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airurandoGreen for go!  Barring any last minute accident or swelling I should be at the Release Party Tomorrow Night!17:32
airurandoDelighted to be getting back to some sort of normality17:32
zmoylanand between us we'll have 2 legs to stand on! :-)17:33
airurandohe he17:33
airurandostill on two crutches but at least I am rid of that damn screw17:33
zmoylanhopefully will have 13.04 installed on netbook for tomorrow night17:33
zmoylandown to 1 crutch and holding17:34
airurandoI have 13.04 on a flash drive17:34
airurandobut I'll be travelling light17:34
zmoylanit's very hard on crutches to get about.  both hands full.  doors can be interesting...17:35
airurandolooking forward to seeing you again zmoylan!17:35
airurandoI'll be arriving with a buddy17:35
zmoylanwas hoping to have rustled up 1-2 folk but have missed my last 2 gaming sessions where they hang out :-(17:36
airurandoall going well there will be at least 317:36

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