akkAnybody know of a visual traceroute, either to run locally on ubuntu or online?01:22
akkI've found several online ones, but they all run from somewhere nowhere near here.01:23
akkI'm writing a talk for nongeeks on how web browsers work, and I want to give them a way of playing with routing.01:25
bkerensahmm I only use mtr these days01:43
akkSorry, should have specified, by "visual" I mean a map, not just a window wrapped around the cmdline output.01:44
akkApparently there used to be something called xtraceroute, but it's orphaned and has been dropped from the repos.01:44
akk(and is only available through dodgy download sites, the original home site is gone)01:45
akkI've found some python code that wraps traceroute and generates IPs, and I'm looking into whether python-mpltoolkits.basemap can plot them for me.01:46
akkI'm pretty surprised that there seems to be no existing solution, though.01:46
akk(oh, grr, the python code doesn't have an open-source license, either, though it's on github)01:49
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* MarkDude has a few extra tickets to Oakland A's game on Wed, game is at 12:3514:18
MarkDudeFree if anyone wants one14:19
* MarkDude got them for $2 --- I did not bust the bank14:19
raevoli upgraded my ubuntu server and lost all my xen VMs...20:49
raevolthe disk images are still there but i can't figure out how to attach them to new VMs...20:49
raevolfigured it out -_- was trying to create paravirtualized guests from full virtualized images... who knew21:53

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