gustavOerHeks: Do you know how to use the new nVidia driver? It isn't actually new, but it doesn't need bumblebee.00:00
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OerHeksgustav, i do not, unfortunatly, i run nvidia GT43000:00
reduzwilee-nilee, found people having success to different degrees on the forums, but nothing worked so far for me on anything they tried00:01
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reduzso, so far, I just can't use ubuntu on the notebook.. despite working fine and regognizing all the hardware00:01
OerHeksgustav did you check out the #bumblebee channel here on #freenode?00:01
wilee-nileereduz, Did you make a thread?00:01
gustavOerHeks: Nope. I might give up and try it later.00:01
reduzwilee-nilee, I'd do that, but at this point I don't want to try more stuff out as i don't want to screw up the windows partition like it happened before00:02
gustavOerHeks: I've been there before.00:02
reduzi was wondering, maybe 13.10 fixed uefi or something00:02
reduzer, 13.0400:02
wilee-nileereduz, There is only one user there that I would trust, they are a mod and you will see them in any uefi thread.00:02
wilee-nileethat's a hint00:03
reduzwilee-nilee, ok00:03
reduzwilee-nilee, thanks for the info! I can't beleive microsoft made it so difficult to install alternate operating systems00:04
submanI've added quite a few desktop environments to my Ubuntu 13.04 machine and now there are too many to be shown on the login screen and there is no scrolling to be able to see them.  Is this a bug?00:04
fragolariciao ciuccia bigoli00:06
fragolarivi piace prenderlo ar culo?00:06
plainsMkrmy laptop was stolen that had my ssh priv key on it - that's been taken care of00:06
FlmullersUbuntu е несомнено најдобриот00:07
plainsMkrbut i'm trying get a new key workinging and for someone reaon i remember the ubuntu athorizied_keys fie had to be a specific format00:07
FlmullersТоа педерче тука?00:07
plainsMkri'm getting in puttygen for widows00:07
wilee-nileereduz, Part of the problem is the manufactures have their own tweaked versions, so it becomes a hit and miss situation to get it done right for any specific computers at times.00:07
mkadinMy laptop won't detect its own screen when I boot it with an external connected...any ideas on how to debug?00:09
plainsMkrno end chars, or soething like that - any knoe?00:09
pseudonymousQuick question - I've installed ubuntu via debootstrap and installed the os onto /dev/md1 -- At the end, do I just type 'grub-install /dev/md1', you think ? Both drives in /dev/md1 are mirrored and both have in their partition table a 1024K BIOS boot partition00:11
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SecretFirecan someone help? ubuntu won't recognize my iphone00:13
nezzariois ubuntu upgradable between releases the same as debian?00:16
nezzario12.10 -> 13.04 just requires apt-get update upgrade dist-upgrade ?00:16
submannezzario, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes?action=show&redirect=RaringRingtail%2FTechnicalOverview00:17
subcoolANyone... to any of my questsions. In fear of being flamed for asking tooo quickly..00:17
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wiseycan you help me get ubuntu for PowerPC?00:17
SecretFirehow can I mount a device I see in lsusb?00:18
submanwisey, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads/00:18
KurtKrautWhat is the application name of the system configuration tools? I'm stuck in a Gnome session where compiz and Unity are not running. I need to change my NVIDIA driver and I what to call that system configuration app from gnome-terminal.00:18
airtonixSecretFire: you have to be sure it's a block device first00:18
SecretFireairtonix : It is a iphone00:18
nezzariosubman: so it just has it's own pkg for upgrading?00:19
airtonixSecretFire: thats nice, but doesn't mean what you see in lsusb is a block device.00:19
airtonixSecretFire: I assume you're trying to access files on your internal storage ?00:20
SecretFireairtonix : yes, the photos on the iphone, here is lsusb output http://paste.ubuntu.com/5602870/00:20
wiseysubman :: This is my machine => http://everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup/?search_keywords=PLX00:20
wiseysubman :: what do you recommend00:21
airtonixSecretFire: have you tried this page yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone00:21
submanwisey, unfortunately I can only help you find the information.  I've never had a chance to personally use a powerpc machine.00:21
SecretFireairtonix : that doesn't seem to help me mount it00:22
KurtKrautCould anyone tell me the name of that application? My Unity is broken, I need to run it calling from gnome-terminal. Here is a screenshot: http://blog.sudobits.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/system-settings-ubuntu1110.jpg00:23
submanwisey, check here, you might be able to find something about compatibility.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Apple_Macintosh00:28
submanwisey, this one seems close to your hardware (without being familiar with Apple products of course) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/ApplePowerbookG4_15in_1.25GHz00:29
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trismkurtkraut: gnome-control-center00:32
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subcoolOk- SO anyone. Im having issues with my ubuntu system. Its segmentfaulting nearly everything i have to use. THen. i was curious on why i cant "Stream" a movie from one of my computers to another using Samba. THird. Whats a great compression to use? im trying to compress useless pictures and videos. But- i dont see much gain from compressing them.00:34
harrisi typed sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer and no error but wifi not showing up it worked with this code in 12.0400:34
harrisi typed sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer and no error but wifi not showing up it worked with this code in 12.0400:36
harrisand 12.1000:36
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Fishscenesubcool: You aren't going to see much gain at all from compressing pictures and videos because they are already compressed and optimized for the file. A generic "zip" compression isn't going to help much.00:36
Fishscenesubcool: Have you tried re-installing Ubuntu from scratch?00:37
FishsceneWith SAMBA, there is no "streaming" per-say. Are you saying that, when you access a media file on another computer (over SAMBA), that it will not play? Or it has buffer underruns? or..?00:38
subcoolFishscene, lol - no i havent trid to reinstall the system yet. lol - im saving that for last.00:38
harrisplease help me00:38
subcoolFishscene, yea, for samba. - nothing with buffer or underruns or anything.00:39
RolenunDoes anyone know when Citrix ICA Client will have the patch available? I know it's day 1 hehe, maybe in two weeks?00:39
harrisplease help me00:39
Fishsceneharris: Unfortunately, with IRC, you have to be patient as people will randomly and voluntarily address/ignore your issue. Your best bet is to keep looking into it and ask various questions as you go along.00:39
subcoolharris, you have the same issue i had?00:39
FishsceneRolenun: Might want to ask Citrix about that. or a reseller.00:39
harriswhat is yours00:40
harriswilee-nilee, please please please help me00:40
RolenunFishscene: I would, but the patched version is maintained thru the community help wiki. the official client from Citrix has always been borked :)00:40
subcoolharris, my dmesg was going nuts with wifi issues.. so - i followed some guide .. i might still have00:40
subcoolharris, but it said the same as yours. - Did you uninstall something?00:41
harriswhat dmesg00:41
RolenunFishscene: Each client release, some good samaritan patches it :)00:41
subcoolharris, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/111428100:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1114281 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_station : Could not get rate (-1)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:41
FishsceneRolenun: lol. Fair enough. Virtualized clients on Linux has, for whatever reason, been terrible.00:41
subcoolharris, dmesg is where a lot of the errors post during the functioning of the system.00:41
harrishow do i run that00:42
subcoolharris, sudo apt-get install pastebinthis00:42
subcoolharris, you type dmesg - but it floods your screen00:42
submanharris, dos this link help any?  http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-broadcom-b43-legacy-wireless-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04/00:42
FishsceneThe "pastebinthis" package allows you to dump the output of commands (dmesg) directly to pastebin so others can easily see what you see00:42
cameronpetersonhow to i update ubuntu 13 alpha to the official release00:43
harrisso sudo apt-get install dmesg00:43
subcoolno- dmesg is apart of yoru system00:43
subcoolpastebinthis is an app- which will make this easier00:43
harrisso sudo apt-get install pastebinthis00:43
harristhen what00:43
subcooldmeg |pastebinthis00:44
subcooldmesg |pastebinthis00:44
harrisE: Unable to locate package pastebinthis00:44
FishsceneIs it called "pastebinit"?00:44
subcoolyou dont have interenet on that machine do you00:44
harrisi do ethernet00:44
RolenunFishscene: Yeah, I generally dont upgrade Ubuntu until the patch is released on the wiki. Unfortunately, remote windows sessions are still needed :D00:44
subcoolFishscene, good call00:44
subcoolmy smartass subconsious stepped in00:45
harrispastebinit worked00:45
subcoolyeah- my bad00:45
harrisdmesg |pastebinit00:45
subcoolharris, now copy/paste what it printed00:46
harrisno errors00:46
Daditoshi, I'm following this guide to use ATI legacy drivers 13.1 (http://dottech.org/105987/how-to-install-amd-13-1-legacy-drivers-on-ubuntu-13-04-guide/comment-page-1/) and I'm stuck at find the version.h file  (in the locations pointed out by the article.  I did something similar for 12.10 and it worked fine but I don't remember this step.  Any ideas? other ways to do what I'm trying to do (I've already downgraded to xorg 1.2)?00:47
subcoolharris, well you dont have my issue00:47
mernilioWhy paste? You only do it for a 14 year old lamer with no experience or nothing.00:47
subcoolharris, im a bit curious on why it goes from 23. to 467 ---00:48
Fishsceneg2g. Good luck folks!00:48
subcoolharris, ok.. well yea- no errors..00:49
subcoolso y are you trying to install that file?00:49
mernilioFolks? call me mister mernilo!00:49
harrisso why isnt it showing up in network applet00:49
mernilioand bow when you say it!00:49
subcoolwilee-nilee, yea- please add ur awesome 2 cents..00:50
Daditoswell, I'll avoid the article and just follow the repos launchpad instructions as per https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx00:50
subcoolharris, i was having wifi issues, and i used the link i provided to fix it00:50
mernilioThat is the proper way to say tada to say godbuy!00:50
subcoolwhich just so happen to install the same file ur trying to00:50
lduroshi I'm running the linux kernel 3.8 in ubuntu because it addresses certain issues. But now I'm trying to install virtualbox and I can't because DKMS fails00:50
harrisit worked in 12.1000:51
subcoollduros, ha - try running vmware :/00:51
ldurosor rather, I get * No suitable module for running kernel found00:51
ldurossubcool: ok, i'll try vmware then00:51
ldurosnever tried00:51
subcooli was joking00:51
ldurosah, ok00:51
Rigorm0rtisOkay, so say I'm using UFW with dynamic IPs. How do I allow $LOCAL_NET, specifically with an IPv6 connection where $LOCAL_NET may change.00:51
subcooli moved to vbox because vmware is full of #$@00:51
subcoollduros id goto #vbox00:52
ldurosok thanks00:52
harrissudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source00:52
harrissudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree00:52
harristhen reboot00:52
subcoolharris, where did u get that- and for what?00:52
subcoolharris, that has nothing to do with the applet00:52
stevenroosequick question, how well-supported by ubuntu is the Dell XPS 15?00:53
stevenrooseI'm looking for a top laptop for using with Ubuntu00:53
stevenroosethe dell xps looks great00:53
stevenrooseany alternative Ubuntu-supporting laptops?00:53
harrissystem 76 preinstalled00:54
stevenroosei hate their trackpad00:54
harrisand try to get one without broadcom wifi00:54
subcoolharris, did u install b43-fwcutter00:54
stevenrooseI'm using a macbook now (with ubuntu) and I really want a good trackpad in my next laptop00:54
stevenroosedell's are fine I believe00:54
subcoolNothing shows up under tha applet?00:54
McGurkI've just upgraded to 13.04 and for my main user, Unit doesn't load. I've added from te terminal a secondary user to my desktop and I can log in with it and use Unity fine. Anyone have a clue on what might be happening?00:55
harrisim trying those commands00:55
harrissudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source00:55
harrissudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree00:55
harrisbrb restarting00:55
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DummyBookWho knows how to install Tweepy on osx? from its python source/00:56
jatakkDummyBook: Why are you asking in #ubuntu?00:56
DummyBookjatakk: well its unix based terminal, same instructions i figure00:57
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harristhose two codes worked01:02
harrishow do i restart nautilus01:02
trismharris: nautilus --quit01:03
harrisis that it01:03
trismwell, then you'd need to start it again01:03
harriswith what01:03
c2tarunCanonical is doing great job in making Unity faster and smoother, but why can't they make it less resource hungry? with 30 mins of video streaming on Ubuntu my laptops temp was well over 80 degree Celsius01:04
Highlander4funhow i stop x server on ubuntu 11.04???01:04
loculinuxcomo ven el sistemas es bueno01:04
harristrism, how do i start again01:04
trismharris: just nautilus, or start it from the launcher01:05
subcoolsubcool, hey01:05
subcoolok- i missed something01:05
evbogue if I install Ubuntu 13 on my Macbook Pro will I brick it?01:06
subcoolevbogue, sounds like a headache- y not something... stable?01:06
evboguesubcool: I'm debating whether I should attempt the install or not01:07
Rolenunhe's got a brick mooooooouse, he's mighty mighty! letting it all burn out.....01:08
wilee-nileeevbogue, I assume you can image that computer to a external, do that and you can be safe.01:10
evboguewilee-nilee: good idea01:10
subcoolevbogue, good luc? - lol01:10
wilee-nileeevbogue, Funny many come to the IRC without basic insurance of a reload option. ;)01:11
subcoolno one has a backup, unless they have lost everything before.01:12
evboguewilee-nilee: well I'm not so worried about losing everything. However, I am wondering if anyone has any success yet in installing the new version on a Macbook Pro01:12
subcoolevbogue, virtualize it?01:12
wilee-nileeevbogue, I see here some info, I did not read through it though. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu1304_apple_osx1083&num=101:14
wilee-nileesome here on  macpro http://askubuntu.com/questions/274149/trying-to-install-13-04-or-12-04-or-12-10-on-macbook-pro-2010-with-17-display01:15
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hayswhat's the thing after quantal called?01:20
sonOfRararing ringtail01:20
haysso for sources.list its ... ringtail?01:20
haysI am trying to figure out if this is my new sources.list: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed -e 's/quantal/ringtail/g'01:21
trismhays: raring, it is always the adjective not the noun (so far anyway)01:22
Quix86I want to use a newer kernel in xubuntu, what is the newest 'stable' kernel available for ubuntu? 3.8.8?01:22
hggdhhays: replacing quantal for raring in the sources.list is not a good idea. Better to upgrade01:22
jribQuix86: depends on your ubuntu version01:22
beanhays, dont do it that way01:22
mikehaas763This may not be the right channel for this but does anyone else have an issue with chrome on ubuntu (13.04, but it's been affecting me since 12.10) that certain hover states show random pieces of something that's like screenshot data?01:22
hayshggdh: have you done it?  can I do it over ssh without disaster01:22
haysfrom 12.1001:23
Quix86jrib, what command should I use to get this in terminal?01:23
jrib!version | Quix8601:23
ubottuQuix86: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:23
haysthe upgrade tool says its not recommended but I am lazy and don't want to walk into the other room :)01:23
beanhays, do_release_upgrade01:23
beanit'll probably work01:23
Quix86jrib it's 12.10 derived01:23
hggdhhays: I used -- *always use* 'sudo do-release-upgrade'01:23
beanoh yeah, dashes not _01:24
mikehaas763.. it seems like it's always hover state of buttons that are for click to copy01:24
Quix86jrib would it be 3.6.3 then?01:24
quijote_desertmmmmhhh, i don't think its a good idea. But if you have a test computer there will be no problem01:24
haysmy desktop ubuntu machine is kind of disposable. nothing on it that isn't somewhere else01:25
haysso even if I had to nuke the partition.. i could easily recover01:25
haysthank you git01:25
rubicErr http://security.ubuntu.com raring-security/universe Translation-en_GB this message came up (amongst others) while upgrading to raring ringtail via do-release-upgrade -d is that an issue?01:26
OerHeks"do-release-upgrade -d" is for the development version01:29
subcoolhow do you clear your ram?01:30
subcooli've got like .8gig being used.. it should be that high.01:30
OerHekssubcool, look at the processes with top or htop01:30
jribsubcool: why do you care?01:31
jribQuix86: would what be 3.6.3?01:31
Quix86jrib, would 3.6.3 be the newest stable kernel I can use on a ubuntu 12.10 derived distro (xubuntu)?01:32
MadMurkaaI have a mail server that isn't working. I beleieve it to be a networking problem. How can I check whether there is an SMTP service listening on port 25?01:32
usr13MadMurkaa: nmap01:33
RolenunMadMurkaa: http://www.mxtoolbox.com/diagnostic.aspx ;)01:33
usr13MadMurkaa: nmap -p 25 ###.###.##.#01:33
OerHeksMadMurkaa, lsof -i :25  or netstat -an | grep ":25"01:33
guest-Io6jvlHello, I have finished install  version, but my unit does not work. In guest account is ok, but in my account does not work! I use Ati radeon 679001:34
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jribQuix86: why do you say 3.6.3?  I see 3.5.0 in official repositories for 12.10.   Also, why do you keep saying "12.10 derived" instead of "12.10"?01:34
subcooljrib, because - i ony have 2gig.. :/01:35
subcoolOerHeks, i use top, but- i dont get to see the processes using the most about of ram. Never tried Htop though01:35
quidnuncHow do I determine which UID a service run as? i.e. 'sudo service nginx start'01:35
jribsubcool: so you have 1.2 gig free.  RAM is to be used.  Free RAM is wasted ram01:35
dfreyAre there any serious issues I should be aware of before I upgrade to 13.04 (from 12.10)?01:35
jrib!notes | dfrey01:35
Quix86jrib I was looking at this link http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ also like I said in my above post I'm using xubuntu, not ubuntu vanilla01:35
ubottudfrey: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) release notes can be found here http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0401:35
beannow, is it being used, or is it cached.01:35
beanthe ram that is.01:35
marco__I have a question about gksudo. I know sudo use tty_tickets. I want that when I run an application with a keyboard shortcut using sudo, it always use the same terminal (so sudo doesn't ask always for a password)01:35
usr13MadMurkaa: On the server itself you might do:  netstat -pantu |grep :2501:35
subcooljrib, its more than im willing to explain.01:36
jribQuix86: xubuntu and ubuntu use the same repositories.  That link is for a ppa -- not from the official repositories01:36
jrib!ram | subcool01:36
ubottusubcool: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html01:36
sharewow this is amazing http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/01:36
rubicOerheks ;o so if its the development version what should I be using?01:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:36
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jribsubcool: you shouldn't be concerned about ram usage unless you're running out of it (and you're not)01:37
subcooljrib, calm ur jets01:37
subcooli am concerned.. and thats my prerogative01:37
Quix86jrib well I'm already on 3.5.0, I'd like to use 3.6+ since it supports hybrid hibernation, but I'm not sure if I can use it without everything breaking or not01:37
Unity-problemMy sidebar, after update does not work. I use Ati radeon 6790.01:38
beansubcool, what is the output of "free -m"01:38
rubicOOOH after checking the manpage I can see that devel release stands for development release. thanks anyway01:38
jribQuix86: use PPAs at your own risk (but it should be ok to use what you linked and you should just keep the old kernel installed too so if something goes horribly wrong you can just pick the old one at the grub loading screen)01:38
subcoolOerHeks, thanks.. nice app01:38
jribsubcool: I'm just trying to inform you about memory usage so that you don't waste your time01:38
Quix86jrib will it create a new grub option for the different kernel when I update it, or will I have to enter some command on boot?01:39
subcoolbean i could pastebin it- but there really is no point.. -01:39
jribQuix86: an entry will be created automatically once you install the new kernel01:39
subcoolIts pretty simple, im about to watch a movie, and i want to be able to run something in the background. But- if i do- it pushes into swap, and everything laggs out01:40
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beansubcool, sure there is, please do and i'll attempt to explain to you.01:40
s5fsI need help getting bluetooth working. Ubuntu 12.04, Dell XPS 15, Intel 6235 bluetooth/wifi.01:40
subcoolbean http://paste.ubuntu.com/5603040/01:40
Quix86jrib oki, and "mkdir > wget > dpkg > update grub" is the correct way to do all of this?01:41
F41LUsing mint, anyone have an idea as to what package the "Network Settings" button on the Cinnamon bar is? I think I need to purge it and reinstall.01:41
beanso, you'01:41
jribQuix86: no, just add the ppa and use apt-get01:41
jrib!ppa | Quix8601:41
ubottuQuix86: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:41
usr13subcool: You should do comparisons of memory management (OS vs OS).01:41
Raptor05F41L: You can always go to irc.spotchat.org #LinuxMint for support01:41
rubicthe translation stuff on `do-release-upgrade` is still coming up with err. Any help would be appreciated.01:41
jribQuix86: erm, unless the kernel ppa does something weird01:42
nevyns5fs: what's the problem?01:42
karjalaHow do we make Pidgin appear in the system tray on 13.04?01:42
F41Lraptoros, they didn't likey jokes01:42
beansubcool, so, 497 of that 1256 that is being used is cached. That means that it is not really being used and is just stuff from recently open programs that will free itself up when needed.01:42
s5fsnevyn: in a nutshell, my system does not see the bluetooth device when I launch the Bluetooth application.01:42
karjalaI installed docker but no luck01:42
Quix86jrib: http://goo.gl/QxcYn is what I am going by, the URLs in the examples are outdated though01:43
Raptor05F41L: Too bad...they need a sense of humor01:43
nevyns5fs: do you have a bluetooth hci in the laptop?01:43
nevynintel 6235 is a wifi chipset.01:43
jribQuix86: if they don't actually provide a repository, then sure just install the .deb as you said earlier.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds might be more recent (or not)01:43
s5fsnevyn: bluetooth should be built-in, it worked under windows.01:44
harrisubuntu 13.04 says battery not present but it is01:44
nevynis it on?01:44
nevynis the device discoverable ?01:44
s5fsnevyn: I do not have a separate control for bluetooth but have toggled wifi separately. it doesn't seem to help.01:44
Raptor05harris: 13.04 was just released today...you should expect a few bugs01:44
subcoolbean its ok, i basically get it.01:44
subcoolharris, doing better?01:45
harrisi need my battery though01:45
s5fsnevyn: hcitool dev shows nothing01:45
harrissubcool, yeah but battery not reconized01:45
harrissubcool can we pm i have something for you01:45
subcoolyour battery is not recognized!?!?01:45
nevyns5fs: that smells like it's off.01:46
Raptor05help quit01:46
harriscan we subcool01:46
Quix86PMs are for hardcore yiff action01:46
Quix86don't do it subcool01:46
s5fsnevyn: maybe so, but I'm unsure how to switch it on.01:46
subcoollol -01:47
shareUBuntu download page links are messed up01:47
sharei choose the newest + 64bit and takes me to 32 + lts ...01:47
subcooli've seen a few spammer come through looking to pm- what do they get from the pm session?01:47
shareeven with cookies enabled01:47
harrissubcool, yes or no01:47
subcoolharris, nah. i keep forgetting about it anyways01:47
harrisreal quick01:48
shareit should be this link http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=desktop&bits=6401:48
subcoolharris, what r u trying to show me?01:48
OerHeksshare known issue >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/276297/why-does-ubuntu-give-the-wrong-download-link-to-people-who-dont-donate01:48
harrisi will get yelled at about offtopic so come to #harris01:48
harrisyou said you might have to do a reinstall right subcool01:49
s5fsnevyn: any thoughts on how to enable bluetooth or confirm that the device is present but turned off? the function keys don't appear to work.01:50
OerHeksshare, use torrents, faster then ftp atm01:50
shareOerHeks: im getting full speed no worry the only difference is that with ftp i need checksum01:50
Deihmos1is the new upcoming version still slow and buggy?01:50
=== qos|away is now known as qos
harrisOerHeks, 13.04 doesnt recognize my battery01:51
subcoolharris, yea- supposedly- i doubt ill let it get that far. ill see in a bit.01:51
Quix86deihmos1 new versions are always slow and buggy, please refer to mac OS 7.7 if you want speed and stability01:51
harrisso back up your stuff here http://db.tt/huZfKHd2 make a account and download dropbox app01:51
* wilee-nilee fud flag goes up01:52
OerHeksharris, you know spam if not allowed on freenode.01:52
harrisi not trying to help him backup his stuff01:52
harrisand can you please help me01:52
* Quix86 stands back as not to get hit by any banhammers01:53
subcooli back my stuff up locally01:53
Quix86I have my network back my files up automatically. I haven't lost files in years! - Steve Jobs, 1998ish01:53
harrisubuntu 13.04 says battery not present but it is01:53
subcoolbbl  - im bored01:57
Quix86subcool link me to sum dat porn ty01:57
IdleOne!language | Quix8601:57
ubottuQuix86: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:57
subcoolQuix86, only the good stuff- ;)01:57
nevyns5fs: umm it looks like it might be broken...01:58
s5fsnevyn: please define "broken"01:58
Quix86I find the word 'professional' to be offensively out of place in an IRC channel01:58
* Quix86 shrugs 01:58
joshlI'm new and needing some assistance. My wifi connection on 12.10 only stays connected for about a half hour, then I have to restart my computer before it comes back up.01:58
OddityEnterprise Quality01:58
joshlI've also tried to uninstall then install 12.04 to see if there was any change and nothing.01:59
s5fsnevyn: I mean, are you finding references that the device isn't supported? that would be good to know, haha!01:59
joshlNow it's worse. I can't even download simple things from the software center. I keep getting package dependencies error01:59
=== uno is now known as thorbyuno
joshlIs support/help offered here?02:02
Quix86How do I get ubuntu to enable my swap partition on startup? For whatever reason it does not do this by default and I am not able to use hibernation because of it02:04
=== quem_ is now known as quem
beanQuix86, its likely in your fstab02:07
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:08
OerHeksQuix86, did you creat the swap yourself?02:08
Quix86OerHeks, yes02:09
wiseyHow do I create a usb linux installer on a mac?02:09
wiseyon usb02:09
wiseyflash drive02:09
OerHeksthen it might be too small, minimal is your ram + something, let the installer do that.02:09
Quix86OerHeks, it's large enough02:09
Quix86OerHeks, I can do some command to hibernate but when the system reboots it starts up normally because it can't find the hibernation file02:10
F41LOk, anywho.. the linuxmint guys are all miffed I cracked some jokes and don't welcome me anylonger. I'm having the strangest of issues with my network stuffage. Anyone happen to know what package the "network settings" entry on the cinnamon menu in linux mint is associated with? I need to purge and reinstall it >.<02:10
KommaHHey everyone02:10
Quix86f41l mint sucks, use ubuntu02:10
Quix86I like xubuntu02:10
hazardoushow can i install ia32-libs?02:10
F41LUnity sucks.02:10
hazardousThe following packages have unmet dependencies: ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch02:10
Quix86yes unity does suck, use xubuntu or kubuntu02:10
Quix86or use debian02:10
F41Land linux mint for all intents and purposes, IS ubuntu02:10
hazardousi am on 12.04lts02:10
KommaHIs there a way I can set KDE in Kubuntu to only display the desktop background, nothing else, when logging in as a user?02:11
Quix86f41l but it breaks more often02:11
F41Lquite possibly02:11
F41LBut Cinnamon is the sexyness.02:11
Quix86I prefer xfce, when I used mint it was alright but when you try changing things it just breaks more and more02:11
Quix86I finally gave up and deleted the whole mess02:11
F41LI honestly think it was my fault when I treid to install fprintd and some custom drivers to drive my vf501102:12
F41Lmay have shennanigan-ized my network management.02:12
zgudinohey some quick words02:14
zgudinocongrats to canonical and the open source community02:14
ZiberSo, I have 4x2 workspaces on my laptop (running 12.04, btw) and occasionally I connect it to my TV to use an external monitor. I don't like the default behavior of being forced to use to adjacent workspaces. Is there a way I can change this?02:14
zgudinoof course the ubuntu community also :D02:14
zgudinoand thats it02:14
F41LQuix86, debian uses dat old kernel. Unity sucks, Xubuntu is too bland, KDE panels drive me insane, gnome3 takes up too much screen realestate. Linux mint is quite delightful, and based on ubuntu just as much as ubuntu is based on Debian. Uses most of the same package repos, why can't we all get along and help me figger out mah network woes? :302:14
Quix86Because mint breaks and I don't use it. If XFCE is bland then you require too much rice on your desktop for a healthy GUI diet02:15
vividjust to report, kernel panics in 3.8.0-19 with bcmwl and broken nvidia hdmi audio02:15
Quix86Also gnome 3 is horrific02:16
F41Lxfce is just.. flat. basic. functional. I use it on my workstation to do manly things. But my nice APU laptop, I like a little transparency n shadows n stuff.02:16
Quix86xfce has transparency and shadows02:16
F41LCinnamon is probably the best thing I've used so far.02:16
=== wheaties is now known as wheaties466
F41LThe menu is like, the tits.02:16
Quix86you just have to enable composting02:16
F41LIt's like KDE without being KDE02:16
* wilee-nilee loves the ignore02:16
Quix86ignore is nice yeah02:17
F41LGetting mad at a friendly discussion on preference for desktop environments?02:17
F41LWhat is it with poeple that hang around in linux help channels. So friggin' touchy about the most insignificant thing.02:18
F41Lomg you have a different opinion about something than I do!!02:18
Quix86F41L you can also install cinnamon on a regular ubuntu installation02:18
F41LThat'd be nice.02:19
Quix86so the OS will actually work02:19
F41LI'd like to dot aht02:19
OerHeksF41L, stop the rant, you do not use ubuntu,.02:19
F41LNew flavour, Cubuntu, usin' cinnamon02:19
Quix86 add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable02:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
harrisubuntu 13.04 says battery not present but it is02:19
F41LOerHeks, I don't use ubuntu?? loooool where did you get that idea.02:20
Quix86harris define "Hardware"02:20
Quix86and ignored02:20
F41LI have numerous desktops, servers, laptops, all running some sort of ubuntu or another.02:20
harris Fixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general-purpose construction and repair of a structure or object.02:20
JoseeAntonioRhey guys, just did a version upgrade and unity doesn't load, any idea on why this can be happening?02:20
F41LHeck, even my nexus had ubuntu touch on it at one point.02:21
=== root is now known as Guest2172
F41LUntil I realized that the bit with docking wasn't included into the dev preview :(02:21
F41LMy server's chassis is littered with various ubuntu stickers. Don't you dare say I don't use Ubuntu, you meanie!02:21
IdleOneF41L: This isn't a discussion channel, if you want to chat you can use #ubuntu-offtopic02:21
F41LThen maybe someone can help me and I'll stop filling the dead air with discussion?02:22
harrisQuix86,  Fixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general-purpose construction and repair of a structure or object.02:22
Quix86harris apt-get install "Context"02:22
ThatOneRoadie!help | F41L02:23
ubottuF41L: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:23
=== Guest2172 is now known as ImagClaw
F41LI asked long ago.02:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:23
harrisapt-get install "battery"?02:23
F41LI also didn't repeat any question either.02:23
Quix86harris define "hardware"02:23
harrisi did02:23
harrisFixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general-purpose construction and repair of a structure or object.02:24
Quix86harris define "system hardware"02:24
OerHeks<F41L> Using mint, anyone have an idea as to what package the "Network Settings" button on the Cinnamon bar is? I think I need to purge it and reinstall.02:24
Quix86and I wish I knew the commands for bug reports02:24
IdleOnemint is not supported here.02:24
F41LOerHeks, that's the one! It's the same package from a canonical repository.02:24
ZiberSo, I have 4x2 workspaces on my laptop (running 12.04, btw) and occasionally I connect it to my TV to use an external monitor. I don't like the default behavior of being forced to use to adjacent workspaces. Is there a way I can change this?02:25
=== brunnhilde is now known as nothung
harriswhat do i type to get my battery reconized02:25
F41LMan, I feel bad about donating my money to canonical now if this is how fellow computer-goers are treated because their uname -a says something else, despite being based on said thing.02:25
Quix86harris what laptop are you using02:25
ThatOneRoadieF41L: This is #ubuntu, not #linux-mint. The Official Linux Mint support channel is #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org.02:25
johnjohn1011!release party02:26
harrishp pavilion dv6000 exactly02:26
F41LI'm ignoring you now, ThatOneRoadie, thanks.02:26
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:26
IdleOne!mint > F41L02:26
ubottuF41L, please see my private message02:26
Neozonzhow do i get rid of a screen?02:26
Neozonzminimize it so to say02:27
ThatOneRoadieF41L: Sad, because a quick google of "Linux mint cinnamon package network manager" reveals: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/i686/networkmanager/02:27
F41LI can spam bots at you all day too.02:27
Quix86harris and your battery works correctly under windows?02:27
F41LThat's not the exact package I'm interested in, ThatOneRoadie02:27
VanessaEcan someone help me work out an issue with a webcam?02:27
F41LI've already reinstalled network-manager after a purge and fixed one of my two issues.02:28
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: What kind of an issue?02:28
IdleOneF41L: I'm tired after a very long release day. I am not really patient and I am not in the mood for putting up with a spoiled brat with a bad attitude.02:28
harrisunder 12.1002:28
VanessaEit worked okay in 12.04, but now the image is practically black.02:28
harrisnot 13.0402:28
IdleOneF41L: Mint is not supported in this channel.02:28
ThatOneRoadieTo quote my Dad, "Smarten up!"02:28
VanessaEusing cheese for example.  Turning up the bright/contrast just raises the image to visibility, but horrible quality02:28
F41LNo one's spoiled here, IdleOne. I'm also not trying to portray a bad attitude. I love ubuntu, canonical, and donated money to the project. I also seek to help others and evangelise ubuntu to everyone I deal with.,02:29
VanessaEI think I need to change the actual hardware settings being passed to the cam, e.g. exposure and the like.02:29
Quix86I will say, if I was looking for help and kept getting canned generic copypaste answers, I'd get annoyed02:29
F41LI'm simply trying to figure out a strange issue and the linux mint people are unhelpful.02:29
harrisQuix86, under 12.10 yes02:29
IdleOneF41L: Great, now follow our channel rules please and seek help in the proper channel.02:29
ThatOneRoadieWe support Ubuntu here. If you'd read the PM the bot sent you, it's plain as day: "Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org"02:29
Quix86but what he needs to do is drop mint and use ubuntu with his DM of choice instead of using a broken distro02:29
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: OK, I might need a few things then... can you pastebin the output of [ lspci ]?02:29
Quix86harris I donno then, maybe try installing acpi but I really doubt that'll make any difference02:30
ZiberSo, am I just to believe that unity + external monitors is just a bad idea?02:30
F41LThatOneRoadie, I'm +b in #linuxmint-help, just FYI02:30
F41LCause I made some wisecracks about elderberry02:30
Quix86Ziber, I personally think unity is a bad idea in general, but that's me02:30
SonikkuAmericaF41L: You understand that the Spotchat channel is filled with humans, right? Have you tried Googling around?02:30
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: I can't copy&paste from the affected machine right now, but if you need a specific bit of info, I can transcribe it over.02:31
IdleOneF41L: That is not our problem and does not mean you can get help here for Mint02:31
Quix86I haven't tried multiple monitors in linux yet02:31
ZiberQuix86: I thought the same thing at first too, and honestly I've started to like it.02:31
F41LSonikkuAmerica, IRC is my last ditch effort.02:31
F41LI've spent 2 days googling.02:31
Quix86I'm content with xfce when it's not destroying my sessions02:31
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: OK, go over to paste.ubuntu.com and transcribe it word-for-word then...02:31
ZiberI played with different WMs for a day or so, but came back to unity. Might have to play around again.02:31
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: If we have to get drastic... :) but at the least I need the line that your camera is listed under.02:32
F41LIdleOne, so where can I apply for my donation refund, then?02:32
Quix86I can't remember if fedora had KDE or gnome3 by default... whatever it was, it was terrible. I looked at untity and it seems to be designed to use some sort of dock on the side02:32
IdleOneF41L: ask Canonical, your donation to them does not entitle you to any help from us, especially for an unsupported derivative.02:32
F41LCourse not, I was kidding.02:33
Quix86I'm very much used to using a top-taskbar layout02:33
IdleOneWell quit the kidding and stop wasting our time02:33
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: it would be listed under lsusb, actually.  It's a Creative Webcam Live! Notebook pro (041e:4051), which appears to use the gspca/zc3xx driver02:33
SonikkuAmericaF41L: Perhaps you should just switch to Ubuntu then.02:33
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Didn't know it was USB. Good catch :)02:33
F41LWhat really gets me giggling.02:34
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: been using Linux for about 15 years now.  Just can't figure this one out :-)02:34
ZiberYes, Unity is dock-based. And I've gotten very used to that dock.02:34
ThatOneRoadie!ot | F41L02:34
ubottuF41L: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:34
ThatOneRoadie!ot > F41L02:34
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: We've all run into that stage. Give me a second...02:34
Quix86Why do you guys keep spamming him the same messages?02:34
ThatOneRoadieHammering the point across?02:35
Quix86if he didn't listen to them the first time he's not going to the next 20 times02:35
IdleOneMove on please. We got people here who actually need help with ubuntu02:35
Quix86I need to find my tab that had fstab info on it...02:35
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:35
ThatOneRoadieQuix86: I think fedora used KDE by default02:35
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
ThatOneRoadieI know Core 4 did, and it was a nightmare02:36
Quix86I want to say it was KDE, it was so awful that I removed fedora in about 15 min or so02:36
enav1Hello, what is the image i need to download for a 64b intel cpu ?????02:36
ThatOneRoadieenav1 : wait one02:36
enav1oh really ?02:36
Quix86lol I used core 4 when it came out, actually. I tried linux back in 2004-5 ish and core 4 and mandrake were the only distros that came close to working02:36
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: And now for your hardware? (This is why I need [ lspci ], if you don't know what your hardware is; I'll assume you're familiar with it)02:36
Quix86I didn't like linux at the time and went back to windows02:36
joshh99Hey everyone. I updated my server to 13.04 using do-release-upgrade and all the packages appeared to update. I've also checked lsb_release -a and it shows 13.04. However, whenever I log in to my server, I'm told that there's a new version available and 494 packages to update02:37
ThatOneRoadieenav1: http://ubuntu-releases.wallawalla.edu//raring/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso02:37
SonikkuAmericaenav1: The amd64 image works on Intel x86-64 and x64 processors.02:37
enav1ok, i just was confused because it says AMD02:37
SonikkuAmericaenav1: The "amd64" termiage is a bit confusing though...02:37
ThatOneRoadieyeah, the amd64 package works on intel as well. i64 just sounds weird though :P02:38
SonikkuAmericaThatOneRoadie: Exactly. The heck is i64. I know what i396 is...02:38
Quix86do I need to use the UUID in fstab or can I use /dev/sda?02:38
joshh99I updated my server to 13.04 using do-release-upgrade and all the packages appeared to update. I've also checked lsb_release -a and it shows 13.04. However, whenever I log in to my server, I'm told that there's a new version available and 494 packages to update. Anyone know what's going on02:38
ThatOneRoadie!patience | joshh9902:38
ubottujoshh99: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:38
SonikkuAmericajoshh99: Are you on the daily build?02:38
dougbbSonikkuAmerica: hysterical raisins ... dates back to when amd was the only 64 bit version, and various FOSS developers wanted to give intel a little tweak02:38
SonikkuAmericadougbb: Hysterical raisins? lol02:39
trismjoshh99: sometimes the update info gets stale in the motd, it'll probably resolve itself eventually02:39
Quix86I asked this in debian I think, I think it counts here. If the i386 build isn't actually supported on i386 processors anymore, why isn't it called i486?02:39
joshh99I shouldn't be on a daily build. I just upgraded like 20 minutes ago as per standard update procedures -- from 12.10 to 13.0402:39
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: We got lazy.02:39
Quix86I think there are some distros that refer to it as 'i686'02:39
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: And called it for all x86 hardware.02:40
Quix86...oh, is ubuntu supported on 68k by chance?02:40
Quix86I was just digging through the debian hardware support list a few min ago but didn't remember to look... but I didn't see it either02:40
Quix86I'd assume not02:41
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: That would be awesome; I'd flash my Palm Pilot with it...02:41
JoseeAntonioRhey guys, has anyone been having troubles with not being able to run unity in raring? I simply can't run it, says 'Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0"'02:41
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: It has a Motorola Dragonball 68k... but I'm getting a little !ot here.02:41
Quix86I was thinking more mac hardware... I've spent too much time looking up old apple laptops, and ordered a G3 powerbook that I'm gonna have to figure out how to squeeze ubuntu or deb onto02:42
Quix86Was it here or debian that I asked what bootloader is used for new world rom?02:42
Quix86I want to say I read somewhere that they use a different loader than x8602:43
Quix86quijote_desert, "/quit" is what you want02:43
enav1thanks for the help guys02:43
quijote_deserti'll try to write in the terminal but xchat get focus02:44
quijote_deserti made a mistake02:44
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: Maybe a PowerPC image then?02:44
Iordaniswhat mistake?02:44
Quix86SonikkuAmerica, that's what the install would be, but I'm not sure what bootloader it's going to use02:44
Quix86the laptop I'm getting will already have OS something on it... I think if it's OSX or newer I'll find out how to get 8.1 or 8.5 on there alongside linux02:45
jordan__Is there a way of disabling unities global menu bar without removing the actual package?02:45
NoskcajQuix86, PowerPC uses Yaboot02:45
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5603174/02:45
VanessaEsorry that took so long02:45
jordan__ Is there a way of disabling unities global menu bar without removing the actual package?02:45
Quix86also what is in charge of shutting down programs when I click shutdown in the menu, is it my window manager or something in ubuntu?02:45
Quix86thank you Noskcaj02:45
VanessaEhad to get ssh up and running on the affected box.02:45
jordan__oops said that twice, my bad02:46
Senormy harddisk is 20G , then I mount it at / , but the disk check tool tell me there is 4G available for / ,why?02:46
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: No problem. Do you have the proprietary AMD drivers installed?02:46
Quix86senor is there a different partition for /home by chance?02:46
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: yes.02:47
ZiberWhat's the command to upgrade to 13.04?02:47
VanessaE(the open source drivers are inadequate for that machine's normal use)02:47
Ziberfrom 12.04, that is?02:47
VanessaEZiber: you have to go through the Update Manager.02:47
VanessaEor re-install from scratch02:47
SonikkuAmericaZiber: There isn't - you have to go through 12.10 first...02:47
Quix86senor what does gparted say?02:47
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Actually, yes there is?02:47
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: It's called [ do-release-upgrade ].02:48
SonikkuAmericaZiber: ^02:48
VanessaESonikkuAmerica:  oh yes, forgot about that02:48
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Is this 12.10 or 13.04?02:48
ThatOneRoadieZiber: 12.10 is recommended if you're going to do-release-upgrade. see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaringUpgrades02:48
ZiberAh, right.02:48
VanessaEjust installed a few hours ago.02:48
ZiberNo release found. Oh well.02:48
Ziber12.04 is lts.02:48
Ziberworks for me.02:48
Senorno enough space to use .but I only use 2G ,it report the total is 19G02:49
SonikkuAmericaZiber: You can upgrade by messing with Software Sources.02:49
Quix86uh... the fstab page is kinda confusing. I would like my swap partition and another ext4 partition to mount on boot. How do I do this?02:49
ZiberEh, don't care that much.02:49
ZiberThanks though!02:49
MartynKeigherhey all…having an issue with apache default file, and every time i post something there..i get a bot response and its not helping. basically what i want to do is drop the :303 from the following URL… lab.martynkeigher.com:3030 and replace it with /mklab02:49
SonikkuAmericaZiber: In the Updates tab, select "For any new version."02:49
MartynKeigher**i mean drop 3030…the port.02:49
ZiberOh, look at that. :D02:50
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Can you use any other programs correctly with your webcam?02:50
SenorQuix86: do you mean my swap partion consume my space ?02:50
Senorhow to check that ?02:50
dougbbMartynKeigher: the reason you get the bot response is that your question isn't related to ubuntu :)02:51
Quix86senor I'm wondering about my own swap partition. See if you have "gparted" install to look at your hard drive's partitions02:51
SonikkuAmericaSenor: Yes. It's like virtual memory on Windows. In GParted, search for the portion of the device labeled "swap."02:51
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: under 12.04, cheese and skype worked fine.  Under 13.04, no programs that can access a webcam are able to produce a viable image (tried cheese, skype, gstreamer-properties)02:51
SonikkuAmericaSenor: Excuse me; I meant the virtual memory page file.02:51
MartynKeigherthe URL right now is lab.martynkeigher.com:3030/mklab  but i want it to be lab.martynkeigher.com/dashing …is this do-able?02:51
Quix86SonikkuAmerica, he is saying he has something like 10-16gb missing, swap isn't going to take up that much space on a system with a 20gb hard drive02:51
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: it's as though the driver's auto-exposure control no longer works.02:51
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: It could be that no one has tested your camera under 13.04. After all, it's still rather new.02:52
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: Ouch.02:52
Quix86I think my webcam doesn't have auto exposure working either... but I'm not in a terribly new version of the OS02:52
Quix86I also don't have my webcam hooked up right now to check02:52
SenorSonikkuAmerica:that is memory related02:53
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: Is it a Creative Labs Live! 0250?02:53
Quix86SonikkuAmerica, no it's some off brand junk I bought for cheap a long time ago02:53
SenorSonikkuAmerica:how to verify what you say?02:53
Quix86it might have the same driver, idk02:53
ThatOneRoadieMartynKeigher: You can use VirtualHosts and ProxyPass in apache to do that I think. Check out http://apache-http-server.18135.x6.nabble.com/Virtual-Host-port-forwarding-td4763633.html02:53
Quix86senor "sudo apt-get gparted"02:53
johnjohn1011do you think ubuntu will run  on a beagle bone?02:53
BirdoHey everyone, I've noticed that load times for web pages in 13.04 was sluggish. I go to speedtest and my download is at 5mb. On another laptop running OS X Lion right next to me, I'm getting 20mb down. What could be causing this?02:53
Senorwhat is that?02:53
SonikkuAmericaSenor: Actually that's [ sudo apt-get install gparted ]. It's a partition manager for storage devices.02:54
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: Oh.02:54
SonikkuAmerica!info gparted | Senor02:54
ubottuSenor: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.12.1-2 (raring), package size 531 kB, installed size 1840 kB02:54
Quix86johnjohn1011, just looking at the specs it should be fast enough, but it comes down to driver support. Have you tried google?02:55
SonikkuAmericaBirdo: It could be a host of things...02:55
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: how do I access the hardware controls for a webcam (generically)?  Is there some program for that purpose?  (v4l-gtk seems long dead)02:55
ZantoxCan anyone help me with: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213852702:55
AnonSudoi finally got my irssi to work02:55
johnjohn1011Quix86: it was just released.  i'll keep an eye out for it. thanks for the ARM support02:56
sysRPL2 questions in 13.04 here .... 1) why isn'tF3 showing me split panes in nautilus ... and 2) typing smb://x.x.x.x (or the ip of my windows pc) is doing nothing ... why on both 1 and 2?02:56
SonikkuAmericaAnonSudo: Looks like.02:56
AnonSudoi am now an official 1337 h4x0r02:56
AnonSudodon't all congradulate me at once now02:56
SonikkuAmerica!info v4l02:56
ubottuPackage v4l does not exist in raring02:56
SonikkuAmerica!info v4l-gtk02:56
ubottuPackage v4l-gtk does not exist in raring02:56
BirdoSonikkuAmerica: Ridiculous. 12.04 my Internet was just fine. I don't understand how the OS could be holding my back my download speed02:57
Birdoholding back*02:57
ZantoxCan anyone help me with: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213852702:57
Birdonot only holding it back, but 1/4 of what it should be.02:57
wilee-nileeZantox, You need to identify the graphics card/chip there and here.02:57
ZantoxI don't have a graphics card02:58
SonikkuAmericaBirdo: It's possible that Ubuntu hates your network interface device, or that something's wrong inside your computer, or that... well, the other options are beyond me.02:58
ZantoxI have a little tiny thing that came on my motherboard for vga, thats it02:58
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Good question.02:58
SonikkuAmericaZantox: [ lspci ] should list it then...02:58
Senorhow to check swap partiton's situation?02:58
BirdoSonikkuAmerica: I see, well thanks for your insight. I'll keep digging to fix this problem..02:58
Zantoxwhen do I type that in02:58
ZantoxI'm new02:59
jatakkZantox: In a terminal window02:59
wilee-nileeSenor, situation?02:59
Zantoxok let me try that02:59
SonikkuAmericaZantox: What jatakk said. Look for the line that says "VGA."02:59
jatakkZantox: Run this command: lspci | grep 'VGA'03:00
WhitePelicandoes anyone know why facebook chat is brokem for pidgin?03:00
Zantoxok and to get to the terminal (because error is preventing it) I hold shift at startup then hit ctrl+x right?03:00
vividBirdo, try an older kernel, maybe from quantal.  i had to revert to stop 3.8.0-19 from panics involving the network03:01
Senorhow to check the size of my swap partition ?03:02
Gallomimiamemstat usually gives you a good idea. it's listed in top also03:03
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: Pidgin has an answer in their FAQ.03:03
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: If you have any other problems involving Pidgin, try the #pidgin channel.03:03
vividSenor, system monitor -> resources tab03:03
Gallomimiaguys. how many days has 13.04 been out?03:03
SonikkuAmericaGallomimia: Almost one.03:03
Gallomimiai'll wait a few more before changing over a running server03:04
SonikkuAmericaGallomimia: Why would you not use 12.04 LTS for a server?03:04
Gallomimiait is 12.0403:04
Gallomimiais 13.04 not LTS?03:04
SonikkuAmericaEvery 2 years.03:04
dougbb.04 releases are usually not03:05
dougbb.10 releases usually ar03:05
ThatOneRoadieEOL on 13.04 is January `1403:05
SonikkuAmericadougbb: Other way around.03:05
Gallomimiaread topic03:05
aneks14.04 will be LTS03:05
VanessaEHAH!  WhitePelican = my husband, the guy whose webcam I'm trying to sort out :D03:05
Gallomimia08 10 and 12 are LTS03:05
VanessaEdidn't even realize he signed on :D03:05
Gallomimiawell then. that's something to think about03:05
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: lol.03:05
BirdoOk, this website http://test-ipv6.com/ says I'm not IPv6 ready - is this possibly why in 13.04 my Internet is slow?03:05
dougbbSonikkuAmerica: err, right03:05
dougbbstrike that, reverse it03:05
subcoolok, i dont get it- some files i can stream via samba to watch instantly and others.. i get an error03:06
GallomimiaBirdo: no it shouldn't affect your speed at all03:06
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: I think your wife has run into a dead end with your machine's Creative Labs webcam.03:06
dougbbBirdo: that wouldn't be relevant unless you actually had ipv603:06
dougbbBirdo: what kind of internet connection are you dealing with that is slow right now?03:06
BirdoGallomimia, dougbb: darn, then I just don't understand.03:06
Gallomimiathat's okay. ipv6 isn't much to worry about. i guess you might have a different problem03:07
Birdodougbb: Just regular cable Internet? I've never had a problem like this with Ubuntu until 13.04.03:07
dougbbBirdo: I mean, how is your host connected?03:08
dougbbwire? wireless?03:08
Senorit report the total space used by filesystem is 99%,but I have no so many files on03:08
Birdodougbb: Sorry, wireless.03:09
usr13Birdo: Look at output of   iwconfig  particularly signal report.03:09
dougbbBirdo: is the other host (that is going fast) also on wireless?03:09
Birdousr13: Signal level? says -61 dBm, bit rate 5.5mb/s03:10
Birdodougbb: yes.03:10
=== jack is now known as Guest82467
usr13Birdo: Link Quality?03:10
dougbbOk ... have you checked the settings between the 2 of them?03:10
Birdousr13: 49/7003:10
francoUEFI/Secure boot issue? - http://pastebin.com/6333yQZn03:10
usr13Try improving location03:10
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: v4l2ucp -> turned off auto gain, turned it back on.  Set line frequency to 60 Hz.  FIXED!03:11
Quix86!fsta b03:11
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:11
VanessaEnow to see if the setting stays03:11
=== bobenhaus is now known as Ludlow
usr13Birdo: You have weak wireless connection03:11
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Excellent! And, of course, persistence test time.03:12
Birdousr13: I don't understand - both this laptop and my other laptop are sitting right next to each other. one is getting 20mb down and this one 5 mb down03:12
Birdoand earlier today on 12.04 I was just fine.03:12
VanessaEhe's rebooting to see if that setting sticks.  if not, I have a file I saved that v4l2ctrl can reload that should set it.03:12
usr13Birdo: I don't know either, I only know that the signal report is not good, (have no way of knowing why).03:13
Birdousr13: at least you got me to narrow the problem that much, I'll try to test some things out here. Thank you.03:14
aszuromQ: I have an NFS server behind a NAT firewall. What ports must I forward to the NFS server so that I can mount exports through it?  Currently I have 111, 2049, 4000-4002 but showmount -e <ip address> isn't working03:14
swan1Hello.  I am running mythbuntu 12.04.2, w/mythtv .26 and have configured audio so that it is sent to my tv via HDMI. Unfortunately, if I leave the system idle for a while (>1h) the video gets shut off and when I move the mouse/press the keyboard the HDMI audio no longer works.  If I reboot, it works again.  How do I 1) Turn off the power saving (mis)feature and 2) fix the audio issue?03:15
swan1I am running the ATI/AMD Proprietary FGLRX graphics driver.03:15
SonikkuAmericaswan1: Did you try the #mythbuntu channel?03:15
francoUEFI/Secure boot issue? - http://pastebin.com/6333yQZn03:15
usr13aszurom: Are you sure you have the right IP address?03:17
swan1SonikkuAmerica, yes, no seems to be alive there today, I have tried for about 8 hours now03:17
aszuromI have other mappings going through the firewall to this server, just can't get NFS to work03:17
SonikkuAmericaswan1: It uses XFCE right?03:17
aszuromSSH etc works fine03:17
usr13aszurom: Scan via nmap03:17
GabbozHi. Ubuntu 13.04(64 bit).  How can I move the window control buttons back to the right?  Ubuntu Tweak doesn't have that tweak in 13.04....03:17
swan1SonikkuAmerica yes03:17
aszuromit shows open03:18
SonikkuAmericaswan1: Poke around in Settings Manager...03:18
SonikkuAmericaswan1: for the power issure.03:18
usr13aszurom: nmap -p 111 ###.###.##.#03:18
aszuromI'm wondering if I'm missing ports or 111 and 2049 are really all that is required03:18
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: Try using [ dconf-editor ] maybe, can't assure you of anything...03:19
swan1SonikkuAmerica, I haven't been able to find any power saving settngs or screen saver settings03:19
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: it does not persist across a reboot, but I saved a v4l2ctrl file which, when reloaded makes the cam work.03:19
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, yeah that will probably do it.03:19
aszuromusr13, 111/tcp open  rpcbind03:19
usr13aszurom: I think you are correct, 111 and 2049 tcp and udp comes to mind.  (Not positive but...)03:19
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: Beautifule.03:20
SonikkuAmericaVanessaE: I can't type tonight... :\03:20
aszuromif I try showmount -e from a linux VM that is also behind the NAT, it shows the exports fine03:20
usr13aszurom: Maybe it is not a network problem.03:20
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: I'm poking around in it myself...03:20
aszuromI'm thinkng so... there's a double nat going on here03:20
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, you're probably right it should be in there.03:20
usr13aszurom: /etc/exports ?03:21
aszuromthe exports show fine and mount fine from the other linux VM, so they're known good03:21
francocan someone say my name so i can test the highlighting on my irc client?03:22
usr13aszurom: And you know that you have to restart the NFS server if you make any changes, right?03:22
aszuromthe server is actually a Netapp VSim filer, but it doesn't matter because it's basically a BSD box03:22
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, i searched for button.. no dice.03:22
aszuromusr13, yeah, the server itself being the problem has been throroughly ruled out03:23
aszuromit's a nat port forwarding network issue for sure03:23
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: I'm doing a full toothcomb.03:23
VanessaESonikkuAmerica: thanks for attempting to help anyways :-)  Someone should document that bit I did, if possible in case someone else runs into the same issue03:23
aszuromusr13, I can mount and browse the exports fine if I'm behind the same NAT03:23
usr13aszurom: read   man nfs03:23
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, we cant be the only ones annoyed by it. :P03:23
usr13aszurom: Oh ok03:24
Quix86http://pastebin.com/8hcGhnEv why isn't my swap mounting on startup?03:24
aszuromusr13, that's why I was asking if there were any other ports that might be involved.  It must be a NAT issue03:24
usr13aszurom: So are you sure you have those ports farworded to the correct IP on your NAT firewall?03:24
dank101now i can watch full screen YT vids without lagg03:25
dank101dat quality03:25
aszuromusr13, yeah, because the rule for forwarding SSH does work fine03:25
aszuromusr13, and I just cloned it and changed the port #03:25
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: Try installing gconf203:25
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: and running gconf-editor instead.03:25
VanessaEbe back next time I get stuck ;)03:25
johnjohn1011dank101, what did you do?03:25
usr13aszurom: That's about all I can think of.03:25
dank101johnjohn1011, get on 13.0403:26
johnjohn1011how is flash better than 12.04?  i missed the converstation03:26
francoUEFI/Secure boot issue? - http://pastebin.com/6333yQZn03:26
usr13aszurom: https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Storage_Administration_Guide/s2-nfs-nfs-firewall-config.html03:26
aszuromusr13, only thing I can think is that the windows machine that is hosting the VMs and running the NAT (vmware workstation v9) is intercepting port 111 as itself and not forwarding03:26
usr13reading ...03:26
dank101johnjohn1011, unity is more lightweight now, making it lagg less03:26
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, found it.03:27
AwwGosh updating takes forever...03:27
WhitePelicanSonikkuAmerica, I went to the FAQ for pidgin and it's set up properly03:27
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: Mess with it and see if anything changes.03:27
usr13aszurom: You may be on to something there....03:27
johnjohn1011thanks dank10103:27
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: Wrong password maybe?03:27
dank101updating to 13.0403:28
swan1SonikkuAmerica, any other places to check?03:28
Ponch0Would anyone know how to fix ubuntu software center, it keeps crashing with SIGSEGV03:28
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, works... in dconf, ---> org/gnome/desktop/vm/preferences  Then, type :minimize,maximize,close03:28
dank101everyting works as buttery smooth as windows now03:28
dank101bye windows03:29
=== mikestewart is now known as rtfm
dank101Hi linux03:29
Ponch0I'm linux how can I help u03:29
Quix86GNU to you too dank10103:29
Quix86ps but unity D:03:29
=== rtfm is now known as Guest42025
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: Shiny. Maybe Joey Sneddon needs to see that.03:30
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, dont know who he is but pass it on :P03:30
dank101unity used to lagg like all HELL03:30
SonikkuAmericaGabboz: He's the chief writer for OMG! Ubuntu!03:30
GabbozSonikkuAmerica, ah i see.03:30
dank101now it's 100% made of genuine smooth BUTTER!03:30
SonikkuAmericadank101: It's Qt butter, I can assure you.03:31
francodank101: so 13.04's good?03:31
aszuromusr13, thanks for the help. I'm giving up for the night.03:32
dank101franco; i'm prasing it after the 9 hours of me failing to install it03:32
Quix86dank101, but it's still ugleh03:32
dank101you KNOW IT'S GOOD03:32
johnjohn1011dank101: 32 or 64 bit?03:32
WhitePelicanSonikkuAmerica, I use the same password as the one I use on the facebook page03:32
dank101johnjohn1011, really shouldn't matter, both use Qt butter03:33
johnjohn1011i think it was gtk. not qt03:33
dank101Same thing03:33
johnjohn1011next one is qt, right?03:33
=== aucg is now known as auscompgeek
WhitePelicanI suspect facebook changed the protocol03:33
dank101and i haven't even gotten started03:34
dank101my power surged while installing03:34
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: You username is correct, right?03:34
dank101so i need to get back03:34
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: Like if your page was facebook.com/badger, it's "badger"03:34
francousr13: if you're bored, you could always apply your god-level trouble shooting to my secure boot issue... :P http://pastebin.com/6333yQZn03:34
=== Guest42025 is now known as mikestewart
johnjohn1011franco. yikes  good luck03:35
dank101lol how do i open friends?03:35
wilee-nileefranco, The best uefi support is at the ubuntu forums, post a thread there.03:38
Ponch0anyone has had issues with ubuntu software center crashing with sigsegv and was able to fix it?03:38
francowilee-nilee, thanks03:39
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: Any luck?03:40
WhitePelicannot s yret03:40
WhitePelicanas yet*03:40
Quix86http://pastebin.com/8hcGhnEv why isn't my swap mounting on startup?03:40
Ponch0maybe it's booting too fast03:41
wilee-nileeQuix86, Have you run sudo blkid and checked the uuid03:41
Ponch0anyone know how to fix sigsegv crashing ubuntu software center?03:42
Quix86wilee-nilee, I didn't think to check if they were different03:42
Ponch0thats it03:43
WhitePelicanSonikkuAmerica, I'm online but my friends list is not appearing. this started happening about 3 days ago (before the 13.04 install)03:45
Quix86My swap file is mounted and large enough to hold all of my ram, why can't I hibernate? Also, where are the options for hibernation? I want to try out that fancy new hybrid hibernation thing03:45
h00kQuix86: hibernate is a bit different than sleep/suspend03:45
johnjohn1011wtf, can't use onboard and dash03:45
SonikkuAmericaWhitePelican: That's happening in Empathy too... I dunno if that's a GTK+ <-> Qt problem or what that is.03:45
SonikkuAmerica!wtf | johnjohn101103:45
ubottujohnjohn1011: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:45
h00kQuix86: Hibernate is when it saves the state to your HD and shuts down, Suspend is when it saves your state to memory and powers off (mostly), but keeps the RAM alive. Hibernate uses zero power, suspend uses a little.03:46
johnjohn1011is there an issue where you can't use onboard and dash in 12.04?03:46
h00kQuix86: resuming from hibernate roughly takes as long as a fresh boot, but suspend is much quicker03:47
Quix86h00k yes, I heard something about the 3.6 kernel introducing something where the computer hibernates using the ram and hard drive so it can start up faster if it's not been left on long enough that it has to shut down and reload from the disk03:47
Quix86h00k that aside, my hibernation option isn't available in the shut down menu03:47
WhitePelicanhappens in kopete too03:47
MissValeskaMy Ubuntu 13.04 upgrade is hanging03:47
MissValeskaI have teamviewer, Can someone help?03:47
dank101MissValeska, wait, it works03:47
wilee-nileeQuix86, You have to enable hibernate03:48
dank101it tooks me a few hours03:48
h00kQuix86: ah, I don't know much about the 3.6 kernel and that feature, but that doesn't mean it's not true03:48
MissValeskaI've waited over an hour03:48
dank101i said HOURS03:48
Quix86h00k check the 3.6 changelog, that's where I saw it03:48
MissValeskaIt hung at cabextract03:48
MissValeskaIt's been saying installed cabextract for over an hour or two03:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 739812 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [High,Fix released]03:49
h00kQuix86: I don't know if this applies exactly to 13.04, but https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/power-hibernate.html03:49
h00kQuix86: but suspend is much nicer ;)03:49
Quix86h00k I might use it if I knew exactly how much power my system used while suspended03:50
Quix86and got an idea of battery life and such03:50
Quix86oh I was supposed to look into an ultrabay battery today....03:50
h00kQuix86: probably > 1 day, but I guess it depends on how long you're looking to suspend for03:50
h00kQuix86: my chromebook can suspend for a half a week easily, same with my work laptop, likely more but I haven't had a use case to test them03:51
johnjohn1011it's not fixed in 12.0403:51
Quix86>1 day on a properly working system, I still don't entirely trust linux' power saving yet03:51
dingdong_trying to backup my files using ubuntu one works on my laptop but not on my desktop, anyone have an idea why?03:53
h00kdingdong_: do you get any errors, or crashes, any more details?03:53
=== nothung is now known as brunnhilde
dingdong_h00k: yeah i get a bad request error on my desktop03:55
h00kdingdong_: ah, you may be having this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/deja-dup/+bug/116159903:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1161599 in Duplicity "Backup to Ubuntu one failed, after 5 attempts status 400 bad request" [Undecided,In progress]03:56
h00kdingdong_: see if that applies03:56
InteliWaspsince vsftpd is preventing logins, is there an alternative ftp daemon?03:56
harovalihi, I'm getting this error a lot : *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid, remainder is (number)04:00
harovalihow can I fix it?04:00
akishi. alhough i have installed on my 12.04 xubuntu, ubuntu's sounds today i realized that i lost ubuntu's incoming message sound and the system gives me xubuntu default sound. any advise or idea to fix it?04:01
SonikkuAmericaakis: Is #xubuntu alive?04:01
Quix86no one was pointing me to xubuntu earlier... I think I looked and didn't see it04:02
Quix86xubuntu is close enough though04:02
Quix86either that or #xfce04:02
Quix86and Xxfce04:02
FloodBot1Quix86: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
Quix86floodbot1 get stuffed like a turkey04:02
pvaaheesmmm turkeyyy04:03
akiswhat do you mean wint "is it Xubuntu alive"?04:03
josePHPagodaHello everyone!04:03
Quix86am I going to have to patch kernel 3.5-3.6 for hdaps support?04:04
josePHPagodaAnyone have any ideas how I could fix my wacom tablet mouse?  Since the upgrade to 13.04 it doesn't register any clicks.  It still moves the mouse and such, but doesn't actually register any clicks.04:04
SonikkuAmericaakis: Is anyone in the #xubuntu channel responsive?04:04
SunSoulHi all, in Ubuntu Gnome 13.04, I added the Gnome PPA to install Gnome 3.8, but I do not know how to enable classic mode. Anyone know?04:04
josePHPagodaHi SonikkuAmerica, how are you doing?04:05
Quix86SonikkuAmerica, there isn't an xubuntu channel (in freenode)04:05
Quix86oh nevermind there it is04:05
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: It doesn't exist.04:05
akisSonikkuAmerica: i am not there. only here. do i have to ask the same question there?04:05
SonikkuAmericaakis: You should.04:05
akisok. i went already04:05
Quix86akis you might try #xfce as well04:05
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: I'm part of Xubuntu's community IRC support staff. kthx :)04:06
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica At all? I could have swore Gnome 3.8 has a classic mode? It is in the release notes.04:06
Quix86I didn't see it in the channel list when I was looking earlier because it was so far down (in users)04:06
johnjohn1011onboard still broken in 12.04 works correctly with dash in 13.04. annoying04:06
Quix86How do I disable these silly splash screens and do a verbose start up/shut down like debian default?04:07
akisthank you guys!04:08
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: Yes, not at all. GNOME dumped it in 3.804:08
lotuspsychjeQuix86: you mean text style boot?04:08
Quix86sunsoul if you want something like that you might try the MATE dm04:09
Quix86lotuspsychje, yes04:09
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica So Gnome Team, announced Gnome Classic for 3.8, and has release notes on it, and even shows screenshots on it, and dumped it?04:09
lotuspsychjeQuix86: remove 'quiet splash' from grub04:09
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: According to Wikipedia, GNOME Fallback was removed from 3.8.04:09
SunSoulQuix86 Alright, but doesn't Mate look kind of not so pretty currently? Maybe I saw 1.304:09
SunSoulBecause they introduced Gnome Classic04:10
LinDoli was using 12.10, how do i install gnome 3.8 on my ubuntu?04:10
SunSoulIn 3.804:10
SunSoulSupposedly anyways04:10
Quix86sunsoul I don't know what gnome3 classic looks like, I'm assuming it looks more like gnome 2 and MATE is basically an offshoot of gnome 204:10
johnjohn1011gnome classic in 3.8 looks and feels horrible. mate is still better04:10
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: Oh, excuse me! Just found the more recent article on Softpedia... :\04:10
benno123how do i make my taskbar transparent?04:11
Quix86lotuspsychje, which grub file do I change?04:11
AndroUser2hello everyone04:12
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica I am trying to find how to enable it....04:12
SunSoulI have no idea how to do it04:12
wilee-nileeSunSoul, There is no stable 3.804:13
lotuspsychje!grub | Quix8604:13
ubottuQuix86: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:13
SunSoulSo, 3.8.1 is not stable then?04:13
Quix86You could say there is no stable 3.x if you wanna get edgy04:13
benno123i want to make my Taskbar transparent.can anybody know,how would that be possible?04:13
lotuspsychjeQuix86: you on raring or still 12.10?04:14
AndroUser2has anyone messed around with 13.04 and the Nexus 7?04:14
DatKidUmm sorry but whats the topic?04:14
SunSoulSo currently no real way to see Gnome 3.8 in classic implementation then.04:14
lotuspsychje!touch | AndroUser204:14
ubottuAndroUser2: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:14
wilee-nileeAndroUser2, #ubuntu-touch04:14
Campfirehi guys who is in charge04:15
Campfirejust curios of the structure04:15
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: Looks like Classic Mode got itself an overhaul.04:15
DatKidwhat happens if i install Ubuntu then Windows?04:15
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DatKidjust wondering04:16
wilee-nileeCampfire, Then read the channel header.04:16
Quix86datkid windows overwrites the linux bootloader04:16
Campfirety steven04:16
AndroUser2well touch is not thoroughly fleshed out yet,  over last weekend i had 13.04 running fine on nexus but it felt like a laptop for an Oompa Loompa04:16
DatKidok ty quix04:16
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica Overhaul? As in, going to rework it then?04:16
AndroUser2ps how do i change my nick please?04:16
Campfirety wilee its been awile04:16
Quix86lotuspsychje, grub2 is a mess and has configuration files everywhere, I'd appreciate it if you told me what folder the file was in instead of giving me a link describing the big mess04:16
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: I saw the screenshot on the release notes...04:16
wilee-nileeAndroidBeing, that channel has desktops for android devices not just the touch04:16
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica, yeah I saw that as well.04:17
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: It looks almost nothing like the old GNOME 2.04:17
DatKidumm I installed 12.04 on a computer but the install messed up, can i just use a live CD to reinstall Ubuntu on top of it?04:17
lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS04:17
SonikkuAmericaDatKid: Yes04:17
lalondongbut because it's too slow i've changed them to XFCE desktop environment..04:17
bitbltany idea why if, on an already running service, you issue "service X start" they return 0, except for mysql, which returns 1?04:17
lotuspsychjeQuix86: its not very hard to read the ubuntu trigger urls...No /boot/grub/menu.lst. It has been replaced by /boot/grub/grub.cfg.04:17
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica hmmm, yeah it looks odd. I just wantd to try it out for myself, but I could not find an actual way to enable it, or how exactly to enable it. So I keep pokingg around the net to find a solution.04:18
lalondongeverythings fine, until i try to use my Pidgin. and it's not showing online buddies04:18
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DatKidthx sonikku04:18
lalondongbut when i type the name to new conversation it's actually online .04:18
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica Apparently, it has Gnome 3 behind it, with Gnome 2esque ideas on top of it.04:18
lalondongDamned whats my problem04:18
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: Yeah... one sec...04:18
freaky[t]hi all i have a question. I have Win8Pro on my laptop and I have it encrypted with Bitlocker. What do I need to do if I want to install the latest Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop now?04:19
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Endafy`you have to remove the encrypted partition04:19
freaky[t]u sure?04:19
Endafy`windows 8 sucks anyway so ur doing urself a service04:20
F41L_OK, I'm now on raring and not mint. Now will you help me? :)04:20
Endafy`yes once something is encrypted it has to be deleted04:20
Quix86lotuspsychje, so what I actually need to be editing is /etc/default/grub04:20
freaky[t]i want to dualboot04:20
freaky[t]i mean04:20
freaky[t]have it alongside windows804:20
Endafy`you cant shrink an encrypted partition04:20
Endafy`not mentioning Windows 8's filesystem is locked04:20
Endafy`you so much as touch it, and Windows 8 wont boot04:21
freaky[t]ok thanks04:21
Endafy`dualboot 7 and Ubuntu04:21
freaky[t]ok then i wont install ubuntu thanks ;D04:21
Endafy`or remove windows 804:21
Endafy`ofr windows 704:21
Quix86Endafy`, that sounds terrible04:21
freaky[t]no i will not install ubuntu then04:21
dank101remove 804:21
Endafy`well whatever04:21
dank101it sucks in comparison04:21
Endafy`enjoy the hell of 804:21
Quix86freaky[t], you really should use 7 instead04:22
F41L_On Ubuntu 13.04, replaced unity with cinnamon. Trying to figure out why my when my windows are maximized, they extend below the threshold of the taskbar and go behind it. Any ideas?04:22
dank101use 7 and ubuntu04:22
freaky[t]no i should not use win7 instead i want win8 ;D04:22
lotuspsychjeQuix86: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" edit to ""   (remove quiet splash)04:22
Endafy`I mean even if you never use Ubuntu use windows 7 at least04:22
betraydor play with the liveCD04:22
Endafy`8 is horrible04:22
Biomechdhey, so i'm having a bit of a problem. when i booted up my laptop just a few minutes ago, and finally got to my desktop, i noticed the ubuntu dash along the left side of the screen is leaving behind this obscuring brown bar down the side of the screen. how do i get rid of this?04:22
lotuspsychjeQuix86: then update-grub after04:22
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dank101freaky[t], if you use 8 over 7 you sre retarded and are a disgrase to man kind04:22
Quix86lotuspsychje, yes I saw that, but I needed to know what file it was, the file was /etc/default/grub. I'll check it after I get hibernation sorted04:22
Endafy`not bc of the UI, no it is flat out incompatible with every piece of hardware I own04:22
sysRPL2 questions in 13.04 here .... 1) why isn't F3 showing me split panes in nautilus ... and 2) typing smb://x.x.x.x (or the ip of my windows pc) is doing nothing ... why on both 1 and 2?04:22
wilee-nileefreaky[t], You can resize W8 encrypted ask in ##windows04:23
Endafy`wilee-nilee: not if its bitlocked04:23
lotuspsychjeQuix86: to undo if not like: set quiet splash again and update-grub04:23
wilee-nileeEndafy`The web says otherwise04:23
freaky[t]i can unbitlock it but its all a lot of work04:23
Endafy`bitlocker is a pita to unlock04:23
Quix86Why would anyone use W8 instead of W704:23
freaky[t]and then i have the problem with the linux bootloader cuz its not the bitlocker screen04:23
Endafy`Quix86: ikr04:23
Endafy`even without bitlocker windows 8's FS is locked because of the stupid way it boots04:24
Quix86W7 is good for another 8 years anyway04:24
Endafy`I used Windows 8 all of 10 days before I puked all over it04:24
* Quix86 shrugs04:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:24
Endafy`the UI is fine04:24
lotuspsychjestick to ubuntu support guys04:24
Endafy`wilee-nilee: this is support04:24
Endafy`shove it04:24
dank101freaky[t], ...04:24
Quix86I wonder how multiscreen support in linux is04:24
dank101Quix86, pretty good04:25
Endafy`Quix86: I use 3 displays04:25
Quix86I'm imaging it's a pain, because I'm going to be using a dock if I do04:25
freaky[t]ok so i have no idea how it will work with win8 and ubuntu ill better not install ubuntu then04:25
Quix86so I'm going to be switching between one display and 2/304:25
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:25
Endafy`for multidisplays though I highly suggest KDE over Unity though04:25
Quix86Endafy`, I use XFCE04:25
wilee-nileefreaky[t], Put it in a virtual.04:25
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: Try adding the GNOME 3 PPA and installing gnome-session-fallback...04:25
Endafy`you can assign different desktops to different monitors in KDE no other DE on earth can do that not even Windows04:26
Endafy`or OSX04:26
RobbyFomg I hate how it brakes unity on upgrade04:26
Quix86is KDE the default WM in fedora 18?04:26
Endafy`idk I use Kubuntu04:26
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: I didn't think so.04:26
Quix86if it is that was disgusting and I'm not touching it04:26
Quix86might have been gnome3 tho04:26
SunSoulsoahccc, ok04:26
wilee-nileeRobbyF, come again, details.04:26
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: I thought it was GNOME 304:26
Quix86was bad enough to be gnome3 that's for sure04:26
SunSoulDoing that right now.04:26
Endafy`friends dont let friends use Gnome04:26
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: Fedora ~= GnomeOS04:26
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica, I mean04:26
SonikkuAmericaEndafy`: Don't go there.04:26
Endafy`so glad 13.10 is going full Qt04:27
Quix86yeah, last time I tried fedora it was KDE tho04:27
Endafy`let GTK die in fire04:27
RobbyFwilee-nilee, on the 13.04 update same with 12.10 update my unity session brakes on boot. I think it's partial to nvidia.04:27
lotuspsychje!ot | Quix8604:27
ubottuQuix86: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:27
F41L_I've got 13.04, and a weird issue is occuring where my windows extend behind the task bar when maximised, cutting off that portion of the window.04:27
Quix86!ot | lotuspsychje04:27
ubottulotuspsychje: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:27
Quix86actually, you know that04:27
Quix86I'm putting ubottu on ignore04:27
Endafy`this is support and we are helping him make an educated decision04:27
Quix86why didn't I think of that before04:28
SonikkuAmericaEndafy`: Flaming GTK+ is rather biased, don'tcha think"04:28
Quix86those auto wall-o-texts get right up my butt04:28
lotuspsychjeEndafy: this is not the channel to talk about fedora04:28
wilee-nileeRobbyF, every release update needs nvidia reloaded that is your responsibility, rather then random;y complaining.04:28
Endafy`my bias isnt unfounded though04:28
RobbyFwilee-nilee, http://askubuntu.com/questions/285627/unity-does-not-start-in-ubuntu-13-04 < this resolved it04:28
Endafy`there's a reason Ubuntu is going full Qt04:28
Endafy`its just far superior, always has been always will be04:29
RobbyFwilee-nilee, it should at least give me an interface to work with.04:29
Quix86what's the package I'm looking for that should be "kde"04:29
RobbyFI didn't come here to complain, I'm here to post the results incase someone else needed help.04:29
Quix86also is there a way to install kde that doesn't involve the billion kapps I don't need04:29
Endafy`Quix86: use Kubuntu try it for a few days if you dont fall in love with it shoot me04:30
wilee-nileeer not update but upgrade04:30
lotuspsychje!info kubuntu-desktop | Quix8604:30
Quix86I'd rather try the WM without doing a whole reinstall04:30
ubottuQuix86: kubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.276 (raring), package size 3 kB, installed size 54 kB04:30
F41L_Endafy`: I have kubuntu installation discs, but trying to avoid it and use cinnamon instead.04:30
Quix86lotuspsychje, I've got ubottu on ignore04:30
Endafy`it takes a minute to grasp its technological advances, but once you do you will soon realize "why didnt I use KDE sooner?"04:30
Quix86I might go try it on debian if I can't just do a package install on xubuntu04:31
Endafy`F41L_: lmao @ anything GTK have fun with your disappearing task bar in anything 2s04:31
Endafy`2d rather04:31
Quix86I shouldn't have to install a whole new distro to change my WM, you know04:31
Quix86I only have xubuntu on here becaues that means I never had to use unity04:31
Endafy`its not a new distro its Ubuntu with GTK shaved off and Qt in place04:31
Endafy`just try Kubuntu trust me04:32
Endafy`its like night n day like going from an arm based device to an i704:32
Quix86I'll try KDE on debian later04:32
Endafy`it will blow ur mind how good it really is04:32
Endafy`get over the settings, there are lots for a reason, it gives you power where other DEs try to take your power away04:32
Endafy`they force their vision on you, where KDE just is what you want it to be04:33
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: I think metacity pooped on me.04:33
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica Nope, that is something different. That's the one from Gnome 3x, before the .8 release.04:33
SunSoulSonikkuAmerica Yeah04:33
Quix86does KDE show an auto-hide taskbar when an application blinks the taskbar?04:33
SonikkuAmericaSunSoul: I can see that. It messed everything up.04:33
SonikkuAmericaOne sec.04:33
Endafy`my desktop04:34
Endafy`from a while ago04:34
Quix86Endafy`, I don't do desktop rice04:34
Endafy`still looks like that04:34
Endafy`naked kde theme04:34
F41L_the problem with KDE Endafy`, is how friggin' rediculous panels are.04:34
rebelrebelDoes anyone have any experience with ralink 5370 driver, is there any kind of prebuilt package. I am trying to use it on easypeasy which i know is built on ubuntu. thanks04:34
Endafy`F41L_: you can download new ones04:34
Endafy`or write your own04:34
Endafy`its all plug and play04:34
F41L_it's just so friggin' customizable it's obtuse.04:35
Endafy`right you make it your own without having to use the terminal or dirty hacks04:35
F41L_cinnamon, I slap a nice looking theme on it and boom, it's -perfect-, to me.04:35
Endafy`it says "use me im awesome"04:35
Endafy`F41L_: learn to think for yourself04:35
Quix86Endafy`, can we stop arguing about DMs now?04:36
Endafy`all these cookie cutter DEs make me wanna puke04:36
F41L_It says "hey, configure every single pixel one by one zomgiggles"04:36
F41L_Then go puke?04:36
F41L_Like, what's wrong with something be delightful out of the box. Not having to fiddle too much with it.04:36
Endafy`go use a mac04:36
wilee-nileerebelrebel, Take a look here for general info. http://askubuntu.com/questions/99373/building-driver-for-ralink-rt5370-usb-wifi-wlan-dongle04:37
F41L_mac = digital handcuffs.04:37
F41L_Also, BSD.04:37
Quix86I've got a mac coming04:37
Quix86G3 powerbook04:37
Endafy`nice I love the old pbooks I have a g4 on my desk04:38
Endafy`tiger is awesome04:38
wilee-nileerebelrebel, and here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Tenda_W311M04:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:38
Endafy`ya know all these people getting their panties in a twist about "OT WAH" need to learn what human beings do, they talk04:38
Endafy`first rule about us04:39
Endafy`were not robots04:39
rebelrebelIs ubuntu and its derivatives planning to have this baked in anytime soon?04:39
lotuspsychjeEndafy: there are seperate channel to talk human04:39
ThatOneRoadiewait, nevermind.04:39
Endafy`lotuspsychje: noone wants to go there because there is nobody in them04:39
Quix86I'd agree about it being off topic but it is annoying getting messages thrown at you instead of just being told something. Anyway, I think I'd prefer deb on that mac instead of ubuntu but I'm not sure04:39
lotuspsychjeEndafy: thats not the problem of ubuntu's support channel04:39
Endafy`learn to accept people as they are or ur gunna have headaches the rest of your life04:40
Quix86I guess it minus well be debian, the whole point of the thing is to mess around and figure it out. I use (x)ubuntu on my main laptop so that it actually works more often than not04:40
Endafy`stop being such a control freak04:40
Quix86and I'm not spending all time working on it04:40
lotuspsychjeEndafy: now give it a rest plz and discuss this in ot04:40
* Quix86 waves goodbye to Endafy` 04:40
wilee-nileerebelrebel, I doubt it.04:40
Endafy`freenode, ya know FREEnode, freedom of speech04:41
Endafy`kinda FREEness and all04:41
Endafy`dont be china04:41
Endafy`or worse north korea04:41
rebelrebelwilee-nilee: isnt this a pretty common wifi module though?04:41
Campfireendafy can you pm me04:42
Quix86so where are the hibernate settings again? Are they in a menu somewhere or will I have to do commands?04:42
lotuspsychjerebelrebel: is this a linksys dongle?04:42
SonikkuAmericaSo now I have this gorgeous white screen with Unity running on top of it in 13.04! What should I do?04:42
rebelrebellotuspsychje: its a ralink one04:42
Quix86SonikkuAmerica, sudo apt-get xfce4 :304:42
SonikkuAmericaQuix86: :P04:43
Campfireendafy just got baned if i,m correct04:43
lotuspsychjerebelrebel: did you try look in additional drivers in your system?04:43
Quix86part of me wants to try xubuntu 13.4 but I sit in here and watch everyone else say how they are having problems with it04:43
* Quix86 shrugs04:43
Quix86gonna try hibernation...04:44
ubui'm loving xubuntu 12.0404:44
SonikkuAmericaIs it possible to reinstall 13.04 without touching anything else on the hard drive?04:44
rebelrebellotuspsychje: how would i go about doing that, i havent really had much experience with modern linux. Seems things have changed abit04:44
lotuspsychjeQuix86: if you dont ignored triggers, you would see easy ways to install kubuntu desktop or xubuntu04:44
ubui'm going to be trying out xubuntu 13.04 on a usb stick04:44
wilee-nileerebelrebel, could be but it needs a wrapper that is a bit beyond a easy install, and needs drivers downloaded.04:44
Campfirei heard the new ubuntu slow but good for gaming04:45
lotuspsychje!drivers > lotuspsychje04:45
rebelrebellotuspsychje: was that directed to me?04:46
lotuspsychjeCampire: ubuntu is very fast, but plz discuss this in #ubuntu-offtopic04:46
lotuspsychjerebelrebel: i was testing if there was a trigger for additional drivers04:46
ubuntuaddictedhow can i tell if im running 64bit or 32bit? ubuntu04:47
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Quix86ubuntuaddicted, uname -a04:47
ubuntuaddictedQuix86, thanks04:48
Campfireis the command to join ubuntu offtopic /j #ubuntu-offtopic i,m new to this xchat client04:48
SonikkuAmericaCampfire: Yes04:49
rebelrebelwhere does ubuntu mount flash drivers, i am on easy peasy but i cant seem to find my flash drive. I did ask in the easypeast specific channel but iits empty04:50
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone know if 13.04 works with multisystem?04:50
ubuntuaddictedmultisystem allows you to boot several different iso's all from the same usb stick04:50
rohan_what is the role of /etc/fstab during bootup? i saw two machines with broken fstab entry for the root "/" partition, and yet both of them booted up correctly04:51
Quix86-why is my hibernation broken04:51
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, fstab has the partition and where to mount that partition information04:51
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: i know, but i am surprised why the systems are booting up even with a broken root partition entry04:52
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, when you say "broken fstab entries for / root" what do you mean exactly?04:52
doomlordi like the mousewheel launcher icon winows switching, but I wish you also use the mousewheel to change desktops04:52
rohan_the entry reads "/dev/sda" instead of a proper line04:52
doomlordlike in classic gnome04:52
Quix86-when I do pm-hibernate the system acts like it's dumping things to ram at least04:52
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, /dev/sda is acceptable to fstab04:52
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, OH, without a number you mean?04:53
Quix86-but then when it boots up it boots up like it normally would04:53
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: how? how would it find the root partition?04:53
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: exactly04:53
Quix86-as if I had not used hibernate04:53
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: on my current VM, the line is "/dev/sda / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1"04:53
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, are you sure there wasn't a UUID line in the fstab file as well?04:53
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: i'm sure, i deleted the UUID line04:53
SonikkuAmericaSooo glad Ubuntu 13.04 has a "reinstall" option.04:53
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: is a backup of fstab stored somewhere? or does it get root partition info from initrd or grub params?04:54
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, maybe the system has a fallback and auto boots the 1st primary partition?04:54
SonikkuAmericarohan_: It's in /etc/fstab... you may wish to create a fstab.backup04:54
rohan_ubuntuaddicted: no, this worked for a system where the root partition is /dev/sda6 also04:55
ubuntuaddictedrohan_, i have no idea then.04:55
rohan_SonikkuAmerica: what is?04:55
MissValeskaI need help04:55
SonikkuAmericarohan_: That's where the fstab file (the mount list) is...04:56
rohan_SonikkuAmerica: yes, but i am talking about boot up with a broken fstab file04:56
SonikkuAmericarohan_: You can specify what to boot in GRUB.04:56
MissValeskaHey um04:56
MissValeskaThe Ubuntu 13.04 upgrade thing is hanging04:57
rohan_SonikkuAmerica: yes, but is that mounted as the root partition, taking precedence over your fstab?04:57
wilee-nileeQuix86-, Your swap slightly bigger then your ram amount?04:57
SonikkuAmericarohan_: Can you get to GRUB?04:57
Quix86-wilee-nilee, yes swap is 4.84 ram is 404:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest67070
rohan_SonikkuAmerica: yes, and the system is booting just fine, in spite of the broken entry04:58
wilee-nileeQuix86-, You sure the swap is mounting?04:58
SonikkuAmericarohan_: Well then what's the problem?04:58
sysRPLtyping smb:// (or the ip of my windows pc) in nuatilus does nothing ... why? on my other linux pc i can see shared folders on my windows server?04:58
Quix86-it's mounted by the time I'm in the DM at least04:58
rohan_SonikkuAmerica: there is none, i am trying to understand why the system is booting up inspite of the broken entry04:58
Guest67070wow ubuntu 13.04 is freaken fast XD04:58
Quix86-right after I booted up I checked gparted and it was mounted04:59
SonikkuAmericaGuest67070: That's the whole idea!04:59
Quix86-and I believe I saw it getting mounted at boot, but I'm not entirely sure.04:59
SonikkuAmericarohan_: It prob has to do with the "linux" and "initrd" lines more than anything.04:59
Guest67070SonikkuAmerica, its even faster then windows 7 I daresay holy crap XD04:59
SonikkuAmericaGuest67070: You can say that again. I expect 14.04 LTS to be wicked fast.05:00
woohey, ubuntu.  Having a really hard time with kismet on Ubuntu 12.04 lts05:00
Morph4meQuix86-: how big is your swap ?05:00
Quix86-SonikkuAmerica, only if it's running on a macintosh IIix...?05:00
Quix86-Morph4me, 4.8gb05:01
Guest67070SonikkuAmerica, hopefully I can customize the theme more. Never liked Ubuntu's orangness05:01
SonikkuAmericaQuix86-: What?05:01
SonikkuAmericaGuest67070: I can let you in on a little secret about that...05:01
wilee-nileeQuix86-, I'm not familiar with hibernate at all, however I found this. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/Hibernate05:01
Morph4meQuix 86 you might  want to look at this  from 13.04 help guide http://i.imgur.com/XOcrz54.png?105:01
Quix86-SonikkuAmerica, excuse me, macintosh IIfx05:01
SonikkuAmericaGuest67070: It takes the middle pixel of the background image and uses that color as the dash color.05:01
sysRPLokay, how the fuck do you split windows in nautilus (F3) in 13.04?05:02
SonikkuAmericaQuix86-: This 6-year-old clunker I'm on should be running Xubuntu by now, but my, my, Shuttlebay did it again.05:02
BakerSo I've got Ubuntu Studio, but I don't like Xfce. Is there a way I can use GNOME with it?05:02
Tm_TsysRPL: language, please05:03
wilee-nileeBaker, Which gnome?05:03
Quix86-SonikkuAmerica, if it's properly old then it should be running debian05:03
SonikkuAmericaBaker: Install Ubuntu GNOME and then run [ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio* ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video ]05:03
BakerWhichever version is running on 12.04.05:03
wilee-nileeBaker, Gnome 3 which is underneath unity, the gnome-shell and fallback.05:04
sysRPLokay, how the flunk do you split windows in nautilus (F3) in 13.04?05:04
SonikkuAmericaBaker: On 12.04 it's Unity, although you can install GNOME Shell instead.05:04
SonikkuAmericaBaker: Still, same process.05:04
Quix86-sysRPL, "how the beef stick"05:04
BakerAh, so is Unity the name of the environment with the pretty sidebar?05:04
BakerSorry for the noob questions. I'm a bit new to this whole thing.05:05
SonikkuAmericaBaker: Yep05:05
SonikkuAmericaBaker: Beginners come in all the time.05:05
ltrottierI'm having this weird error where vim is claiming it can't open a temporary file on startup. Google provides no answers.05:05
ltrottier(though perhaps I should ask on #vim ?)05:05
BakerSo would I have to install ubuntu 12.04, then just download the studio packages? Would that be the easier process?05:06
SonikkuAmericaBaker: That's the only process.05:06
BakerAlright, thanks for the help.05:06
SonikkuAmericaBaker: You can select them in Software Center or Synaptic, of course.05:06
Tm_TSonikkuAmerica: Baker: any reason you couldn't just install ubuntu-desktop?05:06
Tm_Ton that ubuntustudio already installed05:06
SonikkuAmericaTm_T, Baker: That too.05:06
WormFoodI'm trying to install 13.04 on a laptop with an nvidia gpu, but it locks up shortly after it switches to graphics mode, and leaves me with a blank screen with the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen (if i don't move it ,before it locks up)...anyone have any suggestions/tips for making this work?05:07
harovalivirtualbox is failing to compile kernel modules in ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I've been trying to solve this for hours without any luck. Here is the build log. Any hint is welcome http://pastebin.com/SarbeW6h05:07
SonikkuAmericaBaker: If you can live with lightdm-gtk-greeter (the XFCE login screen) of course.05:07
ubuntuaddictedBaker, you can just install ubuntu-desktop and then just choose that as your session when you login05:07
BakerI couldn't because I only had one burnable DVD at the time of downloading studio. I didn't know at the time that it ran X though.05:07
BakerIt's a dumb reason, haha.05:07
Tm_TBaker: I mean, you have ubuntustudio installed, just install ubuntu-desktop package05:08
Tm_Tno reason to reinstall the whole system05:08
BakerIs it really that easy?05:08
Tm_TBaker: yes05:08
ubuntuaddictedWormFood, try the grub boot option nomodeset05:08
wilee-nileethat easy, click it and fahget it05:08
kirang89_Stameni, The nvidia drivers are quite unstable with ubuntu. 12.04 on my system crashed as well.05:09
BakerGroovy. So what's the command that I put into terminal to get ubuntu-desktop?05:09
Tm_TBaker: "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"05:09
ubuntuaddictedim running 12.04 with an nvidia 8400gs and running 304.8805:09
Guest67070SonikkuAmerica, I know that much. I mean all the orangness in everything else. The gnome colors I want to change. hopefully 13.04 has something like that already or I can find one05:09
ltrottierfor the record, the nice people at #vim figured out that it's fish shell05:10
WormFoodok ubuntuaddicted, I'll give it a shot, thanks for the suggestion05:10
ubuntuaddictedGuest67070, changing colors is easy.05:10
Guest67070ubuntuaddicted, you sure on 13.04?05:10
pqatsiInstall Issue: DMRAID devices while using auto install + lvm does not boot.05:11
pqatsiSomeone checked something like this05:11
Quix86-it worked05:11
rebelrebelso in order for me to use make i need GCC but how do i install GCC if i dont have a working wifi conenction05:12
kirang89_Stameni: In the end, I had to reinstall ubuntu all over again05:12
ubuntuaddictedGuest67070, any version of linux you can change colors05:12
WormFoodwow ubuntuaddicted, that made it boot really fast, and it seems to work. Thanks a lot! ;)05:13
Guest67070ubuntuaddicted, but ubuntu has been a pain about it for me. Specailly when I tried to install ubuntu tweak. Wich doesn't seem to work with 13.04 yet05:13
Quix86-uh oh05:13
Quix86-now my taskbar is stuck05:13
ubuntuaddictedWormFood, glad it's working. don't forget to permanently update grub so it always has nomodeset05:14
wilee-nileeGuest67070, You using the tweak ppa? https://launchpad.net/~tualatrix/+archive/ppa05:14
ubuntuaddictedGuest67070, you don't need ubuntu tweek to change your theme colros05:14
SuperDefenderXI got Ubuntu Tweak running fine05:15
SuperDefenderXMind you, some of the repos are unavailable05:15
Quix86-guess it's time to go try kde on debian05:15
SuperDefenderXSkype is still giving me headaches. Anyone got it working on 13.04 yet?05:16
WormFooddowngrade to skype 4.005:16
Senorhelp with disk full filled05:17
wilee-nileeSuperDefenderX, Is this relevant? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-skype-not-working-in-ubuntu-1304.html05:17
wrinklemonsteri dont suppose anyone could help me a little with a proxy problem05:17
SuperDefenderXAbout to find out! Cheers. :)05:18
wrinklemonsteri've tried entering a manual proxy multiple times and my network doesnt work after that05:18
wilee-nileeSenor, Does it boot in?05:19
WormFoodcan I change ubuntu to use an encrypted hard drive, after I've installed ubuntu, or must that be done at the install stage?05:19
Senormy /dev/sda1 is 19G , mount at / , but the tools report / is only 4G ,what is the reason?05:19
ubuntuaddictedSenor, maybe 4G is all that's used or maybe all that's left05:20
ubuntuaddictedWormFood, for your /home/ partition?05:20
wilee-nileeWormFood, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostInstallationEncryption05:20
Senorbut it report the / is 100% used05:20
ubuntuaddictedSenor, oh, when / is full, you can get funny reports from various programs05:21
WormFoodyeah, should just need to be the /home partition05:21
WormFoodI'm installing this for a friend, and he mentioned he wanted it encrypted, but when considering the additional overhead, he was giving it 2nd thoughts....so maybe he'll want to convert it in the future.05:22
ubuntuaddictedSenor, did you run sudo apt-get autoclean and sudo apt-get clean and sudo apt-get autoremove?05:22
uroyanmeHi, how do I find out what version of ubuntu I am running. Lol. I am using command line like a secomd semester student and I am te eh newb today05:22
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, cat /etc/issue05:22
Senorubuntuaddicted:what what is that?05:22
uroyanmeubuntuaddicted: thanks05:22
Quix86-ubuntuaddicted, there is a simple command for it05:22
Quix86-I was told it earlier today but I don't remember it05:23
ubuntuaddictedSenor, if your / is full, you need to clear out some space. i'm shocked your system even booted up05:23
Quix86-I remember uname -a but that's for kernel05:23
Senoryou mean I should clean some temp files?05:23
ubuntuaddictedQuix86-, for what?05:23
cfhowletturoyanme, lsb_release -a in a terminal will tell you05:23
Quix86-system version number05:23
Quix86-distro wise05:23
wrinklemonsterany idea why ubuntu would be showing that every proxy i try is not functional?05:23
WormFoodok, I see now....I can encrypt the entire disk, or just the home directory...that's a nice feature to have (that is easily accessible by normal users)05:23
Jdp123321I have an inspiron 1300 and when i install ubuntu i do not get wireless. Cant find anything thatll work. Please help05:23
cfhowlett!wifi|Jdp123321, d05:24
ubottuJdp123321, d: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:24
WormFoodwrinklemonster, did you check the proxy logs?05:24
Quix86-uroyanme, "lsb_release -a"05:24
SenorIf one directory occupy large space ,the tools can report it05:24
rebelrebelcant get ethernet working, so i cant get online to get anything. This is a catch 22, how do you make anything wokr?05:24
wrinklemonsternot sure how to private chat wormfood sorry still learning ircs05:24
vnc786i have added passwd command  in a file and saved it as a script but when i click on the script it ask me for three option "Run in terminal" "Display" "Cancel" "Run"05:24
ubuntuaddictedQuix86-, that no different then cat/etc/issue except i guess it does show you the codename05:24
vnc786how can i make it always "Run in terminal"  ???05:24
k1lSenor: first of all delet older kernels if you have several old ones still installed05:24
WormFoodrebelrebel, download network drivers on another machine, and use sneakernet (usb) to get it on the machine.05:25
Quix86-ubuntuaddicted, it's easier :p05:25
SenorI have not05:25
wrinklemonsteri've checked to make sure they are online, and i've tried about 40 ptoxies...05:25
wrinklemonsterthey cant all be offline05:25
WormFoodwrinklemonster, type "/query username" to start a private chat with someone05:25
rebelrebelwell how do i get the ethernet drivers? It seems everything needs to be complied by the machine doesnt have GCC05:25
ubuntuaddictedQuix86-, how? by 1 letter? lol05:25
mccHi... here's one. I have a server with Ubuntu 10.04. I want python 2.6 on it. I search google. It says, use add-apt-repository to add a ppa. I try that. It says there's no such program as apt-add-repository. I check Google. It says, install the python-software-properties package. I do. It makes no difference whatsoever, and I still don't have add-apt-repository05:26
mccHow can I get dead snakes05:26
CaptainShanksHi all, got a rather silly thing. I installed the fglrx-updates driver, and it works with my 7850 on 13.04, but I have a blinking cursor over my Unity session on the upper left... It's just very odd. Any others with the same issue?05:26
CaptainShanksI can get a screen if needed.05:26
ubuntuaddictedmcc, i think it's apt-add-repository05:26
ubottumcc,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:26
Guest67070I love the new window snap on ubuntu 13.04. hope compiz will let me change the color of that too05:26
Senorubuntuaddicted:how can I do ?05:27
ubuntuaddictedSenor, do what?05:27
Senormy / is full05:27
thomas____12.04 has window snap05:27
SenorI do not know the reason05:27
mccubuntuaddicted:neither are installed. the line i found on stackoverflow was sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes05:28
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details05:28
Jdp123321Ubottu; have tried this before on 12.04lts will try again on 13.0405:28
ubottuJdp123321: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:28
mccok, yes. that is exactly the command which i am running and which is not working05:28
uroyanmeIf I lock myself out of ubuntu, can i change the splash rw init=/bin/bash set gfxpayload=$text ?05:28
ubuntuaddictedhuh, that's weird because on my 12.04 install, it's sudo apt-add-repository05:28
mccubuntuaddicted: as mentioned, neither of these programs appears to exist on my machine05:29
mccalso to my confusion if i run "apt-file list python-software-properties"05:29
uroyanmemcc: check using terminal?05:29
mccit doesn't appear to install anyting at all except documentation05:29
ubuntuaddictedmcc, then sudo apt-get install add-apt-repository05:29
mccuroyanne: check what? i only have a terminal05:29
mccthe machine is headless05:29
ubuntuaddictedSenor, can you boot into recovery mode?05:30
mccubuntuaddicted, there is no such package; according to every source i've found, the program is installed by the apt-file list python-software-properties package05:30
mccConsidering hand-editing /etc/apt/sources.list05:30
mccHow much will i regret this05:30
CaptainShanksah, never mind, sorted my problem by logging out and in :P gotta love the IT Crowd methodology05:31
mcceven more annoyingly, i appear to have already done this once on my other ubuntu 10.04 server and i can't remember how05:31
Ben64CaptainShanks: 1. have you tried turning it off and on again? 2. are you definitely sure it's plugged in?05:32
mccif i do, like, apt-cache05:32
mccdoes that draw from any sources besides /etc/apt/sources.list ?05:32
Loshkimcc: well make a quick backup first and you'll regret it much less. Just a quick cp -r /etc/apt /tmp may save you hours..05:32
ak5hey guys, how do I get easy_install on 12.04? It says to install python-setuptools but when I try it says that has no installation candidate05:32
Guest67070hope ubuntu adopts a more transparent aeroglass theme soon. Then they would tottally be more awsome to look at then 7. And I heard 13.04 handles windows pc games better then any  linux distro before it05:32
uroyanmeI am going to school for Micro computer  tech. We dont do security till next semester. Can someone tell me where I can get back track or something to penetration test my pc?05:33
ubuntuaddictedGuest67070, can you link to where you think 13.04 will handle windows games better?05:33
ak5uroyanme: google?05:33
uroyanmeA legit version.05:33
mccOh. No wonder.05:33
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, back track or the newest fork of back track is free isn't it?05:34
mccThis isn't 10.04. It's 8.04.05:34
Loshkimcc: yes, I think it also reads /etc/apt/*.d05:34
Ben64uroyanme: backtrack is free, check google. it's not supported in here though05:34
ubuntuaddictedmcc, lol05:34
uroyanmeOk, Guys05:34
uroyanmeyou are assuming05:34
BakerSo yeah, I ended up trying the regular ubuntu desktop environment with Unity. And I didn't like it, haha.05:34
CaptainShanks@Ben64 bahaha,  always gotta force those unexpected reboots05:34
rebelrebelwhere can i get a gcc.deb package, the debian website is not working for me05:34
uroyanmeI am asking because I got a bad version last time, I don't know who makes backtrack05:34
* mcc generally does not think she should have to upgrade anything ever :(05:34
wooBen64: Kali-Linux is the new bt.  BT is gone.05:34
Ben64uroyanme: sorry, but we can't help you with that05:34
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, http://www.backtrack-linux.org/05:34
Guest67070ubuntuaddicted, no. I just know this guy on youtube was showwing off world of warcraft and how smoothly it was running on ubuntu 13.04 like never before on the ubuntu's before. If this is true it is fantastic news.05:34
woouroyanme: pm me05:35
uroyanmeubuntuaddicted: thanks.05:35
sgo11just read ubuntu 13.04 release notes. it says 13.04 will only ship with python3. But most of programs support python2 only. If I install python2 and switch to python2, is that OK? are there any instructions on how to handle this situation in 13.04? thanks.05:35
Guest67070I love windows 7. But wow raring ringtale has caught my attention. running off live usb right now05:35
Ben64Guest67070: wow has worked for quite a long time in linux05:35
Guest67070Ben64, oh...well I thought I heard pc games will run much smoother now on this distro. And yeah wow appearently runs very smoothly now05:36
ntzrmtthihu777anyone here can tell me if they got wxruby working on 12.04/ruby-1.9.3? I know its kinda a better question for #ruby, but the channel is not moving at all and this seems to be an ubuntu-specific bug05:36
Senorubuntuaddicted: which command can tell the total size of one directory?05:37
Ben64Senor: df05:38
Ben64Senor: oh wait i read that wrong... du05:38
=== 31NAAG6B5 is now known as Dawn_
Senorwhat is full name of du?05:39
Senordisk u...?05:39
MissValeskaI need help! Someone please help me!05:39
Ben64Senor: nope, du05:39
ubuntuaddictedMissValeska, ask your question05:39
ntzrmtthihu777!ask | MissValeska05:39
ubottuMissValeska: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:39
MissValeskaI've waited like, Four or five hours! The Ubuntu 13.04 upgrade is not worknig05:39
Senormy disk is full05:40
ntzrmtthihu777and this is why I never use the in-install upgrade.05:40
ubuntuaddictedWOW, startup disk creator says my 4GB flash drive isn't large enough for 13.04 xubuntu which is only 804MB in size05:40
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: needs 4.305:40
MissValeskaIt has stalled at about half way, It just says installed cabextract05:40
Ben64Senor: "ls -hoSr" "du" and "find" are your friends05:40
k1lMissValeska: what does "lsb_release -r" give you in terminal?05:40
ubuntuaddictedSenor, are you booted into recovery mode?05:40
MissValeska 13.0405:41
MissValeskaI have teamviewer05:41
k1lMissValeska: oh, the upgrade had started and is not finished?05:41
Guest67070omg this ubuntu rocks. Its insanely fast on my 2 gb laptop. Hope power cunsomption is less then 12.04 and 12.10 was.05:41
Jdp123321Trying to install b43 driver for wifi on ubuntu. I entered the command sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-install and it says unable to locate package. Help05:41
k1lubuntuaddicted: live-system takes more space than the iso file05:41
wilee-nileeJdp123321, You on the web with ethernet?05:42
ubuntuaddictedk1l, but 4GB isn't enough? WOW05:42
k1lubuntuaddicted: that should be enough05:43
wilee-nileeJdp123321, You have run a update and upgrade?05:43
k1lubuntuaddicted: are you sure its set up properly?05:43
theadminOkay, I'm on Raring. Is there a way to get rid of the "legal notice" on the bottom of the dash?05:43
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:43
ubuntuaddictedk1l, using startup disk creator within 12.04, i click erase disk on my 4Gb flash drive, choose my 13.04 iso and the GUI says the 4GB flash drive isn't enough space05:44
ubuntuaddictedk1l, oh, i just read this, "When you install Xubuntu from the Desktop CD, you need 4.4 GB of free space on your hard disk"05:45
k1lso its a xubuntu iso05:45
theadmink1l: That's not related to the image. You'll need exactly as much space as the image size for creating a LiveUSB05:45
ubuntuaddictedk1l, yeah, i said xubuntu from the start05:45
theadminubuntuaddicted: ^05:45
wilee-nileeubuntuaddicted, Have you hit ctrl-h and checked if the trash has anything in it?05:46
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, i didn't notice you answered, thanks05:46
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: no problem.05:46
ubuntuaddictedtheadmin, obviously something isn't working. let me check the trash but i don't see how that would matter05:47
ubuntuaddictedtheadmin, trash is empty05:47
jdp123321_wilee-nilee: what do i do? i got cut off so if you said anything i didnt see it.05:47
theadminubuntuaddicted: Eh. I never used usb-creator to create bootable USBs. My solution is of simple: sudo dd if=ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb05:47
stoogleHello everyone, I have a dell MD1000 ( HDD Raidaray ) which is plugged into my ubuntu server. It's mounted at 4tb in total. I have just put in an extra 10tb worth of HDD's into the array. However its not recognising them. I take it i have to reallocate the mount, is that correct?05:47
wilee-nilee!b43 | jdp123321_ is all I know05:47
ubottujdp123321_ is all I know: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:47
jdp123321_wilee-nilee: thats the guide im following05:48
MissValeska:(  ugh05:48
theadminubuntuaddicted: Make sure "sdb" really is your stick, though.05:48
wilee-nileejdp123321_, I see some specifics on the web with 13.04, however I have never had to install these drivers.05:48
ThatOneRoadieAnyone know if 12.10 -> 13.04 writes any GRUB changes?05:48
wilee-nileeThatOneRoadie, What s the problem?05:49
k1lThatOneRoadie: since it got a new kernel it will update grub, yes05:49
ThatOneRoadiewilee-nilee: Upgrading a SAN-Boot linux box05:49
ThatOneRoadieawesome, I'll re-edit grub before I restart05:49
stoogledont mean to spam and post again: I have a dell MD1000 ( HDD Raidaray ) which is plugged into my ubuntu server. It's mounted at 4tb in total. I have just put in an extra 10tb worth of HDD's into the array. However its not recognising them. I take it i have to reallocate the mount, is that correct?05:50
ubuntuaddictedtheadmin, it's not "sdb", where did you get that from? here's a screenshot https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-3XoOevcDX4U/UXoVhysWIRI/AAAAAAAABv4/-rePbswzIUw/s523/Screenshot%2520-%252004262013%2520-%252012%253A49%253A35%2520AM.png05:50
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: thanks for the command, but still makes no diff on a too small device.05:50
k1lThatOneRoadie: just change the grub config in /etc/defaults to your need. so you dont need that every time05:50
theadminntzrmtthihu777: I installed Raring from a 4GB stick, it worked fine05:51
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: sdb is used for an example here; usually you are currently booted into /dev/sda, so the next device would be sdb05:51
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: is that so?05:51
ubuntuaddictedtheadmin, well, look at the pic i provided. pictures dont lie. ;)05:51
theadminubuntuaddicted: The picture doesn't have device names...05:51
wilee-nileeubuntuaddicted, If you right click the usb what does it say for data amount?05:52
comradekinguhttp://www.ubuntu.com/tour/ this doesnt work in newest iceweasel or opera05:52
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: hit the eraise disk button on the lexar and see about it.05:52
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, i did that already, i also erased it using gparted05:52
ubuntuaddictedwilee-nilee, right click where, when it's shown in the desktop?05:52
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: and did you listen? I said in the usb creator05:52
ThatOneRoadiek1l: I have changed it. every update-grup doesn't add the [ ip=dhcp ISCSI_INITIATOR ... ]05:53
bateeeHi, Can we install a certification authority on Ubuntu Server?05:53
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, i said I ALREADY DID THAT05:53
stoogleanyone able to assist?05:53
ntzrmtthihu777!shouting | ubuntuaddicted05:53
wilee-nileeubuntuaddicted, Where ever it is showing05:53
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, and ALSO used gparted05:53
ntzrmtthihu777!caps | ubuntuaddicted05:53
ubottuubuntuaddicted: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:53
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, i wouldn't shout if you'd read05:53
ubuntuaddictedanyway, later guys. thanks for trying to help05:53
theadminubuntuaddicted: FWIW, does your stick have multiple partitions on it? If so, that may be the problem.05:54
ubuntuaddictedtheadmin, no, it doesn't.05:54
theadminubuntuaddicted: Hm... Hamsters.05:54
stoogleno one knows how to introduce extra HDD's to a raid?05:54
ThatOneRoadiestoogle: whether you can or not depends wholly on your raid card05:55
ThatOneRoadieSome RAID Cards allow expansion, others require an array rebuild05:55
makarahi. Is there any way to rename a virtual terminal. I always end up with like 8 terminals all called 'mar@sol' and have to click through them to find wot Im lookin 405:55
stoogleits a md1000 raidarray05:55
skillpiG<ubottu> ubuntuaddicted: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:55
skillpiGI enjoyed that05:55
stoogleand a 2950 dell server05:55
ntzrmtthihu777makara: yeah, I forget the method but it was a function inserted in my .bashrc05:56
ThatOneRoadiestoogle: Raid version?05:56
stooglei think its a raid 1......05:56
stooglei think, not sure how to check05:56
jdp123321wilee-nilee:i left out the sudo part and it worked. wierd05:57
jdp123321how do i find out what wifi driver the system autoloads and blacklist it. than make the b43 wifi driver autoload05:57
wilee-nileejdp123321, If you open the terminal do you see a # opr $05:58
ThatOneRoadiestoogle: Dell OpenManage will tell you what RAID ## your MD1000 is, and is also the tool to use for expanding (if possible) the array05:58
ThatOneRoadieI know Raid 10 and Raid 6 can't be expanded05:59
jdp123321wilee-nilee: wifi still doesnt work though. i need to blacklist the current one it says. how do i figure out which one is in use now?05:59
stoogleThank you Roadie, is that the one also known as "DRAC?05:59
wilee-nileejdp123321, Not sure to be honest I have never had to mess with wireless stuff luckily.06:00
makarantzrmtthihu777, not just a way to rename the prompt?06:00
ThatOneRoadieNo, the DRAC is Lights-out management on dell servers06:00
jdp123321anyone know how to see the currently loaded wifi driver and blacklist it?06:00
ImmatixDoes anyone know if the vulnerability in tinc (http://www.debian.org/security/2013/dsa-2663) affects Ubuntu as well?06:01
makarathat could get ugly06:01
theadminjdp123321: If in a GUI, click the Network Manager's icon and choose "Connection information", then look at the driver field06:01
ThatOneRoadiestoogle: see http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1757.dell-openmanage-systems-management-tools.aspx06:01
theadminImmatix: Considering Ubuntu imports Debian upstream, it's likely. I'd check the changelog for the package in Ubuntu just to be sure, though.06:03
Immatixtheadmin: I'm guessing no, the most recent entry in the changelog for Precise is from 23 Jul 201106:06
theadmin...I don't even, Precise was released in 2012 so how is that even possible06:06
theadminOh well06:07
jdp123321trying to connect to wifi. it sees the network, i click it, enter the password, but it wont connect?06:07
ntzrmtthihu777makara: not one that I know of right off hand06:07
MissValeskaI am on my macbook, I am upgrading from Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04. The upgrade went fine, Up until about half way, Where it just stopped. No error message, And it is no frozen. Nothing is happening, It just says installed cabextract06:07
Immatixtheadmin: It looks like the same version used in Oneiric06:07
ImmatixI guess I'll just have to build it manually06:07
=== jon__ is now known as sploit
sploitwhat is the best way to reverse 'sudo chown -R user:group /'06:08
wilee-nileeMissValeska, Did you install ubuntu from windows?06:08
marcusksploit: restore from backup06:09
ntzrmtthihu777sploit: why would you do that XD06:09
ImmatixI think checkinstall will work for this06:09
sploitntzrmtthihu777: I was trying to copy some files.06:09
k1lMissValeska: you mentioned teamviewer before. are you connecting through it?06:10
theadminsploit: Well... Your best option is probably to reinstall, honestly06:10
MissValeskaNo, i didn't06:10
theadminsploit: I mean, most of data in / is owned by root:root, but not all of it06:10
jdp123321trying to connect to wifi. it sees the network, i click it, enter the password, but it wont connect? any help?06:10
wilee-nileeMissValeska, Heh I missed the apple refrence my bad.06:10
ntzrmtthihu777!patience | jdp12332106:11
MissValeskaNo, I am not06:11
ubottujdp123321: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/06:11
k1lMissValeska: what does "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get upgrade" give you? (please pastebin)06:11
MissValeskaI have teamviewer, Which you can connect to if you want.06:11
jdp123321sorry my internet is screwy. didnt know if it sent or not.06:11
ntzrmtthihu777MissValeska: not a good idear to just let random folk teamview you.06:11
MissValeskaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/ E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:12
skillpiGubottu - I like you06:12
ubottuskillpiG: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:12
skillpiGfor a digital being06:12
marcusktheadmin: Like for example any home directoy that might be on the system. Just reinstalling the system won't give them back, you'll have to recover from backup in that case.06:12
skillpiGi love you ubottu06:12
theadminmarcusk: Well, home folders are an easy fix06:12
theadminmarcusk: Because you always know who exactly owns them06:13
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: exactly06:13
theadminmarcusk: But... Stuff like apache's directories are owned by weirdos like www-data etc...06:13
Immatixgeez, tinc in raring isn't even updated06:13
fluo75Hi all, problem with CD of Ubuntu-gnome 13.04, impossible de go any further than Grub, I get a blank screen and then nothing. I tried nomodeset with any success. It's a brand new PC with only crappy win8. Any ideas? (try booting from CD & USB)06:14
wilee-nileefluo75, You familiar with the uefi wiki?06:15
theadminfluo75: Is it 64-bit?06:15
marcusktheadmin: It depends. I have several files in my home directory that have different group owners by design.06:15
theadminfluo75: Only 64-bit versions of Ubuntu support UEFI.06:15
theadminmarcusk: Ah, well, that's a rare case06:15
fluo75Yes 64 bit version. (ubuntu-gnome version)06:16
theadminfluo75: Where did you find that, by the way? I can't find any wobsite for that edition of any sort06:17
wilee-nileetheadmin, There is gnome only spin06:18
theadminwilee-nilee: Yeah I know, which is what I'm asking, what's the site/page for it?06:18
wilee-nileeI figured you probably knew. ;)06:18
ntzrmtthihu777you may like xubuntu. I've fallen in love, its soooooo lightweight and customizable06:19
theadminOh, hamsters. No website.06:19
theadminntzrmtthihu777: Nay, I like Unity myself, I just try to keep track of all the official editions to be able to provide support06:19
ntzrmtthihu777blech. oh well, to each his own ;)06:20
jimgHi, upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04 and machine has frozen (mouse and keyboard). It happened at "Replace the customised configuration file '/etc/gnome/defaults.list'?" while I was scrolling through the diff06:23
jimgAny advice?06:23
theadminjimg: Happened to me too. What I did was a hard reset, followed by "sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade". It may not work well for you, though, but it did for me06:24
skillpiGtheadmin - you appear to be a guru in these quarters06:25
ntzrmtthihu777jimg: yes. have a separate /home partition and never use the upgrade. re-install, do *not* tell it to use the /home partition, then after install is complete edit the fstab to automount the /home partition.06:25
theadminskillpiG: Well, I've been using Ubuntu a lot since Intrepid06:25
skillpiGI recently upgraded my mobo/cpu etc and I ran into some problems06:25
jimgtheadmin: thanks. I thought I might be able to try something before a hard reset but I'll give that a try06:25
skillpiGthe one core is at 100% the whole time and I struggle to use the mouse :/06:25
skillpiGthis was in 12.10 x6406:25
skillpiGCPU is the FX-835006:26
Immatixhmm https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tinc06:26
skillpiGtop reported no service or application utilizing much of the processor, but the overall information at the top said 100% CPU utilization06:26
ThatOneRoadiefor 13.10, the default kernel is 3.8.0-19 yes?06:27
jimgntzrmtthihu777: just so I'm clear are you saying that it is much safer to reinstall Ubuntu every release, rather than upgrade?06:27
tomreynis it correct that the ubuntu-partner repository no longer provides adobe-flash?06:28
skillpiGdon't worry theadmin - I'm sure it will be patched or fixed with 13.04, I was dual booting win8 and 12.1006:28
Ben64ThatOneRoadie: #ubuntu+1 for 13.1006:28
tomreyn...starting with raring06:28
ntzrmtthihu777jimg: I have lost track of how many folk I see in here asking the very same question you did.06:28
skillpiGso I'll just wait it out, atleast my laptop is running ubuntu fine at work :>06:28
theadmintomreyn: Seems so :(06:28
theadmintomreyn: The main repos still have flashplugin-installer06:28
tomreyntheadmin: yes, i was just wondering whether anyone is aware of a strategic decision by canonical there06:28
ThatOneRoadiefor 13.04, the default kernel is 3.8.0-19 yes?06:28
jimgntzrmtthihu777: Interesting to know.  Thanks06:29
theadminThatOneRoadie: Indeed.06:29
ntzrmtthihu777jimg: and make sure you do *not* choose to use the /home partition durin the partitioning; as it will overwrite your $HOME dir if you chose the same username.06:29
Ben64ThatOneRoadie: good, because 13.10 isn't even started yet06:29
jimgntzrmtthihu777: got it06:29
theadminntzrmtthihu777: Huhwha? No it won't, the installer reuses existing user directories if possible. Well, unless you tell it to format /home of course.06:30
* ThatOneRoadie prays the SAN install completed06:30
ceborhow can i activate ubuntu-webapps @ 13.04, must i install the ppa ?? with google-chrome06:30
ThatOneRoadieotherwise this upgrade is going to be a royal pain06:31
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: I was very specific in not telling it to format it, but still my stuff vanished.06:31
theadminntzrmtthihu777: That's very odd, I did an install a while ago and it kept everything, same username06:31
ntzrmtthihu777perhaps a bug, or maybe a human error on my part, but it takes very little skill to change a line in /etc/fstab06:31
theadmincebor: Chrome isn't supported by Ubuntu at all06:31
ntzrmtthihu777and so I feel much safer with it in my hands than in the hands of the machine.06:32
ThatOneRoadietheadmin: there's a version of chrome out for ubuntu o.O06:32
docvellis 13.04 out now or later on today?06:32
theadminThatOneRoadie: Yes, but it's not supported *by* Ubuntu, as in the Ubuntu developerss.06:32
theadmindocvell: Yesterday :P06:32
theadmincebor: They work fine in Chromium though.06:32
ThatOneRoadiesudo dpkg --configure -a06:33
docvellah ok06:33
ThatOneRoadiewhoops, VM didn't focus. sorry.06:33
cebortheadmin: ok i installed gmail with firefox, now works with chrome06:34
theadminIs there a way to bring the dual-pane mode for Nautilus back in 13.04?06:34
docvellthanks for the info06:34
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: dual pane? whazzat, and is raring gonna take it from me?06:35
crimsonmanetheadmin: you mean F3 ?06:35
exeteri have installed ralink rt3290 driver(for ubuntu 12.10) on my laptop dual booted wih win 8 as my wi-fi wasnt working , but after installation as soon as i enable my wifi my system crashes . What should i do>>>06:35
theadmincrimsonmane: Yep, doesn't work on Raring :/06:35
theadminntzrmtthihu777: It's kind of like what mc, FAR, Norton Commander and such others do06:35
crimsonmanetheadmin: check the settings in nautilus...06:35
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: I have no idea what/who any of that is XD06:35
=== bitnumus is now known as Guest48650
theadmincrimsonmane: Where exactly? I can't find anything related.06:36
crimsonmanetheadmin: i wouldn't know. perhaps google will help us06:36
=== bldr` is now known as kaictl
theadminSeems the GNOME team decided to remove a very useful feature. Again.06:37
ntzrmtthihu777/bin/sh: 1: emote: not found06:37
ntzrmtthihu777ah shit!!!! I forgot about backing up my script *cries*06:38
theadminntzrmtthihu777: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthodox_file_manager06:38
crimsonmanetheadmin: i thought it was a Nautilus feature not gnome. i have the feature in Dolphin06:38
belgianguyhi, I'm still not able to execut .sh scripts from within Nautilus06:38
theadmincrimsonmane: Nautilus is part of the GNOME project06:38
crimsonmanebelgianguy: right click the .sh file, select "allow execute as program"06:39
theadminbelgianguy: Right click them, go to Properties, Permissions, allow executing file as program06:39
belgianguyI used to get a prompt whether I wanted to open it or run it06:39
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: ah, gotcah.06:39
ntzrmtthihu777belgianguy: it needs x permissions.06:39
theadminbelgianguy: Also, now Nautilus defaults to displaying them. Preferences -> Behaviour -> Executable text files -> Ask each time to bring back the old one06:39
belgianguycrimsonmane theadmin I set it to executable, but it won't do it06:40
belgianguytheadmin: ahh, that might be it06:40
theadminbelgianguy: I don't speak Finnish or whatever that is06:41
belgianguytheadmin: that'd be Dutch, but you were right06:42
crimsonmanetheadmin: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/07/nautilus-patch-brings-missing-file-manager-features-back-to-ubuntu06:42
belgianguyit's the 'ask each time' flag06:42
theadmincrimsonmane: 'tis for 12.04, but thanks anyway. Not like I really need that feature, it was just handy. Eh well.06:43
crimsonmaneyeah i use it constantly06:43
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
ntzrmtthihu777heh. I rather am glad I was able to get the "desktop grid" feature without compiz06:45
tomreyntheadmin: i guess flashplugin-installer is of limited use:    "flashplugin-installer: downloading http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.280.orig.tar.gz"06:45
theadmintomreyn: It's still the original Flash plugin and will work all the same06:46
nitin_hii... how to change settings of laptop web cam06:46
ntzrmtthihu777tomreyn: it downloads it and automates the install.06:46
theadmintomreyn: Except you won't get the Flash Player Settings app, but you can use the web-based settings manager adobe provides anyways06:46
tomreynntzrmtthihu777: it downloads it from the ubuntu partner repository, which, we assume, will not get any updates.06:46
theadminnitin_: Details?06:46
ntzrmtthihu777nitin_: what you trying to do?06:46
ntzrmtthihu777tomreyn: it works fine with me :P06:47
nitin_i want to set the brightness06:47
theadmintomreyn: Flash for Linux has been dropped by Adobe. It won't get any updates ever, at all06:47
tomreyntheadmin: i'm referring to security updates06:47
theadmintomreyn: Except some security fixes (which will be added)06:47
theadmintomreyn: Ah, never mind then06:47
nitin_theadmin, ntzrmtthihu777 i want to set the brightness06:48
exeterUbuntu 13.04 supports new machines .. better than 12.10??06:48
theadminexeter: Likely.06:48
ak5what are "new machines"06:48
theadminAnyway, I'll be back soon.06:48
tomreyntheadmin, ntzrmtthihu777: so my point is: if canonical dropped support via their partner repositories, then, to get security updates, they would need to be downloded from adobe, not canonical's partner repository. but flashplugin-installer loads it from canonicals' partner repository, at least currently.06:49
* ThatOneRoadie smacks GRUB06:51
ct529hi everybody! I am finding difficult to control cpu frequency .... in the past your use cpufreq-set .... what can you use now?06:54
wilee-nileect529, install indicator-cpufreq06:55
ct529wilee-nilee: done already, but how do you use from CLI? I hate using applets ....06:55
ThatOneRoadiedamn, pre-upgrade 2GB free on a 6GB drive. Post-13.04 install, ~407mb left06:55
ThatOneRoadieis there a post-install cleanup command somewhere06:56
wilee-nileeThatOneRoadie, sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean06:57
ThatOneRoadieI managed to typo sudo differently all three times in that line06:58
ThatOneRoadietime for bed soon I think06:58
wilee-nileecopy and paste06:58
ntzrmtthihu777also, bitbleach will clear a buncha crud too06:58
ThatOneRoadiefirst, audo, then sudp, then suso06:58
ThatOneRoadiefat fingers06:58
ThatOneRoadiethaaat's better, 1.8gb free06:58
ntzrmtthihu777don wory, we all had the sudo blues before06:59
benderi kinda need help07:04
ntzrmtthihu777ask away07:04
benderi have the issue that i cannot upgrade to the new 13.04 release07:05
benderissue is, that i cannot add the gpg key07:05
stoogleDoes anyone know anything about virtual disks in Dell OpenManage web based????????????? i just need to confirm an option to choose as i have added additional HDD's07:05
ntzrmtthihu777bender: 1. you would be better off with a reinstall.07:05
ntzrmtthihu777bender: 2. do you have a separate /home partition?07:06
benderwell that would be a solution, just to reinstall it07:07
benderand no i don't07:07
benderbut i don't have really productive data on it.. so... i guess i'm better off doing a reinstall07:08
benderwas hoping to get around it07:08
ntzrmtthihu777I can't tell you how many times I've seen folk in here with issues doing an upgrade. it never works in my experience.07:08
benderthanks for the help07:08
Theteis tightvnc still a good vnc server on Ubuntu?07:08
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
=== davidha is now known as davidhadas
Kartagiswhen is the next LTS? 14.04?07:16
ntzrmtthihu777Kartagis: lts are released a year apart from each other.07:16
Ben642 years07:17
ntzrmtthihu777Kartagis: the release number reflects their release date.07:17
ntzrmtthihu777Ben64: whut? I thought the .04 line were all lts?07:17
Ben64every two years. 8.04, 10.04, 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, etc07:17
ntzrmtthihu777sho right. so 13.04 is not lts? more reason to stick with precise :P07:18
Ben64yep, i'm still on 12.0407:18
TheteThe odd # releases have never been LTS07:18
Kartagisso, I'm right to assume 14.04 is LTS07:19
ntzrmtthihu777assuming policy does not change. it can happen.07:19
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
ThatOneRoadieaaand ubuntu successfully upgraded and SAN-booting07:20
cfhowlettKartagis, 14.04 will be LTS07:21
ShogootHi people!. The issue: I got a server that i installed vsftpd on, made a user and connected to the server. When the server connects it connects to root... and i have been trying to make /var/www/html as default ftp root and that the user has write/read to that folder as this person is going to upload/download its own html pages and resources...  Another strange  thing is that when i change directory i can change to any directory that is not /var/www/html (07:21
Shogoot???) - Anyone that can help me find the solution to this?07:21
cfhowlettShogoot, perhaps ask in #ubuntu-server07:21
swHi, can someone explain what the --delete-after option does in rsync as I don't quite understand the man. Does it mean that files/folders that are on the destination but not source any longer are removed?07:22
Theteso much easier to just use sftp07:22
ntzrmtthihu777maybe so, but easier and what a person wants/needs are often two entirely different things.07:24
Shogoot Thete I need the Jailing to be problem hasse free07:24
marcusksw: It deletes extraneous files after the transfer instead of before07:24
marcuskThete: Maybe easier, but does something different.07:25
swmarcusk, So files that are on the destination but no longer in the source?07:25
marcusksw: yep07:25
swmarcusk, Thanks!07:25
crimsonmanesw: it means it deltes after the transfer is done, not during07:25
crimsonmaneoh you got an answer07:26
SecretFirewhy doesn't iphone mount in 12.10 if i see it in lsusb?07:26
auronandace!iphone | SecretFire07:26
ubottuSecretFire: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:26
ntzrmtthihu777better yet, avoid iAnything.07:27
slezyhey everyone. im having a hell of a time with the software center and authentication . im not sure how to fix. if someone could assist me i would be your best friend07:27
ntzrmtthihu777slezy: sup07:27
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:28
GopsHi i am having ubuntu 10.407:29
Gopsfinding difficulties in installing wireless driver07:29
cfhowlettGops, on the desktop ?07:29
ntzrmtthihu777!eol | Gops07:29
ubottuGops: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:29
cfhowlettGops, 10.04 has reached end of life ... no further support will be forthcoming07:29
cfhowlettGops, as of 05/09/1307:29
Gopsbut one of my product will work on this version only07:30
cfhowlettGops, consider your upgrade options ...07:30
KquarkqHello!, is possible to convert ntsf to ext4?07:30
ntzrmtthihu777Gops: what product07:30
cfhowlettGops, what?  ONLY works on 10.04?07:30
ntzrmtthihu777Kartagis: short answer, no. long aswer, no.07:30
Ben64Kquarkq: no, you have to backup, format, and put the files back on07:30
ntzrmtthihu777Gops: and what is openbravo07:30
Gopsit is an opensource erp application07:31
ntzrmtthihu777and erp is?07:31
cfhowlettGops, are you running 10.04 on the server or desktop?07:31
vltcfhowlett: Isn’t a wifi driver part of the server edition and supported until 2015?07:31
cfhowlettGops,  contact openbravo.  pretty sure they have a method to install on a supported version of ubuntu....07:32
cfhowlettvlt, depends on the wifi driver07:32
slezyim pretty sure im on the latest ubuntu 13.4. when i try to install most software i get this error  "Requires installation of untrusted packages The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." right now im trying to install a mtp program so i can trasfer music to my droid07:33
Ben64openbravo has a ppa with precise supported07:33
cfhowlettGops, in other words, you can and should update to 12.04 then install open bravo.07:33
cfhowlettBen64, thanks.07:33
Ben64little bit of google-fu07:34
cfhowlettslezy, as stated, the package is unsigned and untrusted.  your choice07:34
slezyi went to this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1626757 and used Synaptic Package Manager and fallowed the detections and still cant figure it out.07:35
ItsMeLennyin the network manager, what is "link local only" and "shared to other computers", I've google link local only over and over and returned nothing helpful07:36
=== illovae_ is now known as illovae
ShogootHi people!. The issue: I got a server that i installed vsftpd on, made a user and connected to the server. When the server connects it connects to root... and i have been trying to make /var/www/html as default ftp root and that the user has write/read to that folder as this person is going to upload/download its own html pages and resources...  Another strange  thing is that when i change directory i can change to any directory that is not /var/www/html (07:36
Shogoot???) - Anyone that can help me find the solution to this?07:36
ItsMeLennyslezy,  thats because you dont have the gpg key for whereever the packages are coming from07:37
slezyi dont know what that is. let me do some googleing and i will be back. thankyou07:38
lapdisI was ssh:ing in to my server while upgrading. I was on the screen "do you want to restart some packages" when the ssh session died. Can I just reboot the server and be fine, or how do I continue the upgrade?07:38
ItsMeLennyShogoot, usually with ftp you can change into any directory, always has happened when I've connected to other peoples ftps, the thing is if it has read write access, one can still change directories, just not see in it or write to it07:38
stooglei have 4x 1tb drives running in an external raidarray. It's mounted. I have just slotted in another 8x 1tb drives. However they are listed as "inactive" obviously because they have not been mounted. What is the best way to add them into the mount with out losing any data?07:39
chaos7theoryAnyone else having trouble executing shell scripts via double-clicking on 13.04?07:39
Gopstxs was able to get the drivers up07:39
Gopstxs for all the support07:39
Gopsnow i am going to have a beer07:39
ItsMeLennywow, nowonder there is no help in this irc, everyone just has problems07:39
vlt!details | stoogle07:39
ubottustoogle: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:39
TheteIs steam not x64?07:39
chaos7theorySteam isn't x64 even on Windows.07:40
ShogootItsMeLenny, I get to change directory AND se its conntent on all of the directory tree eexcept /var/www/html ....07:40
stooglevlt: what details are you after? it's a md1000 raid array. im not sure how to tell what type of raid its running???07:40
vltstoogle: /proc/mdstat, blkid, fdisk, fstab, mount07:41
stooglewow i dont remember, it was that long ago. how do i tell?? so sorry <--- nub here. I set it up with a little help from someone over chat and it was a long time ago.07:42
Neozonzhow do i set something up so it automatically runs at start up?07:42
ntzrmtthihu777startup programs07:42
Neozonzfrom console?07:42
abi_any one who can help me on heroku app?07:42
Neozonzlike add a daemon type service07:42
vltNeozonz: Have a look at rc.local07:43
=== Santosh is now known as Guest78088
slezyso if i wanna install this gmtp program (or any non authenticated program) i need to find its gpg key and add it to the authenticated source?07:43
stooglevlt: there is nothing in rc.local07:44
* vlt shrugs07:44
sonofzeusHey there07:45
sonofzeusanyone knows how to enter these commands in the terminal: cd /usr/src svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/misc][7]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/misc svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/Tracker][8]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/Tracker07:45
sonofzeusI'd really appreciate any help.07:45
vltsonofzeus: First clean the URL07:46
stooglevlt: this is what dell openmanage shows me currently: http://www.freweb.com.au/whatitscurrentlyshowing.txt07:46
=== raj` is now known as raj
Jonneanyone else have an issue connecting to cifs drives mentioned in /etc/fstab ?07:49
Jonnesudo mount -a just hangs07:49
Jonneused to work great until i upgraded this morning (still on 12.10, but all the latest updates)07:50
chaos7theory... Wow, there's no way to scroll up in X-Chat :/07:50
Anpuheya, where can I find Ubuntu evolving circle (the one on ubnutu mobile) countdown that was sitting on Ubuntu site before reveal ubuntu phone?07:51
Anpuit was kind of animated js stuff07:51
al-maisanInstalled ubuntu 13.04 this morning with an encrypted partition but /etc/crypttab is apparently ignored i.e. there is no password prompt upon boot-up07:51
ntzrmtthihu777chaos7theory: try pg up and pg dwn07:51
al-maisanany ideas why that might be?07:51
XATRIXHi guys, i seemingly received a message on screen07:51
chaos7theoryntzrmtthihu777: Thanks07:51
XATRIXWelcome to Ubuntu 13.04 'Raring Ringtail'07:51
XATRIXIt asks me to upgrade07:51
XATRIXIs it ok to ?07:52
XATRIXOr it is very alpha07:52
chaos7theoryThere seems to be a lot of annoying idiosyncrasies with 13.04 that I didn't expect.07:52
ntzrmtthihu777XATRIX: I wouldnt, even if it is stable. upgrade works poorly in my experience07:52
XATRIXchaos7theory: so, you don't advice to , do you ?07:52
XATRIXntzrmtthihu777: you mean, it's better to complete reinstall ?07:52
chaos7theoryIt's just too buggy overall at the moment.07:52
bentinataI accidentally "sudo rm /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf"07:53
bentinataany help?07:53
ntzrmtthihu777XATRIX: yup.07:53
chaos7theory"Don't fix it if it ain't broke."07:53
ntzrmtthihu777XATRIX: but again, its kinda buggy still I hear07:53
slezy<ntzrmtthihu777> i pm you again.07:54
chaos7theoryI did it out of necessity unfortuantely. Dell backup and Recovery ruined my bootloader, and 12.04.2 doesn't have native drives for Intel HD Graphics 400007:54
bentinatais it a big problem?07:54
al-maisanbentinata: wanna me to pastebin a copy of that file somewhere?07:56
bentinataal-maisan: sure!07:56
al-maisanI don't think I ever edited it i.e. it should be the default one ..07:56
al-maisanbentinata: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5603736/07:57
=== Guest55964 is now known as Danilo
cebormy screen does not dim after while idling on battery mode  ubuntu 13.0408:00
spacepoethow do I mount something??08:00
ntzrmtthihu777spacepoet: sudo mount what where08:01
spacepoetso would "sudo mount your-mom" bed  work?08:01
=== sergio is now known as Guest35165
ntzrmtthihu777spacepoet: only if you08:04
ntzrmtthihu777re  a necrophiliac08:04
spacepoetwhats a necrophiliac08:04
spacepoetis that a flower?08:04
ntzrmtthihu777=_= are you serious?08:04
ssadabMy computer has an ambient light sensor, can this be made to work in Ubuntu?08:04
bergqvistjlHi, is there any way to use the new Gwibber without using the gnome-control-centre-signon package (I use Arch Linux, yet it appears that gwibber now has hard-coded ubuntu only dependencies?08:07
Kartagisntzrmtthihu777: I have a rather delayed question because my CPU load was high. I say I assume 14.04 will be a LTS, and some people here confirm, but you say I'm wrong. that leaves me confused08:07
ssadabntzrmtthihu777: Yes I am serious08:08
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Kartagisssadab: no need to be rude. you could have given another example of sudo mount. you could also have looked necrophiliac up.08:09
ssadabKartagis: ??? Where was I rude and where did I give an example of sudo mount?08:10
Ben64ssadab: he's confusing you with someone else08:10
Kartagisssadab: sorry, I got disconnected08:10
ssadabKartagis: Ah ok, I was just asking about an ambient light sensor on my computer used to auto adjust brightness and whether it can be configured to work in Ubuntu08:11
Kartagisthat's spacepoet08:11
Kartagisspacepoet: no need to be rude. you could have given another example of sudo mount. you could also have looked necrophiliac up.08:12
Kartagiswe are all volunteers here08:12
spacepoetKartagis: was that rude? that was just a funny banter to lighten the mood08:12
ntzrmtthihu777ssadab: I was not speaking to you.08:12
jonyhow can I change the "save as" keyboard shortcut?08:12
Kartagisspacepoet: yo momma jokes are never funny. well, maybe in '90s08:13
spacepoetKartagis: I find them quite amusing myself and from my experience other people do too08:13
spacepoetKartagis: must be where you're from08:13
sonofzeusWashington usa kartagis08:14
Kartagisjony: you can't, unless you dig into the source of whatever software08:14
Kartagissonofzeus: ?08:14
spacepoetssadab: who made the light sensor?08:14
kaihi folks08:15
sonofzeusHi kai08:15
kaiis there a trick to setting up an encrypted LVM in 13.04 that only spans part of the disk?08:15
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kaiBasically I really want /etc, /home, /var, /tmp and swap and other sensitive areas encrypted, but I don't want to pay the performance penalty for /data08:16
chaos7theoryI hate this computer right now ;-;08:16
hero616when i in xfce DE and shutting down the computer, I can see some process cannot being killed. this is not a big problem. but when i in gnome3 or unity, the shutting down process hung there.08:16
kaimy old 10.04 setup had that, using the ncurses installer. at least the Xubuntu installer doesn't seem to get it right08:17
celsohi people! does someone knows where is the shutdown log file and its name?08:17
celsohero616 is it related to atombios error?08:18
crazyjinstalled ubuntu alongside windows. whats best way to remove windows, merge partitions, remove promt whether i want to bott ubuntu or windows08:18
hero616no, it's related to fglrx-legacy driver08:18
chaos7theoryI got the wireless adapter driver to work, it recognizes SSIDs in the top menu, but when I try to connect to the router, it's just sitting there constantly trying until it stops a minute later with no message or anything..08:18
celsoahhh ok. i am having issues on shutdown but related to atom bios.08:18
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jonyhow can I change the "save as" keyboard shortcut? in 12.04 I had changed, so it can be done...08:19
wilee-nileecrazyj, This a uefi windows?08:19
cfhowlettcrazyj, if you're sure you no longer want windows, you can boot ubuntu from cd/usb, then use disk utilities to remove windows partitions and reassign the freed spaced08:20
chaos7theoryIs there some sort of setting I should change?08:21
crazyjcfhowlett: will that remove  the choice between ubuntu and windows? (i have dual booted to windows oses before and removed one, had to manually remove the option to boot into it.08:21
hero616i want find a way to shutting down computer even S20sendsigs failed.08:21
NeozonzAnyone know what this means 2013-04-26 08:21:32.602748 > twisted.web.error.Error: 401 Authorization Required08:21
NeozonzI keep getting that error when running p2pool08:21
Neozonzit was working earlier... not sure what happened08:22
Ben64Neozonz: thats a http error code08:22
cfhowlettcrazyj, update grub should remove the windows option08:22
crazyjcfhowlett: thanks08:22
cebormy screen does not dim after while idling on battery mode  ubuntu 13.04, anybody else has this problem08:23
Walexcebor: please note that on IRC support channels the convention is to take questions literally...08:25
chaos7theorySo, for some reason, Ubuntu 13.04 says that the Wifi eth1, when it should be wlan008:25
Walexchaos7theory: thanks for letting us know.08:25
chaos7theoryNot sure if sarcasm.08:26
FoowieHello, I've tried to install 13.04 on my ASUS M50V notebook. I've created bootable USB, plugged in and restarted PC. When I selected USB device to boot from the message "bug: soft lockup - cpu#0 stuck for 22s!" shown and I'm not able to do anythink with that. Anybody can help? I've read something about use of older versions of kernels, but how?08:26
Walexchaos7theory: you have made two statements :-)08:26
Ben64Walex: be helpful if you're going to respond08:26
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WalexFoowie: it could be any sort of slight compatibility issue between the laptop chipset and the kernel. There are very many variants. You can rebuild the bootable USB image with a different kernel version, but it is not trivial. If possible try to disable as many peripherals as you can in the BIOS in case the bug is related to accessing one of them.08:30
bentinatacan somebody give me little help?08:31
JonasF_Hi, after upgrade to 13.04 and pm-suspend + wakeup, my fan doesn't turn off any more. How can I fix this?08:32
FoowieWalex: Thanks, I'll try this. Is it also solution to install 12.10 and do upgrade to 13.04 or the problem after upgrade will remain?08:33
WalexJonasF_: either by debugging the related kernel module, or by checking whether you can turn it off manually and then putting that command in a script run on wakeup. Suspend is often a tricky operations....08:33
skillpiGhapl :[08:33
skillpiGWalex, hapl08:33
bentinatacan somebody give me little help?08:34
skillpiGdo you know the degrees of requiring aid ?08:34
skillpiGit starts with 'help'08:34
WalexFoowie: if it is a kernel bug in the 13.04 kernel it will happen no matter how you install it.08:34
skillpiGthen forms over time to 'halp'08:34
bentinatawhat is the permission for /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf08:34
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JonasF_Walex: alright, thank you.08:34
skillpiGthen ends up on the fast typed 'hapl'08:34
FoowieWalex: ok, thanks :]08:34
Neozonzok so I added two sh scripts to /etc/rc.local08:34
Neozonzbut it doesnt look like they are executing?08:35
bentinatawhat is the permission for /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf08:35
Walexbentinata: usually u=rw,og=r08:35
WalexNeozonz: have they 'x' permission and usually '#!/bin/sh' as the first line?08:35
bentinataWalex: so 644?08:36
skillpiGWalex - do you have some knowledge about hardware support of ubuntu (specifically 12.10)?08:36
skillpiGspecifically about processors08:36
WalexskillpiG: it is usually considered rude to ask specific questions to specific people. Ask the channel a question and if someone wants to answer you are lucky...08:36
NeozonzWalex, both scripts have +X, and the rc.local has #!/bin/sh -e08:36
Neozonzdo the scripts have to have #!/bin/sh -e in the top too?08:37
WalexNeozonz: yes, and usually without the '-e' (which I think should not be in '/etc/rc.local' either).08:37
SpeirosCan someone help me with installation of a new printer to my computer.  I run Ubuntu 10.4, and I'm trying to install a canon mx396.  WINE doesn't execute the exe. files.08:37
WalexNeozonz: actually "yes" is a bit too strong.08:37
skillpiGWalex - apologies, I enjoyed your quick responses to the people in here and didn't want to bother the rest08:38
skillpiGnot too much :]08:38
WalexSpeiros: why are you asking a question about MS-Windows EXEs in an ubuntu channel?08:38
bentinataWalex: thanks :)08:38
NeozonzWalex, ? is there anyway I can test the rc.local script without rebooting?08:38
WalexNeozonz: $ /etc/rc.local08:38
WalexNeozonz: actually more properly08:38
WalexNeozonz: $ sudo /etc/rc.local08:39
SpeirosWalex, I have ubuntu installed, and I want to load a printer.  I have used WINE before, which would open the drivers (the exe. files) which are windows operated, but it doesn't work.08:39
skillpiGanyone in here using an AMD FX-8350 on Ubuntu (specifically 12.10) and having problems with 100% utilization after a fresh installation?08:39
WalexSpeiros: why do you want to use MS-Windows drivers for a Ubuntu system?08:39
Speiroswalex I don't.  But the printer comes with exe. files, and wine used to open them once upon a time.08:40
Speiroswalex I just want my printer and scanner to work.08:40
[deXter]SpindizZzy, Printers/scanners generally work automatically, if they don't you'll have to look for a linux version of the driver. you can't install windows drivers in linux (not directly, anyways)08:40
WalexSpeiros: that's rather the wrong approach.... The Ubuntu prin system is CUPS, and the scanner system is SANE, so you want a CUPS driver and a SANE driver.08:41
endinyHello everyone08:41
Speiroswalex thanks.  So I type them into the ubuntu software centre?08:41
WalexSpeiros: however some MFP manufacturer like HP and IIRC also Canon supply integrated packages that contain Ubuntu drivers.08:41
WalexSpeiros: so if printer/scanner are not configured automatically you need to do some web search with the keywords above.08:42
WalexSpeiros: the CUPS drivers are also called sometimes "foomatic" drivers or "PPD"s.08:42
Neozonzhow to i port forward using ufw?08:43
WalexSpeiros: Software Centre might help actually. Just search for canon drivers and look into the list of what is found.08:43
Speiroswalex I see.  Thanks, I'll have a look, and come back:)08:43
Neozonz /sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 9327  I ran this on a machine, but after reboot it doesnt seem to stick... should i add it to rc.local?08:43
WalexNeozonz: '/etc/rc.local' is one way.08:44
Speiroswalex Thanks mate.08:44
Neozonzwhat is the proper way?08:44
jonyhow can I install the "gs-esp" package?08:44
WalexNeozonz: BTW i particularly like 'ferm' rather than 'ufw'.08:44
gustavUpgrading to Raring was not a good idea...08:45
WalexNeozonz: ideally as you surmised you would use a package that configures all of 'iptables' for you, as direct use is a bit tricky.08:45
WalexJonasF_: 'sudo apt-get install ...'08:45
Neozonzso there is no ufw command for port forwarding?08:46
endinyNeozonz: btw, you can watch about /etc/iptables.rules08:46
WalexNeozonz: no idea here, perhaps someone else would know, but 'ufw' questions are a bit of a narrow subject.08:46
Neozonzendiny, that file doesnt exist on my machine08:46
WalexNeozonz: on IRC success in getting answers is proportional to how popular the topic of the question is.08:47
antonio__hey folks08:47
antonio__Has anyone found a way to use www.gotowebinar.com with Linux?08:47
endinyNeozonz: u can create it with rules08:47
endinyand add to /etc/network/interfaces08:48
endinypre-up iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.rules08:48
Steamhi all i have problem with my wireless adapter on laptop, ubuntu cant see it08:48
endiny  post-down iptables-save > /etc/iptables.rules08:48
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endinySteam: c'est la vie08:48
Evolveokay, I've googling this all morning and can't get a clear answer, I've installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my box that has an SSD drive. What do I need to do in terms of protecting my drive? There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there!08:50
endinySteam: r u serious?08:50
Ben64Steam: it may help you get support here if you provide more details. lspci and/or lsusb to find chipset, what version ubuntu, what brand/model laptop, etc08:50
Ben64endiny: that's not helpful08:50
endinySteam: "that's life" i think08:50
endinyBen64: about?08:50
drasko_where is the stty conf file located? I want to set the nb of rows manually08:51
Ben64Evolve: if you have enough ram, one thing i would suggest is moving /tmp to ram08:51
SteamBroadcom BCM4311  802.11  it worked before i updated software with software updater. I am new at Ubuntu so..., at this moment i am using an usb wireless adapter to chat with you08:52
EvolveBen64, oh good to know. I've left it on the SSD :$08:52
ct529anyone who knows about acronym generators applications under ubuntu08:52
EvolveI've got a spinning drive where I've put /var /tmp and /home08:52
Ben64Evolve: it's not a really big deal, but the less useless writes on an ssd the better08:52
Evolvesome sources say it's not good to enable trim and others say you should … I'm at a loss08:53
Ben64!broadcom | Evolve08:53
ubottuEvolve: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:53
Ben64Steam: that broadcom thing is for you08:53
Ben64Evolve: yeah i'm not sure on the trim stuff either08:54
EvolveBen64, bit of a dark art it seems08:55
Evolvehell I might just leave it to its fate! It's only a 64GB crucial drive08:55
drasko_where is the stty conf file located? I want to set the nb of rows manually, not using stty but writing directly in some file08:55
ThatOneRoadieEvolve - Trim is optional. I'd enable it automatically, but that's just me08:59
EvolveThatOneRoadie, thanks09:01
Speiroswalex Thanks for your input mate.  The scanner and printer still isn't working from the computer, but I have it saying there're no devices available.09:04
Speiroswalex printer/scanner is on, and connected09:04
karjalaI installed pidgin on Ubuntu 13.04 from the default repo (didn't add PPA) - I'm not getting a system tray icon - What should I do?09:05
ThatOneRoadierestart nautilus. failing that, reboot09:05
WalexSpeiros: but what kind of driver have you tried to install? BTW not all printers or scanners are supported...09:06
karjalaThatOneRoadie: I rebooted09:06
Speiroswalex no problem mate.  I'll let you know.  I just got the printer app up, and it seems to be searching for the drivers.09:06
ThatOneRoadieRemove and reinstall? If that doesn't work, it's possible the 13.04 gmone update borked the systray icon09:06
ThatOneRoadieMy dropbox icon still came up in 13.04... weird09:07
jonyI got the following erron when I want to install a printer driver: Dependency is not satisfiable: gs-esp. Please help!09:07
WalexEvolve: there are two types of trimming -- constant trimming with mount options like 'discard' and period bu suing the 'fstrim' command. The first slows down disk accesses a bit but is automatic, the second neeeds to be done and a lot of people forget...09:07
ThatOneRoadieLet me throw pidgin on my 13.04 image. sec09:07
denetHello, can someone please post the ubuntu signing key fingerprint? Thank you.09:07
HeKToNguys I can`t remove icons from the task bar. Is it a but or I`m doing something wrong ?09:07
code-ph0yhey guys am having a problem with stopping apache209:07
code-ph0yapache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName09:07
karjalaThatOneRoadie: I don't think you know what you're talking about09:08
karjalaThatOneRoadie: Sorry for that comment.09:08
WalexSpeiros: if your printer/scanner are connected by USB, do a search for the USB codes. You can list them with 'lsusb'09:08
code-ph0yhas anyone ran into this problem?09:08
ThatOneRoadiedenet: gpg's are available at http://ubuntu-releases.wallawalla.edu/raring/09:08
denetThatOneRoadie, yes, I know, I just wanted to verify the fingerprint using a 2nd channel09:09
EvolveWalex, yeah just been reading about that and the pros/cons - think I'll live with the slower disk access option09:09
Speiroswalex do you mean on terminal?  so, something like "sudo lsusb"?09:09
WalexSpeiros: yes, put the output on 'paste.ubuntu.com' or equivalent09:10
ThatOneRoadiekarjala: The pidgin icon loaded into the tray on min-- aaand he's gone09:10
EvolveI just think it's bizarre, SSDs have been out for years, why do we still have all this uncertainty and hacking to do???09:10
WalexEvolve: that's what I do as well, 'discard' is indeed slower but I don't mind too much. I still do 'fstrim' occasionally.09:10
yahyaacan some one please tell me why when I close Kubuntu it keeps hanging instead of properly shuting down?09:11
yahyaaI am using it on a macbook  pro09:11
Speiroswalex thanks09:11
WalexEvolve: as to uncertainty and hacking: SSDs have a very "anisotropic" performance envelope, and storage firmware is *very* complex, a disk or SSD can rquire hundreds of thousands of lines of code to work, often more than Linux.09:12
EvolveWalex, lol! crazy. Guess the KISS principle is not an option when it comes to SSDs09:13
Tm_TEvolve: you mean "paint your face and play crappy disco music"?09:13
WalexEvolve: most peripherals and standards are developed on Microsoftian principles.09:14
HeKToNguys I can`t remove icons from the task bar. Is it a but or I`m doing something wrong ?09:14
ThatOneRoadieHeKToN: Right click and undock from launcher09:14
HeKToNbut = bug in my sentence :D09:14
HeKToNyeah I did that but still nothing09:14
HeKToNsince I just upgraded ...09:14
ThatOneRoadieit'll still stay there if the program is still running09:14
HeKToNwell it`s definiteely not because it`s skype which was broken after the upgrade09:15
HeKToNI removed it like uninstalled it so I wanted to remove the icon... but none of my icons is removable now09:15
SanMysteriousHi, I am trying to install maven but there are conflicting packages: package libwagon2-java 2.2-3 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/java/wagon-tck-http.jar', which is also in package libwagon-java 1.0.0-2ubuntu2    is there a way to solve this09:16
Evolvejust on a side, what is a reasonable amount of space to allocate to /var and /tmp? I'm thinking of having them on my HDD09:16
SanMysteriousI am @ubuntu 13.0409:17
WalexEvolve: '/tmp' should really be 'tmpfs' not on disk/SSD. 'var' "depends".09:17
WalexEvolve: for personal PCs I don't bother with a separate '/var'. Just a separate '/home'.09:17
Walexyahyaa: it is usually some small ACPI/BIOS bug, it happens a lot with PCs too.09:18
EvolveWalex, got it … the var bit at least09:18
yahyaais there anyway to fix that?09:18
* Evolve is googling tmpfs09:18
Walexyahyaa: there are many many boot options for various little issue like that, you got to web search...09:19
HeKToNwhat this path to folder is changed :~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc09:20
HeKToN on 13.04 ?09:20
yahyaaI thoght this was a support chat forum!09:20
yahyaais it not?09:20
WalexEvolve: 'tmpfs' is the same as for '/dev/shm' or '/run'09:20
HeKToNyahyaa,  it is but unfortunatelly In PC`s world when there is an issue the possible reasons are not just one09:20
Walexyahyaa: have you got a Platinum Account number? :-)09:20
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:21
yahyaano I don't what is that?09:21
hkehi folks, 12.04 here. i have unity and xfce installed, but only use unity. however, it keeps using the xfce notifyd, how can i make it use notify-osd?09:21
ubottuYES! It's out!09:22
Walexyahyaa: it is a way to remind you of what HeKToN says... that only a Platinum Account entitles you to an answer within four hours :-), or else you got to do a bit of work too :-)09:22
yahyaaso if you did not know the answer, then y r you responding to my question?09:24
jonyI got the following erron when I want to install a printer driver: Dependency is not satisfiable: gs-esp. Please help!09:24
yahyaaIf I could figure this out myself I would, however I am new to Linux!!!09:24
HeKToNme too but after 5 times of hearing what Walex is saying you start actually trying to ask more straight questions after some basic research or more advanced if possible09:25
hkejony: try sudo "apt-get install -f" in a terminal09:26
hkejony and do a "sudo apt-get update" before that09:26
Walexyahyaa: sure, but like with MS-Windows you have to do some bit of work yourself, or else pay a lot of money for someone to do it for you. For example searching for:  shutdown ubuntu macbook pro09:27
jonyhke, it does not help09:27
Walexyahyaa: what we can do is to put you in the right direction09:27
denetTo confirm, this is the fingerprint of the ubuntu signing key: C598 6B4F 1257 FFA8 6632 CBA7 4618 1433 FBB7 545109:28
Walexyahyaa: what we can do is to put you in the right direction if it is a narrow question, or give a straight answer if it is a more generic one.09:28
HeKToNon 13.04 what this folder direcotory`s path is ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc?09:28
Walexdenet: would you trust a key fingerprint given by a random user on IRC? :-)09:28
HeKToNfound it09:29
denetWalex: yes, if it matches some other sources that I have. My ISP does MitM for SSL (all https traffic is decrypted and reencrypted using ISP's key) "for usability studies", so I need to verify things numerous times.09:30
slezy_this is awesome . you guys rock. i will be back09:30
jolarenI'm trying to join #apache but I can't .. so I'll ask the question here since it's a Ubuntu system. I have problems with UTF-8 in domain name.. and I've added charset.. and system locales09:31
Walexdenet: your ISP is pretty sleazy!09:32
voytashey guys09:32
HeKToNme too If after I restart now my drivers are not screwed up :D09:32
voytasI really need your help09:32
Walexjolaren: what makes you think that you can use UTF-8 in domain names?09:32
voytasI have just installed Ubuntu from a USB stick but it was installed on the same disk  partition as windows 8, I want to uninstall Ubuntu09:33
voytashow can i do it?09:33
ANub<voytas> you can use windows 8 installation disk to remove partition09:34
Walexw 209:34
jolarenWalex: IDN characters can't be displayed as utf-8? :/ how are they displayed otherwise without punny Walex ?09:34
voytasyou mean run this usb again ?09:34
ANub<voytas> No. I mean if you want to have Windows again .....then use Windows setup DVD / CD09:35
voytasI have windows because I installed Ubuntu along Windows09:35
voytasI just want to get rid of ubuntu09:35
HeKToNok I managed to remove it from the task bar by dragging it on the desktop but now I can`t remove it from the desktop and this drives me crazy!09:36
Walexjolaren: IDN is not UTF-8, it is ASCII.09:36
ANub<voytas> you can go to windows Control-panel-----Disk- Management option and remove ubuntu partition09:36
voytasBut the problem is that I have installed it on the Windows partition09:37
jolarenWalex: So how would you go on solving that?09:37
Walexjolaren: depends what the problem is. Probably the problem is that your browser cannot *display* IDN domains in non-ASCII form.09:38
ANub<voytas> yeah this is what i said earlier..........your windows is out.....and you want it back......then install Windows again09:38
jolarenWalex: works fine in everything but IE09:38
voytasNo, no, no. You don't get it. I am now using Windows. I have two systems on 1 partition.09:38
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Walexjolaren: ahhahahahhahahahahahahahaha please don't mention IE in this channel. Oh my! :-)09:39
ANub<voytas> 2 systems on 1 partition.......hmm.........thats new to me.....how did you do that09:39
jolarenWalex: My customeers might be using it :D Chrome 17 says has no support for idn in characters?09:39
Walexjolaren: also anyhow there are very many variants of that-which-shall-not-be-mentioned, who knows what each does09:39
jolarenbut I agree.. why choose windows when linux offers you a full house09:40
HeKToNI`ll tell you ANub - it`s VMware :D09:40
jolarenbetter terminal yourself with 'whatis microsoft' from time to time09:40
ANub<HeKToN> lol.....yeah may be09:40
voytasI chose to install it along Windows and chose my hard drive (there was no option to choose which partition to use) and just intalled it09:40
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voytasand when I start my computer I can choose between which system I want to use09:41
Walexjolaren: if for example your IDN domain name looks good in ASCII and then gets diseconded correctly by Firefox etc. then it is good, and then it is a bug in other browsers.09:41
Walexjolaren-jobb: consider also testing it with 'http://ipduh.com/dns/'09:42
ANub<voytas> if your loader is Windows ...then go to boot.ini and see how many boot lines options there....and what are the partitions09:42
ANub<voytas> I think Ubuntu boot disk auto-created partition for you ....but you are unaware of it09:42
jolarenWalex: It looks really strange09:43
Walexjolaren-jobb: consider also looking at these tests: http://idn.icann.org/09:43
jolarenWalex: like it can't display my signs09:43
Walexjolaren: for me both display fine in the address bar and page content in Firefox09:43
Walexjolaren: but they display encoded in 'chromium-browser'. Obviously the latter does not support IDN or has it switched off.09:45
jolarenWalex: if you type in "xn--kbenhavntmrer-bnbi.dk" in there it displays really funky09:45
yahyaaforget I asked, I am just going to format and reinstall windows 8, then I won't have to worry about these problems!09:46
Twenty-threehi guys, i upgraded to 13.04 this morning and the upgrade was aborted when the progress bar(?) was around 60%. it claimed "desktop had failed". anyway, after rebooting i didn't notice any problems at all, i opened the software manager and it said some things were broken and it wouldn't install anything new until that was fixed, i clicked on the button to fix and then everything went back to...09:46
Twenty-three..."normal" no issues at all, but i'm concerned about it being aborted and i wish to know whether there is a way to verify the install has succeeded or whether it can be finalised properly09:46
yahyaagood bye liux!09:46
Walexjolaren: http://www.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/idn-in-google-chrome "all browsers try to protect against homograph attacks by displaying punycode instead of the original IDN if the hostname does not fulfill certain properties"09:46
jolarenthanks alot Walex09:47
jolarenWill read up on that*09:47
Kquarkqwhen us click on unity dash de taskbar stay transparent, how to do it permanent?09:49
Walexjolaren: BTW reading down on that page Chrome displays the URLs depending on the language the page claims to be.09:49
Kquarkqwhen us click on unity dash de taskbar stay semi-transparent, how to do it permanent?09:51
ninershey... I keep having this odd problem with wine (netflix)... evertytime I try and get onto my netflix it tells me it can update the new sivlerlight but doesn't give me an option to say no. I've updated it a few times and it crashes and I have to go into the terminal reupdate it (my roommate helps me out) I'm not Linix or unbuntu savvy quite yet so I'm lost. please help.09:53
Speiroswalex thanks anyway.  I couldn't get the printer/scanner working.  I don't understand enough of anything typed in here, as to where to type it, what to type,...too much info.  I'm burnt out by the stupid companies doing this to linux, and believe a class action should be started by linux against organisations such as canon, hp, microsoft, apple, and anyone else for deliberately causing frustration by not putting the drivers on an autorun prompt on a cd wi09:58
Speirosth their products.09:58
BlueEagleniners: To me this sounds like an issue with Netflix. Have you tried their home page or support channel for info?09:59
denetIs it still supported to boot ubuntu like this: http://pastebin.com/b3cmD3xX09:59
ninersBlueEagle: no I have not... They dont support linix so I never figured there was a point ya know10:00
BlueEagleniners: Ahh. Well you could also try #wine if noone in here gives anything useful.10:00
ninersBlueEagle: #wine...? huh?10:01
Speiroswalex I appreciate your knowledge and time, help and assistance mate.  I just don't understand enough, and am burnt out.10:01
=== tm_ is now known as tm
A7I would like to ask if anyone with Intel/AMD hybrid graphics has tried to update to 13.04? So far the only thing that has worked for me on 12.10 are the updates from the Andrikos PPA (http://askubuntu.com/a/207270/82517). The only info I have found on the subject indicates failure https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/111269510:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1112695 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "Hybrid Intel/AMD has low graphics mode when using discrete GPU" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:06
CQhello, are there non-pae kernel packages in ubuntu, or do I need to compile my own kernel?10:16
CQI have an ols Pentium M processor on a laptop10:16
bdman32i have a question, is their a flavour of ubuntu that will run on i686 Architechture with 512MB of ram??10:17
jribbdman32: xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu with your choice of lightweight applications10:18
bdman32jrib:thanks, will give it a go10:19
subthalamusy does aplay -l say I don't have any sound cards when I'm playing sound through it right now?10:20
tgais there a preferred way of installing libreoffice 4 on 12.04?10:21
tgaI don't want pre release stuff, just the regular releases10:21
hyperborean_roi got a problem loading gnome 3 session,is there a way to add gnome clasic to session manager tab ?10:23
Sagittwhat is this error at the end of apt-get update?10:23
SagittW: Impossibile recuperare http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/Release.gpg  Si è verificato qualcosa di anormale nella risoluzione di "archive.canonical.com:http" (-11 - Errore di sistema)10:23
SagittE: Impossibile scaricare alcuni file di indice: saranno ignorati o verranno usati quelli vecchi.10:23
hyperborean_roatm running session gnome no effects10:23
hyperborean_roi`m using Pinguy OS based on ubuntu 12.04,will be any problems ?10:24
tkmostthello people10:25
tkmosttmy bluetooth is not working in 13.0410:25
tkmosttit was working in 12.10 but after some updates or something it was also not working on 1.12010:26
tkmosttin the setiing options  under bluetooth everything is faded10:26
hyperborean_roi dont use bluetooth + i`m in need of help aswell,sorry tk10:27
tkmosttok :)10:28
hyperborean_rogl anyway :D10:28
amitprakashHi, post login on my eeePC, my keyboard mappings get messed up and instead of normal keyboard output, i see fn+keyboard output10:29
amitprakashThis happens only post login into gnome10:29
varikonniemiagainst what package should the bug report be filed when drag&drop does not work into chromium?10:31
varikonniemii had the problem with ubuntu 12.10, lubuntu 12.10 did not have the problem10:31
varikonniemibut now again ubuntu 13.04 has10:31
tkmosttbluetooth settings image  http://imagebin.org/25544910:33
Walextkmostt: for Bluetooth settings to work the bluetooth service must be running *and* as your screenshot shows there must be at least one recognized adapter. Probably the latter is the issue.10:37
Neozonzthis is strange, everytime i run my rc.local script to execute my daemon... my daemon runs and creates a new data directory under \<daemondatadir>10:37
WalexNeozonz: that is probably how you dæmon is configured to do10:37
tkmosttWalex: anything that i should do...i don't know much regarding this10:37
NeozonzWalex, so I should move my files to10:38
Neozonz\ instead of run it from home?10:38
tkmosttWalex: i am running dual boot with win7 and in win7 bluetooth is working10:38
Neozonzthe thing is if i run /etc/rc.local after logging in, it starts fine10:38
Walextkmostt: well, you should make sure that there is a working Bluetooth driver for your device, what kind of device is that?10:39
chucklyI trying to install ubuntu on old monitor with HDMI.  The screen says no signal  after the splash. The VGA boot works OK and also works using another more recent monitor10:39
tkmosttWalex: the PC is a laptop and it has broadcom bluetooth chip10:39
Dr_willischuckly,  the grub menu is usinbg some res the monitor dosent like. change it in /etc/default/grub10:39
=== lin is now known as Guest67271
tkmosttWalex: it was working in ubuntu 12.04 and for sometime in 12.10 as well iirc10:40
chucklythere is command I used in grub which helped me resolve resolution issues started with d10:40
chucklyI think10:40
Dr_willischuckly,   /etc/default/grub  mentions some tools like that. Or just set grub to use a text type menu10:41
Walextkmostt: have you tried searching with "brodcom bluetooth ubuntu"? there are a few entries that might be relevant.10:41
tkmosttWalex: ok i will check more on it and then return.....thanks :)10:42
Walextkmostt: as for many/most peripherals questions there are so many variants, and so many are not supported that it is usually necessary to do a fair bit of investigation. Usually it is best to choose peripherals that are known to work easily rather than find ways to get random variants to work.10:42
chucklyDr_willis: found this link. Will try it http://askubuntu.com/questions/127851/change-boot-screen-resolution10:43
Walextkmostt: for example consider this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/193482/broadcom-bluetooth-device-remains-undetected-bcm2046-widcomm10:43
chucklyDr_willis - The monitor is quite old so not sure if it supports HDCP. Is this a problem?10:44
Walextkmostt: or for example also http://freedomandlinux.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/quick-fix-for-broadcom-sta-wifi-bluetooth-in-ubuntu-9-10/10:45
tkmosttWalex: you are right.....one more thing that rfkill list used to show wifi and bluetooth previously now it only shows wifi10:45
andrew_46michael_irc: Don't forget the / :)10:46
Walextkmostt: if you really need Bluetooth a very cheap option is a USB dongle, they can be very small and nearly all use a chipset with a standard driver10:46
michael_ircthank yo1u10:46
michael_ircNICK <michael_irc>10:48
tkmosttWalex: no i need it but not that much for now....and that solution is also in my mind(usb dongle)....just wanted to know why does it not work....nothing that serious though but would have still liked it to work :)10:48
Walextkmostt: the usual reason is indeed that hw manufacturers do too many slightly incompatible variants of the same stuff, without any good reason10:49
tkmosttok :)10:49
tkmosttWalex:  i ran this command "sudo service bluetooth status"  and it showed "bluetooth start/running, process 1162"10:50
xgeekhello, why i can't change any permission in mouted partition?10:51
xgeeki change with chmod +x AA but nothing happen!10:51
Dr_willisand what filesystem is the partition using?10:51
BlueEaglexgeek: Is the partition mounted with noexec?10:51
xgeekBlueEagle, don't know10:51
Dr_willisxgeek,  thats why.... ntfs cant do that10:51
tapashi, i'm trying to use gtk-recordmydesktop here. for some reaon the tray icon to stop recording doesn't work under kde10:52
tapasis there a known workaround for that?10:52
=== cantoma is now known as Guest52577
=== cantoma_ is now known as cantoma
xgeekDr_willis, so ? should i install something?10:52
BlueEaglexgeek: ntfs needs a mount option to allow for execution of files iirc.10:52
Dr_willisxgeek,  ntfs/vfat does not support the linux standard permissions, or ownership10:52
=== asd is now known as Guest16308
xgeekBlueEagle, how can i do that?10:52
aseegswhats best way for install kde enviroment on raring ringtail?10:53
Dr_willisaseegs,  use the kubuntu iso image. or install the kubuntu-desktop package on a ubuntu install10:54
Walextkmostt: then if the service is running it is really a driver problem.10:54
BlueEaglexgeek: If you mount it from the command line add the appropriate options wiht the -o flag. If it is listed in fstab then add it to the list of options there.10:55
Derfolwhere official canonical forums10:55
BlueEaglexgeek: `man mount` for a list of options.10:56
Walexxgeek: you use mount options to give default ownership of NTFS files to you and default permisions.10:56
tkmosttWalex: ok i will try to sort it out ..  :)10:56
xgeekbut i simply mount using nautilus10:56
Walexxgeek: Nautilus will use default options from '/etc/fstab'10:56
BlueEaglexgeek: Yeah, with Nautilus it is not mounted with execution privileges by default. Which is sensible tbh.10:57
ubottuDerfol,: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums10:57
michael_ircmsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER michael_irc bwiyvmibgmse10:57
Walexxgeek: I don't use Nautilus, but perhaps there is some kind of way to tell Nautilus to use options if they are not in '/etc/fstab'10:57
andrew_46michael_irc: Try prepending your commands with a /10:57
Walexmichael_irc: OOPS about the password :-)10:57
xgeeknothing related to ntfs in fstab10:57
Walexxgeek: then add it perhaps.10:58
Derfoli want canonical forums10:58
michael_ircthank you ! and*10:58
zenalgud nite all :D10:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums10:58
Dr_willisDerfol,  did you even try  just typing in ubuntu forums in any search engine? ;)10:58
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
Dr_willisDerfol,  askubuntu.com is also a good place to bookmark10:59
Derfolwhere there are forum?10:59
Derfoli was see it in last year10:59
Derfolnot cant found10:59
tkmosttWalex: would the normal dongles would do fine or would i need some by particular brands that would work out of the box with ubuntu11:01
BlueEagleDerfol: Are you looking for information regarding the company Canonical, or the product Ubuntu?11:01
Dr_willistkmostt,  the chipset used by the dongle is more imporntant then the company selling it11:01
Derfoli want canonical forum11:01
tkmosttDr_willis: ok then11:01
BlueEagleDerfol: The ubuntuforums.org are owned and operated by Canonical.11:02
BlueEaglehint: whois `ubuntuforums.org`11:02
tkmosttDr_willis: is there any site that shows incompatibilty lists or problem devices11:02
Derfolthey was have official canonical forum11:02
BlueEagleDerfol: Yes. They did have them at canonica.com before. They have since been moved.11:03
Dr_willistkmostt,  when shopping - i tend to check the reviews at amazon.com  i picked up several usb wifi dongles that work out of the box.11:03
BlueEagleDerfol: Is there something incomprehensible about that consept?11:03
Derfolwhere forum?11:03
BlueEagleDerfol: If you are not looking for the Canonical ubuntu support forums, please specify the type of information you are looking for in the forum you are looking for.11:04
tkmosttDr_willis: yeah normally everything works fine with ubuntu ..in some cases just adding some repositaries does the job as well....so won't be a big problem...i would check out review there and then decide if i pick one11:04
tkmosttthanks for the help Walex  Dr_willis11:04
tkmostthave a good time all :)11:04
BlueEagle!ru|Perhaps you can explain better to the people here:11:05
ubottuPerhaps you can explain better to the people here:: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:05
BlueEagleDerfol: (see above)11:05
paluchlab-iMacI would like to burn the ubuntu iso to a cd so that I can boot from it. This mac will not mount the disk image and I am not sure if it means the file is corrupt or there is another error.11:05
BlueEagle!md5sum | paluchlab-iMac: Please check the MD5 sum11:06
ubottupaluchlab-iMac: Please check the MD5 sum: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:06
Dr_willispaluchlab-iMac,  use a disk burning tool that can handle image files.. theres no need to mount the iso.  be sure to verify the md5 sum of the ISO to prove its a good download11:06
* cfhowlett ... "Saucy Salamander" ?????11:07
paluchlab-iMacI ran md5 ubuntu...iso and it gave me a result, but now I'm not sure where to find the provided value.11:08
cfhowlettpaluchlab-iMac, hash sum's are on the ISO download page.11:08
paluchlab-iMaccfhowlett: link please? The download page I am on does not have the sum on it.11:09
paluchlab-iMacSo the standard download page does not have the hashes. You have to go to releases.ubuntu.com11:13
papachanhi, i have upgrading to 13.04. but unity doesnt accept my icons like Eclipse, Aptana software11:14
papachanso i cannot launch these apps11:15
Dr_willis'dosent accept' ? what you mean by that11:15
papachani try to drag it to the launcher11:19
papachanbut unity doesnt add it to the list11:19
Dr_willishow did you install eclipse and aptana?11:20
papachani always download the source, and add my own shortcuts11:21
papachanin 12.10 ubuntu recognize my apps in the Dash11:21
papachanbut it didnt show the app in the dash anymore11:21
papachanhmmm i see11:25
papachanit seems this launcher icon  is not working anymore11:26
paluchlab-iMacThe server disk is not a live cd?11:27
ActionParsnippaluchlab-iMac: it can be, in CLI only though11:27
* SuperLag wonders if he'll stick out like a sore thumb going to a Linux tech conference with a Macbook Pro in hand? :)11:27
paluchlab-iMacActionParsnip: how would I go about doing it.11:27
ActionParsnippaluchlab-iMac: as soon as you are asked for input, hit CTRL+ALT+F2 or F3 and you will get a TTY11:28
g105bI am booting Ubuntu iso from Grubmenu. There is only one HDD in the system. Is it possible to install Ubuntu and format the drive like this, even though the iso is on that same drive?11:28
paluchlab-iMacThank you11:28
ActionParsnipSuperLag: some users install Ubuntu on Mac, they are weird11:28
Derfolhepo plz11:28
ActionParsnipg105b: You will need to make a small partition to hold the ISO, you can then install to the remaining space11:29
Derfolhere http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2138576&page=211:29
=== zul_ is now known as zulgaban
hubxanyone else experiencing a 1000e driver powersave issue?11:29
paluchlab-iMacDidn't go, thanks for the info. Does the desktop fit on a cd?11:29
ActionParsnippaluchlab-iMac: yes it does11:29
hubxi have to disable the powersave option in powertop to make eth0 work11:29
DerfolCan i use ubuntu official repository in my ow OS?11:30
g105bActionParsnip: thanks11:30
AmnuriakI'm having issues with my graphics drivers resulting (12.04, ATI FirePro 2770) so that my monitors are not detected properly. See http://askubuntu.com/questions/285354/graphics-driver-for-ati-firepro-2770-not-working-properly-on-12-04 for details11:31
Amnuriakignore the "resulting", typo :-/11:31
Hermes1111hi, newb here seeking help11:32
bhueyHow do I remove the cloud-init support packages and get a normal ubuntu installation ?11:32
Hermes1111would be eternally grateful if anyone can help me fix this issue11:32
Derfolhelp please11:32
Hermes1111does anyone know how I can disable ctrl+alt function? It resizes your current window11:33
Hermes1111I cannot find ctrl+alt in any of the keyboard layouts....11:33
Hermes1111lots of ctrl+alt+ other keys but nothing for just ctrl+alt11:33
Hermes1111anyone there at all? >_<11:34
Hermes1111anyone home?11:35
Derfolhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2138576&page=2 go on forum please and help11:37
Hermes1111snql do you know how I can disable ctrl + alt hotkey function?11:37
ur0plfor thepiratebay, i am trying to search for the movie "O" 2001, the modern otthelo remake with julia stiles . Do any of you know the synthex that allows me to do that without getting every movie out there? I tried " o " 2001 ... but that didn't work11:37
Hermes1111there is no option for it in keyboard mapping11:37
Hermes1111im on ubuntu 11.1011:37
snqlHermes1111 << no ideas11:37
Hermes1111hmmm ok, thanks anyhow11:37
ubottur0pl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:38
wdonkeyhello ! trying to access my alsamixer controls but it will say "no such file or directory" in the terminal11:38
wdonkeyfresh 13.04 install11:38
BlueEaglewdonkey: Ubuntu+1 and make sure you're in the Audio group.11:39
BlueEaglewait, 1304 should be released by now. Forget the above +1 reference. ;)11:39
purpleraini cannot three fingers tapping if not executing synclient tapbutton3=2.11:39
wdonkeyhow do i get into the audio group ?11:39
BlueEaglewdonkey: man usermod11:40
Hermes1111BlueEagle, did you see me question earlier? and if so, any ideas?11:40
marcuskwdonkey: usermod -a -G audio wdonkey11:40
BlueEaglewdonkey: You want something... as marcusk writes above :)11:40
Hermes1111I really need to disable ctrl+alt, it changes window size11:41
BlueEagleHermes1111: We do not use the same window manager.11:41
wdonkeylet me try11:41
Hermes1111i see, thanks anyhow blue ^^11:41
aseegs"apt-get install kde-workspace", has other way of installing it?11:41
wdonkeygets me to a liust of options, but i still cant figure out11:42
aseegswhat's about Kde-full?11:43
=== aseegs is now known as Kqwarkq
wdonkeymarcusk: do i have to enter my password or username or something ? tells me the correct form is "usermod options LOGIN"11:46
Kqwarkqwhat's about Kde-full?11:46
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g105bhow do I use gparted or similar to have a separate partition for a particular directory?11:59
usr13g105b: Do you have some free space to put it on?11:59
brodymcdhi all - after MUCH frustration with UEFI on a new Dell XPS 8500 preinstalled with Win8, I just turned the bios to legacy mode and blew out the Win8 drive. I added a second SATA drive to put linux on. It worked (grub was in effect) but then for some reason after an update or what not it stopped working. I'm starting over. What do I need to know to avoid problems? I thought I'd have to choose the HD from the bios boot order each tim11:59
theadming105b: Create a partition. Assign a mountpoint via /etc/fstab11:59
g105busr13: yeah, I've made a partition in gparted, but I don't know how to tell it to mount the directory11:59
brodymcdHow does grub kick in across 2 different HDs and such? This is my first new computer in 5 years - is this because of SATA?12:00
ShogootSo, I installed vsftp.  chroot_local_user=YES, chroot_list_enable=NO ,anonymous_enable=NO, local_enable=YES .  Then i added user and made password. i connect to ftp via plan old ftp and im looking at an empty directory and i cannot change that directory. that is fine, but where in my directory structure am I? I Made a test file in the users homedirectory, but i cannot see that on the ftp client. Is it because i dont have rights to the directory as user or12:00
Shogootam i looking at an entirely different directory? A helping had helpt me a bit, conversation here:http://paste.ubuntu.com/5604363/12:00
usr13g105b:  You'll need to edit /etc/fstab and make an entry for it, (if you want to permanently mount it.12:00
brodymcdUltimately I just want to dual boot Win8 and Linux off the 2 drives... can anyone help?12:00
ActionParsnipbrodymcd: do you mean a RAID?12:00
theadming105b: The syntax is similar to this: /dev/sda1 /mnt ext4 defaults (filesystem_location mount_point filesystem_type mount_options)12:00
ActionParsnipbrodymcd: or do you have one OS on one, and another OS on the other12:01
wdonkey_brodymcd: i've user bootrepair and it fixed my problem once12:01
wdonkey_having ubuntu on the SSD and win8 on the HDD12:02
usr13g105b: But if you just want to temporarily mount it, create a mount point, (something you need to do anyway), and mount it with command: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /home/g105b/data12:02
wdonkey_you gotta make sure the grub partition is on the same drive as the win8s'12:02
brodymcdActionParsnip: It isn't on raid, and yes, I want one OS on each drive - tried doing the boot repair thing before and it drove me nuts couldn't get it to work under uefi12:02
g105btheadmin: what's dump and pass?12:02
usr13g105b: sda6 and /home/g105b/data   are hypotheticals12:02
theadming105b: Optional things and I have no idea what they mean12:03
g105btheadmin, usr13: thanks a lot12:03
usr13g105b: The mount point is just a directory that you create, (and name appropriately), like /home/g105b/data  or  /home/g105b/Videos  etc...12:04
Tha_DuckHi. I have downloaded ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64+mac.iso. Can't get it on an USB stick using the Pen Drive Linux USB Installer. Only the normal amd64 is recognized. Is there a workaround for that?12:04
iorwethMy hdmi sound-output doesnt work. I an see picture on my tv but no sound - it doesnt show in the settings. Yesterday I was using 13.04 daily build and there it worked, upgraded this morning, and now it doesnt work.12:04
usr13Tha_Duck: Why can't you get it on a USB stick?12:05
theadminTha_Duck: Not with that tool. Use this: https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer12:05
theadminusr13: It has a predefined set of supported distributions and the image used must be one of those12:05
usr13theadmin: I see.  Thanks for the information12:05
Tha_Duckusr13; the .iso is not recognized. I renamed it to remove the +mac and then it is found by the tool. After putting it on the USB stick i can't boot :(12:06
usr13Tha_Duck: You might find http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/  interesting.12:06
KquarkqI do with Rmprepusb with easy2boot v112:07
Tha_Duckusr13: looks nice. Also tried the linux live usb creator in the meanwhile and that is also working. But today I have a Windows client, tomorrow a Mac again :P12:08
Tha_DuckAnd unetboot is also for the mac12:08
brodymcdi would think that having win8 on one hd and linux on #2 would work if you just picked which one to boot from the bios boot order but i guess not? frustrating12:08
brodymcdwould it work better if i installed linux first?12:09
Kquarkqi removed the dot from 13.04 from the name im preparation for rmprepusb and easy2boot12:09
yeatsbrodymcd: much easier to install Windows first, then use grub for booting both12:09
theadminbrodymcd: No, Windows would overwrite the bootloader12:09
usr13brodymcd: Another alternative might be to just run MS Windows in virtualbox.12:10
usr13!virtualbox | brodymcd12:10
ubottubrodymcd: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox12:10
Kquarkqomg, i do smart update command ;O12:11
brodymcdyeats - so if i have 2 hds and really don't care about anything other than dual booting win8 and linux, what's my order or business? I did the boot repair thing before and it only lasted as long as through one reset cycle, then windows would somehow eat things up and leave me broken again12:11
usr13brodymcd: Does this PC have options to boot to more than just one drive?12:12
usr13brodymcd: (May be that it just reverted to boot the other drive.)12:13
=== _Bauer is now known as Bauer1
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
brodymcdusr13 - it just has in the boot order "internal hdds"12:15
DarsVaedahow do I properly install programs manually? In my case I want to install eclipse juno...so I copy the downloaded folder to "/usr/lib/eclipse" then make a symlink to "/usr/bin/eclipse" for the executable and setup a link for the launche (don't know how to do that yet)12:17
DarsVaedais that an appropriate way?12:17
theadminDarsVaeda: Don't touch /usr, use /usr/local for stuff outside of packages.12:18
brainwashor /opt12:18
usr13DarsVaeda: ln -s12:19
DarsVaedaok so I also do not symlink to usr/bin?12:19
usr13DarsVaeda: see man ln12:19
usr13DarsVaeda: That's up to you.12:19
usr13DarsVaeda: Just be sure it's in your path.12:19
DarsVaedain my path?12:20
theadminDarsVaeda: /usr/local is better for several reasons. Packages won't overwrite it, shall you decide to reinstall Ubuntu to the same partitition, the installer won't touch it either.12:20
DarsVaedaokay I see thanks12:21
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda: or /opt12:21
usr13Ok, gotta gota work c u all later12:23
wctaiwanI'm using Ubuntu 12.10 on a ThinkPad X220i with Intel Wireless-N 1000. At school we have a WPA2 / PEAP network. I can connect to it fine when the computer boots, but after a few minutes it drops. dmesg shows that it's timing out authenticating.12:23
wctaiwanI can't  reconnect unless I reboot--restarting network-manager or bringing wlan0 down and then up don't work12:23
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: what driver module does the wifi use?12:23
wctaiwanI tried using wicd instead of network manager, but that one didn't connect when I woke the computer up from suspend (says bad password)12:24
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: tried:  echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=0" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf > /dev/null12:24
wctaiwantried that, don't think it helps :/12:25
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: or try with =1   if it's not good (unload and reload the module file to apply changes)12:25
wctaiwanthe thing is that this is hard to reproduce, so it's hard to know if something's part of the issue >.<12:25
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: tried bt_coex_active=0 too?12:25
wctaiwanI tried =1. I think it enables 802.11n by default.12:25
=== _Bauer is now known as Bauer1
wctaiwanI think it has to do with it trying to authenticate with a base station, timing out, and instead of trying again, it hops to another base station (with the same ESSID), ad nauseum12:26
wctaiwanany way to stop it from doing that?12:26
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: not all wifi adapters can do n speed solidly under Linux in my experience12:26
wctaiwanyeah, I don't think disabling 802.11n helped..12:26
ActionParsnipwctaiwan: could maybe increase fidelity, so that it stays on the same point (if possible)12:27
wctaiwanhow can I do that?12:27
alecatIs there a channel for unity ?12:28
wctaiwanif I were better at scripting I would try to write something that records the BSSID at login and then switches to that network, instead of trying to connect to the common ESSID..12:28
ActionParsnipalecat: Ubuntu community supports Unity12:28
ActionParsnipalecat: on Ubuntu, of course12:29
alecatso here is my problem. I installed 13.04 on a rather old computer here (3 or 4 years). Unity is so slow at opening. I suspect the fade in effect12:30
alecati removed every effect i can: blur, transparency and so on but i did not see any switch for fade in effect12:31
ActionParsnipalecat: if you have an older system, consider using LXDE or XFCE instead of Gnome + Unity12:31
wiseyCan you create an installer for a flash drive on a mac?12:31
cfhowlett!mac|wisey, yes12:31
ubottuwisey, yes: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:31
ActionParsnipwisey: sure12:31
alecatActionParsnip, ok, but everything is ok except unity... so12:33
pip__ hi, when did non LTS releases only become supported for 9 months?  This is news to me12:36
theadminpip__: Since 13.04.12:37
wiseyActionParsnip :: how do I put the installer on a flash drive?12:37
pip__so it's quote a new thing then ? :)12:37
pip__quite even12:37
theadminpip__: Well, yes.12:37
cfhowlettpip__, as of this version ... yes.12:37
ubottuwisey,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:37
pip__lol, thanks I've not been keeping up TBH12:37
ubuntuaddictedis there a difference between sudo -s and sudo -i?12:37
pip__shame, I'm not sure I want to install for only 9 months, I like what I've seen from a live usb though12:38
cfhowlettpip__, LTS is supported for 5 years with 12.0412:39
Darshihi I installed LAMP and it works fine except that localhost always hows it works ! . I want directory listing instead of it works page. If I rename/remove index.html I get 403 forbidden. What should I do ?12:39
pip__yah, that's what I'm running ATM, & it's working well12:39
pip__how are AMD drivers for 13.04?12:40
cfhowlettpip__, I switched to LTS only and I'm loving me some ubuntu.12:40
chop1nDarshi, check if you have "Options +Indexes" enable for your directories12:40
pip__I went back from 12.10 to 12.04 & everything has been sweet, I think I may stick with LTSs12:41
chop1nDarshi, please, take a look at this: http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/DirectoryListings12:41
pip__I have one rig I can "play" with, so there's an option12:41
cfhowlettpip__, absent a real NEED for the latest/greatest/shinest ubuntu, I'd say LTS for everyone ...12:42
Darshichop1n, I have Options Indexes in default file of sites-available12:42
pip__Yeah, I tend to agree, I was curious about 13.04, moving up may be more hassle than it's worth, & I suppose if it isn't broken why fix it?12:43
chop1nDarshi, could you please paste me your config on pastebin.org?12:45
pip__that's great, thanks guys, cy'all soon12:45
Darshichop1n, sure 1 min please12:46
chop1nDarshi, thanks buddy12:47
un2himHow can I make documents, music, and other folders show up in dash?12:47
chop1nDarshi, also, please check if you don't have any .htaccess files in the directories where you want to create the indexes ;-)12:48
wiseycfhowlett :: I tried this => "hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /Users/colinwiseman/Desktop/ubuntu.img /Users/colinwiseman/Downloads/ubuntu-5.10-install-powerpc.iso"12:48
wiseybut it didn't work12:48
wiseyhave i got the usage wrong?12:49
Darshichop1n, thank you so much I had .htaccess file12:49
Darshichop1n, thank you so much for pointing to it12:49
cfhowlett!mac|wisey, I'm going to have to bail as I've never done a mac install and I understand so little of what you just posted.  sorry.12:50
ubottuwisey, I'm going to have to bail as I've never done a mac install and I understand so little of what you just posted.  sorry.: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:50
DarsVaedahow do I add a program to that unity search panel thing?12:51
ubottuYES! It's out!12:51
=== gstudent2 is now known as germanstudent
* cfhowlett ...ubottu seems to be loosing patience with that question ...12:52
demonoid_mehello to all12:55
demonoid_mei have Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz × 4 with 4GB ram12:56
lapdisdemonoid_me: that is not enough to run angular12:56
demonoid_meand my ubuntu 12.04 isn't work fast12:56
demonoid_meif i compile my kernel it will be more fast?12:56
c2tarundemonoid_me: try google, Linux From Scratch I doubt any usable linux can be faster then that12:57
c2tarundemonoid_me: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/12:57
=== JustSigh1udes is now known as JustSighDudes
demonoid_mec2tarun: but i need gnome i use my ubuntu for desktop12:58
c2tarundemonoid_me: Linux from scratch will help you the minimal linux with a desktop environment. DE can be gnome, KDE or anything you want.12:58
c2tarunin building the minimal linux**12:59
demonoid_mec2tarun: yes i know but i never make linux from scrath and i don't know if i can do it :)12:59
MonkeyDustdemonoid_me  140+ people in #ubuntu-kernel12:59
c2tarundemonoid_me: well thats why geeks invented virtualbox :) to experiment ;)13:00
* c2tarun or created13:00
=== lwbailey__ is now known as lwbailey
demonoid_mec2tarun: yes i know :)13:01
demonoid_mec2tarun, how much time you spend for linux from scratch?13:01
c2tarundemonoid_me: 1 week before I realized that preparation for GRE requires more time and will do me more good :)13:01
cropcirclehi, i upgraded to 13.04 and now i have problem with skype it wont starts : Segmentation fault (core dumped)13:02
c2tarundemonoid_me: anyway since you were interested in compiling linux then I told you about LFS.13:02
demonoid_mec2tarun,yes 10x :)13:03
c2tarundemonoid_me: if you want you can try other lightweight distros (crunchbang my fav) of try Unity 2D or Ubuntu fallback session, they are pretty fast as compared to Unity13:03
demonoid_mec2tarun, i use unity 2D13:03
c2tarundemonoid_me: and you really like Unity and don't want to leave it?13:03
DarsVaedahow do I add a program to the launcher?13:04
demonoid_mec2tarun, nooooo :)))) i don't13:04
c2tarunDarsVaeda: launcher means sidebar?13:04
BluesKaj_Hey all13:04
Hammerhead2011-Sjava plugin for mozilla 7 or 8 howto? Is there such a thing?13:04
demonoid_mec2tarun, i don't know may be i will try LFS13:04
DarsVaedawhen you hit that icon in the sidebar and type an application name13:04
c2tarundemonoid_me: great :) I guess they have pretty detailed tutorial which will make you a real real linux geek for sure.13:05
MonkeyDust!java | Hammerhead2011-S start here13:05
ubottuHammerhead2011-S start here: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:05
Hammerhead2011-Sjust the plugin part....Java install complete....plugin in Chromium still saying blocked because of outdataed plugin13:05
linuxhow can i know the character  that is Uppercase or lowercase13:05
BlueEaglelinux: By looking at it?13:06
c2tarunlinux: you dont know the difference b/w upper and lower case?13:06
Hammerhead2011-SASCII value13:06
c2tarun+1 to BlueEagle13:06
demonoid_mec2tarun, if i need help can i ask you :)13:06
BlueEaglelinux: I am sorry. In which context are you asking? Linux shell commands are usually always lowercase all the way.13:07
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: how did you install java?13:07
DarsVaedaI can't believe how ridiculously difficult it seems to be to add a program to the launcher -.-13:07
=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: what package name?13:07
DarsVaedaI read several tutorial but they take several minutes, why isn't there a "add to launcher" context menu O_o13:07
Hammerhead2011-SI'm sorry.....it's Oracles version13:07
BlueEaglelinux: If you are createing a shell script and want to compare two strings without case sensitivity it is usually good enough to convert both strings to either upper or lower case.13:07
Hammerhead2011-S7 and 813:07
c2tarundemonoid_me: well, you can always ask me, but I don't know how much I will be able to help :) but there is a mailing-list and IRC for lfs http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/support.html  I prefer IRC but subscribing to ML will not hurt13:08
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: so you used the Webupd8 ppa?13:08
uvalais there a way to increase screen brightness of lenovo thinkpad? the brightness setting is at maximum, but it's much less bright than my other laptop's.13:08
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: then I suggest you contact the PPA maintainer13:08
cfhowlettuvala, maxed out is maxed out ...13:08
ActionParsnipuvala: what is the full model please?13:08
Hammerhead2011-SChromium is telling me the plugin is outdated....Mozilla is just "not working"13:08
Hammerhead2011-Ssomething is screwed13:08
ActionParsnipuvala: sudo dmidecode -t 1    will tell you13:08
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: mozilla isn't a browser13:09
demonoid_mec2tarun, yes you are right :) i will subscribing :)13:09
Hammerhead2011-Sfirefox...you know what I mean13:09
Hammerhead2011-SMozilla used to be a browser13:09
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone know how I get nvidia-current to install a certain version? original nvidia-current was 295.40 BUT now it's 304.8813:09
Hammerhead2011-Sshowing my age now.13:09
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: The 'current' part of the package name indicates that this installs the lastest officially supported version (ie the current version).13:10
=== bohkeh is now known as bassgeisha
demonoid_mec2tarun, many things you learn when you do LFK?13:10
uvalaActionParsnip, it is a Lenovo Thinkpad R40013:10
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: not seeing any sites about a mozilla browser, its a company13:10
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: The question then becomes "how do I install nvidia 295.40 instead of nvidia-current.13:10
r00t-err0rcan i install ubuntu without unity?13:11
ActionParsnipuvala: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a13:11
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, well, crystalbuntu originally came with 295.40 using nvidia-current, i uninstalled nvidia-current and installed nvidia website version 304.88. i'd like to revert to 295.4013:11
auronandacer00t-err0r: of course you can13:12
Hammerhead2011-S<ActionParsnip>  I'm old so it's what we used to call it.13:12
ActionParsnipHammerhead2011-S: yes, phoenix was the first publicly available....13:12
c2tarundemonoid_me: yes you'll learn many many things. You can start here: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/essential_prereading.txt13:12
r00t-err0rhow? auronandace13:12
r00t-err0ri want new relase of unbuntu without unity13:13
r00t-err0rand without gui, i want install all my self13:13
ActionParsnipr00t-err0r: then install Xubuntu or Kubuntu13:13
BluesKaj_ubuntuaddicted, just instll nvidia-current again , it should remove the present driver install the current , then reboot13:13
cfhowlettr00t-err0r, lubuntu/xubuntu are both non-unity13:13
demonoid_mec2tarun, 10x man!!!!13:13
ActionParsnipr00t-err0r: then install minimal for no UI13:13
ubuntuaddictedr00t-err0r, install ubuntu minimal13:13
MonkeyDust!mini | r00t-err0r13:13
ubottur00t-err0r: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:13
auronandacer00t-err0r: you could use the mini iso and install just what you want or just install a supported derivative such as xubuntu if you want xfce13:13
r00t-err0rtnx 2 all13:13
ubuntuaddictedBluesKaj_, i did and as I said it has installed 304.88 NOT 295.4013:13
=== olli__ is now known as olli
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: Uninstall the new version and then install nvidia-current, if that gives the version you want.13:14
Paddy_NIHey I installed Ubuntu on a newly fitted second HDD, I have other operating systems installed on the original first hdd which is currently the one which grub is loading from.. How do I have my currently running ubuntu install its own GRUB which will be the main bootable GRUB from which the rest of the OS's load from13:14
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: I do not know how  you got 304.88 if it was not in the repo.13:15
linuxlinux:leave now13:15
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, i removed the Nvidia website installed 304.88 version using the script, I then issued sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and it installed Get:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/restricted nvidia-current i386 304.88-0ubuntu0.0.2 [38.4 MB]13:15
ubuntuaddictedGet:2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/main nvidia-settings i386 304.88-0ubuntu0.0.2 [2082 kB]13:15
Paddy_NIOh deary me my grammer is awful13:15
uvalaActionParsnip, this is the output; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5604568/13:16
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: Do you have something like nvidia-295 and nvidia-295-updates in the repositories?13:17
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, weird hey?13:17
leojohnI am a fish.13:17
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, no, that's what's weird. I am using Ubuntu 12.0413:17
leojohnfull of English ,My god.13:19
Stameni hello, i have tried to install python3-numpy but it says this : http://paste.debian.net/421/      earlier i didnt faced those problems ever13:19
Stameni ( ubuntu 13.04 )13:19
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: After an update and a query my nvidia-current also sports 30413:21
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: And the highest version spesific I have is 173. :/13:21
rynopapt noob q - anyone know what the 'key' param referrers to in https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-apt#aptkey ? How would I get that value if I have the .key file URL and repo URL?13:22
=== francisco is now known as Guest6646
BlueEagleStameni: My best guess is to apt-get install liblapack3gf and then try numpy13:25
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, so, is there a way to revert to 295.40?13:26
StameniBlueEagle, it brings up dependecies and "unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages"13:26
Stameniand it is a clean install13:27
Stamenii didnt mess up with anything13:27
BlueEagleubuntuaddicted: try http://www.geforce.com/drivers/beta-legacy13:28
BlueEagle3gf brings up dependency issues too?13:28
ChemicalToiletdoes anyone here run 12.04 with an ati radeon hd 420013:28
ubuntuaddictedrynop, the keys for repositories are used for authentification13:28
ChemicalToiletsome unacceptable language going on here, I'll call back later13:30
rynopubuntuaddicted, yep - how would I find the 8 char key for a repo?  I have the .key file and I know the repo. I'm not sure where to get the 8 chars to pass to that puppet module.13:30
ubuntuaddictedrynop, they aren't always 8 characters I don't think, that's the non-hashed version of the key I think.13:33
ubuntuaddictedrynop, what's the repo and key you're referring to?13:33
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, under the beta and legacy drivers it doesn't show 295.40. hmmmmm13:33
ubuntuaddictedBlueEagle, thanks anyway for trying to help13:34
rynopubuntuaddicted, https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-apt#aptkey is the example. 'jenkins':  key        => 'D50582E6',  key_source => 'http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/debian/jenkins-ci.org.key'. Where are they getting 'D50582E6' from?13:34
ubuntuaddictedrynop, that's the keyname, see this ppa here, how the key is named AA836CA8 but when you click on the link it's a hashed key. https://launchpad.net/~sunab/+archive/ppa13:35
ubuntuaddictedrynop, what is the repo you're trying to use? isn't there a key associated with it?13:36
ActionParsnipChemicalToilet: there is a known issue with 12.04/.10  and Radeo 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx GPUs13:36
rynopubuntuaddicted, yea - http://s3tools.org/repo/deb-all and key file is http://s3tools.org/repo/deb-all/stable/s3tools.key. How do I find the key name?13:36
ActionParsnipChemicalToilet: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx13:36
CyLHi, I believe 13.04 install program might have overwritten my previous bootloader with grub. Does it make a backup of the previous bootloader of any kind?13:37
rynopubuntuaddicted, deb http://s3tools.org/repo/deb-all stable/ is the full13:37
ChemicalToiletcool, thank tou for the info, I was just trying to do my research before upgrading actionparsnip :)13:37
ActionParsnipCyL: I don't believe so13:37
hggdhCyL: if grub was told to install on the MBR, your previous bootloader is gone13:38
ubuntuaddictedrynop, that is the keyname. s3tools.key13:38
hggdhCyL: no backups13:38
papachanwell ubuntu 13.04 dont open my software center include my ubuntu one panel13:38
rynopubuntuaddicted, I think what i'm really looking for is the 'signing key' value.  How do you find that for a given repo?13:39
CyLhggdh: Well, look who I found here ;) That's another issue, I think there might be a big in the 13.04 install program, since my main harddisk is /dev/sda, and I told grub too be instaled on the MBR of /dev/sdc which is a thumbdrive I was installing Ubuntu onto13:39
rynopubuntuaddicted, ex your sunab ppa has a 'signing key' of 1024R/AA836CA813:39
ubuntuaddictedrynop, im pretty sure yours is s3tools13:40
ubuntuaddictedrynop, can't you try it and see if it works?13:40
rynopubuntuaddicted, yea i'll give it a try thx.13:40
CyLhggdh: I've done pretty intricate repartitioning of the thumbdrive though13:40
hggdhCyL: :-) so it *is* you. I wondered...13:41
hggdhCyL: indeed it sounds like a but. You should have logs under /var/log/install13:42
hggdhCyL: s/but/bug/13:42
CyLhggdh: Yes, indeed. I'll take a look at them;13:42
rynopubuntuaddicted, actually its 'C762B6E6' - I know this cuz i added the repo via synaptic on another box of mine  - if u look @ authentication tab is shows the signing key val.13:43
rynopubuntuaddicted, and just verified that case by using the puppet module and passing in that val and the url to key - and it worked. no clue how u get that 8 char val beforehand tho.13:44
ubuntuaddictedrynop, huhhh? not sure but at least you figured it out13:44
maodunI upgraded to 13.04 and no longer have wired or wireless network adapters13:45
maodunwhat should I do to restore networking?13:45
rynopubuntuaddicted, not really - cuz i want to know how to do it in general cuz i dont want to have to manually add to fig out the signing key every time. Reason im using puppet is to avoid manual stuff.13:45
=== baba is now known as megha
papachanhow i can reinstall my sowftare center? and ubuntu one?13:46
CyLhggdh: Well, since the logs are safe on the thumbdrive, I'll work this bootloader issue first, we talk later.13:47
hggdhCyL: ack13:47
fragzgood morning13:47
ixio2trying to use ubuntu to recover a windows box that wont boot.. whe I try mount the NTFS disk I get "failed to read NTFS $bitmap: input/output error NTFS is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, or its softRAID/fakeRAID.......... its not fakeraid or softraid.. any suggestions ?13:47
papachanoh i found this: Warning in file "/usr/share/applications/sublime-text-2.desktop": usage of MIME type "x-directory/normal" is discouraged ("x-directory" is an old media type that should be replaced with a modern equivalent)13:47
cfhowlettfragz, greetings13:48
papachanthats my problem i think13:48
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
subthalamusthis error is bugging me http://askubuntu.com/questions/191862/hdio-get-identity-failed-for-dev-sdb-invalid-argument13:52
ubuntuaddictedrynop, hopefully someone else can help as I am not sure at all13:52
harrishow do i turn off the mower managment from command line13:52
subthalamusthat isn't my post but basically the exact same problem except non-fatal13:52
subthalamusit has just done that since precise (now raring)13:52
subthalamusat every boot13:53
rynopubuntuaddicted, ok that at least makes me feel better. If/when i find out I'll post back here.13:53
rynopubuntuaddicted, sounds like there is no standard way to find per 'How to find and add a key' in http://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt13:53
rynopi find that hard to belive tho13:54
ubuntuaddictedrynop, yeah, the apt key. you;d think it was standardized13:55
papachanoh i think some guy hacve the same problem here -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/283895/software-center-reinstallation-fails13:59
* cfhowlett looking forward to Saucy Salamander14:00
=== observ3r is now known as _observ3r
Slaizerhi all, i am using Ubuntu 12.10 on a computer, and having difficulties finding my wlan. Any help would be appreciated.14:01
michael_irccan it just do't show sb's sign in or out14:02
UbuNoobCannot write to a newly installed hard drive.. Can I get some help olease?14:02
UbuNoobI've installed Ubuntu 12.10.  My computer has 2 hard drives. The OS is on one and I want to use the second for movies and music.  I formatted the the second drive ( dev/SDC1) as Ext4 with the label Media1.  I cannot create a folder on the Media1 drive. I also want all users to have read, write, and execute permissions.14:03
genii-aroundUbuNoob: You will need to make a folder on the root of that drive and make it accessible for al the users you want to be able to write there.14:04
UbuNoobThat I think is my problem, I cant create a folder14:05
michael_ircyou have formatted it ,so you have the permission ,14:06
michael_ircdo you think so14:06
UbuNoobI tried to add "Video" folder with sudo mkdir /media/Media1/Video14:10
Paddy_NIUbuNoob, This guide works beautifully on ubuntu too http://www.elementaryupdate.com/2013/04/share-folder-among-various-local-users.html14:12
yeatsUbuNoob: is the drive monunted?14:12
SonikkuAmericaGuess Google Chrome users lose out in 13.04..14:13
SonikkuAmericaDepends on libudev0 and libxss1, but they aren't installable.14:13
everesttWhat kind of wireless network is "12"? ? The icon beside it is different. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=k0olqv&s=514:13
yeatsSonikkuAmerica: chromium-browser?14:13
SonikkuAmericayeats: Blechhhh. I prefer the proprietary one... it has Flash 11.7/14:14
yeatsSonikkuAmerica: ah - ok14:14
SonikkuAmericaIt's because Ubuntu ditched libudev0 for libudev114:15
yeatsSonikkuAmerica: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-google-chrome-cant-be-installed-in.html14:15
=== _observ3r is now known as `observ3r
SonikkuAmericaSpotted it. thx14:16
UbuNoobok.. I've successfully created a folder .. I had to use mkdir /media/zam/Media1/Video  (I saw the full path while hovering over the Mdeia1 drive14:16
cristinaslart hello14:17
everestt*bump* Hey guys, anyone know what kind of connection is '12' shown in the screenshot? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=k0olqv&s=514:17
EspenHey! Do anyone here know what driver is included with Ubuntu 13.04? Im curious if fglrx-updates for AMD, is the latest AMD driver Catalyst 13.4?14:18
sweverestt, A very odd one :b14:18
UbuNoobCannot add anything to it. Looking at PADDY_NI's link in permissions now14:18
everesttsw, you think? :)14:19
Slaizerhi all, trying to get Ubuntu wireless on a: Atheros Communications Inc. Device 002c (rev 01) card. Any help would be appreciated.14:19
cristinaany yahoo messenger with webcam?14:19
cristinapidgin works?14:20
Caroline19Hey guys, need a little bit of help. I want to set up an ssh server at home so I can connect to it from my workplace. However, I have more than one machine running linux. How do I specify which server am I connecting to when I do ssh?14:21
subthalamusis there a way to tell hdparm to just not run on external usb hdd?14:21
EspenHey! Do anyone here know what driver is included with Ubuntu 13.04? Im curious if fglrx-updates for AMD, is the latest AMD driver Catalyst 13.4?14:21
papachanwhat is this error i have? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5604786/14:22
DJonesCaroline19: I have mine set up via the adsl router, so that that receives the ssh request on a specific port and then that forwards to the specific ip address of the machine thats running ssh server14:22
papachanany idea about fix it?14:22
Caroline19DJones, I see, I'll look up some more info about it then. Thank you very much.14:23
yeatspapachan: see bug 106868014:24
ubottubug 1068680 in dbus-python (Ubuntu) "Software center does not start [dbus.proxies - ERROR - Introspect error]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106868014:24
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papachanubottu thanks14:24
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)14:24
UbuNoobThanks ALL... got it sorted    sudo chmod -R 777 /Media/zam/Media now allows me add files and folders...14:27
BlueEagleUbuNoob: Oh.. World readable is most likely not the best option from a securtiy point of view. Perhaps making the files group writable and add them and yourself to the media group?14:29
soahcccShouldn't that route the IP through the VPN connection or did I missed something?       UGSc            0       13    ppp014:32
UbuNoobBlueEagle how can I undo what I did and If I have 2 users "plex" and "david", how can I give those two permissions?14:33
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, whos the owner and group of the folder?14:33
UbuNoobIm sorry... how can I find out who the owner is?14:34
stercoris there a way to upgrade from 12.10 13.04 without reformatting the hard drive?14:35
jrib!upgrade | stercor14:35
ubottustercor: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:35
ActionParsnip!upgrade | stercor14:35
penkhi folks, my auto-upgrade in cron.daily has been throwing "Package 'mysql-common' has conffile prompt and needs to be upgraded manually - so I log into the host and do "sudo aptitude upgrade mysql-common" - which upgrades fine without any conffile prompt problems.14:35
penkAny ideas?14:35
ActionParsnipstercor: Raring has shorter support than Quantal, just so you know14:35
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, ls -la /media/zam/14:35
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, enter that in a terminal14:35
jribpenk: apt-cache policy mysql-common14:35
ActionParsnippenk: I suggest you use apt-get , it handles mutiarch better14:36
penkjrib: mysql-common:14:36
penk  Installed: 5.5.31-0ubuntu0.12.04.114:36
penk  Candidate: 5.5.31-0ubuntu0.12.04.114:36
penkit updated :)14:36
penkjrib: do you want the full output?14:36
jribpenk: when was the last time you got the message?  Are there any other versions available in the output?14:36
penkyes, sec14:37
penklast time was this morning14:37
penkjrib: http://pastebin.stonekeep.com/1266814:37
UbuNoobroot i slisted in the third and fourth column14:38
penkActionParsnip: my understanding is that 'aptitude' is the preferred way to manage updates and upgrades.  is that no longer the case?14:38
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, what's your user's name?14:38
jribpenk: on 12.04 aptitude will cause you issues with multi-arch.  In 12.10 and later, it should be okay14:38
EspenAnyone care to explain fglrx to me? Is it open-source or AMD's own driver blob? Because cchtml.com refers xorg edgers ppa as open-source drivers, but yet you find fglrx drivers there? + Whats up with those fglrx version numbers? Why aren't they called 13.4? etc?14:39
penkshould i do the update with apt-get here?14:39
jribpenk: I don't really see why you would be getting the message.  Maybe pastebin what you are seeing in the logs?14:39
ubuntuaddictedjrib, huh? what do you mean issues with multi-arch?14:39
penkone moment.14:39
jribubuntuaddicted: as in it gets confused and wants to remove half of your packages if you use multi-arch14:39
jrib!aptitude | ubuntuaddicted14:39
ubottuubuntuaddicted: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.14:39
ubuntuaddictedjrib, what is "multi-arch"?14:40
jribubuntuaddicted: you can have an amd64 system with i386 packages14:40
ubuntuaddictedjrib, ah, i see.14:40
jrib!aptitude =~ s/and higher/and 12.04/14:40
ubottuI'll remember that jrib14:40
jrib!aptitude =~ s/currently//14:41
codephobicI'm having a few issues getting my mounts to work in 13.04. I used cifs to access my readyNAS duo previously, in 12.10, but in 13.04 it doesn't seem to work14:41
codephobicI tried a clean install of 13.04 and I can't even get smbfs to install14:41
codephobicapt-get doesn't recognise the package at all14:41
lotuspsychje!info smbfs14:41
ubottuPackage smbfs does not exist in raring14:41
lotuspsychjecodephonic: was that the correct package name?14:42
codephobic!info smbfs14:42
penkjrib: very odd.  nothing in the history.log file showing mysql-common being touched until i ran the aptitude upgrade mysql-common14:42
theadmincodephobic: cifs-utils14:42
penkwhich successfully upgraded.14:42
theadmincodephobic: "smbfs" is ages old, it's "cifs" as of now.14:42
EspenAnyone care to explain fglrx to me? Is it open-source or AMD's own driver blob? Because cchtml.com refers xorg edgers ppa as open-source drivers, but yet you find fglrx drivers there? + Whats up with those fglrx version numbers? Why aren't they called 13.4? etc?14:42
codephobictheadmin, ah, thanks.14:42
adamkEspen: fglrx is proprietary, not open source.14:43
theadminEspen: fglrx is propretiary, as for version numbers, eeh... Ask AMD14:43
Espenthen is the x.org edgers not open source?14:43
theadminEspen: I think it has more than just fglrx, no?14:43
vakhi all, will be the /home/myuser/Documents preserved after upgrade?14:44
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
theadminvak: Everything is preserved if you upgrade using the Update Manager, including apps, files, etc14:44
designbybeckSo if I download the 13.04 iso...and compare it to the checksum and they both are the same, that means it downloaded correctly and isn't corrupt?14:44
adamkEspen: They have two different version numbers, one presumably for internal use and one for consumer use.  Makes things extra complicated.14:44
vaktheadmin: ok, thanks!14:44
UbuNoobwould it be something like   sudo chown -R 777 $plex:$david /media/zam/Media1 ?14:44
theadmindesignbybeck: Yep14:44
designbybeckgotcha...thank you theadmin14:44
adamkEspen: X.org Edgers is a repo for various X related pcakages, both open source and not.14:45
jribdesignbybeck: very probably :)14:45
Espenah alright14:45
theadminUbuNoob: "chown" changes ownership, not permissions, 777 has nothing to do there.14:45
theadminUbuNoob: Also $ refers to environment variables, you likely don't want that there.14:45
designbybeckI think I had a problem with the USB drive itself I am using and/or unetbootin14:45
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, no, do you have a video group?14:46
lotuspsychjedoes 13.04 have the choice to remove usernames at login screen?14:46
UbuNoobVideo group .. no14:46
Espenlast question: ubuntu lists this for 13.04, Package: fglrx-updates (2:9.012-0ubuntu1) [restricted]. and xorg edgers:  fglrx-installer-12 2:12.104-0ubuntu1~xedgers~raring114:46
Espenthe xorg edgers is newer yes?14:46
codephobictheadmin, is it still correct to use //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/directory /media/mydirectory cifs -o username=...,password=...,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,iocharset=utf8 0 0?14:46
theadminlotuspsychje: hidden-users option under [UserAccounts] in /etc/lightdm/users.conf14:47
lotuspsychjetheadmin: it still needs manually config right?14:47
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, ok, what's your users name?14:47
theadmincodephobic: If you mean in fstab, then almost... -o isn't supposed to be there.14:47
theadminlotuspsychje: Well yeah, can't find it in the GUIs14:47
lotuspsychjetheadmin: tnx14:47
codephobictheadmin, yes and thanks14:48
theadmincodephobic: -o is used to specify options for the "mount" command14:48
rAnd0mHello World!14:48
Eit8I'm having a problem with unity, I can't seem to apply changes to unity behaviour/icon size from the appearance menu14:48
lotuspsychjeEit8: older hardware? did you try a reboot?14:49
UbuNoobI have two users right now   plex and David  I eventually see adding Sue John and Alex so maybe I should create a group, give the group permissions to read write execute and add the new users to that group?14:49
Eit8lotuspsychje: long story short, I had to reinstall my legacy ATI driver to make it work after 13.04 upgrade, then it worked but I'm having some flaws14:49
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, i would suggest changing the group of the /media/zam/Media1 to match your users group name. sudo chgrp -R username /media/zam/Media114:49
lotuspsychjeEit8: did you check additional drivers section if you installed correct one?14:50
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, that would work as well. you may have a video group already. what does entering "groups" return in the comand line?14:50
ActionParsnipubuntuaddicted: you can use chown to set groups too :)14:50
uroyanmewhat format should I format my external H-drive so its universal format?14:51
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
ActionParsnipchmod .groupname folder14:51
ActionParsnipuroyanme: NTFS can be read by both Windows and Ubuntu14:51
UbuNoobzam  adm  cdrom  sudo  dip  plugdev  lpadmin  sambashare14:51
uroyanmeActionParsnip: Once again, Thanks!14:51
Eit8lotuspsychje: drivers are ok, I've checked that14:52
uroyanmeActionParsnip: What utility again?14:52
jribActionParsnip: it's 2013 use ':' not '.' :)14:52
ActionParsnipuroyanme: if you want to format to NTFS, use a windows box14:52
theadminActionParsnip: And chown... Not chmod :P14:52
codephobictheadmin, I'm still getting an error "mount error(95)". I created a credentials file under /root, then stored my username and password as "username=xxxx, password=xxxx"14:52
lotuspsychjeEit8: did the default driver not work properly (the one that setup choose)?14:52
uroyanmeActionParsnip: Using ubuntu.14:52
ActionParsniptheadmin: d'oh, thanks :)14:52
uroyanmeActionParsnip: I figured it out, thanks14:53
ActionParsnipuroyanme: its a proprietary file system, I believe there is a tool in Ubuntu but the only real people who know how to format ntfs properly are microsoft14:53
Eit8lotuspsychje: the default driver never worked for me, because I'm using an HD4890, the support was dropped many months ago14:53
lotuspsychjeEit8: maybe a clean install would sort the correct driver for you?14:53
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, yes but don't you also have to specify the username with it, example sudo chown foo:groupname /mount/14:53
uroyanmeActionParsnip: Fat is universal?14:54
Eit8lotuspsychje: you mean I should reinstall ubuntu ?14:54
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, ok, you may want to create a video group, change the group for that folder to video, then add your users to that group14:54
ActionParsnipuroyanme: yes but not very robust, fat32 is a lot better but has a 4Gb file size limit14:54
ActionParsnipubuntuaddicted: that does it too :)14:54
lotuspsychjeEit8: im gonna clean install for sure, yes..14:54
uroyanmeOk, going to do some reasearch, thanks pal14:55
codephobicanyone got a working method for permanently mounting NAS/windows network folders in 13.04?14:55
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, OR, like me, i just made the folders with /media/ group be my username and then i add other users to my group BUT it depends how you want to control users access14:55
lotuspsychjeEit8: maybe someone in channel knows a trick to reinstall the driver that 13.04 would go for by default?14:56
Eit8lotuspsychje: it's a compiz config problem for sure14:56
uroyanmeActionParsnip: I have ext2 and ext4 as an option. Ext4 is better?14:56
lotuspsychjeEit8: you dont use unity?14:56
joalland\join #ubuntu-fr14:56
Eit8lotuspsychje: I'm using distros way more unstable than this and I never had any problem that I had to sort reinstalling, this is just ridicolous14:57
UbuNoobto create a group ... groupadd Video  ?14:57
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ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, sudo groupadd video14:58
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lotuspsychjeEit8: im just sugesting what i would do mate, clean install14:58
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, linux is very sensitive with capital and lowercase14:58
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, i think. ;)14:58
UbuNoobI found that the hard way :\14:58
ActionParsnipuroyanme: windows can't read ext414:59
uroyanmecan it read 2?14:59
ackbahrHi! I've got Ubuntu 12.10 and ran "sudo update-manager -d". It offers to install the ALPHA release of 13.04. What should I do?14:59
Bostomanit's not that linux is very sensitive it's just that some other OS is insensitive ;)14:59
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, with a driver windows can read ext315:00
theadminackbahr: You shouldn't run it with -d15:00
ackbahrtheadmin: Ok, I'll try that.15:00
adelaidePChealthheya all ;-)15:00
uroyanmeHow do I delete lost and found on my 1 terabyte hdrive?15:01
ackbahrtheadmin: Ok, I don't see the alpha warning anymore... Thanks!15:01
theadminuroyanme: Uh, you don't, it's an essential part of extfs15:02
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, then sudo usermod -G video david plex15:02
uroyanmetheadmin: Thank you.15:02
uroyanmeYou guys are great!15:02
jribubuntuaddicted, UbuNoob: do not run that usermod command15:02
genii-aroundubuntuaddicted: If you do that without -a  then "video" will be the *ONLY* group they belong to15:02
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, OOPS, sorry, wrong command15:03
Vampir3hi, i install ubuntu 13.04 alongside win 7, install cmplete and i restart the system, but still only boot win 715:03
UbuNoobok.. I havent15:03
BostomanVampir3,  did you configure grub correclty?15:03
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, once you have your video group created, you could use the users and group GUI.15:04
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, but in order for changes to take effect, you'll have to log out and log back in15:04
Vampir3where??? not option for do that15:04
Bostomanhmm did you upgrade or did a fresh install?15:05
UbuNoobso.. create a GUI group?15:05
Vampir3fresh install15:05
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, no, i didn't say that. did you create the video group yet?15:06
Vampir32 gig for swap, 30 for / and 40 for /home15:06
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, GUI stands for Graphical User Interface.15:06
Vampir3i tried to reinstall but still same problem15:06
Bostomanyes but the problem is that your MBR of the disk you boot from only knows about windows probably15:07
Bostomanif I'm not mistaken the installer should ask you if you want to use grub15:07
Vampir3only for knowing, i have not problem with dualboot openSUSE15:07
Vampir3no, not askin anything15:08
UbuNoobah .. ok .. I tried to groudadd video but, group 'video' already exists15:08
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ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, i was merely stating that after you do sudo groupadd video15:09
brian__Hi All. I just installed 13.04. I live in China but am not Chinese. My language settings are for English, yet my 'back' and 'next' buttons for UbuntuOne are in Chinese. How can I fix this?15:09
=== Guest89720 is now known as SSBohio
codephobicother than cifs-utils, what else needs to be installed before you can mount windows folders in ubuntu 13.04? I think my fstab is 100% correct - it's now a direct copy of the one that is working in ubuntu 12.1015:10
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, that's what I thought, you could just open the GUI within system settings called Users and Groups, then modify the video group so it includes david and plex15:10
uroyanmeUsing my terminal, how do I get into my external hdrive?15:10
Vampir3how can in install grub manually?15:10
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, is it mounted?15:11
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, using mount you can see if it is and where15:11
subthalamusit is possible there are some bad hdparm settings in my startup files somewhere, how can I find them?15:11
uroyanmeits mounted15:11
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ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, so what do you mean by "get into it"15:12
UbuNoobOh.. Ive got you but I can only see User accounts in all Settings User Accounts.. I dont see a way to add a user to a group15:12
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you still with me?15:12
uroyanmenot click into it, but terminal into it15:12
uroyanme/dev/sdf1 on /media/Terabyte 1 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)15:12
uroyanmeis that it?15:12
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, at the bottom, manage groups15:12
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, i don't know, is your external drive 1TB?15:13
uroyanmeI wish to shred a file.15:13
BostomanVampir3 with a linux live cd you can do it, there's also a project called grub4dos15:13
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, ok, whats the file name?15:13
Bostomanthey claim they can do it from windows... :D15:13
uroyanmelol. dont ask why. kali-linux-1.0.2-i386.torrent15:14
ubuntuaddictedsubthalamus, sudo hdparm -i15:14
UbuNoobI dont see manage groups/// Backup, Details, Landscape Service, Softwatre and updates, Date & Time, Universwal Access and User Accounts15:14
Vampir3:D why the reason of this problem? i cant really understand!15:14
carifis the Compiz Setting Manager deprecated for changing Unity settings? Should I use gconftool-2 or gconf-editor?15:14
ubuntuaddictedsubthalamus, and then the device name15:14
uroyanmeno such file or directory15:14
UbuNoobthat was the last row of System Settings15:15
subthalamusubuntuaddicted: my question was how to find possibly erroneous hdparm options/parameters in startup files15:15
subthalamusubuntuaddicted: the reason for the question is in fact because of an error thrown when the command hdparm -i is run15:15
ubuntuaddictedsubthalamus, oh, not sure if any hdparm options are set automagically15:15
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you still with me?15:18
uroyanmeUbuntuaddicted: How do I access my external hardrive using Terminal? sry15:19
uroyanmecd... cat?15:19
mjbshawI'm having a weird issue with Ubuntu 13.04. If I "sudo shutdown -r now" from an ssh session, it fails to boot unless I have a keyboard plugged into the physical device... I'm puzzled. Any clues from anyone?15:19
UbuNoobIm here ... I dont see manage groups only Backup, Details, Landscape Service, Softwatre and updates, Date & Time, Universwal Access and User Accounts15:19
DogLoverWould a 32-bit version run faster on a 64-bit machine than the 64-bit version?15:19
llutzDogLover: no15:19
nibbler_in very rare cases it might ;-)15:20
uroyanmeUbuntuaddicted: I figured it out =/15:20
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, cd /path/15:20
ubuntuaddicteduroyanme, ls to show all the contents of that directory15:20
DogLoverOk. Just wondering. the download page says that if the PC has a Win8 logo on it to use the 64-bit. It also says the 64-bit is for newer machines. My machine is about 5 years old or more.15:20
uroyanmeubuntuaddicted: Yea I was trying to find the path15:20
uroyanmeI understand ls, I am a newb, sory. it was /media15:20
uroyanmeAwesome you. Thanks gusy15:21
tyrogDogLover: You probably need the 32bit version15:21
zvacetDogLover: if you don´t have win8 install 32 bit version15:21
llutzDogLover: if your CPU supports 64bit, go for 64bit. (no idea what the win8-logo has to do with it)15:21
=== this is now known as AjaxKite
DogLoverok. how can I find out what the CPU supports in Ubuntu?15:22
tyrogllutz: The win8 logo has to do with secureboot, not the number of bits your processor supports15:22
zvacetllutz: I think it is about uefi or secure boot15:22
tyrogall processors nowadays support 64bits15:22
zvacetDogLover: how much ram do you have?15:22
tyrogDogLover: what is your processor?15:23
krabadorhi, why with ATI Radeon HD 2350 and 13.04 with fglrx-updates i've only the wallpaper????15:23
ubuntuaddictedDogLover, cat /proc/cpuinfo15:23
purplerainthis is silly question, but where can i find the alternate cd for raring?15:23
DogLoverI have a Intel® Celeron(R) CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz15:23
llutzpurplerain: you can't, it was dropped with 12.10 afaik15:23
tyrogkrabador: afaik fglrx doesn't support cards older than hd5x series15:23
DJonespurplerain: It doesn't exist anymore, you have to use either the desktop or the minimal iso's15:23
zvacetkrabado: I don´t think that gpu is supported15:23
zvacetkrabador: use radeon driver15:24
tyrogDogLover: How much RAM?15:24
krabadorzvacet, how can i come back?15:24
zvacetDogLover: install 32 bit version15:24
brian__ Hi All. I just installed 13.04. I live in China but am not Chinese. My language settings are for English, yet my 'back' and 'next' buttons for UbuntuOne are in Chinese. How can I fix this?15:24
DogLover2.9GB RAM15:24
zvacetkrabador: downgrade?15:24
m4gnusDoes anyone know if it's still possible to upgrade to the next version in command line?15:25
purplerainllutz: ugh ok. but then how do i install raring in an encrypted hdd? theres no options to mount the drive in regular cd.15:25
tyrogDogLover: You can install either 32 or 64 bits15:25
llutzpurplerain: doesnt the desktop-cd have a boot-menu option for that? sry idk15:25
theadminm4gnus: sudo do-release-upgrade15:26
theadminm4gnus: (provided by update-manager-core)15:26
DogLoverMy current version is 64-bit. I am wondering would a 32-bit be faster cause 64 is kinda slow.15:26
krabadorzvacet, yes, i would reuse radeon,15:26
krabadorzvacet, i installed fglrx-updates15:26
tyrogDogLover: What is your current OS?15:26
krabadorzvacet, and now i would come back15:26
Vampir3not any solution except reainstall grub?15:26
krabadorzvacet, ubuntu 13.0415:26
zvacetkrabador: and they  don´t work?15:27
m4gnustheadmin, thank you15:27
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you still there?15:27
m4gnustheadmin: Apparently I have no new release15:27
DogLoverI installed Ubuntu 12.04 originally. For some reason I added kubuntu. And then yesterday I upgraded to 13.04.15:27
UbuNoobI dont see manage groups only Backup, Details, Landscape Service, Softwatre and updates, Date & Time, Universwal Access and User Accounts15:27
krabadorzvacet, only wallpaper15:27
ubuntuaddictedDogLover, if anything, get rid of unity and go with xubuntu or another window manager15:27
theadminm4gnus: Eh, what version are you on and what do you want to upgrade to?15:27
krabadorzvacet, how can i reinstall open drivers?15:27
m4gnus12.10 to 13.0415:27
DogLoverI already tried kubuntu and it was no faster, probablt a bit slower.15:28
purplerainllutz: idk either15:28
theadminm4gnus: Hm... Verify that Prompt=normal in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades15:28
m4gnustheadmin: $ lsb_release -a15:28
m4gnus Release:        12.1015:28
tyrogDogLover: I recommend Xubuntu 13.04 32-bit for your machine15:28
DogLoverI hope xubuntu is faster than Kubuntu was.15:29
m4gnustheadmin: cool! thank you!15:29
UbuNoob<ubuntuaddicted> ar eyou geting my responses?15:29
yeatsm4gnus: you could try 'sudo do-release-upgrade'15:29
tyrogkrabador: You have 2 options. Use the radeon driver that is supplied by default with ubuntu, or install fglrx legacy from the PPA15:29
purplerainthe only option from the live cd is to create new encrypted drive, and thats by deleting exisiting data on the drive :/15:29
tyrogDogLover: definitely, no question on that :)15:29
krabadortyrog, i would reuse the radeon driver15:29
zero_coderi have been trying to install ubuntu along side windows. SO i used gparted and resized windows 8 partition . Now i can't use windows anymore :)15:29
DogLoverOk I will look into it. Thanks!15:29
zero_coderwhat should I do15:29
krabadortyrog, i haven't xorg.conf to delete15:29
yeatszero_coder: you can usually fix that with the Windows install/repair disc (but that is a non-ubuntu topic)15:30
tyrogkrabador: Go to your "Software Sources" and "Additional drivers" tab, select the option for Opensource Radeon driver15:30
User_007Hello, i got some problems with my sd card reader15:30
zero_coderyeats : people at windows are lame . I dont use windows . its for my roomies laptop15:30
User_007(raring amd64)15:30
tyrogDogLover: How did 12.04 lts with unity ran for you?15:31
zero_coderyeats : its not working  . I tried15:31
yeatszero_coder: sorry - that's all I've got :-/15:31
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, there haven't been any15:31
m4gnustheadmin: for my notes, you wouldn't happen to know why that entry in15:31
m4gnus/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades was set to never would you?15:31
User_007Hello, i got some problems with my sd card reader (raring amd64). It doesn't mount the device /dev/mmcX15:31
theadminm4gnus: I have no idea, it's your system not mine15:31
krabadortyrog, i only want to come bacj15:32
krabadortyrog, i only want to come back15:32
UbuNoobubuntuaddicted    I dont see manage groups only Backup, Details, Landscape Service, Softwatre and updates, Date & Time, Universwal Access and User Accounts15:32
tyrogkrabador: come back to what?15:33
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, hmm, what version of ubuntu are you using?15:33
krabadortyrog, come back to mesa15:33
tyrogkrabador: Do as I said then15:33
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you don't have a "Users and Groups" within system?15:33
krabadortyrog, default drivers15:34
m4gnustheadmin: true. thank you again.15:34
UbuNoobno.. only User accounts15:34
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, oh, i am on 12.04. they must have gotten rid of that in 12.1015:34
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, ok, install gnome-system-tools15:35
tyrogkrabador: Are you with unity?15:35
barneygaleHey. How do I change my login session in ubuntu 13.04?15:35
WolfeZWho can help me with pygtk?15:35
theadminbarneygale: Click the Ubuntu logo near the username and choose whichever you want15:36
PessimistHow to fix the boot splash under nvidia-304 drivers?15:36
barneygaletheadmin: I don't see an ubuntu logo near my username15:36
theadminbarneygale: Click the username, then. %)15:36
barneygaleclicking the username does nothing.15:36
tyrogPessimist: use the startup manager15:36
theadminbarneygale: On the login screen, that is15:36
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, here's the guide http://handytutorial.com/manage-users-and-groups-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04/15:36
theadminbarneygale: I suppose you only have one session available15:37
PiciWolfeZ: programming with it? If so, use #python15:37
UbuNoobIt ran but I still only see Users.. I wonder if I need to reboot15:37
barneygaletheadmin: ah how weird, I thought it'd at least package unity-2d15:37
Pessimisttyrog, what's the command? My Ubuntu isn't in English15:37
UbuNoobAH.. there it is .. I didnt use dash15:38
User_007Hello, i got some problems with my sd card reader (raring amd64). It doesn't mount the device /dev/mmcX. Can you please help me?   dmesg returns "mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card"15:38
ActionParsnipUser_007: when you last ejected it, did you use the safe remove option in your OS15:39
ActionParsnipUser_007: what file system do you use in the device?15:39
zvacetkrabador:  did you install fglrx from Software Sources" > "Additional drivers15:39
User_007ActionParsnip,  yes. ext3/4 (really don't remember). It used to work fine with 12.1015:40
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, did you follow this? http://handytutorial.com/manage-users-and-groups-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04/15:40
krabadorzvacet, not, apt-get install fglrx-updates15:40
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, also, i don't see your responses IF you don't put my name first. you can start to type a name and use tab to have it auto-complete15:40
ActionParsnipUser_007: have you fsck'd it?15:40
zvacetkrabador: see if ypi can see it on Software Sources" > "Additional drivers15:40
krabadorzvacet, not15:41
User_007ActionParsnip,  it doesn't appear on /dev.15:41
i4chello does anyone know of a fullscreen, selectable rectangular region magnifier for linux15:41
ActionParsnipUser_007: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see the device and/or the partition?15:41
barneygaleI need help selecting a desktop session - I don't see any way of doing it from the login screen. Clicking my username does nothing. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/OnGgJqk.jpg15:41
ActionParsnipi4c: mag15:41
krabadorzvacet, but the fglrx-updates, it's the 13.1 ati15:41
KuwangerIs there any way to make a log of all exec syscalls that occur?15:41
krabadorzvacet, that's compatible with the board15:41
ActionParsnipi4c: or it may be xmag15:41
User_007ActionParsnip, nope. it is not in /dev either15:41
ActionParsnip!info xmag15:41
UbuNoobubuntuaddicted wow.. there are a boatload of Groups here... So.. USing this tool, I need to add my users to the video group, And give the video group permissions to read write and execute to the /media/zam/Media1 folder... right?15:41
ubottuPackage xmag does not exist in raring15:41
User_007ActionParsnip, it used to mount in /dev/mmc015:42
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you don;'t need to make it executable but you have the right idea.15:42
i4cActionParsnip: it isn't fullscreen nor dynamic :/15:42
zvacetkrabador: it is not about board it is about graphic card ati doesn´t support it any more15:42
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, change the group of that folder to video, and have group permissions be read/write15:43
ActionParsnipi4c: if you use Compiz, I believe it has that feature15:43
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, and make sure users david and plex are in the video group15:43
zvacetkrabador: do you have synaptic installed?15:43
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, after you add those users to that group, you'll have to log out and back in again for the group changes to take effect i think15:43
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, i have to run, im sure you got it from here15:43
ActionParsnipUser_007: does windows see a partition on it (if you have windows available)15:43
UbuNoobubuntuaddicted I think Im creal close.. How can I undo the golbal 777 thing I did earlier15:43
krabadorzvacet, i only have the terminal working15:43
i4cthx ActionParsnip i will try15:43
tyrogkrabador: sudo apt-get purge fglrx*15:44
tyrogthen reboot and voila15:44
User_007ActionParsnip, probably. Ubuntu yesterday did15:44
UbuNoobubuntuaddicted .. THank you so much for staying with me and for your help..15:44
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, you don't have to undo it, just sudo chmod -R 0760 /media/foldername15:45
zerickHI! Anybody knows a plugin or a way to get sound alerts for specific senders, or content (headers of  mail maybe) ? I use  mailboxalert for Thunderbird but is not enough !15:45
UbuNoobah.. Ok15:45
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, here's a chmod calculator: http://www.onlineconversion.com/html_chmod_calculator.htm15:45
User_007ActionParsnip, the card is fine. Just opened it from another computer15:45
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, just a suggestion but i chown everything in my /media/folders to my username instead of root but that's just me15:45
User_007ActionParsnip, any idea about changes on linux kernel?15:46
barneygaleIs Unity2D pre-installed on 13.04?15:46
tyrogbarneygale: no15:46
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, got it? i have to go15:46
UbuNoobubuntuaddicted  .. THANK you so much!!!15:46
tyrogUnity 2D was dropped since 12.10, latest release to have it is 12.0415:46
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, no problem, that's what we're here for15:47
UbuNoobenjoy your weekend15:47
ubuntuaddictedUbuNoob, U215:47
barneygaletyrog: how do I install it?15:48
zvacetkrabador: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI  under Installing via the command line15:48
DogLover== tyrog 12.04 lts with unity was just as slow as 13.04 is.15:48
HuKogo /Server irc.underunix.net15:48
zvacetkrabador: you have instructions how to remove fglrx from terminal15:49
deadweaselhow do I get 12.04 x64 to play nice with two pci-e AMD video cards?15:49
krabadorzvacet, i removed it15:50
tyrogbarneygale: You cant install it in 12.10 or further releases15:50
krabadorzvacet, but now i'm not using mesa15:50
mikebotIs there a channel for privacy-related things (like vpns)?15:51
tyrogkrabador: If you remove fglrx and reboot, Ubuntu should fallback to Mesa15:52
ActionParsnipUser_007: not sure, maybe its a bug15:53
g105b_Hey everyone, you're all awesome!15:53
ActionParsnipg105b_: thanks15:54
g105b_ActionParsnip: you in particular, seeing as you helped me out a lot earlier.15:55
g105b_Just got set up full and I'm very grateful to everyone here15:55
ActionParsnipg105b_: i try, its a community thing though :)15:55
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
g105b_Very happy with 13.04's capability with ATI drivers15:56
zvacetkrabador k:lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga to see witch driver you use15:57
drsmithSo, I'm having issues installing games from Steam for Linux onto my Windows partition: http://i.imgur.com/EwHzGuU.png (I dual-boot, and the Windows side has more space because reasons.)15:58
tyrogdrsmith: You should never try to install anything from Linux in an NTFS partition15:58
tyrogtherefore your problems15:58
tyrogso the best thing to do is resize your windows partition, giving more space to Ubuntu's15:59
drsmithWorked before I upgrading to 13.04. The changes I made to my fstab file via pysdm seemed to have been undone in the upgrade, though.15:59
HuKoGo /Server irc.underunix.net15:59
=== fought_`` is now known as fought_away
anekshey guys, I have a hard drive where I store my data etc. I can access it and I have permissions to obviously create files etc. but every time I try to download a torrent and save it to that drive, it comes up with an error message permission denied.16:00
zero_coderhey, how to make a bootable usb from a CD in ubuntu?16:01
ActionParsnipaneks: does the user launching the process have write access to the partition too?16:01
BlueEaglezero_coder: Google pendrive linux16:01
tyrogzero_coder: use the Startup Creator16:01
Novimundus#join java16:01
ActionParsnipzero_coder: once you boot the CD you can make the live USB there if you want16:02
aneksActionParsnip, I'm guessing you mean if the torrent software has access to write to the partition?16:02
BlueEaglezero_coder: Yeah, what ActionParsnip sais makes more sense if you have the ISO burned already to a CD. :)16:02
zero_coderbut , laptop hasn't a CD drive16:03
ActionParsnipaneks: no, the access is dictated by the user running the app, that;s why you need to use gksudo to run nautilus to get access to things your user doesn't have access to16:03
ActionParsnipaneks: the process will run as root and you will get the access16:03
pirepciao raga16:03
ActionParsnipaneks: the process itself is just a process, it's access is dictated by the user executing it16:04
=== root is now known as Guest57412
zero_coderdiskpart is not working16:04
ubottupirep: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:04
aneksActionParsnip, the process is not being run by root, it's run by me.16:05
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
ActionParsnipaneks: then does your user have write access to the location?16:06
Eit8anyone can help me with compiz/unity issues ? I can't get them to work, enabling window decorations on ccsm doesn't add headers16:06
=== fought_away is now known as fought
ActionParsnipEit8: ask in #compiz too16:06
Quix86some chump in here told me the other day that I should try KDE16:07
Quix86and I did, and it was awful16:07
Eit8ActionParsnip: I'm having issue after 13.04 udpgrade by the way16:07
=== fought is now known as fought_away
aneksActionParsnip, this is what the partition looks like when I run ls -l drwx------ 1 igor igor 24576 Apr 27 01:54 New Volume16:07
ActionParsnipaneks: if you close transmission, then rename the config folder for it (in ~/.config) then restart it to get default configs, does it work ok?16:07
ActionParsnipQuix86: no bad thing to try new stuff16:07
Quix86ActionParsnip, trying new things is alright but sometimes you try something that is horrible16:08
zvacetzero_coder: what os do you have installed?16:08
=== fought_away is now known as fought
ActionParsnipQuix86: you can't get gold everytime dude16:08
=== fought is now known as fought_away
aneksActionParsnip, I'm running Qbittorrent16:08
ActionParsnip!away > fought_away16:08
ubottufought_away, please see my private message16:08
Quix86I think I'm just gonna stick with XFCE.16:09
Ubuntu-LoverHey all having a small issue with ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64bit on my home server i need to share my wifi connection with my ethernet connection i have read a few guides and "i think" set it all up right but still not working :/16:09
ActionParsnipaneks: then I'd check the config etc make sure it's all ok16:09
ActionParsnip!ics | Ubuntu-Lover16:09
ubottuUbuntu-Lover: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing16:09
Ubuntu-LoverI read that before16:09
Ubuntu-Loverno luck :/16:09
Ubuntu-Loverand thats also for making a wifi connection so quite the oposite although the guide for the older stuff cleared some of it up but still no luck16:10
ActionParsnipUbuntu-Lover: doesn't firestarter give a GUI to making that happen?16:12
Quix86I'm so glad I blocked the copypaste bot16:12
ActionParsnipUbuntu-Lover: have you checked videos on YouTube etc?16:12
Ubuntu-Loverit working :316:12
Ubuntu-Loverhad to check that it requires dhcp something16:13
ActionParsnipUbuntu-Lover: cool16:13
Ubuntu-Loverand firestarter?16:13
ActionParsnipUbuntu-Lover: if its working, no need to touch it16:13
Ubuntu-Loverthank you for the help although i fixed it myself but thanks for trying :D16:13
Ubuntu-Loveroh 1 more thing16:13
ActionParsnipUbuntu-Lover: you got the goal, that's all we need16:13
tapashmm, upgrading phpmyadmin failed miserably16:13
tapascorrect password not accepted16:14
tapasts ts ts16:14
Picitapas: For the 13.04 upgrade?16:14
=== benmoose is now known as SonikkuAmerica
tapasPici: yeah..16:14
LtHummusis the 12.10 -> 13.04 upgrade path stable for ubuntu server?16:14
tapasi skipped it now..16:14
Picitapas: Did you go through the migration procedure that came  up during the upgrade process?16:14
Ubuntu-Loveri installed ubuntu on my server because its great with drivers and my server is OLD and unfortunatly i cant actually get any drivers for it anyways :( just wondering if there are any driver finding tools available on ubuntu im sure you will say goto manafacture but its a "SUN" fire v20z i.e. not about anymore16:14
tapasPici: yeah, there were some GTK dialogs that asked for the administrative db user password16:14
SonikkuAmericaLtHummus: I see no reason why it shouldn't be.16:14
Eit8is ther any chance I can install from scratches unity, it got totally screwed after 13.0416:15
Picitapas: Thats the password for the database, not for your admin user.16:15
Ubuntu-Loversun is now orcial :(16:15
LtHummusSonikkuAmerica: i've had some bad luck with previous ugrades, but that was a while ago (around the 8.xx times) so I'm hoping upgrades are more stable and less risky16:15
tapasPici: that's what i entered.. i checked with the mnysql commandline client16:15
Picitapas: weird, it worked for me, albeit from an ssh session.16:16
tapasPici: yeah.. i can configure it lateron, or maybe just reinstall from a usb stick..16:16
tapasPici: i have all my data and home etc. backup'ed anyways16:16
me-1hi...I am looking for a tool to customize my unity DE16:16
tapasme-1: the tool is apt.. and it goes like this: sudo apt-get install kde ;D16:16
theadminme-1: MyUnity offers a decent amount of customization16:17
SonikkuAmericaLtHummus: There's always some sort of risk involved with any update; why should this be different?16:17
ravynUbuntu-Lover: that has a lot of documentation on your server16:17
lotuspsychje!info myunity > lotuspsychje16:17
SonikkuAmericatapas, me-1: Why not [ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ]?16:17
me-1tapas,  I like unity16:17
LtHummusSonikkuAmerica: not sure why it would be different...that's why I'm asking :)16:17
chrohow do I remove the cloud icon on the unity top bar?16:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:18
Myrttitapas: "when helping, be helpful." if they've chosen to try to do something with Unity, the first step shouldn't be telling them to get another one.16:18
Eit8LtHummus: my experience is that this is my last upgrade of ubuntu16:18
ravynchro: you can uninstall ubuntu One16:18
SonikkuAmericaMyrtti: You should stick around when people tell me "Get Xubuntu and shut up" when I have Unity problems. :)16:19
MyrttiSonikkuAmerica: sadly I can't be omniscient16:19
=== fought_away is now known as fought
SonikkuAmericaMyrtti: Aren't we all human.16:19
cristinaslart are you on?16:19
chroravyn, I don't want to do that, I just want to get rid of the icon on the top bar16:19
avrelaunHi guys, after upgrading a 12.10 with gnome-shell to 13.04, the default wallpaper is replaced by grey. I tried replacing it in the settings, but nothing works. Any idea?16:20
Eit8it's like 2 days I'm trying to sort those unity problems and ppl keep telling me "go for fresh install" no wonder ppl are thinking about xubuntu16:20
SonikkuAmericaavrelaun: My guess is that metacity is still involved somehow... (By the way, why not try Ubuntu GNOME?)16:20
avrelaunSonikkuAmerica: To avoid fresh install...16:21
SonikkuAmericaavrelaun: Then possible [ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ]16:21
SonikkuAmericaavrelaun: But first,...16:21
chrowhy weather indicator is not working anymore on 13.04?16:21
=== EiEiO is now known as Guest77410
SonikkuAmerica!info indicator-weather16:22
ubottuPackage indicator-weather does not exist in raring16:22
SonikkuAmericachro: That's why ^16:22
SonikkuAmericachro: It's miserably deppede16:22
chroSonikkuAmerica, why did they remove it?16:23
Picichro: Because the weather service that it depended on (run by yahoo) was discontinued. There is no replacement yet.16:23
chroPici, it can also work with the google weather16:23
Picichro: See https://bugs.launchpad.net/weather-indicator/+bug/116248516:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1162485 in Weather Indicator "It is impossible to add new location to the list, should be removed from raring" [Undecided,New]16:23
Picichro: You may also want to see this mailing list thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-April/037042.html16:24
avrelaunSonikkuAmerica: By the way, Ubuntu GNOME is just another flavor of Ubuntu, too much for my taste16:24
avrelaunSonikkuAmerica: Fedora16:24
avrelaunSonikkuAmerica: Fedora's more consistent16:24
=== chris___0076 is now known as Chris_0076
ActionParsnipchro: there may be a PPA....doubt it16:25
SonikkuAmericaSonikkuAmerica: Possibly; being a DEB fan I never tried the Fedora16:25
SonikkuAmericaavrelaun: ^ That,.16:25
avrelaunSonikkuAmerica: Why deb > rpm ?16:25
Sp3ctr4Lalive here ?16:26
SonikkuAmericaavrelaun: I might discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic, in front of the Gentoo users.16:26
SonikkuAmericaSp3ctr4L: Oh believe me, we're all alive in her.e16:26
ideas-hubi need help hosting a game on spring lobby16:26
ideas-hubcan anyone help16:26
p0wn3dAnyone thinking about going to 13.04? save yourself a few hours and stick with 12.04.  13.04 is not done yet :)16:26
tapasok, it seems kde lost its monitor setup settings in the upgrade.. or they moved somewhere else..16:26
Picip0wn3d: 13.04 is done and released.16:26
mzazaAre ther issues with Ubuntu 13.04, like extremly slow login and nautlius is very sluggish??16:27
mzazap0wn3d: I agree16:27
Sp3ctr4Lwhich Distro do you have Snokku :D16:27
Pici!tab | Sp3ctr4L16:27
ubottuSp3ctr4L: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:27
ideas-hubIS ANYONE GONNA HELP16:27
Piciideas-hub: I have no idea what you are asking. What is Spring? What does it have to do with Ubuntu?16:27
tapasideas-hub: the way to get an answer to a question is to ask the concrete question.. also what Pici  said16:27
avrelaunThanks SonikkuAmerica, apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop solved it.16:28
ideas-hubim trying to connect springlobby to my local host16:28
ideas-hubso i can host a network game16:28
ideas-hubnetwork not internet16:28
tapaswhat is springlobby? is it an ubutu package?16:28
Pici!details | ideas-hub16:28
ubottuideas-hub: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:28
ideas-hubits a game engine16:28
tapasoh yeah, it is16:28
Sp3ctr4Lubottu why ?16:28
=== qos is now known as qos|away
ubottuSp3ctr4L: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:28
homerjis there anything to know before just doing an upgrade to 13.04? a doc out there to read or something?16:29
alien2050Hey guys, simple question, anyone knows how to write a script (in bash) that will write a script (in bash) again? Everytime I use cat > file <<EOF, my bash variables are removed and replaced by their values for some reason in 'file'... maybe there's a better way? like echo but for some reason echo doesn't take multiple lines unless I'm mistaken.... also tried escaping the variables, but it sucks because I need to modify my shell script 16:29
PiciSp3ctr4L: because our clients won't hilight your messages if you mispell our nicks.16:29
Picialien2050: Thats probably a better question for the gurus in #bash16:29
Sp3ctr4Lok it's my bad, I'll change it16:29
wilee-nileehomerj, Are you backed up?16:31
=== Sp3ctr4L is now known as artt
arttnow are we good -4-16:32
homerjwilee-nilee, I'm always iffy on in-place upgrades vs. a new reinstall16:32
wilee-nileehomerj, Cool, personally I would wait a little while, the servers may be running many right now, and there is a higher chance of a fail, but that is a personal opinion. ;)16:32
uroyanmeMy dads computer is from 2000, has xp on it. Its a dell. I can;'t call him right now and find out any more specifics.... Could I should have made a boot cd, not a boot dvd.. Cause when I was there ubuntu did not work.16:32
uroyanmeI mean it didnt install... didnt recognize the dvd16:32
homerjyeah, let everyone else test this for a bit16:33
uroyanmeDon't think it even tried.16:33
wilee-nileehomerj, Personally I always fresh install, but I have system that gets me all apps installed that I had faster then a upgrade.16:34
sioveneHi. I just upgraded to 13.04 on my Lenovo X230. There's only one problem: the trackpoint doesn't work anymore. Can anyone help me solve the problem?16:34
homerjupgrade went ok with a pre-release 13.04 on my laptop, because I wanted pulseaudio 316:34
homerjwilee-nilee, that's what I should do16:34
homerjget a script and add packages I use on it16:34
arttwho has a backtrack OS here ?~16:34
Myrtti!backtrack | artt16:35
ubottuartt: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)16:35
wilee-nileehomerj, There is a dpkg save installed script you can run in a fresh install, I use some 3rd party repos, so I load thise and the keys and run the script.16:35
wilee-nilee!backtrack > artt16:36
ubottuartt, please see my private message16:36
wilee-nileeopps sorry Myrtti I see you ran the bot16:36
lotuspsychje!info kazam > lotuspsychje16:37
wizard_Amy documentviewer in changing its pid frequently.. i'm not able to kill it?? plz help...16:39
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:39
alien2050if anyone is interested , the solution is to put EOF with single quotes, just tested it, it works!16:40
thomas___alien what does that do you lost me i can't find an earlier reference16:41
dsatheis there any commandline utiltiy to figure out the mirror currently being used16:42
dsathecat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep '^deb ' | head -1 | tr " " "\n" | head -2 | tail -116:42
dsathethis does it but not the best of ideas16:43
theadmindsathe: Eh. cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep -v '#' | grep -v '^$' | awk '{print $2;}' | head -n 116:43
theadminWell that works too16:43
dsathenaything neater16:43
dsatheor where it is tored16:44
wizard_Amy documentviewer in changing its pid frequently.. i'm not able to kill it?? plz help...16:44
llutz awk -F/ '{print $3}' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*}16:44
dsathenope that doesnt work16:44
kostkonwizard_A, "pkill documentviewer" if that is the name of the process16:44
dsathei coukld head16:44
dsatheclick on it :)16:45
wilee-nilee!enter > dsathe16:45
ubottudsathe, please see my private message16:45
wizard_Anope, prob still exists16:45
drchaos1How do I sync Unix passwords with Samba passwords?16:46
drchaos1I want to authenticate as user drchaos with his unix password to mount cifs shares16:46
wizard_Adsathe: something did happen for a moment but prob exists16:47
wizard_Adsathe: thanks problem solved... i was actually clicking on the taskbar icon on the right...16:50
MonkeyDustin virtualbox, which setting is it to run a616:50
MonkeyDustin virtualbox, which setting is it to run a 64bit guest? i dont seem to find it16:50
wizard_Abtw was this normal??16:51
thomas___wiz are you new to linux?16:51
thomas___no problem if that is the case, I think I know your question well16:52
icerootMonkeyDust: vt-x16:52
MonkeyDusticeroot  where exactly?16:53
icerootMonkeyDust: in the vm settings16:54
wizard_Anot exactly16:55
thomas___its sounds normal though, in answer to your question wizard16:55
MonkeyDusticeroot  i don't seem to to find the exact section in the settings16:56
JeremyinNCchromium-browser crashed while I was at lunch with a message that I don't have enough free memory to evaluate the dump :(16:56
icerootMonkeyDust: its enabled by default so there is no need to change something16:57
thomas___windows 7 apps close on top right, as opposed to 12.04 ubuntu, apps close top left is that what you are referring to wizard?16:57
wizard_Ai tried that, also i tried to kill it using the terminal using kill -9 pid but that was not happening,16:58
bb_hello? i am going insane trying to get cron to actually do ANYTHING in ubuntu 13.4 ?  help?16:58
wizard_Aonce i issued that command and after that ps aux | grep documentviewer would give me a pid two more than the previous one...16:59
bb_hello cron help? =)16:59
JeremyinNCbb can you be a little more specific16:59
llutz!details | bb_16:59
ubottubb_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:59
bb_yes i can.  I use crontab -e to setup a standard entry for automated bash file called "mc" which i have in /usr/local/bin and cron does NOTHING.17:00
bb_=) ??17:00
llutzbb_: call your script with full pathes, cron uses limited environment17:00
lotuspsychjesomeone knows a gui lightdm conf tweaker?17:00
Picibb_: Can you pastebin your crontab?17:00
bb_i am trying to automate some messages and a backup and a minecraft game restart.17:00
llutzbb_: also make sure, you don't have midnightcommander installed17:01
nerfballcan this channel be accessed through an irc client? what are the settings?17:01
JeremyinNCmake sure you use full path to everything17:01
JeremyinNCat freenode.net17:01
bb_im not familiar with pastebin usage but i did this in the edit     * * * * * mc command say this is a test17:01
bb_i also tried the path on the mc17:02
thomas___wizard is it possible you have multiple instances of documentviewer running and are simply closing them one at a time?17:02
llutzbb_: call your script with full pathes, cron uses limited environment    "* * * * * /usr/local/bin/mc"17:02
bb_mc is a working bash file17:02
MonkeyDustbb_  that's every minute of every hour on every day17:02
=== prayas is now known as yashh
bb_yes it is every minute just to get it going.17:02
bb_once i can schedule ANYTHING that starts on any schedule im good to go with the rest.17:03
MonkeyDustbb_  meainning: that starts mc every minute of every hour on every day17:03
theadminbb_: "mc" is a bad name choice, as there is an Ubuntu package providing a same-name binary. If you have that package installed, you'll be having issues (because mc is interactive)17:03
m4gnusDoes anyone know how to stop having apt-get from trying to look for binary-i386 packages?17:03
=== qos|away is now known as qos
JeremyinNCso is it running "mc" at all? Who are you running the cron job as and who owns the file? Is it executable, does it work if you run it as that user manually?17:03
bb_i want to have it use that message every minute forever for now.  then i want to change it to be useful after that.17:04
bb_its not running mc or anything i schedule at all17:04
llutzbb_: did you test it with full path? did it work?17:04
cristina_E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.17:04
cristina_E: _cache->open() failed, please report.17:04
JeremyinNCFirst step to me would be change it to /usr/share/bin/mc instead of just mc17:04
bb_ive researched this a while.  I seem to be setting up the schedule fine but nothing ever starts from it.17:04
JeremyinNC bb_: did you test it with full path? did it work?17:05
bb_full path does not work from the cron17:05
Linuks83good day all! i'm needing to get a USB 3.0 card. any advice on card or chipset to look at?17:05
wizard_Athat is what i'm actually surprised of!!!!17:05
JeremyinNCwhen run manually (not through cron)17:05
bb_jeremy    yes i tried that17:05
RubyJhas anyone had issues running a sudo apt-get update after update to raring?17:05
llutzbb_: then check your mc-script , does it need a terminal?17:05
bb_jeremy manual works perfectly with or without the path17:06
nerfballHello everyone. I'd like to ask for help with my sound setup. I cant get my desktop to playback in 5.1.17:06
JeremyinNCis it executeable as the user whos crontab is running it17:06
bb_llutz  it doesnt need a terminal it can hide if it wants.17:06
nerfballIve tried forums searches, but if anyone can provide a link to an article or something?17:06
mkanyicywhat is the command to run  to upgrade quantal to raring?17:06
bb_jeremy its works for anyone17:07
RubyJdoes anyone know how to fix apt-get update issues in the new build? i feel like it didne set up the repos correctly during updat17:07
bb_if you just type it in  a terminal17:07
wilee-nileemkanyicy, Should be showing in the update manager.17:07
tekonivelringtailed cat appreciation week https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring-tailed_cat. Cute little bugger awwww :'-}17:07
wilee-nileemkanyicy, Make sure software sources is set for all upgardes17:07
tekonivelanyone of you seen one?17:07
bb_its as of cron isnt doing anything but its running and i can   restart cron also and still doesnt17:07
bazhang!ot | tekonivel17:08
ubottutekonivel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:08
RubyJdo software sources for apt-get update need t obe updated manually?17:08
RubyJ*to be17:08
JeremyinNCsudo do-release-upgrade17:08
JeremyinNCnot the standard Ubuntu repos RubyJ17:08
RubyJim already updated17:08
bb_im still stuck with cron not processing any scheduled items.17:08
tekonivelbazhang: ok sorry17:08
RubyJno new release found17:08
yashhcan ubuntu be installed in android??17:09
bb_about cron. i read the man pages.  this is a simple desktop 13.417:09
excervohello guys, whats the best ipscanner for ubuntu?17:09
RubyJJeremyinNC: After the update from 12.1 to raring im unable to do an apt-get update. I get IP redirects and stuff like that during the execution of the command17:09
JeremyinNCsudo apt-get install update-manager-core17:09
nerfballApologies if Im spamming from a new Ubuntu user if Im spamming the wrong channel. Where is a good place to get help for n00bs?17:10
bb_anyone know why cron jobs arent running at all? yet the service seems to be there?17:10
RubyJnerfball: whatsup?17:10
JeremyinNCSo you already updated?17:10
bb_jeremy yes i just updated to 13.4 this morning.17:10
JeremyinNCbb you have to answer questions to get answers17:10
Picibb_: Is there an entry in /var/log/auth.log for the event?17:10
bb_jeremy i have answered every question17:10
RubyJanyone know how to update the repos?17:11
RubyJfor 13.417:11
thomas___nerfball, right click sound icon(top right side) choose sound settings from bottom of that menu, go from there, let us know what you find in there17:11
JeremyinNCif you are at 13.04 you are pointing at the 13.04 repositories17:11
bb_jeremy im sure i am unless the automatic update fails to update that17:12
JeremyinNCwhat does sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade tell you?17:12
nerfballmsg thomas__ just see the two outputs, digi and analog. I only get stero, no 5.117:12
Picibb_: Is there an entry in /var/log/auth.log for the event?17:12
bb_jeremy ill try it... brb17:12
JeremyinNCIf so then the whole thing should have failed17:12
JeremyinNCthat was @RubyJ17:13
thomas___click on that, where it says stereo, can change it to 5.117:13
RubyJJeremyinNC: "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with —fix-missing"17:13
HeavenstormI am planning on creating a transparent proxy for a home network for web filtering on kid's PCs. Is there an anyone who has done this before?17:13
nerfballmsg thomas__  when I do a sound test w/ 5.1 selected, sound comes out of wrong channels or no sound from certain channels.17:13
JeremyinNClook at squid Heavenstorm17:13
RubyJJeremyinNC: and half the time it says Redirect [IP ……] when trying to connect to a repo17:13
thomas___maybe your connection at back of computer are incorrect?17:14
RubyJdoesnt seem like it connect to any honestly17:14
RubyJthats verified working17:14
Heavenstormokay JeremyinNC I'll do that17:14
JeremyinNCthats not necessarily a bad thing17:14
bb_jeremy 0 for all;... upgraded fully17:14
JeremyinNCRubyJ he was talking about the surround sound17:14
RenzaticHas anyone else found the Ubuntu Software Center to be a little buggy on 13.04 with Gnome 3.8 installed?17:14
=== prayas is now known as yashh
JeremyinNCbb I was talking to RubyJ for that, I don't think cron has changed much17:15
bazhangRenzatic, the PPA?17:15
bb_jeremy ok17:15
bazhangRenzatic, staging?17:15
Renzaticstaging? explain what you mean, I'm still a bit of a linux noob here17:15
JeremyinNCAre you specifying the paths to the commands in your "mc" script? cron does not get all of your environment when it runs17:15
Xergo92i am new to ubuntu is there any replacement of Adobe Photoshop in ubunut17:15
bazhangRenzatic, its a known issue, they in fact warn you about that particular ppa17:15
bb_anyone having problems setting up cron jobs?  I cant seem to get it to run anything from cron17:15
Renzaticwhat it's doing is flaking out the shell UI whenever I install an app17:15
Pici!who | JeremyinNC17:16
ubottuJeremyinNC: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:16
bb_jeremy the mc script specifies all paths and even uses cd in it17:16
RubyJJeremyinNC: gotcha, for example when trying to hit repo based off of "http://security.ubuntu.com raring-security" I get the redirect17:16
bazhangRenzatic, thats the risk of such a significant PPA. contact the maintainers and help bug fix17:16
RubyJ*any repo17:16
Renzaticwell I need to know if it's a bug, and not a problem with my setup first17:16
bb_jeremy the mc script is well tested at this point and works well from terminal17:16
llutzbb_: "pgrep cron"   any output?17:16
bazhangRenzatic, most certainly a bug17:16
bb_jeremy yes im learning this channel17:17
RenzaticI've tried finding info on it on google, but so far I haven't found anything17:17
bb_llutz checking17:17
bazhangRenzatic, the ppa page should have some info on where to file bugs for it17:17
Renzatichow would I bring up information as to what's causing it to flake out?17:17
nerfball!tab /msg thomas__ any walkthroughs that you know of on getting sound setup in 13.04? Thanks.17:17
ubottunerfball: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:17
p0wn3dXergo92:  They have a program called gimp that is very much like photoshop17:17
Renzatick, I'll look it up17:17
bb_llutz it shows an id number17:17
JeremyinNCRubyJ: Did you update after upgrading?17:17
HeavenstormXergo92 check out Krita as well17:18
llutzbb_: add a cronjob " * * * * * /bin/date >>/tmp/crontest"  then check " /tmp/crontest" after 1-2 mintes.17:18
RubyJJeremyinNC: Did I update after upgrading? Isn't that what I;m trying to do now? :/17:18
bb_llutz what would i be looking for?17:18
llutzbb_: if the file exists, cron works properly17:19
Renzatichmm, seems I used a different PPA to install 3.8 than what's showing on the Gnome3 staging page17:19
JeremyinNCbb_: Running it from a terminal gets the users environment settings, running it from cron does not. Just because it runs from the terminal does not mean it will run from cron. For instance the cron job may not get your JAVA_OPTS which the mindcraft jar file will need17:19
llutzbb_: it just will contain date/time lines, every minute17:19
bb_llutz i have used crontab -e -u bb       to create one schedule and it doesnt activate17:19
auronandaceRenzatic: you need to get support from the ppa maintainer17:19
JeremyinNCRubyJ: I am not sure, I thought you said that upgrading alreay finished. What version are you currently running?17:20
RubyJJeremyinNC: sorry for the confusion17:20
llutzbb_: pastebin the output of "crontab -l" and "cat /usr/local/bin/mc" please17:20
RubyJJeremyinNC: I am on raring17:20
=== flashingpumpkin is now known as fpk^away
RubyJJeremyinNC: I already upgraded the OS17:21
RenzaticI need to look some things up. I'll be back with more dumb questions in a sec17:21
JeremyinNCRubyJ: no worries, I thuoght you were saying it upgraded and then was having issues17:21
thomas___nerfball had you been able to get 5.1 sound working in an earlier ubuntu version?17:21
bb_llutz it may take me a min.  i do not know how to pastebin yet17:21
RubyJJeremyinNC: its the apt-get update that im having issues with17:21
llutz!pastebin | bb_17:21
Xergo92@heavenstrom thanks17:21
ubottubb_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:21
RubyJJeremyinNC:  I fail to fetch from any repo that "http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-updates/.…17:21
JeremyinNCRubyJ: Ok so upgrade again, sometimes the repos get changed expecially right after the release17:21
bb_i will brb17:21
RubyJupgrade the os again?17:21
JeremyinNCRubyJ: sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:22
wilee-nileesudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:22
JeremyinNCThat's not a version upgrade, it will update any outdated repository info for the default repos though17:22
wilee-nileeI think it needs those spaces17:22
genii-aroundwilee-nilee: Might want && instead of ; there17:22
wilee-nileethats how I run it but the one I altered works as well17:23
RubyJJeremyinNC: wilee-nilee: I srill see a lot of redirects and get "some index files failed to download…."17:25
JeremyinNCSo does what I wrote! just makes sure the first command succeeds17:25
Renzaticone quick question, since I have to make sure I've installed the right version of gnome 3.8 here17:25
RubyJmaybe some of the repos are having issues?17:25
sirronbJeremyinNC: I see you are chatting w.r.t upgrading. Well it's my turn to go "Raring" too. I have dl'd the iso (amd64) and burnt the dvd. So I'm ready to roll. Any tips or pointers I should know before I do the big deed? BTW Backups are complete.17:25
bb_llutz    http://pastebin.com/7ZQ0q7yy17:25
Renzaticadding "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3" then updating from the terminal is the same as adding "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3-staging/ubuntu raring main" from the software sources, correct?17:26
llutzbb_: man 5 crontab17:26
llutzbb_: users crontab does not contain a "user" field17:26
bb_back   cron probs still17:26
OerHeksRubyJ, servers are on high load, maybe changing the mrror solves those errors, or try again laters17:26
bb_llutz ive read the man and checked for allow and deny etc......17:26
JeremyinNCsirronb: I am probably the wrong person to ask, I just pulled the trigger and did it from the command line. Everything turned out well after I updated post install though17:26
trismRenzatic: using add-apt-repository also adds the signing key for the ppa17:27
bb_llutz im sure it does let me verify17:27
JeremyinNCRubyJ: What does cat /etc/lsb-release say?17:27
llutzbb_: man 5 crontab17:27
nerfballis there like an ultra-noob channel to join and ask for help?17:27
Renzaticso I've got the proper packages, correct?17:27
Renzaticnerfball: wish there were :P17:27
wilee-nileeRubyJ, I have not follwed your problem, but always pastebin errors.17:27
bazhang!manual | nerfball have a read17:27
ubottunerfball have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:27
sirronbJeremyinNC: Ok thx. Any body else with some advise.17:27
bb_llutz it does contain the user field and it is optional17:27
bazhang!rute | nerfball and this17:27
ubottunerfball and this: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com17:27
JeremyinNCIt did take me a white to get all the new package info just now17:27
bb_cron still not running any scheduled items17:28
nerfballthanks guys, Ive read some manuals and stuff, just trying to troubleshoot an issue, not general usage questions.17:28
lotuspsychjewhats that hide users line again to hide usernames at login?17:28
llutzbb_: man 5 crontab   "EXAMPLE SYSTEM CRON FILE" you want to read the line below that17:28
JeremyinNCSound is pretty tricky, I had to manually edit some files to get it right with SPDIF out17:28
Renzaticwell, I'm off to do some research, and maybe possibly submit my first bug. thanks for the help everyone o/17:29
bb_anyone?  cron issue : not running anything...  are DESKTOP versions of ubuntu restricted from cron?17:29
RubyJJeremyinNC: DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu, DSTRIB_RELEASE=13.04, DISTRIB_CODENAME=raring....17:29
RubyJJeremyinNC: no issue there17:29
JeremyinNCDarn RubyJ, I have no idea except maybe they are just busy17:29
JeremyinNCI did an update myself 30 sec ago and it went through fine17:29
RubyJJeremyinNC: Im thinking maybe I have some extra sources? what are the correct sources int he software center17:30
bb_llutz   ideas?17:30
JeremyinNCbut if you were able to ugprade yuu were hittung those repos17:30
JeremyinNCIT should have disabled them17:30
RubyJim sure it did17:30
RubyJbut i dont think it added the right ones17:30
MonkeyDustbb_  i use cron for my backups - to hav e it backup, i just leave the pc switched on17:30
RubyJor maybe i reenabled them by accident17:30
JeremyinNCbb_: Try adding it to /etc/crontab ?17:30
llutzbb_: you also were asked to use full pathes in your  /usr/local/bin/mc, you didn't.17:30
JeremyinNCRubyJ: That could be an issue, most PPAs etc won't have ringtail updates yeat17:31
bb_monkey  are you using ubuntu regular version? or server?17:31
feudin13.04 looking and running nice for me atm which is good, whats with the horrid 'files' icon though? :s17:31
bb_jeremy how do i add it to there?17:31
bb_jeremy just  a text file?17:31
llutzbb_: SERVICE='ftbserver.jar'     path missing, ... INVOCATION="java..." path missing17:31
JeremyinNC12.10 > 13.04 went painlessly for me from the command line17:31
JrtojoI was installing 13.04, and my pc suffered a power failure, Now I've got 'half' of a 13 install, and it seems to be corrupted. Is there anything I can do other than just reinstalling ubuntu from scratch?17:31
bb_ hello?17:32
bb_everyone stopped talking lol?17:32
JeremyinNCbb_: I'd read llutz answer first, I really think your missing some environment, java especially needs that stuff17:32
Picibb_: The users crontab absolutely does not have a user field.17:33
bb_jeremy llutz mc works well from terminal from any folder17:33
llutzbb_: cron is different from terminal. how often should we tell you that17:34
bb_jeremy so perhaps default path is missing???\17:34
llutzbb_: if you don't want our help, stop asking17:34
JeremyinNCJrtojo: Do you have a live CD17:34
llutzbb_: you have been told what to do, what to check and where it might hang.17:34
JeremyinNCbb_: "sudo apt-get install update-manager-core" yes17:34
JeremyinNCignore that17:34
bb_pici i just did man crontab and it DOES have a user parameter!!!17:35
Picibb_: No it does not. Make sure you are reading the correct section.17:35
JeremyinNCthe system crontab is not the same thing17:35
llutzbb_: it doesn't and it breaks cronjobs17:35
Picibb_: "The  following  lists  the content of a regular system-wide crontab file. Unlinke a user's crontab, this file has the username field, as used by /etc/crontab."17:35
bb_llutz im NOT ignoring you i am trying to comprehend what is needed.  really.17:35
llutzbb_: you aren't17:36
Picibb_: The user's crontab (crontab -e) does not have a user field.17:36
JeremyinNCone is /etc/crontab (old school, root, reqs user) the other is crontab -e as a normal user which goes (if I remember) in spool17:36
PiciIt is not optional. It does not exist.17:36
SpazturtleIs there a way to install ubuntu without loading the os?17:36
JeremyinNCDefine the difference between loading and installing?17:36
JeremyinNCYou can boot off a live CD17:37
sfan5I've just updated to 13.04 and now bumblebee doesn't work, any tips?17:37
bb_       crontab [ -u user ] file17:37
bb_       crontab [ -u user ] [ -i ] { -e | -l | -r }17:37
FloodBot1bb_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:37
Picibb_: And? That doesn't say anything about the content of the file, which is what we are discussing.17:37
JeremyinNCbb_: there re two different kinds of crontab17:38
llutzbb_: still, read "man 5 crontab"   not man cron, not man crontab17:38
JeremyinNCbb_: one for users and one for root17:38
pr_confidentialI'm trying usb 12.04 with no hd. I've gone to "try ubuntu" and tried turning on nomeset. I'm still getting error messages. Any one help:)?17:38
bb_jeremy     ok im trying very hard still...   im reading back this conversation now...17:38
Picibb_: this is what your crontab should look like: * * * * * /usr/local/bin/mc17:38
Picibb_: do not put in a username.17:39
JeremyinNCbb_: that is when creating it with crontab -e17:39
SpazturtleThere used to be a instller that didn't load the live os, now It seams you have to load the live os17:39
lotuspsychjepr_confidential: what do you mean with 'no hd'?17:40
pr_confidentialI am getting an ubuntu screen then an error "can not mount /dev/ loop1 on/cow17:40
PiciSpazturtle: You can use the minimal CD if you want something like the alternate CD17:40
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
JeremyinNCSpazturtle: There is the alternative CD17:40
pr_confidentialthe hd is broken so I removed it. I put ubuntu 12.04 on a usb and selected option "try ubuntu before installing". Not working for me :'(17:41
JeremyinNCweird, I am running 12.10 off a USB stick at home17:41
pr_confidential(I'm not on that computer now obviously)17:41
bb_JEREMY and LLUTZ  !!  THANK YOU.  i finally comprehend what you are talking about... =)  tested and WORKING!  thanks!17:41
bb_thankyou thank you!!17:42
lotuspsychjepr_confidential: i think the live usb needs an internal hd17:42
llutzthings tend to work, if you do them right17:42
pr_confidentialwhat am I doing wrong JeremyinNC?17:42
bb_its working im out... thanks all  =)17:42
pr_confidentialit does not need an inturnal hd17:42
pr_confidentialperhaps I could use an earlier version? is 12.04 compatiable with that option? I'm still a new user in general17:43
JeremyinNCpr_confidential: I am not sure, has this comp run Ubuntu before ?17:43
thomas___with 13.04, wubi is no longer used, is this the problem pr_confidential?17:44
pr_confidentialyes, had 12.04 on the hd that was broken17:44
JeremyinNCHe's just trying to boot to Live from USB17:44
pr_confidentialI have 12.04 on the usb17:44
JeremyinNCwubi shouldnot matter, that's inside Windows only afaik17:44
pr_confidentialI don't have windows on it17:45
xrqare there ubuntu images for the mini android PCs like the MK802?17:45
lotuspsychje!touch | xrq17:45
ubottuxrq: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:45
pr_confidentialit was ubuntu only with the hd, now no hd and I'd like to try this usb option. Seems interesting as it is only a little netbook for browsing :)17:45
thomas___(her) pr_confidential,,,,what is the system you are running before attempting 13.04...windows and linux in a shared system perhaps?17:46
pr_confidentialthomas, there is no system on the one I'm trying to use the usb with.17:46
thomas___and, no hard drive17:47
pr_confidentialcurrently a netbook that is displaying the 12.04 ubuntu screen, allowing me to choose options after F6 then displaying failure :'(17:47
aaron__Anybody have any ideas on the viability of mounting a sound device from the /dev of another ubuntu box via ssh, maybe with sshfs or udev or something?17:47
pr_confidentialafter enabling nomodeset, I'm getting can not mount /dev/ loop1 on/com17:48
Slaizerhi all, I have installed ubuntu 12.10 today. Got everything together now except the sound system option which is managing the volume is not functioning. any help?17:48
pr_confidentialbefore running the 12.04 on usb there was 12.04 on hd17:48
thomas___pr_confidential, this is beyond my limited abilities, someone will help though17:49
aaron__I tried to mount /dev/snd over /dev/snd but that didn't work, it must be more complicated than that.  Does anybody know how to write udev rules?17:49
RubyJdoes anyone get IP redirects when trying to do a sudo apt-get update17:50
thomas___pr just one other thing do you have 12.04 on cd?17:50
pr_confidentialI'm seeing a lot of hiv faggotry happening in here, could be the root of my problem.17:50
hide_hi all17:50
pr_confidentialeitherway, thanks for the tips thomas, I'm a new user.17:50
pr_confidentialI had seen these options on ubuntu forum so I'm sure it is out there17:51
pr_confidentialthere are hivs all across the internet due to 42 so we have to stay safe :)17:52
pr_confidentialgood night :)17:52
thomas___pr, I was having a deuce of a time getting Linux to work, but with 12.04, everything smooth.  I would suggest using 12.04 as it is a long term (lts) version and let them work out the kinks with 13.0417:52
Slaizeranyone with knowledge in sound options in Ubuntu?17:52
pr_confidentialI am using 12.04 lts17:52
thomas___on another computer?17:53
pr_confidentialas long as there is nothing tara or jacob in there, it's safe and clean :)17:53
codephobicAnyone found a solution to the cifs mounting problem with Ubuntu 13.04?17:53
RubyJfixed it17:53
thomas___roomies, lookout17:53
chop1nthomas___, I agree. I am still on 12.04. Will hold on updating for 13.04 for a couple of months17:53
codephobicI've been googling it all afternoon, can't find a solution yet17:53
pr_confidentialI'm on a work related laptop inquiring about my netbook after breaking the hd :) Sorry for the confusion17:54
thomas___chop adds supports for my theories17:54
JeremyinNCRubyJ: What was the fix?17:54
lotuspsychjechop1n: i did a clean install 13.04, 64bit on ssd netbook, everything working flawless here17:54
JeremyinNCpr_confidential: I had the same issue with several intel on board boxes17:54
thomas___if the harddrive has failed, the machine, for all extents and purposes, is mostly useless until the hard drive is replaced, or errors with it addressed17:54
JeremyinNCpr_confidential: onboard video that is17:54
codephobiclotuspsychje, do you have any remote NAS folders you mount at boot? Are they working in 13.04?17:55
RubyJJeremyinNC: No particular fix lol, I just tried connecting to some different netowkrs17:55
JeremyinNCthomas___: I boot a box at home with no HDD using Xbuntu 12.04 off a USB17:55
oconnoreHey, what tool should I use in 13.04 to add an icon/launcher to Unity?17:55
RubyJJeremyinNC: I guess the connection I was using wasnt supporting it for some reaso17:55
voozeIf i'm going to install ubuntu on a hybrid drive (I want to install / on the 16GB SSD) Then i'm going to use the harddrive to /home, is there somthing else thats a good idea to have on the harddrive to save space on the 16 GB SSD?17:55
pr_confidentialno thomas, people are doing it :) you select "try ubuntu before install". I'm curious as to if it will only work with earlier versions or if it is just me17:55
Picicodephobic: iirc, credentials files should have each field on a seperate line. i,e:  username=xxx\npassword=xxx17:55
lotuspsychjecodephonic: im not using nas, but im sure it will work17:55
thomas___Jer, how is the thing speedwise and otherwise...it starts and operates perhaps, but what of saved work, etc17:56
codephobicPici, I tried a few variants, with and without commas, on separate lines etc... not having any luck17:56
lotuspsychjeoconnore: open a program and right mouse on the icon 'add to launcher'17:56
oconnorelotuspsychje: but I can't add the icon that way17:56
oconnorelotuspsychje: firefox looks ugly17:56
pr_confidentialI tried getting the pendrive linux but my machine started having seisures or something so I went the pre-installed ubuntu way from cd to usb, then tried "try"17:57
JeremyinNCthomas___: /home is an NFS mount, it's "ok" over n-wireless but not great17:57
thomas___pc, I understand that people are using it thataway but to what great purpose?17:57
pr_confidentialbecause I had a parasite in my files17:57
belgianguythere's something wrong with Unity in 13.0417:57
OerHeksbelgianguy, you tell us ?17:58
SanMysteriousand with maven17:58
belgianguyit locks up on me, and the snap (orange transparancy animations) sometimes remain17:58
pr_confidentialI only used it for browsing so it should keep any taraisms out of my little netbook :)17:58
lotuspsychjebelgianguy: did you check your additional drivers?17:58
oconnorelotuspsychje: is it possible?17:58
asleohi, I am using ubuntu 12.10 and postgresql 9.1. I accidentaly removed the /etc/init.d/postgresql. How can I get this file back?17:58
belgianguylotuspsychje: it's all default stuff, it uses fglrx-updates17:59
thomas___pc, as an example, I played around with 13.04 last nite, using a virtualbox setup, but that did not come close to the experience I have with 12.04 running with the full capabilities of my quite husky desktop.  Not even close.17:59
JeremyinNCpr_confidential: sounds like a video card driver problem to me but I'm not exactly clear on the error, is it just going blank after a certian point?17:59
codephobicIs there any method for downgrading to 12.10 from 13.04?17:59
belgianguyUnity still works, but won't collapse (while it should)17:59
myersghow to I upgrade to the new release of ubuntu 13.04 from the beta version?17:59
pr_confidentialI have 12.04 on this one, Full capabilities when I have a private connection17:59
BA7how to create a windows iso bootable on usb stick? I don't find any program on ubuntu for it17:59
pr_confidentialI'd like to disable wireless and import via netbook tbh17:59
lotuspsychjebelgianguy: did you upgrade or clean install?18:00
belgianguylotuspsychje: upgrade18:00
pr_confidentialthe hivs that got in my last netbook caused quite the storm18:00
belgianguybut the 12.10 was a clean one, few months ago18:00
lotuspsychjebelgianguy: was fglrx also the default driver on 12.10?18:00
SanMysteriouscan i force a package to install, when it collides with another one? in my case: libwagon-java and libwagon2-java. maven unfortunately depends on both versions18:00
Umairhow can I ssh to Android ICS tablet from ubuntu?18:01
aaron__BA7: unetbootin is clutch18:01
pr_confidentialBA7, start up disk creator in dash18:01
belgianguylotuspsychje: yeah18:01
lotuspsychjebelgianguy: not sure then, i installed clean today all works flawless18:01
llutzUmair: install/run a ssh-server like sshdroid/dropbear on your tablet, then "ssh user@ip-of-tablet" in a ubuntu-terminal18:02
JeremyinNCUmair: You need an SSH server on your android device18:02
Umairah I thought it already had OpenSSh18:02
pr_confidentialI wanted to try the usb route, I don't want any more shit in my system. I want something to browse.18:02
myersghey I need help18:02
lotuspsychje!polite pr_confidential18:02
MonkeyDustmyersg  start with a question18:02
codephobic/LANIP/Folder/ /media/Folder cifs credentials=/root/.acccreds,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0 << works perfectly for a folder shared by Windows 7 but not for a folder shared by ReadyNAS duo. Even though both work in 12.10.18:02
pr_confidentialsorry for the descriptive language, :S18:03
myersgMonkeydust I upgraded to the 13.04 beta version of ubuntu, how to I upgrade to the full release version?18:03
pr_confidentialI don't want any little things hiding in there so I wanted to browse at cafes safely. I think the usb option may be easiest18:04
MonkeyDustmyersg  no, simply sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade should do the trick18:04
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pr_confidentialI am also tired of buying new HD everytime I have a parasite in there18:05
pr_confidentialthanks for the tips.18:06
BA7disk creator doesn't work. i can't add the iso, maybe because it isn't a ubuntu iso?18:06
BA7as I said i will add windows iso18:07
=== qos|away is now known as qos
codephobicwoohoo! found a solution18:07
pr_confidentialI went from disk to usb, couldnt get the download to go there but, I'm a new user. Not the best port for advice18:07
codephobicAnyone experiencing mount issues with NAS/cifs in 13.04, try this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=16004718:08
pr_confidentialhopefully I didn't let more taras and jacobs in here today. Off to another cafe to find a hivs free solution18:09
x2Hello there! When I tap my touchpad with two fingers, my mouse pointer doesn't move. How can I configure it so that it will interpret multitouch like singletouch?18:09
zman099how do you remove the toolbar at the top in gnome18:10
zman099or i mean the top menu bar18:11
zman099how do i remove it18:11
spiff_Hello all, what is the verdict on 13.04? Good?18:15
darthanubisso far so good18:15
earspliTbe wary with nvidia card though18:15
blazemoreI like it, it's what 11.10 should have been18:15
darthanubismy one box lost dual screen though18:15
darthanubisstill working on that18:16
sect0rUpgraded to 13.04, what would stop my background from being displayed and prevent me from "right" clicking on the desktop?18:16
spiff_Ok, sounds promising.18:16
darthanubisnvidia sees the TV but won't output to it18:16
blazemoresect0r: The application "nautilus" draws the wallpaper and deals with the desktop18:16
p0wn3dspiff: I would try it in a VM first before trashing 12.04 .18:16
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spiff_Is virtualbox and 13.04 as a client friends?18:16
Gneadarthanubis: you should be able to re-enable it with nvidia-settings18:17
blazemoresect0r: Not sure exactly how to deal with your specific issue but I hope that allows you to look in the right direction18:17
blazemorespiff_: Yes18:17
spiff_blazemore, ok18:17
x2uh, is there any way to make ubuntu treat events when I put both my fingers on touchpad as just a usual mouse movement?18:18
darthanubisGnea, I did. I even rm'd the xorg file, ran nvidia-xconfig. I think the cards hdmi port must be defective. But it was working. I'll have to figure it out.18:19
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
x2and not scrolling and etc18:19
Gneadarthanubis: is the cord rf-blocked on both ends?18:19
sect0rMy displays are also being mirrored even though I have that turned off.18:19
sect0rfixed that18:20
sayagaanybody can speak indonesia?18:20
Gneadarthanubis: that is, do they have ferrite cores?18:20
Gneadarthanubis: also, nvidia-settings is the command to use18:21
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia18:22
sayagathx ubottu18:22
darthanubisGnea, yes18:22
Gneadarthanubis: I doubt it's the cable's fault then18:23
Gneadarthanubis: I'd make sure they're fully plugged in, at the very least18:23
Gneadarthanubis: you might also want to do a hard reset - power off completely, then start up again18:24
x2is there any way to make ubuntu treat events when I put both my fingers on touchpad as just a usual mouse movement?18:25
darthanubisGnea, I appreciate it. Done that multiple times:)18:25
sayagahow can i change DNS easyli