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skillpiGTinuva !05:48
skillpiGwe meet again..05:48
skillpiGthis is where we will have our final battle05:51
skillpiGprepare yourself Tinuva !05:51
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:22
Kilosai! stupid konversation06:22
Squirmmorning Kilos06:22
Squirmyou're in late today06:22
Kilosits cold squirm so i lay under cover a bit longer and read06:23
SquirmI want to do that06:24
Kilosbut ive fed the chickens already and the grass is freezing on bare feet06:25
skillpiGwhat are you doing with chickens?06:27
Kiloseggs the dogs dont steal 06:28
Kilosand sometimes roast chicken06:28
skillpiGdo you farm ?06:29
Kilosi live on my sisters plot06:29
skillpiGI love the farm life style06:29
Kilosshe works and i look after the sheep and chickens06:29
skillpiGwe used to have a family owned farm, would go there once a month for a weekend06:29
skillpiGnow my uncle bought the whole farm and he's busy with chickens as well :O06:30
skillpiGlike 60k chuckens per 'harvest'06:30
Kilosthere is money in broilers06:30
Kilosquickest turnover of all livestock06:31
skillpiGif you can only score a nice contract06:31
Kilosevery 6 weeks06:31
skillpiGa bit more difficult if you have to sell it yourself06:31
skillpiGI cant remember the price, but he sold (I think 10 or 20k) to SPAR06:31
skillpiGfor like R14 ea06:31
skillpiGalready cut ofcourse06:32
Kiloswhat most peeps i know did they allowed rainbow to build the sheds and supply everything then they fetch them too06:32
skillpiGbut yeah, I like going to the farm06:33
skillpiGcleanest air and best sleep06:33
Symmetriahow rough is an openvpn setup06:33
Symmetriaits been years since I attempted that06:33
Kiloson your own the input costs are heavy to build up and then as you say the market06:33
skillpiGyeah, he's on his own06:33
skillpiGbut he has a nice set up06:33
skillpiGchecks on them every hour or two06:33
skillpiGeven with a little 'hospital' section06:34
skillpiGwhere the ones that survived a near death drowning experience or trampled by the others06:34
Kilosmost guys then breed picks as well to feed the dead chicks to06:34
Kilosnot skillpiGs06:35
Kilosoink oinks06:35
skillpiGwhere is your plot ?06:35
skillpiGare you in the gauteng area ?06:35
Kiloswest of pretoria06:35
skillpiGhow you enjoying the pressured prices these days ?06:36
skillpiGallow external farmers around ZA to bring their meat in at a stupid price06:36
Kilosthe what?06:36
skillpiGbut farmers in ZA aren't allowed to take their meat out of ZA06:36
Kilosah we just keep stock for own use06:36
Kilosfew sheep and free range common fowls06:37
Symmetriaheh, you arent even allowed to bring meat in as a private person normally06:37
SymmetriaI almost got busted coming over the namibian border with 3 kilograms of dried wors in my boot once ;p06:37
Symmetrianamibian dried wors > *06:38
Kilosaptitude just had an upgrade today06:39
Kilos2.3 meg. i winder what has been changed / improved06:40
skillpiG13.04 is out06:43
skillpiGso probably something to do with that06:43
Kilosi tried to find the download link for za but gave up and went to bed06:44
Kiloswe need to educate maaz06:45
Kilosinetpro: teach the bot the right links man06:45
KilosMaaz: get ubuntu06:45
MaazKilos: 301 Moved Permanently to http://www.ubuntu.com/, which gets a 200 OK "Home | Ubuntu"06:45
Tinuvalol Kilos i gave you the link yester day for za06:49
Tinuvaor just use the official mirror link and add za. infront of it06:50
Kilosyou did?06:50
Kilosoh my06:50
Tinuvahttp://za.releases.ubuntu.com/raring/ or http://ftp.wa.co.za/pub/ubuntu/releases/raring/06:50
Tinuvaboth those are local06:50
Kilosty skillpiG 06:50
N8Wulfgood morning all06:53
Kiloshi N8Wulf 06:53
N8WulfHow you Kilos?06:54
Kilosok ty and you N8Wulf ?06:54
N8Wulfgood tnx, working like an Egyptian slave though06:55
N8WulfQ: how do i reset / flush dns? I had issue a while ago, did mv resolve.conf resolv.conf.backup     and that sorted me for about a month, now I'm sitting with same prob again06:58
N8Wulfthe mv trick only wotks once06:58
TinuvaN8Wulf, does your linux install make use of nscd?06:59
N8Wulfi'm lying..... i just tried it again now, it worked. last night it did not wanna work07:00
N8Wulfnscd nope07:00
N8Wulfwill install it now, seeing as i can connect again07:00
Kiloshi morgs 07:01
morgshi Kilos07:01
Kiloshi superfly 07:02
N8Wulfis it just me or is talking about my probs here just like going to a Psyc... i tend to figure my own linux probs out just by talking about them07:02
Tinuvamy install is using somethign else again07:03
Kiloshere you can get experts to check that you do the right things N8Wulf 07:13
Kilosotherwise you can end up like me and do many clean installs07:14
Tinuvathe problem is I havent run a regular ubuntu install in a long time07:15
Kiloswb N8Wulf 07:27
Kiloswhat are you using Tinuva ?07:27
Tinuvai did a ubuntu minimal install, and then installed openbox + tint2 + some other cool stuff07:28
Kilosthats too much hard work for me07:28
Tinuvait pretty much looks like crunchbang, except its ubuntu not debian07:29
Tinuvaheh, once it is set up, it is awesome07:29
Kilosonly other os i have tried since i came to ubuntu is tinycorelinux07:30
Tinuvai miss the up to dateness of archlinux, but THAT became to much daily work to keep it up to date07:31
* nuvolari see we can start a fanclub for arch/minimalistic DE's07:45
Tinuvatechnically any distro can be minimalistic :)08:07
Kilosyo Vince-0 08:35
Vince-0yo Oom08:36
Vince-0going to Jo'burg for Metallica for tomorrow08:38
magespawnhey all09:15
Symmetriafinally! openvpn works10:34
Symmetriaholy crap that was a bitch to configure properly 10:34
SquirmI wanted to go to Jo'burg for Metallica :/10:46
magespawn Symmetria what was the hang up?10:48
magespawnhah see I did not even know they were coming till Vince-0 said something10:48
magespawnSquirm: so if it is any comfort i won't be going either11:16
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blak_robsomeone? anyone? 13:37
HawkiesZAHi blak_rob 13:38
magespawnhi blak_rob13:40
magespawnhey HawkiesZA you becoming almost regular13:40
nuvolaridisturbing, how am I supposed to cope after reading something about droƫwors :-/13:41
magespawngood or bad nuvolari?13:42
magespawni would ask what but then we might no be able to cope13:44
Kilosyou guys are supposed to welcome visitors13:52
* HawkiesZA puts his welcome face on13:53
HawkiesZA<Huge smile> Welcome visitors! We're available and happy to help with all your questions!13:53
magespawnwe did, bit slow maybe13:53
HawkiesZAHow's that?13:53
Kilosthats the way no save that for the next one13:54
Kilosso  magespawn have you tried 13.04?13:54
HawkiesZAI wonder if I can script that for whenever a non-regular enters13:54
Kiloswe tried with an ibid bot HawkiesZA but the script needs working on13:55
magespawnnah not yet, will do upgrade to the shop pc tomorrow13:55
Kilosyou good at python?13:55
HawkiesZAI have to be careful what I say in here :P13:55
HawkiesZAI can take a lookie13:56
Kilosi can paste the script13:56
HawkiesZASo it's basically a plugin for ibid?13:56
Kiloslemme find it13:56
Kilosi sent my bot here and it greeted everyone 1 at a time13:56
Kilosyou will need to hear from the fly and/or the weed what needs doing14:02
HawkiesZAthe super fly?14:03
Kiloswell duh! how many flies we got here14:03
HawkiesZATwo :P14:03
Kilosthey both are too busy to work through the script14:03
HawkiesZABut kewl. I know the fly14:03
Kilosthe mrs one just lurks, she aint chatted for a long time14:04
Kilossuperfly: can you just tell HawkiesZA what need sdoing please14:05
Kiloshi grantw 14:19
Kilosmaybe it should remember all old nicks and only greet noobs the i dunno if the time factor is important anymore HawkiesZA 14:21
Kilosthats why you gotta talk to superfly or tumbleweed . i know nothing about scripting14:22
HawkiesZAI think the time factor could be important if someone times out14:28
HawkiesZAI wouldn't want to be greeted every time I timeout14:28
Kilosnot if it remembers old nicks ?14:28
HawkiesZAI think I have an idea what needs to happen. Might take me some time to get it right ;)14:29
Kiloswasnt that idle time just for it to not greet if channel was busy?14:29
HawkiesZAIn the meantime, it's probably a good idea to head home :)14:29
Kilosgo safe14:30
HawkiesZAThe idle time checks if the channel is busy, yeah. So it'll greet newcomers only if the channel is idle.14:30
HawkiesZAWhich seems fine. If the channel is busy, people will probably notice the new guy14:31
HawkiesZAChat later14:31
magespawnlater all16:00
Kilossuperfly: cany you tell hawkiesza what to look for and change in the ibid greeter script sometime please17:15
superflyKilos: yes, I will17:15
Kiloswhew 2 more hours till night surfer18:58
Kiloswbb need modem for a while on other machine19:01
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inetprogood evening19:25
inetprooh and wb Kilos19:25
Kilosohi inetpro hows things your side19:26
Kilosand ty19:26
inetproKilos: somehow still breathing :-)19:26
Kilosim gonna get 13.04 if i dont fall of the chair or fall asleep19:26
inetprowas another hectic week19:26
Kilosanother one19:27
inetprothey're all hectic these days19:27
inetproif it's not work it is family and friends19:28
Kilosoh well only 20 years left for you19:28
inetproto little time to kuier in here19:28
Kilosless if you retire at 5519:28
Kilosya me miss you man19:28
Kilosi gotta take chances with wget and out internet without your help19:29
* Kilos cries19:29
Kilosour internet19:29
inetproat least you have many others who can help19:29
Trixar_zaKilos: Waiting to use your Midnight Surfer data to download the latest Ubuntu disc?19:29
Kilosyes Trixar_za 19:29
inetproKilos: oh and at least you can help others in here also19:30
Kilosdunno if i will work on my pc but ive got 12.04 kde running lekker so too bad if it dont19:30
superflyjammer Kilos, I still haven't gotten to mailing you those disks - net nie kaans of geld gehad nie19:30
Trixar_zaI used mine to torrent You Don't Know Jack Volume III and the last Futurama Episode of Season 619:30
Kilossuperfly: np 12.04 is great here19:31
Kilos13.04 is just so i dont lose all the night surfer19:31
* inetpro is very sad that we have yet another holiday tomorrow19:31
Trixar_zaOh and part of Katawasa Shoujo19:31
superflyah yes19:31
Trixar_zaWe have too many holidays19:32
inetprothought I would get a chance to visit Telkom to get the 10GB Promo deal19:32
Tonberry_and too little bandwidth19:32
superflyinetpro: I doubt tomorrow will be much different to any other Saturday?19:32
inetprosuperfly: but sadly Telkom will be closed19:32
Tonberry_tomorrow is a holiday?19:32
superflyinetpro: of course, Telkom is an extension of the goverment19:33
Kilosinetpro: tell about the 10g promo19:33
Kilosnm 2 still works19:33
inetproKilos: still the same thing, 10+10 for R299 per month19:34
inetprobut you have to sign up for 24 months19:35
Kilosaha clever19:35
Kilosbut good price19:35
inetproour bandwidth will hopefully be cheaper than that by the end of the 24 months but I somehow doubt19:36
Kilosbut since 8ta and telkom did their bit my net is very slow19:36
inetproKilos: yep, I can somehow agree on that19:36
Kiloshardly ever goes above 100 kB/s19:36
Kiloswill fone monday and complain19:36
Kilosmaybe its time to start mailing CEO's again19:37
inetprobut Kilos this after 23:00 data is very tough on us man19:37
inetproway to late to stay awake19:38
Kilosyeah i agree, i suffer after 9pm19:38
Kiloswanted to try with at 19:38
Kilosbut dunno what will happen if im asleep19:38
Kilosdoes wget work with at?19:39
inetproI have 1GB that I must use before Wednesday next week19:39
Kiloslol im not even sure im gonna get 13.04 with wget19:40
inetprowget should work with at 19:40
Kiloswhew you better get to some downloading19:40
magespawnevening all19:40
Kiloshi magespawn 19:40
inetpromagespawn: hello and eb19:40
inetprowb as well19:40
Kiloshad me thinking there19:41
magespawnhere is something i just found http://thehackernews.com/2012/03/anonymous-os-01-anonymous-hackers.html19:41
Kilosbad for head that man19:41
magespawnjust reading logs19:43
Kilosclever guys hey got xchat and pidgin19:43
magespawni would not want to sign a 24 month now19:43
Trixar_zaClassical hackers or the media's misnomer?19:44
inetpromagespawn: I also hate the idea but it's the best deal in Town19:44
Kilosbased on ubuntu with mate so back to gnome219:45
inetproI keep wasting money with the other prepaid deals19:45
magespawnTrixar_za: seems to be classic19:45
inetprothere's no way that I can even stretch 2GB for one month let alone two months19:45
Trixar_zaThen I will read it :P19:46
magespawninetpro: do you do all your internetting on mobile?19:46
inetpromagespawn: at home yes19:47
Trixar_zainetpro: I'm at 300MB from my 2GB+1GB Promo deal19:47
Kiloswow Trixar_za what you been doing19:47
Trixar_zaGames mostly19:48
Trixar_zaYou can find anything on the internet19:48
inetproif you're not careful it vanishes very quickly19:48
magespawni 'manage' on about 500mb on the tablet per month, but do most of mine over wifi19:48
inetproand if you add two teenagers and a wife it goes even quicker19:49
Kiloshows you wifi plans going magespawn ?19:49
Kiloseek inetpro ya then you need 10+1019:49
magespawnicasa's requirements are insane19:49
Kilosonly you will be the +1019:50
Kilosaw magespawn thats sad19:50
inetpromagespawn: I noticed news about icasa but have not actually read any of it, what do they say?19:50
magespawnto apply to the licence it is R10g up front19:51
inetprothat is very rough19:52
Trixar_zaYeah, this 300MB has to last another week before I have enough for another bundle :P19:52
Kilosand if they deny they keep it anyway19:52
Trixar_zaAlso it would be waste near the end of the month19:52
Kilosmoney hungry swines19:52
Kilosall about money19:52
inetproKilos: no, they're just control freaks19:52
inetprodon't think it's about the money, but maybe I'm even wrong on that19:53
Kiloshow will thewy know if one sets up a wifi area19:53
magespawnand the equipment would be another 50 to 60g, so those plans have been shelved 19:53
Kiloshow much is 60g19:54
inetproKilos: how will they know if you drive 160 on the highway?19:54
Trixar_zaBut lasts like a year19:54
magespawnthey wouldn't, but there are players with networks already and they would loose business=incentive to report19:54
Kilosno man magespawn equipment of 50 or 60g19:55
magespawni meant R60 00019:55
Kilosnot k?19:55
inetproTrixar_za: 60 / 12 = 5GB per month19:55
Kilosah ty19:55
Trixar_zaYeah, I did the math in my head too19:55
Kilosthought another new thing had come out19:55
Trixar_zaand 5GB midnight surfer per month too19:55
inetprothat is not enough for me19:55
Kiloswow inetpro 60+60 not enough19:56
inetproKilos: nope19:56
Kilos5 gigs a month19:56
inetpronot if I have to stretch it over 12 months19:56
inetpro20GB per month would be comfortable for me19:57
Kilosyou need uncapped19:57
inetprouncapped is useless19:57
inetprobecause they slow you down after 3GB or some such19:58
inetproat least MTN does that19:58
Kilosevrything crooked everywhere19:58
Kilospity you aint got telkom lines19:58
inetproand the slowdown/shaping is ridiculous, goes down to something like 256kbps 19:58
Kiloslol thats fast man19:59
Kilos8ta not close at the moment19:59
inetproKilos: 256kbps = 32 Kbps19:59
Kiloswhy when i download do i see kB/s20:00
Kiloswhen going good a meg in 5 secs or so20:00
inetprooops kBps20:00
inetprokBps = kB/s20:01
Kilosya 256 kB/s aint bad20:01
Kilosbut now 8ta dances right down to 45 kB/s20:01
Kiloswill definitely fone monday20:02
inetproeish... you have some other problem I think20:02
inetpromine is at 0.86 Mbps20:02
Trixar_zaThey come and go20:02
Kiloswhats that in mB/s20:02
Trixar_zaAlso sometimes 8ta jumps to MTN's network which means the Telkom Network bundles don't count20:03
Trixar_zaTelkom Mobile*20:03
Kilosonly when mobile Trixar_za 20:03
inetproand if I test again I get 1.67Mbps20:03
Kilosyou testing how inetpro ?20:03
Trixar_zaAround midnight it does clear up massively20:03
inetproKilos: b = bits per second and B = bytes per second20:04
Kilosno man head too sore to think20:04
inetpro8 bits = 1 byte20:04
Trixar_zaThen I get about 300kb/s downloads. Which is faster than I used to get on GPRS or EDGE :)20:04
Kilos8 bits to i byte20:04
Kilosya Trixar_za mine was up to 300 kB/s a while back20:05
Kiloswhen 8ta was 8ta20:05
Trixar_zaThat's normal downloads, it's strangely faster using Transmission20:05
Tonberry_that was a while ago...20:05
Trixar_zaEspecially if it has lots of seeds20:06
Kilosthey even smsed me and said they increased memory to 12meg or something20:06
Kilosthen everything went slower20:06
Kiloswhat is verbose20:07
Kilos-v option in wget20:07
inetproKilos: The default output is verbose20:08
Kiloswhat does it mean20:09
Kiloswhat does it do20:09
inetproKilos: you see stuff happening as it downloads20:09
magespawnit tells you everything20:09
Kilosaoh thats lekker20:09
Kiloslike rsync -av20:10
inetproKilos: well, almost like the v option of rsync20:11
Kilosah ty20:11
inetproyou see a progress bar et all20:11
Kilosya thats lekker20:12
inetprobut if you do a download while you're asleep there's no point in having that20:12
Trixar_zaIs it true what I hear about Ubuntu going the Qt route?20:12
Kiloslol im nosy man will keep peeking20:12
inetprothen yo usually tell it to keep quiet with the -q option20:12
inetproTrixar_za: Qt is the way to go20:13
superflyTrixar_za: they've been talking about using QML with Ubuntu Touch, and in order to use QML you need to use Qt20:13
Trixar_zaIt's amazing the adaption rate of something the moment it adopts a less restrictive license20:14
superflyTrixar_za: true enough. working with Qt/C++ is a dream compared to GTK20:15
superflyso I'm not surprised everyone is jumping on the band wagon since the less restrictive licensing20:16
Trixar_zaShould make the KDE fans happy at least. Most don't like the changes to the latest KDE20:17
superflywhat changes are you talking about?20:17
Trixar_zaMuch like the GTK community doesn't like the direction GNOME is taking :P20:17
Trixar_zaCouple of months ago they made some major changes to KDE. A part of the community didn't like the direction it was heading.20:18
Trixar_zaSo they started looking for alternatives20:18
Trixar_zaThis is from memory though20:19
Trixar_zaIt was why SliTaz started working on a Qt version20:19
inetproTrixar_za: I'm not sure what you're referring to there20:19
inetprothat may have been like 3 years ago?20:20
Trixar_zapankso (SliTaz's Creator) mentioned it a year ago, so maybe20:20
inetproAFAIK kde is on a pretty stable path at the moment 20:21
inetproNokia gave us a bit of a knock and then Canonical also became less serious about kde but all those have made kde stronger IMHO20:22
magespawnhow is nokia involved? Qt?20:28
Trixar_zaNokia created Qt20:29
Trixar_zaI think20:29
Trixar_zaor did they just own the license? :P20:29
inetprohmm... if I remember correctly they bought qt before they dropped the bomb to join MS20:32
superflyTrixar_za: no, Trolltech created Qt. Nokia bought Trolltech. Mr MS joined Nokia and started steering Nokia down the path to destruction, and Nokia sold off Qt to Digia.20:33
superflyBefore Mr MS joined, and just after Nokia bought Trolltech, Nokia LGPLed Qt20:33
inetproTrolltech was founded by Eirik Chambe-Eng and Haavard Nord on 4 March 199420:33
Trixar_zaOh fun20:33
Trixar_zaNo wonder so many people were worried about the future of Qt20:34
magespawnhad a look at it when nokia had it, thought they were going to us it for their phones20:34
inetproluckily they did the LGPL at the right time20:34
inetproOn 28 January 2008, Nokia Corporation announced that they had entered into an agreement that Nokia would make a public voluntary tender offer to acquire Trolltech20:35
inetproNokia sold the commercial licensing business of Qt to Digia on March 201120:35
superflymagespawn: they were going to, until Mr MS joined20:36
superflyTrixar_za: I think the project you're thinking of is the Trinity Desktop, which is a fork of KDE 3 when KDE 4 came out and people decided they didn't like the direction KDE was going in20:37
superflysimilar to Gnome 2 and Gnome 3/Shell20:37
magespawnwonder at the choices sometimes20:37
inetprothe whole Mr MS saga makes me sick!20:38
inetproI think those R&D guys at Nokia where in a very good position to come with something amazing just before he joined20:39
Trixar_zaIt's a FLOSS thing. There will always be a group going in another direction to the main group.20:39
superflyAs of Qt 5.2, anyone who doesn't choose Qt must be braindead. Write your app in Qt, deploy it to Symbian, Windows Phone (I think), Android, and desktop20:39
superflywhere desktop = Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, etc.20:39
Trixar_zaYeah, even I considered Qt a while back20:40
Trixar_zaBut I don't know C++ well nor do I like it that much :P20:40
magespawni still like their designs and specs, os aside20:40
magespawnneed to able to flash the lumia 980 to android20:42
magespawngood night all20:46
inetprogood night magespawn20:48
Kilosnight magespawn 20:51
inetprosuperfly: how stable is Kubuntu 13.04 now?20:56
Kilosinetpro: gaan slaap now20:56
inetproKilos: hoekom?20:57
superflyinetpro: it seems fairly stable20:57
superflynever had any serious problems20:57
* inetpro is nog lekker wakker20:57
inetproKilos: hoe later dit word hoe moeilikker word dit om te gaan slaap20:58
Kilosamper wget tyd20:58
inetproprobleem is om in die oggend wakker te word20:58
superflylong past time for me to go to bed21:00
inetprogood night superfly21:00
Kilosnight superfly 21:00
Kilosnight all , sleep tight21:04
Kiloswhew 13.04 is 794 meg21:06

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