adomwelp, i leave tomorrow for my trip to Netherlands for work.01:54
adombe there for two weeks.01:54
adomget to be in Amsterdam for Queens Day.01:54
adomso psyched01:55
adomany last minute tips/reminders for me for the trip? (this is both the first time i've flown and the first time out of the country)01:55
* adom blushes.01:55
waltmanWhy is it the last Queen's Day?01:58
adomthis year she succedes (correct word?) to her son, whom will become the king. The Netherlands has had a queen for a long time and from next year on, they will have a king instead. and "King's Day".01:59
adomi believe that from next year on there will always be kings rather than queens01:59
adom[insert hilarious gay night-club joke]02:00
waltmanA few years ago I got to be in Amsterdam for Gay Pride Day02:00
adomthat sounds like fun02:00
waltmanI was conferencing, but I got to see some of the fringes of the festivities02:01
waltmanHeineken and Amstel are fine, but the best thing about beer in Amsterdam is that Belgian beers are everywhere and they're dirt-cheap.02:02
waltmanAnother tip: If you order Osseworst, you might end up with this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85201403@N00/3770405706/in/set-7215762179055867302:03
waltmanAmsterdam's a pretty easy place to start if you've never been to Europe before. It's easy to walk around, everyone speaks English, and aside from osseworst the food isn't too crazy.02:06
waltmanYou'll walk by places everywhere where you smell pot smoke coming out of them, but you don't have to partake if you don't want to, but apparently awesome if you do. :)02:08
waltmanThe two big museums, the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum, were both closer for renovation when I was there, so I mostly did walking tours from my travel guide.02:10
waltmanclosed. Well, there was a tiny bit of the Rijks open, and I did that in about an hour.02:10
waltmanI didn't go to into the Anne Frank house, even thought I was right outside it. I forget why.02:11
waltmanIs this helping?02:12
waltmanAlso you can generally get a better conversion rate by withdrawing money at an ATM than you can at a bank or exchange place.02:13
adomoh thats helpful too02:13
adomi get perdium (spelling?) weekly but i think that goes in my bank account02:14
waltmanYou should be able to pop your ATM card into pretty much any machine and withdraw, say, 100 euros.02:14
waltmanper diem02:14
adomper diem02:14
waltmanoh, and depending on your hotel, don't be surprised if breakfast is just rolls, cheese, and cold cuts02:15
waltmanthey have trams that go all over the city, sort of like above-ground subways. Depending on how long you're there and where you need to go, it might be a good deal to get a pass.02:17
adommeh that's cool. im a bagel with cream cheese and a banana kind of guy usually.02:17
adomyeah they say it's like 3.90 euros to ride into Amsterdam from my location.02:17
adomim just outside Amsterdam in Haarlem.02:18
waltmanThey have good Indonesian restaurants there, since it was a former Dutch colony.02:18
adomand my hotel is like a 10-15min drive to the office02:18
waltmanoh, and LOTS of people ride bikes there. to the point where you have to watch out for them when you cross the street.02:19
adomapparently my grandpa apparently hails from The Netherlands (he was some part Dutch) so im supposed to "look into" his heritage while im there02:19
adomyeah im excited, im a bicycle enthusiast, so im half-planning on renting a nice road bike while there02:19
adomi just dont like those "casual touring bikes" that everyone there has02:19
waltmanmost people in town ride junkers02:19
waltmanIt's flat, so you don't really need a fancy bike02:20
adomtrue, i just prefer single gear road bikes02:20
adomlike a fixie but single speed coast. i dont like fixed gear.02:20
adomtoo much work to enjoy the ride.02:21
waltmanso not a TOTAL hipster :)02:21
adomexactly ;)02:21
adomalright well, if you'll excuse me, i have to finish packing my carry on bag and then play xbox for 10 hours so i dont sleep now so that i can sleep on the plane and not be that jet lagged02:22
waltmanhave fun!02:22
adomthanks and thanks for the tips!02:22
waltmanI did eat all that osseworst btw :)02:23
adomis it weird that i dont think they look that bad?02:23
adomi mean, they look like sausage, and sausage is the cousin to bacon.02:23
waltmanit looked like raw hamburger02:23
waltmanit usually comes in little tubes, and I think it's kinda more like liverwurst.02:24
waltmanoh, they have very good cheese there, too02:24
adomi heard that too02:24
adomplannign on researching that as much as possible ;)02:24
waltmanhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouda_cheese # Those categories are listed on all the cheese02:26
waltmanand it generally won't tell you the difference between, say, "oud" and "extra belegen" :)02:26
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