Unit193Well, looks like in a couple releases, it may just be Xubuntu on GTK?  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2013-April/003941.html00:15
bluesabrenot to worry, elementary 0.3 might be released in a few years01:01
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Noskcaji am the only one regretting not running the upgrade tests?08:06
grywhat are they?08:11
Noskcajgry, in the iso tracker, we were meant to test upgrading 12.10 to 13.04, no one did, and as a result it's super buggy08:24
Noskcajcan someone confirm that 13.04 has 2 bluetooth icons if you upgrade?08:29
ochosithink i've also seen that in clean installs before08:29
ochosiblueman and some other bluetooth applet08:30
Noskcajgnome bluetooth08:41
Noskcajalso, my grub and linux images didn't install properly :(08:42
knomemicahg, you around?10:28
knomemicahg, bug 117311410:32
ubottubug 1173114 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu Raring uses Quantal wallpaper by default" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117311410:32
skellatunit193 knome micahg noskcaj -- Considering the GTK issue raised by unit193 last night, we should start logging issues to discuss here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop/+spec/client-xubuntu-130511:14
skellatI already threw a couple issues on the whiteboard as is11:16
GridCubecan i suggest to add a topic to the saucy issues, for the consideration of HUD integration?12:59
knomeGridCube, you are free to add any items to the whiteboard13:02
GridCube:) excellent13:02
GridCubedo you want me to make a wiki with rationalization about it?13:02
knomenot at this point13:02
knomewe're preparing/planning the uds session, where we'll disuss there further13:03
knomeafter we've done that session, we should look at specifications13:03
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elfyknome: when you are about - should I add system setting description change against blueprint, or just create a bug?17:54
elfyor of course anyone else with an opinion :)18:00
knomeelfy, i'd say just a bug is fine19:06
elfyok - as soon as I've got it intsalled as smug smaug I'll report it 19:06
elfyevening Noskcaj 19:07
Unit193Noskcaj: Upgrade went fine for me, only didn't install new kernels (I use liquorix on that one anyway.)  And I also had to hold a couple more packages for sane Indicator support.19:13
knomethe upgrades haven't been disastrous for me neither19:13
Noskcajok, then i need to try and fix some things19:14
Unit193I still have proper indicators too. :D19:14
Unit193knome: I find the sound one even more helpful on a desktop, that way you have an easy way to change volume.19:15
knomei don't use indicators at all on the desktop19:15
knomei have an small external box for changing the volume though19:15
knomemeh, we didn't update our countdown banners19:18
* knome doesn't care tonight19:18
knometime to do non-FOSS things19:18
Noskcajmy issues: upubuntu hasn't got it's PPAs working, i had 2 bluetooth indicators to start with, then i deleted the network manager. i'm missing:  grub-pc, linux-image-extra-3.8.0-19-generic, linux-image-generic, linux-generic, initramfs-tools19:18
knomethere's no promises about PPA's anyway19:20
NoskcajWhat's everyones opinion on how many alpha/beta/candence releases we run?19:34
elfyit's entirely possible that everyone's opinion is glad that's over for 6 months and are taking a well earned rest19:38
elfyhowever - as I took a 6 month break ... 19:38
knomeNoskcaj, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop/+spec/client-xubuntu-130519:38
elfyI don't think that alpha's help much - better to call for testing as and when they are wanted19:38
Noskcajknome, that's what i was working off, didn't know where to put comments.19:39
Noskcajif i took a break i'd just spend more time modding my PC, so i'm staying here. 19:40
Unit193Good to know generally if the CDs work, and then targetted applications that are ours, like gmusicbrowser, catfish, themes, etc.19:40
Noskcaji think we should have one alpha, just to try and set an actually target half way through the series19:41
elfyUnit193: which shouldn't need an alpha/beta or anything - just people testing regularly19:41
Noskcajand get a bigger focus on the upgrade tests since we missed them entirely19:41
Noskcajelfy, exactly, although oversized images are a different matter19:42
elfyit's certainly easy enough for me to make people aware that are regular testers on the forum 19:42
elfyNoskcaj: not following that19:42
Noskcajelfy, although not really a testing thing, many flavours released oversized or only fixed it in the last few days19:43
elfyis it not only lubuntu now that fits on a cd?19:43
Unit193knome: Would it help if I did what I did about a week ago, only much earlier?  :P19:44
elfythe size shouldn't matter if it's going to need a dvd or usb19:44
knomeUnit193, yeah.19:44
Unit193(I did it for my own purposes, but if it actually helps I should be doing it earlier.)19:47
* elfy is curious19:48
knomeelfy, looking at the seeds19:48
Unit193elfy: Nothing much, just doing a diff on what's actually installed on the CD so I can update my script for a respin.19:49
Noskcajelfy, lubuntu, netboot and server fit on cd19:49
Noskcajalthough server PPC didn't for 13.0419:50
knomethis is the xubuntu development channel19:51
elfyso afaik - we don't need to even think about oversize19:51
knomemrrr, why isn't my translation working19:52
elfytired and irritable?19:54
Unit193knome: Ah, that reminds me, mind publishing plop?19:54
knomeUnit193, should do that soon19:54
knomeyay, poedit in raring shows context19:55
* knome puts on the new von hertzen brothers album and starts fighting the translation19:56
knomeelfy, ^ you might like that, progish rock19:56
elfysounds ok - or at least the one on their website does 19:59
elfythat shows how much I know about wireless and *buntu20:17
elfyhow long has it remembered wireless passwords from live to install for :p20:17
knomedo you know any more about gettext? :P20:18
elfyprobably not :p20:18
knomei'm baffled.20:18
elfyso was I20:19
Unit193That's alright, the auto(re-)connect feature is broken for me, you too?20:20
elfyI'd not have the first idea 20:21
elfynight 20:34
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skellatNoskcaj: If you have comments on the blueprint, edit the whiteboard.  Follow the pattern and add discussion questions perhaps or maybe a view of alternatives from the testing perspective.21:32
* skellat disappears since he cannot walk and type on his netbook around Cleveland Clinic's main campus21:33
micahgknome: not feeling so great, won't be able to look at it until tomorrow night21:38
knomemicahg, that's fine. get well soon :)21:40
NoskcajIf we do follow up on the idea of a "HUD" for xubuntu, we should try and get Studio and Lubuntu involved as it would help all of the projects21:47
Unit193That'd be a long way off anyway, but Lubuntu is lightweight and wouldn't (or shouldn't) be interested.21:50
Unit193Something to note about it, since Unity is going the way of Qt, wouldn't this?21:51
Noskcaj1. Lubuntu being involved would require it to be really light. 2. I assume so22:03

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