semitonesyo yo yo00:07
semitonesso I want to configure lubuntu, any cool guides you know?00:08
cristinano help here..00:12
submansemitones, what do you mean 'configure'?00:16
semitoneslol i mean like add cool things00:17
semitonesit's so empty now00:17
submanLike this? http://linuxftw.weebly.com/lubuntu-1110-installation-guide.html00:17
submanKind of shows you how to configure most appearance related things00:20
plughi. i've installed chromium from ppa and shockwave doesn't work00:20
plugcan someone help me to solve this problem?00:20
cristinasudo apt-get install docky00:21
cristinasudo add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/ppa00:22
plugi've tried with gnash and lightstark but, for examples, facebook games don't work.00:22
cristinasudo apt-get update00:22
cristinasudo apt-get install synapse00:22
cristinatry these one`s00:22
cristinatext editos00:22
cristinasudo apt-get install geany00:22
cristinaadobe flash?00:24
cristinasemitones,  libreoffice00:24
cristinaphoto : gthumb00:24
submanplug, I understand you are frustrated.  I'm not running on my Lubuntu machine right now.  I might be able to look at it once I'm home.00:24
semitonescristina: thanks, what is synapse00:25
cristinagoogle it:D00:25
cristinaquick luncer00:25
submancristina, I think that is why semitones was looking for a guide.00:25
plugthanks subman but i cannot stay here all night. it's all day i'm trying to understand why it doesn't work.00:26
semitonescool, thanks00:26
cristinaplug say your pb again?00:27
semitonessubman, oh I just saw that -- thanks I'll read it now :D00:27
plugi've read that adobe finish to distributes shockwave for ubuntu. so i tried with those ones free (gnash and lightspark) but facebook games don't work.00:27
plugi only need to use flash on any browser, for my parents.00:28
plugchromium, opera, doesn't matter. but i don't find any solution.00:28
cristinaok i use chromium00:29
plugme too00:29
cristinaso what don`t work..00:29
cristinasome error? can you name it?00:29
plugwhat plugin do you have?00:30
plughum ok00:30
plugnow i removed all plugins free and not.00:31
plugi've downloaded plugins from adobe00:31
cristinaok detele all and use just 100:31
cristinago to ...00:31
cristinastart menu sistems tools00:31
cristinalubuntu software center00:32
cristinaand download from there..00:32
cristinaadobe flash plugin for mozila00:32
cristinaadobe flash00:32
plugit should be work?00:34
plugwithout restart chromium?00:35
cristinaadd app to baschet00:35
submansemitones, is it what you were looking for?  Maybe a good starting point?00:35
cristinathen go to baschet and install aplication00:35
cristinais simple00:35
plugchromium cannot see plugin00:37
cristinatry firefox00:37
wxlplug: have you tried chrome? not chromium. chrome.00:37
cristinai`m playing wright now00:37
cristinaor chrome00:38
cristinai thing you have many plugins instaled00:38
cristinathat`s the problem00:38
cristinaand you didn`t erase them right00:38
plugi'm installing firefox...00:38
plughow can i see this, cristina ?00:39
semitonessubman: yes, it is -- the parts about themes especially, thanks!00:40
submansemitones, no problemo00:40
cristinafrom lubuntu software center00:40
cristinainstalled programs00:40
cristinacheck there and u will see00:40
semitonessubman: it's kind of weird that it's geared towards making lubuntu look like ubuntu though00:42
semitonesthey even tell you how to put the ubuntu logo instead of lxde00:42
submansemitones, yeah, but at least it shows you how to do things.  I didn't understand that part either!00:43
plugfrom firefox: youtube gets me black screen...00:43
cristinai don``t now what are you doing realy ...it should work ....i`m playing pool right now on facebook ..00:44
plugfirefox find this plugin:     File: libflashplayer.so     Versione:      Shockwave Flash 11.2 r20200:47
plugbut it doesn't work...00:48
plugi opened a game on facebook and it remains white screen.00:51
plugphillw: can you help me?00:52
plugi have another problem but i don't know if it's my graphic card.00:58
plugi'm on computer so i see folders like Documents, etc.00:58
phillwplug: Using what FailBook needs is not high om my list of things, sorry.00:58
plugbut not all the folder are an icon visible. often it became visible when i pass with mouse.00:58
plugthe same is for icon on the left00:59
phillwplug: I do NOT play any games on Fb. I cannot help you.01:00
plugwhy do this?01:00
phillwplug: if pcmanfm is causing an isuue, please raise a bug.01:02
phillwbut what you have so far said... I do not know how to help[.01:03
plugok, thanks.01:04
plugphillw: for further problem. this is the solution (in italian) http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=539846 for my problem.01:06
plug11.2 is the problem. people have to install previous version (11.1)01:07
plugif someone in the future ask you the some thing as me, now.01:07
datakidmorning. I'm having trouble with one program across accounts. I wanted to check the different starting mechanisms - one account has a desktop icon, the other uses the start menu. What do I edit to see the properties of an entry in the start menu?01:41
datakidie, by using vim Desktop/blah.desktop I can see it's EXEC value - how do I find the same value for the start menu item?01:52
holsteindatakid: i would start here... http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Main_Menu01:53
datakidthanks holstein01:55
submanWhen running glxgears, my output says synced to vertical refresh...how do I set this to be unsnyced?02:07
holsteinsubman: i would think that wuld be done in a custom xorg.conf02:14
submanAny links to research that?02:15
holsteinhttp://www.x.org/archive/X11R6.8.0/doc/xorg.conf.5.html for example from searching "xorg.conf vertical sync"02:17
holstein"+VSync" and "-VSync" can be used to select the polarity of the VSync signal from using "control + f" and searching "vsync" on that page02:18
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sonofzeusHi there03:01
sonofzeusHow shall I change my lubuntu desktop into lubuntu server without reinstalling?03:01
holsteinsonofzeus: there is not "lubuntu server", so you just have it03:02
holsteinsonofzeus: you can run whatever server specific things you want along with LXDE, or remove whatever desktop packages you like03:02
sonofzeusWhat packages does a general server consist of?03:04
sonofzeusPls lemme know.03:04
holsteinsonofzeus: depends03:04
sonofzeusIts a general server03:04
sonofzeusOne that hosts websites.03:04
holsteinsonofzeus: that all depends on what kind of services you want/need03:04
holsteintake a look at those ^ you can run them live, and see what you want/need03:05
holsteinmost folks just want a lamp stack, but you might just want apache.. or something else03:05
sonofzeusOkay thanks03:05
michebunnyhello :)17:07
michebunnyI have aroblem with a hp deskjet 2050 printer in lubuntu17:07
michebunnya problem17:07
michebunnyThe printer detects and install fine but when trying to print a document it says "0k"17:08
michebunnyas in 0K byte documenrt17:08
michebunnyit says it's printing but it does not17:08
michebunnyhelp please :)17:09
michebunnytried tha but did not help :(17:09
n-iCemichebunny: sudo apt-get remove hplip --purge17:10
michebunnythanks for the help :)17:14
phillwn-iCe: why not pop onto #lubuntu-offtopic for a chat?17:21
n-iCeI was not chatting :p17:27
n-iCelook phillw117:27
n-iCehi phillw17:33
n-iCephillw: http://pastebin.com/FHSStM9Y17:33
n-iCeI was not chatting17:33
holsteinn-iCe: it wasnt accusatory as far as i see.. more of an invitation17:34
phillwn-iCe: when my sister had a problem with an HP 'all in one', it was solved by following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne17:36
phillwholstein: indeed it was just an invitation to see how life is :)17:37
n-iCeoh :)17:38
n-iCemichebunny: is back17:38
phillwhi michebunny have you had a read of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne it helps setting up an HP printer17:39
n-iCeI think his problem was solved17:40
n-iCe12:14 < michebunny> thanks for the help :)17:40
n-iCe12:14 < michebunny> worked17:40
phillwoooh, I scarred him away!17:40
n-iCeDone, I'm in 13.0418:56
* cerebrate congratumalaters n-iCe 19:08
FrankieJhey, i install lubuntu on top of ubuntu 12.04 LTS because compiz/unity was using too much memory, but now i have lubuntu, i was wondering if i can remove compiz/unity without affecting the system?19:26
n-iCephillw: I'm in 13.04 :)19:27
n-iCeFrankieJ: lubuntu does not come with compiz19:27
phillwn-iCe: as am I... a bit fiddly because of my suite of test areas.19:27
FrankieJi know19:28
FrankieJi installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS first19:28
phillwn-iCe: nope, it is a lean install. you can add stuff to it.19:28
FrankieJthen i apt-get lubuntu19:28
n-iCeFrankieJ: Try to log in with Unity 2D (that does not use Compiz)19:30
phillwsorry, I mis-read it for conky. I do not know about compiz :)19:30
FrankieJn-iCe, im sticking with lubuntu right now, i just wanted to know if i removed unity/compiz, would it affect lubuntu in any way19:32
n-iCeno, it should not.19:33
n-iCeRemove just the packages19:33
n-iCeFrankieJ: any way, lubuntu 13.04 was released, a clean install should be better.19:33
n-iCebut, sudo apt-get purge compiz compiz-plugins-main-default libcompizconfig0 , should do the work.19:33
FrankieJi got LAMP all set up on my system, if i do clean install i lose set up no?19:33
n-iCeget the LAMP configuration files and save them19:34
n-iCebut, yes, all will be lost.19:35
phillwFrankieJ: dump your mysql tables and contents to a safe place, then re-install them19:35
n-iCephillw: what about doing a backup to /home, not sure if lamp files mysql are being stored there19:35
phillwFrankieJ: mysql has a command to do both19:35
phillwn-iCe: mysql files are not stored in /home19:36
n-iCeSince Hardy, Ubuntu can be reinstalled while preserving home19:36
n-iCeI see19:36
FrankieJwhat is new in 13 that i should do clean install?19:36
FrankieJi cant jus upgrade?19:36
phillwan upgrade will preserve. a new install will not.19:37
n-iCeyou can, but old ubuntu configurations will still be there19:37
* n-iCe steps back19:37
phillwFrankieJ: yes, and upgrade will not remove them19:37
* n-iCe always do clean installs19:37
FrankieJkk thx everyone19:39
phillwFrankieJ: if you re-install, you basically wipe the hard disk. Using upgrade will retain your data, it is important to have a backup just in case things go wrong.19:39
FrankieJphillw, yea ima back everything up, but is there i should worry about cuz im still new to this and i install ubuntu before i installed lubuntu so i know i retained ubuntu's programs and such...but what is in ubuntu that isnt in lubuntu19:41
n-iCedesktop environment19:41
n-iCeremove unity gnome compiz etc, you will catch lubuntu desktop which is lxde19:41
phillwFrankieJ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu#Lubuntu_VS_Ubuntu19:42
FrankieJlol phillw, that's funny19:43
FrankieJok lemme backup and clean install19:43
FrankieJthanks a lot19:43
phillwFrankieJ: if you need help saving your mysql area, give me a dig in the ribs (ping).19:44
FrankieJlol kk19:46
FrankieJphillw, i jus remembered i got special keybinds ive created but i forgot where its located and how to back up19:49
phillwFrankieJ: I cannot help on them if they are not in your /home area.19:50
phillwask on the mailing list.19:51
FrankieJphillw, would you know what you would have to download in order to help change monitor settings for dual monitors?19:52
phillwholstein: do you know where they would be?19:52
FrankieJi got super+1 bind to single display and super+2 bind to extend display via hdmi19:52
FrankieJwith set resolution19:53
FrankieJnvm i got it19:53
FrankieJits ARandR19:53
FrankieJheard of that before?19:53
phillwFrankieJ: I used the in built screen system to do a recent presentation using a projector. But, for something more complicated I'd suggest http://lubuntu.net/tags/arandr19:54
FrankieJphillw, i found it thx19:56
FrankieJif anyone curious >> http://www.lubuntutips.com/2012/05/dual-monitors-in-lubuntu.html19:57
phillwFrankieJ: I still used the in built lx tool, but I had that as backup in case I needed it. But, I think ArandR is a good GUI tool to make and edit the x,org file.19:58
FrankieJall i know it works lol20:00
FrankieJhmmm, now i have several files i would like to copy and back up, but to a windows 7 machine, ive copied files FROM win7 onto this machine jus fine, but right now i am unable to copy to IT20:10
AndreeeCZhello. I would like to hide the menu (File, Edit, Go, ..) in pcmanfm. Is this possible?23:40
AndreeeCZi use it scarcely and it eats up vertical space on my display23:40

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