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saiarcot895Now that Raring has been released, can the packages that have been granted FFe still go into Raring stable?00:48
maxb01:44 < maxb> It's slightly unclear what you mean by 'Raring stable'00:53
maxb01:47 < maxb> The raring release pocket is absolutely and completely immutable at this point. Stable Release Updates can be processed into raring-updates, but a grant of FFe prior to release probably is invalid  at this point00:53
saiarcot895Ah well00:55
wgrantsaiarcot895: A new package? A new feature in an existing package?00:56
saiarcot895New upstream version in three existing packages00:56
saiarcot895all related00:56
wgrantIn either case an FFe isn't relevant any more, and your only option is probably to get it into saucy-backports00:56
wgrantThat sounds like a good case for -backports.00:56
saiarcot895You mean raring-backports, right?00:57
wgrantEr, yeah00:57
wgrantsaucy, and then raring-backports00:57
saiarcot895will work on that01:01
saiarcot895I still have to follor the sponsorship process, right?01:01
ScottKFor backports you need to get it into saucy first01:16
saiarcot895I know01:17
saiarcot895To get it into Saucy itself, I still need to use the sponsorship process, right?01:17
crhrabaldpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -us -uc -S failed05:34
crhrabalbzr: ERROR: The build failed.05:34
crhrabalwhen i try to build s test package i get this output, what am i doing wrong?05:34
cjwatsonWe'd need to see the whole output (in a pastebin or similar).  That looks like it follows some earlier error.05:36
cjwatsoncrhrabal: You need to satisfy the package's build-dependencies first.  sudo apt-get build-dep mountmanager (unless this is a package you're developing, in which case install the Build-Depends listed in debian/control)05:39
crhrabalcjwatson: Thanks.05:40
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bl4dehi guys, I'd like to contribute into bug-solving etc...what do you recommend to start?09:47
bl4de*contribute to09:47
bl4deguyys :)09:53
deeps_i want to develop app for terminal using c++, but don't know where to start from :(   could any one please help me12:54
GridCubedeeps_, you will have to be more specific13:07
sladendeeps_: echo -e "#include <iostream>\nusing namespace stn ()\n{\n\tcout<<\"Hello World\";\n\treturn 0;\n}\n">hello-world.cpp&&g++ -o hello-world hello-world.cpp&&./hello-world;echo13:13
penguin42deeps_: If you want something that puts characters at specific places on the terminal  or has a menu like thing in a terminal then you might want to look at libncurses or libnewt13:14
sladendeeps_: echo C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C-e "#include <iostream>\nusing namespace std;\nint main ()\n{\n\tcout<<\"Hello World\";\n\treturn 0;\n}\n">hello-world.cpp&&g++ -o hello-world hello-world.cpp&&./hello-world13:14
sladendeeps_: echo -e "#include <iostream>\nusing namespace std;\nint main ()\n{\n\tcout<<\"Hello World\";\n\treturn 0;\n}\n">hello-world.cpp&&g++ -o hello-world hello-world.cpp&&./hello-world13:15
deeps_i have develop app13:15
deeps_in c++13:15
deeps_its ready...13:15
deeps_all i need to know is...13:15
deeps_let me start again...13:16
deeps_i have develop an app for terminal using c++13:16
sladendeeps_: ...compile it?  ...package it?  ...port it?13:16
ogra_run it ?13:17
deeps_i am stuck with 2 parts...13:17
deeps_1st one...13:17
deeps_in terminal we have feature like by pressing <tab> key it shows the possible commands for the application...13:17
deeps_how do i do it with c++13:17
deeps_no idea at all :(13:18
sladendeeps_: readline13:18
sladendeeps_: http://www.gnu.org/software/readline/13:18
deeps_and how can i package it and make available as repo?13:20
sladendeeps_: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/my-apps-packages/13:21
deeps_thanx a lot...i think i should check those links :)13:22
sladendeeps_: https://launchpad.net/~sladen#email-addresses13:26
sladenwendar: ^^where do the app-review team hang out these days?13:34
wendarsladen: ubuntu-arb13:34
wendarthough, the first question sounds more like #ubuntu-app-devel13:35
sladenwendar: ta, yes, the latter13:39
mzazaArer there Ubuntu project written in C++ I can contribute to?13:53
mzazaIs there anyone alive here?14:03
smartboyhwmzaza, be patient. Patience is one of the things needed when contributing:)14:03
mzazasmartboyhw: Sure, OK :)14:04
sladenmzaza: yes, plenty of people are alive.  There is alot of software in Ubuntu that is written in C++.  Is there perhaps a particular bug you've noticed, or feature that you would like.  That might narrow down where to look and work on14:17
sladenmzaza: apt-cache rdepends libgcc1     will show you a list of programmes using C++14:19
infinitysladen: It will?14:22
infinitysladen: I think you mean libstdc++614:23
sladenmzaza: ^^14:25
mzazalibstdc++6 then?14:25
sladenmzaza: apt-cache rdepends libstdc++6  will show you a list of programs using C++14:26
mzazasladen: Would you recomment an easy project to start on if I am new? I was think in Compiz but I think it might be complex for my level.14:27
sladenmzaza: Is there perhaps a particular bug in Ubuntu, or feature you've wanted to add?  That would narrow down what types of software might be interesting.  The best is often to have a goal, and to work back14:30
sladenmzaza: *Ubuntu, or any of the software packaged for Ubuntu14:30
mzazasladen: Yes, Unity. It's sluggish :D14:31
penguin42mzaza: Pick a package you use a lot and look through the bugs for it or pick a bug that annoys you14:33
mzazapenguin42: And download it's repos using git, right? But how to know which file is releated to the bug, I mean is there like a file I should check to know more about where everything goes to?14:36
penguin42mzaza: That very much depends on the project - you have to get to know the source a bit - but that's learning14:37
sladenmzaza: debugging;  although for instance a stack-trace might lead you to the file/line-number;  or even just simply reading the code (particularly in a small program/package)14:37
sladenmzaza: did you have a bug number in mind/14:37
mzazasladen: No not, yet I am checking the Bugsquad now and setting everything up.14:38
sladenmzaza: what software do you use (other than Unity)14:41
mzazasladen: Well Ubuntu with Unity, vim, g++, chromium, virtualbox, monodevelop, smplayer. That's what I use on daily basis14:45
mzazasladen: The software center too14:45
mzaza& Ubuntu one14:46
mzazaThe most thing I wish to help in fixing, but it will be complex for my level is the performance of Unity. I was surprised to see Windows 8 out performance Ubuntu on both low-end and high-end machines.14:48
penguin42yeh start simpler; although you might want to learn to use profiling tools like perf14:50
sladenthe performance of the Unity-3D codebase is somewhat ... suboptimal.  A lot of the good old performance of Unity-2D should be regained with the move back to Qt14:50
mzazaSo, is there like a PDF guide written in easy way I could read like the KDE Developer guide to help me set me up?14:54
sladenmzaza: why not work on a Qt/KDE application if you're already familiar with that area?15:02
penguin42yeh and they're normally C++15:04
mzazasladen: I am not familiar I just read the guid and I was going  to start working with it. But I don't use KDe so I thought I should work on something I use.15:04
sladenmzaza: QML/Qt is the widget set and technology the Unity-Ubuntu stuff is using, so I don't think you'd go far wrong15:06
sladenmzaza: perhaps you should work on smplayer!  that is Qt15:08
mzazasladen: I'll check it out. Is it normal if feel somewhat lost :D15:10
mzazaat the beggining I mean15:10
penguin42mzaza: There's a lot of source out there and a lot of bugs, and some packages are BIG15:15
mzazapenguin42: Right...15:21
mzazaWell, thanks guys for helping me out :)15:22
crhrabalWell, I have perused documentation but can't find a lot of good tutorials. I have fixed a number of bugs within the code itself, I just don't know how to make a patch.  I thought the actual development process was supposed to be the hard part, but it seems I'm mistaken.15:55
penguin42crhrabal: Patch at what point ?15:58
crhrabalI got the source code on my computer, I fixed the source code15:58
crhrabalAnd that's where I'm stuck15:59
penguin42ok, is it a debian package or just the upstream source, and did you download it as a tar or using git/svn/bzr/what?15:59
crhrabaldownloaded in bzr15:59
crhrabaland its traced back to debian15:59
crhrabaldo i need to push it to debian before it can be pushed into ubuntu?16:00
penguin42crhrabal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment  for a start16:01
penguin42crhrabal: it depends16:01
penguin42crhrabal: If it's something ubuntu has screwed up then you can fix it in ubuntu, you can also fix it in ubuntu but generally it's preferred to fix it upstream if you can16:01
crhrabalOh, I figured the way to go was fix it in ubuntu then push the change upstream16:02
penguin42crhrabal: it's not a hard rule, however if it's fixed in ubuntu then it means ubuntu has to keep updates if upstream updates and it's a bit messy - if you can get it fixed upstream everyone is happy16:03
penguin42crhrabal: Also if the upstream guys agree your patch is the right way, then the ubuntu guys are quicker to take the patch16:04
crhrabalokay thanks16:11
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pianogmxhello... I have been using ubuntu for some time and I want to figure out how I can contribute to ubuntu.17:46
penguin42pianogmx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:47
pianogmxpenguin42: i already saw that....17:48
penguin42pianogmx: OK, are you a programmer?17:49
pianogmxi have learned how to program on WIndows with .NET and Java... but I want to learn how to program for ubuntu17:49
pianogmxi made a notepad program using C++ and QT a month ago17:50
penguin42you could look at some bugs on Qt apps and see if you can fix them, or look at Qt upstream to see if you can help fix bugs there17:51
pianogmxpenguin42: would that be considered working outside of the ubuntu project though if i wanted to contribute to ubuntu and be an ubuntu member?17:58
penguin42pianogmx: Well Unity is moving (back) to using Qt - not sure of the details of that, best to ask someone involved - so not sure if you can get involved in that18:00
penguin42pianogmx: But if you fix a bug in a package that Ubuntu makes use of then you help Ubuntu users as well as other users18:01
pianogmxokay thanks for the advice ill be back18:01
pianogmxpenguin42: is there more value in me contributing to the ubuntu / unity flavor than the ubuntu / kde flavor?18:11
infinitypianogmx: There's value in your contributing to what you enjoy using and working on.18:13
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