drkokandybecause of course Backup would fail right before I try to upgrade. Super.00:12
Unit193Good luck on the upgrade!00:13
skellatConference call starts in 10 minutes.  Dial in to 724-444-7444, enter call ID 127739 followed by a #, then hit 1# unless you have a TalkShoe account.  If you get in successfully you should hear music playing.00:51
skellatConference call starts in 4 minutes.  Dial in to 724-444-7444, enter call ID 127739 followed by a #, then hit 1# unless you have a TalkShoe account.  If you get in successfully you should hear music playing.00:56
skellatConference call is open.  Dial in to 724-444-7444, enter call ID 127739 followed by a #, then hit 1# unless you have a TalkShoe account.  I'm going to wait to see if anybody dials in yet.01:00
skellatI'm going to give it a couple moments to see if anybody actually dials in.01:02
Cheri703skellat: did you ever send that to the mailing list?01:03
Cheri703because afaik I'm still on it and didn't get anything01:03
Cheri703maybe I'm not on it though01:03
skellatCheri703: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-us-ohio@lists.launchpad.net/msg01264.html & http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2138288&goto=newpost01:04
* Cheri703 isn't really available to call in, just wondering if that might explain low turnout01:04
Cheri703ah, ok01:04
skellatCheri703: See also the RSVPs: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-ohio/2384-raring-ringtail-conference-call-release-party/01:06
skellatAnd: https://plus.google.com/116070181546687340819/posts/8681vnciTJz & http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/node/14401:08
skellatCall failed.  Call aborted.01:10
Unit193Plan B.  So I upgraded one a couple days ago, and may do some weird hackish thing to see if raring even works on here before I upgrade it.01:12
skellatUnit193: Come again?  You're starting in the middle or posted in the wrong channel.01:13
Unit193Starting in the middle, not fun to start at the beginning!  Plan B release talk.01:13
skellatUnit193: What weird hackish thing are you referring to?01:16
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Unit193Method of booting it without using live media.01:18
skellatCare to elucidate oh deliberately mysterious one?01:18
Unit193We'll see if it actually works. :P01:19
skellatBuilding a root fs and then kick starting it?01:19
skellatIn the old very deprecated ARM way?01:19
Unit193Something like that, yep.  First I have to change the Xubuntu raring settings/packages.  Don't know exactly what the ARM way is, never used an ARM device.01:23
* skellat is indisposed and the laptop can't follow him for the moment01:23
skellatUnit193: Okay, so what did you do then?01:34
Unit193Well, not sure if it (still) works, so we'll find out.01:39
skellatGOOD MORNING CLEVELAND!  I'm actually downtown at the Cleveland Clinic this morning as a family member has a procedure this morning.11:17
paultagI love Cleveland.13:17
yanoCLEVELAND ROCKS!!!!!!13:53
yanoi got into an argument about baseball with someone about that13:53
yanoeventually i realize, yes, the Indians suck now, but then i remembered that the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, i then pointed out that Cleveland literally, does Rock!13:53
yanoTake that other big cities from other states!13:53
paultagso true14:01
dzhoI hope everything is going ok for skellat's people14:03
paultag== dzho14:03
skellatSurgeon briefing finally21:29
skellatYes, I'm still at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus in J Building.  It has been a fairly long day.21:30
* paultag hugs skellat 21:31
skellatpaultag: Mom did well21:32
paultagoutstanding to hear.21:32
paultagI wish her and you all the best.21:32
skellatNow to go find grub.  Two hours until she's back together and able to wake up.21:32
skellatCan't walk and type on netbook.21:32
* skellat disappears21:32
eskimoeso how about that full 13.04 release?23:24

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