saiarcot895Now that Raring has been released, can the packages that have been granted FFe still go into Raring stable?00:40
maxbIt's slightly unclear what you mean by 'Raring stable'00:44
maxbThe raring release pocket is absolutely and completely immutable at this point. Stable Release Updates can be processed into raring-updates, but a grant of FFe prior to release probably is invalid at this point00:47
wgrantsaiarcot895: That sounds like an #ubuntu-devel question. This channel is for Launchpad.net support.00:47
saiarcot895My bad.00:47
saiarcot895I posted in the wrong channel.00:48
wigsis there a way to mark a bug such that affects-me or merge will not confirm _all_ the package tasks on it?  bug #882825 just had this happen for seven packages02:21
ubot5bug 882825 in xchat (Ubuntu) "Does not save the configuration file under ~/.config/" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88282502:21
wgrantwigs: No, Ubuntu requested that that behaviour be in place for Ubuntu, and only for Ubuntu.02:44
wgrantSo it's an Ubuntu policy thing.02:45
wigswgrant: right.  perhaps a tag to disable it in specific cases?  its certainly not useful in the example I gave02:45
wgrantI'm of the opinion it's not useful at all and should be removed, but I haven't talked to Ubuntu about it yet.02:45
wgrantIt seems to usually cause more harm than good.02:46
wgrantAnd it makes Ubuntu inconsistent with every other Launchpad project, because nobody else wants this, so it confuses users :(02:46
wgrantbut no, no way to disable it for a single bug.02:47
wigsyes, i see02:47
wigsI suppose there is some hope to recover sanity with the distinction between confirmed and triaged02:47
wgrantWhat do you mean?02:47
wigsbut then, triaged is useless for projects where no ubuntu-devs are monitoring the ubuntu reports02:48
wigsconfirmed can be set by any old chap, and effectively means atleast two people claim this02:48
wigswhereas triage is only set by project members, and is equivalent to confirmed in other bts02:48
wgrantAnd that distinction is necessary mostly because Ubuntu has far more bug reports than can be managed by bugcontrol.02:49
wgrant(note that you can set Triaged without being a dev, you basically just have to show that you're not insane to join ~ubuntu-bugcontrol)02:49
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frisany idea when support for ubuntu 13.04 will be added?13:09
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