deeps_i want to develop app for terminal using c++, but don't know where to start from :(   could any one please help me12:54
qwertzui11deeps_: do u know "c++"?12:56
deeps_yup i know c++12:56
deeps_have already develop the app in c++12:57
deeps_just i need to make it usable for terminal...12:57
qwertzui11so, u already developed the app for terminal; u just don't know how to execute it?12:57
deeps_the app works by defining adding it to  $PATH...12:58
deeps_i want to take make available as repo12:59
deeps_so everyone can install by apt-get...12:59
qwertzui11ah... checkout http://developer.ubuntu.com13:00
deeps_got jumbled :(13:00
qwertzui11click "my apps" and follow the instructions :)13:00
deeps_but c++ and terminal13:00
deeps_these words13:00
deeps_i didn't found anywhere ;(13:01
qwertzui11u already did the app, u only wanna get it into the software center, right?13:01
qwertzui11else google "debian packaging"13:02
deeps_i have the app but i haven't develop its13:02
qwertzui11to learn how to make a ".deb"13:02
deeps_deb package :(13:02
deeps_do you have quick guide url?13:02
deeps_one more query...13:03
deeps_in terminal we have feature like by pressing <tab> key it shows the possible commands for the application...13:04
deeps_how can i do it in c++13:04
qwertzui11packaging: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html#starting-a-package13:04
deeps_could you please help me with my last query...13:06
qwertzui11deeps_: i believe <tab> key: is a bash feature13:07
deeps_where can i find about it...13:08
deeps_thanx a lot :)13:08
qwertzui11deeps_: ur welcome13:08
deeps_i think i need to study all those links :)13:09
deeps_if possible could you IM your email address13:09
deeps_would be very helpful for me13:09
qwertzui11I'm everday in this channel ;) next time u may wanna ask in #ubuntu there are more people and lots of devs too.13:10
qwertzui11here r unly 44 online and not very active ;)13:11
MarlincHow do you use the sync menu in your app? Is it possible to use it using D-Bus? I'm working on a Java application so the native libraries wont work I think13:25

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