shaunotime to turn myself off and back on again.  gui is outta scope for me anyhow.  goodnight00:01
ali1234ubuntu-geoip-provider just crashed while i was searching for unity-tweak-tool in the dash00:02
ali1234but i turned off online searching00:02
ali1234unity-tweak-tool is missing quite a lot of things00:06
diddledan_my mac's jittery screen - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSP2EIAkkJg00:09
diddledan_weirdness ensues when I place my finger between the screen and f2/3 - I'm assuming the ambient light sensor is there - it completely stops jittering while my finger is there, and resumes when I take my finger away again00:11
diddledan_it's also intermittent, and either coincident with network activity or ssd activity or both (I've not determined which yet)00:13
diddledan_or maybe neither00:13
diddledan_it's definitely not doing it now, and I believe it's accessing both the network and ssd for ubuntuone to sync00:14
ali1234definitely bug report that. bugs.freedesktop.org00:19
ballIs Raring Ringtail a new thing?00:28
AlanBellball: it is fresh and juicy00:29
AlanBellbut not saucy, because that is the next new thing00:29
ali1234hmm no more workspaces00:31
ali1234that's kind of bad00:31
ali1234ah, you can turn it back on00:31
ballMy daughter's PC just offered to upgrade itself.00:31
ali1234don't do it00:31
ali1234bugs... everywhere00:31
ballAh, ok00:32
ballThis one's getting wiped anyway, but I was interested.00:32
ali1234i wiped and reinstalled00:32
ali1234still getting kernel bugs00:32
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/5606677/ line 85300:33
ali1234when i tried to reboot after installing nvidia driver it suspended instead of restarting00:33
ali1234then intel_hda crashed on unsuspend00:33
ali1234i had to force reboot it00:33
ali1234now i'm getting these weird disk errors00:33
ballCan you roll back to whatever came before (12.11 ?)00:34
ali1234i mean it's not supported at all00:35
ali1234i can just wipe and reinstall though00:35
* ball nods00:35
ali1234i always do that because upgrading is usually even worse00:35
ballThat's what I had in mind.00:35
ballI'm about to pull the drive from this PC to put in my own.  I'll probably blow the cobwebs out and try installing Xubuntu on a PATA drive.00:37
ball...or something.00:37
ball...then on my own PC I'll try OpenIndiana00:38
ballMy daughter's PC seems to have done quite well with Xubuntu.00:39
diddledan_I'm running 13.04 raring ringworm on three systems now. Apart from occasional prompts to report bugs for software I didn't even know was running, let alone had crashed, only one system is a problem.00:40
diddledan_so you've got a 33% chance of failure based on my stats00:41
diddledan_or if you subscribe to ali1234 a 110% chance00:41
diddledan_I need to sleep at some point tonight00:42
ali1234everyone should subscribe to me on twitter, facebook, youtube, and google+00:42
diddledan_anywho, my bug is reported: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6398100:42
lubotu3Freedesktop bug 63981 in Driver/intel "MacBook Pro retina 13 inch early 2013 jittery display" [Major,New]00:42
ali1234u1 now has a cloud icon00:43
ali1234which made me think for a second indicator-weather was now a default00:43
diddledan_how imaginative00:43
ali1234i think it is a cloud. it looks like a cloud. i'm gonna say it's a cloud00:44
diddledan_oh that might be classed as a bug I guess. my ati gfx card is displaying an amd overlay in the bottom right corner that says "amd unsupported hardware"00:45
diddledan_it never used to do that00:45
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NeolNeolanyone can help?06:49
NeolNeolhow to play .trp files?06:49
NeolNeolanyone can help?06:59
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:10
bigcalmGoodness, what brings you online?08:10
bigcalmI thought you'd be hiding from the world for a few more hours :P08:11
popeywell I have a flight in a few hours08:12
bigcalmI'm meant to be working. So, of course, I am procrastinating08:12
popeyso i should probably back08:13
bigcalmAnd pack08:13
MyrttiI'm waiting for the chauffeur to wake up so I can go to Tesco to look some eyeglass frames08:19
dwatkinsI find applying coffee often helps with that, Myrtti ;)08:20
Myrttidwatkins: mine doesn't drink coffee08:21
Myrttibut talking of coffee, I want some now08:21
bigcalmMyrtti: have you considered a company such as http://www.spex4less.com/ ?08:22
bigcalmIt's where I got my last pair from and probably future pairs as well08:23
MyrttiI have, but I still need new frames for the lenses I already have08:23
bigcalmIs /etc/rc.local run before or after networking?08:24
bigcalmIs there a way to run a file as root when a user logs into the desktop?08:27
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it says at the top "at the end of each multiuser runlevel"08:27
MartijnVdSbigcalm: so networking would be up at that time, I guess08:27
MartijnVdSbigcalm: check if consolekit has a hook.. I think it might08:28
bigcalmMartijnVdS: oh, at the end of 'each'?08:28
MartijnVdSbigcalm: or PAM08:28
bigcalmI'm trying to get my cifs shares to connect after networking is finished. Having the entries auto connect in fstab is causing errors08:28
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it works though08:30
MartijnVdSfor me08:30
MartijnVdSit errors once, then when I log in, the cifs mounts _are_ there08:30
bigcalmMartijnVdS: yes, it works for me as well. I'm trying to remove the cifs errors that are visible when I shutdown08:30
mungbeanbigcalm, why not autofs?08:40
bigcalmmungbean: why not Zoidberg? </woop-woop-woop-woop>08:40
bigcalmSorry :)08:40
bigcalmIsn't autofs just for choosing the correct fs type?08:41
mungbeanit's more on-=demand08:42
mungbeanand you don't statically mount at boot08:42
mungbeanit gets mounted by the autofs daemon when you request it08:42
bigcalmOh, ok08:49
bigcalmI will try that upon my return from being a taxi to my gf08:50
Myrttioh you're on taxi duty too08:50
Myrttimyh, suddenly craving a pizza with blue cheese09:33
Myrttisilly UK pizza places not to have blue cheese as one of the toppings09:33
mungbeanwouldnt be a big seller09:33
mgdmI've had blue cheese on pizza before09:33
mgdmit was great09:33
Myrttithere's only one Finnish blue cheese and every kebab and pizza place has blue cheese on their menus09:34
Myrttihow come the land of Stilton doesn├Ąt09:34
Myrttidoesn't, even09:34
Myrttimind you, creamier blues work better than stilton09:34
* dwatkins learned recently that there are blue chips / crisps.09:39
* bigcalm returns09:50
MartijnVdSdwatkins: physically blue, or just in a blue bag?10:10
dwatkinsmait appears they are actually blue: http://www.vitacost.com/garden-of-eatin-tortilla-chips-blue-chips-no-salt-added10:11
MartijnVdSeww :)10:11
MartijnVdSdwatkins: we get these: http://www.atotzmarkt.nl/bestel/image/cache/ohd/bestel/image/ohd/881891-500x500.jpg10:11
MartijnVdSthey're just in a blue bag10:11
dwatkinsah yes, I remember similar ones here10:12
kvarleyUbuntu 13.04 "mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'"10:58
kvarleyAny ideas?10:58
alexcockellHI all...11:20
alexcockellBit the bullet and accepted the update to Precise on my Ideapad S12... and am very impressed..11:22
dwatkinskvarley: if you 'cat /proc/filesystems/' is it listed?11:36
dwatkinsnot sure there's a slash on the end of that, actually11:36
kvarleydwatkins: I had to install exfat-utils :)11:36
kvarleyThanks tho dwatkins :)11:37
dwatkinscool, good to know, thanks kvarley *installs it*11:37
kvarleyThis is all down to me now having a 64GB microsd :D11:37
dwatkinsnatty appears not to have that package, I guess it wasn't backported.11:38
dwatkinsI have one of those, it can be tricky getting it formatted, yeah.11:38
kvarleyI'm leaving it as exfat, gonna use it on my nexus 1011:38
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redtapeshauno: I'm dreading going over to galway this Summer ..16:39
redtapeI just know I'll end up in some crappy traditional irish cafe at 8:30am on my way to Dublin to get the plane back with a hang-over.16:41
dwatkinsredtape: just be careful if you walk into a bar carrying a guitar - I had to play House of the Rising Sun all the way through, twice.16:58
redtapeplay the guitar .. yeah :  'need a round tuit for that.17:07
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penguin42anyone with an Intel 86x series graphics running Raring who can pastebin there Xorg.0.log - I'm just looking at someones bug where it's running in 15bpp rather than 24 and wondered if anyone else hit it18:49
MartijnVdSpenguin42: mine's at 24bpp19:08
MartijnVdSpenguin42: 15bpp could be because of an LCD that reports it can't do more19:08
penguin42MartijnVdS: His logs are showing it as the default prior to it doing display selection19:09
MartijnVdSpenguin42: no xorg.conf?19:09
MartijnVdS[    88.199] (==) intel(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 3219:09
MartijnVdSis the second line with "bpp" in my log19:09
MartijnVdSfirst one is19:09
MartijnVdS        "Default Screen Section" for depth/fbbpp 24/3219:09
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yeh so there's is [    40.999] (==) intel(0): Depth 15, (--) framebuffer bpp 1619:09
penguin42MartijnVdS: and the == according to the notes says that's the default not from command line or config file19:10
MartijnVdSpenguin42: which chip is it?19:10
MartijnVdSMine's a pre-Sandy Bridge i319:10
penguin42MartijnVdS: I think there's is older -  bug  117364919:11
lubotu3bug 1173649 in xorg (Ubuntu) "incorrect color depth - intel graphics card" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117364919:11
penguin42MartijnVdS: But even so I'm fairly sure my ancient one does 2419:11
MartijnVdSdmi.bios.date: 11/08/200419:11
MartijnVdSI'd call that ancient ;019:11
MartijnVdSI'm waiting for haswell to upgrade my desktop19:12
jacobwHmm, I've been using Linux for almost 8 years now.19:17
jacobwI just installed Raring today19:17
jacobwLibreOffice menu integration is still broken :|19:17
ali1234notify-osd is still broken, unity is still broken, alsa is more broken than it was before19:29
ali1234the kernel is now giving oops on every boot, suspend is broken19:29
mungbeani dont remember debian being like that ali123419:30
ali1234compiz is as slow as ever, nouveau still doesn't work19:30
ali1234empathy still can't do irc19:31
* mungbean wonders if ali1234 has got round to trying elementary yet19:32
penguin42ali1234: Oh empathy can do irc, it's more of a challenge to find how as far as I remember - I've done it in the past, I've always hated trying to get it to19:32
ali1234elementary has a dock so i will never use it19:32
mungbeantry it anyway19:33
mungbeanjust to see whats nice about it19:33
ali1234oh look, opening a 10x10 glxgears still causes compiz to freeze for 3 seconds any time it tries to do an animation19:34
mungbeanapp launcher, sppeed etc19:34
ali1234elementary window manager is a fork of mutter so it is fast, because it is not compiz19:34
mungbeanunity launcher takes 15 secs to open on my laptop19:34
ali1234you can get that speed on ubuntu by just not using compiz19:34
mungbeanyes, well elemntary uses ubuntu core19:35
mungbean12.04 tho19:36
mungbeandr who seems to be red dwarf tonight19:38
jacobwFiles is the worst file manager I've ever used.19:38
jacobwWhile we're on the topic of things that suck in Ubuntu.19:38
ali1234you mean nautilus19:40
ali1234you can blame gnome for that one19:40
jacobwKonqueror and Dolphin are great, Nautilus was tolerable in GNOME 2, Nautilus in GNOME 3 has been a series of misguided attempts at cover flow in a file manager.19:40
ali1234dolphin is utter rubbish19:41
ali1234it's exactly the same as nautilus except none of the text and icons line up properly19:41
ali1234and it has a massive panel at the bottom that you can't get rid of19:41
ali1234and another one at the side that you can get rid of temporarily but it always comes back19:41
ali1234oh and you can make it open on double click without making the entire of KDE behave the same way19:42
ali1234konqueror is even worse, having all these problems plus it cannot decide if it is a file manager or web browser or text editor or image viewer - it always wants to embed everything19:43
ali1234it's also very slow19:43
jacobwBUt you can split the view, use a terminal, search on criteria, use actions and select disjointed items graphically19:43
ali1234i have no idea what you are talking about19:43
jacobwAll these things are flat out impossible in Nautilus19:44
ali1234nautilus isn't a terminal emulator19:44
ali1234if you want to views we have this thing called a window manager that lets you put two windows side by side. nautilus is also not a window manager19:44
ali1234if you want to select items graphically press the ctrl key, like in every file manager ever19:45
ali1234i'm not sure what you mean with the other, how else would you search other than on criteria?19:45
jacobwSo applications shouldn't offer multiple views?19:45
ali1234and "use actions" does not even appear to mean anything at all19:45
mungbeandoes it do vertical tezt like amarok? eww19:45
ali1234everything in KDE does that19:46
jacobwIn Files, I can search on file name or type, and on in my home directory or not in my home directory.19:46
ali1234yes, the search in nautilus is now a joke19:47
ali1234luckily i never used it anyway19:47
jacobwIn Dolphin, I have many more criteria on which I can search19:47
ali1234i don't doubt it19:47
ali1234i expect there are so many options that they fill up 2/3 of the screen when you have the search tab open19:48
ali1234which is no better19:48
jacobwI prefer functionality to pointless aesthetics19:49
jacobwFiles doesn't even offer any improvement on Nautilus19:49
ali1234then use the shell for everything19:50
jacobwI .. basically do.19:50
jacobwGUIs can provide more functionality than the shell19:50
ali1234files has a massively improved listview19:50
mungbeancan i see?19:51
ali1234the crazy treeview that made no sense is gone19:51
jacobwThe shell isn't the end of functionality19:51
mungbeanthe listview19:51
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mbs_Quick question, in dconf 13.04 panel no longer exists for the unity entry, how do i allow Cryptkeeper applet like i did in 12.10?20:14
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Guest9559hi i am using ubuntu 13.04 and has got epson stylus sx 100. was trying to clean the printer head and wanted a GUI for escputil. i remmebr having stylus tool box for earlier ubuntus. is it possible to install the same on ubuntu 13.04. thanks in advance20:26
penguin42Guest9559: Can mtink do it?20:26
Guest9559penguin42, i have installed mtlink and has tried that already20:27
Guest9559i am getting an error message20:27
* penguin42 tries to guess the error message - or will you tell us?20:28
* penguin42 hasn't tried it for a while since our Epson printer died20:29
Guest9559penguin42, problem with the printer communication, please check the printer for errors, "out of paper", "no ink", "or printer not powered". note that some printer block for few seconds after powering on20:30
penguin42Guest9559: Hmm, I've got vague memories of some permission problems but can't remember - as I say it was a year or two since our Epson died20:31
Guest9559penguin42, i had the permission problem which i sorted adding username onto the gropup. once it sorted now the error message comes as above20:32
penguin42hmm ok; then not got much ideas on that then - some of the printer settings guis had options for ink status20:34
mungbeananother mediocre dr who20:34
penguin42...not been any good ones since Tom Baker....20:35
mungbeanare u my mummy was good until last 5 mins20:36
penguin42tbh I haven't watched many since Tom Baker20:37
redtapeOT | The sad state of british gaming ... What have we become ? http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-bitjackers-randomly-generated-infinite-twin-stick-shooter-for-pc20:51
redtapeali1234: mmm maybe . but I just feel sorry for the kid .22:11
ali1234what kid?22:12
redtapethat's just a generalisation.22:12
redtapei mean 'kid' as in programmer.22:13
redtapewell if you watch the video.. it looks pretty sad.22:13
ali1234he's a game developer. what were you expecting?22:15
redtapesomething less pathetic and 'gimme'.22:16
ali1234he only wants 11 grand22:16
ali1234that's cheap22:16
redtapei am talking about his manner and demeanour ..22:17
ali1234and again, it;s a website where people ask for money...22:18
redtapeyeah, but the guy ends up talking to himself ..22:19
ali1234it is what it is22:22
ali1234i've seen far worse campaigns where's it's just some piece of tat with a good marketing campaign22:23
redtapetrue.. I'm not saying this is the sadest .. I'm just saying it's sad ..22:23
redtapeAnyway .. how's the btc's going ?22:25
ali1234i spent some when it was at $20022:25
ali1234i got reddit gold for a year22:26
redtapesounds good .. how much was that ?22:26
ali1234it was about 0.2 btc i think22:26
redtapeyou mentioned a mega-coin .. what is that in btcoins exactly ?22:26
ali1234no idea, never heard of it22:27
redtapeoh .. ignore that, then.22:27
redtapeso do you think it will top 300 dolars this year ?22:28
ali1234no idea22:28
redtapei thnk it will if another mtgox open up .. but that may be a while.22:29
ali1234there's about 10 exchanges22:29
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redtapesurely they are just shadows aren't they ?22:30
redtapeaccording to the bitcoin channel on youtube they are (??)22:30
Guest63664hi guys. I use ubuntu 13.04 with firefox (came with ubuntu default). for some reason firefox stops playing streming vedios exactly at 14s. its not there with youtube but only with certain sites. http://www.manoramanews.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/mmtvVideoGallery.do?tabId=14&BV_ID=@@@ is an example (after the add). can come one help.please.thanks in advance22:32
redtapeoh boy .. I'll move aside while someone handles this ...22:33
ali1234same result here22:34
Guest63664popey, I use ubuntu 13.04 with firefox (came with ubuntu default). for some reason firefox stops playing streming vedios exactly at 14s. its not there with youtube but only with certain sites. http://www.manoramanews.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/mmtvVideoGallery.do?tabId=14&BV_ID=@@@ is an example (after the add). can come one help.please.thanks in advance22:34
redtapeoh well 'nother Sunday ..23:09

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