gary_posterrick_h_, you around?00:56
rick_h_gary_poster: yep00:56
gary_postergot a problem00:56
* rick_h_ runs away00:56
gary_posterstaging.jujucharms.com is not available over https00:56
rick_h_yea, manage. is supposed to be :(00:56
gary_posterthat means we can't make connections to...ah. :-(00:56
rick_h_https://manage.jujucharms.com/ but it's in a broken deploy state atm00:56
gary_posterrick_h_, ok...we are kinda hosed then :-(00:57
gary_posterfwiw, https://ec2-54-224-193-110.compute-1.amazonaws.com/00:58
rick_h_gary_poster: never mind. There was talk this morning of a manage.staging.jujucharms.com but it's not available from what I can tell00:58
rick_h_gary_poster: damn sorry. Didn't think about it. The upgrade is throwing errors and evidently in a way our charm isn't logging atm so we don't know why. 00:59
rick_h_we'll supposedly update to start logging monday00:59
rick_h_gary_poster: so I'll send an email to mthaddon I think. Or maybe there's an RT I can hook up with. To see if we can magically have a working https manage. instance by the time we start monday morning?01:00
gary_posterrick_h_, that would be sweet if possible.  arosales' email said we would deliver Monday, not *when* on Monday.  I can actually land this change to the charm so it is ready for you, and maybe we just tweak the default to point to the working https data source monday.  the only thing that block is you landing the branch I was trying to get you open for. 01:02
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, I can hold onto it for a minute. The trouble is landing it with a broken endpoitn means lots of error notifications about failed api calls01:02
rick_h_gary_poster: my other work I need to do isn't dependant on the browser by default work01:03
rick_h_so it'll just be one more landing on monday hopefully01:03
gary_posterI guess we could have a branch based on your branch to hide the right hand stuff01:03
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, it sounds like that'd be by wed based on the last email that went around?01:04
rick_h_so it could be done waiting in the wings for gonig in on wed at the latest01:04
gary_posterno the intent is that monday EoD we have fully functional experience that could go live, other than bugs.  Think of it like beta, maybe?  wed is RC.01:05
gary_posterthurs is chance for RC2 if necessary01:05
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, sounds like a plan to me. /me liked when everyone was talking about thurs better :P01:05
gary_posterfri is release01:05
rick_h_gary_poster: +101:05
rick_h_writing email now to you, arosales, sinzui, mthaddon on manage. and we'll cross our fingers.01:06
gary_postercool rick_h_ .  Thursday: Yeah, but from hints and conversations I am pretty sure you agree with me that this jujucharms.com project would have been at lot nicer at this stage if it had been gradualy live the whole time.  I didn't want to be the PM, because I had enough on my plate.  But now that I'm involved, I want to do things the way we wanted them to have been done, even if it is within a very compressed timeli01:08
rick_h_gary_poster: understood. We can have a post-mort. sometime, but I don't know that having live bits the whole time would have helped either. It's just too much work that we've run out of time tbh. I've not been blocked or twiddling my fingers a single day for the last 2+ months. 01:09
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks though. I'm on board for monday. It'll be a busy day, but should be good once we get through it01:09
gary_postercool rick_h_ .  No, you were certainly not twiddling your thumbs--you've done great work, and I mean it.01:12
* rick_h_ can't wait for vaca post-oakland :)01:12
gary_posterI think a lot of coordination would have been better with what I described though.01:13
gary_posteryeah :-/01:13
rick_h_thanks, and can't say enough about the help you guys have done. wouldn't be close without it01:13
rick_h_k, email away. let's hope it gets us a rebuild on monday01:13
gary_poster:-) here's hoping01:13
rick_h_boom! it works! bwuhahahahahaha18:22
gary_posterwhat, rick_h_ ?18:28
rick_h_heh, with a bunch of missing tests and 12 undocumented methods. 18:28
rick_h_gary_poster: filtering/searching18:28
rick_h_gary_poster: took up jcsackett branch and got it synced up into the app state and such so been working on getting it working all day18:28
rick_h_pita to do since they're two diff widgets for filters, search input, spread across multiple views (sidebar, fullscreen, etc)18:28
rick_h_but think I licked it finally18:29
gary_posterrick_h_, I think I have the charm working with new necessary features, and charm tests passing--apparently they haven't been run for the last few commits :-( :-(18:29
rick_h_sorry, just wanted to scream out loud :)18:29
gary_posterI hear ya18:29
rick_h_gary_poster: very cool, glad to hear. 18:29
rick_h_passing that is :)18:29
gary_posterI also found a sandbox inifinite loop that I see how to fix18:29
gary_posteriloop in Y.mix: yuck18:30
rick_h_ooh, very good. I tried that out today to see if it was faster18:30
rick_h_<3 sandbox :)18:30
gary_poster:-) cool, yeah18:30
rick_h_makes all these reloads to check "given a pasted url do we parse/setup search state correctly"18:30
rick_h_much better18:30
gary_posterlol yeah I bet18:30
rick_h_running out of time for today though so will try to get tests/docs and such going tomorrow some. Might have some known bugs on search/filter on monday to fix still18:31
rick_h_there's still some confusion on handling a filter checkbox checked vs a default18:31
gary_postercool.  we should check when tom needs a new version of the gui in order to push it.  I think mews is in our timezone?18:32
gary_posterso maybe we can have at least some of the day for debugging18:32
rick_h_oh hmm, think he's west CO maybe? 18:32
gary_posterthat would be great :-)18:33
rick_h_yea, that'd be cool. I figure most of the day will be reviewing/landing/etc18:33
rick_h_ah, he's in TX18:33
rick_h_if we can get mthaddon to show him how it's done :)18:33
gary_poster:-) I think mews has been doing the setup for the gui18:33
rick_h_ah, ok cool then18:33
gary_posterone charm review needed: https://codereview.appspot.com/899904319:15
gary_posteron board as well19:15
benjigary_poster: I reviewed it.20:32

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