MrHotsaucequestion about xubuntu 13.04 my machine dosent have bluetooth capabilities and ive uninstalled blueman why is there still a bluetooth icon in my top panel?00:44
nukkeMrHotsauce: there's a specific bluetooth dock applet that comes with xfce, iirc. open up ubuntu software manager, click on "Installed" and search for bluetooth00:50
nukkethere should be something still installed00:50
nukkeafter that, sudo apt-get autoremove00:50
MrHotsauceah thanks nukke that worked! i have another 4 machines i need to upgrade today none of which have bluetooth capabilities so ill be using that a few times today00:55
nukkeglad it worked MrHotsauce :)00:56
carreramy laptop has a eSATA/USB connection which is listed as eSATA HD on the boot menu. Can I use it to install from a USB Flash?01:19
FireTalonI honestly dont see why not. Most of those are listed as esata/usb to the bios01:20
FireTalononly one way to find out for sure.01:20
carreraI don't have a flash and the stores close in 10 mins!  :)01:20
FireTalonbetter hurry then :p01:21
carreraI've a 2 year old Qosmio01:21
FireTalonthat should work fine01:21
FireTalonand I envy you01:21
FireTalonim on a satallite c655d right now01:22
carrerais the other option DVD since 13.04 doesn't fit on a single CD anymore?01:22
carrerathat's a Toshiba too01:22
carrerahow old is it?01:22
FireTalonI threw an ssd in it, and upgraded the memory to 8gb01:22
FireTalon4 years? 301:22
FireTalonsomething around there01:22
FireTalonsadly this notebook has lasted me longer than any dell or lenovo has01:23
carreraI threw in 2 480 GB SanDisk SSDs!  :D01:23
FireTalonI couldnt spend more on a disk than the machine si worth :p01:23
carrerado u install using a USB?01:23
carreradoes it say eSATA on the boot menu?01:24
FireTalonNope, this machine only has two usb ports01:24
carrerathen, since my eSATA connection takes a usb too, chances are I can install from a USB drive too01:25
carreralemme dash down the street01:25
FireTalonit will definatly be quicker01:25
carrerathe best computer store in Vancouver/Canada is like 6 blocks from my apartment01:25
carrerait's called NCIX01:25
FireTalonmost of them around here are owned by arrogent asses01:26
nukkedon't you guys have walmarts or any other department store?01:26
nukkeyou can get a flash drive almost anywhere that sells any kind of electronics01:26
FireTalonI have one around 50 miles from me01:27
FireTalonI live in the middle of nowhere usa :p01:27
nukkethat sucks01:27
FireTalonyeah, it sucks01:34
FireTalonI cant get normal internet access either, I have 6MB wimax (tower based not cellular) that i do good to get 2.0MB out of01:35
FoxhoundzFor some reason, even though I repartitioned half of my hard disk space to set aside 100GB for Xubuntu using Windows management tool, the only option I have when I install Xubuntu is to wipe entire disk02:02
Foxhoundzand dev/sda doesn't show my windows partition02:02
FoxhoundzWhat gives?02:02
FireTalonGOt me on that one02:06
FireTalonunless the partition was formatted as ntfs02:07
Foxhoundzit;s unallocated actually02:08
Foxhoundzjust empty space02:08
dougbbso anyone seeing problems with 13.04?02:30
hrzhuI've just installed awesome wm on 13.04 but I can't see it in lightdm02:38
hrzhuturns out a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/awesome/+bug/109481102:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1094811 in awesome (Ubuntu) "awesome install does not create desktop listing in GDM/LightDM" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:44
SonikkuAmericaWalterN: Yes?03:40
WalterNjust trying to decide if I want to install Xubuntu 13.04 or not03:41
WalterNsince it was just released03:42
nonubyhow can I set the trackpad to disable when usb mouse is plugged in?03:45
SonikkuAmericaSettings Manager > Mouse...?03:46
nonubyI mean automatically sorry03:46
SonikkuAmericaThere should be an option...03:47
dougbbI wish03:47
dougbbone thing that I think is missing03:47
dougbbpersonally I disabled the trackpad, and just use the nub when I have to03:47
SonikkuAmericaI might check, I have 12.04 LTS03:47
nonubythere was another WM that did have it cant remember possibly gnome2 or gnome303:47
nonuby(was a while ago)03:47
nonubyi guess one can write a udev rule but id getting old03:48
SonikkuAmericaThey both have that capability.03:48
SonikkuAmericaHmmm... seems to be found wanting.03:49
dougbbwell  like I said, it's a minor irritation03:53
dougbbfor me anyway03:53
dougbbI almost always have a mouse of some sort03:53
SonikkuAmericaGet out the poison. :)03:53
dougbbthere are 1,440 updates available03:54
dougbbthat's a disturbingly round number03:55
SonikkuAmericaIt's a multiple of 4503:55
SonikkuAmericaAh, hello akis.04:06
akishi. although i installed on my xubuntu 12.04 ubuntu's sounds today i realised that i lost the incoming email sound of ubuntu and the system returned to xubuntu's default. any idea or advise to fix it?04:07
SonikkuAmericaAre there sound preferences in your email program?04:08
akisSonikkuAmerica: hi again.04:09
akisyes i suppose they are enabled because i can hear the drums if i am trying to send an email with no subject04:10
SonikkuAmericaWell, I wouldn't know where to start, but hunt down your sound prefs and link it to the Ubuntu sound.04:12
hrzhuit looks like thunderbird use python-notify to notify incoming emails04:14
carreraCurrently, I'm running 12.04 installed on 2 x SSDs in RAID 0 configuration. Would Xubuntu 13.04 desktop recognize my RAID?04:15
holsteincarrera: you can always try it live and see what happens04:15
carreraholstein, thanks!04:15
akishrzhu: i am running thunderbird on 3 pc's. the 2 of them have the "paf" sound for income messages (ubuntu's default). the 3rd although it had it too, now it lost it, but still the ubuntu's drums work ok.04:16
holsteinakis: just look for the system sound settings.. for the 'alert" or something similar.. you'll just have to play with what is what04:18
carreraThe BIOS on my Qosmio x500 laptop doesn't have USB in the boot menu but it has eSATA and the actual connection is eSATA/USB. Can I boot from a USB drive?04:18
akisholstein: i fixed it when i installed them the first time, but i cannot remember where to search. in setting editor maybe?04:19
holsteincarrera: i would just try it... i also have a few plop iso's laying around to help make USB boot after booting a CD04:19
holsteinakis: i would look in the system settings for sounds preferences.. thats where i usually look to turn *all* sounds off04:20
carreraholstein, problem is that I left all my flash sticks behind!  :(04:20
carreraand I don't wanna buy another flash only to find out I couldn't boot from it04:21
carreraholstein, plop iso's?04:21
holsteincarrera: http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html wont help you... allows booting USB on hardware that doesnt boot USB, but boots CD/floppy/etc04:22
carreraholstein, thanks04:24
carreracan I just boot off of my SSD?04:24
holsteincarrera: that is really going to depend on your machine.. nothing about xubuntu/ubuntu will prevent anything from booting anything04:25
carreraI mean somehow starting the install process from ubuntu 12.0404:26
holsteincarrera: nothing about 12.04 is preventing you from installing ubuntu to or from whatever you want04:27
akisholstein: although in setting editor/xsettings/NEt/Soundthemename is: ubuntu, i have the xubuntu default incoming email message sound04:27
holsteinakis: you might have to dig deeper..04:28
akisholstein: what to you mean by that?04:28
carreraholstein, Great!  Can I just execute the iso file?04:30
holsteinakis: i mean, if when you say "although in setting editor/xsettings/NEt/Soundthemename is: ubuntu, i have the xubuntu default  incoming email message sound04:30
holsteinthat you want another sound for something that is *not* being affected there.. you might have to dig deeper and set something manually04:30
holsteinakis: when you choose "whatever" theme, it may or may not effect the setting for the thing you are trying to set.. you might need to dig down to it manually...04:31
hrzhuakis: have you checked the `play a sound' when new message arrives in preferences -> general in thunderbird04:31
akisholstein: yes, ok i understand. but it worked perfect all the sheme. the other sounds are ubuntu's sounds. only the incoming message has been changed04:31
holstein^^ that too.. just set it in the client04:31
hrzhuand there is also a `show a alert` option04:32
holsteinakis: and, you set it in the settings in the client?04:32
akishrzhu: sure, i have sound but the xubuntu's default not the ubuntu's sheme.04:32
akiswait a minute!04:33
akisi solved it! it was so simple! for an uknown reason in general preferences in thunderbird was ticked the incoming sound "receive" which is the xubuntu's default (as far i can remember) and not the "default system sound for new mail" which is the ubuntu's one. now it works perfect. everything is ok. thank you guys. kind regards04:37
xubuntu033xubuntu wont down load05:47
pimperlehi. where can i find the xfce4-terminal config file? I'd like to copy my colorscheme to another box and cannot find it.06:45
well_laid_lawnpimperle:  tried looking in ~/.config/xfce4/06:50
pimperleyes, i grepped for one of my current colors there, but without success06:51
koegspimperle: depends, either ~/.config/Terminal or ~/.config/xfce4/terminal06:54
pimperlekoegs: thanks, i have a look06:55
kaimorning folks07:55
cfhowlettkai, greetings ... actually it's 4 PM here in China07:56
kaicfhowlett: I'm operating on IGT, international greeting time. It's always mornings when you join an IRC channel ;)07:57
kaianyhow, I'm having some "fun" with the xubuntu installer and setting up an encrypted LVM that only spans part of my disk07:57
kaiOnce I select "use partition for encrypted filesystem", the installer automatically creates the volume group and a logical volume to span the whole drive08:01
kaier, sorry, the whole encrypted partition08:01
kaibut I'd like to do my own setup08:02
kaialternatively, when I then go and set up the lvm stuff manually in the crypted partition, the installer doesn't set up the boot loader correctly and then during boot the system won't ask for my password to decrypt the drive.08:04
cfhowlettkai, such talk is completely over my pay grade.  probably get an answer in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-server08:18
kaicfhowlett: yeah, no worries, I'll try #ubuntu08:19
ncdmrkai, depends which partitions you use as encrypted.  I use luks to encrypt my lv_data and ecryptfs for my /home08:19
ncdmror are you looking into encrypting / as well?08:19
kaincdmr: I basically want everything encrypted, except from /data08:19
ncdmrwouldn't it make more sense the othe way round? :D08:20
kaithere's secret keys in /etc/ that I wouldn't want to have compromised08:20
kaiand /data is where I'd put stuff where I don't want to pay the speed penalty of encrypting stuff08:20
ncdmrtrue, makes sense I guess.  Because of that I prefer to rely on harddisk password as first line of defense08:21
kaianyway, how the heck do I do the LVM setup in the installer?08:23
kaithat's really annoying08:24
kaiespecially as you can't go "back" without confusing it about the crypted partition, so every time it screws up you need to reboot08:24
ncdmrI usually do my lvm config outside of the installer (vgscan, vgchange, lvscan and such)08:43
idodeisukewhen will be the update available via update-manager?08:48
baizonidodeisuke: yes, if you got 12.1008:52
baizonidodeisuke: try running update-manager -d08:52
MrHotsauceidodeisuke: you can also run "sudo do-release-upgrade"  in terminal to upgrade as well08:54
idodeisukebaizon, I tried, it ain't showin08:59
baizonidodeisuke: have you really tried "update-manager -d"09:01
idodeisukebaizon, yes >:( But the command line option works09:02
idodeisukenow the update via the commandline is on the way :)09:04
baizonou well :)09:04
kaincdmr: I've done that, but the kernel wouldn't ask for my LUKS password on load and the boot just failed.09:08
idodeisukeI just hope it'll be over before 8:13 PM CET...09:11
kaiok, so I've successfully installed my basic system using the server install. can I now use the xubuntu install disk to grab the desktop packages?09:21
baizonkai: or the internet09:28
kaibaizon: well, if I could figure out how to connect to the 802.1x wireless setup from the command line, I'd be happy to09:33
kaiI didn't have any luck googling it, either09:33
baizonkai: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo09:33
kaibaizon: I fail to find any info on non PSK WPA setups09:35
kaipre-shared key is easy, but I need a password and certificate based setup09:36
kaiok, so booting the xubuntu cd, using network manager to set up the network and then using chroot might work :)10:12
aienadoes sudo apt-get autoremove remove all unneeded packages ?10:32
aienaare these not not needed by the all the apps ?10:32
aienaionstalled on the system ?10:32
knome(except those that are marked manually installed)10:32
knomeyes, they aren't needed by anything on your system10:33
knomeyou can also do "sudo apt-get --purge autoremove" to remove all their configuration as well10:33
aienaso even if I compile from source there should be a problem10:33
aienaso me apps10:33
aiena*shouldn't be a problem10:33
aienae.g. I compiled kvirc from a source tar and isntalled it on the system wit h checkinstall10:34
aienanothing will happen to its dependencies10:34
knomei imagine in that case the dependencies would be set to manually installed10:34
knomeyou can always install again (apt will show you a list of packages to be removed)10:35
* aiena nods10:35
aienathats good for system cleanup then.10:36
aienato remove garbage10:36
knomethat's why apt-get suggests that if you have autoremovable packages10:36
aienayes I see it when I normally install new things10:36
aienaknome is there a way to dump all terminal output into a text file ?10:38
aienafor future reference10:38
knomeyour command >textfile10:38
aienai mean terminal input and output10:38
knomei don't think that catches input10:38
knomebut any output, yes10:38
aienaok thanks10:38
aienafor the tip10:39
knomeagain np :)10:39
aienado i need to create the txt file first ?10:39
aienai mean the textfile first with leafpad10:39
knomeas long as the running user has permissions to create that file, you are fine10:39
aienaok and if i use the same text file for another command does ir append to or overwrite the same file ?10:40
buenolHi, I needed to say this somewhere: I love xubuntu! It's just magically working on my Asus 1225C, better than the ubuntu that was included! It's just great! Everything works as expected (suspend, video, ..) ! Hoooray for xubuntu!10:49
cfhowlettbuenol, glad it's working out for you.10:51
knomebuenol, thanks, have fun10:52
buenolthanks ^^10:54
gryone would wonder what went wrong with the 'real' ubuntu at this point to get them fix their bugs but that's surely optional10:55
gryI think they have a button to report the "I have laptop X, things Y and Z misbehave in the so-and-so way"  thing somewhere but I'm not entirely sure where that'd be located10:55
koegsi am sorry, what?11:11
TheSheep!bugs | gry11:12
ubottugry: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:12
grythat's to the other folk here who actually sees the bugs I presume :)11:14
=== kblin_ is now known as kblin
aienawell even normal folk can see them  eventually !!11:44
aienaegat is the shortcut for the taskmanager in xubuntu ?11:53
koegsthere is no default keyboard shortcut11:54
aienaok can it be configured ?11:59
aienawhere ?11:59
koegsSettings -> Keyboard12:00
ncdmrjust point a key combo towards "xfce4-taskmanager"12:00
xubuntu336hey guys, anyone else experiencing distorted graphics during boot12:01
xubuntu336shit, must not have wiped the old one properly12:02
aienaxubuntu336: thats because of your graphics driver12:03
ncdmrforgot to format /boot?12:03
aienais it installed12:03
aienayou see a small greenish line distortion on your screen during boot before it becomes black again12:03
aienaright ?12:03
ncdmrI once had this on a test machine where I was booting xubuntu with the new bootsplash from SuSE 12.312:03
xubuntu336Yes I have a driver12:03
aienathen you can format again from a live distro12:04
aienawith gparted12:04
xubuntu336The top half of the screen becomes very messed up right before log-in12:04
aienaok the the distortin I am talking about is different12:04
aienathat is early boot yours is later boot12:04
aienai mean later in the boot process12:05
xubuntu336it's technically after boot right when the os is loading12:05
aienaok mine is at that time too12:05
xubuntu336its not hardware my other distros are fine12:05
aienathen dunno12:05
aienaI have only xubuntu on this machine no other distros12:06
xubuntu336I used the upgarde tool in 12.10 to go to 13.04, and then this started happening, because xlock and xscreensaver was running12:07
xubuntu336or so I assume12:07
xubuntu336So I made a LiveCD and made it from that, but the problem still happens12:07
xubuntu336I assume its because the cd didnt wipe the old version properly12:08
aienacould be the case12:17
aienayou can try formatting this partition from another distro12:17
aienaformat it to fat 32 and then back to ext12:17
aienathat should ensure a clean wipe I guess12:17
aienaor it could be an issue with 13.04 too12:18
zierkahi! The new version is UEFI-ready, isn't it?12:19
xubuntu336Well if it wasnt I wouldnt be here right?12:19
xubuntu336Id really prefer not to reformat again12:19
aienahmm 13.04 could still run12:21
aienabut it may be some other trivial bug too12:21
aienacouldnt it ?12:21
aienalots of software runs well with bugs too12:21
aienathe kernel is working12:21
aienabut it could be something else too12:22
xubuntu336im thinking its xfce related12:22
xubuntu336xscreensaver works fine12:23
aienacould be which version is it in 13.04 ?12:24
aiena4.10 or later12:24
xubuntu336yeah 4.1012:26
aienaI am not experiencing any issues with it on 12.0412:26
aienaI used a ppa12:26
aienaso it might not be xfce at all12:26
knomei would be very surprised if it was a xfce-related issues12:26
xubuntu336hmm i have an idea12:27
xubuntu336changed the splash12:28
xubuntu336Im gonna reboot12:28
xubuntu093Haha fixed it12:32
xubuntu093Corrupted bootsplash i guess, anyone else experience this?12:32
aienaYay  :)12:37
mogmog_anyone tried xubuntu 13.04? is it good?14:22
baizonmogmog_: yes its very good14:23
baizona very stable release14:23
mogmog_i'm waiting for review before upgrading just in case it's no good :p 12.10 seems good enuf for me14:24
holsteinmogmog_: try it live.. "good" is a matter of opinion. why would you want to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04? software version changes, or support. other than that, its up to you and free to try14:25
GridCubeP: mogmog_ consider 13.04 an improvement over 12.10, there is just bug fixed and more streamlined settings, nothing newer that could break a thing14:25
baizonmogmog_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-khddoDGX1g14:26
mogmog_okay thanks. torrenting now :)14:29
kRushI don't get the versioning of fglrx(-updates), where can I see what driver version is actually in those packages?14:43
ruienanyone know how "safe" it is to dist-upgrade from 12.04? It looks like the xubuntu maintainers nailed it with 13.04 (stability/bug fixes, updates, and no new directional changes), so i'd like to upgrade rather than waiting for 14.04. Or, would you recommend a reinstall from ISO?14:52
koegsruien: you have to upgrade to 12.10 first, then 13.0414:53
koegsi would rather do an re-install or just stick with 12.04 :)14:53
ruienhm, is that so. In that case, yes ok.14:53
arturuntuHi there! When I startup session with my user on Xfce 4.10 somehow my home folder and image viewer automatically start up too. I don't know how to unset this. Already try logging with other user and everything's normal, so it's some setting related to my user. Thanks!15:05
zierka_Hi! You are suggesting to use Universal USB Installer to put xubuntu on a usb pendrive, but it does not create a UEFI bootable drive, it just creates a regular non-UEFI one, so those who are having UEFI they could have problems with it.15:06
zierka_Sent to the staff of course.15:07
holsteinarturuntu: at shutdown, there should be a 'save session" checkbox.. or logout.. try that first15:07
holstein!uefi | zierka_15:09
ubottuzierka_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:09
holsteinzierka_: afaik, those with uefi are exepected to do what is needed for the hardware they have15:09
arturuntuok holstein, thanks. I try it now15:10
holsteinarturuntu: also, look at the session you are booting from the login window15:10
arturuntuthanks holstein, it's fixed not. I close evething, check the box and log out. Then log in and out back again and uncheck it. Thanks again!15:16
holsteinarturuntu: cheers15:17
zierka_I was able to install xubuntu easily, the setup part went without problems, i just want to say that the Universal USB Installer was not good for me, who has UEFI. I used win32diskimager, that is ok, it created a UEFI bootable drive.15:18
holsteinzierka_: sure.. but if folks *dont* have uefi, they wouldnt need that.. i think the idea is, folks who have uefi will need to take the necessary steps... also, if its a wiki page you are referencing, they should be editable15:19
zodiakstupid question, when creating past (say) 10 terminals inside the xfce terminal, little scroll arrows appear up at the tabs section (one left, one right), how do I get the arrows to disappear without closing the 11th terminal tab ?15:51
TheSheepmake the terminal wider so that they fit?15:59
zodiakwell.. it never used to do this pre terminal 0.6.116:00
ChicoNorteTFXubuntu power! :-D16:10
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Lanaii_GERhello, is anyone german here16:59
baizonLanaii_GER: yes17:00
Lanaii_GERor can anyone help me, to solve my problem. I installed xubuntu 13.04 and want to have my system in German, i've installed the language-pack logout and restart but nothing changed17:01
Lanaii_GERmein system ist in englisch obwohl nur mehr deutsch installiert ist17:01
baizonLanaii_GER: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Spracheinstellungen17:01
Lanaii_GERhab ich doch schon alles gemacht17:02
baizonLanaii_GER: ehh17:06
kRushhow do I get the terminal window to remember its position?17:08
kRushit always opens mid screen17:08
baizonkRush: "The Xfce Window Manager has a feature called smart placement which can be adjusted based on the window size. Basically it will automatically center windows that are below a certain size and once they get bigger than that, new windows will try to be arranged automatically in the best place to have coverage. You can adjust the minimum size setting under Settings → Window Manager Tweaks → Placement. "17:09
elfykRush: if you want apps to always open in the same place/screen/workspace - I've been using devilspie for years to do that17:13
elfyand gdevilspie makes it a lot easier to set it up :)17:14
kRushthe smart placement seems to do the trick for now. the slider is just so arbitrary17:15
kRushbut thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind17:17
elfycool - I'm a bit specific about where I want things - firefox on one screen's workspace, xchat on another etc ...17:21
recon_lapback again, wondering if it's just me who's getting hard lockups? 3 this week so far!!17:25
elfyI've had one or two with the -19 kernel17:26
recon_lapi'm on 3.2.0-40-generic #6417:27
recon_lapmight be time for a clean up of my OS17:29
zodiakrecon_lap, any reason for staying with an 'old' kernel ?17:34
recon_lapold? I'm just go with the flow on lts releases17:35
recon_lapis it old?17:35
zodiakaaahh.. you are on 12.04 lts17:35
zodiakwell.. yeah.. mainstream kernels are now upto 3.8.something or other ;)17:35
zodiakrecon_lap, you can always go back to a previous kernel if you are on lts .. they should still be in your grub menu17:35
recon_lapmight do that, might just wait a while and go to 13.0417:37
zodiaksounds like a plan.. or jst bump upto 12.10 and then bump upto 13.04 after a while17:37
recon_lapzodiak: you can probably tell I like to not spend time messing with upgrades and stuff :)17:38
recon_laphad to upgrade mysql 5.5 to 5.6 yesterday due to a bug17:39
zodiakmeh.. most of the past xubuntu/ubuntu upgrades have been ~relatively~ smooth17:39
zodiakoh mercy.. mysql.. nuff said :P17:39
zodiak*cough*postgres*cough* ;)17:39
recon_laptrue, next db I make will not be in mysql :)17:40
zodiakyeah.. I moved to pg back in 6.5 days.. never been happier. sqlite for when I need a small, light db :)17:41
recon_laplooked at porting to postgres but felt the effort was to much.17:41
zodiakaaahh.. yeah. totally depends on your app and program of course but.. usually I find it worth the pain upfront, rather than paying for the pain in the longer term17:42
zodiakswings, roundabouts17:42
recon_laptried to install MariaDB , did not go well17:42
zodiakoh ? you mean from the repos or jst with your app ?17:43
recon_lapfrom the repos, seems it's bugged17:43
zodiakhhrmm.. hopefully you flung a ticket into launchpad ;)17:43
zodiakcause I was going to play around with maria next week :D17:43
recon_lapMariaDB is not in ubuntu repos as far as i saw.17:44
recon_lapadmittedly i did not look very hard at it17:45
zodiakalrighty.. guess I am my own guinea pig then17:46
recon_lapzodiak: If i was really trying it would have turned into a manual compile/install17:49
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nick___hello guys20:34
nick___i need some help seriously...i am new to Linux! i have a laptop with two partitions!20:34
nick___on one partition is windows Xp home and on the other partition i want to install xbuntu20:35
nick___but now that i putted the cd for the install20:35
nick___doesnt show me any partition20:35
nick___just a huge allocated space20:35
knomeallocated or unallocated?20:37
well_laid_lawnI was thinking that too20:38
nick___allocated sorry20:39
nick___but it doesnt make any sense :(20:39
MrHotsauceare you sure you partitioned it right?20:39
knomeif you created two partitions, all space should be allocated20:39
nick___i had from the start windows xp...C and D two partitions eatch one 40 gb...now i have xbuntu live cd on...and i have one allocated space about 80 gb size and a 450gb of my external usb drive that is unplugged!omg20:40
nick___well MrHotsauce i am so newbie seems :(20:40
knomeallocated means that there is a partition in the partition table that fills that space, regardless if it's used by anything or not20:40
nick___still i cant understand20:40
nick___it was my laptop out of the box...with presinstall windows xp and the two partitions (ntfs both)20:41
Noskcajnick___, bit of advice, in XP make one partition again and let Xubuntu then make it so there are two.20:41
Noskcajfor linux, you don't want to use ntfs20:41
nick___oh thanks but i was hoping for something more fast cause i will have to back up20:41
nick___ye Noskcaj i was hoping that xubuntu could see the two partitions and convert the one that i want to install it on it to exst420:42
Noskcajnick___, that can happen, but xubuntu will also want a swap partition (windows doesn't need one because it makes a massive file with the same purpose.20:43
nick___:( oh20:43
Noskcajmy advice: in XP, merge all the partitions.20:44
nick___will i loose data from this?20:44
Noskcajthen in the xubuntu installer it should have the option to install xubuntu beside XP20:44
Noskcajand no20:44
well_laid_lawnI'd check the cd20:44
Noskcajjust make sure all your data is on the C drive20:44
NoskcajOnce you select install beside, a slider will come up and you choose how much you want each partition to be.20:45
nick___oh thank you so much! yes all my data are on C! so i merge the partitions20:45
nick___and then just put again the xubuntu live cd20:45
nick___for the installation?20:45
Noskcajsome tips: 1. Xubuntu will see the XP partition, XP won't see the xubuntu partition. 2. ext4 doesn't ever need defragging20:45
well_laid_lawnif there is two partitions the live cd should see them both20:46
well_laid_lawnI'd check the cd20:46
nick___thank you so much for your patience and your precious help!!! ok! i am merging them and returning back to the installation20:46
nick___cd works fine well_laid_down...i have played around with it on live session20:47
well_laid_lawnobviously it doesn't20:47
nick___what should i do then?20:47
well_laid_lawnif there really is two partitions20:47
nick___use a usb stick for installer?20:47
nick___yes they are20:48
well_laid_lawnshould be a cd check option in the live cd's menu20:48
well_laid_lawnif there is two partitions and the live cd only sees one that won't be the only trouble you have20:49
nick___okie where is the cd check option?20:49
well_laid_lawnin the menu when you first start the live cd20:50
nick___after i log in the envivonerment?20:50
nick___cause i have just Try xubuntu and Install xubuntu20:51
nick___btw Gparted from settings can see the two partitions that are ntfs :P20:52
dickhey guys iv got this odd looking thing going on i have  black box around the menus when i click them21:01
dickno help on the web21:03
aienais it possible to install audacity 2.0.3 in xubuntu 12.0.4 LTS ?21:03
SonikkuAmericadick: What Xubuntu is this, and what is your graphics card?21:05
dicki have 13.04 and no graphics card im on a old Dell Dimension 300021:08
dickrecently moved from linux mint as i could not get samba to log onto windows shared xubuntu work out of the box just have that one issue21:10
MrHotsaucehave you tried turning off desktop compositing?21:11
gusnanaiena, its available in a PPA: https://launchpad.net/~audacity-team/+archive/daily21:12
aienagusnan that ppa is 2.0.3 + svn I think21:12
aienaI want just the stable 2.0.3 build + the daily svn alterations21:12
aiena* - the daily alterations21:13
aienajust the base 2.0.3 stable21:13
aienanormally there are PPA's with stable releases21:13
aienabut this PPA' seems like a nightly sort of PPA21:13
gusnanaiena, oh - I searched around a tiny bit, but I havn't found anything that suits those req's unfortunately...21:13
* aiena nods21:14
aienaOn my windows partition21:14
aienaI have 2.0.3 stable21:14
aienathat rocks with libsoxr21:14
aienaso I was just wondering if there was a stable PPA here21:14
aienano worries21:14
aiena2.0.2 will do - definitely :)21:14
nick___should i format my 1-2 gb partition as swap?or?21:16
recon_lapnick___: you need make something the swap space21:19
nick___ok now i can see the two partitions21:19
nick___39 gb and 39 gb21:19
nick___still i dont know who is who!21:19
nick___but how i make a swap space?21:19
MrHotsaucenick if you choose the empty partition i think it "should" make the swap space for you21:20
recon_lapnick___: you should have created a small partition that you can make the swap drive21:20
recon_lapnick___: I take it you are doing the advanced install21:21
nick___ok i am in the point where i see the two partitions (eatch 40 gb) i guess the first one from the left is the one with windows xp so now i can drag if i want the line to make the linux partition smaller in space?but i dont care so much about this21:21
nick___yes i presses advaced settings21:22
nick___now press on partition table?21:22
recon_lapnick___: you might have to remove the linux partition to make room for you swap partition. should be sized about 150% of your system ram .21:23
nick___wow wow take it a bit slowly plz for a such noob as me!!! my ram is 2 gb! i have two partitions! one 40 gb (installed witndows xp) and one 39 gb something21:25
recon_lapnick___: yes, you need to set your partition manually, just be careful not to mess with your xp partition21:25
nick___so now what i am doing?21:25
recon_lapnick___: you need to create a partition for your swap drive, so go into the partition manager.21:26
nick___and now?21:26
nick___(i am seeing the two partitions!)21:26
nick___in a tree view something21:26
nick___sda1 and sda5 their names..21:27
recon_lapnick___: well, I'd delete the linux partition , create a 3gb partition mounted to swap, then say a 36 gb partition for root21:27
nick___ehm sorry but a bit more details directions to make it?21:28
nick___just choose the linux partition (its ntfs ayway the filesystem) and press delete?21:29
recon_lapI'd actually make 3 partitions , 18gb root, 18gb home, 3gb swap21:29
recon_lapnick___: just make SURE you got the right partition21:29
nick___ok recon_lap sooo much thanks for all your precious help! ok now i deleted the right partition and its labeled as free space!21:30
recon_lapnow i forget which type of partition you want , a logical or extended21:31
nick___mm i dont know neither! lol what should i make?21:31
MrHotsaucei think its logical he wants21:32
nick___<recon_lap> I'd actually make 3 partitions , 18gb root, 18gb home, 3gb swap21:34
nick___so i guess that i need extend partition?21:34
recon_lapproblem with logical is you can only have 4 on a drive21:34
nick___in logical partition eatch of the Os can be independent?like i cant touch windows xp partition with linux?21:36
recon_lapnick___: nope, they all touchable21:36
nick___so should you recommend me?whats the difference of logical and extended?21:37
nick___anyd cons prons?21:37
heoyeawhats the ?21:38
recon_lapnick___: follow the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes , do you have 2 drives?21:38
nick___its just one laptop21:38
nick___with one poor driver21:38
nick___hard disk if is that what you mean with drive word21:38
nick___a hard disk with two partitions of 70 gb eatch one (sorry i was wrong before with 40 gb)21:39
recon_lapnick___: so whats there already, whats xp on?21:39
nick___and the one now is labeled as free partition now as i pressed delete onit21:39
nick___it was alread xp on21:39
recon_lapfree partition?21:40
recon_lapfree space surly21:40
nick___free space21:41
recon_lapand what type of partitions?21:41
nick___the first says ntfs (the one that got windows)21:42
nick___the free space nothing21:42
nick___i dont know if i can see from somewhere else if it is soemthing like logical partition or extended...21:42
recon_lapdont matter, create a 1 gb primary, then create a extended with the rest , split the extended up in 3 logical partitions21:43
nick___eatch one of the logical partitions 18 gb?21:44
recon_lapnick___: well I'm not sure ehat size you drive is21:44
nick___the whole driver?21:45
recon_lapnick___:  how big is the extended partition?21:46
nick___76 gb it is the free space21:46
recon_lapnick___: 3 gb for swap, up to 30gb for root, the rest for home21:46
nick___ok and the 1 gb primary that you said before for what is?21:47
recon_lapnick___: just to have it there, seems some boot loaders and other stuff may go in there. dont know for sure21:48
nick___okk!! and how i separate the free space partition in extended and withing logicals?i have selected it (blank) but i dont see any obvious direction21:49
recon_lapnick___: there is no free space partition, thats you xp partition21:50
nick___:O how comes?21:50
nick___i mean my xp partition is the other one21:50
recon_lapnick___: because that where XP is21:50
nick___that is untouched i dint deleted it21:50
recon_lapnick___: dont delete it, thats where XP is. free space is basically unused, the guide shows it as the space you would put your other OS(xp) in21:52
recon_lapyou already have XP loaded21:52
nick___mm i am confused now because when i saw the two partitions i pressed delete the one that was empty (even windows empty ntfs partition)21:52
nick___and now you telling me that should i move my xp to other partition?21:53
recon_lapno, dont touch you XP partition21:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:55
nick___ok i used gparted from the live cd to get a better view of how its the partitions so we have sda1 thats the windows xp the other one is sda2 that contained the sda5 that is extended21:58
recon_lapnick___: sounds like you have 2 drives there21:58
nick___and i have and a unallocated space 10 mb21:58
recon_lapnick___: but lets not get distracted21:59
nick___no its one and the extended is on sda2 sorry not to sda5 sda5 is data21:59
recon_lapnick___: I really cant safely partition your drive over IRC, you have the information you need. is there anything you are confused about?22:01
nick___i know just trying to figure out...to much for a guy that used windows for 14 years only :(22:03
nick___so i am choosing the partition sda2 a22:03
recon_lapnick___: the main thing is not to delete your XP partition22:03
nick___and use the rerize option?22:03
nick___ye i know i wont22:03
recon_lapnick___: I cant answer that, I have no idea what your partition table looks like.22:05
recon_lapnick___: and setting partitions is only something I do rarely so I'm a bit vague on the details22:06
nick___well the first one sda1 option is just the windows xp partition the second one is called sda2 and contains a sub sda5 that can edit format it in a filesystem type and resize it...but the strange is that i have to choose sda5 only for configure since sda2 is not customized! well anyway thanks so  much22:07
iLogicalmy fn+volume keys arent working22:07
iLogicalalthough they were in the last ubuntu i had22:07
iLogicali am using ubuntu now22:07
iLogicali have xfce4-mixer though22:08
iLogicalalso before i removed pulseaudio22:09
iLogicalthen i removed that .pulse/client.conf file22:09
iLogicalor emptied it22:09
bazhangwas there a question in there?22:10
MrHotsauceiLogical: try suspending and un-suspending22:11
MrHotsaucei have to do it every boot to get my fn keys to work22:11
recon_lapiLogical: have a look at http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?pid=26398 , post 4 is the one i think you need to read22:11
iLogicalMrHotsauce, i rebooted but nothing22:14
recon_lapnick___: I still have little idea whats on you hdd, you have a XP partition, but whats on the other partition"data"?22:14
MrHotsaucenot reboot suspending22:14
nick___nothing lol!it was some setups programs that i moved them to the XP partition and now is empty! but still anyway shows me that there is 3 gb captured from something lol22:14
recon_lapnick___: if it's an empty partition, delete it22:15
Barnabasdont expect tools on another platform windows vs linux to make sense of whats on the other platforms partitions22:15
nick___delete it?so simply?from gparted?22:16
nick___i can format it i guess22:16
nick___to a ext4 filesystem22:17
nick___but after?i start making the 3 logical sub partitions22:17
nick___with resize option22:17
Barnabasnick___, that depends22:17
Barnabasare you ok with having one partition for all your stuff22:18
recon_lapnick___: you should not need to resize. you should create the partition the right size first time22:18
Barnabasor do you want several for say /var /tmp /usr and /home22:18
Barnabasusually you just want /22:18
Barnabasfor a normal user22:18
Barnabasone partition that is22:18
recon_lapBarnabas: speak for yourself :P22:19
BarnabasI know22:19
BarnabasI have several22:19
Barnabasbut if you are not an advanced / hc user then it is easier with one22:19
nick___ok recon_lap i create a partition extended to the right size (i like it to be the same size as it is now 76 gb)22:19
recon_lapnick___:  first make a 1gb primary partition for bootloader stuff22:20
iLogicalrecon_lap, this is way too complicated, isn't there an easier way?22:21
recon_lapnick___: then make a large extended partition , devide it into 3 , 3gb swap, 30gb root / , and the rest for home22:21
Barnabasyou need to make 4 partitions to split up a linux install in a sensible way - so I agree with recon_lap22:22
Barnabasthe easiest way is one though22:22
nick___ok i have already a extended big partition! primary that is out of the extended should be also ext4 filestystem?22:24
recon_lapnick___: you put logical drive in the extended one, and plz give drive sizes when talking about them. it helps22:26
recon_lapnick___: let the boot loader take care of the 1gb primary , I never messed with it before afair22:27
nick___yes it is logical type and file system ext4 the trhee of them swap 3 gb ,30 gb roor and home 40 gb22:27
nick___yes the unallocated space that is out of the two partition and i told your before that is 10 mb its seems toe be the primar :P22:28
recon_lapnick___: so it looks like your good to go, now just have one final look to make sure you have not erased you xp partition :)22:28
nick___hehe yes recon :) well i can see that in the one partition that i supposed to be windows xp it says that 40 gb is on use so should i believe it ?:P22:30
Barnabasnick___, thats how linux sees a windows partition22:30
Barnabas"in use"22:30
Barnabasor ubuntu22:31
nick___btw on the logical partition in the label section of eatch of the trhee partition should i put22:31
nick___with slash22:31
nick___in the front22:31
nick___and aligned to Mib22:32
Barnabas"/usr" etc22:32
Barnabas"/" is the root itselv22:32
Barnabasthe dot is from where ever you are22:32
recon_lapnick___: root is normally just "/"22:32
Barnabas.. the parent dir22:33
Barnabasrelative paths make no sense in the process of installing an os22:33
nick___so i dont put anything in the label22:33
nick___when i am about to creat the new logical partition22:33
nick___just leave it blank?22:33
recon_lapnick___: it's up to you , can be useful for identifying partitions if you ever in gparted again22:34
nick___aha thank you...well i want to say that i can put same names to recognize them but no need to be so specific in the names22:35
nick___so i can name the root logical partition22:35
nick___the home homeeee22:35
BarnabasI suppose you could, but your /etc/fstab would look a bit strange22:36
Barnabasthe file that is the config for mounting stuff22:36
recon_lapnick___: as i said,but I'm a bit vague on the details22:36
Barnabasfile systems22:36
nick___hm so Barnabs what names should i use in the label22:37
nick___at the creation of eatch logical partition22:37
BarnabasI usually just call them by name22:37
recon_lapBarnabas: dont think you mess with fstab anymore, though drives got mounted with usb type identifiers these days22:37
Barnabas"/usr", "/tmp", "/var", and "/home"22:38
Barnabasrecon_lap, youre right22:38
David-Anick___: you can call them anything, or nothing, but a system that makes the names unique is good22:38
nick___oh thank you22:38
nick___ok so i can use "/" on the naming on the label22:39
David-Anick___: if you plan to dual boot different distros with a common home, then the roots can be called "xubuntu","debian","fedora" insteadof "root" and the home "home"22:39
recon_lapnick___: and "/" as a name is not good. likely to cause confusion , "root" is better22:40
nick___David-A we speaking about dual boot with windows xp and Xubuntu22:41
David-Anick___: depending how you manage the booting you may want a separate "boot" partition too.22:41
nick___ok recon_lap! i named them home root and swap22:42
nick___David-A ye it is by default a unallocated space22:42
Barnabasusr and var?22:42
nick___that is seems to be primary type partionf22:42
nick___Barnabs recon_lap told me to make only 3 logical partitions in my extended partition that would be called Swap 3 gb, root 30 gb and the rest 40 gb home22:43
Barnabasusr being where your executable installed code go, and var where your data to that installed code go22:43
recon_lapdont forget the 1gb primary ;)22:44
nick___the 1 gb primary is out of the extended partition that contains the 3 subs22:44
nick___but it is called unallocated and is 10.35 mb22:45
Barnabasok, but being a developer, an mysql install would need more22:47
recon_lapnick___: so you did not create a 1 gb primary partition? probably wont matter but it was supposed to be some extra space if it was need later .22:47
Barnabasdata in /var22:47
Barnabasfor instance22:47
nick___recon_lap ok i will create then a bit more big primary partition...22:48
nick___but the problem is that its giving me only 10 mb to work for this lol22:48
nick___Barnabs what you mean about mysql install?what have to do with primary partition that have bootloader stuff?22:49
recon_lapnick___: is that because thats all the free space left?22:49
nick___yes :P22:50
recon_lapI normally leave a few gb unallocated on every drive22:51
nick___so now?how can a leave 1-2 gb unallocated on my drive?22:52
recon_lapnick___: dont use all the free space22:52
Nick____sorry it disconnected me22:54
recon_lapNick___ np, I was just thinking how you would love doing this partitioning in the old text menu system.22:55
Barnabasmuch to easy22:55
Nick____in command line?22:55
recon_lapfdisk was it22:56
Barnabaswell even the console in ubuntu today is based on a frame buffer ..22:56
Nick____ye it would be really ridiculious22:56
Nick____as a newbie that i am22:56
gexhi there22:56
Nick____so now can i do something for put some more unallocated space22:56
gexthis time iḿ not being able to auto run nvclock on startup22:56
gextried to sudo nvclock22:57
gexlike : sudo nvclock -F 10 -f22:57
recon_lapgex: sudo apt-get install bum22:57
gex10x recon_lap iḿ going to try this22:58
recon_lapjust remember gksu23:01
Nick____recon_lap the primary partition it can be ext4 or even ext3 or 2 doesnt matter eh?23:06
recon_lapNick____: dont think it matters. just leave it.23:07
Nick____ok so much thanks! you helped me to understand and clear so much things about partioning and installation of xubuntu! ah it reminded me the old days that i was asking help for coding sometimes! Irc rules! why should facebook overtake the people and destroy the internet!23:09
Nick____i wish i could buy you some beers guys!23:09
recon_lapI should set up that paypal account :P23:10
Nick____hehe with so much helped i dont think that you could get judged so much23:14
Nick____anyway good night guys and hope to talk you tommorow from my xubuntu!23:15
kRushweird, that there's no way to throw a couple of bucks at xubuntu23:20
knomewe're not allowed to make money out of xubuntu.23:25
* David-A assumes "we" above is "xubuntu"23:26
knomeanybody contributing to xubuntu really23:27
BiafraOkay Xubuntu 13.04 isn't wanting to install for me. It either locks up entirely (when nomodeset is on) or shoots out a wall of panic/oops text (when it is off)23:30
recon_lapBiafra: you 12 months ahead of me.23:34
recon_lapBiafra: doing a reinstall probably the quickest fix, have you tried with a live usb?23:35
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