shaunohalvors1: if all you need is for devices on 'subnet 2' to be able to reach the internet, forwarding & maquerading is all you need00:03
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halvors1shauno: I don't want Masquerading, i just want forwarding, i have a NAT box on the other subnet that is the gateway to the internet...00:12
shaunowhat kinda box?  because if you can't teach it new routes (eg, a domestic router), masquerading is going to solve most your issues before you hit them00:13
shaunoideally, you'd just need to set forwarding on the server, and then set a route on your gateway that your server is the next hop for 'subnet 2'00:16
sarnoldoh that sounds easier than telling all the clients in subnet 1 about the route..00:17
sarnoldit does limit the speeds between subnet 1 and 2 to however fast the router will go.. but for simple things that ought to be easier.00:17
shaunoright.  that way subnet 1 keeps using the gateway as they already do, and the gateway forwards to the server when needed00:18
shaunothe alternatives are either setting a new route on every client on subnet 1, or just using the server as the gateway for both subnets, enabling forwarding, and then use the existing gateway as the default gateway on the server, and only the server00:19
shaunoI have to head to bed, but that's going to be the trick.  figure out the topology first, and then you know exactly what roles you need from the server.  this narrows "how do I .." into much more google-sized chunks00:26
bjrohanI am VERY new to Ubuntu-server, somewhat new to Ubuntu. When setting up 13.04 I set up LVM and encryption. When I boot, it asks for my passphrase. When I first logged in to my account it gave me an ID of some kind to keep in a safe place. My question. When I add a user account can it have it's own encryption?00:30
sarnoldbjrohan: did you set up home directory encryption or full-disk encryption?00:31
bjrohanIs it possible to do both, if so I did00:32
sarnoldhehe, it probably is possible to do both, though I would expect performance to be poor :)00:32
bjrohanOn Boot I am asked for my passphrase before it gets too far along, I imagine that is the full disk00:33
sarnoldas I understand the full-disk encryption, you'll share that password with the other users; the home directory password (and thus key) will be unique to each user though. So all users wil be able to see e.g. /tmp without trouble, but can't easily see each other's data00:33
bjrohanThat makes sense, and what I was looking to do00:34
bjrohanHow does setting up a new user work as far as creating a key?00:34
bjrohanJust as normal?00:35
sarnoldbjrohan: aha, "sudo adduser --encrypt-home", from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome00:36
bjrohanFrom that page is where I run awry. If I as an Admin (perhaps I will just do it to see) create a new user, when does the new user choose between the 3 options. I had to do that for myself upon the setup00:40
sarnoldbjrohan: the user wouldn't have the choice -- adding --encrypt-home to the adduser command makes the choice for them, #3 :)00:41
sarnoldit's good to be the king00:41
bjrohanyes, yes it is00:41
bjrohanThank you very much00:41
bjrohanknow anything about x2go?00:42
sarnoldbjrohan: I think you're the first to mention it to me :)00:44
bjrohanbased on nomachine00:44
bjrohanallows for a darn good RDP use00:45
sarnoldcool :)00:45
bjrohanI had a machine (old P4) running x2go server on lubunutu (desktop), and I was able to get it to work flawlessy when I logged in. I installed it on this i3 machine as a server, and when I log in from the client I get no taskbar. I can run all the commands (KDE right click run command)00:46
bjrohanI am trying to figure out why there is no taskbar in Unity or KDE00:46
bjrohansarnold: Okey Dokey, created a new user with the encrypted home. It asks me for a password. I am assuming that the user can change it, and at that time it will generate a new passphrase?00:50
sarnoldbjrohan: yes; as I understand it, there's some complicated pam mechanism behind the scenes that uses the old password to decrypt the key and re-encrypts it with the new password when the user hcnages passwords01:07
bjrohanThanks again01:09
sarnoldbjrohan: .. oh yes, the consequence of which means if you use root's powers to change a user's password, then .. something complicated happens.01:10
bjrohanI would imagine. I created a dummy user that I want to delete. I am now trying to recreate that same user, can't do, says passphrase already exists. I can only imagine the horror if a root changes the password01:12
sarnoldbjrohan: it'd be worth being familiar with .. I think it's ecryptfs-migrate-home .. before you needed to do these things. :)01:12
airtonixi am getting this everytime try to tab complete on my 12.10 server : initctl: Unable to connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory01:21
sarnoldairtonix: oof. that's probably a bad situation to try to recover from.01:23
sarnoldairtonix: (if what it is saying is true, you're in a much worse position than just not being able to tab-complete...)01:24
airtonixsarnold: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/80904301:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 809043 in upstart "Upstart bash completion does not work on ubuntu server" [Medium,Confirmed]01:24
airtonixsarnold: i've never even had a directory : /var/run/dbus... like ever.01:26
sarnoldah, back.01:31
sarnoldI was going to suggest restarting the dbus service. don't do that. that is a horrible idea. :)01:31
sarnoldpower-button horrible. :)01:31
bjrohansarnold: very noob question. Can a user create a file in their dir that an Admin can only see, but not open / access?01:31
sarnoldbjrohan: not really. encrypting it will help, but if it is ever in plain text on the system, you better pretend that root can read or write it..01:32
bjrohansarnold: That is the gist of what I got. As a system Admin, you can really see EVERYTHING then01:33
bjrohansarnold: and by see, I don't mean just the fact that a file exists, but you can open it01:33
sarnoldairtonix: /var/run is a symlink to /run on my 13.04 and 12.10 systems... /run is a tmpfs mounted at boot01:34
sarnoldbjrohan: an admin can run e.g. strace -efile -s 100000 -p pid  and more or less just read everything done on the system01:35
bjrohansarnold: Gotcha. The only real way a Linux user can secure a doc from the admin is to encrypt the actual doc01:36
sarnoldbjrohan: .. and _never_ decrypt that document on that host.01:37
bjrohanTru dat01:37
bjrohanBTW I have a few Admin for noob books on their way to learn01:38
sarnoldexcellent :) I hope they're useful.. have you seen the server guide? it might be useful in the meantime01:38
bjrohanI have not01:39
bjrohanHere I suppose: https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/01:39
sarnoldbjrohan: yeah, that's the one :) thanks, my desktop is a bit in a mess, unexpected reboot01:40
bjrohansarnold: Is it standard practice to create an account with the name Admin, or like in my case just use my username as an Administrator?01:41
sarnoldbjrohan: most places like to use usernames, so they have some useable logs with sudo to figure out which admin did what if they ever need to..01:42
bjrohanmakes sense!01:43
sarnoldrebooting again :)01:44
airtonixsarnold: just out of curiosity, why would you say : `sudo service dbus restart`  would be a bad idea ?01:46
sarnoldairtonix: it killed unity, chromium-browser, and networking on my laptop; my attempts to revive it didn't succeed, rebooting was easiest01:48
airtonixsarnold: this is on a server, not a desktop. just curious, since after i manually created the /var/run/dbus directory it fixed my problems (the socket file didn't exist, but does now)01:49
sarnoldairtonix: wow :) I wouldn't have expected that...01:49
sarnoldairtonix: good work :)01:49
airtonixsarnold: this all stemmed from some issues with zentyal 3 being unable to restart services01:50
sarnoldairtonix: probably the same underlying problem..01:50
sarnoldsomething broke dbus, which is used for communicating with init these days01:51
ia0001does anyone know why flash isnt working on ubuntu 12.04 LTS server 32 bit03:18
SpamapSia0001: flash.. on a server?03:40
SpamapSia0001: that is.. a horrible idea03:40
ia0001WHO gives a Fuck03:41
ia0001Why dont you just listen03:41
IdleOne!language | ia000103:42
ubottuia0001: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:42
ia0001flash is not wrking03:42
ia0001so what are you saying03:42
ia0001flash not working on ubuntu 32 bit server is like03:43
ia0001it doesnt work?03:43
ia0001or my computer is just too low memory03:43
ia0001flash just doesnt work on ubuntu server 32 bit03:44
patdk-lapheh? I just upgraded my 30tb san from disks to flash03:44
patdk-laptwo weeks ago03:44
ia0001i know flash works fine on normal ubuntu 32 bit 12.0403:44
ia0001but server?03:44
patdk-lapia0001, what is difference of normal ubuntu and server?03:44
ia0001server flash doesnt work03:45
patdk-lapdunno what this server flash is03:46
patdk-lapthere is *no difference* between ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop03:46
ia0001except flash doesnt work?03:46
ia0001and the icons dont move around03:47
ia0001what are you taling about?03:47
patdk-lapicons? ubuntu server doesn't have icons03:47
patdk-lapthis sounds like you horribily broke your install03:47
ia0001ubuntu desktop04:04
ia0001i install ubuntu desktop04:04
ia0001and i cant move the icons around04:04
ia0001or flash doesnt work04:04
qman__this channel is for server support; ubuntu desktop support is in #ubuntu04:04
ia0001I think 32 bit support doesnt work because everything worked fine on 64 bit04:04
ia0001Im using ubuntu server04:04
ia000132 bit 12.04 LTS04:05
ia0001flash doesnt work04:05
qman__that's fine and dandy, but ubuntu-desktop and flash are not server applications04:05
qman__you've essentially turned it into ubuntu desktop, and should seek support in the desktop section04:05
ia0001well flash works fine on my ubuntu 32 bit 12.0404:05
ia0001just not on 12.04 server04:05
SpamapSqman__: please don't feed the trolls04:06
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kingjagHey all05:30
kingjagI need some help05:30
kingjagi am trying to setup a pptp connection on my server so that i can connect through my server and have ALL traffic route through my dedicated server05:31
kingjagso that it looks like i am browsing the web right from my server05:31
kingjagwould someone be able to help me05:32
kingjagi have pptpd installed and i can connect05:32
kingjagbut i cant browse the web via that connection to my server05:32
mardraumwhy not just use ssh -D and set the socks proxy in your browser?05:33
kingjagwould that allow the use of a web browser?05:34
mardraumer, yes.05:34
kingjagwell nope that didnt work05:38
kingjagok i think i am missing something05:43
DanaGSay, why is it that I can't log into my serial console until GDM or lightdm starts?  This is Ubuntu 13.04, but the same was true of 12.10.05:43
DanaGIf I enter my username, then press any letter, it immediately rejects the password I didn't even enter.05:44
DanaGOr rather, COULDN'T even try to enter.05:44
kingjagwow this is a dead room05:45
lordduneHello, can someone please help me with a problem with Tiger. Specifically, /usr/lib/tiger/systems/Linux/2/deb_checkmd5sums05:54
lorddunei discovered this process is a security check that runs every night at 1 am, and it is overheating my processor as well as constantly making my hard drive run.05:54
lorddunecan anyone explain why this is happening and suggest a possible solution?05:55
sonofzeusHi Anyone onm?06:08
sonofzeusHey there06:09
ScottK!weekend | sonofzeus06:10
ubottusonofzeus: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.06:10
sonofzeusA documentation tells me to paste a file in the root web directory which is often name httpdocs.06:12
sonofzeusI'm on a desktop edition and what pacakges shall I get for the roor web directury?06:12
sonofzeusSrry for the typos.06:12
sonofzeusAnyone on?06:53
NeolNeolanyone can help?07:18
NeolNeolanyone can help? how to play .trp files?07:19
sonofzeusJust checking in to see if anyones on?07:22
olegbNeolNeol: you could try som of the things suggested in: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=126500507:23
kingjaghey ple can you help me?07:41
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m0lochHi, can someone help me identify why I can no longer connect to an l2tp-ipsec vpn after upgrade to 13.0409:11
sonofzeusAnyone on?09:33
sonofzeuswaitin for 4 hours I'd really appreciate any help.09:34
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m0lochI think no09:35
greppym0loch: or just no one that can help you with your issue.09:39
sonofzeusYeah maybe its bcoz of the weekend.09:39
sonofzeusyeah thats one thing too.09:40
Lucas_i want to send an email on my website from random-email@random.com to my gmail address without it being sent to the spam folder. Ideas? using sendmail?10:45
UbuntuCloudhello need a help on raid 5 ubuntu 12.0.4 server (hosted on microsoft cloud azure)12:38
UbuntuCloudevery time i creating raid 5 with mdadm and fdisk and then format it with the ext4 its all good but after restart system wont boot and since its a hosted cloud server i cannot see the boot error12:41
patdk-lapa cloud service that doesn't let you see boot? that is odd12:50
UbuntuCloudpatdk-lap the only way to access cloud server is ssh so the server most be booted to access to ssh12:51
UbuntuCloudpatdk-lap any solution out tuturial on how to create raid 5 ubuntu 12.0.412:52
UbuntuCloudour can i do it by installing webmin our Zentyal community edition12:52
UbuntuCloudany help our step by step.....13:06
DulcinHi, I just accidentally chowned my /var/ folder recursively, (doh!) and I was able to restore all owner/groups by comparing it to another server, but they're not exactly the same so I'm hoping someone can help me with the 3 remaining files15:18
DulcinOne is for /var/lib/dovecot one for /var/lib/mdadm15:19
DulcinIf anyone could tell me the owner/group of those folders and files inside (only 1 file), that would be really great15:23
qman__drwxr-x--- 2 root      root    4.0K 2013-04-20 22:04 dovecot15:24
lordduneHello, can someone please help me with a problem with Tiger. Specifically, /usr/lib/tiger/systems/Linux/2/deb_checkmd5sums15:25
lorddunei discovered this process is a security check that runs every night at 1 am, and it is overheating my processor as well as constantly making my hard drive run.15:25
qman__drwxr-xr-x 2 root      root    4.0K 2012-09-03 20:14 mdadm15:25
lorddunecan anyone explain why this is happening and suggest a possible solution?15:25
qman__-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 56 2012-09-03 20:14 mdadm.conf-generated15:25
Dulcinqman__, you're the best, and the /var/lib/dovecot/ssl-parameters.dat ?15:26
qman__root.root 64415:26
qman__auth.success is root.root 60015:27
DulcinThat's all I had left, thanks so much!15:27
DulcinNow, to learn from my mistakes, can someone explain to me how this works: chown -R root:root /var/www/.* - I want to understand why it changed everything including /var/ and not everything inside /var/www/ which I was hoping for15:29
qman__you either have some crazy symlinks or you typo'd it15:30
qman__that should only affect the dotfiles in /var/www15:30
qman__you can verify by swapping ls instead of chown15:30
qman__lorddune, I don't know what tiger is but based on the name I assume it's verifying checksums of files on your system, which is CPU heavy15:31
qman__if your system is overheating you need better cooling or to underclock your processor to deal with it15:31
Dulcinhmm I must have typo'd it, I can't find any symlinks15:39
Dulcinthough when I ls /var/www/.* it does go back one directory15:40
Dulcinqman__, I missed one folder: /var/run/dovecot15:49
Dulcinis that one also owned by root.root ?15:50
Dulcinincluding its files?15:50
Dulcinill install a new server in virtualbox16:08
RoyKor use kvm16:10
RoyKvirt-manager etc16:10
momin90909Hi everyone, I have bought VPS with 256mb RAM with ubuntu, I want to get GUI like LXDE, how can I do it16:14
patdk-lapsounds like fun, ubuntu requires atleast 512megs ram to run the gui16:15
patdk-lapbut this is ubuntu-server, we don't deal in gui's16:16
momin90909something like LXDE16:16
momin90909or even lighter16:16
patdk-lapinstalling ubuntu-desktop, will get the normal gui16:17
patdk-lapdid you even bother with the lxde instructions?16:17
momin90909yes, i tried them but it says cant open display16:18
RoyKeven windows servers run without a gui these days16:33
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tboathey all, I am about to upgrade the HDD on my Ubuntu 12.01 server, I am not sure the best way to go about backing up/migrating from one HDD to the other.  Preferably, I would like to move the OS, settings and all, to the new HDD and the files.  Unsure of the best way to do this though.  Any help is much appreciated!17:04
tboatnon gui server BTW17:05
RoyKtboat: it's 12.0417:10
RoyKtboat: please pastebin lsb_release -a17:11
RoyK!pastebin | tboat17:11
ubottutboat: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:11
tboatit is 12.04 sorry, late night last night17:11
RoyKwhy do you want to upgrade?17:11
RoyK13.04 has 9 months support, 12.04 is LTS, 5 years support17:11
tboatanyway, it seems clonezilla is a good option? I am guessing partition enough space for my backup, create the image, then restore it?17:11
tboatI'm upgrading HDD, not Ubuntu version17:12
tboatgoing from 750 GB -> 3 TB17:12
RoyKis it on lvm?17:12
RoyKthen you can use pvmove to move the data17:13
RoyKvgextend testvg /dev/vdp17:13
tboatalright, i will look into pvmove, thank you!17:13
RoyKthen mvmove /old/thing17:13
RoyKand pvreduce /old/thing17:14
RoyKmake sure /boot is copied17:14
RoyKand grub is installed17:14
RoyKusually /boot isn't on lvm17:14
tboatit isnt, i will make sure to move it17:14
tboatand on my desktop ubuntu install, broken grub a few times, so im well versed in reinstalling it haha17:15
tboatthank you very much17:15
* RoyK orders pizza17:21
ShogootHi people. I had my ubuntuserver file server up and go. I recentrly moved the server to another room and now all the sudden i can access my fileserver......  can anyone help em troubleshoot this?17:27
ShogootMy smb.conf : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609287/17:28
ShogootMy stuff is at line 281 to 297    /media/nm is accesible trough putty.....17:29
GeorgeJWhere could one find a guide to setting up an dual-stack(IPv4/6) router?17:36
Dulcindoes anyone know of a nice (up to date) guide for setting up a /srv/ folder, with sftp permissions and so?17:58
Shogoot i dont know if theese rights are correct for a directory i want to share on my network using samba. This is ls -l for my /media/nm directory drwxrwxrwx 12 root root 4096 Apr 13 20:55 nm  wich is to be shred18:08
RoyKDulcin: depends what you want to use it for18:16
DulcinRoyK, well the problem I have is this: If I chroot a user to /srv/www/ for example, it can not upload files to that directory, only if I had subdirectors that the sftp user owns18:23
DulcinRoyK, but if I change the /srv/www/ owner/group then I can not chroot it18:23
DulcinI dont know what rssh is, but this is through sftp18:23
RoyKrssh is a good way to chroot users for sftp/scp/rsync18:25
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RoyKgoogle it18:26
thelamestwhat is the cool kids console e-mail client nowadays?18:27
RoyKstill mutt, I beleive18:27
thelamestI was wondering because of the release date18:28
RoyKit's old, but stable18:29
jacobwIt's always been Mutt.18:32
ShogootStranges thing I got 2 win7 machines on this network and a ubuntu server witha  fileserver on it. my old win7 machine i can see all machines on network, but this new win7 i cannot see my fileserver... dafuq? :)18:43
DulcinIf I add my username group to the www-data user, shouldn't apache have write permission in a 775 folder?18:50
Dulcinsay my username is webmaster, and has a webmaster group. And I add the www-data user to the webmaster group, and all files are 775 webmaster:webmaster18:51
Dulcinshouldn't that be sufficient for apache2 to access those files?18:51
Dulcincool thanks18:53
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GeorgeJHello folks!19:20
GeorgeJIs there any tool one could use, that has a web interface to monitor network information, such as dhcpd leases, traffic(per interface), service status, etc?19:20
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kennettAZI'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04 I think. But when I try and boot the system I just get a blinking -23:06
kennettAZI know that's not much info but that's all I have. Sorry I'm a noob.23:07
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kennettAZThe system was working before I updated.23:11
kennettAZIs there a log I need to check or a command I should run?23:19
kennettAZI tried booting into recovery mode but nothing.23:34
LargePrimeIs there a toll for FTP ing from one server directly to another?23:44
kevireillyLargePrime: ssh23:46
LargePrimewill it go directly between two servers?23:46
kevireillyLargePrime: yarp23:46
LargePrimeyou got a link or a google for me?23:47
kevireillyLargePrime: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/TransferFiles23:48
kevireillyI'm not sure why "ftp" isn't listed, but that is another option23:49
kevireillyoh, right, its not ssh related :)23:49
kevireillyrather, the transfer protocol isn't based on ssh although it is utilized via ssh23:50

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