Legendarioi can't find how to specify the gpg to be used with the "bzr builddeb -S" command03:23
Legendarioit's falling because it can't find the key03:24
SpamapSLegendario: it will use the email address in the changelog03:31
SpamapSLegendario: pass  -- -kXXXXXXX@foo.bar to sign with a different key03:31
Legendariothanks SpamapS . Is revu down?04:20
SpamapSLegendario: revu is .. dead??04:23
LegendarioSpamapS, revu.ubuntuwire.com04:25
wgrantREVU was dismantled several months ago.04:26
wgranthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages describes the modern processes for new packages04:27
* wgrant fixes revu.ubuntuwire.org to point there04:27
Legendariowgrant, ohhh... i didn't know. It's been a while since I last packaged something and I can still find wikis which talk about it04:54
lfaraonehm. is rmadison slow for everyone against Ubuntu, or is it just me?07:33
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