTait: yup and AlanBell and TheOpenSourcerer08:47
DavieyAlanBell: there used to be a page on the wiki that had some more photos.  Particularly of the 2008 release party.  Do you know where it went?08:55
Davieydamn, it was Adam Bagnalls photos - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/Gallery/HardyReleaseParty2008?action=recall&rev=208:57
popeyyes Daviey !08:58
MooDoowhat about this one daviey it's you! - http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretlondon/2439356023/in/photostream/08:59
Davieypopey: Happen to know what happened?  He asked ubuntu-uk.org to mirror it08:59
MooDooand the ubuntu cake  - http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretlondon/2440148340/08:59
nigelboh wow. Daviey without a beard.08:59
nigelbI didn't know such a thing happened.08:59
DavieyI actually did shave it off last month :)08:59
nigelbAlso, I might be in UK in July.09:00
nigelbWe should try to met this time.09:00
=== SuperMat1 is now known as SuperMatt
Davieynigelb: sounds good09:02
Davieypopey: looks like they were lost last year.. :(09:03
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:03
bigcalmAre we all sober after the release parties?09:03
SuperMattyes yes09:04
SuperMattI had mcdonalds breakfast09:04
SuperMatteverything is now fixed09:04
popeyDaviey: eh?09:04
BigRedSLiam got me very drunk again :/09:04
popeyoh, they're on the box?09:04
bigcalmI'm just back from the post office having had my passport renewal application checked. Glad I did as it failed due to my counter signatory making mistakes :(09:05
popeyDaviey: not on my backups ☹09:06
directhexbigcalm, need to get an application done for the baby09:06
bigcalmdirecthex: I don't have a baby09:07
directhexbigcalm, well, i do. getting him to pose for a passport photo will be tricky09:08
nigelbdirecthex: I still don't believe your passport has weather patterns oon it.09:10
AlanBellsoftware updater is kinda nice now09:10
directhexnigelb, you saw the photo!09:10
nigelbdirecthex: I did!09:10
bigcalmI'm not sure about the new icons09:10
bigcalmAnd I'm struggling to get ATI drivers for the laptop - again09:11
nigelbmeh, still on precise.09:11
directhexi just bought a geforce...09:11
bigcalmAll future laptops will be geforce powered. ATI is nothing but trouble09:11
directhexnigelb, overcast on page 5-6,9-10, cloudy on page 7-8, rainy on page 11-1209:12
Davieypopey: it looks like it was removed from ubuntu-uk.org when we switched to WP site09:12
JamesTaitHm, interesting... it's sunny and hailing.09:12
directhexthat's page 23-2409:12
Davieypopey: /srv/old.ubuntu-uk.org/www is now a dangling symling to /var/www/ubuntu-uk.org09:13
popeyDaviey: yeah, bummer, sorry.09:13
nigelbdirecthex: Haha.09:13
Davieypopey: Don't know who it was, sorry, wasn't blaming you09:13
DavieyI just emailed Adam, to see if he still has them09:13
DavieyWould be a shame to lose critical artifacts :)09:14
popeyit probably was me tbh09:14
Laneybah, no milk09:18
* Laney grimaces at the thought of black tea09:18
bigcalmLaney: have a fruit tea or black coffee09:19
Laneybigcalm: I already made a pot :(09:20
Laneyho hum09:20
directhexmoo juice!09:21
directhexdo you live on or near a farm...?09:21
Laneyi live quite firmly inside a city09:22
Laneynot aware of any farms for several miles09:23
directhexhow about urban cows?09:23
Laneydo deer produce milk? there's deer in the park up the road09:23
directhexyou hear urban farming is a thing, there must be urban cows09:23
Myrttiwe've got about ten liters of UHT whole milk in our emergency cupboard :-P09:23
Myrtti(mainly used for making yoghurt)09:23
directhexUHT is not a job for the emergency cupboard. UHT is for use in the fallout shelter when you run out of fresh rat milk09:23
Myrttiwell for it's main purpose in our household it works fine09:25
MyrttiI recon it's better to buy organic British UHT whole milk than to buy some New Zealand powdered milk with witch craft in it09:26
Myrtti(ie. use some old yoghurt as a culture and mix it in the UHT milk rather than using Easy-Yo packs and water)09:27
directhexnote: this is left 4 dead 2 beta, not left 4 dead 2. you cannot play with left 4 dead 2 players, only left 4 dead 2 beta players09:48
directhexmuch like tf209:48
davmor2Morning all10:17
SuperMatthey hey10:19
davmor2MooDoo: Celebs are we now, hmmm10:19
davmor2</best yoda impression>10:19
MooDoodavmor2: yes you are to me any way.....10:28
MooDoodavmor2: just take the compliment you :)10:28
davmor2MooDoo: hahaha Morning dude :)10:29
MooDoomorning :)10:29
TheOpenSourcererpopey: What time are we meeting this evening and where?10:35
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: will get a train from Ash vale I think.. need to chase Dave10:35
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: hmm, i have 5 tickets, are 3 of them yours?10:43
popeyyou, AlanBell and A.N.Other?10:43
TheOpenSourcererDon't think so.10:43
TheOpenSourcererNot us.10:43
popeyi may have a spare ticket then10:44
TheOpenSourcererIs filace coming?10:44
TheOpenSourcererwhat about cz<tab> then?10:44
popeydont fink so10:44
czajkowskiI may pop down10:44
Dave2Too many Daves10:53
davmor2Dave2: you seem to be insinuating that, that is a bad thing10:54
popeybe good to see you czajkowski10:55
popeywould be nice if I could stay a bit sober10:55
czajkowskipopey: shall we have a curry :)10:55
* czajkowski wont bring pringles ;)10:56
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: is there a plan to curry?10:56
MooDoothis sounds like a good evening ahead :)10:56
popeyan alternative release party10:56
popeyRelease Party II: I know what you did last night.10:56
MooDooha hahahaha10:57
MooDooany extreame ironing popey ?10:57
popeyI do hope not10:57
TheOpenSourcererNom Nom, curry.10:57
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I do nt have a plan but that sounds like a good one :-)10:57
shaunoheh, that's an awkward default.  VM with 2gb disk, 1gb ram.  installer creates 1gb filesystem and 1gb swap.  so I've got roughly 250MB disk left out of the box10:58
MooDooshauno: that's plenty enough space for minecraft, what's the issue?10:59
shaunohah, my world dir is 700MB11:00
MooDooouch lol11:00
* popey wonders how big the home server one is11:01
shaunoit shouldn't actually be an issue, the application gets mounted from a second disk.  it just feels a bit like ryanair.  technically enough space for 2 legs, but only on paper11:01
mungbeanraid array suddendly thinks 4 disks are dead :(11:57
mungbeannot sure who to believe11:57
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
knightwisehey everyone :)13:07
knightwisejust downloading 13.04 , can"t wait to give it a spin on my Lenovo x21213:07
redtapehi .. there ...13:07
brobostigonafternoonings knightwise13:08
knightwisehey brobostigon how are ya13:10
brobostigonknightwise: overall pretty good today, and you?13:10
knightwiselooong boring meetings today13:11
knightwisebwa , its ok , mostly hiding behind my screen while doing  some IRC and downloading the 3 new ISO's :p13:13
knightwiseand yell something intelligent once in a while13:13
MooDooi installed 13.04 last night, nothing special, just worked as usual :D13:14
knightwiseI'm thinking of doing a dist upgrade on my PROBOOK 6560b13:14
brobostigonknightwise: :)13:14
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
knightwisethere you go .. all three ISO's going tot da Usb Stick :)13:18
celestehhello, I have a computer with a touchscreen and what I want to do is plug it into a project and mirror the display, so my main screen gets resized/letterboxed, but be able to keep using the stylus. So the calibration numbers for the stylus would adjust to the new screen geometry.  I have tried googling, but I don't know what terms to search for.13:56
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
dwatkinscelesteh: what kind of computer is it?14:40
andylock1anhey guys14:43
dwatkinsallo andylock1an14:44
andylock1ancan anyone sort me out some help with an apache reverse proxy - I've forgotten how to get the page to return the URLs with the folder path's rewritten14:44
=== andylock1an is now known as andylockran
andylockranheya dwa14:46
andylockranheya dwatkins14:46
mgdmandylockran: ProxyPassReverse?14:48
mgdmandylockran: he says, without clicking the link14:48
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
celestehdwatkins: a lenovo x220 tablet running ubuntu studio 13.0414:54
dwatkinscelesteh: it should have fn keys you can use to switch display modes, although I have no idea if they're implemented in Raring; you might need to manually select the display option to mirror it.15:01
dwatkins...assuming Raring picks up the secondary screen, of course.15:01
celestehThe problem I'm having is that if the screen resolution changes, say because of mirroring, the callibration for the touch screen does not compensate for this15:05
celestehSo the place where i'm touching the screen is not where the arrow is appearing15:05
popeycelesteh: do you know what make of touch device it is?15:06
popeyis it a wacom one?15:06
TheOpenSourcererpopey: What's the plan dude?15:10
TheOpenSourcererCobbett at 6?15:10
celestehpopey: it's treated as a wacom by ubuntu, but i think this is not the actual make. there's some firmaware update i'm supposed to install which will effect how ubuntu sees it15:11
andylockranmgdm: I tell ye, running a reverse proxy is turning out to be miles harder than I'd have thought15:13
=== alan_g_ is now known as alan_g
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: I should be on the train arriving at 17:2515:22
popeyso will walk down to town, and should be at the cobbet before 615:22
mgdmandylockran: apache isn't all that good at it15:23
popeycelesteh: there's a wacom-tools package I think which has a tool you can use to recalibrate15:24
popeyxsetwacom is the command15:24
popeyyou can use that to set the orientation, and resolution and such15:25
czajkowskipopey: when I come outta the train station where do I head to ?15:26
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Grand/Champion. Will see thee there then.15:27
TheOpenSourcererOr I might wait for you at the station ;-)15:27
popeyczajkowski: william cobbet pub15:28
celestehI'm not finding these tools in the ubntu software centre thing.  ...  I should also mention I'm using gnome15:28
popeyor just ping me, or look me up on latitude15:28
popey!info wacom-tools15:28
lubotu3Package wacom-tools does not exist in quantal15:28
czajkowskipopey: cheers15:28
popeycelesteh: i dont know what the package name is these days, sorry. and i need to go away from keyboard to catch a train15:29
czajkowskichoooo chooo15:31
ahayzenpopey, xserver-xorg-input-wacom - X.Org X server -- Wacom input driver?15:32
andylockranmgdm: would you reckon nginx would be better?15:32
celestehOk, thanks for your help. Have a good train trip15:33
mgdmandylockran: possibly - the only one I have real experience with is Varnish15:33
mgdmandylockran: but I've at least played with nginx doing that15:33
bigcalm7.5MB/s to leech Solid Steel podcasts. This still amuses me15:39
popey→ beer15:41
SuperMatthave fun15:42
bigcalm1h15m remaining to the week15:45
bigcalmDon't think I'm going to get everything done. Looks like another working weekend.15:45
bigcalmDo I care too much about the job?15:46
SuperMattonly 45 left in my week15:46
bigcalmSlacker :P15:46
SuperMatttonight shall mostly be comprised of sleeping15:46
SuperMattyou really have no idea what goes on here at work15:46
bigcalmSlacking? ;)15:46
SuperMattmostly https://twitter.com/sprmtt/status/32526648622464204915:47
SuperMattadmittedly that was last friday15:47
SuperMattwe didn't have the live music this week15:47
MooDoolater popey et all who's going tonight15:47
SuperMattoh, and in 13 minutes the bar opens15:48
bigcalmLass next to the pillar looks as though she is begrudgingly  sitting through the performance15:48
bigcalmYou have a bar at work?15:48
MooDooshe asleep lol15:48
SuperMattyes. yes we do15:49
SuperMattjust bad timing on the photo probably15:50
brobostigonjust found a good name for an app that exists on android, "pubdar". :)15:50
SuperMattcan't decide if I wanna stay at work for a beer, or just head off home and sleep15:54
bigcalmFree beer?15:55
SuperMattnot free, no15:55
SuperMattthat was last night15:55
bigcalmDecent ales?15:55
SuperMattalas no15:55
SuperMattnothing on tap15:55
bigcalmGo home to sleep15:56
MooDoonothing on tap....pah rubbish15:57
SuperMattit's not a huge bar15:57
SuperMattit's just... a bar15:57
SuperMatt... in our office15:57
MooDoowhat a metal bar15:57
SuperMattMooDoo: it's a bar, as in alvohol16:00
bigcalmSuperMatt: I thought that was going to be a link to your place of work and its bar16:04
SuperMatthttp://www.dezeen.com/2008/09/01/engine-offices-by-jump-studios/ this is it16:07
SuperMattor least some of the pictures are16:07
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|bbs
* TheOpenSourcerer tidies up desk and heads to the train to meet popey (or just go straight to the pub).16:09
=== pdunkley is now known as Guest56595
* AlanBell heads to the pub16:39
ideas-hubright can you guys help16:44
ideas-hubim trying to connect spring lobby using a LAN Network16:45
* brobostigon googles spring lobby, as he has no clue what it is.16:46
ali1234spring is a game16:47
ali1234spring lobby is where you make game match ups16:47
ideas-hubi know16:48
ideas-hubi wanna know how to connect to localhost16:48
ideas-hubso i can host a LAN Network game16:49
ideas-hubwithout the internet16:50
ideas-hubright so you dont know then16:51
ideas-hub......... great16:52
brobostigonideas-hub: have you tried there irc channel, here on freenode?16:53
ideas-hubi dont know what it is16:53
brobostigonit says on their site #springlobby16:54
brobostigonspringlobby.info then to contact at the bottom of the page.16:54
MartijnVdSWhy does the update-manager icon look like an "A" now?16:57
MartijnVdSThe icon (with its green background) looks like some web site opened up something evil16:57
directhexvery mac-like isn't it16:57
MartijnVdSdirecthex: "A" for Ubuntu Apdates?16:57
LaneyAwesome software in here16:58
MartijnVdSthe green background is suspicious as well16:59
MartijnVdSit looks like a poker chip16:59
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: somewhat ironically, your nick is green in my IRC client.16:59
MartijnVdSdwatkins: hmm :)17:00
MartijnVdSdwatkins: do I look suspicious too?17:00
dwatkinsunless you mention me by name, then it's yellow.17:00
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: no, you look Dutch.17:00
dwatkinsI imagine you're busy riding 14-fot tall bicycles in your offline time17:00
dwatkinsttha to you too ;)17:01
dwatkinsah, you disapprove17:01
MartijnVdSWe're getting a king in a few days...17:02
MartijnVdSWilliam IV17:02
MartijnVdSor whatever he'll call himself :)17:02
dwatkinsWe've had a queen for so long, she's practically immortal.17:03
MartijnVdSWilliam IV would be confusing if "your" William became king ;)17:03
MartijnVdSdwatkins: We've had 3 queens in a row, since 189017:03
MartijnVdS3 queens and one "queen-regent"17:03
dwatkinsWhat's the difference between a queen and a queen-regent, aside from 7 characters?17:04
MartijnVdSdwatkins: the king died while his daughter was 1017:04
dwatkinsoh dear :(17:05
MartijnVdSdwatkins: so his wife (the queen, but not "by family" but "by marriage") took over for 8 years17:05
* dwatkins sighs17:06
dwatkinsI wish I didn't have to deal with random people sometimes17:06
dwatkinsFreecycle tends to bring out the people who don't use e-mail much17:06
MartijnVdSheh, I know the type17:07
dwatkinsI got three consecutive replies asking the same thing but with a longer sentence each time17:07
=== adam____ is now known as kabads
redtapeOT | oooh .. Looks like Winston not Maggie will get the new £5 note -age ... ::: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/new-5-pound-note-to-feature-winston-churchill-portrait-102225247.html17:31
=== alan_g|bbs is now known as alan_g|life
redtapepopey, not sure it was you, however: someone mentioned about "Things todo after installing 13.04 "  .. | I found this article :::  http://itsfoss.com/things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-13-04/18:05
redtapeI take it everyone is getting drunk ??19:06
ali1234sure, why not19:08
diddledandrunk? on a friday? the day after a big push? you must be mad19:09
diddledanneed to be sober in the morning to do the weekly shopping :-p19:09
redtapediddledan: You and half of the working populus !19:10
redtapesalute !19:10
redtapei thnk that's italian, but it's along time since I spoke lasagne ^_^19:11
diddledanor so my German friend tells me19:11
redtapeok . goodstuff.19:11
diddledanhe might be deluding me19:12
diddledanwouldn't be the first time ;-)19:12
redtapeDid you see Jono asking for weed on his weekly QnA on youtube ?19:12
diddledanlol, no?19:12
redtapei think its planetubuntu .. or ubuntu on air .. last one i saw anyways..19:13
=== airurando1 is now known as airurando
ali1234http://pastebin.com/93TsirGC any ideas?20:19
mungbeannot really touchscreen, typical slashdot. understands a few gestures20:29
mungbeanbetter getting a leap thingy20:29
ali1234how do you benchmark php/mysql code?20:31
MartijnVdSali1234: using rm -rf20:39
diddledanwhich one was that the answer to, or was it for both? :-p20:39
diddledanoh facebook, why must you be so conflicted over whether I'm gay or whether I need a gf? latest advert "meet submissive women now"20:41
diddledanI really should unsubscribe20:42
mungbeani get the ripped abs inline ads20:42
MartijnVdSdiddledan: you can close your account :)20:42
MartijnVdSor use an ad blocker20:42
mungbeaninline ads on the phone ;(20:42
MartijnVdSI removed facebook from my phone.. it ate my battery20:43
mungbeandisable push?20:43
MartijnVdSmungbean: nah, I like it better like this20:44
MartijnVdSmungbean: I use(d) FB too much anyway20:44
mungbeanmy close family of first cousins, uncles, nephews etc number around 10020:44
MartijnVdSmungbean: the website works fine :)20:45
mungbeanfb is excellent place to put baby pics etc20:45
mungbeangetting asked for help on setting up website, should i direct them to a person, or a website that helps this stuff?20:46
mungbeandon'twanna get saddled with it20:46
MartijnVdSprobably, yes20:46
MartijnVdSmungbean: do they want a blog? blogger or tumblr20:46
mungbeani don't even wanna ask20:46
MartijnVdSmungbean: Tell them your consulting rate ;)20:47
diddledansee, the problem is the critical mass phenomena - I stay on facebook because all my friends and family are on facebook. they stay on facebook because they're nieve and won't change now they're established; and besides all _their_ friends are on facebook.. ad infinitum20:47
MartijnVdSmungbean: £100/hr, £75 because you know them so wel20:47
MartijnVdSdiddledan: the only reason I haven't closed my account is that there are some people I only talk to using FB20:48
MartijnVdSdiddledan: and I don't want to NOT talk to them :)20:49
diddledanI don't actually have any idea as to the going rate for things like web consultancy. despite working along exactly those lines. the costing is up to my bosses, I just take my paycheque20:49
diddledanMartijnVdS, I know what you mean20:49
diddledan(take my cheque and do all the meaningful work :-p)20:50
MartijnVdSdiddledan: £75-100/hr sounds nice though, right?20:50
MartijnVdSdiddledan: (family rates)20:50
diddledanyes it does :-p20:50
shaunoif you can get the hours, anyway.  I did a gig on $60/hr for a while.  it sounds great, until you find yourself sitting at home praying for something to break this week20:52
diddledanlol @ email I just got from hantslug: "One final note (and it's quite important), we have no Vodafone coverage on [southampton uni] campus at the moment, due to this blasted peregrine falcon up their mast, and therefore they can't fix it... (It broke)"20:53
MartijnVdShaha :)20:53
MartijnVdSI wonder what coverage will be like in Cornwall20:53
MartijnVdSprobably 2G all the way.. 64kbit if I'm lucky20:53
diddledanno fibre either, I guess20:54
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I'm just visiting, for about a week, next month20:54
diddledanneed to buy some weetabix20:54
MartijnVdSdiddledan: so wired internet is probably out :)20:54
diddledanthank god for that - I had palpatations thinking about it20:54
MartijnVdSit's only a week20:55
mungbeanweetabix? constipated/20:55
diddledanno fibre in cornwall = need to buy weetabix20:56
diddledansorry, my mind works weirdly20:56
shaunoain't that the truth20:57
diddledanshush you20:57
MartijnVdSAnyway.. I'm going to drive all the way from Harwich20:58
MartijnVdSLong drive is long.20:58
diddledanwave as you go past Basingstoke, and I'll wave back :-D21:00
MartijnVdSI hope the weather stays/becomes great, so I can take pics like this one:21:01
mungbeani like the churchill £5 notes21:02
MartijnVdSmungbean: haven't seen them yet?21:02
diddledangood weather? in Britain? you're kidding, right?!21:02
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I'm from the Netherlands, don't think I don't know weather ;)21:03
shaunocornwall isn't really in the UK as far as weather goes.  it's its own little world21:03
diddledanshauno, so's Basingstoke, to be fair21:03
MartijnVdSdiddledan: just one perpetual rain cloud? :)21:03
mungbeanmy new tshirt is shipped \p/21:04
diddledanwe actaully had some sunshine today21:04
MartijnVdSdiddledan: lies!21:04
diddledanI was so shocked I had to open the window21:04
mungbeanbears some resemblance to beefy miracle http://shirt.woot.com/offers/by-your-powers-combined21:04
MartijnVdSmungbean: http://dftba.com/product/15x/Ceci-nest-pas-un-Corndog-Shirt21:04
redtapeMartijnVdS: Has anyone got a site on the impending doom of the next big flood in Holland ?21:05
* redtape loves doom etc ..21:05
diddledandoom is sooo passe21:06
MartijnVdSQuake is where it's at?21:06
diddledanor it will be afterwards21:06
shaunoaccording to my extensive armchair research, doom mostly occurs in NYC, we're pretty much safe/boring21:07
redtapeMartijnVdS: I was talking about the flodds ..21:07
MartijnVdSredtape: we have more earthquakes than floods these days21:07
diddledanshauno, boston tried21:07
diddledanoh dear21:07
diddledanI went there21:07
diddledantoo soon?21:07
redtapeWhatever .. I mean when the dykes are breached etc ..21:07
MartijnVdSredtape: with the natural gas drilling and everything21:07
redtapeis there a websites for that ?21:08
MartijnVdSredtape: not that I know.. but I haven't looked21:08
redtapecrumbs .. ignorance is bliss..21:08
MartijnVdSredtape: nah, my house is above sea level21:08
MartijnVdS= care level :P21:08
redtapeSounds like you.21:09
diddledanI'm resisting a dyke joke.21:10
shaunoI'm wondering if his precious fibre is all above sea level :p21:10
redtapei think robbin williams had the best thou..21:10
MartijnVdSshauno: most of it is :)21:10
redtapeI dont think petrol cars will beat electric cars for popularity in 2020 thou .. [que the flamewar ...]21:11
MartijnVdSredtape: meh21:11
diddledanI think pizza is needed21:11
redtapei'm cooking one now actually21:12
redtapechicago town ...21:12
shaunouff.  I've been trawling for sound dampening material for cars without getting drowned in sites full of car fanatics.21:12
shauno(I don't need it for a car, but it made sense in my head)21:12
redtapeegg cup boxes ?21:13
diddledanmadonna's bra looks just like the material nassa uses21:13
redtapewho's nassa ?21:13
diddledanprobably cheaper, too21:13
diddledanerm.. nasa**21:13
shaunoI'm trying to quieten an espresso machine far enough that it doesn't wake people up at 5am.  egg cartons won't go far in that little space, and won't last long at those temps21:14
redtapeoh , thought you meant the egyptian , then.21:14
diddledanshauno, you totally need bras21:14
mungbeanhas a dilemma21:14
mungbeanam the victim of bully boss at work21:15
mungbeanhr done nothing21:15
redtapediddledan: Are you calling shauno fat ?21:15
mungbeanwhat other channels are there when hr don't help?21:15
diddledannono.. pointy-madonna-bra = the material that nasa uses for soundproofing21:15
redtapemm .. SuperMacs in Galway should be packed now ...21:16
diddledanbut.. shauno you're fat :-p21:16
shaunomungbean, industrial tribunal if it can't be handled in-house, usually21:16
diddledanor should that be "phat"? I don't understand teentxtspk21:16
shaunosupermacs is disturbing.  they actually do a pretty decent fish'n'chips, you just don't want to be seen going in there21:17
redtapemungbean: have you tried using an Olympus and actually getting some evidence ?21:17
redtapeshauno: There are locals who mutter under their breath when I go there with a netbook .... that decree "It's not an internet Cafe !!"21:19
redtapeFunny, any chance ppl get to say "NO" in a public place in IRL , they will.21:20
redtapepizza#'s ready..21:21
shaunocomplaining is a national sport here21:22
dwatkinsso is queueing21:22
shaunoqueuing not so much, galway's too multicultural for traits like that to survive :/21:23
shaunoI dread using the busses when miniature people are allowed outside21:23
shaunoI gotta admit though, I'm getting just as bad as the locals.  this weather is getting me down.  I'll take any change I get to gripe about it.  and I grew up in scotland!21:24
redtapeminiature people ??21:24
diddledanyou have an abundance of little people over there?21:24
diddledanI know you like your midgets, but still21:24
shaunowe do!  they keep them in prison camps until 3pm, and then unleash them all upon the public transport system.  it's pretty evil, because given a chance, I don't wake up until 2pm21:25
dwatkinsin Vienna, the underground is free for children21:25
diddledan2pm sounds about normal21:25
diddledanmy boss doesn't seem to agree tho21:26
shaunoah yes.  the "unfair on the team" speech21:26
diddledanyup, that's the one21:27
redtapepizza be good  , thou  .21:27
diddledanalso the "difficult to run a business" speach21:27
diddledanI fully appreciate his point of view, but then I also appreciate sleep21:28
mungbeani find it weird that one guy gets suspended sentence for tweeting an image, but the retweeters dont21:28
mungbeanbut the original tweet was from a blog, hence could be considered a retweet in itself21:29
redtapei only go on twitter once a week .. even then I only get 2 days of tweets before it doesn't scroll no more :(21:29
diddledanok, I succumbed and turned the oven on21:30
redtapepiza ?21:30
diddledanpizza will be had21:30
redtapeah -ha !21:30
mungbeansome people follow 2000 people...i mean whats the point?21:30
diddledanI might have some beer around here someplace, too21:30
redtapei know.21:30
redtapei went onto website called http://www.circlecount.com/communities/  to see wat communities have blossomed .. but it's mostly mulch .21:32
diddledantwitter is all about finding out when z-list celeb snogs another z-list celeb, or to detail horrifying gore from the frontline of some war we shouldn't have started. facebook is all about finding out when your sister snogs joe down the road, or to detail horrifying gore from the frontline of bejeweled dash21:33
redtapeglad i dont use either   , much !21:33
diddledanthe resistance is strong, I sense. resist no more, you will.21:34
diddledanhands up who didn't read that with yoda's voice?21:34
mungbeantwitter for me is not having to install an rss reader21:35
redtapeIf only Ubuntu lauched a proper website like plus.google.con then they would easily have a proper slice of activity on the net .. but they dont like making friends that wont pay .. or maynot pay at some point in the future ...21:35
diddledanspeaking of ubuntu.. I need to upgrade21:36
mungbeanubuntu planet used to be popular21:36
mungbeani stoped reading after i stopped using rss reader21:36
redtapei'm just tired of being preached to .. :-(21:37
diddledanI occasionally read an omgbuntu article that gets shoved into my phone21:37
diddledanbut that's not canonical owned21:37
diddledanso no revenue21:37
diddledanI sometimes wonder what life would be like with a Gentoo-phone21:38
redtapei only think that centup is the real way to get bloggiong revenue .. flattr is a fart.21:38
diddledanthen I stop flogging myself with a pitchfork and come back to my senses21:38
mungbeandoes gentoo really exist?21:38
mungbeani thought it was a fake thing like arch21:39
redtapegentoo ?21:39
diddledanit's similar to arch. arch is a fork afaik21:39
redtapeisn't that pendrive linux or sommit ?21:39
mungbeanarch is just a fake linux that trolls invoke on blog comments21:40
diddledannope, gentoo is a meta-distribution - it provides the means to compile a system from scratch21:40
redtapetakes all night thou ..21:40
diddledaneach gentoo installation is unique21:40
mungbeani'm making up a linux called barry21:40
diddledanbarry island linux would totally take off21:41
mungbeani won't go to the bother of making isos21:41
redtapebarry .. the one with brown hair   ??21:41
mungbeani'll just talk about it on g+ and the like21:41
mungbeansoon there will be a following21:41
redtapemay do if its GNU/Linux , i guess.21:42
diddledanI have to sysadmin a bunch of Gentoo servers at work21:42
diddledanreally? who uses gentoo on a server?!21:42
mungbean15 years runnig linux in the enterprise, i never saw anything but ubuntu/debian/centos/fedora/rhel on a server (ocassionally suse on an appliance)21:43
mungbeani would sack anyone for using gentoo in the enterprise21:43
mungbeansorry, gotta wait 3 days to install this mate21:43
mungbeanbarry linux fixes that anyway21:44
mungbeanany problem with linux? barry is better21:44
* redtape wonders where the other 100 distro's go wrong , then ?21:45
diddledanwell the Government don't seem to mind, at least. well they haven't complained yet.21:45
diddledanbut then they'd probably pay through the nose for it to be "fixed" in so much as that means installing ubuntu instead.21:47
redtapeanyone seen any good crowd-funders lately (projects etc ?)21:47
directhexin business, you need to quantify your risks21:48
directhexthis includes the risks of your software failing21:48
directhexpeople opt for distros like suse and rhel not because they're good, but because there's a phone number for supportr21:48
redtape.. leaves for bed  .. bye bye ..21:48
directhexi.e. "a neck to choke"21:48
diddledanunless the business is freeloading21:49
ali1234right, u[grade tiem21:51
mungbeanwatches kubuntu video...still ugly21:51
mungbeankde on barry linux is much nicer21:52
diddledanwe totally need to make barry popular21:53
redtapeshauno: Oh, shauno .. there's a meetup in Dublin for Ubuntu on the 28th April for the release . I won't be there ,. but thought you'd like to know ...21:54
mungbeani like this subreddit http://www.reddit.com/r/Pareidolia/21:54
redtapemungbean: Is it about aliens ?21:55
mungbeannope, it's faces in everyday objects21:56
ali1234opensuse has the best kde21:56
ali1234and the worst everything else21:56
directhexdiddledan, well, no, there are plenty of valid reasons for a business not to use a commercial distro21:57
directhexdiddledan, e.g. we use debian at work... and a lot of the senior staff are debian developers21:57
diddledanwhat would be the freeloader's equivalent to landscape for ubuntu? e.g. I personally run three servers out and about, and several desktoppy things21:58
diddledanfour servers even21:58
diddledanI've got nagios running for the monitoring aspect21:59
diddledanspeaking of which. five servers. I have too many servers.22:00
mungbeanalthough its mainly for centos22:00
diddledanyeah, I got put off by it/s22:00
diddledanit's rhel/centos emphasis22:01
diddledanoh how annoying. OS X you suck! I turned off inverse scrolling so my mousewheel worked how it does everywhere else, but now other gestures on the trackpad are all back-to-front22:04
diddledanlike swiping for a workspace on the right takes you left, and vice versa22:05
diddledanI really need ubuntu to run on here nicely.. it seems to have issue wiht my wifi card tho22:06
diddledanthe issue manifests as silently dropping all packets destined for the network, but still saying the network is connected. happens after some time with where the connection has been working fine with no problems..22:07
shaunoyou inverted scrolling, and then complain scrolling is inverted?22:08
diddledanshauno, yup, that about sums it up22:08
ali1234update aborted because: the install iso won't boo22:08
diddledanI didn't say it was logical22:08
shaunothe swipe behaviour actually makes sense.  imagine you're moving a scrollbar now, not the screen22:09
diddledanali1234, bad burn or download? or is the copy on the mirror b0rked?22:09
ali1234download is fine22:10
ali1234md5 matches22:10
ali1234writing it again now22:10
diddledantry md5sum /dev/sr022:10
ali1234i can't it's a usb device22:11
shaunoprobably not a good idea while it's burning anyway22:11
ali1234it's not burning22:11
ali1234the iso won't even fit on a cd any more22:12
shaunoI should take another stab at raising openstack this weekend.  I wiped it in frustration last night22:13
shaunothe only useful thing I've figured out so far, is that if the documentation is more than a month or two old, ignore it22:14
ali1234they just told me about devstack in #juju22:18
directhexdiddledan, i have about 70 vms, all told. maybe more. i'd need to count22:19
shaunoyeah, I got that up, but with very little idea how.  and I'll need the how when I move it to more than one machine22:19
shaunoalthough I've been reading the config files it created to fill in the gaps in online docs22:20
diddledanalot of it is database driven afaict22:22
redtapeI'll leaves with a graphic :: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/  Nite-all !22:22
shaunoit seems most the interfaces are quite unstable.  so, eg, when ubuntu's serverguide tells you to create an admin user with "nova-manage user admin $username", nova-manage complains 'user' isn't a valid option22:26
ali1234BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000003022:29
diddledanfrom my non-expert eye it looks to be related to power management22:30
diddledancaveat: I know nothing of the internals of the kernel, so it's purely a stab in the dark22:31
diddledanalthough, looking some more.. a bug in overlayfs, mayhaps?22:33
diddledan[   21.734982] IP: [<ffffffffa024e289>] ovl_permission+0x59/0x140 [overlayfs]22:33
diddledansomething to do with permissions, as further down is:22:34
diddledan[   21.735209] Call Trace:22:34
diddledan[   21.735215]  [<ffffffff8119e7d5>] __inode_permission+0x85/0xe022:34
diddledanobviously the kernel is allowed read and write everywhere so it's not a "not permissive" issue, but rather an implementation issue22:35
=== Hornet is now known as hornet
ali1234i think i'm going to try unity for a bit again22:56
diddledanthe pedant in me would turn that one the right way about23:03
mungbeango against the flow23:04
diddledanand put the other one back in the box iwth his friends23:04
diddledanI like things to be "just so" or alternatively for there to be a complete lack of "just so"iness23:07
shaunoare they meant to look that happy?23:08
diddledane.g. my house.. major disaster zone. lighters in a box.. just so23:08
diddledanthey been smoking too much of the "good stuff"23:08
mungbean:D face23:10
ali1234terminal is messed up23:17
ali1234and now it's gone23:18
shaunoI'm starting to suspect it's just not your day23:18
diddledan_wha? libreoffice can publish to mediawiki?!23:19
shaunowha? someone uses libreoffice?23:19
ali1234i see the bug where the installer hangs if there is already grub on the first partition has not been fixed23:19
diddledan_what should I use instead?23:20
diddledan_openoffice is evil oracle poo now, so I'm sure as funky not gonna use that23:21
shaunoheh, I won't answer that, because I'm a heretic :)23:21
diddledan_you don't?!23:23
shaunoI tend to use pages or word, depending on whether they're happy with a pdf, or need something they can edit later23:23
ali1234use google docs23:23
ali1234or gedit23:24
shaunoI'm not allowed to use google docs :(23:24
ali1234gedit it is then23:24
ali1234hmm the title bar test fades out to transparent... you can see the window behind23:25
shaunowe do actually use it for a single spreadsheet that needs to be shared with an outside partner.  but the whole mess I have to go through to put inside info on an outside system isn't worth it.  I tried once, and discovered they want me to go through the same song and dance for each *document*23:26
ali12344 bugs found and i haven't finished installing it yet :(23:27
AlanBellevening all23:29
diddledan_I really must play c&c4 at some point.. how well does it run under wine, I wonder23:31
diddledan_ok, I've found something I don't know how to fix - my main user on ubuntu on my mac has uid of 501 to match with the uid on my os x partition. uids below 1000 aren't show by default in the login chooser, so I can't select my user account to login23:34
shaunoI do the same, but my answer may be too oldschool for lightdm  (min & max values in /etc/login.defs)23:35
diddledan_oddness.. /etc/lightdm/users.conf says it's uids below 500 that aren't shown, so my uid should be visible23:35
diddledan_ok, lightdm users.conf is overridden by dbus' accountsservice23:41
diddledan_ergh.. setting the option in login.defs does work.. but only after a reboot (or figuring out the order to shut the multitude of dbussy services down and then start them back up again)23:47
shaunoI honestly wasn't expecting that to be honored.  colour me surprised23:48
* diddledan_ breaks out the colouring pencils23:49
* diddledan_ stabs at the "paper"23:49
diddledan_by paper, I obviously mean you :-)23:49
diddledan_I'm nice and friendly when I've got sharp pencils23:50
ali1234[    8.696039] swap_free: Bad swap file entry 40000000000000023:51
ali1234[    8.696085] BUG: Bad page map in process sleep  pte:00000004 pmd:41086306723:51
ali1234compiz is still unbelievably slow with nvidia-313 :(23:54
diddledan_there's something funky with the intel graphics on my mac in association with ubuntu23:54
ali1234how do i disable global menu?23:55
diddledan_weird jitteryness as though it's not filling the ram before it gets scrolled into view23:55
ali1234how do i stop it from trying to get me to install webapps?23:56

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