bradleetsimpson: thanks00:09
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bradleeI seem to have a lot of versions of the unix kernel, how many versions should I keep around???00:42
bradleeI guess the upgrade to raring is removing the header files...00:43
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bradleenow I have kubuntu 13.04 and it's booting...00:47
bradleeI have default font set at ubuntu 18 and the available devices on the system tray, if I click on anything, the words are scrambled they run together, is there any fix for that?00:54
c2tarunhey all01:07
c2tarunI moved my task manager panel to left side like Unity side bar, now I have a small problem. I marked 5 applications as "Show launcher when not running" but the problem is when I open any app from that launcher, it moves to bottom. I can say that task manager groups running applications together. Is there any way to prevent it?01:08
c2tarunplease mark my nick when replying.01:15
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SpaceghostI am having a problem and it's that the Control Volume doesn't work and the sound works even in mute.03:13
SpaceghostI am using Kubuntu 12.10.03:13
OerHeksSpaceghost, does this solve:  kmix > settings > select master channel03:17
SpaceghostLet me try.03:18
SpaceghostIt's weird but kmix doesn't boot.03:21
SpaceghostOerHeks: I found the problem, it was that I was controlling the digital audio that is for the HDMI output aparentaly and if I control analogic all work.03:46
SpaceghostBut I don't know how to select it by default.03:46
SpaceghostI select the analogic as master channel but still it doesn't work.03:48
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chenxyhello everyone!07:38
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vitimitiHi, I know I can start skype in kubuntu 13.04 with the command LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype in a console. So I'm trying to put that command in a desktop icon, an access, but I must be doing something wrong. Could somebody help me?08:23
s3rb3rushey anyone here?  anyone else having complete cell outages.  its weird and trippin me out08:38
s3rb3rusplease respond08:38
Cremboinstalled kubuntu 13.04 on laptop (dell studio 1555), it immediately crashes the gpu after showing the splash screen even though launching from live cd had no issues (and neither did kubuntu 12.10). help?08:39
smartboyhw_!patience | s3rb3rus08:39
ubottus3rb3rus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/08:39
s3rb3rustotal cell outage in new mexico on all carriers08:39
s3rb3russorry a little disturbed.  this the only line of communication i got08:40
s3rb3rusi know this is a general ubuntu irc but im just hoping for some outside info08:42
arulmagihi every one. can some one answer my querry? will the kubuntu 12.04 LTS get the 5 year updates?08:46
smartboyhwarulmagi: Yes08:49
arulmagithank you. so i can wait till the next LTS to upgrade?08:51
smartboyhwarulmagi: Yes08:51
arulmagithanks buddy. nice to see our kubuntu community is active08:52
Cremboin case anyone needs it: I've managed to make kubuntu 13.04 stop insta-crashing the gpu on boot on my laptop (with a radeon mobility card) by using recovery mode to drop into no-graphics root console and adding this repository https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=raring08:54
lordievaderGood morning.08:56
CQhello, I had a crash in the middle of a release update, now I can't get into any shell... seems glibc isn't there, so I can't get into basch, recovery mode doesn't give me a shell. What can I do to get a shell and continue the upgrade?09:01
CQbooting off a stick and chrooting probably wouldn't help either... is there a way to start a minimal shell via a grub option?09:01
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capoutchahello guys09:32
lordievaderHey capoutcha, CQ. How are you both?09:33
CQnot well, kdm crashed during upgrade, now system is hosed09:33
capoutchaamm!!!! sorry but i am new at konversation and still new to open source ;) and i am trying to learn more about how to use konversation because i only can connect to this chanel for now any help will be great09:33
capoutchahi lordievader i am great thx you ?09:34
capoutchasome links some tutorial for konveresation ?09:35
CQnever used it, look on the web. This is IRC (internet relay chat) with tons of channels, you have to join them (there should be a channel list somewhere) and then you can talk to people09:36
capoutchaafter that i wrote my querry i got it hhh thx any way CQ09:38
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bendersteedHey everyone, there was a nice extension for dolphin that treated dropbox folders like git or svn ones. I can't seem to find it anymore.10:48
bendersteedAny ideas?10:48
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AceKingIs it possible to set it where I can sample music by hovering over with my mouse?11:56
BluesKaj_Howdy all11:57
AceKingHi BluesKaj_12:00
BluesKaj_hi AceKing,12:01
eos__does webaccounts work under kubuntu, or do we have somthing similar?12:05
BluesKaj_eos__, do yo mean this ? http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Workspace/WebAccounts12:06
eos__BluesKaj_: yes .... mmmm .... I would love if we could also post directly to all the webaccounts (for example g+,tw,identica,fb) with a single tool .... does that allow you?12:08
BluesKaj_eos__, sorry I have no idea\12:09
BluesKaj_never used it12:09
eos__BluesKaj_: what do you use it?12:09
eos__BluesKaj_: sorry, what do you use?12:09
BluesKaj_bookmarks ? :)12:09
eos__BluesKaj_: well, so you re input the same message on all the SN?12:09
BluesKaj_I don't do much messaging , eos__ , social media isn't my "thing"12:11
eos__BluesKaj_: neither is mine, we have been asked to do it at work, I am trying to reduce the hassle to zero :-(:-(12:11
BluesKaj_read the url post I gave you , thoroughly , there's lost of info there , eos__12:13
eos__BluesKaj_: I had already hit on webaccounts when I did my research before coming to the irc12:14
BluesKaj_well, sorry that's all I know :(12:15
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eos__BluesKaj_: thanks all the same!!12:17
esingSince 13.04 I can't switch to my internal soundcard anymore. I selected the internal soundcard as default in phonon, but the usb soundcard remains default.12:23
Spiffymanprobably obvious, but right-clicking the little volume icon in the system tray and selecting master channel doesn't work?12:25
Spiffymanmy computer wanted my usb one to be default too, but I fixed it by doing the above.12:25
esingSpiffyman, I already tried that, but it doesn't work12:26
Spiffymanthought I'd start at the easiest option ;)12:27
Spiffymanthe soundcard works in 13.04 right, just not default?12:28
Spiffymanif so, you could try going to Settings, Multimedia and choose the audio hardware tab12:29
esingIf I right click the vlc player windows while a song is playing and then select Audio/Audio device/internal soundcard, then the soundcard works in 13.0412:29
Spiffymanthen select your usb sound and turn off the profile. That should make it switch to the soundcard. I think12:29
esingYe that worked12:31
Spiffymanhurray :D12:44
esingWhat else could I try to make my internal soundcard as default? I switch between usb and the internal soundcard a lot12:50
esingI use a ruby script, which uses pacmd, to switch between the soundcards, but since phonon can't switch the soundcards the ruby scripts can't either12:50
BluesKaj_esing, use the phonon audio hardware setup tab to set which soundcard you want12:55
BluesKaj_esing, I just do it manually , it's not that much trouble12:56
esingBluesKaj_, So if I want to switch a soundcard I would always deactivate the other in the phonon profile?12:56
esingBluesKaj_, For me, it is a lot easier to use hotkeys to switch between audio devices, since I switch them pretty often12:57
BluesKaj_just make i the priority ,you can also open the etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.config and add the drivers as Card 0/default and Card 1 , for example , "options snd-hda-intel index=0" , without the quotes , then second card would be,  options drivername index=113:01
BluesKaj_ /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf rather13:03
BluesKaj_esing, how would one use hotkeys to change soundards in phonon ?13:05
esingBluesKaj_, I use a ruby script which I found on git, that uses pacmd to switch the audio devices13:05
BluesKaj_hmm , sounds complicated to setup13:06
esingSince my last reboot it works now, probably because I played around with phonon's audio device profiles. Iam not sure how long it will work though13:06
esingThe script looks indeed complicated, with setting the sinks, removing them and set new sinks. Didn't understand how that works either. But the usage of the script is easy. https://gist.github.com/uriel1998/179127013:07
esingOne would just assing a custom hotkey in kde with e.g. .this command:  echo 2 | ruby ~/.scripts/volume.rb default    or echo 1 | ruby ~/.scripts/volume.rb default     where the number is the audio device index to be default13:08
esingI also use amixer with the same hotkey so that the volume will be set down or higher for the target audio device. This is for the usb souncard:  amixer -c 2 sset PCM 10%; echo 1 | ruby ~/.scripts/volume.rb default13:10
esingAnd for my keyboard sound key I have to use custom commands as these: amixer -c 1 sset PCM 5%+; amixer -c 0 sset Master 5%+;amixer -c 2 sset PCM 5%+     so I avoid to switch the master each time I change the device13:11
BluesKaj_esing, index=0  is default , the second choice is index=113:14
esingBluesKaj_, Before I reboot the usb souncard was on index 2 and the internal soundcard on index 013:16
RamchandraAptehello, when I choose plasma workspace in ldm, it instead starts plasma-active13:22
RamchandraApte(using raring)13:22
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amingvRamchandraApte: Maybe you downloaded the kubuntu-active cd image by mistake.13:58
RamchandraApteamingv: no, I remember running sudo apt-get install13:59
RamchandraApteI removed plasma-active and now plasma-desktop doesn't run at startup.13:59
RamchandraAptewhen other users login it works.13:59
RamchandraApteI cleared some of the files in .kde which appeared to be relevant to plasma-desktop13:59
BluesKaj_plasma-active is most likely part of palsma-desktop or workspace14:00
BluesKaj_why would you remove it anyway ?14:01
RamchandraApteBluesKaj_: i installed it manually afaik14:02
RamchandraApteanyway now the problem is that plasma-desktop doesn't start when i log on14:02
amingvRamchandraApte, BluesKaj_: He shouldn't need active to be able to run a regular desktop14:03
RamchandraApteamingv: i'm running on a laptop to clarify14:04
amingvRamchandraApte: I guess checking System Settings> Workspace Behavior> Workspace and checking you have the correct Workspace type can't hurt14:05
amingvRamchandraApte: What is it that happens, anyway, you're getting a blank screen or something?14:05
RamchandraApteIt was showing netbook.14:05
RamchandraApteamingv: a black screen14:05
RamchandraAptei use alt+f2 to run plasma-desktop14:05
RamchandraApteamingv: i changed it from netbook to desktop, hopefully it should work now.14:06
amingvChoose desktop and try to log in.14:06
RamchandraAptek, logging out14:06
BluesKaj_amingv, ok , but why remove it anyway ? should work and work aren't always the same .14:07
amingvBluesKaj_: AFAIK the default kubuntu install doesn't include active by default.14:07
amingvBluesKaj_: Users are free to install it from the repos and use it, but it's not essential in a desktop setup14:08
RamchandraApteamichair: thanks, it's now starting plasma-desktop14:09
RamchandraApteamingv: thanks, it's now starting plasma-desktop14:09
RamchandraApteamingv: the scrollbars are still wide14:09
RamchandraApte(I thought when I removed plasma-active the scrollbar width should be back to normal)14:09
BluesKaj_amingv,I assumed it was part of the activities section , whatever "active desktop" means is new to me.14:09
RamchandraApteamingv: the scrollbars are more wide than usual, like as if it was for a tablet/ mobile device14:09
FloodBotK1RamchandraApte: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:09
RamchandraAptethey are as wide as a progressbar's height14:09
RamchandraApteBluesKaj_: plasma active is used for kubuntu mobile afaik14:10
RamchandraApteBluesKaj_: you can google plasma active14:10
amingvBluesKaj_: Really it's just kde workspaces with a focus on touch devices14:10
amingvBluesKaj_: Looks very nice, too, try it sometime :)14:10
BluesKaj_desktop here , I don't use any mobile devices14:11
RamchandraAptetoo bad rdp clients assume client is a standard desktop :/14:11
amingvRamchandraApte: Besides width, do they look like regular scrollbars?14:11
RamchandraApteamingv: yes14:11
amingvRamchandraApte: i.e. they have the arrows and stuff?14:11
RamchandraApteamingv: right-clicking them shows the menu14:11
RamchandraApte"scroll here"...14:12
RamchandraAptei'm a programmer, techy person so i'm pretty sure it's a scrollbar.14:12
RamchandraAptelooks like the easiest way is to clear .kde14:12
RamchandraAptebtw, I had a local install of python 3.3.0 (in /usr/local/). when python 3.3.1 was being configured when I was doing the upgrade, it failed saying "MAXREPEAT not found" (it's because in python 3.3.0 the constant doesn't exist)14:14
RamchandraApteit's a bug in the package right?14:14
amingvRegarding scrollbars: of course you know what a scrollbar is :) just wanted to see if it was still using the plasma-active scrollbars for some reason14:14
amingvwhich are slighly different14:14
RamchandraApteamingv: ah14:14
RamchandraApteamingv: it doesn't have a up or down button14:14
amingvit might be a packaging bug, though i have 3.3.1 and don't remember seeing it in the upgrade14:16
amingvanyway, if you suspect it's a packaging issue #kubuntu-devel is the place to go :)14:17
erryhey, i'm on kubuntu 13.04 and i recently got a new battery for my laptop. If i use the new battery, with 100% charge but without the cable plugged in, the laptop turns off completely on boot (as if you you pulled the power plug without a battery) - or if later if i boot with the cable on and later pull it again the laptop dies after about 5 minutes. This doesn't happen if i boot into windows, and15:01
erryit also doesn't happen on ubuntu if i boot with acpi=off. any ideas what's up with that?15:01
erryit also doesn't happen with the old battery15:02
pianogmxhuh.... thats odd...15:03
erryyeah, this isn't like a shut down15:04
erryit's like pulling the plug too15:04
lordievadererry: Boot up with the powercord and check what "acpi -b" has to say about the battery level.15:04
errylordievader, when i did that it would say 100%15:05
erryand if i unplugged it would say like 2 hours remaining, but after about 2 minutes shut off15:05
pianogmxerry: did that ever happen with 12.10?15:05
erryi'm on battery right now, without acpi15:05
erryand i've been using it for a few minutes jus fine15:05
errypianogmx, i didn't have this battery when i used 12.10 sadly15:05
erryi can't really check without downloading 12.10 and using it15:05
* pianogmx cries... 15:06
errythis battery is brand new - i got it today15:06
lordievaderA very odd problem indeed...15:06
pianogmxwell im guessing a kernel issue (a hunch)15:06
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erryi've had some kernel panics but usually in a kernel panic it just gets stuck it doesn't turn off15:06
erryi tried to enable the crash kernel too and dind't get it to work to resovle these issues back then but it's a different problem :P15:07
pianogmxif I had that hunch ... i would personally test out another kernel revision to see if it has the same issue or not15:07
erryi can try dist-upgrade in case there's a new kernel15:07
lordievaderA shot in the dark, use Windows to get the battery to about 5-10% charge then boot into Kubuntu with the powercord and see if the problem persists.15:07
BluesKaj_erry, did you drain the new battery and recharge it overnight , it usually best pactice with new batteries15:07
errybut it' weird how this can happen15:08
erryi'm on kubuntu now with acpi=off and everything is fine :p15:08
erryi'd just like to be able to have acpi15:08
erryi'll try your suggestions ;p15:09
pianogmxmy question is... uname -r tells me that the current kernel is 3.8.0-19-generic...15:10
errymy dad  got it in the mail this monday and had it before me for a few days and apparently he let it discharge nad then charge it15:11
pianogmxhowever how does that compare to the kernel release posted on kernel.org15:11
pianogmxto kernel 3.8.1015:11
BluesKaj_a good method to recharge it is to leave the laptop on without the sleep mode enabled ...a slow charge is best15:12
BluesKaj_pianogmx,  3.8.10 is not in the repos yet15:14
errybtw, this battery is bigger capacity than whta the laptop came with15:14
erryis it possible it thinks it's overcharged or something15:14
pianogmxerry: that hit it on the nail actually... there is some thing in the laptop that checks the stats on the battery15:15
pianogmxif the laptop mobo thinks the battery is somewhat incompatible... you can have bios errors... or issues within the OS.15:15
pianogmxi had this problem with my dell actually15:15
pianogmx*am having15:15
lordievadererry: Percentage is relative, the laptop doesn't really care what the absolute values are as long as the voltage and current are stable.15:16
BluesKaj_erry, bigger capacity doesn't make it deliver higher p[ower , just delivers the power for a longer time15:16
pianogmxBluesKaj_: however the laptop "could" complain like my Dell has15:16
errythis isn't an official battery unfortunately ;p15:16
lordievadererry: Is it made for your laptop model?15:18
lordievaderAnd are the voltages the same for the new and old battery?15:18
errythis is like an HP laptop15:18
erryand this battery doesn't come from HP but it's the same voltage as the same capacity battery for HP15:18
erryfrom HP*15:18
pianogmxin my case, the voltages were different between old and new battery and old and new power cord... and i had to turn things off just to keep the laptop from whining to me15:19
erryyou can't see the battery level without acpi right?15:20
erryi see that at least 'sensors' will still tell me the temperature15:20
pianogmxbios considers my battery at a constant 0%...15:21
pietjephuckMy  will hang if I start firfox from konsole, unless I do it as follws; "sleep 3 ; firefox" and switch to another konsole tab before the sleep times out.15:21
pietjephuckMy system*15:21
pianogmxbut linux tends to grab a percentage... but its not accurate15:21
pietjephuckthe error message I get is "(process:3151): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed"15:23
pietjephuckAny sugestions?15:25
pietjephuckCan any one confirm this problem?15:31
smartboyhwpietjephuck, I always get that (when I launch bzr lp-open) but at least it doesn't fail...15:33
pietjephucksmartboyhw, my system becomes unusable and requires a hardware reset...15:34
pianogmxpietjephuck: i get that error too... but it comes off like a warning... i dont have any unstability issues15:34
pietjephuckI did an upgrade rather then a fresh install...15:36
pietjephuckAnd I run 64 bit15:36
pianogmxso did i 12.10 -> 13.04... running 64 bit.15:37
pianogmxbut i would try removing firefox and reinstalling it if firefox appears broken.15:37
pietjephuckThanks pianogmx15:37
pietjephuckIt doesn't appear firefox is broken, it apears that konsole is broken15:38
pianogmxpietjephuck: i cannot duplicate anything other than the error  '(process:8538): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed' ...15:39
pianogmxi am running virtualbox and other programs also ... so I am not having any unstability issues...15:40
pietjephuckThanks pianogmx...15:40
pietjephuckThat is both good news and bad news lol15:40
pietjephuckGood news is that it works for most....15:41
pietjephuckBad news that it wil be an issue I will have to deal with for a while15:41
pianogmxyeah... thats why I am thinking maybe refetching packages that maybe need to be reinstalled15:41
pietjephuckI might try a clean install15:41
pietjephucksmartboyhw: did you try to replicate ?15:43
smartboyhwpietjephuck, no15:44
pietjephuckok, I thought that since you got disconnected, maybe you had....15:44
pietjephuckAnyway thanks smartboyhw and pianogmx for the feedback15:45
pianogmxpietjephuck: np15:45
erryi tried an older kernel15:51
erryalso the battery isn't charging even tho it's discharged now15:52
drox_Hi all I have a problem with ipod-touch with kubuntu 10.11 I is recognized as a camera and amarok does not see me? Ideas and tips?15:57
deric_Hi, after upgrade to 13.04 I'm having issues with KDED, when I open Service Manager, after a while I get an error "Unable to contact KDED." any idea ho to fix it?16:08
tobiasBoraHello, I'd like to know if there is a way to display the same think on two different screens with different resolutions ?16:31
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tobiasBoraFor exemple here : http://www.kubuntu.org/files/kscreen.png, I can't see how to display the same think on two differents screen...16:32
tobiasBora(with kubuntu 13.04)16:32
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ubottuGuest9954: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:42
BlaXpiritSo I just installed Kubuntu 13.04 alongside Windows and... GRUB doesn't show up, and Windows boots as if nothing happened.17:59
lordievaderBlaXpirit: That sounds like Grub didn't install correctly. Did you install Grub to the boot-drive?18:00
BlaXpiritlordievader, I installed to /dev/sda18:01
BlaXpiriti even reinstalled to check that18:02
lordievaderBlaXpirit: Do you have multiple drives?18:02
BlaXpiritone drive18:02
BlaXpirit  /dev/sda1 (ntfs system reserved), /dev/sda2 (ntfs), /dev/sda5 (ext4 /), /dev/sda6 (swap)18:02
BlaXpiritbefore i installed  as  /dev/sda3 (ext4 /), /dev/sda4 (swap),  didn't work18:03
BlaXpirit(5 6 means those are logical partitions)18:04
lordievaderBlaXpirit: How did you reinstall Grub?18:04
BlaXpiriti didn't renistall grub18:05
BlaXpiritlordievader, I installed Kubuntu for the second time18:05
BlaXpiritand made sure  /dev/sda  is selected for bootloader18:05
lordievaderBlaXpirit: Perhaps a good idea to install it again from the command line.18:06
lordievaderErr Grub, with it I mean Grub....18:06
BlaXpiritah  right18:06
BlaXpiriti'm actually searching how to do it18:07
lordievaderBlaXpirit: It's quite simple.18:07
lordievaderBlaXpirit: First you mount the partition with /boot on it to /mnt.18:08
BlaXpiriti don't remember how the mount command works, so i think a detailed instruction would be better18:08
lordievaderAnd then you run "sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot" (assuming here that boot has that path)18:09
lordievaderBlaXpirit: In your case it should be "sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt"18:09
BlaXpiritthank you very much18:09
lordievaderBlaXpirit: No problem, hope these steps solve the problem.18:10
BlaXpiritnope, lordievader, it doesn't work18:11
BlaXpirit"INSTALL_DEVICE must be system device filename"18:11
BlaXpiritand i think i did everyting correct, because  /mnt/boot/grub exists18:12
BlaXpiritah, lordievader, should i append /dev/sda  to that?18:13
lordievaderBlaXpirit: Ah yes, indeed.18:13
lordievaderBlaXpirit: You are in a live-session, btw?18:14
BlaXpirit"no error reported". rebooting.18:14
BlaXpirityes, in live session18:14
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BlaXpiritso it works!18:14
BlaXpiritbut i've installed Kubuntu so many times18:14
BlaXpiritin about the same way18:15
BlaXpiritand never had this problem18:15
lordievaderBlaXpirit: You get grub?18:15
BlaXpirityes, yes18:15
BlaXpiritwith 2 systems and recovery18:15
BlaXpiritor what was that other option18:15
kiniI'm trying to boot the 13.04 ISO from a USB device, but am getting this message: http://paste.kde.org/733388/18:17
kiniany idea what's going wrong? I wrote the ISO to the USB device using the software http://linuxliveusb.com/ , fwiw18:17
lordievaderkini: Have you tried Unetbootin, I usually have succes with that one :)18:18
BlaXpiritthat linuxliveusb failed me the only time i tried to use it18:18
BlaXpiriti usually make bootable USB from Kubuntu18:19
ahoneybunkini: what program did you use to make it?18:20
BlaXpirit"linuxliveusb" is specified in the end of their message18:21
ahoneybunmy bad18:21
kinilinuxliveusb has worked fine for me to create sysresccd images, so I figured it would work for kubuntu too18:22
ahoneybunSo I guess they are on windoes18:22
kiniwell I have a funtoo machine too, which I guess I could use18:22
kinimy main storage is on my windows machine so that's where I downloaded the ISO, that's all18:22
kiniI'll give unetbootin a try, thanks lordievader :)18:23
kiniI decided to try rerunning linuxliveusb once for good measure, and now it seems to be working18:35
kini(just for the record)18:36
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SpaceghostHello, I am having a problem, I upgraded to 13.04 and since then the sound doesn't work.18:38
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yahyaanew to linux need to know how to enable multivers repositories???19:06
yahyaaplease help19:06
raphaelyahyaa: hey19:11
raphaelyahyaa: open muon19:11
raphaeland afeter that - >settings / software sources19:12
raphaeland in this you can enable multiverse19:12
aguitelhow install minimal kde ?19:38
yahyaaim sorry im back19:50
yahyaathanks raphael19:51
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mparilloluc4: It sounds as if you might be able to verify my bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31197420:14
ubottuKDE bug 311974 in containment-panel "When I set the panel to auto-hide, the mouse does not reveal it" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:14
aguitelhow speedup kubuntu ?20:37
Schrodinger`Cati found a reproductible bug when adding the pager to the kde bar20:38
Schrodinger`Catthat produce segfault :/20:39
Schrodinger`Catif i add the pager widget to the desktop, and after i move it to the bar, its ok20:39
mparilloaguitel: You might try some of the tips here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188903420:45
aguitelmparillo, thanks20:47
mparilloSchrodinger`Cat: Sounds worth posting bug.kde.org, especially if you run another KDE distro and can reproduce it there. Otherwise, the friendly Launchpad watchers may help you determine if it is upstream or not.20:48
hanasakiwhat will show what is taking the most memory on the system ? in ordered fashion?20:59
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gomiboyhanasaki: ksysguard for example21:02
lordievaderhanasaki: htop can sort memory usage per process.21:02
hanasakitop vs htop vis atop?21:04
hanasakihmm kwin using 4gig?!@!!!?21:04
aguitelwhat about this ? :http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?54260-Speed-up-your-Kubuntu-with-RASTER-graphics-system!21:06
hanasakiwhy would kwin use 4 gig of ram?21:07
aguitelmparillo, do you see my link ?21:09
hanasakihow to upgrade to 13.04 from the console?21:19
BlaXpirit1. upgrade all the packages21:20
BlaXpiritsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:20
BlaXpirit2. do the actual release upgrade21:20
BlaXpiritdo-release-upgrade -d21:20
BlaXpiritat least that's how i upgraded21:21
hanasaki 12.04.2   will not nupgrade to 13.04... says no release available for do-release-upgrade21:22
BlaXpiritnot sure if it's the best or the correct way21:22
hanasakiwhy the -d?21:22
hanasakiI tried that the other day.. but that is a developer releasE? not stable?21:22
BlaXpiritwho knows? i found this on the internet somewhere :|21:22
BlaXpiritworked for me21:22
BlaXpiritso anyway, you may have to change a setting in "software sources"21:22
hanasakiwouldn't boot for me after :(21:22
BlaXpiritso it looks for any releases, not just LTS releases21:23
BlaXpiritoh yeah21:23
BlaXpirit-d is not needed21:23
BlaXpiritthough it didn't harm me21:23
hanasakifor me.. w/o the -d.. it says that there are no releases newer than 12.x21:24
BlaXpiritso do you understand what i'm talking about?21:24
BlaXpiritsoftware sources21:24
BlaXpiritin muon21:24
BlaXpiritthe menu on top21:24
BlaXpirit4th item21:24
BlaXpirit"settings" i think21:24
BlaXpiriti don't know exactly because it's in my language here21:25
BlaXpiritin  muon package manager    settings -> configure software sources21:25
BlaXpirit3rd tab of that window21:25
BlaXpiritupdates or upgrades21:25
BlaXpiritat the bottom   show new distribution releases21:26
ElTimo_I just installed bumblebee, and now I can't boot without the nomodeset flag.21:31
ElTimo_It just gets stuck at a blank TTY and I can't change away from it.21:31
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Andy__Anyone else having a hard time with java23:46
Schrodinger`Catevery day Andy__ ^^23:46
Andy__I can't seem to get the java pugin downloaded23:46
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Andy__how do i set a su password?23:57
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ArtakhaAndy__, sudo passwd23:58
Artakhait's the root password so don't use just "password" :)23:58

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