swan1Hello.  I am running mythbuntu 12.04.2, w/mythtv .26 and have configured audio so that it is sent to my tv via HDMI. Unfortunately, if I leave the system idle for a while (>1h) the video gets shut off and when I move the mouse/press the keyboard the HDMI audio no longer works.  If I reboot, it works again.  How do I 1) Turn off the power saving (mis)feature and 2) fix the audio issue?19:57
swan1I am running the ATI/AMD Proprietary FGLRX graphics driver.  Turning off screen blanking didn't avoid the issue.19:58
qwebirc41727so , I'm trying to figure out the best way to get Linux vesions of XBMC for front end and Myth tv for backend on the same by. I'd like some advice instead of having to learn the hard way through trial and error.  My plan right now is to install Mythbuntu and then the linux version of XBMC. The other two option are to install XBMCbuntu and then the linux version of Mythtv OR install a generic Ubuntu and then ubuntu versio21:11
qwebirc41727I'm building my rig this weekend: i3-3225 ASrock Z77E-ITX Team 8G (2x4GB) DDR3 APEX MI-008 Seagate 1TB HD Dual OTA Tuner (maybe quad) (still undecided and taking reccomndations)  Thanks for the help!21:12
tonsofpcsqwebirc41727: the former works just fine.21:52
tonsofpcsas for OTA tuners, what part of the world are you in?21:52
tonsofpcs(that said, if you plan on doing a lot of record set-up through the local GUI, I recommend mythfrontend over xbmc.  I use xbmc as I set up my recordings through the web interface and rarely actually use the local interface - it feeds the big screen so it's mostly live tv and streamed/downloaded content so XBMC fits, I dlna stream the recoded content to watch in other rooms)21:53
tonsofpcsqwebirc41727: assuming you're in the US, I'm a fan of the HDHomeRun Dual.21:54
tonsofpcsI've got two of them and a bowtie antenna - 4 tuners total (2 per box) gets me everything I can get here (we've got Fox and My on one transmitter, CBS and CW on another, ABC and NBC on another, PBS w/ Create and World on another)21:55

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