hachrewhat is out?02:02
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
samijamso this is the 13.10 channel now?11:05
smartboyhwsamijam, yes11:06
samijamlooking forward to it.  hopefully, i'll have an extra computer I can test on soon11:07
BluesKaj_Howdy all11:57
georgiis there 13.10 version already?13:33
smartboyhwgeorgi, the repos yes13:36
smartboyhwThe images, not13:36
georgiwhere are the repos13:36
smartboyhwgeorgi, you want to run saucy?13:37
smartboyhwgeorgi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213898713:37
smartboyhwgeorgi, the link above^13:38
georgiI am already doing it13:39
georgido I do restart and then the last command13:43
georgior do I do it after upgrade but before restart13:43
piotrHi, where can get I help with Ubuntu 13.04 gnome?13:43
lordievadersmartboyhw: Whoo that is pretty cool :D Going to try it :)13:44
smartboyhwlordievader, ;)13:44
penguin42piotr: In #ubuntu, this is now +1 for 13.1013:44
piotrok thx13:44
georgismartboyhw will you tell me13:44
penguin42(is there any news on the rolling release story?)13:44
smartboyhwgeorgi, do the last command and restart13:44
smartboyhwpenguin42, dunno. Some say that they ARE targetting rolling for 13.1013:45
smartboyhwThat shouldn't be though13:45
penguin42smartboyhw: My preference would be that they leave it until the one after the new LTS; that way anyone who doesn't want to go rolling could work up to LTS13:55
smartboyhwpenguin42, yep13:55
penguin42(ahem in particular my work laptop!)13:55
smartboyhwmhall119, hey will Ubuntu go rolling for 13.10?13:55
yeehinow we have Raring - what is the next one? Something S...14:01
smartboyhwyeehi, Saucy Salamander (official)14:03
lordievaderyeehi: Saucy Salamander :)14:03
* smartboyhw hates that name however14:03
yeehiwow! saucy salamander! Great one! :)14:03
lordievadersmartboyhw: S is running nicely here :)14:03
smartboyhwmhall119, in case you missed my message, will 13.10 go rolling?14:03
yeehido we have an idea about what will be some of the new features of Saucy?14:03
mhall119smartboyhw: I have no idea *if* it will happen14:03
yeehithanks, smartboyhw, lordievader14:04
smartboyhwmhall119, :O14:04
smartboyhwyeehi, smart scopes?14:04
mhall119smartboyhw: the short answer is: "When enough people decided that it should go rolling"14:04
smartboyhwThey are supposed to go in at 13.04 but can't make it14:04
mhall119I think our infrastructure and QA processes are all ready to support it14:04
yeehiis there a #discussion about the forthcoming ubuntu handset?14:04
smartboyhwyeehi, dunno14:04
yeehiis ubuntu touch based on raring?14:05
mhall119yeehi: it is now, yes14:05
smartboyhwyeehi, yep14:05
mhall119yeehi: #ubuntu-touch is where all the touch-based discussion happens14:05
yeehiI want that ubuntu handset now! I hope that the components allow fully free software to run14:06
yeehithanks, mhall11914:06
mhall119yeehi: you can put it on a GNexus or Nexus4 right now14:06
mhall119it supports GSM calling and SMS I believe14:06
yeehiwell, mhall119, i would like to put it on a galaxy note 2, if i had one.14:06
yeehiBut i am surprised there is no Galaxy s3 ROM for ubuntu touch14:07
mhall119yeehi: there are images for the GS3 that were made by the community14:07
mhall119XDA hackers and such14:07
johnjohn1011any time line for 13.10?15:10
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseSchedule15:11
johnjohn1011thank you. looking forward to it. it's going to be a busy year for all.  hope you guys are getting a rest.15:14
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, not for me. I am NEVER at rest:p15:14
johnjohn1011work or kids or both ha ha.. what are you working on?15:15
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, if one rests he is dead:P15:15
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, and I am a teenager;)15:15
johnjohn1011i've heard that before15:15
johnjohn1011oh, just hanging out15:15
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, I do some actual testing and packaging:)15:16
johnjohn1011pretty nifty. i wish they had computers when I was a teen.15:16
smartboyhwjohnjohn1011, :)15:16
johnjohn1011going to be exciting to get ubuntu on the tablet.15:21
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