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Fusebox_What CPU architecture is Ubuntu Touch targeted for? ARM15?02:45
ArkranI installed Ubuntu onto my Nexus 10 and now I am trying to revert it back to Android. The intructions say to use the command 'adb reboot-bootloader', which works and reboots my Nexus. However when I try to do the next step, running 'sudo ./flash-all.sh' it says command not found.02:55
ArkranCan anyone help?02:55
mhall119Arkran: did you download the factory image from step 2?02:57
mhall119and extract it from step 3?02:57
ArkranAh yeah, I did.02:58
mhall119did you cd into the extracted directory?02:58
ArkranI extracted it into my home directory.02:58
mhall119is should have the flash-all.sh file in there02:58
ArkranYYeah its in there.02:58
mhall119so cd into the directory with flash-all.sh, then run the commnd02:58
ArkranYep thats what Ive done.02:59
mhall119is it working now?02:59
ArkranIm in ~/mantaray-jdq3902:59
ArkranNah, I already was in that folder.02:59
mhall119run ls02:59
ArkranYeah it lists all the files.03:00
mhall119and flash-all.sh is one of them?03:00
Arkranthe img file, flash-all.sh, zip file, flash-all.bat and flash-base.sh03:00
mhall119and 'sudo ./flash-all.sh' still says command not found?03:00
mhall119can you paste the exact error?03:01
Arkransudo: ./flash-all.sh: command not found03:01
ArkranIf I try it without sudo it says Permission denied insteal.03:01
ArkranNot sure if it matters, but Im running Ubuntu off a USB using the 'try Ubuntu' thingo.03:02
mhall119hmmm, it *might* matter, not for for any reason I can currently think of03:03
mhall119run: ls -lha flash-all.sh03:03
mhall119and paste the ouput03:03
bregmaor run "sudo sh -x ./flash-all.sh" and paste the output, to identify which command is not found03:04
Arkran-rw------- 1 ubuntu ubuntu 855 Feb 14 14:27 flash-all.sh03:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 855 in Launchpad itself "Should series/+sourceadmin be completely inaccessible to mortal users?" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85503:05
mhall119ah, it's not set as executable for some reason03:05
mhall119sudo chmod +x flash-all.sh03:05
mhall119then try again with sudo03:05
mhall119or try bregma's advice03:06
ArkranThat seems to be working now.03:07
ArkranThanks so much.03:07
web1212hey, I was having trouble finding definitieve results on this, is there a way to install the touch experience on x86 machines currently? I'm willing to compile,05:30
web1212nvm answered my own question, ubuntu touch currently runs on a thin android layer, so it would be difficult to port it to non android based devices05:34
Kakaduheh, building ubuntu-*-app dependencies under debian is not as easy as I thought....07:19
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Pachankai've seen many tutos how to install Ubuntu touch and who restoring android after09:37
Pachankais there a way to restore a nandroid backup on a custom rom09:37
Pachankai've done it with ClockWorkMod and don't have a.sh file, on lya folder with many img and tar09:38
Pachanka*only a09:38
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diegocarreraHi, Somebody has configured 4 finger on ubuntu 13.04 ?13:04
diegocarrerabecause i want to get SHOW_DEKTOP when i drag to down on toupchad selenic, zenbook.... and it doens's works fine13:10
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ZDmitrymhall119: ping14:04
mhall119ZDmitry: pong14:05
ZDmitrymhall119: I read build logs and it's bit strange - dh_install can't find auto created folder /usr/lib/<arch>/qt5/qml/<plugin_uri>14:08
ZDmitrymhall119: Is there defined qt5 qml import variable in build env?14:09
mhall119ZDmitry: I don't know, this is out of my area of knowledge14:11
ZDmitrymhall119: required environment variable is QT_INSTALL_QML. And it can cause such error if it's absent. Hovewer you can try to replace it with QT_INSTALL_PLUGIN. On some building environment it is work.14:13
mhall119it looks like everything is being compiled just fine....14:15
mhall119what does --list-missing do?14:15
ZDmitrymhall119: This show missing part (such as files and etc)14:18
mhall119hmmm, that should only warn though right?14:18
ZDmitryanyway compiling done fine on local machines14:19
mhall119so is --list-missing causing this line:14:19
mhall119dh_install: qtdeclarative5-konsole-qml-plugin missing files (usr/lib/*/qt5/qml/*), abortin14:19
ZDmitryNo. This line is cause because of missing folders14:20
ZDmitryWhen I compile project I got this path /home/phablet/PROJECTS/Konsole-Plugin/konsole-qml-plugin/debian/qtdeclarative5-konsole-qml-plugin/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/org/kde/konsole/14:21
ZDmitryBut from logs we see that it not created by builder14:22
mhall119install -m 644 -p /build/buildd/konsole-qml-plugin-0.1.0ubuntu1~quantal1~test2bzr3raring0/src/qmldir /build/buildd/konsole-qml-plugin-0.1.0ubuntu1~quantal1~test2bzr3raring0/debian/qtdeclarative5-konsole-qml-plugin/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/org/kde/konsole/14:28
mhall119should hve created it14:28
ZDmitryyes, but next line says that can't find it (missing).14:32
mhall119hmmmm, I really don't know what's going on then...14:34
ZDmitryAre there some differencies in remote building and local? May be I something missing from them?14:37
mhall119there are, but I don't know what they are14:38
mhall119usually it's things you have installed that aren't part of the default install and not listed in Build-Depends, or local settings that aren't part of the default14:38
ZDmitryOh, my my. I didn't notice that... It's true, there missing some file. Not all, but missing.14:43
ZDmitryIn logs after lines "install ..." then must be line about copying qmltypse and assets, but they are missing14:44
ZDmitrythere are only *.so and qmldir files14:45
ZDmitryOkay, now I have some mind about problem. I'll change stucture of project so it be easier for builder.14:54
David_PCan you install normal software on Ubuntu touch?15:27
netcurliDavid_P: what do you mean by "normal software"?15:34
netcurliyou can install and run command line applications from the archives15:35
David_PReallybad description I mean from source15:35
netcurliif you install a compiler you can also compile software yourself15:36
David_PPlus, is the software centre the same as the desktop software centre?15:37
netcurlinot at the moment15:38
David_PSo apart from that and ui, it's pretty much the same as desktop?15:40
netcurliyes, but remember that ubuntu touch at the moment is still a developer version and not ready for production use yet15:44
David_Pyeah thats ok15:45
David_Pwell sounds good to me :P15:45
David_Pthank you for your advice goodbye :015:48
ZDmitrymhall119: I changed structure of project and replaced __PRO_FILE_PWD__ with better equivalent. This should help.16:00
phil_is there a consumer release of ubuntu touch?16:18
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iLarsonaI need help with an HTML5 app19:09
iLarsonaAnyone here an HTML5/JS developer19:09
iLarsonaWhere can I find the resources for Javascript developers?19:10
fatmikei'm thinking of installing latest ubuntu touch raring nightly on my nexus 719:21
fatmikeis there any webbrowser in the preinstalled apps?19:21
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MarconMwhere i get ubuntu mobile for install on my phone21:19
wilee-nileeMarconM, Take a look at the channel headers.21:20
MarconMwilee-nilee: thank u21:20
wilee-nileeMarconM, Note however this is all in development.21:21
MarconMwilee-nilee: yes i know ... but i want to help ... " try it"21:21
MarconMis there something thats i can help on project21:21
wilee-nileeMarconM, I would not know really.21:22
nik90MarconM: what do you mean by help? Do you want to help in the development of the apps (like coding)?21:24
MarconMyes ... and translate21:25
MarconMi am brazilian nik9021:25
nik90MarconM: the core apps (like Clock, Calendar, Weather etc) are still in heavy development. So the translation would be done in a much later stage since the UI is not yet fixed.21:26
nik90MarconM: If you are familiar with QML and Javascript you can help us with the coding and testing of the core apps21:27
MarconMnik90: =D21:27
MarconMhow i start21:27
gilbushey guys out there, one little question, is it necessary to tun stock rom before installing ubuntu touch?22:19
BearTanksI just flashed Ubuntu Touch to my nexus 10 and I can't get the keyboard to open.22:40
BearTanksEh, a restart fixed it. Weird.22:45
wilee-nileeBearTanks, You are running a development.22:51
BearTanksI probably am.22:52
wilee-nileeNot probably you are22:53
BearTanksYeah. :322:53
BearTanksI tried this when I first bought my Nexus 10 and it was ridiculously laggy and slow.22:54
BearTanksBut it seems to be a lot better now.22:54
wilee-nileereally best for the people developing unless you want a really limited setup, there are the desktop releases as well.22:54
wilee-nileeor just to mess around I guess.22:54
BearTanksI could only find the developer preview. x.x22:54
Slaizerhi all, when is Ubuntu phone OS able to download?23:21
Slaizerignore my question. ubuntu phone is a OS for: phone, pc and tv :)23:22

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