freeflyingJackYu: http://www.linode.com/02:50
=== ypwong changed the topic of #ubuntukylin-devel to: Development channel for UbuntuKylin | http://www.ubuntukylin.com | 13.04 Released! | Release party in preparation http://pad.ubuntu.com/beijing-13-04-release-party
ypwonghttp://www.ubuntukylin.com/ still down?06:04
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ypwongwow, wps office includes a whole bunch of chinese fonts09:03
cfhowlettypwong, as I would expect ...10:43
ypwongJackYu, i can access http://www.ubuntukylin.com/ now, are you still having difficulty to replace the link on the front page?11:41
JackYuypwong,  it is still under ddos attack.12:39
JackYuypwong, we moved to another web server just now.12:40
syskoddos by fedora's fanboys ?:P12:40
ypwongsysko, nah, but i can guess who :P12:42
ypwongsysko, btw, Hi!12:42
sysko你好 :P12:43
ypwongsysko, live in france?12:43
ypwongsorry got to go for dinner12:43
syskomy ssh server :P12:43
syskoenjoy your dinner12:44
JackYusysko, hi12:47
JackYusysko, anyway, the website is accessible now.12:47
syskoI've been able to open it earlier in the afternoon (china time)12:47
cfhowlettwhere would I find the torrents ?12:48
JackYucfhowlett: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntukylin/releases/raring/release/12:49
JackYuthere are torrents for 32 and 64 bit.12:50
syskoI'm wondering how ubuntukylin is managed, is it fully supported by canonical (i.e they've have some employees working on it), or is it community-based with ressource (server etc.) support from them?12:50
cfhowlettJackYu, no doubt, but there's no link that I can see ...12:50
cfhowlettsysko, fully supported official ubuntu derivative12:50
cfhowlettJackYu, thanks.  that's what I wanted..12:54
syskodo you already have some partnership planned with Tencent, the company that is editing PPstream ,  Taobao etc. ?13:41
JackYusysko, we have plan for them, but needs time.14:23
ypwongthe user manual is awesome14:52
ypwongJackYu, we should actually put the user manual on the desktop!14:53
JackYuyou mean in the iso?14:54
ypwongJackYu, yes14:54
JackYuypwong, the website and forum is ok. seems faster than before.14:55
ypwongJackYu, csip should have good network bandwidth14:55
JackYusure. we need a new package, might named as 'ubuntukylin-docs'14:55
ypwongJackYu, yes, and put the source on LP14:56
ypwongJackYu, and the current user manual lacks a license14:58
ypwongsuggest to use CC BY-SA license14:58
JackYugood idea.15:02
JackYuypwong, I'm going to publish the info of release party tomorrow.15:03
ruienJackYu: just want to say congrats on your release, and I have high hopes for this distro in the future. I will try to transition my family away from windows when it is possible, thanks for your hard work :)15:04
ypwongawesome :)15:05
JackYuruien: thanks for your great supporting.15:07
ruienI live in china, if you need community support or testing for something, just let me know.15:07
JackYuwow, that's great.15:08
JackYuwe will have a release party in Beijing, 11, May.15:08
JackYuYou are welcome to join us.15:08
ruienah, i wish i could go, but I am in Yibin, Sichuan :( . I used to live in Beijing before15:08
JackYuoh, we have another party at Changsha, Hunan, 18, May.15:10
JackYuHope the earthquake dose't  affect you:)15:11
ruienit was fine here, everyone just ran outside but no damage in Yibin, thanks :)15:11
JackYuAnyway, you can also join our online discussion on UDS.15:12
ruienHm, UDS?15:12
JackYuI should go home, see you later:)15:12
ruienhave a good evening!15:12
Wuhen请问有人在吗? 我的ubuntukylin的GCC出了点问题15:57

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