elfygood day - is there anyone in here can drop meetbot into #ubuntuforums for me before sunday 1900utc - FC are having to have a meeting in there and would like the bot if possible - thanks12:48
AlanBellelfy: is that #ubuntuforums or #ubuntu-forums?12:59
AlanBellit should be there now13:00
elfyI mucked up booking ubuntu-meeting so had to change rooms13:00
elfyyep - thanks AlanBell13:00
elfyshouldn't need to use it again once we've finished on Sunday - what's the best way to remove it - ask or kick it?13:01
AlanBellgive me a shout and I will tell it to part13:03
elfyk - thanks AlanBell - have a good weekend13:04
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DJonesAnybody know who is responsible for the askubuntu.com website? Just found a broken link in an answer re 13.04 workspaces16:51
pianogmxis this the channel where I can learn how to request a hostmask?16:57
MyrttiI was going to say that it depends on what kind of cloak you're after16:59
Myrttibut then I realised that because I'm asking it, it doesn't really matter16:59
Myrttiyes, you can16:59
Myrttifirst you need to register and identify to the services though16:59
pianogmxive done that17:00
Myrttiyou're not identified17:00
pianogmxforgot to login...17:00
pianogmxnow i am17:00
Myrttiso what kind of cloak are you after?17:01
pianogmxanything that spoofs my information that is on my whois17:01
pianogmxim not very educated about the kinds of cloaks other than i want a cloak17:01
Myrttiyou do know that a cloak isn't a fool proof method of doing that?17:01
pianogmxi understand17:02
Myrttiif you join channels before identifying the hostname is shown17:02
Myrttiif you want absolute certainty, you need tor17:02
Myrttieither way, if your client can do SASL identification, then you're identified as the connection is formed17:03
Myrttiso even the normal cloak would work in 99.9999% of cases if you use sasl17:03
pianogmxMyrtti: thanks for showing me software....17:04
pianogmxchecking it out right now17:05
pianogmxokay I want a "ubuntu/member/nickname" cloak17:16
pianogmxi have my launchpad profile also setup17:18
pianogmxwho can help me17:19
DJonespianogmx: Its the IRCC who give out the cloaks to people who've been accepted for Ubuntu membership17:19
DJonesAssuming you've already been accepted, if you wait around here, one of them will be along at some point to verify your membership17:20
pianogmxok thx17:21
pianogmxi take it the OPs are afaik...17:27
AlanBellwhat is your launchpad profile pianogmx17:27
AlanBellok, so you are not an Ubuntu Member, but if you ask in #freenode they will be able to supply an unaffiliated cloak17:28
pianogmxhuh... how do you become an ubuntu member?17:29
Fuchspianogmx: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership17:33
pianogmxis there a channel in which i can find something I can do to contribute to ubuntu?17:34
pianogmxi love ubuntu a lot...17:34
pianogmxFuchs: i just saw that just now17:34
pianogmxAlanBell: is there some people I can talk to see how I can help the ubuntu project?17:36
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:39
pianogmxokay thanks17:44
holsteinpianogmx: do you play piano?17:44
pianogmxholstein: its a metaphor to when I am typing on the computer... lol17:45
pianogmxi would love to play piano again though.17:45
pianogmxi am going to school for graphics design... my graphics kinda suck but I think i can contribute in the #ubuntu-devel or #kubuntu-devel...17:45
holsteini was going to try and recruit you for ubuntustudio :)17:46
holsteinpianogmx: most teams have wiki pages with roadmaps.. sometimes there arent even team memebers free to tell you how to help out.. your patience is appreciated17:47

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